Mip TV: Endemol Shine Lands Commission for Second Season of ‘Intersection’ From Fox Turkey

Mip TV: Endemol Shine Lands Commission
Courtesy Endemol Shine Group

Endemol Shine Group has landed a commission from Fox Turkey for a second season of Turkish romantic drama “Intersection” which is set against the backdrop of booming contempo Istanbul where money, success and power talk.

The first season of “Intersection” has proved to be a hit with a peak audience of 3.2 million viewers, over 1 million viewers more than Fox Turkey’s primetime average, Edemol Shine boasted in a statement.

Directed by Gokcen Usta Caylar, with Omer Faruk Sorak as the project designer/supervisor, “Intersection” stars Turkish actors Ibrahim Çelikkol, Belçim Bilgin and Alican Yücesoy. The three lead stars will be making the trek to the Mip TV in Cannes on April 5  to tubthump an exclusive screening of the show, which is one of Endemol Shine’s top Mip products being hawked at the mart.

“In the last 18 months, Endemol Shine Turkey has become one of the most prolific scripted production companies in Turkey and this latest deal is testament to our brilliant team,” boasted Gokhan Tatarer, Managing Director of Endemol Shine Turkey.

“We are thrilled the lead stars will be joining us in Cannes as we launch the show to international buyers at MIPTV,” he added.

“Audiences in Turkey have been gripped by the story of love and rivalries, and we truly believe ‘Intersection’ has all the makings to be the next international success.”

Endemol Shine Turkey launched in 2008 and produced its first drama in 2014. They company currently has three scripted Turkish series on air, including “Broken Pieces” for Star TV, which has sold to 30 countries, “Winter Sun,” a new drama for Show TV, and “Intersection” for Fox Turkey.

With almost 18 million TV households the Turkish TV market is one of the largest and fastest growing in Europe.

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  1. Maria Alpirez says:

    Intersection without Naz ????… No no no no… Why the writers could even think about this…

  2. Carlos J Ortega says:

    Season 3 is out and there is more than 5 episodes. A friend in Turkey is on episode 9 and there is still season 4 in the works.

  3. CutZy McCall says:

    “Intersection” is actually a harsh depiction of male domination and patriarchal dysfunction in Turkey and, to be fair, globally. It’s the men who are driven, hard, fearful of being seen as weak and so are, in fact, weak. Even the symbolism of the car fetish: hardened by metal and steel psychic armor, they continually crash their lives and the lives of others around them. All the misery is caused by men. Even the evil woman who is the “therapist” for the tragic, rich sister whose brother caused the death of her son by racing his car out of control, is being “handled” by shady men. The patriarch of the family looks like Nosferatu and is bound and determined to keep his son under his thumb. The comical interactions between the garage mechanic and the young apprentice who idolizes him are abusive, harsh, insensitive -“bro’s” who can’t show their true affection with tenderness. The car designer has real anger management issues and though he apologizes with every train wreck he causes, seems to have no true remorse or sense of responsibility for his bad behavior. Frankly, though I am addicted to this show, it gets a little tiresome with every immature/macho debacle.

  4. ana c olivares says:

    Has to be a 3rd season it’s a lot that we don’t know what happen, Umut, Nashlie, Murat, Naz never know that her mom is engaged. Please 3rd season

  5. Bhaleri says:

    There has to be a season 3. What about Umit and his pal going down for murder? And Ali Nejet has been through a lot. I don’t think he’s selfish. The poor guy never had the love of his selfish father, and he’s guilt ridden over death of his nephew. It’s got to take its toll on him. He’s got flaws like most of us.

  6. Claudia Bruemmer says:

    Will there be Season 3. Seems to me it’s not ended.

  7. Telma says:

    Totally hooked on Season 1. Did not like the romantic turn of events between Naz & Ali in Season 2 . If Naz get killed, might as well, kill the show. Such a romantic love affair between these 2. I am recommending it to everybody in Panama, but will be very disappointed if Naz&Ali don’t get back together. Please don’t let this happen. The success of the show is their beautiful love story. We want MORE of that. We need more HAPPY ENDINGS in the world.

  8. I sooo agree with so many on this…..I happened to come accross this series on Netflix became obsessed with it called in sick to watch it back to back. doing all kinds of things to try and figure out what it was saying in turkish because I speak only English using facebook watching clip its because the remainder seasons hadnt posted yet then i get email from netflix saying new episodes I was so happy bragging to my coworkers about the show and then notice didnt include in English last 2 or 3 episodes. Though I cant understand Turkish I skimmed thru the you tube videos and see NAZ on the grown….why does every director go with theme nice girls last or killed off why….why couldnt you have her and ALI Nejat run off into the sunset living happily ever after….was it you were willing to pay the actor and she is being cut from the series so you had to cut her off????….their love story was the only important story for me. I feel i invested and wasted so much time in this series for nothing. and to kill her off why? And you reuined the series bringing Elyul into the picture she is No Naz no replacement and to have him just so carelessly go onto this woman who yes is gorgeous but to bond with little kaan…….you need to redo these last 4 of 30 episode let the good guy win this time for once….very disappointed. I would of ordered this series had you not made the last 4 terrible. And Naz never even got a kiss just cheek action (i get it culture thing) but really please REDO let them have a family Kaan get a brother or sister

  9. Halina Gluchow says:

    I was waiting impatiently for Season 2 of Intersection, and when it finally came on Netflix I have watched the episodes almost to the end. I have not seen the final episode, but I found that this season was very sad and disappointing. Ali Nejat was portrayed as an intelligent and good man in the first season–then they made him into a very selfish man who hurts the people that love him. Naz is a woman who would make a family life for him and his son–instead he turns to Elyul who is another very selfish person. she does not care whom she hurts. She wants her wants to come first no matter what pain it causes other people. These kinds of women are always beautiful and manipulative and they get their man. Is that what the director wanted to show??? Well–the story was ruined for me by this turn of events. What a shame!

  10. Corky says:

    I will not be watching series 3 without Naz in it. I’m sure there will be a lot of others following suit.

  11. Lois Dufner says:

    Not happy with ending of Intersection with Naz and Ali breaking up and he has one night affair with old girlfriend….I see in trailer for season 3 that Naz is killed!!!! Not good idea!!! The actor who plays Naz did not want to continue Season 3 because of Aull coming back into Alis life!!!! So Naz gets killed!!!???? Naz and Ali are the stars of the show…so I thought….I waited for 3 months for Season 2 to come to Netflix…what a disappointment.
    I do not care about Season 3…. you have made AliNajat a conceited and thoughtless jerk…he never even cared enough to call his son for 24 hours when he was chasing down the murderer with Alul….I will not watch Season 3…… You know I just loved the chemistry between Naz and Ali so much that I watched their love scenes over and over…the one when he went to bring Kaan to hotel to see Naz and the scenes at the cabin where he took her after she lost her baby…..you lost me for sure….no more Seasons for me unless you bring Naz back from her death!!!! I will watch Sedace Sen over and over instead!!! At least they are together in the end!!!!

  12. Judith says:

    I have enjoyed a few of your Turkish series and which you would continue the sequel I loved the Intersection and wish to see the following episodes. Please hurry!

  13. Josie S. says:

    Wow, I’m left hanging…can’t wait for season 2.

  14. Janice Andrews Ridge says:

    We want Season 2! Desperately!

  15. Flor says:

    Cant wait for seasson 2 to come out..

    • Lois Dufner says:

      You will be disappointed…if you are a Naz and Ali fan….I do not even want to watch season 3 now!!!!

  16. Ashley says:

    Excellent show! Refreshing break from the typical American fare.

  17. lizardmarsh says:

    I love Intersections. Watched Season 1 and will be eager to view Season 2. The casting, story lines, drama, settings, everything is great. The little boy is a genius actor!

  18. Is a series of most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen lately! Hope to see soon a second season, it can’t end like this! Original language subtitles, talented players, a great location, the sequence of events I saw with him, nothing is missing, congratulations!

  19. Susieb says:

    totally hooked at the very 1st episode and these past two days i have binge watched up to episode 13 only to learn there is no more episodes. Like Deanna Patellis this was such a great switch from American tv . PLEASE continue this series, it is beautiful, the casting, and the cameras do not flip flip flip from one scene to another . I cannot understand a single word spoken and have been watching with captions and not skipped a beat. The characters, the acting, the scenery, everything is so attractive and appealing to the heart & soul. Please bring more

  20. I binge watched this series. I can’t get enough. Please gives us more. This was such a great switch from American tv. I hope this series continue on.

  21. Arlene Butler says:

    One of the best scripted and acted series I have ever seen. Please do not let it end at 13–we need to see it have some conclusion for us romantics. It was a delight and I thank you for your brilliant piece.

  22. Audrie says:

    Perth Australia here. Just loved this series but couldn’t believe the final episode. Had my in smiles or tears all the way through. Kaan is just a delight and all actors were extremely well cast. Hope you are bringing out further episodes, you can’t just leave us hanging like that!

    • Susieb says:

      Audrie you are absolutely correct, the smiles the tears the mother in laws, the jealousy, the love, the manipulations, the heartbreak. the lies the truths The characters have touched so many everyday emotions emotions with out vulgarity . Kaan is an extraordinary actor.

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