Netflix Boards BBC Drama ‘The Last Kingdom’ as Filming on Season 2 Begins

The Last Kingdom TV Review BBC
Courtesy of BBC America

Netflix has boarded BBC drama “The Last Kingdom” as a co-producer for the second season as filming starts in Budapest, Hungary. The new season will premiere next year on BBC Two in the U.K. and on Netflix in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain and Portugal. The show is produced by Carnival Films, best known for “Downton Abbey.”

The first season was a hit with viewers during its eight-week run on BBC Two in 2015, averaging 2.7 million total viewers. The show was nominated for best drama series at the Royal Television Society Awards.

Set in the year 878, the second season returns “as fearless and instinctive warrior Uhtred continues his fight for his native land of Northumbria,” Carnival Films said in a statement. “Uhtred, having given his sword to King Alfred, despite his upbringing by the invading pagan Danes, embarks on his voyage north to reclaim his own fate: to avenge Earl Ragnar’s death and recapture his ancestral lands of Bebbanburg.”

Alexander Dreymon (“American Horror Story”) returns as Uhtred, alongside David Dawson (“Peaky Blinders”), Emily Cox (“Homeland”), Ian Hart (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Tobias Santelmann (“Marcella”) from the first season. They are joined by new cast members including Thure Lindhardt (“The Bridge”), Millie Brady (“Legend”), and Peter McDonald (“Thirteen”).

Gareth Neame and Nigel Marchant return as executive producers for Carnival Films alongside screenwriter Stephen Butchard, who adapted Bernard Cornwell’s novels. Elizabeth Kilgarriff is the executive producer for the BBC, and Dominic Barlow will produce this season.

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  1. Abisco says:

    Wen is d season 2 starting

  2. Brian S says:

    Brilliant series for superior to Vikings and could rival the fantastic Game of Thrones excellent story line and exceptional acting especially by Alex Dreymon as Uhtred and David Dawson as Alfred

  3. Billie Linzy says:

    We are in love with this story… CANT WAIT for season 2

  4. Militza Cunningham says:

    The LastKingdom was magnificent. Please continue!!! From an English teacher, ” I loved it.” Anything that sheds light on how we evolved, is substantial. English is a phenomenal language because it has a rich history.

  5. Patricia says:

    hurry up will ya – great show – really love it………

  6. Trudyann says:

    So happy to hear this news!!! I rate it right up there with Vikings!!! And I will be loyal and watch n watch!!!

  7. jane hafker says:

    Lord Have Mercy, if some of these shows get any more addicting, well, civilization will die out laying on their couches. I’m half jesting…but really worried…

  8. This series is awesome! I can’t wait for the next on Netflix. I’m not sure why other great historical shows such as Hell on Wheels and Marco Polo were canceled? This show and Reign are the only good ones left! Definitely worth getting Netflix for these shows and some of their other original series like House of Cards!

  9. MJNY says:

    It was supposed to be on BBC in the US! So disappointed. Not purchasing Netflix for it.

    • Gregory Paynton says:

      Netflix is good, not great (content is so so) but it is very easy to suspend your account once you are done so I will recommend this series for $8 then quit, first 30 days is free too.

      • Mary Dawsom says:

        Thanks for the recommend. I think it is pretty cheesy putting in on Netflix outside Britain. Although I enjoyed the first season, if I can watch the second season because it is no Netflix, so be it.

  10. I thought 1st season was outstanding glad there a 2nd season!!

  11. Michael says:

    This is a is a great story. My wife and I have had Netflix for year and was thinking of canceling, but given this show and house of cards we are in for another year.

  12. Lynn Wegner says:

    I love this show! Can’t wait till season 2. Alexander Dreymon is an outstanding actor along with the rest of the cast. And he is very easy to look at. Waiting patiently for your return!

  13. Jerry says:

    “Boarded” is jargon meant to keep your audience uninformed or at a distance or exclusive to one very specialized group. VARIETY isn’t a highly specialized scientific or filmic elite publication, last I looked – so why the barrier of jargon thrown at us. Inexperienced junior writer or what?
    Just saying …

    • You don’t think Variety is elite? You don’t seem very clear on the meaning of elite. Variety is a highly regarded periodical that has been published for a very long time. I think you’re looking for People magazine or maybe even the Enquirer.

    • lambertman says:

      You’re coming to Variety and chiding them on jargon?


  14. Sondra Boudreau says:

    when is it coming on

  15. Sassenach says:

    I have read all the books. My problem is that the actor playing Utred is too short and good looking. Utred is supposed to scare the crap out of you on occasions. No way. Brida, Mildred and Arthur are spot on. Maybe put another foot on the wolf helmet which he is supposed to be wearing. Oh well, ratings I suppose.

  16. The time frame in Vikings is really stretched. Lindisfarne, the monastery in England, was sacked in 793 but a viking named Rollo founded Normandy in 911. Ubbe of The Last Kingdom is Ragnar’s from Vikings son according to the sagas. I think Ivar the Boneless, another of Ragnar’s sons, pops up later in the Saxon Stories books but he has normal legs.

  17. MarcoB says:

    I just binge watched the 1st season and really liked it. It seems to happen maybe a century later than the History’s Channel’s Vikings which really exciting and very well done.

    • john says:

      Alfred is grandchild of the King towards the end of the Vikings last season that takes a trip to rome with the Kings son. In the last kingdom, Alfred is present and is now King. He was the king that first united all kingdoms to form the UK. It takes place 10-20 years after the Vikings latest season.

      • rebelyonblog says:

        Alfred effectively united the Kingdoms of England, he did not form the UK
        The Act of Union of England with Wales was in 1536.
        The Act of Union with Scotland was in 1707. The United Kingdom of Great Britain was formed at this point.

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