Review: Viceland Feels Like Current TV on Steroids

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Courtesy of Vice Media

Vice has demonstrated its marketing savvy on multiple fronts, with a young-skewing profile that’s become the envy of the media ecosystem. Yet its attempt to launch a linear cable channel, Viceland, on the A&E Network formerly known as H2, feels like an overreach, with an initial lineup of programming that best resembles Current TV on steroids. Determined to look edgy, the network possesses plenty of attitude, but seems so devoted to branding as to be relatively short on substance.

Viceland seeks to announce its renegade credentials in everything from hyperbolic press materials to the very titles for this first batch of series, an evenly split mix of half-hours and hours seemingly intended to bedevil copy editors with names like “Balls Deep,” “F*ck, That’s Delicious,” “Weediquette” and “Gaycation.”

As with Vice’s HBO documentaries, there’s a jittery look here that’s intended to be visually kinetic, and the reporters/correspondents regularly inject themselves into the storytelling – a hit-miss proposition, albeit one familiar to its acolytes.

The main problem, at first blush, is that what Vice is peddling doesn’t feel distinctive enough to merit a dedicated channel, especially juxtaposed with the growing pains exhibited by, say, Esquire network, which is chasing a similar young-male niche; and the aforementioned Current, the predecessor to the soon-to-be-defunct Al Jazeera America. Nor does the network help its cause by affixing descriptions to these shows like “the most original music documentary series on TV today” (out of, what, a pool of one or two?) or “a weed show like no other,” which might come as news to pot-related programs on Discovery, CNBC and CNN.

Of the six shows previewed, the one exhibiting the most promise is “Flophouse,” which chronicles the life, and stand-up routines, of a group of aspiring comedians on the underground circuit. Two others have potential, the first being “Noisey,” in which host Zach Goldbaum takes a sociologically informed dive into different musical locales, in the premiere looking at Compton from the perspective of its gangs and rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Along the same lines, “Gaycation” features actress Ellen Page and her friend Ian Daniel exploring LGBT experiences around the world, beginning in Japan, which, Page observes, interprets homosexuality “as a cluster of fetishes and naughty hobbies.” In the most arresting moment, the two sit quietly as a young man chooses to come out to his mother on camera, which is uncomfortable, moving, and probably as close as Viceland comes to intruding upon TLC’s territory.

After that, everything feels like a pretty thin gruel, starting with “F*ck, That’s Delicious,” which follows rapper Action Bronson and his pals as they travel around eating, performing and generally behaving like college freshmen on a perpetual spring break. Ditto for “Balls Deep,” which offers Thomas Morton as sort of a poor man’s George Plimpton, embedding himself with various subcultures (in the premiere, a Pentecostal ministry) and observing them in a wry, somewhat bemused first-person style.

Finally, “Weediquette” showcases its host, Krishna Andavolu, as a de facto tour guide through the politics, economics and human-interest stories associated with marijuana legalization, kicking off with people who are actually using pot for medicinal purposes, while delving into research about its cancer-treatment benefits.

There is a helpful degree of cohesion to Vice’s editorial template, including an admirable desire to look beyond U.S. borders at a moment when international news from traditional sources has diminished. But in this budding age of first-class documentaries – with HBO, long the standard-bearer, garnering competition from other premium outlets like Showtime and Netflix, as well as corporate sibling CNN – it’s hard to escape Viceland’s narrowness, as if the local university’s anthropology department had commandeered its own commercial cable channel. Each show, moreover, plays like a subset of that subset, auguring that success will be defined more by the age of those who tune in than by the volume.

Viceland will obviously continue to fine-tune its formula, and its parent has if nothing else proven that it’s pretty adept at being noisy. In the early going, though, Viceland isn’t particularly sticky, in terms of providing much of an incentive to hang around.

By that measure, Viceland looks less like a rule-bending amusement park of informational fare than just another underwhelming island in a teeming ocean of media fishing for younger viewers. And while there are a few encouraging signs as the network hoists its sails, there’s not much here initially that feels especially deep, ballsy or otherwise.

Viceland’s premiere lineup: “Noisey,” “Weediquette” (March 1, 10 and 11 p.m.); “Gaycation,” “Balls Deep” (March 2, 10 and 11 p.m.); “F*ck, That’s Delicious,” “Flophouse” (March 3, 10 and 10:30 p.m.).

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  1. jazza says:


  2. Jax says:

    Had never heard of Viceland until tonight because they are playing the movie The Prisoners (which I like). So the first set of commercials came on and I immediately thought, what the hell is this channel? And an hour into the movie I’m here online trying to find out who puts out this odd channel. They have the most bizarre, self-promoting commercials that I have ever seen. It made me think possibly this is some new, low budget channel that’s put out by self-absorbed, stoned college students who live in a little bubble of their own perceived “coolness” and think it’s their job to educate everyone on their biased point of view. I found this article here (which came up when I searched Viceland) and it explains a lot. I’m just shocked they have the big companies and money behind them that they do because it comes off as very low budget. I can’t even imagine what their shows must be like, the previews for them look absolutely ridiculous.

  3. NotATouchyFeelyMilennialSissy says:

    While I was not a fan of the H2 channel and it’s tired old repeats of pro-usa rah-rah-rah rally the troops up biased war tales and garbage, stupid “what if’s” about “bigfoot” and/or “aliens” and terrible “unreality” crap, I must say that I really don’t like that crappy vice channel either!

    I’m noooo conservative, in fact I am probably the first person who would rally against that crap for brains bunch!

    Nor am I some old fart! (I’m way, wayy, wayyyyy under 50!)

    I don’t believe in ANY “God” or any “religion”, so I hate ever having that crap forced down my throat.
    And I really don’t care about, nor do I believe in any outer space aliens (until the magical day when one actually comes down to this retarded rock in some spacecraft and says “Hey man, I am real, take me to your leader, or at least your weed dealer!”), nor do I care about any tired BS shows about Hitler or WWII either, so I will never miss that channel
    Plus, I’ve heard enough old war stories from family members who actually fought in wars!

    There is PLENTY of world history that the so called “history” channels never showed anyway and never will!
    Especially if it goes against the JCC that OWNS every network’s agenda!
    So I don’t care that POS channel went away one bit!

    But, every time some new network starts up I’m always hopeful that some REAL and well produced stuff that means anything to anyone will be shown, too bad that once again Vice IS just another network that fails!

    Vice IS all terrible shows with terrible hosts discussing total GARBAGE with all childish anti-everything attitudes and subjects only meant for mindless/brainwashed millennial moron snowflakes who lick and suck up whatever trend they are fed!

    I’m a straight guy and I live in NYC which, as most people already know, does have a huge amount of gay people living in it, probably the largest after San Fran and all of South America where EVERYONE IS on the “down low”, so of course I see and work with and know plenty of gay people, REAL gay people!, every single day!, so I get to see and hear first hand who and what they are, what they do and don’t like, etc., so I don’t need some fake TV network with fake shows with terrible actors portraying overly flamboyant gays telling me anything about gay people! lol

    I probably know more gay people than straight people and yet NONE of them are one bit flamboyant like the actors you see in shows on Vice network!

    I have NEVER once seen ANY gay guy’s who walk, talk and act like what you see on that “Rupaul’s” horrid show! Yet I have heard MANY time from many openly gay guy’s who get real mad and say things like “Oh, that Rupaul gives ALL gay guy’s a bad name!, We don’t all wanna dress in mommy’s clothes, walk like a girl and talk with a sissy lisp, I’m gay, not retarded!” I swear that is what many I know do say! LOL

    I’m also a big time fan of “Maryjane” and have been for ages, so I don’t need to see shows about snowflake millennial’s trying to do what I’ve been doing since way before they were even in their obviously absent fathers nutz and making a big deal over it!

    All the WORTHLESS, USELESS, unskilled, untalented, poorly and incorrectly educated “Look At Me”, “ME, ME, ME”, “It’s all about meeeeeee!!!” Jootube millenial snowflake fags on EVERY vice channel show need to go meet their dad’s for once and learn what a man is like and how one should walk and talk!

    ALL the pathetic millennial pussies on that “Beerland” all need a manly beatdown to knock some MAN into them!

    I don’t need to see a bunch of snowflake sissies who just fell out of their local JCC horribly attempting to film “documentaries” that are filled with FAKE facts, lies and pro-everything wrong with the world garbage!

    I also don’t need any more of the fake liberal democraptic propaganda “documentaries” about “Polar Ice Caps” and “Global Warming”,, watching biased garbage not only makes me mad at governments for NOT solving the problems, but it also makes me HATE fake biased one sided documentaries!

    VICE Network IS crap, pure crap and nothing but CRAP!
    And anyone who could ever possibly like the crap on that network has some serious issues and needs lots of mental help and a dose of the REAL world, not the fantasy land they think they live in!

  4. BMG says:

    I accidentally came across the Viceland TV network (channnel 271) last night when I saw they were showing The Terminator. It was painful to watch the so-called commercials that were only promoting Viceland’s shows and short videos that focused on liberals crying about how they hate their parents for voting for Trump; lots of shows promoting marijuana, and gay lifestyles; and lectures about how Black Lives Matter is not being portrayed fairly in the media. It was all about promoting VERY far left radical views, and if they had not been showing The Terminator, I wouldn’t have be able to stomach to rest. It’s is definitely like Current TV on steroids, and even more obsessed with drugs, sex, gangs, gays and hate for anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary. Very strange.

    • JRB says:

      I Couldn’t agree with you more BMG. I tuned in to watch one of my favorite movies A Knight’s Tale and the commercials turned me off to the station after about the 4th round of self promotion. Not only that they cut the movie short by about 20-25 and tuned into to some gang banger show. Needless to say we wont be watching Viceland anytime in the future. I’m speculating it wont be around that long anyway.

  5. Anony Mous says:

    I know they’re trying to be edgey and all by focusing on all the freaky a** sh!te going on with the world, but COME on….. It makes me hate people EVEN more. Especially the nasty a** , savage Asian cultures that torture and mutilate and eat dogs and cats. No one wants to know this garbage. F this stupid series. Ignorance IS bliss dammit.

  6. Vapid and full of millennial social justice warriors, the Viceland channel is as nauseating as it is childishly impudent in it’s tone. As another commenter mentioned, the channel is desperately divisive and blatantly espouses the ingrained millennial need to seek attention and advertise their perceived greatness. To believe that replacing the H2 channel with this bag of crap was a good idea heralds the idiocy and rough patch America will face as millennials begin to take over from previous generations.

  7. Greg says:

    I just watched Vice does America. They brought up Bundy’s and BLM. The true story here is when Clinton was secretary of state she sold large amounts of uranium ore to Putin. The Bundy’s property backs up to land owned by Harry Reed. The uranium mine cannot be started until Bundy leaves. It is a $$$$ scam the Hillary and Reed can be caught selling uranium to our enemy and he wants it now. Smart decision on arming our enemies. And she and Reed are getting a free pass, the media has not said one word about it. Vice does a great job investigating things and this is a big deal.

  8. Notforthecloseminded says:

    Omg viceland is as divisive as our two party political system….and I love it! Team viceland! Just like when I hear people dogmatically opposing one political party (or religion!?!) as tho it’s the devil and acting like EVERYONE AGREES…I feel the same way reading these whiny old people complain about alien garbage being replaced by worldly and culturally diverse programming…I don’t understand how some peoples’ brains work! All I know is I am so glad this channel exists and I’ll continue to tell open minded, intelligent people about it. There are dozens of channels playing alien garbage, but ONLY viceland goes to different parts of the world to tell you intimately about the music, food, fashion, sexuality and other cultural issues in a voice and form and fashion that relates to the most important people now in their prime (sorry if you’re so lucky to be in this demographic) I even love their homegrown commercials. This channel is the ISH!

  9. Connie Alongi says:

    Eddie Huang is purely nauseating. Even more so to me, upon reading his bio on Wikipedia. He’s just a hopeless noise-making egomaniac, with the drive coming from a deep psychological need to be noticed. His frenetilc life of switching milieu, culture appropriation, achievement downgrading — all too obvious; a hyperactive jerk in desperate need of approval, but only from a huge audience — look at me world – I’m here!!! I’m really smart — honest, and funny, and really —blah blah blah – ugh. Go home Eddie.

  10. ShiplapTravertine says:

    I don’t know the demographic sought by Viceland, but I’m sure it skews young adults. It seems that would be a bad group on which to focus. Do folks interested in weed and gay experiences spend a lot of time watching tv? And if so, are the interested in the products being advertised in the commercials? I doubt it…this channel shouldn’t last long.

  11. Blunty says:

    Viceland is trash. Bring back H2. This is the same thing that happened to the Sci-Fi channel when it they changed their name to SyFy-lls canceled the actual sci-fi in favor of rassling and dumb “reality” shows.

  12. P.M says:

    Vice land is an awsome channel!!
    So much good shit
    26 year old male from Canada

  13. rj says:

    anyone know that backround music in that commercial on women for change??

  14. John Beroud says:

    Young people doing stupid shit? Please yes, great idea, millennials creating their own television. Or some hipster gen xers doing it for them, it’s like fast food, it’s fast tv fare, at about the same level as mcdonalds and hip hop. The end must be coming cause it can’t be much worse than this. The jersey shore on mega adderol and hyper steroids

    • BD says:

      Hip hop is not going anywhere either so you’re just against what you don’t like, but guess what…the people who like what you don’t like don’t care what you think…that’s EXACTLY why they create their own tv…who else would lol? That was a pretty illogical thing to say, no?

  15. Teresa says:

    I absolutely disagree with your “shade” thrown to viceland’s new show’s. I like the different style they thread through their line-up. I especially love Katie Gates’s State of Undress.

  16. I won’t see it. I do my best to jump over it and ignore its BSh. They took away H2, which in my book, is a sin.

  17. Richard says:

    @Josh works for Viceland and is trying to stir up support for that channel – guest what Josh – it ain’t working – Viceland is a major fail and everyone knows it!

  18. Josh says:

    VICELAND Channel is great!! H2 is gone, but we still have History Channel.. How many reruns of ancient aliens can one person watch … The visual and content quality of this new VICELAND channel is unmatched … All the folks that are focusing on how angry they are for losing H2 should separate that issue with their actual review of VICELAND… And the guy/woman who wrote this Variety piece… Variety should look for younger talent. This piece wasn’t very relatable .. Not for the difference in opinion, but rather the age perspective on views and the critics choice of phrases or examples of comparison .. Ew

    Go watch VICELAND !!

  19. Dave C. says:

    So the ratings results are back, Viceland has 77% lower viewers than H2 did in its final weeks. The CEO of Viceland says he doesn’t care about the ratings. Want to know who cares…..advertisers. Viceland has been suppressing the Nielson ratings but it doesn’t look good. Typical hipster approach to mediocrity, pretend that the problem is them not you and say you don’t care about conventional metrics. Just because your Mom likes your art project from your $40,000/year liberal arts college doesn’t make you the next Salvador Dali. I’m a 29 year old male in the target demographic and I hate the channel. Bring back H2!!!

  20. Ted says:

    You think Gaycation is pandering to the ‘young-male’ market? This is a relic commenting on the scary new world of the next generation. Poor article and perspective. D-

    • Josh says:

      Lol I was so annoyed by this Variety piece and the critics terrified view of today’s society .. For example , Comparing VICELAND to Esquire and its 14 daily hours of ‘A-Team’ reruns is incredibly lazy . If you’re just going through the motions, find a new job. You’re doing us all a disservice with your clear lack of effort. So foolish…Nice counter man.


  21. Tag says:

    I’ve watched a number of the shows and see nothing exceptional. Weed is interesting for a few shows but will there be a need for a season 2? Not likely. Same goes for Gaycation although it could translate better into more seasons than a pot show but not much past 2 seasons. Then you have F* Thats Delicious which is a very (very) dumbed down version of Anthony Bourdain and very similar to a dozen other traveling foods shows watching people eat. This one is just dumber. Finally, the most annoying show is Balls Deep with its awful host. Its a show that has substance but the snarky, boring and demeaning host kills it, making it unwatchable despite the subjects covered. He has all the personality of wet cardboard but with less depth.

    The best show I’ve seen is Noisy and it’s the best by far. I enjoyed that show even though again, the host drags it down which speaks to the interesting topics it covered. If Vice replaced some of the flat, hipster light hosts with multi-dimensional people not from the Guy Fieri clown college of hosting then they would have something much more appealing.

    Before some winey blogger complains that I’m some old, undereducated grouch. I’m a 35 year old male with a masters degree who finds a lot of what History puts out to be crap, Viceland is still crap just wrapped in trendy.

    Also, I find it interesting that a number of more recent positive reviews all come from “people” with capitalized initials for a name.

    • Kt says:

      Apparently you should have payed heed and more attention in sociology class or taken more of them. Viceland is all about real life people,the adverse situations faced around the world, bringing topics to forefront on how the “other half”, not all masters degree educated, live and issues faced that they deal with. Maybe that doesn’t translate well for you considering all the time you’ve spent in your little box of a classroom and watching conceded hosts of heavily scripted opinionated shows.

      Through topics covered concerning medical cannabis I know people that have chosen to use the miracle plant as an alternative cancer treatment. Particularly viewing the sick children using weed to help control / reduce their sickness and symptoms gave them the push needed to make that leap. With more seasons I believe others can be helped and educated leading to further legislation to legalize cannabis, at least for medical use, while reducing some of the stigma associated with it.

      Balls Deep & Noisey have hosts that are like “wet cardboard” and “snarky”, I’d say more monotone if anything. An Anthony Bourdain-like narcissistic host is all about him, his opinions, his views, and what situation he will be in next. Viceland allows the people and content to grab the viewer. Clearly you have brainwashed expectations as to what a true host should be in a real life non-scripted setting. The story is the content and the host is the backseat driver occasionally taking the wheel then steering the viewer back to the prevalent material, the people or situations being covered. I would much rather real world issues being covered with a host taking a backseat while revealing the underlying issues rather than see some “cool” guy telling me the world how he sees it.

      Oh, I put a lower case letter in my name for you because it somehow signifies I am a real person. For someone with a masters degree one would think you are educated enough to come to a logical conclusion that just because a person writes a positive review for Vicleand that doesn’t indicate they are an employee. You’re level of education does not indicate how smart you are in all aspects of life, but good for you, you’re a master of something.

      • Layla Sirey of Chicago says:

        To shiplap, I’m sorry, who are you? Are you the moderator making sure comments are up to par? Oh, you’re not! So maybe you should learn nobody cares what you think before you take a weak pointless jab at someone who actually wrote a thoughtful comment. I mean, really, spelling was all you could come up with after reading that? Guess what this is a reply under an ignorant pretentious comment to a soft useless article. Pretty sure no one is checking spelling or turning this is as an assignment. Fail!

        And to KT…agree!

      • ShiplapTravertine says:

        Note to Kt, learn to spell before going on rants. The guy is calling the channel stupid and you defend the channel stupidly. You are proving his point.

  22. Charlo says:

    Eat my panini, hot cakes!

  23. Burt Crecelius says:

    Just discovered your dirty channel. I wouldn’t want my children watching your efforts to entertain my children.

  24. kyt crawford says:

    I have a possible show idea to share with viceland based on culture and Dance, two topics that I have taught and studied most of my life. “Shut up and Dance” please email me. I would love to talk to you

  25. JW says:

    I’ve been watching some of Viceland’s shows and I find them extremely interesting. As a person over 40 I’m blown away by the people and stories, I had no clue about Flophouses for underground comics or the backstories of Miami Rappers (and I live in Fort Lauderdale) I’m glad to see any new outlet for non mainstream information and reporting. Very cool.

  26. Jules Thiessen says:

    The new Viceland channel sucks. Another useless cable channel.

  27. CD says:

    You people just don’t get or didn’t even make the effort to understand. Viceland shows about the topics that we should be aware of but is not shown in mainstream media cause no one cares. But you don’t care about others like you or different who’s gonna care about you. If I never have watched that vice documtery on the melting of the polar ice caps I would have never known that there are actual people in our country that actually deny the complete and utter fact that global warming is man made. Every show on that channel raises awareness about the lives and struggles of people just like you or far from you. “We shouldn’t dwell on what is news and dwell more on what is important”

    • Notforcloseminded says:

      Thank you Cd! That is exactly what I think when I watch every show…why does no one talk about these issues and conditions in the world? It is fascinating and I hope the children of all the haters are EXACTLY the audience that will keep this channel going. It will be a blessing for the kids of these narrow minded people to watch this channel and develop some deeper levels of understanding and appreciation and interest and curiosity for culture and the world beyond their DEvices. Maybe then our future will have a chance. Stop watching ancient aliens and watch Vice Essentials: Toxic Garbage Island. We have real problems we should stop turning a blind eye to.

  28. LH says:

    H2 was a favorite channel. So sad to see the repetitive Viceland programming obliterating classic and a classier network.. The provocative program names are a younger viewer hook. I watched and gave it a chance. Boring. Far too many reruns. This should have taken over the AE channel. Getting tired of Kardashian type family drivel and copy cats popping up on what use to be good Dish Network Channels.The original History Channel has become the man show as an earlier comment stated. Please give us back H2. The network activated brain cells, presented beautifully photographed and filmed series, theories, geology, science, myth and fantasy. One of my favorites. I hope the if Viceland remains, that other smarter networks give a home to H2’s orphan shows. Newer and flashier isn’t always better! A sad mistake!

    • Notfortheoseminded says:

      Omg are you serious? Viceland is repetitive but H2 was classic? They’ve played the same ancient alien reruns over and over (and that crap still airs on other channels?? How much can watch of that?!! I used to watch some H2 but it became all reruns and total utter nonsense. It might as well have been scifi. Like I mentioned above…Vice Essentials: Toxic Garbage Island. Or you can ignore the actual real state of the world and planet and rot your brain with more alien shows. They may be real but so is the plastic land dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I’m far more concerned and interested in actual real life issues than imaginary scifi.

  29. jc says:

    The biggest waste of television ever. I can’t wait till it’s of air.

  30. Dain Laird says:

    The channel viceland is the worst entertainment that I’ve ever seen. It’s all about homosexuality illegal drugs and a bunch of other stupid shit. New Age bologna from New York.

  31. David Litchey says:

    Viceland gotta say you guys are killing it with the new tv channel!! Just got done working a 13 hour shift at a bomb restaurant in Goodyear, AZ called Angry Crab. I love that I now have two late night TV channels that I can turn to to watch and chill out. (Adult Swim being the second channel) You guys are kicking ass, keep up the bombass work your doing!!!!! Late

  32. gobber says:

    Jeez, people are idiots! VICE is good TV? Please even Current was better. I just deleted VICE from my lineup!

  33. KT says:

    Viceland is a great new show covering current topics that the mainstream media and other channels don’t touch or do not dive into thouroughly with a documentary/public media/NPR-type realism. Just because some don’t align with the topics covered doesn’t mean that these aren’t real issues or topics that many deal with or suscribe to today. I love the channel and haven’t watched much else since its arrival.

    People who are pissed about H2 being cancelled would be hating on Viceland, or any other channel, that wasn’t similar to H2 no matter the replacement. You idiots trolling hate about Viceland are misguided in thinking that trying to remove the channel will somehow bring back H2. I liked H2 and I like Viceland, they are 2 different channels altogether. All the H2 pissants should be trolling A&E / History channels programming and let it be known you want the H2 programming back to H, not all that Swamp Ppl reality crap. Even if you think you could succeed in bringing down Vice it will NEVER bring back H2! The only way to get some semblance of H2 back is to now bring that programming back to the History channel, where it originated.

    I am a huge fan of Viceland and being an educated person and interested in current / sociological issues and events, this channel is right up my alley. But apparently all you bible-thumpers can’t handle it but CAN handle pictures of dead bodies from the WW’s. But, hey, it’s ok to see those dead bodies because it’s educational!

    • Fred says:

      So, how long have you been working for Viceland TV?
      Your opinion is distinctively in the minority of comments, hence you obviously work for them.

      • Celly says:

        Fred maybe your problem is you’re more concerned about being in the majority? No one cares what you like or don’t like, so telling someone their “opinion is distinctively in the minority” is so pretentious and pointless. And your first grade logic is embarrassing, can’t believe you said that lololol!

      • KT says:

        Being in the minority of comments & not posting a full name makes me a viceland employee, no I don’t work for them. Just authentically voicing my opinion unlike others who likely have posted multiple comments under various names. It’s been almost 2 months, go splatter History’s boards in an attempt to bring back H2 bc you’re wasting words trying to bring down viceland, a channel that you wouldn’t be trolling if it replaced any other channel.

      • Richard says:

        You work for Viceland TV too Josh

      • Josh says:

        his review was spot on. Variety should replace their hack with this honest critic. VICELAND would do all of you some good…

  34. If some one needs to be updated with most up-to-date technologies after that he
    must be pay a quick visit this site and be up to date everyday.

  35. Keith says:

    Viceland is nothing but a bunch of repeating programs. Looks like they went to a lot of trouble on some but the content really isn’t there. Channel has already ‘jumped the shark’ in that much of the programming has nothing to do with vice at all. I’m thinking this isn’t good if they are already abandoning the premise. What they have now sucks.

  36. William Eckberg says:

    The only reason I had Top 250 from Dish was to get H2. Viceland is nothing but disgusting, inappropriate garbage that repeats and repeats. Give me back H2 or I am dumping Dish 250.

  37. Serendi says:

    I’m not going to badmouth Viceland. I have no desire to watch any of its shows, but if they want to try to make money peddling them, then that’s their business. However, I watched a lot of H2 programming, and I’m disappointed that it has been taken away. Like a lot of people, I wish they had made Viceland a new channel rather than trashing H2. They had better attract a lot of new viewers, because there is zero crossover potential with their former ones.

  38. Buck Foster says:

    “Current tv on steroids”, that pretty much sums it up since most network tv nowadays is mostly crap, so yes, its crap on steroids. The dumbing down of America at its best…..

  39. Dieti says:

    So I asked my 25 year old professional daughter what she thought of this channel. She said the same thing everyone else I talked to said of this channel. Trash. The fact that they had to get Nielsen to agree not to release ratings for it for the first 6 months says plenty. Shame on Nielsen for agreeing. I was not a fan of H2 or many of their ridiculous shows, but they at least had some history related content shows on. The media companies wonder why so many are cutting the cord?

    • BD says:

      Do people check neilson ratings to decide what to watch? I’ve never once in 30 years paid attention to neilson ratings. So what is the conspiracy? What does not letting the public know what the ratings, of A BRAND NEW CHANNEL within the first six months of starting, actually accomplish for them?

    • Anon says:

      I don’t understand your comment about Nielsen agreeing not to release ratings for it for the first 6 months… the channel just launched very recently, so what do you mean by “first 6 months”?

  40. Switch says:

    Everyone who hates this channel is either old and afraid of things that change, or some lunatic whose upset they lost their dumbass alien conspiracy bs. Get over it

    • jfriedman21 says:

      I feel a lot of the people hating on the channel are the conservative types. With names of shows like “Balls Deep” and “Gaycation” they think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. If you base the shows you watch on your political, or religious beliefs your a closed minded person. Not one show on H2 was new or original so A&E decided to kick it to the curb! I honestly had no idea the channel even existed because it was only available in standard definition on Verizon FIOS

      • I’m 30 and have watched H2 since I can remember. Both you prove that the movie Idiocracy is coming true. Viceland’s just another version of MTV IMO. So much trash on TV these days. Yes, more reality shows….that’s exactly what’s needed. Haha, man I guess I could get into the channel if I go huff some glue and drop my IQ below 60!

  41. Brian says:

    I think A&E should of turned into Viceland instead of H2. I can’t recall the last time I watched that network. I know when I did watch it America’s Castles was on. Then it turned into more and more what you see today. I remember when it was called the Arts and Entertainment channel. Not anymore. I loved watching H2, and it has been replaced with a network so polar opposite of itself it’s shocking.
    This is why I hate Viceland even more. I am not a fan of “so called reality tv”. And even “Swamp People” I don’t like. H2 had more shows I don’t consider “Reality TV”. Now we have another nauseous network to go with MTV, Fuse, Spike tv, E tv, HLN, Bravo. Come on.

  42. neil says:

    you show crap like this instead of the history channel?!what garbage–what college boy came up with this idea?some idiot justifying his 75,000 yr salary I suppose—idiots!!!!

    • Lyla says:

      Amen to this. The original history channel became a a stupid man show. Do your job and show us some real history not ax men and etc stupid shows. And yes I am a women who loves history

    • Anon says:

      bitter much?

      • Fred says:

        Viceland programming simply sucks, that’s why no one likes it “anon”. Not, because they’re old, or conservative; just because Viceland programming is terrible.

  43. Mike says:

    I was getting tired of watching repeat shows on H2, but they were even better than the shows on Vice!! Vice sucks!! Bring back H2! Very disappointed in Dish allowing this to happen!

  44. jfriedman21 says:

    Vice has always been about making documentary style shows. If you don’t like watching documentaries or only care about history then your going to be disappointed, Vice has always been about what is going on NOW in the world. I love it because there is never a script, it’s just documentary style filming and whatever happens, happens. After having the channel for a week I can say that the commercials are what makes it absolutely unwatchable live. I have to record pretty much everything just so I can skip through the repetitive commercials about the same 5 shows. The best stuff on that channel though is the Vice Essentials which is basically just the best stuff from their youtube channel made into a half hour or hour long show. I love that stuff. They always touch on crazy subjects like the woods in Japan where people go just to kill themselves. Some of the content can get really dark, but it’s always interesting. They have a show on HBO too so if people think this is just some out of nowhere idea from A&E then your wrong. Your stupid H2 isn’t coming back so just deal with it! Viceland in HD please…

    • Fred says:

      So, how long have you been working for Viceland?

      • Celly says:

        Fred, seriously you are so ignorant to comment calling everyone who likes the channel an employee? It’s cracking me up now that I’ve seen it five times. Say something, make a point. Oh you don’t have one, gotcha!

    • lakawak says:

      The fact that you consider these documentary doesn’t bode well for you.

  45. Fred says:

    Viceland TV is basically Public Access TV, with all the horribly bad programming that implies. Public Access TV does have loyal viewers; all ten of them like Public Access programming. However unlike Public Access TV, Viceland TV is totally unwatchable; I tried, it’s terribly bad TV.
    Viceland is also gaming the ratings by asking Neilson to keep it out of the ratings for six months; doubt it will be on that long before A&E becomes fully aware of how big a mistake they made (Again; remember the Duck Commander fiasco) and cancel it.

  46. Joe de Souza says:

    Viceland is pandering to millennials that don’t watch network cable television.
    Nice job screwing up a well regarding channel History channel!

  47. Steve says:

    Well, this is probably the worst excuse for a TV network/channel that I have ever seen. A&E who introduced this and cancelled H2, which a hell of a lot of people watched, will suffer the ire. I have seen almost “zero postings” on positive feedback. Everyone out there should contact their cable/satellite company and let them know how you feel about the change. A&E’s mailbox is full, but keep trying to get through.

    • Bob Welch says:

      Why? To tell them that you don’t like Vice? H2 failed with its Ancient Aliens and Hitler repeats. Why not tell them you want some actual history programming on the History Channel, rather than repeated Ax People episodes. Also, Pawn Stars and American Restoration have plenty of history content. Do you really want to watch more repeats of Ancient Aliens and Hitler stuff?

      You might want to check out the history content on the Travel Channel. Complaining about Viceland is to beat a dead horse.

  48. Robert Romano says:

    I watched a few shows on Viceland, It is stupid. below mindless.

  49. Lori says:

    There is a reason H2 is off the air. NO ONE WATCHED IT! If there were more people who thought it was good, it would still be on the air-very simple. And if you think canceling your cable service will help, good luck. As we progress in life, people should expand thier thoughts and not be surprised what young minds want to watch.

    • lakawak says:

      Young minds are not watching Viceland.

      • Celly says:

        This young mind is and so do all my friends and siblings. People who hate viceland (which is weird it’s a channel lol) should just become hermits because the world is going to be a very scary place for you. This isn’t going to stop and people who think like this exist. And guess what many still watch tv sometimes too. So many stop believing everything Fox News tells you?

      • Ashely Rhodes says:

        I beg to differ…

      • Anon says:

        how do you know that?

  50. Kevin Stevenson says:

    I would rather watch my tv turned off than to watch Viceland. I just cancelled my cable service with ATT Uverse until H2 is back.

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