Why the Controversial Death on ‘The 100’ Matters

'The 100': Lexa Dead After Sex
Courtesy CW

Don’t read on unless you’ve seen “13,” the March 3 episode of “The 100,” which showrunner Jason Rothenberg discussed with Variety. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

I’m still processing the events of this week’s tumultuous episode of “The 100,” as appears to be the case with many fellow viewers. I’ve thought about little else since the episode aired, and I’m sure I’ll be pondering it for some time to come. Please don’t regard what follows as a fixed, absolute reaction. My feelings about “13” are likely to evolve as I think about it more, and much of this post will consist of me working through my thoughts and feelings as I go, so bear with me.

There’s one thing I’m sure of: I loved all the Polaris stuff. Everything to do with Becca and the doomed space station and the technology that continues to have an effect on certain residents of Earth worked like gangbusters. That’s not the story line that everyone was reacting to last night, I know, but I wanted to get that out of the way before discussing anything else. Erica Cerra did a fine job of communicating Becca’s devastation, determination and frustration, and all my nerd tendencies were activated by the clues, hints and developments, which were laid out in a clear, energetic fashion. 

Did Becca’s experiments with that black liquid lead directly to the existence of Nightbloods? How is the AI in the Commander’s neck linked to the happy pills that Jaha’s minions are taking? How deep do the links between Polaris tech and Grounder culture go? What will the new Commander be like and how many past Commander memories will she or he have? There are a lot of intriguing questions to chew on. 

The show has always openly acknowledged its debts to “Battlestar Galactica,” and there were a lot of nicely handled “BSG” references in “13,” but there was also some “2001” and “Space: 1999” bits and pieces thrown in for good measure. As a major sci-fi nerd, I really enjoyed how “13” riffed on some classic outer-space ideas but customized them for the desperate world of “The 100.” I tend to love anything set on space stations (I’m a massive fan of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), so “13” was a real treat in that regard.


the 100 lexa dead killed thirteen spoilers

‘The 100’ Boss Talks Latest Casualty, That Flashback Twist

I laid out my bigger problems with the current season in two recent posts, which covered Episodes 1 through 4. All that criticism comes in the context of having been a fan since Season 1 (sidebar: It was mighty irritating to read a recent story about the show in a major publication that asserted that “critics” only discovered the show last fall and everyone who covers TV blew it off when it premiered. Arghhh.)

In any event, I continued to have problems with the show in episodes 5 and 6, and I don’t want to get too deeply into them here or this essay will get too bogged down. Suffice to say, many of those who weren’t taking Jaha’s happy pills appeared to be secretly taking stupid pills, and the contrived conflicts and belabored elements in recent installments frequently irritated me. By the end of 306, the only people I wasn’t annoyed with on some level were Jasper and Abby, and the Pike/Bellamy storyline continued to be about as enjoyable as a root canal.

So the flashbacks to Polaris and John Murphy’s adventures in Titus’ torture cave were bracing changes from all of that, and everything that went down in “13” supplied a lot of fodder for future developments that may work really well to kickstart the second half of the season. I found much of “13” enjoyable on a number of character and story levels, and overall, it stopped me from mentally drifting away from “The 100,” which I had been doing in recent weeks.

Before I begin talking about Lexa, I want to say that if you were hurt or deeply dismayed by her death — or if you had another reaction of another flavor — I respect your position. It should go without saying that I don’t think sending death threats or other kinds of ugly messages to TV writers is ever a good thing, and the fraction of viewers who were doing that Thursday night — well, their actions were deeply dismaying. In the main, however, what I saw Thursday night were varying levels of pain and appreciation, sometimes mixed with feelings of betrayal, all of which was expressed in passionate but civil ways.


the 100 bellamy pike

‘The 100’ Boss Talks Game-Changing Episode, Bellamy’s Controversial Choice

Like many of you, I have complicated feelings about some aspects of the episode. Many viewers who communicated with me appear to be having complex and difficult reactions as well, and the ones who tweeted to me did so in respectful ways. But it was clear from reading #The100 that some fans were angry. While I don’t share that particular emotion, I respect it.

I’m going to dig into the whole Lexa situation, but before I do, let me just say this: One of my main critiques of the season as a whole could be summed up with the word “compression.”

Bellamy’s girlfriend was on screen for all of a minute before she died. Pike’s arrival and installation was too fast. Bellamy’s conversion to Pike’s faction was too speedy and underdeveloped. We might theoretically understand why Monty would side with his mom, but even that character got short shrift (Monty and Jasper getting less screen time than Pike this season really gets my teeth grinding, and I always want more Raven).

All in all, the writing this season has regularly skipped over key moments, left important developments off-screen and missed opportunities to develop character motivations and elaborate on important themes. Speed seems to be the be-all and end-all in Season 3, for reasons I don’t quite understand, and that imperative has led to the cutting of corners, some hollow bombast and a number of messy, unsatisfying developments.


The 100 Watch the Thrones Bob Morley bellamy

‘The 100’ Showrunner Talks Bellamy’s Shocking Choice, Pike’s New Role

As much as I appreciate the performances and the production design and many other elements, I’ve been mystified as to why, from time to time, “The 100” has appeared to view more deliberate storytelling as something to be avoided this season. It’s what helped set the show apart in the first place. It’s not enough to say that there’s some kind of theoretical story logic to what characters do. When “The 100” works, pacing is rarely a problem and situations and decisions are undergirded by emotional logic, not just intellectual justifications.

So Lexa’s death following right on the heels of her sleeping with Clarke — that was another case of the show compressing a timeline to an unfortunate degree. That does stray dangerously close to the pop-culture trope of lesbians on TV frequently dying, especially if they’ve had some kind of personal epiphany or moment of happiness. For some viewers, Lexa’s death at that moment did indeed cross the line and became another instance of that trope playing itself out, and for many, it hurt all the more because the show had held itself out as a beacon of positive LGBTQ representation.

Whether or not you agree with any of the above, “The 100” has been playing fast and loose with various story elements this season — but this one has special resonance. And this is what happens when a show drives off the road again and again and doesn’t properly use the brakes: At some point, in the eyes of some viewers, it drives right into a ditch.

I expected Lexa to die this season, especially given that Alycia Debnam-Carey is a series regular on a hit show on another network. I expected her and Clarke to sleep together at some point, and to me it made sense that they would do so when they were both feeling quite vulnerable because they might never see each other again. Their love scenes and the deathbed scene were, considered on their own, spectacular. Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor did such a magnificent job of performing Clarke and Lexa’s goodbyes and imbuing them with such profound love that it was hard for me to process anything else in that moment. My tears made that difficult.


the 100 clarke lexa

‘The 100’: Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey Talk Clarke and Lexa’s Tumultuous Reunion

I had expected Lexa to die at the head of her army or in some other sacrificial circumstance, so for her to die at the hands of Titus was a surprise (and she was surprisingly chill about her chief of staff accidentally murdering her; she really didn’t chastise him about that, which was more forgiving than I’d be in those circumstances). The fact that Murphy was standing around as all this played out was just so Murphy-esque — Murphy’s Law on “The 100” dictates that he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, hanging around awkwardly or getting a beatdown. Oh, Murphy. 

But back to Clarke and Lexa. Two people in a vulnerable, stressful situation gave in to their longstanding attraction and had sex. Soon after, political machinations led to the death of one of them. Both knew their relationship was never going to work on a long-term basis, which gave their brief time together extra sweetness and pathos. Would it have hurt less if Lexa had died three episodes from now, or if they had begun sleeping together four episodes ago? I don’t know. But it was always going to hurt, given these characters and the actors bringing them to life.

Given the presence of ALIE on “The 100,” perhaps its appropriate that I’ve spent the last 16 hours war-gaming various scenarios in my head, all to do with Heda. Because while I understand the regret over the compression of the Lexa story line, I’m not sure if a different story progression would have made it any less painful. Let’s look at various scenarios briefly.


‘The 100’ Showrunner Talks Clarke’s Sexuality, Lexa’s Return and Season 3 Stakes

  • No Lexa in Season 3. Pro: Fans wouldn’t have gotten their hopes up about a Clarke-Lexa relationship and maybe that would have been the kindest scenario. No Heda in Polis or anywhere else would have meant no Clexa pain. Con: Debnam-Carey has always been an incredibly important part of the show, and not being able to draw on Lexa’s history and leadership, and not having her on the throne in Polis would have forced the season in different directions. It’s hard not to conclude that those other plots could well have been less fruitful. Much of the Polis storyline has been quite good (though I am not sure I believe that Lexa would have agreed to zero response to Pike’s Grounder slaughter).
  • Lexa is in Season 3, but she and Clarke never become intimate. Pro: Perhaps less heartbreak when Lexa dies. Con: The chemistry between the actors is so potent and the relationship had been generally written so well that it would have been deeply frustrating had they never hooked up. This is not a show that revolves around relationships, but this connection felt as though it was written in the stars. Also, it would have been odd and sketchy for them not to act like normal, sexual adults.
  • Lexa is in Season 3, but she and Clarke are intimate for some time before Lexa dies. Pro: We get to see more of their happiness and even a touch of domesticity as their relationship develops. Even their pillow talk in “13” was a treat, and part of the painful rupture of Lexa’s death arises from the fact that we won’t get to see more of that. Con: I’ll be honest, I don’t know that I would have bought them sleeping together before the events of “13.” From the beginning, Lexa has been very guarded about her emotions, especially where Clarke is concerned. The more she loved Clarke, the more she was afraid that would lead her away from her primary goal, which is keeping her people alive. I don’t know that I would buy that she’d have sex with Clarke except in an extreme circumstance, i.e., she thought she might not ever get the chance to do so again.
  • Lexa and Clarke have sex in “13,” but then Lexa dies later. Pro: This is a reasonable and defensible desire, and this is where the compression of the season causes problems. Having Lexa die in a battle or court struggle down the road would have made sense to me, and I can see several scenarios in which that might have worked in ways that would have been additive to character journeys, to the show’s themes and to the emotional richness of the world. This option would have been worth considering, in my view (though it would have taken some scheduling magic, given Debnam-Carey’s limited availability). Con: It’s even harder if she dies down the road, because the more aware we are of the growing depth of their bond, the harder it is to watch Clarke lose Lexa. It was hard enough in “13.”

I don’t know what I would have done, but I do know it’s not my show and those are choices that showrunner and executive producer Jason Rothenberg gets to make, not me. And having run scenarios all day and night, I’m not sure I completely disagree with how things went down in “13,” though there are enough slivers of doubt in various corners of my mind to help me understand why others might feel differently.

At the end of the day, I’m a sucker for great performances, and the writing and acting in Lexa’s death scene were so tremendous that it blots out a lot of other factors for me. If it doesn’t for you, I get it.

“I get it” is a thing that Dean says a lot on “Supernatural,” and let me tell you a little story about that show before I go (“Supernatural” spoilers in the next two paragraphs, and you should jump back in after that, whether or not you watch the show).

I watched “Supernatural” for 10 years before finally giving up, and I didn’t give up immediately after the show killed off Charlie (Felicia Day’s character). But it never sat right with me, never, in part because it was one of the worst-written episodes in the history of the show (and this is a show that once featured a demonically possessed truck). A great character — who is also a lesbian — got a stupid death in a crappy, astoundingly tin-eared episode for no reason. Truly, there was no defensible reason, and it really bothered me in a number of ways. But I finished out the season, even though the show had done other really dumb stuff in the past (do not start me on the pointless death of Rufus).

Various patterns had finally gotten to me, I realized the summer after Season 10 ended. Charlie’s death wasn’t just dumb, sloppily handled and pointless, it fit part of a pattern within the show of women dying in questionable ways so that men can feel (transitory) pain.

I just haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the show this season, because it’s let me down too many times and in too many ways when it should have known better. There was no excuse for the show going down that road the way it did; it was simply lazy, bad writing. “Supernatural” had just shown me, one too many times, that it didn’t care about things that matter to me. That’s OK — it doesn’t have to care! I also don’t have to watch.

There were only so many examples of sexism, large and small, that I could be expected to take, and I found after Season 10 ended that I had reached my limit. I was done, for the foreseeable future. I’m not ruling out the possibility of going back to the show again — I might! I hear the show has tried to correct and change some elements that bothered me. But after a decade of trying to digest, ignore and forgive slights, dumb patterns and problems, I just couldn’t justify the use of that mental energy for that purpose anymore.

I’m not there with “The 100.” I will continue to watch, because I still think the show has a lot of good elements and at the moment, boasts quite a bit of potential. I still think the first two seasons were generally terrific and after a strong start to Season 3 followed by a lot of inconsistency and variability, I hope it’s possible for this scrappy drama to get back to that state of fairly consistent excellence again.

But I will certainly never sit in judgment of anyone who feels that a development on a show fits into part of a larger pattern that is painful to not just them but a group they are part of. The Clarke-Lexa story line was one that engaged many gay, lesbian and bisexual viewers on a number of deep levels. For people to say last night or today, “Just get over it, they had to kill her off, the actress had another job” — please don’t rush to minimize others’ objections (as long as those objections are stated in ways that do not wish violence on other human beings, of course).

The point is, these angry and disappointed reactions are rooted in reality. The way a character leaves a show is important. If you choose not to see the larger context of how gay and lesbian characters are treated on TV — just be aware that your lack of awareness is a choice. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to ignore or wave away a larger context. This is one of those cases in which it’s helpful to listen to others extensively and not start in immediately with recommendations on how they should think and feel. That rarely helps in general, and it certainly won’t help viewers of this show now. 

I liked “13,” and in fact, I thought certain parts of it worked very well. But as I said, the tendency to compress and elide continues to be a problem this season, and that undoubtedly affected Clarke-Lexa. But the last thing I’d ever want to do is tell anyone else how to feel about this situation. If you’re angry, if you’re hurt, I understand.

I know what it’s like to look for representation in popular culture, find it and then have an example of that representation ripped away for reasons that just don’t sit right. I know what it’s like to see that happen again and again. “Supernatural” was far from the only show to make lazy, oblivious mistakes in its treatment of women, people of color and LGBTQ characters. It happens a lot, but repeated exposure doesn’t make the disappointments less irritating and painful.

So if some fans feel that “The 100” played into the “dead lesbian” trope, well, I’m not going to tell you to think differently. This episode did not cross that line for me; it walked right up to it. But I would never dream of telling other people where to draw their lines. 

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  1. george says:

    You are so right about compression and things in character minds moving too fast. Bellamy´s change of side to PIKE´s clan for a girlfriend that as far as I know were there for five minutes, is so badly shown. And next episode we have miller kissing with his boyfriend ( I must have missed something, I could see they were friends but I must have missed an entire chapter hahaha), also, compensation? but too fast again, it´s like those “one year later” thing that goes well when a movie is ending or when there is no need for further development, but here? Third season? come on!
    Love the whole POLARIS thing too, but the lady in red…mm not so much.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. b says:

    goodness sakes, she’s not even that interesting. she’s nothing special yet here you all are crying about it. at least the showrunner gave you what you wanted. despite alycia filming another show you still got your relationship. so stop crying acting like this is some attack on lgbt people. newsflash its not.

  3. Jones says:

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  4. Mykol Hamilton says:

    excellent and balanced commentary.

  5. Paul says:

    I stopped watching The 100 because of the unnecessary lesbian scene in the beginning of the season. I thought “Here we go again.. Another lesbian/gay sex scene to ruin a good show”. They served no purpose and add nothing to the show at all. I say take the sex out of a good show so we can all enjoy it. I don’t know why people need to feel validated by seeing that stuff on TV. It does not make me feel validated in ANYWAY to see hetero sex on TV because I don’t need media validation.

  6. Reggie says:

    I love how it says don’t read it if you haven’t seen the episode yet the spoiler is in the title…


    You do realize Lexa is probably NOT really dead, don’t you?

    No, I am not talking about the AI thingy in her neck, That is not Lexa, its an enhancement placed in there only recently after the previous Commander’s death, on Lexa’s ascension. Lexa was Lexa before that happened, she was in a lesbian relationship with someone who died. So the same nature was present before that. So, she does not need the implant to be, just, HER! To be alive, to live.

    The clues lie in several plot points:

    1. Her young Protege who she told to Titus was ready ‘now’.
    2. Making the boy repeat his promise to protect Clarke’s people to Clarke.
    3. Love Scene ” Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people” THATS A PLOT PROMISE… TRUST ME!
    4. Lexa knew Titus was right, that the relationship would destroy her authority and bring Chaos to the 12 clans.

    My guess is that the shooting was planned by Lexa under protest from Titus after
    she made love with Clarke, a pivotal moment. If Clarke had just left immediately there would have been no need.
    She didn’t shield Clarke she seemed to be expecting it. It seemed a little too convenient and contrived.
    The AI was removed rather too quickly.
    Lexa was carried out rather too quickly also by Titus personally, he seemed in a hurry.

    We never saw her body again it was always covered.
    We never saw her cremated, just the smoke, an assumption

    Why has Lexa done it? Because she has chosen Clarke over being Commander. She
    loses the AI implant and therefore, “owes nothing more to her people”. The Protege can finish her job. The ultimate act of her true inner submissive nature.

    However, Lexa and Titus miscalculated on the ‘Pretender to the Commander’s Throne’ assassinating all the Proteges. Therefore Titus has no option but to entrust the AI implant to Clarke to give it Luna.

    At the end of the story, I am 90% confident the physical Lexa will emerge from the shadows and the explanation by her in the form of a flashback showing how she was revived, spirited away from Polis and eventually healed will be revealed. Its already been filmed.

    Clarke will be told by the AI in the City Of Light where to find the real and now healed Lexa.

    Clarke’s mission is accomplished and they ride off together into the sunset as
    a permanent Lesbian Couple.

    Bellamy will either die or become Chancellor at the end. I cannot decide at this point.

    A VR/AI reunion and life eternal in the City Of Light would not be satisfactory. JASON DON’T GO THERE!

    I have chewed and reviewed all the relevant episodes, the reactions of Jason and crew to the outrage and realized if they had wanted Lexa permanently
    and definitively dead it would have been in battle from a undeniable fatal wound in a place with no help and, in the manner she deserved. Lexa faked her own expiry in front of Clarke before she was whisked away.

    Also, Titus was getting the AI storage kit out a little too prematurely for my liking.

    There is no defence by Jason and Crew to what appears to be a tacky scene as Lexa’s death from a stray bullet, no way they can placate the ‘Dead Lesbian Trope’ argument without giving away a terrific ending snd possibly the best most satisfying denoument to Clarke and Lexa’s historic and TV groundbreaking Lesbian Relationship that will leave everyone stunned, totally elated and glowing inside.

    Of course its not going to be that clear cut. There are lots of other questions that will need to be answered in exposition at the end.

    If not, THEN you have every excuse to criticise, until then, lets see what happens and watch for clues along the way.

    • Kerr says:

      I don’t know about that theory. I do see your points. One I always found it strange that Lexa just wonderes into clarkes room with out any guards. But the way the show is going I don’t think so. It is if Jason is destroying the characters he created. Of course if it is the case it will be the most brilliant ending.but I really doubt. But let’s see

      • Its difficult to balance mind over heart here but I have tried to be as objective as possible and look at it from a writer’s point of view now. I have already commented from an Audience point of view on how trashy Lexa’s death was presented. Together with a theory that Lexa’s character played by a guest star was eclipsing Clarke’s main character, as Clarke MUST be in the show until the very end, as from a plot point of view, the story belongs to Clarke, hence the possibility the Studio knee-jerked, and due to timeline constraints dumped ADC permanently and unnecessarily as they could have easily worked around her committments to FTWD and had her pop in and out.

        With production costs in the region of $5 million upwards per episode these production people and writers are not amateurs and if they indeed did intend all along to end Lexa this way, they may find their decision a Career Changing Event as they will be forever labelled with the rapidly increasing list of worst possible plotting criminals in TV SF history.

        So, from a writers point of view I rely on logic and trust they think outside the box. We all know about the Dead Lesbian Trope opinions and Jason’s promise not to (ultimately) offend. Thats why I stress to the GBL community to hold fire and wait before boycotting the show. If Jason and his Crew think the GBL community will be satisfied with a ‘virtual’ or AI denoument to Clexa in the City Of Light they will get a shock. The GBL community will not tolerate it, it would be like demoting expression of their sexuality to something like Linden Labs SecondLife and nowhere else in the Real World. It eould be far better to leave alexa dead.

        They want Lexa and Clarke living together or dying together in a Real (imagined) World. No its not a good idea to pander to fans every wish, but this particular case is different and the USA is supposed to be the Land Of The Free. I feel in this case let some get some joy and hope out if this dark story.

        So, I approach it from a writers point of view and imagining Jason Rothenburg phoning a writer and saying “We have screwed up, can you help?”

        We will soon see if he wants his career ‘floated’ or he can surprise and delight us all. I hope its the latter.

  8. Lauren says:

    Ok, so i already wrote out a huge comment that somehow got wiped before I submitted so I apologise if I am blunt.

    I loved Lexa, she was my favourite character and I thought her relationship with Clarke was brilliantly portrayed albeit a little rushed and I was hugely shocked by Lexa’s death as I’m not one to research shows, actors etc. very often. Clarke I’m not too keen on so perhaps this softened the blow slightly for me.

    I must admit that until now I have been totally unaware of the lesbian death thing and I’d like to apologise for my naivety. Now I know about it, it calls to mind SPOILERS:

    The recent death of Nora and Mary-Louise in vampire diaries.

    Anyhoo my initial reaction after finding out Lexa’s death was due to Carey leaving was that of course the writers would want it to be as dramatic and shocking as possible, to ease us into it would be such a let down and dishonour to the character that was Lexa IMO. Do I wish Lexa survived and the relationship continued? YES YES YES but that just wasn’t an option here I guess.

    Let’s not forget however, in the interest of fairness and equality, that there have been many many deaths in the 100, several of these being between significant characters, I mean jasper/maya anyone? Let’s not forget Finn’s death too. It’s a shame to have lost the only decent lgbt relationship on the show (let’s face it the whole Miller and Boyfriend thing is pretty weak, I like the addition but the story is going nowhere) but I doubt it’ll be the last and I look forward to what comes next.

    As for shows for young teens looking for some validation from tv shows there is always my personal favourite ‘skins (UK)’, I recommend staying away from gen 3 though as the writing falls off of a cliff IMO. And although there’s no significant lesbian relationships so far Shameless (US) is pretty big on the LGBT side although it’s important for the youngsters to understand the unhealthy parts of the Ian/Mickey relationships because domestic violence really isn’t something we should be cool with but for some kids who are miles away from acceptance it may help them to understand their anger etc. As the relationship develops.

  9. wndrwalls says:

    No offense, but “Fear the Walking Dead” is banal mimicry, hashing up tired tropes of the last decade in film and T.V. There are only so many ways to pit a small group of survivors against a metropolitan army of zombies. And while “The 100” isn’t going to amass a slew of awards, it was, at the very least, an uniquely original story with vibrant, multidimensional characters shot in a beautifully idyllic environment. Alycia Debnam-Carey is a rising star who is sure to go on to magnificent works in T.V. and film. It is just unfortunate that she was advised to prioritize a flash in the pan show that, mark my words, will not last nearly as many seasons. The 100 is far superior in so many ways and audiences will soon be tired of the monotony of FTWD. Good luck to Carey in her career, but she is obviously already sorely missed by such an ardent and vocal fan base. Let’s hope that any profound and complex characters she plays in the future aren’t summarily dismissed so easily.
    RIP Lexa

  10. vanna says:

    But was Clarke in love with Lexa or with Becca? We don’t yet know how the AI interacts with its host body. Less may have only been a vacant vessel in which over on. The romance storyline between her and Clarke could continue to evolve…?

  11. Daniel Lon says:

    I agree with some things you said, but you seem to need an important reason for a characters death. Sometime people die without a reason or contributing to a greater story line. Especially in a worl like the 100 or in supernatural. As much as it sucks to lose a loved character or the story not going the way you want it to, that’s how life works. It brings a sence of mortality to a show. As much as i love star trek, its somewhat ridiculous how only redshirts or the occasional non vital seconday character dies. Sometimes the people that die are the one we want most to live.

    • Daniel Long says:

      I would love to get a response from the author of this article. I would like to hear your thoughts on what i said.

  12. Leigh says:

    I’m so over it. I have no interest to watch it anymore.

  13. Alex says:

    I’m hetero nevertheless i loved the Lexa/Clarke relationship so not only gay/lesbians as i read on a lot of sites had a special feeling about this – just wanted to point that out.

    Lexa was an amazing character everything about her fitted in the show. Her death was just bad storytelling.

    A show or in this case a in my opinion main character should never be dependent on restrictions to time he or she is available for the show.

    I mean just think of it like this: “Let us throw in this really cool character “everyone” likes and then lets kill him because he is not available anymore.”

    That’s just plain dumb.

    I would understand a death due to storytelling – but then in a better more reproducible way – but not a death because we can’t have that character anymore and we knew in advance….

    I for my part won’t watch this show anymore can’t think of any show that set me up that much!

    I’m 30 and never had this happen to me before.
    Life goes on it’s “just” a tv series but i got really pissed tough even more after i heard the real explanation for her death….pathetic.

  14. Nicole says:

    Charlie was NOT a great character. She was horrible and the worst example of a Mary Sue

  15. Marcus Zahn says:

    The problem is that the Lexa- Clarke storyline was the most intriguing thing abou the 100. To wrap that up in what feels like 5 minutes is just terrible TERRIBLE writing. It judt seems the writers have fallen in love with the idea of killing off major characters for shock value and dont see that overdoing this jst turns off lyal viewers who get attached. There was so much that could have been done with the storyline that there was zero need for such a rushed death of Lexa, Season 3 sadly seems like the beginning of the end for this show

    • I suspect she is not dead, but planned an elaborate plot with Titus to retire early possibly after her lovemaking with Clarke, a major event. She walked in just a little too casually despite there had been numerous previous loud gunshots. Titus was also just a little premature getting the extraction kit out even before she seemed to be ‘dead’. He was also in a BIG hurry to carry her out and close the door. See a previous reply of mine to the whole theory.

  16. It crossed the line for me and I stopped watching The 100. I feel the writers are way too interested in seeing themselves as bold no matter the cost. But I still watch Supernatural despite being pissed off by incidents like Charlie. So we all have different breaking points. Doesn’t mean writers should cavalierly push their viewers to their breaking points.

  17. Maggie says:

    I hope you all realize this isn’t the last we will see of Lexa… There a pictures of her and Clarke together in the last episodes at what I’m guessing is the city of light set. Jaha says no one dies in the city of light.She had a ai in her neck that connected her to the city of light. Put it together guys.

    • One slight problem with that Maggie. The GBL community would not tolerate it. It would be like relegating and hiding their sexuality to the virtual world of Linden Labs SecondLife (which a lot of them have to do rather than be totally isolated and alone) rather than having them living or dying together in a Real World. Jason has got to be more creative than that.

      Personally, I feel the twist may be even more surprising. Lexa with Titus faked her own death. She seemed to walk into the room rather too casually, despite the noise of several gunshots, drugged maybe? Titus a little too hasty with the extraction kit and certainly in a big hurry to get her out of the room and away.

      We see no exposed body only covered.
      We see no cremation of her only smoke in the distance.
      She had already told Titus that her young protegy was ready

      However, Lexa snd Titus did not expect that Protegy to be killed by the Pretender To The Throne.

      I hope the AI/VR version of Lexa in the City Of Light will direct Clarke where to go to find the healed Lexa waiting for her in self imposed exile. Lexa doesn’t need the implant, that was just an enhancement.

      Its quite possible the reunion and flashback explanation and replay of the deception has already been filmed.

      “Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people” That is a Plot Promise, trust me! and as you say they will be reunited at the end.
      The only way Lexa can owe nothing more to her people is to have the implant removed.

      Lets hope they get it right.

  18. I was sort of expecting Lexa to leave the show, one way or another, because of FTLD. At that point, the show runner/s have to decide what’s best, and I think (totally my interpretation) they tried to give part of the audience what they clearly wanted and is important in terms of representation: Lexa and Clarke together, if for a brief time. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…Tennyson and all that. Clarke’s relationships don’t end well (continuity, see Finn) and Lexa at least gets to go out with a grand scene. I do understand fans being upset – I ‘lost’ characters too, and it’s always painful. I respect that. Personally, I never believed Clarke to get back to loving Lexa after the Mount Weather’s turn-coat situation. To respect Lexa as a leader of her people, willing to do her utmost to protect her people, yes. But on a personal level, how can one get over such a betrayal? So, in that sense, even if the attraction and chemistry were there, I didn’t understand/liked how Clarke could like Lexa after that. In general, I believe fandom/fans have at times become a touch too entitled, demanding the content they want. I am a fan. I watch if I like, I watch if it is painful, and I can decided not to watch if I don’t agree with it anymore… but I don’t want to dictate what content is produced.

  19. Dan says:

    Wackos. Only in America. Maybe you shouldn’t invest so heavily in a tv character to give your life meaning? That might sound harsh but it is 100% dead on. Its not real, its a character, c-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r, get it..? STORY! All you have to do is watch previous episodes to see them again, they’re not gone — they were never real to begin with! Things don’t go your way and you throw a fit? Bunch of cry babies. Characters die to provoke an emotional response, you’re supposed to FEEL something, that is the whole point of a tv show, to make you FEEL lol! ART! Its how you handle it that determines your character as a human being and you’re all acting like a bunch of whiny brats. Gay or straight has nothing to do with it, Idk why you’d make it about that because it makes you all look insane. Truth is you’re all too fragile to be watching tv at all, all you want is a happy ending, grow up. This is why tv shows suck in America, they can’t just tell a story anymore, they have to compromise to the demand of silly fans with no life at all that can’t appreciate anything complex or uncomfortable smh.

    • Kerr says:

      Hey dude. You don’t get the point. I am not even that effected by the clexa story line and I get it. It about the way she was killed of not that she died.granted it is just a story but to some it was representation. I can even appreciate that Lexa was a fully flesh out character that for the first time represented woman and that her sexuality did not define her. It was a brilliant bad ass character and they killed her of in sloppy way. Art must also change minds and opinions. And the 100 was doing so well with this until they got lazy.

  20. Tomasz says:

    Thank you! It’s wonderful text! Lexa and Clexa’s fans deserve better.

  21. Cotton Ball Fluff says:

    Okay I can understand the whole lesbian and what not but at the same time people that are blowing it off by going

    “ignore it but the 100 kills important characters like that bunch of times so chill”

    Imagine watching a show that shows you a character that you can actually relate to. Then a certain event happens and you just KNOW what’s going to go down next. It’s like such a cliché type of way to write off her.. No kill off her character.

    There’s plenty of other tv shows out there that wrote their characters off that could easily make an reappearance for an ep or two. But no the100 took a cheap way out IMO. I understand she was destined to die at some point but her death was really NOTHING.

    Oh wow a stray bullet. Clarke being right there couldn’t save her?? Really? Other characters had it worst with FAR less medical supplies available to them..


    Jasper took a flipping SPEAR to the chest.. The chest.. Finn poisoned.. etc etc.

    Also S3 is just trash to me. All the characters are not acting like themselves. I understand situations are changing but now Bellamy 180. Out of nowhere. After 1 heart to heart with Pike he’s back to torture!Bellamy..? Kill first so you’re not killed mentality? K.

    Lexa seemed to always have guards and always tend to be overly cautious. Now she just casually walks into a room that I’m pretty sure her and everyone inside the building heard those MULTIPLE gunshots..

    Come on man. Just the way her death played out was just terrible.

    “Oooh Nooo lexaaaa! Moment of silence please. K cool cut her open now! Aye got the chip turn up. Now the season 3 stories can be advanced!! Yeaah!”

    That’s how her death played out to me. Maybe I’m too ‘basic’ to see the development or whatever but the writers kept hinting about knowing what fans want not to worry about the lesbian death curse. Then what do they do? Do exactly what fans feared.

    I understand. I get it. I really do. But her death literally didn’t MATTER. Finn got to say I love you to Clarke etc.

    But Lexa gets accidental bullet. And then a piss poor “oh no heda what did I do??”

    Sorry but they dropped the ball and back stabbed fans. I sorry but it was just. I can’t.

  22. I think what got me isn’t that she died: it was foreshadowed extensively. It was HOW she did. She didn’t die with any agency, in a battle she chose or for something she believed in. Hell, she didn’t even throw herself in front of that bullet. Instead she just– got shot.The Heda, commander of the tribes, just got hit by a stray bullet and died. Just like Tara did on Buffy. At least Charlie chose to go down fighting. Lexa didnt’ get that. And I’m never going to stop being angry about it.

  23. Dina Salysa says:

    It seems that nowadays tv writers just love the idea of killing off leading characters. But I’m slowly coming to terms with it, Lexa was an AMAZING character. Not necessarily because she was lgbt but what she represented for females in general, intelligent, tactful, strong without physically appearing so. Her character had such amazing depth and complexity. The role as Heda combined with her feelings for Clarke ( that whole duty vs. love is always a good storyline). And what I liked most of all was that she was badass without being over sexualised. Her character really resonated with me. Its sad to see her character die. Its like the 100 writers give us these impactful characters then take them away. But I did think that the episode was shot really beautifully, especially the lighting when Clarke walked into Lexa’s room right before the sex scene and Becca’s storyline was really interesting. I still want to know what happened to the 8th noviciate. RIP Lexa.
    Guess I’ll go to FTWD for more ADC.

  24. Toni says:

    Don’t get me wrong; I loved Lexa. I thought she was a great character and really added to the show. I also loved the relationship between her and Clarke. But I think the choice to kill her off was a right one. It helped the story and given that Alycia Debnam-Carey is going to a different show, her death was bound to happen eventually. Nobody should take it as a hit towards the lesbian community because it isn’t that. It was a necessary death just as most of the other deaths in the series have been necessary.

  25. Riley lovingier says:

    How can I actually take to the directors?

  26. Spoiled says:

    You can’t just post an article that has a title spoiling the entire episode, and then write at the top of the article “Don’t read on unless you’ve seen “13,” the March 3 episode of “The 100,”
    Maybe come up with a title that doesn’t ruin the entire season for the people who haven’t seen it, because it looks like I’m not the only one who got fucked over by googling “The 100” to see something else, and basically having “LEXA DIES AFTER FUCKING CLARKE” shoved in my face as the first result.
    This is the ONLY article that came up with a spoiler title (and also the first result), it seems no one else is stupid enough to invite such anger and criticism BY MAKING THE TITLE OF THEIR ARTICLE A HUGE SPOILER.
    I mean, did you do it for the attention? I understand that negative publicity can be good, but posting such a huge fucking spoiler like this can ruin your reputation. No one is going to want to read any more articles by you after this.

  27. Kerr says:

    The thing that bothered me is the stray bullet. I think that it would of worked better to let Lexa jump in front of the bullet that was meant for Clarke. But I do agree that the death scene was so well acted ( by Alycia and Eliza )And crafted that you can’t watch it without feeling that immense lost. I will actually go so far and say it was spectacular. I do think if they just waited a episode before they killed of Lexa maybe people would of being less offended and hurt. I am sad mostly because Lexa was such a great and strong character. She was such a bad ass. She demanded your attention. And off course I think that the 100 should of Realised that they had a gem on their show and made Alycia a series regular. The chemistry that she has with Clark ( Eliza) was so natural. And when I watched the first episode where these two interacted I immediately thought to myself that whoa these two feed of each other so well the chemistry is just so amazing.so yeah for one I will mis Lexa. And I don’t think any one will be able to live up to her in terms of being a love interest for Clark again. That boat have sailed so to speak. But I did read that Clarke will meet Lexa again in the finale. So just maybe Jason lets Her live in the city of light and that will leave the door open for the characters return in the future.

  28. Jacketsnest101 says:

    I would like to say that I personally think that the well documented compression that is present in this season is due to the fact that ADC was only available for 7 episodes. They needed to get the story to a point where it would seem plausible that Lexa would die, so as a result, Gina is fridged, Pike is rushed, and Bellamy is does a “Heel-faced turn”. Hopefully now that they have that 7 episode threshold out of the way, they can get back to telling the tight stories that they are known for.

  29. Alex says:

    What bothers me is, every where I look regarding this episode of the 100, is how could they kill a lesbian. I never once viewed it from that perspective, but I guess it’s the times that we live in – now. If anybody who saw 13, and can separate how the show killed off another lesbian, they will see that her death, helped to further the story, and helped to understand this whole AI backstory. We now know why she’s called commander, we now know where the second chip is, we know have an understanding of the black blood, etc., etc.. This episode for me at least, wasn’t about killing another lesbian on T.V., this episode was about A LOT more than that, it was about giving the show a true understanding of what it’s really all about.

  30. Tae says:

    Too many people are taking the LGBT trope thing too far. Killing off major characters in the show is what makes the 100 suspenseful, mind-blowing, and different. If you want to watch shows that keep everyone alive and are actually interesting at the same time, by all means, good luck. As for the rest of you, stop whining. The 100 has made some of the great characters with multiple layers and exceptional character development. It has also bragged its indifference to sexuality in the show and thats the key to my point. LGBT was treated so normally in this show, and no character was isolated because of their sexuality. And, while I can’t say much for the LGBT community being a straight male myself, I think this is why it has attracted so many LGBT viewers. This equal treatment that has made Lexa’s queerness almost unnoticeable at times, also means she can be killed like any other character. You think the writers in this room were homophobic and would cause such mass chaos across the fandom so they could feel good? They knew about the controversial trope they were exercising and wanted you to focus on all of the other aspects of Lexa in the end. We love Lexa because of her many unique layers, and her death is tragic, but lets not have remember her death as one with a gut-wrenching trope that only wanted shock value.

  31. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! How selfish of you to put that title up, I only googled the 100 see see when it took place, now thanks to your insidious, part of the show is ruined…. I hope your banned from writing on here.

  32. Oliver says:

    Thanks for spoiling the whole episode in the title, who the fuck has that idea, I googled the 100 to check out something on IMDB before watching the episode and your title was the first result on Google. I came on this article just to express my anger with the dumbass who wrote this trash

  33. Goldbear says:

    Irritating on so many levels. Could have waited til the end of the season at least

  34. scott says:

    “the only show to make lazy, oblivious mistakes in its treatment of women, people of color and LGBTQ characters.”

    ugh hate SJW’s do a review Don’t push an agenda please.

  35. brittany says:

    I love the 100 and i was so inspired by lexa and Clarke so to see it end the way that it did was disappointing im not sure if ill continue to watch now that all this happened.

  36. Jo Mosier says:

    Your title ( the shared version, not the heading above) SPOILED THE EPISODE !!! GAHHHH. >:( VERY not cool. Fix the coding or whatever – NOW !!!

  37. Daniel says:

    Thank you for spoiling the episode assholes, your freaking title ruined the episode for me and many others who had not seen the episode.

  38. Ashley says:

    well written! you captured my sentiments exactly…even down to the other possible scenarios. One thing is for sure, I will truly miss Lexa’s character. Lexa didn’t hold the social significance for me personally that she did for so many others, yet I feel their pain. For me Lexa was an amazingly complex character, a powerful woman who commanded respect from everyone. so strong yet so soft…so beautifully brought to life by Alycia that she touched my heart, deeply. The dynamic btwn “Clexa” cannot be duplicated. Such a complicated n passionate relationship. So beautifully portrayed by those 2 women, I became emotionally invested in their love story…to have such an intense n deep build up, for it all to end in just a matter of seconds is gut wrenching n beyond heartbreaking. Even some time to relish the moment they had, a second to bask in that glorious scene would have been appreciated. I mourn Lexa, still…n to add insult to injury, Alycia’s performance, spilling over with emotion, couldn’t have been any more perfect. idk if I’ll get over it

    • Spot on, Ashley. We all feel the same. Lexa, The most powerful character in the story, commander over thousands, badass, smart and beautiful and yet a total submissive romantically, took our breath away. Clarke’s character seemed overpowered by her and almost single dimensional in comparison. ADC’s scheduling could have been worked around with a little effort but I personally feel the studio watching the rave reviews saw the danger of keeping Lexa around,even in cold storage.

      I get more annoyed by the short-sightedness of writers and producers who do not look forward enough. Lexa’s character, the grounders, their culture and language is fertile soil for a series in its own right. Lexa is a highly bankable character and the role can only belong to ADC. Continuity would be hard for a future series if she is truly dead.

      However, Jason is well aware of the angst among fans and especially the LBGT community and there is time for a plot twist.

      The AI was cut out of her very fast.
      The body removed VERY quickly and always covered after never seen.
      We ASSUME she has been cremated we did not see it, only smoke.

      She might not be truly dead, she is darkblood, they may be different?

      She may not need the AI to live and she may be reunited with Clarke at the end.

      “There may be a time when we owe no more to our people” Thats the clue.

      Lets see if Jason is as smart as we hope.

    • Dina Salysa says:

      Ashley your comment conveys perfectly and exactly what I feel. I wish the 100 writers could see it. Honestly her character was the most impactful character I have ever watched on television. I guess that’s thanks to the writers and Alycia. Wished there was a way they could have kept this character. But if she did have to die like they claim imo, then it was done well. I was actually expecting that they might kill her off and thought id be so upset id never the 100 again. But imo so much was going on in the episode it kinda softened the impact. I definitely didn’t expect her to die in this ep right after here moment with Clarke.

  39. Glenn says:

    Very interesting article that sums up one of the problems with mainstream television. Most shows just stick to a formula , sadly this show’s formula seems to be kill off characters on a regular basis and watch Clarke suffer.

    For me that Lexa & Clarke dynamic was something that gave this show an edge over so many of the other bland sci-fi shows on the air. I personally find shows that regularly kill off popular characters as a means of routine storytelling quickly become boring.

    Whether I’ll keep watching past season 3 remains to be seen. But my interest has certainly declined for this show. It may not be a soap opera as the show’s creator puts it – but without human relationships who cares – plenty of mindless movies already fill that bill.

    • Ashley says:

      Agreed!! The human element is what makes any story worthwhile.
      Although I’ve been a fan since the beginning mostly for the intriguing sci fi plot, the development of Clarke and Lexa’s story transitioned me from a passive watcher to obsessed. The complexity and intensity of their relationship was real artistry on all fronts, from writing to acting. A joy to watch. I’m not a teen or gay but the handling of Lexa’s character has definitely affected how I feel about the show as well. I feel toyed with as a viewer.

  40. Ash says:

    Great article. I agree, and I’m looking forward to seeing this CoL plot unfold all the more. Here’s to hoping it can start getting some breathing space back into it’s episodes!

  41. Josie says:

    It’s a bit stupid to warn not to read on if you haven’t seen the most recent episode if the article spells out the biggest spoiler in the title.

  42. Glen says:

    While appreciate people trying to see it from other peoples’ perspectives, telling people chronically dumped on and treated like trash to be polite about being treated like trash is ignorant.

    • Ash says:

      Maybe not have to be polite, but death threats and comments that insinuate destruction to a person’s health or family isn’t excusable by any stretch of the imagination.
      (and, just for future reference, the word ignorance means “without knowledge of”…I think the word you meant here was arrogance)

      • Shawn says:

        Innocence means without knowledge.

        Ignorance means believing oneself to know that which you do not.

        So, thanks for a second example.

  43. leethebay says:

    Since it appears that a City of Light implant was removed from Lexa after her death, I’m hoping the actress who played Lexa will appear in future episodes as her virtual reality counterpart, which has been “saved” to ALIE’s mainframe. Therefore Lexa is not “dead” – just transformed into an eternal being. Her hologram can continue her romance with Clark and perhaps even help her in future episodes by having inside information RE the City of Light.

  44. Riley says:

    All I would say is that Lexa dying seems to be more about giving Clarke more pain to get over than anything else. Im disappointed she died & that Jason brought her back just to kill her off. Originally Lexa was a one season character & Alycias schedule was already an issue so why not leave Lexa in S2. I enjoyed the Polis storyline but Lexa wasnt necessary for any of it, plop Lexas replacement in all that and nothing changes. Same with Lexa dying so we could see the chip, you can make that person whoever and still get the same affect. If The 100 doesnt need romance then again the Polis storyline was a complete waste of time, yes Clarke needed to heal & get over the Mountain but it didnt need to be with Lexa. Clarke could have easily came to the decision to spare Emerson solely off of what she learned off Lexa in S2 with her own Clarke twist which she did anyway.

  45. Olivia says:

    Jason Rothenberg stated that they only had ADC for 6 episodes and they knew this since she became a regular on FTWD. I think it would’ve been played out better with less Lexa and Clarke interactions so that less people would be so upset from the outcome. We all knew that Lexa was going to die. A lot of people didn’t want it to, but that didn’t mean it wasnt going to happen. This is a sci-fi show, not romance, too many viewers have gotten caught up in the romance whole forgetting that this show doesn’t need that to survive. I personally believe that this was one of the best episodes yet, especially with the Polaris scenes.

    • Citrine says:

      Olivia, I agree with your point here. I think the showrunner and his writers may have gone off course in developing the relationship between Clarke and Lexa, knowing the scheduling limitations they had with ADC. While I enjoyed the interaction between Clarke/Lexa (Eliza and Alycia did a fantastic job), it might have served the show better if the writers didn’t invest heavily in the Clarke/Lexa romance. Sometimes it felt like Clarke and Lexa existed in a vacuum. Their relationship was a huge gamble for the show – being between two women, and the reaction to this latest episode is not surprising. Rothenberg even engaged quite a bit with fans on social media regarding this pairing, which may have been a serious misstep on his part. I just hope the show finds it’s proper footing with what remains of Season 3, or this could mark the beginning of the end to a show that has lots of potential.

  46. M says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments and I have to say that I think that there are some people who might need to step back and look at what they are writing, sure it’s easy to type these things to some anonymous person who you never have to meet and you can shoot your answer and response in whatever wording because freedom of speech. However, before you say awful things about this article remember that if it got you to respond which means that you do care about it. Also for everyone saying that what happened in the show is against the LGBTQ community, unless you are part of that community you should be able to generalize feelings of people who are silenced by so many others without a second thought. I as an obsessive viewer of the show I’d watch until the end no matter how terribly it could go but for those viewers who want to stop watching go ahead and please do so peacefully, make noise if you’re upset about what’s happening but don’t be offensive because that doesn’t change anything, what will change something you’re upset about is being polite, coherent, and respectful.

  47. katherine says:

    jason rothenberg you are so stupid :( why kill her ?? why?? :( i want lexa back :( she was the best character :( i still hopping lexa return :( my heart is so broken :'( i cried all day :'( i hate the 100 now … i can’t watch anymore :'(

  48. 'ευη λ. says:

    my heart is so broken from lexa death :( why kill her?? why?? :( she was the BEST character :( it has been the WORST decision you have been :( i can’t watch anymore…i just can’t … :(

  49. Up says:

    Good show. No need for lesbian activity. Show can be just as compelling without it.

    • voltairesmistress says:

      Your comment, to me, embodies the kind of bland, dispassionate sounding homophobia that I despise. Why don’t you first own up to your prejudice and then try to become a better person? Life should be about more than just surviving, to quote a central theme of The 100. Growing beyond our narrow world views, our prejudices, is what elevates us. Give it a try, fellow commentor. Maybe you and Titus have the same journey to make — towards a more inclusive, loving world in which we don’t end up unintentionally hurting and killing those we love due to our resistance to changing ourselves.

  50. Adri says:

    Everything written on this article (including Supernatural comments): *claps*
    I love the points you brought up. Some I had never considered and I appreciate that you brought them to light. Thank you so much for that.
    I still have hopes for this show. Out of the 36 episodes that have aired so far, 3 or 4 episodes have faltered, in my opinion. I’m willing to let it slide and hope that (for the most part at least) the show will continue to give us a great story.

    side note: I commend you for watching Supernatural as long as you did. I stopped watching after season 6. I believe the way it ended in season 5 was perfect and if the producers, writers, and actors had any love for those two brothers, they would have let it be. I liked some elements of season 6, but overall it was mediocre in my opinion, so instead of frustrating myself with mediocre writing, I just stopped and made myself believe that season 5 was how it all ended.

    I hope The 100 doesn’t let me down. Hope the writers learn from these sub-par episodes and give us an amazing season 4.

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