Nancy Grace Declares War On ‘Making a Murderer’

Nancy Grace Steven Avery Fiancee Interview
Courtesy of CNN

Nancy Grace is angry – or make that angrier than usual – over “Making a Murderer,” the 10-part Netflix documentary series, which left a clear impression that Steven Avery had possibly been wrongly convicted of murder, with an assist from local media and crime-oriented talking heads, none more so than Grace. So the HLN host is exacting vengeance as only she can, on Thursday by airing a special devoted to the case, “Caught On Tape: Steven Avery Guilty?,” following her appearance pushing the same theme on sister network CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Grace promised that she would deliver “an avalanche of evidence” pointing toward Avery’s guilt, while dismissing “Making a Murderer” as a “so-called documentary aimed at setting a killer free.” Yet the avalanche turned out to be more like a sprinkling of pebbles, peppered with the host’s unique blend of righteous indignation and pained disbelief.

The question of potential bias within “Making a Murderer,” of the filmmakers leaving out details to build a compelling narrative, is always a legitimate concern. But Grace didn’t do much to discredit the 10-hour production, beyond sneering at it, in an amateurishly produced hour that felt slapped together, the main anchors of the program being interviews with former Avery fiancée Jodi Stachowski and “Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg, without mentioning that the latter was on, presumably, because he had written an op-ed piece about the case.

While it was notable, certainly, that Stachowski expressed her belief that Avery is guilty and called him “a monster,” that wasn’t direct evidence in terms of the actual crime. And including Wahlberg felt odd, to say the least, given how quick Grace was to dismiss those “in Hollywood” who, having watched “Making a Murderer,” have rallied to Avery’s cause.

As for the “Caught on Tape” part of the title, that essentially involved video of Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, outlining the particulars of the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. The presentation of those few minutes, however, felt overwhelmed – for anyone who has watched “Making a Murderer” in its entirety – by the Netflix documentary’s extended interrogation footage of Dassey, who appeared to be both mentally challenged and cajoled into providing information with considerable prodding from investigators.

So while there’s room for skepticism about what “Making a Murderer” filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi might have left on the cutting-room floor – and some have been too quick to proclaim Avery’s innocence – such criticism pales next to the hacky piece of work that Grace and company delivered on Thursday night.

Grace opened the special by saying, “The controversy boils over,” referring to the petitions pressing to reopen Avery’s case by people outraged after viewing the Netflix program. Yet she could just as easily have been describing her own demeanor, which has turned operating at a high boil into a cottage industry.

Whatever the merits of the second Avery conviction, this much seems unavoidable: Having cashed in by covering the story in the past, Grace is grabbing onto “Making a Murderer’s” coattails, just as others – such as Investigation Discovery, which has announced its own special – are joining in to pick at the bones.

From that perspective, Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” got it right: “Kick ‘em when they’re up. Kick ‘em when they’re down.”

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  1. MIC says:

    Anyone who followed this horrific planned murder by Stephen Avery in 2003 would never have given the Netflix biased presentation a second thought, he was guilty then and now, it makes me sick Netflix allowed him to plead for himself and I will forever boycott Netflix for not including all the forensic evidence that some people just can’t seem to grasp, it’s unbelievable. Avery has NEVER been so important that evidence was planted, really thinks a lot of himself. The KILLER of Theresa is exactly where he belongs, rot Avery. Theresa is the victim and the only one that matters, he had his 15 min. RIP SWEET GIRL

  2. ray says:

    I certainly don’t know who killed TH, but here are some things that trouble me about Steven’s conviction beyond the well documented evidence presented by Strang and Buting that the local police dept (Lenk and Colborn with complicity from others and probably directed by Sheriff Peterson). I won’t even comment here on the gross miscarriage of justice thrown at poor Brendan-
    1. police timeline does not fit for Steven to have done this; undisputed facts were given by school bus driver who had no reason to lie and, in fact, probably felt pressured to do the opposite due to the fact she was a Manitowoc resident!
    2. from a psychological standpoint, Steven’s obsession to pursue the wrongful conviction does not point to a murder, but to the psyche of a ‘wronged’ individual
    3. leaving the SUV on his property doesn’t make sense
    4. Despite Steven’s previous brushes with ‘the law’ as an adolescent/young adult (excluding likely trumped out charges by Sandra Morris, who clearly had an ‘ax to grind’ with Steven) comes from simple, hardworking parents who he clearly loves and who clearly love him; this does not fit the psychologic profile of such a murderer
    5. Who erased TH’s cell phone voicemails and why (ex-friend and TH’s brother had access to the account and very creepy that boyfriend had this password “which he claims he figured it out”???
    These and several other bits presented by Steven’s attorneys makes for some very big questions and if nothing more, a clear reasonable doubt for me. I will again say that I did not hear the entire case presented to the jury, but if the initial juror vote was 7 “not guilty” out of the 11 or 12 jurors, that makes me feel my gut feeling on this is right and Steven is innocent (and without any doubts, Brendan is innocent).
    One additional sadness that I feel beyond the true heartbreak for the Avery family (excluding Bobby and a few others) is that the likely killer of TH will never be brought to justice.
    Very very very sad and this has made me even more concerned about our system of justice. If Steven and Brendan were black or brown, I suspect that they would have already been executed and we would never ever hear of this case.
    Just my two bits.

  3. kenny bratenshlagerman says:

    Nancy Grace is a crypto fascist jackhole sensationalist

  4. This documentary messed with me. I don’t want to get into every single detail, but it was a clear frame, from the police, judge, prosecutors, and even Mike HALBACH is a scum bug. He helped stir up the media about Avery and Dassey and asked for the ultimate punishment, after witnessing every part of the trial. Words can’t even describe the disgust, how Lachinksy and O’Kelly used and abused Brendan. They manipulated him to no end while willingly screwing his life up for the sake of the Avery case’s prosecuting team. I don’t know how anyone could see the emails they wrote to each other, ADMITTING what they were doing, and reasonably convict Branden without any doubt. Remember, the Defense team is not supposed to even have to prove without a doubt Steven and Branden are 100% innocent, just that they are not 100% guilty, as they were supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty (Mike Halbach helped create the monster picture along with the prosecutors) and they CERTAINLY did enough for that.

    Anyway, I’m scared with this much publicity, these terrible people are going to do what they can to preserve their images, and that means enlisting the media for counter-attacks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean trying to get justice for the murder, trying to find the real murderer and searching new avenues, such as Teresa’s ex-boyfriend, that means a full force continued attack attempting to deeper bury Steven and Branden.

  5. Kelly Beggs Bowen says:

    I’m a Canadian woman sitn in my Canadian rural country home completely changed by the plight of Steven Avery.
    Seriously… It’s beyond rational comprehension that he (and his mentally challenged nephew) have endured such a miscarriage of justice on so many levels!
    I don’t think Lenk (or any officer) was directly responsible for Theresa’s murder but they most definitely used the opportunity to solidify their case. It’s horrifying that morals and conscience play so little a part in these “men of ethics” decisions to crucify imperfect simple men of modest meens bc they’re to arrogant to face their ignorant bully egos. Lenk, Fassbender, Fox, Willis… and every other one of u liars should be imprisoned yourselves. Lie detector tests for everyone!
    The public deserves at least that much!!!
    Steven Avery deserves at least $36 million
    Brendon Gassey at least $10!!!

  6. Kelly Beggs Bowen says:

    The roommate and his friend (her ex) weren’t investigated or even interrogated and they… Only reported her missing when her dad inquired, had plenty of opportunity to put charred remains and place her car on Avery property & only gave camera to the only ppl searching area where vehicle “happened to be found”! U R a Moron! Don’t even get me started on Lenk! Omg, u really need to shut up bc they will be exonerated and HLN needs to distance themselves from u NOW!!!

  7. Kelly says:

    I have lost ALL respect For you Nancy Grace! It’s blatantly obvious that Steven Avery & Brendon Dassey are “The Most Obvious Victims Of Conspiracy” (Not just by police, but by the entire state of Wisconsin) It’s tragic!!! How is it that…
    The roommate was Never investigated or even interrogated?

    He failed to report her missing until her father came to inquire
    He was never asked to provide an alibi
    He had plenty of opportunity to put her
    charred remains in the fire pit after it was reported through police enhanced media speculation that Steven Avery was the last person to see her
    Plenty of time To access the property with her vehicle And he provided a Camera In relation Area When he didn’t anybody else with a camera

  8. william C minor says:

    NG is the worst human being ever. I still think back to the Duke LaCross team and how badly she jumped the gun on that. She is media whore (a crack whore to further the analogy). She has no credibility whatsoever.

  9. Todd says:

    Nancy Grace has been so unprofessional on this case,more than usual, with her, “I’m telling it right can’t you see me crying” like a little girl trying to convince her parents she’s telling the truth. then the hypocrocy of her expressing that hollywood types are clueless than she brings on Donny Waulberg who has a vested interest in getting press on her show. when Doctor Phil started to point out inconsistencies in the case she tries to shut him down by stating she does not have a dog in the fight. yet she is sure acting like she has ” Skin in the Game”. She also generalizes conclusions that she contends have been proven fact when they haven’t which is tantamount to lying. the creme de la creme is that she states the nephew was aware of all the facts when the opposite is true. Only someone bias or lying to themselves could’t see that Brendan Dassey was lead all the way down the garden path and would say he met Jimmy Hoffa it it meant he could go back to school and finish his report. The police never let him know any different.
    The little bit of compassion I had for Nancy Grace has gone as she thinks that as long as she thinks someones guilty then it’s a done deal. Can anyone say narcissist. Grace kept saying “who is speeking for Halback? who is the woman Avery is convicted of killing, and she expects to shut up everyone not on her side by saying those word. well had Penny Beerntsen died the same comments could have been used and would that have made Avery any more guilty of that crime in which he spent 18 years and was not guilty.
    Nancy Grace get your head out of your ass.

  10. KY Romo says:

    Steven Avery and his nephew were targets from the beginning and to the heartless people who believe that a family that comes from a community of farmers and own and operate a tow yard would have the tenacity to behave to everyone’s individual expectation of them have their head up their ….! These people are salt of the land good-hearted all american working class people and to make assumptions of how their ” monotone, emotionless demeanor made me very uncomfortable” need to get a grip! We’ve got people running wild in the streets committing heinous crimes every day our county being one of the WORST because of lack of FAMILY ties and contributing to society by being employed and maintaining businesses and such. Were so lucky our law enforcement doesn’t have their hands so empty with lack of crimes being committed that they begin to push charges on anyone who so much as blows a fart their direction! My heart aches for Steven Avery and his family and the repeated injustices heaped on them by their vindictive, attention seeking, believing their better than EVERYONE cops, lawyers, judges and PEERS! And if you judge them for being quiet or different you are no better than them.

  11. The Netflix, Steve Avery case has the entire country’s attention.

    Ms Ricciardi and Ms Demos stated their goal was to expose, “How is the criminal justice system functioning, is it delivering on its promises of truth and justice.” and they thought the Avery case was an amazing window to display that.

    Yet, after 10 years, it leaves so much unanswered and in a case concerning such a questionable and unsavory character.

    My case, however proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that our criminal judicial system is in dire need of extreme reforming.

  12. Tamera says:

    When I watched Making a Murderer I spent four episodes yelling at the tv, then they got to the trial and I didn’t have as strong a reaction. I am still angry about the nephew’s conviction when everything seems to point to a coerced confession, but I ultimately don’t care about Stephen Avery’s plight. With all the evidence they did show I wasn’t convinced that he didn’t do it. And, let’s be honest, his monotone, emotionless demeanor made me very uncomfortable.

    Let Avery serve his term, but let’s get his nephew a new trial.

  13. rhianna says:

    Nancy grace is the dumbest women ever!! She has no idea. If it takes this long to find out what happen and still can’t find out. Then release these guys. Because honestly they never investigated anyone else. And her ex boyfriend or brother in law probably did it because they kept lying on stand. Idiots.

  14. Al Metro says:

    For anyone to even watch Nancy Grace is idiot. She was poor as a prosecutor and is worse as a television personality. All bluster with no substance.

  15. Rupert says:

    Please stop building a platform for people whose opinion shouldn’t be considered, much less discussed. You are helping debase the discussion by tacitly accepting that any kind of asinine idiocy is valuable, so long as it is shouted on a tv program. Enough with this. If people like this Nancy imbecile, among so many others, have an impact is because you put them under the spotlight.

  16. Lorna eliazo says:

    I watched Nancy Grace to get another perspective of the Avery case. I was hoping to hear answers to questions that would have explained, prove or disprove those evidence presented:
    1. if Theresa was stabbed and shot wouldn’t there be a lot of blood? In the Netflix documentary, Brandon’s ‘confession’ said he saw her tied, was stabbed and shot while in bed. In Nancy Grace show, Brandon was ‘confessing’ that Theresa was stabbed and shot in the garage. Either place, shouldn’t a lot of blood be found? It seems impossible to clean the place seeing how cluttered both places are.
    2. In Netflix, they played a conversation by a policeman making a call verifying owner of an abandoned car. This was established to belong to Theresa. The call happened 2-3 days before Theresa’s car was found in Steven’s salvage yard. Was this explained or questioned as to where the call was initially made, considering it was made days before the car was ‘found’?
    3. Jodi’s interview in Netflix showed her holding a piece of paper, presumably phone records to substantiate her claim that she was on the phone with Avery at the time the alleged crime was happening. She stated that she did not sense anything out of the ordinary. Wouldn’t it be highly improbable to be in the middle of ‘killing’ somebody and talk normally?
    4. The taped ‘confession’ of Brandon shown in the Nancy show vs the taped interrogation shown in Netflix projected two different Brandon Dassey. Does the manner and timing of those two taped interviews been explained?

    • Stefanie says:

      I am thankful for smart people like you Lorna!!! I have watched this netflix documentary 10 times and I am still as outraged and heartbroken, and even more so since watching it the first 9 times!! There is not ONE thing the prosecution has said that the defense has Not had a reasonable explanation for!!! Not 1!!!! Me. Kratz said at one point that there’s evidence Theresa was in his trailer because they found an auto trader magazine and her phone # in the trailer, but how is that evidence that she was murdered by him? Everyone knew she was there taking pictures so Ofcoarse he’s gonna have a magazine and her #!!! You need a victims blood to say she was murdered… In his closing argument he said “Ofcoarse you aren’t gonna find her blood in his trailer, because she wasn’t killed in his trailer, she was killed in his garage”…. But where was her blood in the garage even??? If that’s what u r now saying!!!! Not to mention the 1st press conference they held giving the nasty, untrue, story when they say that the evidence they uncovered show that she was raped, stabbed, her throat was cut and murdered in his trailer!!! This is a mess!!! Heartbreaking mess!!!

  17. Tom says:

    She helped to put an innocent man in prison, she has to deny all responsibility for legal reasons. The theatrical outrage is just to keep her ratings up.

  18. Stefanie says:

    Nancy grace is supposed to be an educated woman who reports on true crime stories… It amazes me and frustrates me greatly to think that any person who watches this 9 hour documentary can say at the end of it, that Steven Avery is guilty. Why can an average person see so clearly that this man was framed?? For those people who believe he’s guilty, ask yourself how he can kill her “in his garage” but not find her blood when they say she’s shot AFTER they told everyone her throat was cut in his trailer??? how does the key to her car show up after the 8th search And on the day there’s no one watching MANITOWAK Lt. LENK??? Why is Avery’s blood vile tampered with???? This entire thing is a mess… And carma will get these bastards!!! It already got o’kelly, kachinski, and Krats!!!! And this documentary is carma for all the bastards because 85% of the people that have watched this BELIEVE AVERY AND DASSEY ARE INNOCENT AND THAT MANITOWAK COUNTY (along with all the people who think AVery and Dassey are guilty) ARE CORRUPT!!!! With out a doubt!!! F/$& you 15% and F&$@ you MANITOWAK county

  19. M says:

    My wife taped the Dr Phil show today when she saw today’s topic. I didn’t respect Grace before I watched her on his show just a few minutes ago. After I watched, I am absolutely appalled at what I just saw her doing. She is completely irrational, but I should not be surprised. Read about her “career as a prosecutor”

    Whomever is bringing conservative vs liberal into this is silly. Any person with common sense and watched the footage shown in the documentary knows these men did not receive a fair trial, period. This whole things stinks and Nancy is there to protect everything that is wrong with these vile law enforcement officers and their minions. Her career is done, she needs to be sacked immediately. She has just shot herself in the face. Mark my words.

  20. amymer says:

    Nancy is obviously very passionate about this. Unfortunately, it is her emotional outbursts and refusal to consider any wrongdoing on the part of Manitowoc county (the obvious coerced confession of Dassey) that make me question her ability to think rationally or fairly. Her own words of making it her personal responsibility to speak for the dead, while admirable, means that her mind is closed to any other possibility. I am not a fan of Steve Avery. I do not find him a likable fellow. However, everyone, no matter who they are, and what they did, deserves a fair trial, and clearly Avery and Dassey were denied that. No matter how much Nancy yells, what screams louder is the injustice that disadvantaged people face in our system.

  21. Victoria von Brauchitsch says:

    You’re wrong on this one Nancy. Chill!!!

  22. Michael anthony says:

    Gotta laugh at these attacks on Grace. Not one refutes evidence on Avery and not one offers solid proof that Grace is wrong. Funny on how a documentary can make all these people experts on guilt or innocence. To the posters, Grace is more guilty than Avery. And yes, Avery is guilty. His latest appeal, filed this week, us full of typical appeal hyperbole, not any new evidence.

    Its fine to be against Grace. But your vile comments are best reserved for a real criminal, like Avery.

    • Carl says:

      You’re a idiot and you choose to be an idiot by denying the overwhelming evidence of his innocence. You probably work in the judicial system …

  23. Randy Elliott says:

    Nancy Grace should be put in the same cell as Steve Avery.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    She’s untruthful, unethical, hateful and often wrong. She makes America worse. Can her.
    There she went again, smearing her vile invective across our screens, diminishing us all as human beings.
    Poking her stink finger into another none-of-her-business, Nancy Grace managed to make the death of Whitney Houston somehow more tawdry. “I’d like to know,” the HLN host spew mused last week, “who let her slip or pushed her underneath that water.” She later unapologized on Good Morning America, regarding Dan Abrams appeals to decency as “arguing with me over semantics,” accusing him of having gone to Harvard Law School and defending her blithe murder charges with her go-to pretense: “I still want the truth.”
    The truth, to Nancy Grace, is whatever is handy and profitable. Her truth was that Gary Condit murdered Chandra Levy. Her truth was that the Duke lacrosse team raped Crystal Gail Mangum. Her truth was that Richard Ricci kidnapped Elizabeth Smart (when it later became true he did not, but had unfortunately died in custody, Grace said, “I’m not going on a guilt trip.”)
    When she isn’t convicting people on spec, Grace spreads ugliness, fetishizing the disappearances of young white women and small white children, asking questions that not only don’t need to be asked (by her) but wouldn’t have been allowed when she was a prosecutor — as she should recall, having had two convictions thrown out by the Supreme Court of Georgia, once for insinuating unrelated rapes and murders into her closing arguments, and in the second instance being reprimanded, “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.”
    Grace has imported her injudicious style to television journalism, where it is also unethical, it may surprise you to learn. “I think she has managed to demean both professions with her hype, rabid persona, and sensational analysis,” Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University, told the New York Times last May. The professor is being too kind. Grace’s verdict first, trial afterward judicial philosophy “erodes the respect for basic rights,” as Turley says, but she also corrodes justice itself. Called on her pre-evidentiary convictions, Grace is quick to get technical, to point out that only a jury has the power to convict, but woe to the jury that disobeys her. When 12 people weighed actual evidence and determined Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter, Grace declared that little white Caylee’s “death has gone unavenged.” Did you hear that, loyal, rabid viewers?
    And to justice, add truth to Grace’s swath of destruction. Her every vehement assertion that later proves false feeds into the fashionable but dangerous notion that the mainstream media cannot be trusted; her connect-any-dots arguments (All the evidence always points to the guilt of whomever is in her eyeline) promotes a cognitive approach favored by conspiracy thinkers. She’s not terribly bright, and she’s contagious.
    Nancy Grace is a blight on cable television; she is bad for civilization.
    She’s entitled to her opinions, of course, but in a truly just world, she would be spouting them from a dark sticky corner in some sour rathole. Pat Buchanan might even buy her a beer.

  25. Mark says:

    Does ANYONE really care what Nancy Grace says? Last night she had Mark Wahlberg (plays TV cop) as a guest on her show to give his ‘expert’ opinion of whether Avery is guilty or not. She IS a joke, HAS BEEN a joke, and ALWAYS WILL BE a joke! Nancy Grace makes Donald Trump look contemplative and introspective!!

  26. Anishnabe says:

    It seems like her own show would make anyone question the legitimacy of how this case was handled. Nancy should do a show on herself and discuss why she, as a prosecuter, was guilty of withholding evidence that the defense had a right to. No matter how loud she is, it doesn’t make her right. Documentaries are just that. They did not tell people what to say or how to act, they documented. I cannot believe nothing has been done about those crooked cops. As far as documentaries, it may be impossible to include everything, and to make everyone happy, but if it stirs discussion and brings attention to issues…and the result is a passionate outcry from people, how could it ever be a bad thing? Sitting back with your eyes and ears closed and being fed limited information is a bad thing. I am really happy this documentary was made. It shows how we must address corruption in our law enforcement and judicial process. Our system for court appointed attorneys needs to be seriously investigated and revamped. So many issues, but it can all be addressed with time if we all care enough to be sure it is no longer ignored. ….sorry, but she ate TWO boxes of rat poison? She seemed more believable in the documentary.

  27. Anthony Tanas says:

    Duke lacrosse.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Why is she still on the air?

    • Patty says:

      I’ll add to that: The Casey Anthony trial. In Grace’s eyes, she was ‘guilty as sin,’ yet she ended up only being convicted on an obstruction of justice charge.

      How can she call herself a legal expert when she allows her personal beliefs to cloud her judgment? There are times she forgets the whole ‘innocent until proven guilty’ part.

      (Although she was right about Jodi Arias.)

  28. Rick says:

    Nancy Grace is doing now what the sleazebag prosecutor Kratz did after the crime took place and he thought he had his man. He goes to the media and spouts untruths (Dassey’s confession) that he later doesn’t believe happened as Dassey indicated, to try to convict Avery in the public’s mind. Grace is now taking an ex-fiance who wasn’t even there (in jail) to know what could have happened and uses her statements to try to persuade the public of Avery’s guilt. Jodi is not believable and her testimony and actions in the documentary speak for themselves. Nancy Grace should butt out, keep her mouth shut and let this case play out. If Steven’s current attorney is correct about the new evidence that will come out, Nancy Grace will look like the fool that she is.

    • Baby_Skyelin says:

      I agree 100%. Interestingly, both Nancy Grace and Ken Kratz both have published opinions from the Georgia Supreme Court and Wisconsin Supreme Court, respectively, on disciplinary actions taken against them while serving as prosecutors. Nancy disGrace has at least two. It’s difficult for me to explain the significance of a published opinion as opposed to a non-published one because I’m not an attorney. However, it’s a big deal.

      Kratz’ behavior has been circulating the media lately, but he’s lied about the severity and extent of his misconduct in addition to flat-out lying about the time frame of his drug abuse. The Court’s opinion also references a mental illness, for which Kratz provided no proof of alleged treatment, and a sexual assault complaint from a defendant he was prosecuting. That charge and several others were dropped, though. To find the opinion, I googled (startpaged) “Wisconsin Supreme Court” and “Ken Kratz.”

      I have not read the Court opinions in the Nancy Grace matters personally yet. They allegedly involve having police officers give false testimony, fabricating evidence and “playing fast and loose” with the rules of ethical conduct, among other things. It’s clear why she is defending Kratz’ position so fervently. They were both corrupt prosecutors.

  29. makeshiftmajesty says:

    Grace is Missing the Point. The documentary isn’t on a mission of innocence. It is simply showing through actual video interview and court documents that the system is crooked.

  30. Dr. Phil is talking about this today, so I just turned on the first episode. “Steve would get in trouble, serve his time, no big deal, go on with his life.” Going to jail is supposed to be a big deal. It is supposed to be bad enough to make you not want to go back. Maybe you should, at least, stay on probation until you figure out the lesson.

  31. Phil says:

    To put it simply – Nancy Grace has never been arrested by the police (my assumption), and until she has been put in a position where she has been treated as though she is sub-human, MAYBE just maybe she’ll have an objective view of the Justice system. Innocent people, Careers, lives are lost because of Judicial system and the unjustness of this system. Men and women with degrees in Criminal Justice that hold a badge are supposed to be held to the highest degree of Integrity however anyone that has been arrested and has been chopped up and spit out through the system knows the real story.

    Nancy Grace – You want to spew your opinion based on “facts” by the police, do you’re own research and like the writer of this article says – don’t pick at the bones of someone’s hard work.

  32. IT--two--IT says:

    INTEL RUN Hollywood, entertainment and media
    should be —AGGRESSIVELY— shut down.

    The DEMOGRAPHIC cataclysm and franchise slum debasement —MUST BE FACED!

  33. Joshua says:

    Nancy grace you are so full of s**T YOUR eyes are brown you think every cop is always right even when they think they have proof.honestly a child could of planted and framed this innocent guy and his nephew. You should get your facts straight you dumb C U Next Tuesday.

  34. Christina says:

    Media is media. Nancy Gracy is media…. no more, no less, by her own doing. Fuck off Grace…Ill be taking your job soon.

  35. Dan says:

    Nancy Grace supports corrupt justice systems.

    • Baby_Skyelin says:

      Nancy Grace WAS part of our corrupt justice system. She was a prosecutor in Georgia. She was disciplined for major ethical violations, but I’m not sure if she was disbarred, fired or quit to become an annoying tabloid talk show host.

  36. Ev Vykin says:

    Good Article! It was a pathetic special she threw together, with her commentary which came across as desparately begging the viewers to believe her side. (which we don’t) The “avalanche”? I didn’t even see a smidgen of snowflake.

  37. Nancy Grace's flailing career says:

    It’s amazing how fast Conservatives swept in and declared the docu a farce that left out a lot of evidence, without, of course, watching the film or citing one credible source. The prosecuting attorney (who was kicked out of office in a sex scandal) doing interviews saying that evidence was left out of the film, and one drunken felon of an ex-girlfriend looking for a paycheck saying Avery is a monster, do not exactly add up to a banner endorsement of filmmaker bias.

    Nancy Grace is playing to her audience, which believes that every cop is honest and every convict is guilty. But anyone with a brain can see that’s not the case.

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