‘Heroes Reborn’ Finale Doesn’t Merit Saving the Show (SPOILERS)

Heroes Reborn Finale Review (SPOILERS)

Amid a wave of nostalgic series revivals, bringing “Heroes” back to life probably made as much sense as any. Not only was the show on recently enough as to still have fans in all the coveted demographics, but its formula created ample opportunities for a reboot. Yet the Jan. 21 finale of “Heroes Reborn” simply reinforced a sense that while the show had its moments — and even ended on a cryptic note, practically begging for another installment — this was a concept that, unlike the cheerleader, just wasn’t worth saving.

Written by series creator Tim Kring and Zach Craley, the finale (and SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched) did contain some mildly stirring scenes of noble sacrifice, with Zachary Levi’s character, Luke, going all Human Torch, sort of, to try to stave off the encroaching solar flares; and Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman), finally, serving as the conduit for his grandkids (Robbie Kay, Danika Yarosh) to save the world.

The main problem — which has dogged “Heroes” long before this incarnation rolled around — was a sense that the producers are simply making it up as they go along, including why exactly the whole “Wonder Twin powers, activate!” maneuver would do the trick in the first place. The latest edition also couldn’t match its predecessor in terms of casting or compelling characters, and largely squandered most of the holdovers who were lured back to participate. Indeed, by the time it was all over, there were so many Evos it became hard to keep track of them all, as if Oprah Winfrey were doling out superpowers.

On a more basic level, the show’s time-travel concept — with the villain, Erica (Rya Khilstedt), planning to create a new world nearly 8,000 years in the future — was not only head-scratching but yielded a lot of shoddy-looking green-screen work. Nor did it help that the best new character, Miko (Kiki Sukezane), turned out to be a video-game construct, although the animation sequences featuring her as Katana Girl remained a nice visual change of pace throughout.

As noted, the run closed with a cryptic threat to the twins that their father would be returning, and the character of Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) rather ominously warning, “This is just the beginning.” Truth be told, whether the series has a future will likely depend on how well NBC fares through the winter and spring, as well as how much enthusiasm the network feels for its pilot development. But if there is another volume, that won’t be a very flattering commentary on either. Because strictly as a creative proposition, to paraphrase the song, we don’t need another “Heroes.”



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  1. Rocktum says:

    At the end of the episode where Nathan and his girl are the guy who walks out of the bar leaving the card isn’t that Peter from the walk ? I would be so fucking hyped if Peter and Sylar would return in S2 same actors would be godlike prolly don’t happen, but hey they can change their skin remember =)

  2. guest says:

    Just finished watching it. I was disappointed in the first few episodes, but I actually liked it overall. Certainly not the best and not better than Heroes Season 1 but I enjoyed it! I am still interested for another volume, where I wanted to know who the father of the wonder twins (Malina and Nathan) is.

    I cried at the end though, for HRG. I liked that guy. And Luke has potential, but a bit underused.

  3. They shot a Kamehameha at a Solar Flare… just saying… what did I just watch?

  4. i liked both series but i do think they end on cliff hanging endings witch suck come add a part about the kids dad at the end and add to mystery if they do decide to another one to complete the story please no cliff endings

  5. JudgeMethos says:

    I loved the original Heroes. This series was…okay. The time travel needs to stop. The acting needs to be better. The effects should be better. The story should not always include the world being destroyed, a city destroyed, or an epidemic. I’d like a crack at writing this show. The first series was the best. Season 2 was fine. Three was huge but started falling flat in the plot department. So much went on in that season. They need to streamline characters, powers, and endgame plots better. Just my opinion. This show should be kicking ass… not falling on it’s own.

  6. Elena Sapnit says:

    I, do, need another Heroes in my life. My family and I have been die hard fans since the beginning and will be die hard fans til the end of the world. But you know I understand how ratings go and all. It’s just a shame because it’s such a great show with a great story, great characters. No, I am not paid to write this. This is from the heart. So just wanna say to whoever comes across my message that Heroes is a beautiful show and to Tim Kring, we got your back and we love your work very very much. We’ll definitely stay tuned for more creations from you and your team . :) <3

    • I too love this. It carried the spirit of Heroes and expanded the story and universe with the new evos and the intro of a new villain with good intentions but a twisted way of carrying them out, Once good people become evil due to grief and loss. This show both the original and the new speak to human nature the good and the bad, how things that happen to us can shape our lives depending on how we deal with the events. It was great to see some of the original cast return . I really hope they give us more I was so sad when the original ended and after so many years to have it reborn made me so happy. So please bring us more of this wonderful show.

  7. BigDaddy says:

    Also just wanted to agree with the author, show will depend on network ability to land/sell-able (everything).commercials, New technology, etc…
    But ask yourself, what audience do “You have that can grow & with an evolving capacity end up as consumers, with marketing capabilities and/ or service providing/consuming “People.” Good luck

  8. BigDaddy says:

    Heroes was very good, written well and its season finale was 4 out of 5. Which is a lot better than all this crappy wannabe real life portrayal they have on TV now a days. This show is for science fiction type of viewers with the capacity to see “Beyond” the norm. It should definitely continue, give it a surreal storyline and has the capacity to recruit more viewers. With all the options right now on streaming vs cable!
    After a long week of hard work, complicated decisions and just plain old stress.
    “SOME PEOPLE WANT A BREAK” and just Fathom/Disconnect/Dream!! creativity is much more than the “Plain Simplicity of Normalcy”.
    “Post what you want”

  9. Bill B. says:

    I never got beyond the first episode. Pretty poor and very unneeded. .

  10. Jim says:

    There’s nothing to “save”. It was billed from day 1 as a limited run event series. There was never going to be a Season 2, so there’s nothing to renew or cancel. Kring threw out a teaser for the future but that question will most likely be answered in a comic or some other medium. They could do another limited run someday but never had any plans for that in the immediate future. The show had potential but they clearly had some significant budget limitations based on the special effects throughout the Reborn series. Too many evos to keep track of? I guess if you have a 2 second attention span. Erica’s plan was pretty straightforward…..the Earth was going to become instinct…..she had information about the future and had been there to confirm that….so she hatched a plan to time jump a select few far into the desolate future with resources to start the human race over…..meanwhile, she intended to continue to use harnessed power of evos in the future and despised evos because she had been raped by one as a young woman. Not sure why any head scratching would be occurring there to understand her plan or motivations. The whole twins power thing was cheesy and convenient…..but didn’t get a making it up as they went along sense though. They wrote out a 13 episode story and we were told from the beginning that the twins would save the world together under the clock tower. So obviously this was all planned from the start. However, it just seemed like lazy storytelling the way the ended things.

    • Elena says:

      I think they had some serious budget issues because they didn’t get the support other series received so hmm :) My family and I think the show it beautiful from start to end :) No, Im not paid to say this hehe

  11. Thomas says:

    I enjoyed the show, and loved the spiritual references (twin flames awakening and the recent cosmic shifts!). Pretty amazing actually, Tim Kring must be a starseed himself :-)

  12. Patrick R. says:

    I enjoyed the reboot as much as the original series, including tonight’s ‘finale’. I hope for more. I’ve seen a few rather sour comments or hypercritical reviews about this final episode, but despite a few inevitable flaws I still find ‘Heroes’ compelling. Let’s have another series!

    • Elena says:

      I super agree. I just though the hypercritical reviews were funny like they wrote it in such precision haha ! Yeah I really hope they make another one or I’ll make one haha !

  13. kevthepoet says:

    I think Heroes Reborn is one of the best stories television has had for years and years. Yes it was complicated but it made sense so that’s fine. I expect in the future it will become a cult classic.

    • Elena says:

      YES it is one of THE best stories ever and yes it’s complicated which is beautiful nevertheless and actually, right, made sense of it all. Yep, definitely will be a cult classic :)

  14. Daisy Brown says:

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  15. Luke says:

    These writers should never work again. The writing bc was that bad.

    And the actress who played Joanne…. So glad she was killed off and didn’t make it to the finale. How she was cast is beyond me. She might be the worst actress I’ve ever seen. Actually, the girl who played Erica Kravid’s daughter was pretty bad too.

    So disappointed. Really tarnished the legacy of Heroes seasons 1 & 2.

    • Elena says:

      Aww we’re sorry to here that. I think they did great, though ! Personally I don’t think they have tarnished the legacy of Heroes 1 & 2 because it was linked to the Heroes reborn series (especially towards the end, it was amazing my family and I wanted to cry)

  16. GP says:

    Loved it! Forget the haters and weak reviewers!!

  17. Ivan says:

    Why the need to stretch these shows out is beyond me?

    The UK learned years ago that a well written/acted story takes as long as it takes (see the recent 2 episode series of Luther for a prime example of exceptional story telling).

    Yet in the US – you just have to have 12-13 episodes. The result are shows like the recent season of American Horror Story that really should have ended after 10 and this Heroes thing that could have been told in 6.

    • Elena says:

      Aww Im sorry to hear that you didn’t like Heroes. We love Heroes and Heroes reborn and we would like it very much to have a season 2. If not then we can still read the comics ;)

  18. Jake says:

    What is frustrating to me and this was the problem with the first two episodes was that it was not compelling and you are going to make the Whole arc about eradicating heroes? I wanted so much from this series and by the 6th episode, I just didn’t care because they failed in making any character interesting.

  19. Dunstan says:

    Why anyone spent one minute thinking about this or watching it is beyond me.

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