‘Ghostbusters’: Paul Feig Hired ‘the Four Funniest People’ to Honor Original Film

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What brings a throng of khaki-uniformed, proton-blaster-toting fans to Hollywood Boulevard? Why, “Ghostbusters,” of course.

Thirty-two years after the original rocked the boulevard, and the world, the do-over was back for its premiere at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre.

The remake had been creating waves for months before Saturday’s premiere, largely because Sony and director Paul Feig were bringing a female-powered cast to the reboot. Some fans of the original grumbled that nothing could live up to the 1984 film, starring Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. But the opening night crowd seemed more than happy with the 21st century teaming led by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

“It’s a classic property and people guard it,” Feig said on the red carpet. “To make a new version and honor that feeling that people had for the original, I felt I had to just get the four funniest people I could. And that’s what I did.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman Tom Rothman called the night “really special.” He previously had welcomed the furor about the female cast, saying he thought it would boost interest in the film. “It’s an entertaining comedy, but it’s now also an important part of the social conversation,” he said. “And you don’t get that combination too often.”

‘Ghostbusters’ Red Carpet and Party Photos

Even academia was out to cheer the film. Stacy L. Smith, director of the Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, praised the new “Ghostbusters” for depicting women in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

“We see a dearth of women in these roles in films,” Smith said, citing a study that reviewed more than 200 films and found none with women in the STEM fields. “So I wanted to be here to support them when they got it right.”

Out on the boulevard and inside the theater, some of the biggest cheers went up when stars of the original film appeared. Feig found cameo spots for Murray, Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts and even a visual hat tip to Ramis, who died two years ago of an autoimmune disease. McKinnon, the “Saturday Night Live” star, said the cast and crew would have to wait to see how the film performed, but that she was ready for a third “Ghostbusters,” adding: “That would be a dream.”

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  1. stevenkovacs says:

    Better title: ‘Greed and Disengenuous’

  2. A matter of opinion who the four funniest people are right now. *cough* favours Mellissa McCarthey.

  3. AmigaWolf says:

    “The remake had been creating waves for months before Saturday’s premiere, largely because Sony and director Paul Feig were bringing a female-powered cast to the reboot.”

    NO, because of the god awful first trailer we had, NOT because they are all female.

    I am so getting sick of all the lying, MOST people were mad because of the god awful first trailer, with very awful jokes and letting us think in the beginning that it was gone be a sequel, and that Paul Feig was swearing at us because we the fans of the first Ghostbuster (1984) movie were mad about it, and so on and so on

    In my country they still say sequel, so stupid.

  4. Stan says:

    So many sexist pigs who can’t deal with woman who are funny. You guys must be really sad pathetic cases if you have to vent about something like a piece of entertainment as if any of this is actually important. It’s s movie for crying out loud. Get a life!

  5. Brett says:

    Funniest people? Funny if your a female on an acid trip maybe. Also since when was the original ghostbusters a comedy? Some comic moments yes, but comedy, not even close.

  6. Jawsphobia says:

    The remake/reset is instead of a continuation or passing of the torch that was teased for a couple of decades. That separates it from other annoying remakes. And REMAKES are for the foreign market, so North American fans have reason to gripe. Creed was well done. Force Awakens was well done. Ghostbusters is done unless -as Sam Raining did after the remake of Evil Dead – a proper continuation with classic cast can happen on Netflix. Ash versus the Evil Dead is consistent and organic. They can make a Janine and Winston focused series I would watch. I’m skipping FeigBusters.

  7. its a clasic….. a clasic piece of shit

  8. Kandarr says:

    I’ve never wanted a movie to crash and burn as badly as I do this one.

  9. nobody important says:

    No matter whether the film is good or bad, it’s going to bomb. The damage has already been done. No one I know is actively wanting to see it. Good luck, Sony. You’re going to need it.

  10. Leon says:

    No matter how mich spin you put on this its still a piece of sh!t.

  11. Leon says:

    Melissa mcarthy is the worst unfunny annoying horrible actress ever. So no paul you didnt. You messed up big and bad. (Will somebody punch paul the movie ruiner fieg in the throat please.

  12. Leon says:

    That is the biggest lie i have ever heard. Paul fieg is a cancer and has spread to ghostbusters. He hired the worst cast and made the worst jokes and ruined a great movie and great premise. He is terrible and this film is just awful. Boycott this crap mivie that spits in the eye of every ghostbuster fan.

    • Alan says:

      Ghostbusters is a great movie…. Ghostbusters 2 is a piece of crap. Even Bill Murray hates it. The new Ghostbusters is actually very good. All I’m going to do is boycott you. So go away. Everyone hates you.

  13. dk17111 says:

    No homie. Ya didn’t.

  14. Mike says:

    Yet he put Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy in this movie

  15. Erlisch says:

    So Chris and….and who are the other 3?

  16. acouvis says:

    Paul Feig “Honored” the originals? Unlikely.

    He’s the same guy who wrote an article back in 2013 that stated he couldn’t think of a single male who was funny.

    Besides that, the Sony hack released emails out into the public that showed that Sony Pictures was actively looking for lawyers who could strong-arm the original cast into participating and making public appearances for the same of this movie.

    Calling this “honoring the originals” is like saying I honor my dog when I drag it somewhere it doesn’t want to go like the vet by hooking it up to the leash and pulling.

    • Mark says:

      I hope that this movie is the biggest of the year. I don’t want to see it, but I’m sick of losers whining about a kids movie.

      • Mr Vagina says:

        Hi Mark,
        Hypocrisy and irony of the highest order. Don’t comment something so ridiculous in a public forum again.
        Love, Your Mother.

    • therealeverton says:

      You know that whole thing is a joke right?

  17. Amy Pascal's Flop says:

    Heres a good summary of Tom Rothman’s career:

    Quoted from rk20593421.

    “For those wondering, Mr. Rothman is the corporate moron who nearly ruined Fox. He heavily opposed James Cameron on Titanic and Avatar, ran Singer and Gavin Hood off of the X Men series, Cancelled Firefly, was the one who demanded Deadpool have his mouth sewed and be completely redesigned, was the one who pushed for Fantastic Four to be rebooted in the first place just to spite Disney/Marvel, among many other idiotic decision. Him dismissing any and all criticism as stupidity is just another reason why he is the dumbest, most corrupt executive in Hollywood.”

  18. Jim says:

    Anchorman, Zoolander, Independence Day, etc. People generally don’t care about belated sequels many years later which drudge up movies that were better left alone…..no matter who the cast is. These studios think they are going to just repeat the same formula and get a quick cash grab. Unfortunately, the box office success of Jurassic World, despite being a poorly written, mediocre film which just cut and pasted stuff from the previous movies, is just going to encourage more of this recycled garbage.

    • therealeverton says:

      Well it’s not a sequel, they tend to dislike the ones that are bad. For its many faults, the vast majority of people liked Jurassic world because it was entertaining and had an appealing cast.

      “Cash Grabs” tend to be relatively cheap and this isn’t. not to mention you can’t build a franchise on a cash grab, which is the prime aim of this film – a universe in fact, not just a franchise.

      Anchorman??? Anchorman 2 nearly doubled the gross of Anchorman and even adjusted sold more tickets than the first film.

      I know leaving a gap between films can be an issue, but often the lack of a good film in the firs place is the real problem. This is a new film a remake and all that matters there is that a lot of your new audience don’t know, or care too much about the original anyway. Those that do and make a big deal about it you just can’t do anything about. But there’s more than enough good will from the director and some of the stars’ previous work to open the film and give those with an open mind enough of a reason to go see it.

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