Robert De Niro Refuses to Take Photo With Arnold Schwarzenegger Over Election Politics

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro made crystal clear which candidate he supports this presidential election at the VIP cocktail reception for the annual Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Western Regional Gala held Thursday at the Beverly Hilton. The event was chaired by producing giant and FIDF national board member Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl.

“If you’re supporting Trump, I want nothing to do with you,” said De Niro, after refusing to pose for a photograph with Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Press did manage to snap a few shots before the kerfuffle.)

“Are you voting for Trump?” De Niro kept asking Schwarzenegger, channeling his inner Jake LaMotta as he rebuffed the former California governor’s efforts to explain before backing off toward the other side of the room.

While Schwarzenegger, a career Republican, publicly tweeted on Oct. 8 that he would NOT be voting for Trump, he still hasn’t made clear for whom he will be voting. In the tweet, the actor-turned-politician wrote: “For the first time since I became a citizen in 1983, I will not vote for the Republican candidate for President.”

“If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem,” said De Niro.


Robert De Niro on Trump: ‘I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face’

Larry King, one of the 1,200 guests who attended the sold-out, star-studded event, agreed.

“(Not voting) is a vote for Trump,” said King. “But if that’s the way they feel, I can’t tell them to vote. You don’t have to vote — but it’s a mistake. You should always pick one of the other.”

King, who said he cast his first presidential vote for Adlai Stevenson II in 1952, ranks this election cycle as the absolute worst he’s ever experienced in his nearly 83 years on the planet.

“This is the worst — and I’ve covered many of them,” said King. “I go back so far, I interviewed Eleanor Roosevelt when her son was mayor of Miami Beach. I was 22. I remember when I told Hillary [Clinton] that I knew Eleanor Roosevelt; she fainted. This is the worst election I’ve ever seen. Donald [Trump] has run a terrible campaign. There’s a lot of racism and sexism. Hillary has been on the defensive back and forth. Neither one is well liked — I’ve never seen anything like this. People are voting against — not for. You know what I think? Joe Biden would have won this election with 70 percent of the electorate. But you never know how the public is going to vote. Until they go into the booth and pull the lever, you never know. I was a big supporter of Harry Truman. I was only 15. He was supposed to lose — and he won.”

The beautiful part of the evening was that people on both sides of the argument came together to support Israel with mutual love and admiration for FIDF, a non-political, non-military organization that proudly supports programs for the well being of soldiers, families of fallen soldiers, and wounded veterans. The gala raised a record-breaking $38 million dollars to help Israeli soldiers and their families in need.

Robert De Niro and Larry King chat with FIDF national board member Haim Saban. (Photo credit: Malina Saval)

“We are gratified to see that the FIDF’s important mission — to provide well-being and educational programs for the heroic men and women of the IDF — continues to resonate with the Los Angeles community,” said Saban, looking out at a ballroom filled with celebrities and high-profile luminaries, including Gerard Butler, Julie Bowen, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and Guess? Inc. co-founders Maurice and Paul Marciano.

“When I was governor, Israel was the first country that I visited on a trade mission,” said Schwarzenegger. “Everybody was up in arms because I didn’t visit Mexico or Canada, the neighboring countries, first. Israel, to me, has always been a country I love. I enjoyed visiting it for the first time in 1978 and I’ve been there many times since. It’s just a great ally of America and I always try to be very supportive.”


Donald Trump

Hollywood Alarm Grows Over Prospect of Donald Trump Victory

King, who’s interviewed every Israeli prime minister with the exception of David Ben-Gurion, said, “Haim Saban is one of the best men I know, and this is a very worthy cause.” King continued, “I’ve always been a supporter of Israel. These people have their backs to the wall. I don’t always support everything Israel does, but I sure support their defense forces. Nothing is black and white. They’re living a defensive life.”

Like so many others, King is hopeful that one day there will be peace in Israel and the Middle East.

“Yitzhak Rabin was my favorite—there was no one like him,” said King, referring to the optimistic period of the Oslo Peace Accords. “Bill Clinton told me that he thought we had a deal. I hope eventually we have a two-party, two-state system. We can’t go on like this.”

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  1. Kevin Fulmer says:

    Robert DeNiro’s out burst of indignation towards Trump is adolescent, schoolyard bullyspeak and the semantics are clear. What’s also clear is that he has always been an over rated actor that whored himself for money in the last 20 years. What level of education does Mr DeNiro have that qualifies him as a prophet for the masses ? You didn’t vote for him, thats all. Your opinions voiced only supported my assertions here.

  2. Donato says:

    It amazes me how an individual (add any celebrity name here) who happened to catch lightening in a bottle at one point in their life for playing make believe somehow overnight become Aristotle.
    Just hammers home how DUMB they really are. No connection or pity with for the struggling working class families who toil day in and day out for their families and could not care less. (but will take their money and accolades).
    DeNiro………reality check….your not a tough guy, you only played one on TV. Buckle up your diapers and sit in the corner in New Paltz.
    Stop your self worship your just another dope, you all embarrass yourselves.

  3. TB says:

    Robert D’ NERO!! acting like a king.. NOT.. little old man.. needs to be punched harder than he would punch trump…put him in his 70 year old place. LOSER.. He’s banned in my household… Hispanics for trump!

  4. Pat says:

    I’ve always liked Deniro. Now, I LOVE him. Unlike Trump, he’s a real man.

  5. Linda says:

    Israel murders women and children in their greed for land. They are an occupying state of the art military force killing off the indigenous population so they can take their land. Anyone who supports them is disgusting

  6. Justice4all says:

    We are boycotting Robert DeNiro movies since he made such an embarrassing fool of himself putting Trump down, just shows he is an idiot as he was doing exactly what he was calling Trump out for.

  7. reniam says:

    An exceptionally puerile reaction to someone, who may, disagree with you. Unsurprising though. This ends up being the problem with most celebrities and academics – they live in carefully crafted, insular worlds where disagreement is immediately shut-down. It’s easy to convince yourself your view is the only correct one when everyone in your ken thinks exactly as you do.

    The left have become the intolerance; the new religious zealots.

  8. pancake rachel corrie says:

    Deniro is a nihilist and hillary is a nihilist makes perfect sense they both subscribe to a debunked philosophy

  9. B.C. says:

    DeNiro calls Trump a bullsh*tter. Hey Mr. Robert, isn’t acting by definition, bullsh*tting? And then what? I’m suppose vote based on the tantrums of a quasi-literate?
    If Mrs. pneumonia gets in we’ll all become Zeks and DeNiro, the Trotsky, will be an eager camp guard.

  10. Nick Carbone says:

    I’d like to smash that boring relic Deniro in the face and smash his teeth down his throat.

    • if De Niro wants to boycott someone he should turn his back on DOR and scorsese

      David O Russell sexually abused his niece not to mention his history of bullying people on set

      scorsese wants to let Roman Polanski back into the united states after he drugged and raped a child

  11. Elmer Vold says:

    DeNiro is a wonderful actor, and a high school drop out Everyone has a right to their opinion, and the rest of us have a right exercise critical reasoning

  12. Dave says:

    DeNiro always knew he wasn’t as good as “THE” Godfather, and he’s just bitter (even though rich) as an old man.

  13. Dave says:

    A capitalist until an elite. Now a liberal supporting a socialist. Go figure? No, go away.

  14. Sam says:

    Larry King says he supported Truman at the age of 15 but cast his first vote for Adlai Stevenson in 1952. He would have been 19. The voting age was 21 until 1971 when it was lowered to 18.

  15. bob says:

    Screw the new world order.that goes for Dinero an an pedophile canidate.

  16. R.D. says:

    You are all deplorable and not worthy of seeing my films anyhow. Don’t bother asking for my autograph or a picture with me either. Yes, we are better than you.

  17. pancake rachel corrie says:

    Its time to clean the hollywood swamp

  18. Keith Wood says:

    So, if I vote for Trump, I don’t have to be seen with DeNiro? What a deal!

  19. suchery says:

    Trump 2016. I voted for him pond scum has been. Last number of movies show that. Clown. Plan to boycott you all in the media!

  20. Hilliery is a witch says:

    Deniro supports TREASON, PEDOPHILIA, RAPE, and the END of America by endorsing the Clinton Crime Syndicate. How can any sane person support these scumbags?

    • he played a bully in mean streets
      he played a bully in godfather part II
      he played a war criminal in deer hunter
      he played a bully in raging bull
      he played a pedophile in cape fear
      he played a rapist in once upon a time in america
      he played a bully in the mission
      he played a bully in the untouchables
      he played a stalker in king of comedy
      he played a bully in goodfellas
      he played a child abuser in this boys life
      he played a bully in heat
      he played a bully in the fan
      he played a bully in jackie brown
      he played a bully in wag the dog
      he played a bully in Analyze This
      he played a homophobe in flawless
      he played a bully in meet the parents
      he played a racist in men of honor
      he played a bully in machete
      he played a bully in limitless
      he played a bully in everybody’s fine
      he played a bully in Freelancers
      he played a bully in the family
      he played a bully in american hustle
      he played a war criminal in killing season
      he played a bully in The Bag Man

  21. Jim Lyle says:

    And this is news why?who gives a flip!!!

  22. Ross Moore says:

    Well I don’t want to stand next to an overly self important a-hole either. That leaves Robby Di nobody out.
    And I won’t ever watch one of your crap movies again either.

  23. Cassisanass says:

    Bobby was in on the take

  24. Skeptic57 says:

    Imagine that, the terminator and the other meathead jessie ventura said they will not vote Trump. Trump has way more credability than either of those hasbeens.

  25. St. Patrick says:

    Hopefully you and the rest of the snakes in LaLa Land will keep your word and screw to some third world hell hole after Trump wins…..I’m guessing none of you have the balls you were born with and we’ll be stuck with assholes for ever..!

  26. JoeyNice says:

    Like I care what Dinero says. He did not have enough bravery to stand up to Big Parma. If you can’t stand up for your son, what the hell do you stand for? A candidate that has lied bribed and cheated to the top and has an ACTIVE criminal investigation in process? You will soon learn that pedophilia is in the Clinton makeup. Maybe then you will stop living with your eyes wide shut Bobby.

  27. Margaret Race says:

    Don’t these Hollywood people realise that most people could care less what they think? Actually we feel good if we know we are voting opposite of them.
    That tells us we must be doing something right.

  28. john a says:

    Deniro showed what a self centered jerk he is when he backed down over the film aboUT vaccines and autism. HE sold is own child down the drain because he did not want to lose sponsers. WHAT A WONDERFUL GUY. NOT. THEN HE WHEN ON TV AND SAID HE STILL THINKS THERE IS CONNECTION BETWEEN THE TWO. WHAT A COWARD.

  29. dandy says:

    De Niro I’d like to stand in for him you gutless jerk

  30. ron james says:

    Deniro should give all his money to the poor, and dedicate his life to the poor, then he can avoid his rank hypocrisy. He made 100 million as a court jester buffoon actor, and has done nothing to help humanity in any manner! These Hollywood elite will be the first to go down when the people take back control from the aristocracy, which he represents


    Man..after reading all of these hate comments,nothing but babies whining about De Niro’s statements.
    Keep pissing off these babies, Bobby D.

    • Throat Punch says:

      Keep it up and watch your box office die d*ck head. This turd and his ilk will be the only ones in a half empty theatre watching your over the hill sleaze ball movies. Good riddance.

  32. Falling Forward says:

    Typical childish liberal…. always claim to be all inclusive, free thinking and value open-mindedness…. but if you do not agree with their Exact opinions you are evil and unwashed….

  33. atilla thehun says:

    Hey Bobby…vada via

  34. Rob Ronzio says:

    Dinero should go back to his rancid niggapussy and shut his toxic mouth. The stench he leaves everywhere he goes is unbearable

  35. Robert says:

    Bobby I have great idea for a new role, you can pretend you have half a brain and act like you actually know what your talking about ….if you could get the people to believe that you might actually win an award !

  36. Rob Ronzio says:

    Dinero should go back to his rancid niggapussy and shut his toxic mouth. The stench he leaves everywhere he goes is unbearable

  37. Philo Bedo says:

    “The beautiful part of the evening was that people on both sides of the argument came together to support Israel with mutual love and admiration for FIDF..”

    Expect millionaire liberal De Niro, who true to live real form, acted like a blow-hard d0uchebag. This is why Trump will win – the average American is sick of these Elise scum and their idiocy.

    Trump 2016

  38. Throat Punch says:

    De Niro is no longer Raging Bull, he’s Raging Bullsh*t Artist. Boycott the bum! Hillary hates the policies of a necessarily strong Israeli government and here he shows up to feign support for their military at a “gala”. He’s just there to stroke Saban. He’s a walking contradiction with his head so far up slick Willey’s posterior he’d vote for Hildibeast just to get another shot at renting out the Lincoln bedroom again. A-hole.

  39. DUHZERO says:

    This old has-been must really hate the country which gave him all his riches. Who cares what this has-been says next movie Dirty Grandpa in diapers, right Booby boy, you’ve no shame. Just fade away already! Nobody cares what you have to say.

  40. Erik says:

    Who cares about De Niro’s political opinion? He is an ACTOR! Yes, a good one but that doesn’t make his political opinion any more important than my barber’s. He sounds like just another intolerant liberal that believes anyone that disagrees with him is not worthy of his time. Good luck with that Bobby.

  41. Gcb says:

    Not that it probably matters to mr. Dinero but I will no longer have anything to do with him either which means my money will not be going into his pocket he is nothing more than a vessel for Words written by somebody else and I absolutely do not need his opinion but who should run this country

  42. Obswa says:

    Such a B rated actor. He’s had nothing worthwhile in the past 50 years. Oh I know about the “Frockers” and some other movies supported by pimple laden adolescents but zero work that interests me. Way over rated and classless like the demo whore he’s supporting.

  43. Jim says:

    He played a big man on screen now he reveals himself as a demasculinated pussy.
    Too bad. He wants nothing to do with me, i will remember him as he was, not as he is. Him and others like him know their days are numbered.

  44. Robert says:

    Robert DiNiro hasn’t had an original thought in his entire life wich is why he pretends to be other people for a living, particularly tough guys.if the man had to live like the rest of us without bodyguards and professional ass kissers surrounding his everyday life he might actually have a set of balls and vote accordingly…..No MOONBATS Bobby

  45. Doug says:

    Deniro is a l.o.o.n.

  46. Chet says:

    Good example of the ultra diverse and “tolerant” lib of today!

  47. SharkFL says:

    DeNiro is a punk. His elderly palooka azz can go whine to the nursing home attendants.

  48. Roe says:

    This is so Good…. talk about them losing their mind…..!!!!

    It’s all over for them if Trump wins, Crying in their Pools of Money….!!

  49. HBJ4 says:

    Awe, deniro doesn’t want anything to do with me. I might cry. Well, might not. Actually, don’t care. Fk that guy.

  50. SharkFL says:

    DeNiro is a punk. His elderly palooka ass can go whine to the nursing home attendants.

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