Lena Dunham Hospitalized for Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Lena Dunham Girls
Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock

“Girls” creator and star Lena Dunham has been hospitalized to undergo surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst.

“Lena Dunham has been very public with her personal bouts with endometriosis. This morning, she suffered from an ovarian cyst rupture and has been taken to the hospital,” her spokesperson, Cindi Berger, told People in a statement. “Lena will be undergoing surgery at an undisclosed hospital. We thank you for you understanding and hope that Lena’s privacy will be respected.”

Dunham has discussed her health problems extensively on social media. Ahead of the launch of the latest season of “Girls,” Dunham wrote on Facebook, “I just want to let you know that, while I am so excited for ‘Girls’ to return on Feb. 21, I won’t be out and about doing press for the new season. As many of you know I have endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects approximately 1 in 10 women’s reproductive health. I am currently going through a rough patch with the illness and my body (along with my amazing doctors) let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it’s time to rest… So many women with this disease literally don’t have the option of time off and I won’t take it for granted. Wishing you all health & happiness, in whatever form suits you.”

Season 5 of “Girls” is currently airing on HBO on Sundays.

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  1. DorothyParkerlite says:

    Interesting fact: The most number of negative comments about an ILLNESS were made by conservative assholes who had nothing better to do. But we all know they have no souls, so I guess they’re predisposed to being c*nts.

  2. Leigh haddix says:

    Nothing gets the sexist morons more in a tizzy to bully than to realize someone is human. Seriously you people are ridiculous. Get well soon LD.

  3. I bet right now the pedophile, narcissist Hillary supporting atheist is praying! Maybe it’s time for her to do penance!

  4. Shandy says:

    Hunh…I’m not a fan of hers and don’t really even know why she’s famous (caught one episode of that “Girls,” which confirmed that it’s definitely not my type of thing)…from the sound of it, she probably agrees with me on certain matters (likely not all), but regardless I of course wish her well. ;p

  5. jim says:

    bad karma wishing people death. she is irritating but shes just another native nyc born kid who grew up around the art sceen through her dad. been there. nyc is a great cultural mecca in it’s own way. but not being around nature and general calmness will warp kids brains a bit. it’s great to be creative and outspoken. but it’s really great to have some real talent to back it up. some of our beliefs are just what we are taught. dosn’t mean they are true. true to the left or to the right. whatever, right.

  6. Barry the fancy-mustachioed purple cowboy boot-wearing Oberlin Republican sure would not. Does anyone know if endometriosis can be caused by promiscuity?

  7. dpharmer says:


  8. Truth says:


    Sorry sluts, the truth hurts. Pass Biology next time

  9. John says:

    she’s gross

  10. Raymond Weil says:

    Just thinking about her ovaries made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  11. oinick says:

    I agree with all those who have wished her a quick recovery. I also hope she finds a new venue to make a living. Endometriosis can also be confused with pelvic inflammatory disease, which is a STD. Makes me wonder if she is like the character she plays on the show, which has gotten so raunchy I quit watching it. And what was she thinking with all those tattoos? Ugh!!

  12. T says:

    I apologize to ms. Dunham for my first reaction being thank god, that was inappropriate

  13. Joseph says:

    Get well soon. But why is this no-talent with a show that has a couple of million viewers, given so much publicity?

  14. Antonio says:

    Get Well Lena !You will be fine.

  15. Jpa says:

    Friggen Fems fight for cheap/free birth control pills and they still get multiple abortions like getting a tattoo

  16. Harry Merkin says:

    I hope she doesn’t get raped by a fictitious Republican while she is there.

  17. It would have something, somehow have to do with sex

  18. Bill Williams says:

    A leftist babykiller democRat blowhard who wrote about molesting her own sister.
    I’ll save my tears for somebody just a tad more deserving.

  19. Griefman says:

    Who cares, except her and her ObGyn????

  20. Henry says:

    This is just a cover for an STD. What do you expect when you’ve seen more men than an Army Urologist? Men with vision problems I might add.

    • Team USA says:

      Excellent point Henry, knowing Hollywood’s expertise for PR misdirection. It’s a good guess more than just men are familiar with Ms Dungham. When rumors about gerbils begin, then no PR firm can stonewall that. PETA is on standby alert.

  21. Team USA says:

    Hopefully, Ms Dungham is on obamacare which will certainly impact her health and my happiness.

  22. TRE says:

    Lena proudly speaks of her abortions. Having abortions raises the risks of ovarian cancer. There are natural consequences for one’s choices.

    With that said, I wish her a successful surgery and I hope she gains real common sense and understanding of things so she can help others not make the same mistakes. This could be a clarion moment where she goes from being an outspoken rebel to common sense, to a defender of life. Of course, the choice is hers. But if she dies in the hospital, at this point of not having done anything real to make a difference, I doubt many people will really care, as she has been a cancer to society. Again, I’m hoping she has a great realization and a change of mind.

    Anyone can be a rebel against natural laws and natural order, but no one escapes their consequences.

  23. danny rose says:

    Variety, the honest rag of Lena. Leaving all the sad Lena comments in, and taking all the negative comments out. You all must be soooooo proud.

    • Team USA says:

      Well put, Danny. Fascist Left journalism has long been here and only extreme smear merchants like Dungham are allowed to flame their insults. In fact, sickly twerps like her get featured articles, not the comments section.

  24. earl gustafsson says:

    Just an ovarian cyst? Darnit!! When I read the headline I got excited. I was hoping for something much more serious.

  25. Brent Tomkins says:

    You reap what you sow.

  26. I don’t believe this for a minute. Only females have ovaries. and only humans are treated in hospitals. Lena DoneHam doesn’t meet the criteria.

  27. ploome says:

    no Adolf, she is not a Jew

  28. Yeah right says:

    Why, exactly, should I care? Noted that this link has been on top of Drudge’s right column for a couple of days now so it must be something of critical importance.

  29. GSnarks says:

    Huge admirer of your courage, your humor, and your ability to make us think. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery and a sheaf-full of fine material from this latest travail! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    Hugs, m’dear.


  30. Anna says:

    She refers to “my amazing doctors”. This uber-hypocrite one-percenter is not on Obama-care.

  31. TrumpSucks says:

    I can’t stand her work or her politics, but wish her well. I’m not a monster.

  32. Stoney Brooke says:

    I don’t wish pain and suffering on anyone except Isis. Get well soon.

  33. Get Better Lena says:

    OK That’s enough. While I personally find Ms Dunham’s beliefs and personality to be repulsive in every way, I do not wish pain and ill-health on her, and neither should anyone else.

    No doubt – she is a purposely antagonistic troll who goes out of her way to push peoples’ buttons, but that is no excuse for wishing she were dead or mocking her health problems.

    We are better people than our cultural marxist enemies and we need to show it.

  34. Anna Kozak says:

    Clearly the comments aren’t moderated if such ridiculous hatred (that is an understatement) is allowed to be posted. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, dehumanizing Lena Dunham because of your political views. Your comments say nothing about who she is, but about who you are. Try getting off the internet and talking that way to people, which you probably don’t because I can’t imagine why anyone would want to talk to such horrible people. I bet you wouldn’t live to see another day.

    • Snotty says:

      Hey Anna…….Grow a pair…………….

    • fghjk says:

      Sorry Mrs. KOZAK, real Americans passed biology and know why both you and Lena are infertile cat ladies

    • Hanson Smith says:

      anna kozak – your side has perfected the art of dehumanizing your fellow Americans. Your side is always working to stifle free speech. Mark Suckerberg and twitter are fast at work as we speak. This will be followed by thought crimes legislation drafted by the democrats.

    • Marty says:

      I don’t hate her. I’m merely treating her with the same level of casual contempt as she treats those whose opinions differ from her own.

      • Suicidy says:

        Are you serious? Look at all the bile being spewed by leftists over Nancy Reagan’s death, and the shameful display of spite When Margaret thatcher died. No leftist has ANYTHING to say on the subject.

  35. ggusta says:

    welcome to 2016, where d list has been’s have nothing to say to get attention more interesting than their health problems, tmi nation

  36. Elaine says:

    Stop. Stop. Stop. Variety, where are your moderators? Dunham’s show and her personal views make me squirm and feel uncomfortable. That is what artists do for society and we as a society grow from it. And yet, I wish her a speedy recovery and good health because my friends with this condition can attest to its debilitating pain. She is a human being. This level of wishing ill and death for someone whom you disagree with must stop. All good people cannot let others who speak with such hate go unchallenged.

    • Get Better Lena says:

      OK That’s enough. While I personally find Ms Dunham’s beliefs and personality to be repulsive in every way, I do not wish pain and ill-health on her, and neither should anyone else.

      No doubt – she is a purposely antagonistic troll who goes out of her way to push peoples’ buttons, but that is no excuse for wishing she were dead or mocking her health problems.

      We are better people than our cultural marxist enemies and we need to show it.

      • J Knight says:

        Fascinating how no one ever seems to flinch when countless Hollywood celebs wish ill health and death on those with views anywhere to the political right of them…but let some entitled, uppity millionaire actress get dumped on for a few hours and we are all aghast!

  37. Matt says:

    I wish her well but find her tirades against men puerile and her series “Girls,” to be frankly insipid.

  38. jcwy says:

    Wow,I can’t believe the utterly disgusting comments you people have written. You people don’t even know her,what is this about?!

    • Suicidy says:

      She is a vile antagonistic progressive. And has been inflicted on America without any justification. So she has earned the hatred of good Americans.

  39. jcwy says:

    I never knew she suffered from endometriosis. I do as well,for as long as i can remember and it is absolutely horrible. First it can take years to even get a “diagnosis “,then to be 100% you have to have surgery. It takes over your whole life. And for me lead to depression.

  40. Alan Scher says:

    Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel about her.

  41. Lisa says:

    I dislike this person but don’t wish bad health on anyone.

  42. JoeW says:

    I do not know what this woman can give in the entertainment world. She is a lot of hype, no substance for me and very little talent. Having said that, i wish her a full and speedy recovery.

  43. Lena Dunham says:

    Yikes, you beta orbiters are having a meltdown.

  44. Jack Gil says:

    Lena thinks she is more important than she really is.

  45. I usually don’t pay attention to the rantings of the rich and silly. However, one thing really stands out, the request to “respect her privacy”. This, from a person who makes her living by putting her entire life out front for the fools and idiots to follow…as though they are part of her “circle of friends”.

    What twits.

  46. Gerry says:

    My wife had endometriosis, and almost died from a cyst. It is no joke. I wish the best for Ms. Dunham

  47. Jose says:

    Just one question: Who gives a rat’s a–?

  48. Nate says:

    Ok, there’s a lot of really negative shit being said here. I think Lena Dunham is a loudmouth liberal, idiot . She’s panders to the willfully ignorant. All that aside, I dated a girl who suffered from this and it looks painful. Yeah Lena sucks hard. Let’s not wish bad health on her though, were no better than an arrogant liberal at that point.

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