Radiohead Listening Party in Istanbul Attacked by Islamists

Radiohead Listening Party Istanbul Attacked Islamists
AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

A group of radical Islamists attacked a listening party in Istanbul where Radiohead was holding a listening party for fans in support of their new album.

The men reportedly stormed the record store, Velvet Indieground, in Istanbul, Turkey, and used pipes to violently beat fans running away from the venue for drinking alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Our hearts go out to those attacked tonight at Velvet IndieGround in Istanbul,” Radiohead said in a statement. “We hope that someday we will be able to look back on such acts of violent intolerance as things of the ancient past. For now, we can only offer our fans in Istanbul our love and support.”

It’s unknown how many people were injured in the uproar or the severity of their injuries.

One of the store’s owners allegedly posted about the encounter on Reddit, saying, “I am the person that’s speaking in that video. I am the owner of that periscope account. They were determined to kill us. We were beaten by more than 20 men with pipes in their hands, beer bottles were broken on our heads. I don’t even know how we made it out. I will share the details later guys, just hoping that no one will die.”

The event was part of a global listening party in support of Radiohead’s new album, “A Moon Shaped Pool,” and included specially curated playlists, games, and limited-edition vinyls.

Video of the attack can be seen below:

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  1. Kevin Kelly says:

    Why are all the videos showing Muslims for who they are, removed?

    • Citizen Patriot says:

      I noticed the same thing. YouTube has been deleting accounts. I suspect, they do have been infiltrated by radicals.

    • Myne Gaim says:

      Because Variety is censoring us. You see, the film industry is very much against censorship.. unless of course they disagree with you.. then it’s perfectly acceptable you censor your comments.

      • Myne Gaim says:

        Or actually youtube is probably removing them.. they say, removed by user but that’s a crock. Youtube pulled them because like facebook, like google, like every other silicon valley mega corporation, they want to dictate the narrative, and the narrative is “ISLAM IS PEACEFUL”

  2. Aleric says:

    Welcome to Moderate Islam

  3. Ylem says:

    This is what Trump supporters go thru just to hear Trump speak.

  4. Ylem says:

    We pray for you all!!

  5. Peace loving Muslims…such tolerance too!…smh

  6. hihoze says:

    It’s time for a worldwide Reformation or Rejection of Islam. The inherent Intolerance of Islam can no longer be tolerated by the world.

    “Muslims” living free in The West need to export freedom and a Reformed Islam and the Freedom to Reject Islam back to the Intolerant Islamic countries they fled.

    • Jason Willis says:

      Muslims living in the West often condone things like this, and worse. There have been several polls done by Pew Research and others– “moderates” are almost as crazy as the rest of them.

  7. Lauren davis says:

    This should have been no surprise when you are in a Muslim with sharia law forbids it. All you liberals who want to bring it to the US should keep this in mind.

    • Rags T. Tyger says:

      Don’t approve of the message? Shut it down. Sounds like what’s happening on our college campuses and at Trump rallies. .The same apologists for fascistic violence are ready to explain and condone.

  8. Mike says:

    Anyone who says islam is a peaceful religion MUST see this behaviour of its adherents. Then make a decision if this is the right way to treat people or not. Where is the love of neighbor !
    This is disgusting.

    • How do you even know that that they are Islamic. That’s is like me assuming you are christian because you are white.

      • Myne Gaim says:

        You’re not really this ignorant are you? My Dad told me people like you exist but I didn’t believe him.. I guess he was also right about Holocaust deniers as well.

      • Chane says:

        Because it says they were attacked “for drinking alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan” And because Turkey is 97.8% Muslim.

  9. Brainpod63 says:

    Wow. Isn’t religion Awesome? Not.

  10. Miles Teg says:

    If you think an overbearing intrusive totalitarian government is bad then Islam should scare you to death.

  11. James says:

    Too bad nobody had a concealed weapon permit and a Glock.

  12. Fred Bailey says:

    More from the “religion” of “peace”.

  13. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Ahh, the religion of peace. And pipes. And cutting your head off to a bloody stump. Sounds like the call to prayer….

  14. lb says:

    Radicals? Moderates? Musical extremists? Shariazadists? How can we describes this so we don’t insult moderate freedom haters?

  15. Lori Smith says:

    Coming soon to a parrty near you.

  16. anthony dagostino says:

    Islam is a cancer that the world must eradicate. If they are “moderates”, they are benign, but nothing in medicine States that you leave the benign tumor behind, the entire tumor must go.

    As a species, we must be willing to look past emotional shield of guilt these monsters use to not only find cover, but grow. The west is not in a fight for freedom, we are in a fight for humanity itself. This open border nonsense by the libtards, is killing us. They actually do not recognize the treat, are incapable of ever recognizing it, they have a false belief in the “mirror effect”. The mirror effect is the belief that when broken down to the individual, we are actually the same, and there is only a barrier of misunderstanding and unjustified fear. That is flat wrong, we are not the same, and this naive belief will only allow them to kill more of us and to infiltrate deeper into our society.

    If we don’t change our footing, say good bye to our way of life, probably in a fee decades if we are lucky, much sooner if we are not.


      It seems deliberate to me. I think many of these liberals hate their own people so much, you know, especially if they’re white. That they are willing to allow the society their ancestors broke their backs to build, and gave their very lives over centuries to defend, to be destroyed. Liberalism, in my opinion, is the destroyer of worlds. It acts to our human society the same way AIDS acts to the human body. AIDS destroys the human immune system, preventing the body from identifying and treating what ails it. Liberalism destroys society’s immune system, and again in the same manor, preventing itself from identifying and treating what ails it.

      ( “Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds” – Sincerely, liberalism )

  17. if it plays in peoria, it will be successful anywhere. what? not successful istanbul? oh crap.

  18. Mark Nord says:

    Islam the religion of peace again shows us what violent intolerance means. Thanks to Obama’s weakness as a leader and him being sympathetic to Islam by forcing us to accept millions of refugees from terrorist Islamic nations this is now in our home towns. Orlando is a prime example of our inept security and the complete failure of Obama;s foreign policy. This country was founded by immigrants , for immigrants fleeing persecution in their home country, and those being persecuted for their religion. However we must draw a line and know who it is that is coming to our country. Muslims immigrating here are Anti- USA, hate us , are seeking to harm innocent people, promote radical jihad, and replace our constitution with sharia law. Muslims are seeking to overthrow the world and make all nation Islam. It is not a phobia, not a conspiracy theory , it is not based on racism, prejudice , or fear. It is just a fact and it is happening all over the world , yet everybody is blind to it . The liberals say most Muslim are good Muslims, yet 60% of Muslims in the U.S. say they want Sharia law to replace our constitution. They are preaching death to gays in a mosque a few miles from the Orlando massacre. Our lame president will not admit we are at war with Islam , but that is irrelevant Islam is at war with us.

  19. Den says:

    This is so sad…looked like they were having a good time … relaxing with friends and just enjoying their evening, until it was interrupted so violently … I think that these people who want to live in biblical times just don’t understand or have the knowledge that we all have moved on…. this is the modern world we live in for the past few hundred years… we all have progressed …. we have are exploring space , we are developing new technology… things are moving fast… I believe its a learning progress… i feel bad for both the attackers and the victims in this case …. those that are still living in biblical times need to find peace in their hearts to let others be … its not their job to police people’s lives, plus its no life for them either to do that, just let it go.

  20. Pipe control! By God, we must have global pipe control!

    • Myne Gaim says:

      What you don’t understand is culture. These people could care less about everything you mention. To them, the most important thing in life is eradicating people who do not do as their religion dictates. It’s people like you who enable them. I’m sure some of the people shot and killed in Orlando, or in the World Trade Centers, probably felt the same way. Here’s the truth dude. A very large percentage of muslims want Sharia law world wide and are willing to kill themselves to accomplish this. How many attacks will it take for you to finally get it? I suspect if one JUST one attack was like this was carried out by a southern band of white men, you would condemn us all. Wake up! They are waging war! Paris, New York, Orlando, the only reason it has not happened on a weekly basis is the fact the FBI has over TWO THOUSAND investigations going on.. The fact you feel sorry for the attackers… really just makes me want to pour a drink over your head.

  21. I have good news and bad news: Those were not “radicals”, those were moderates. The radicals kill, enslave, torture people, as opposed to merely beating them into submission. Remember…’s a “religion of peace”.

  22. If only we had stricter Fun Control. When will obama be blaming Republicans and Christians, etc?

  23. John Smith says:

    Change Turkey to Pork and the sand fleas will run for the hills.

  24. Dave Hill says:

    Good thing Radiohead wasn’t LGBT or they would be dead.

  25. Eric Nelson says:

    Turkey is moving headlong into becoming an Islamic Republic. Just what everyone, especially NATO and Greece needs. That said, it’s Ramadan. Ramadan is not a celebration. It is a time for introspection and almsgiving. The listening party was publicized. Big mistake. The promoters should have known better.

    • Jay Kellog says:

      It’s amazing how much the Left will justify Islamic barbarism, but if Fundamentalist Christians were doing anything similar- ANYWHERE in the world- Progressives would be screaming from the rooftops about “Extremist Christians” and the need to oppose them wherever they are found. Let is be an Islamist, and it’s…Well, you need to understand, it’s their culture and it needs to be respected. Unbelievable the Excuses the Left makes for even “Moderate” Islam, which is 10X worse than even the most fundamentalist Bible Belt church.

      • Myne Gaim says:

        Yep. The good news is that in the long run, every leftist and liberal will be on paper as supporting the bad guys. It will be the death of their “progressive” movement.

      • Spot on. The left loses their mind if some cake maker somewhere is not cool going to a wedding, but ready to find any excuse for shooting 50 people in a nightclub, or just blame it on the GOP / Christians.

  26. NealWV says:

    That makes me soangry. These guys need to be dealt with, seriously!

  27. Craig says:

    Nothing to see here…

  28. Tom says:

    Religion of Peace. Just ask Obama.

  29. jimkress35 says:

    “The men reportedly stormed the record store, Velvet Indieground, in Istanbul, Turkey, and used pipes to violently beat fans running away from the venue for drinking alcohol during the holy month of Ramadan.”

    Islam in a nutshell. “The Quran or the sword.” is still their motto.

  30. Larry Folds says:

    Where the terroristic Mexican flags that represent to me, a Texan, the deaths of our heroes in both the fight for Texas independence and the Mexican-American war wave outside a Trump rally, Gov. Rikki and her new liberal friends and weak-kneed Republicans who stand with her want to ban anything that smacks of the Old South and the history of the same people who voted her into office.These same do-gooders and blacks who hate these whites and their culture want to impose their culture and belief systems are no more different in acts than are the thugs who claim Allah as an excuse to kill, maim, and subjugate.

  31. That settles it, I will from this day forward always celebrate rammydam by getting drunk every day for a month, allàh be damned

    • Bill Smith says:

      “…I will from this day forward always celebrate rammydam by getting drunk every day…”

      Hey that’s a GREAT idea! I propose the new celebratory period be called Rumadan!

  32. Elijah Smith says:

    CCW people, CCW. Due to Hussein’s “Invasion Policy”, we’re gonna start seeing much more of this intolerance, hatred, bigotry and murder (such as, sadly, happened in Orlando and has been going on in other Muslim enclaves, such as the Detroit area) and freedom-loving Americans are gonna be forced to exercise their right of self-defense (which has been forgotten and ignored, but is actually the FIRST RULE OF NATURE), like the LGBT community is learning. No one–criminals, Islamists or any other liberally preferred class–has a right (religious or otherwise) to take away the means for others to protect themselves and it, very simply, ain’t gonna happen. So, we really should start figuring out ways to fix this mess that this government is purposely creating. It’s not “tolerant” or “caring” to be stupid and ignore the truth right before your eyes, it’s just plain stupid.

  33. The world must unite and defeat this scourge that is Islam.

    George Vreeland Hill

  34. Aboli says:

    Milo is right.

  35. nearboston says:

    So its cool to be playing gigs in counties that persecute gays, wimmins and Christians, and also like to rape little boys. But South Carolina is off limits because they don’t want men peeing in the ladies room.

    F- Radiohead, Spring-stine, and all the other hypocrites who feign outrage here but make the big pay days over there!!!!!!

  36. Until the civilized world accepts the fact that we are at war with these insane sup-humans we will continue to have these attacks. Thank you.

  37. Luxomni says:

    There is some mistake here. Obama has said the problem is American Republicans with guns and he is never wrong.

  38. OldNavy87 says:

    Sure lets bring them to the US, they will accept our customs with no problem…NOT!

  39. noodle says:

    Stop claiming they are “radical”.

    They are Islamists, period.

  40. Seth Potter says:

    I can’t believe this happened and a gun free zone

  41. Griefman says:

    If there is anyone out there that still believes that Islam and Western Civilization can coexist, please go play in traffic.

  42. Bret says:

    Silly people, you can only kill infidels and homosexuals during Ramadan…

  43. Dee Win says:

    Islam, so wonderful it’s mandatory, under penalty of death.

  44. Pamela J says:

    This was a party thrown by Muslims, attacked by bullies who think their version of Islam is the best. Just neighborhood bully a**holes. I’m living in Istanbul right now, and it’s overwhelmingly a peaceful and welcoming city. In the neighborhood where I live, women walk around in short skirts and it’s no big deal. And people drink and smoke on sidewalk cafes all through the Ramadan daylight hours.

    In other neighborhoods, people are more observant. But almost never violent.

    The reason this made the news is because it’s out of the ordinary. And I hope pathetic those thugs will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • Myne Gaim says:

      Wow. Sounds awesome. I used to say the same thing about Orlando, Florida.

    • Appeasers are the last ones eaten by the alligator.

    • HeadintheSand says:

      Just keep telling yourself that there is such thing as peaceful muslims. It can be your mantra as you are waiting for the blade to take your head off.

      • nearboston says:

        The radicals have been used by mainstream Islamists to spread by sword the teaching of Mo since Mo himself was doing the beheadings.

        Radical Mohammedans are just the pointy end of the spear held up and aimed by the rest of the zealots. The odd thing about this case according to you is that it occurred at all….in Turkey. Not odd at all when you see it in the light of decreasing secularism there.
        Turkey was *almost* westernized…*almost* non barbaric.

  45. John C says:

    Islam is the enemy of all non followers of Mohammed throughout the world. It is not that way by choice. While all other people are willing to allow those who wish to follow Mohammed to do so, it is the followers of Mohammed, the mohammedans, who refuse to allow everyone else in the world their choice of worshiping God, god or no one at all. The problem isn’t Christians, Jews, agnostics, people who believe in nothing at all or any nations such as America, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, German, Russia or any other advanced nation, it isn’t the EU or Africa, North or South America, the problem is Islam and those who make excuses for them, like the Left and the “Main Stream Media.” Until people realize, even though the average person already does, it is just the Politicians. leftists and Media who seem to be suicidal, until they realize that these follower of Mohammed want everyone who doesn’t follow the Pedophile who invented islam dead they will continue to protect the savages who commit these genocidal acts. Perhaps they need a Charlie Hebdo to occur at the New York Times, Daily News, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune or one of or perhaps all the other major “News” disseminators in America and throughout the world before the wake up and see the true danger that these savages represent. The media and those who defend Islam and the acts perpetrated in its name by the follower of Mohammed are almost as responsible for the deaths of these innocent people as the savages who perpetrate the crimes and acts of war themselves. Without the media and politicians protecting the savages, they would be crushed and no longer the threat that they are. Until the media and cowardly politicians like Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan, Barrack Obama and George Bush stand up and state that the problem is what everyone sees it is and come together to fight this scourge it will continue to kill the innocent in greater and greater numbers, eventually using weapons of mass destruction. If that occurs it is on the cowardly Politicians and media’s heads.

  46. phelbin says:

    Yes, I know they used pipes. But I’m pretty sure this attack could have been prevented with stricter gun laws.

  47. notamuslimfordamn sure says:

    Religion of peace….. Whatever……, Those people where not bothering anyone, oppressing anyone, just having a good time… And obama wonders why americans refuse to disarm in the name of pretend safety

  48. Nealboy2 says:

    The Religion of Peace strikes again. Thanks, Washington, bring more in.

  49. Hesperus says:

    Islam – the do as we say or we’ll keel you religion. Fourteen hundred years of brutality, tyranny, ignorance, human degradation, sorrow and superstition … but above all, of CONTROL.

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