The Monkees Reunite for a New LP, Tour

The Monkees Reunite for New Album
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The Monkees, the made-for-TV group that produced a stream of hits in the ’60s and ended up selling more than 75 million records worldwide, are reuniting for a tour, as originally reported by Rolling Stone.

According to the group’s website, the group is assembling a mix of songs for a new album titled “Good Times!” to celebrate its 50th anniversary (their hit TV show first aired in 1966) and its first LP in 20 years. The material is penned by such artists as Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Andy Partridge (XTC) and Zach Schwartz (Rogue Wave). The album will drop June 10.

“Good Times!” will also include songs by founding member Michael Nesmith, the one musician in the group considered a natural songwriter in his own right, as well as fellow original bandmate Peter Tork. Other tracks include contributions by Harry Nilsson and Neil Diamond. The LP, the first by the group that won’t include former teen hearthrob Davy Jones, who died in 2012, will be produced by Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne/Ivy).

The latest incarnation of the band will be anchored by Tork and Micky Dolenz, who was the lead vocalist on such hits as “Last Train to Clarksville,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “I’m A Believer” — songs that put the group on a commercial level with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Nesmith will not be participating on the tour.

The 31-date, small-to-midsize venue tour will include stops in New York (June 1 at Town Hall) and Los Angeles (Sept. 16 at the Pantages).

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    1. CW says:

      I saw Peter Tork a couple years ago with his Shoe suede blues band and he was Great! Very entertaining night which proved him a real Pro!

    2. Dallas says:

      Michael Nesmith’s mother invented “Liquid Paper” in the 1950’s during the peak of the typewriter era. She sold the company for $20M in the late 70’s, just before the computer revolution. Mike Nesmith, shortly thereafter, inherited her fortune at a relatively early age. Thus his 45 year absence from any Monkees reunion – quite simply, unlike his band-mates, he doesn’t need the money.

    3. Goyim says:

      I wouldn’t pay to see anyone, band, movie, politician or team. Idolizing anyone is gay. Let the music/sports hero worshiping for the pimpled faced adolescent virgin boys.

      • Cachiva says:

        In 1979 the Liquid Paper Corporation was sold to the Gillette Corporation for $47.5 million with royalties.
        Mike Nesmith, guitarist/singer in The Monkees, was the primary heir to her fortune upon her death in 1980.

    4. Green Sprite says:

      How can they tour without Davy Jones? He died a couple years ago.

    5. Je vizzusi says:

      This story has never been truthfully told. This was a fake band. The studio invented them to make money. Studio musicians played the instruments. Once they stated touring then they learned to play. It was all phony, setup and a invention by greedy producers. @JEV1A

    6. Gary says:

      Why all the Monkee hating? They help define an era. Thier video “She” is classic.

    7. DZ says:

      Please Lord, hear my prayer and spare me from this. Thought these idiots were gone forever. I guess they’re another cancer that keeps returning.

      • freddiebones says:

        Idiots ???? …..Did you make enough $$ in your 20’s to last the rest of your life ??? .. Did you have your own highly popular TV show ??? …So you’re saying that if you were offered the deal they were, you would have turned it down because it was beneath you ??? Who’s the idiot ? …Their songs were written by a highly successful duo, and were extremely listenable pop songs. I can’t imagine my teen years without them. And I am a musician who was at Woodstock, played the Doors, Hendrix, etc, but I am not a SNOB. There is always something to be said for a good, solid pop tune !

    8. Bill B. says:

      Can’t blame them for trying to make some bucks, but I wouldn’t want to see them.

    9. jkstaab says:

      Oh; please do not allow these clowns on tour…..the most pathetic band of their era no talent, just a plastic , non-original, band ever, it’s hard to even say they had any talent, only Mike had talent and he figured it out and quit, because all they were, were a bunch of TV want to be musician……

      • freddiebones says:

        WRONG !!! …They all played instruments, and 3 of them had EXCELLENT voices. Micheal went on to make much good music.

    10. mike boyde says:

      What was the beef between DJ and MN?Cause MN didn’t do anything with DJ was alive.

    11. gginiel says:

      What is Nesmiths problem with going on tour with the group? He has been absent four 45 + years!

    12. -Nate says:

      Best of luck .


    13. jake says:

      so it’s not really a reunion, it’s just half the guys who need the bucks

    14. Bill says:

      Harry Nilsson didn’t contribute anything, seeing he’s been dead for 20 years.

    15. stomson2001 says:

      Ah yes! The prefab four, formed by Hollywood moguls, financial opportunists and entrepeneurs when the Beatles stopped touring. They could not write good music or play istruments. They never played together, until thrown together to fill a vacuum.

      • Green Sprite says:

        Harry Nilsson was one of musical writers for the Monkees’ TV Show.. he was hired by NBC and a friend of John Lennon…He died 20 years ago….

    16. Chris Orrock says:

      Apparently, Milli Vanilli’s opening.

    17. Ron Jiles says:

      Nesmith is such a girlyboy. Get out there & tour with your bandmates, Mikey!

      • jake says:

        he was the only one that could play and has had a substantial career since, and don’t forget white out, he really doesn’t need the money like the other two, the tour hasn’t even started and it’s already emberrising…good for him, this should be a tv special not a tour

    18. mike says:

      its not the Monkees…just a waste

    19. Why Bother says:

      So a Monkees reunion tour…without Michael Nesmith and Davy Jones. I dunno…

      • D Paul says:

        I agree…. kinda like reuniting the Beatles with just Paul and Ringo

        • Green Sprite says:

          The Beatles cannot be reunited John Lennon was murdered in 1980, all three Beatles Paul, Ringo, George did get together for the song All Those Years Ago and released in 1981 and for the Beatles Anthology I II III. George Harrison died in 2001….from cancer…so has to be Ringo and Paul to reunite as long as they are alive and well.

        • Collie says:

          I’d pay to see Paul and Ringo. Micky and Peter???… not so much.

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