Leaked Kanye West 911 Call Outlines Doctor’s Safety Concerns (Listen)

Kanye West VMAs
Chelsea Lauren/REX

A 911 call placed by Kanye West’s doctor — excerpts of which were released by TMZ on Thursday — showed concerns over the musician’s safety as well as that of the responders.

TMZ  identified the person placing the call — made on November 21 — as one of West’s doctors, Michael Farzam, a general practitioner in Los Angeles. In the call, Farzam tells dispatch to not only send medical help to the rapper’s residence, but police as well.

“… if we can have some police backup because I don’t think the paramedics…” Farzam tells the dispatcher at the top of the call. Later, the dispatcher says, “Don’t let him get any weapons or anything like that” — to ensure West’s personal safety and the safety of those arriving on the scene.


Kanye West Calls Out Beyonce

Kanye West Reportedly Checks Out of Hospital

Upon arrival, authorities discovered a “medical emergency,” and West was transferred to the hospital by paramedics.

West was hospitalized on Nov. 21 in the UCLA Medical Center, and kept there for a week and a half until he was reportedly released yesterday. The morning he was hospitalized, it was announced that West would be canceling the remaining 21 dates on his Saint Pablo tour. According to TMZ, West will need ongoing psychological and medical treatment following his reported “nervous breakdown.”

Official details of his hospitalization have not yet been released.

Listen to the excerpt on TMZ’s website.

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    1. KateC says:

      The guy is clearly going through a hard time. I can’t imagine publishing every detail of his breakdown can be helpful. We really don’t need to know all this.

    2. Mike Knox says:

      Sounds like the Hollywood mafia paid Kanye a visit.

    3. Johnny Justice says:

      Karma is a bitch. He walked around for the last decade being a complete asshole. It always comes back 10 fold.

    4. Bayrider says:

      As much as Kanye annoys me, I’m in his corner for this one. If he is sleep deprived it will lead to psychosis. I’ve dealt with it 3 times with my wife. She didn’t sleep for a week and ended up in the hospital with severe psychosis, schizophrenia and paranoia. It took a week to get her sleep in order, once it was she was fine. She has no idea what she did during that time and thinks she was totally normal. The brain does amazing things to protect itself. Besides if I were married to a Kardashian, I would go mental, maybe it was just his brains way of protecting itself.

    5. Howard Stapelton says:

      The media and Hollywood f*nuts have enabled and even helped further his inanity and personal mental/emotional issues that offend and disrespect others and harm himself. What a bunch of self-congratulatory hypocrites.

      • This is about Kanye West’s $30 million insurance policy covering (his expected “profits” from his current tour)him for “illness”. I think it’s just a BIG put on, a show… West created all the drama by opening his BIG mouth supporting Trump… Politics had no place what-so-ever in his concerts. As for the weird things he said…West is a colossal weirdo who has a long long history of saying and doing very stupid things. As for sleep deprivation…No reason for West to lose any sleep. He only put a couple 1/2 hour concerts.

    6. Sheltiman says:

      Actually, this is the start of well choreographed run for the White House in 2020

    7. Ken May says:

      “nervous breakdown” = not spouting the Democrat Party line concerning Donald Trump.

    8. John Smith says:

      His last name may be West but his sanity went south.

    9. Don Juan says:

      Recovering gay fish.

    10. sailordude says:

      He had a meltdown after the Trump win! Just like the Starbucks CEO!

    11. Ever notice that everything the Kardashian’s touch turns to sh*t

    12. SorryDude says:

      President Kanye?

    13. Jim Morrison says:

      Jay-Z is sending some boyz to get you Ye

    14. Perhaps Kanye was trying to fend of the people who were trying to cart him away because he really isn’t ‘crazy’? I mean he’s said weird shit for years but as soon as he speaks out against Jay-Z and CO, he’s ‘a danger to himself and others’ and is taken to the very hospital that most conspiracy theorists say is the place that the Illuminati reprogram celebrities in? This entire thing stinks to high heaven and I don’t trust what the ‘masters’ of the industry are allowing to leak about this. Not one bit.

    15. clem says:

      He has been crazy for years. But the minute he supported Trump he got committed!

    16. O. Driftwood says:

      I’m curious as to what demographic purchases this guy’s music?

    17. He has been dancing with the devil, and he is paying his due.

    18. The idiots that attend a Kanye West concert should be the ones getting their heads examined!

    19. J B says:

      EMbarresing spouses ???
      You are pigs !!
      And what is wrong with journalism
      A heavy wife Or unusual face on a husband

      America is getting what it deserves in the next generation

    20. Vox Veritas says:

      “Obama doesn’t care about white people.” ~ Kanye East

    21. Sentient says:

      Marijuana use is a major contributor to the onset of schizophrenia. B12 deficiency (characteristic of vegans like Kanye) has also been implicated in bringing on schizophrenia.

    22. sue says:

      And this is WHO MANY of our youth look up to…among many more Hollyweird idiots

    23. Robert Paul says:

      This is great, we are already seeing winning and Trump is not yet President!

    24. G says:

      Hahaha, karma is a bitch bozo

    25. Although I have found it difficult to like the public persona of Kanye West, I know nothing of the real man. A nervous breakdown, if true in his case, deserves compassionate care. His wife gains notoriety and income in a most tawdry way, which would be very difficult for a proud man to handle.

    26. Jim Bortell says:

      Seriously. Why can’t people realize the gigantic scam that is perpetrated time and again by this excuse for an entertainer? It is shameful that this fecal matter receives any media attention. He and co-conspirator (you fill in the blank) are disgusting and pathetic. People need to ‘wake-up’ to the ongoing fraud.

    27. pageoturner says:

      Which Jenner leaked this – Kris or Kim?

      • richroiz says:

        That is sensitive, confidential and personal material that no family would “leak” about thier own beloved…. until sweeps week

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