Kendrick Lamar Delivers Politically Charged Performance at Grammys

Kendrick Lamar gave a passionate, politically charged performance at Monday night’s Grammy Awards.

His performance of his “The Blacker the Berry” started with Lamar and several black back-up dancers in chains, with the backdrop of a prison. As Lamar progressed in the song, he and the dancers released their chains and danced, donned in glow-in-the-dark outfits.

Lamar moved across the stage to head to a giant bonfire as he transitioned into his hit “Alright,” performing along with African dancers. Near the end of the set, a picture of a map of Africa appeared behind Lamar, with “Compton,” his hometown, written on it.

The performance drew a strong response from both social media and the live crowd, garnering a standing ovation in the Nokia Theatre.

“I’m African-American, I’m African,” Lamar rapped on stage. “I’m black as the moon, heritage of a small village/Pardon my residence/Came from the bottom of mankind/My hair is nappy, my d–k is big, my nose is round and wide/You hate me don’t you?”

The rapper came out on top when nominations were announced, scoring 11 nods including album of the year for “To Pimp a Butterfly.” He’s considered one of the top contenders in the category, along with Taylor Swift with her “1989.”

Lamar has already won best rap album for “Butterfly,” his fifth award of the night. In the pre-telecast ceremony, he won rap performance, rap song, rap/sung collaboration and music video.

The Best Moments from the 58th Grammy Awards

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    1. Really?? says:

      Racism? The president is black. what else do you want?

    2. Whats Ituya says:

      Loved it. Abought time they brought chain gangs back. Performance could have used a little tap dancing though.

    3. Jack Kennedy says:

      ahhh………… the BACKLASH coming right at the professional victim ENTITLEDS

    4. timefortrump says:

      We should have picked our own cotton – now look what we have to deal with – thanks Pilgrims

      • Josi Weston says:

        You amaze me. Honestly, amazed. Even your naked racism is wrong about 5th grade history. There were no black slaves on the Mayflower. Racialized slavery was brought over by British imperialists in Virginia, not the Puritans. I can’t begin to imagine how bad your grasp on more recent history must be if you’re getting the colonists wrong during your backhanded admission that slavery is a bad thing.
        Moving up to 9th grade history: Y’know there was never a Wild West of unregulated murders, right? Or even of prosecuted killings? You understand hyper violent saloons and high noon draws are a Hollywood invention?
        Here just do some googling: If you want bloody historical periods west of the Mississippi that /actually happened/ you could check out Bleeding Kansas. If you want unregulated killers look at lynchings in America. Or just check out any of the 102 unarmed black Americans killed by the police their own taxes funded.

    5. timefortrump says:

      I think the cops should avoid all Black neighborhoods from now on – let em shoot it out Western style – they don’t like the cops then why should cops risk their lives protecting them?

      • Stevie says:

        good points Josi but I disagree with the unarmed killings because often the police are left with no choice but to use weapons. When cops say stop they mean stop, if the person moves their hands towards their pockets or jacket the cops naturally see this as a threat and will not take a chance … unfortunate but reality. Michael Brown is a good example…he charged the cop and tried to get his gun. Hence, mike brown (a real low life thug as we come to find) got his reward.

    6. Johnny says:

      The White people in this comments section are showing their asses. I bet many of you lot identify as “liberals” too! Sad. You all are the same people Black folks waste their time trying to wake up.

      • Stevie says:

        Johnny let’s get some facts straight: ”’generally”’ its the blacks who need the wake up calls…youre murdering each other at accelerating rates, aborting and murdering your babies by the hundreds of thousands, burning down your own people businesses, providing pathetic family foundation gravely lacking in Christian base and two parent moral examples ( read CDC and FBI stats!!!),

        work ethic, manners and education are not NOT at all prized yet these are the key things leading to success. you dont admonish the thuggies who wear their pants below their asses and the world looks at this and rolls their eyes shakes their heads and say to themselves “stupid nigggaz” (this is a sad sad fact), why dont the adults scold these thuggies? they dont they are cowards.

        many refuse to believe that the BLM group are just trouble makers and that mike brown committed suicide by cop, and t he “chain” Compton act….the world is bored bored bored and tired of this decades old material the oh whoa is me pity party. People in the audience applauded perfunctorily not cuz they liked it. Look at their faces they were bored.

        Grow up, get a life take responsibility for your future and lives. The world wants all men and women to be successful but seems like the blacks are finding excuses for their ongoing failures. I drive thru Ghetto Gary indiana in the 60″s and 70’s and it looks the same today. Same for Chicago south side and st louis.

        Idolize Jesus Christ, His message, and take responsibility for being men and women. Drake and your rappers are evil with evil anti Christian messages. Pathetic. absolutely pathetic.

    7. Denise says:

      PLEASE bring back Motown. EVERYONE loved that music. That music brought races TOGETHER. Kendrick’s music SUCKS. He’s laughing all the way to the bank with his anger aimed at white people. Why does he and other black “artists” have to include “nigga” and curses in their lyrics? Lowering the bar to the ground!

      • Stevie says:

        And 98 % blacks keep voting for liberal democrats for decades and decades and decades. And no improvement, yet you still vote liberal. THATS just incredibly incredibly stupid. No other way to say it. Absolutely laughable and stupid.

      • endesq says:

        You have a very revisionist view of history. Motown artists were accused of making “race music,” and were kept from main stages for years. Their music was stolen and repackaged by White artists. And, a lot of that Motown sound you love is about the same thing that Kendrick is talking about.

      • Johnny says:

        Stay mad, heaux.

    8. Walter Robeson III says:

      Its true and thats why performances and songs like the ones performed last night exist

    9. Mike Person says:

      Yeah, racist punk.

    10. Cali says:

      yaaaa black crime!! What?

    11. JonInVa says:

      All I will say is that he, like all other American blacks, are about as “African” as I am. Does he really identify with Africa? That place that produces pretty much nothing of note, except violent tribal wars and deadly disease? Does he realize that while whites didn’t invent slavery, they abolished slavery? Or that slavery has been outlawed longer than it was, for all practical purposes, practiced in the U.S. on a large scale? I mean, really, what is the point of acting as if he is truly African? He’d as soon live there as the whitest albino redneck would.

      And why does he act like blacks in chains and in prison is due to “you”, i.e. white man, when in fact it is they who are breaking the law and putting themselves outside “life”. It’s all ridiculous. I’m tired of being blamed for things that happened hundreds of years ago, and if being literal, did not involve my ancestors whatsoever. And let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of whites who bled, died, and where disfigured fighting a war that freed the very people who now spit in their face and call them racist.

      What do black people want? What is “justice”? For all white people to die? Is that it? For trillions more to be taxed and given to black people? Because I can’t see any other way that this ever gets resolved so long as blacks want segregation, after wanting integration, and continue to blame, accuse, and divide based on a past, or remnants of the past, that may have experiences in perhaps a 1/1000000th of a degree compared to the true slaves.

      It’s so tiring having to be beaten over the head with how evil my own race supposedly is. It’s a thankless, impossible task having to defend against ghosts from the past, and idealized visions of a dark continent that in reality is, and has been, nothing but a 3rd world afterthought..

      • Walter Robeson III says:

        very true but you have to listen to all the words of the song or the album its not just slavery its the mentality and yes Kendrick does address the mentality of black on black crime and hatred. The dude is deep and I think people just dont want to get that deep they like to stay mentally shallow. I am black and I was never a slave so I cant relate to their struggle but I can relate to civil injustices that occur to blacks and all people and that is what Kendrick speaks of not the struggle for blacks but for all races if you listen hard enough. White people should not feel guilt of the past but look for prosperity in the future with all races. If you look at Kendrick’s performance with face value and not look deep into it you will see another monkey in chains and hatred towards whites. Look deeper people

        • African says:

          As an African…born & bred…you views on Africa are ignorant and stupid.

        • Stevie says:

          if people dont commit crimes then they dont get busted. Social injustice>??? LOL SMH listed to the words from Drake and Nigggaz Wit Attitudes who use the nigggazh word constantly.These artists the black communities adore and put on pedestals and make heros of are the trash that puts too many blacks in the highly regarded, highly embraced but inescapable world of “stereotypes.”

        • Joe says:

          Well said. Why is it we have to be African-American. Why can’t I just be American?

    12. Walter Robeson III says:

      I loved Kendrick’s performance it was on right on time and a great comeback for all the backlash beyonce got over her superbowl performance. I knew this one would make people mad especially if beyonce performance did and that was mild and the message wasnt put out in full display as was kendrick’s was. He performed the two most racially charged songs on his album which was awesome. Look maybe people would see it different if they took their earphones off of taylor swift and all these sweet love songs and listened to some real hard lyrics. I was so proud of Kendrick’s performance and he took the garbage people gave to beyonce and shoved it right back down the throat of the haters and racist people of America. Should of won the grammy but of course little innocent white Taylor Swift gets that one.

    13. Cali says:

      Why do we glorify evil in America? Have we become evil? I try to keep my kids from watching the media since they constantly glorify bad behavior and condemn those that try to keep a moral/ethical code.

      • Stevie says:

        grammys not a place for political BS. Kendrick performance was boring and the applause was perfunctory…fact. The slavery the chains all that crap is so old and stale and boring it’s the same old song for decades. Get over it.

    14. Juan says:

      He reminds us of the high violent crime rate in Africa-America. He seems to be OK with that, celebrating it.

    15. daliscar says:

      Racial denigration,
      Condemation, or adulation?
      It all depends on the
      Speaker’s pigmentation.

    16. Fred Beloit says:

      Are you positive it isn’t Lamar Kendrick?

    17. It was disgusting! I didn’t see a standing ovation, but I did see a lot of stunned people in the audience while her “performed'”.

    18. bitter49er says:

      More like a racially charged matter. Sorry, folks, but the words race and racial are not politically incorrect.

    19. no1hd says:

      So, what does that say about the new black music and it’s stars.

    20. Blacka says:

      He should join hands with the other Lamar O Di DUM the dope head and sex feign and his looser wife Khloeeee Kardashian who both need to be in jail.

    21. says:

      Baloney, Lies, and Malarkey.

      Do black American entertainers these days think of anything other than their race?

    22. Tareek J Smit says:

      Absolute rubbish !!!! never seen anything so dreadful

    23. Alex W. says:

      Ever wonder why blacks sing songs about prison but no other group does? Might it be their familiarity with the environment and their proclivity to do things that get them sent there? The so-called black lives movement seems disinterested in the 6000 blacks killed each year by blacks — that’s 60,000 murders each decade for those who left calculators at home.

      And this clown of a singer is worried about the handful killed by police?

    24. Ed says:

      Yes, our prisons are filled with innocent blacks………right.

    25. If that’s what he’s comfortable with and brings back good memories of jail; so be it.

    26. Steve says:

      Boring boring boring. Same old poor black folk in chains in jail. Boring .Dudes , do the crime do the time.

    27. Abdul Keddou says:

      Lamar’s lame theatrics were a predictable followup to the racist display put on by Beyonce at the Super Bowl halftime show. Kendrick and his homies from “Black Lives Matter” ignore the black-on-black murder epidemic and only get upset when a thuggish criminal like Michael Brown gets justifiably shot after trying to take a cop’s gun.

      • Mihail says:

        Uhh… the song he performed first (The Blacker the Berry) is about how the character rapping is a hypocrite because he’s willing to live with black-on-black violence while complaining about police brutality. Maybe you should actually see what the song is about before condemning it -_-

      • Mike says:

        Too bad he does not return to Africa——for good.

    28. Billz says:

      oh great…Another black crying about racism, whilst sad white people have pity for them and buy their music

      Why is it that blacks are ALWAYS the ones looking for sympathy like a bunch of pathetic wimps…

      Indians and Asians face MUCH more racism, Ive never ever heard of them crying like babies about racism

      Blacks are tragic

      • alysiasimone says:

        so it’s bad that black people complain about racism and call for justice and change? exposing racism and demanding justice makes us wimps and tragic? are you saying that it’s good that Asians (fyi indians are Asians, they are south asians)keep quiet about the racism they face? is that what the issue is? do folks just want us to shut up about any racial issues we face? if so why?

        does that go for women, lgbt and other marginalized groups as well or just black folk?

      • Abdul Keddou says:

        Thanks for making sense amigo.

    29. Tehya Tala says:

      I saw nothing wrong… He spoke about his experience. I’m seeing a lot of “he should go back to Africa” statements, but let’s not forget that this country was stolen from my people. Please don’t forget that you are descendants of people (from Europe) whom murdered and stole the very land you hold so sacred from mine. And racism is very much alive and well in your people. I and my people experience it everyday. He’s only speaking the truth. If you don’t like it change it or hop a flight back to Europe.

      • deogee says:

        “this country was stolen from my people”

        And your people savagely murdered the inhabitants who were here long before your people; Copper Culture of Michigan people were here 12,000 years ago – on record by your people as being slaughtered by ndn’s.

        And don’t forget The Cahokia Mound builders/city, a pre-Columbian Native American city ( c. 600–1400 AD), who your kind savagely disposed of as well. I could go on, but you should get the point by now.

        How bout you climb down off that cross, make a bridge out of it, & get the F over it?

      • Ethel Mertz says:

        Elizabeth Warren???? Is that you?!?!?! BIG fan. Best of luck with Barry’s SCOTUS nomination!!!

    30. Joe Neckbone says:

      This guy is a black racist clown.

    31. Antifaker says:

      Aww look All the internet racist. You’d never reveal yourselves just cloaked in the idea that you’re anonymous. So afraid of the black and brown person. I love that Kendrick got y’all writing thesis statements full of hate. Keep those sheets cause you don’t have the balls reveal your identities. No one cares that you’re mad. Kendrick’s d*ck is indeed big. Lmao!

      • Sean Brewer says:

        First of all, reveal your identity, oh wait, you probably won’t because you’re a coward. My names right there as the username. I’m not hiding squat, especially not from someone like you. Want my address to? No one is afraid of anyone, especially not you. If America is so terrible, and Africa so great, go there. Seriously. GO THERE. I’ve met WHITE PEOPLE who are more AFRICAN than he is. He is no more African than I am Scandinavian. So get out of here.
        Second of all, the only person I see spewing hate is you, just check your own comment. Telling people they don’t have the balls to identify themselves, that’s hateful talk. You’re entitled to that though. So have at it. Know that when people tend to talk smack, the smack always catches up with them. Best to check yourself, before you are out in the real world and pop off to the wrong person.
        Third of all, if no one cares they are mad, then no one cares YOU are mad.
        Fourth of all, how you know the size of his dick is disturbing and is a little strange, but that’s your business.
        I’ll close out with you’ll talk big through a monitor but I would bet a paycheck when someone gets in your face you’ll back down from a fight. People like you are a dime a dozen. Cowards who don’t have a spine that will talk big and bad until they are faced with true adversity. So yes, your name rings true, you are fake.

      • Joe Neckbone says:

        And where’s your balls to reveal your identity?

    32. Deznutz says:

      I turned the grammys off after this “artist” “sang” his racist manure.

      • Jake says:

        Lol Racist Shit? okay kid He’s singing about the racial Struggle in America. If you can’t realize that go back to wherever you came from. You’re the very people he’s pointing out.

    33. PS: Lamar isn’t a great or even good artist. He is just another, in a long list of artists that are hyped by record labels as the next big thing. 5 to 10 years from now, they won’t even be talking about this guy, other than maybe in regard to a position of a reality show as a judge, or one of those Real House Wives shows.

      • Jake says:

        I’m very sorry to see you say that. Don’t judge anything not knowing the subject in which you comment about. First off Kendrick Lamar is one of the most inspirational Rappers alive and will continue his career far down the road such as snoop which has been rapping for over ten years just like many other rappers. Hell NWA was decades ago and they’re still talked about just as much today! Learn your shit kid, and stop being ignorant or I’m gonna have to beat some ass.

    34. They were giving everyone standing ovations. As per Kendrick Lamar, the standing ovation was forced. He was just yelling on the microphone, copying Kanye West inflictions. Worse, what he was saying was perfectly unintelligible.

    35. polywog says:

      ANY HUMAN that thinks that skin color is an issue is irrational. stop promoting racist bs. L

    36. Jojo says:

      I Love My People 2 says:
      February 15, 2016 at 9:01 pm

      Dear Black People,
      We, (as in White people) are allowed to discuss our past, be proud of who we are, be unapologetic about being White, and stand up for ourselves and our community. Jewish people and the gay, lesbian, bi, etc. community do it all the time. No one ever shuns them when they celebrate who they are. Why are you all so threatened when Blacks do the same? Please stop being so quick to judge and understand when we are pro-White, that does not equate to being anti-Black. White people, keep celebrating who we are. We do not need anyone to validate us. We do this for ourselves and our people, not them.. AND WE ARE ALLOWED TO!! Black people, stop acting guilty when we take pride in who we are. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!!! We’re proud to be White. Get over it.

    37. MS Stewart says:

      Hey lamar, i’m gonna let you finish, but Johnny Cash had the best prison song

    38. john says:

      way to go lamar your a great guy you must be so proud of yourself using your own race to get noticed.It is people like you that embarrass your own race.Oh well will smith and Jada are proud of you.

    39. I Love My People says:

      Dear White People,
      We, (as in Black people) are allowed to discuss our past, be proud of who we are, be unapologetic about being Black, and stand up for ourselves and our community. Jewish people and the gay, lesbian, bi, etc. community do it all the time. No one ever shuns them when they celebrate who they are. Why are you all so threatened when Blacks do the same? Please stop being so quick to judge and understand when we are pro-Black, that does not equate to being anti-White. Black people, keep celebrating who we are. We do not need anyone to validate us. We do this for ourselves and our people, not them.. AND WE ARE ALLOWED TO!! White people, stop acting guilty when we take pride in who we are. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!!! We’re proud to be Black. Get over it.

    40. pablo dini says:

      reminded me of eddie murphy kill my landlord poetry skits on the old SNL. just didn’t work for me at all.
      way too much visually going on to have a message come out. in fact, the whole thing seems like a bad, overdone S NL skit.

    41. Team Drake says:

      No more white guilt. Race card can only be played so many times. All of my friends and myself were born well after slavery was abolished and none of us have been racist in any way from birth. I do not feel guilty for anything, nor myself or any of my friends contributed to racism. Same things go for most of black people participating in this discussion unless racism has affected you directly and you live with it daily stop guilting white people into something your grand parents had to suffer.

    42. benjamin skinner says:

      Hey lamar; im glad youre so impassioned about your roots..go to Africa and i hope you make a substantial impact on your culture. I missed the dead Native American Indians in your “politically charged performance ” message though..we werent chained, we were slaughtered….Youre advocating the same by not acknowledging the true transformation of this country….this isnt your country, its OURS! Go “home” to Africa if you cannot JUST call yourself an American. Be proud of the liberties and freedoms afforded you by the blood of Americans that truly believed in this country.”Immigration without assimilation is just an invasion” and this applies to you also..

      • Tehya Tala says:

        From a person whose family originated here (yes, in native) if you have a problem with others voicing their opinion hop a plane back to Europe! Let’s not forget who your people stole this country from ( a little hint: mine).

      • This comment says it all. My great grandfather lost part of his hand fighting to free the slaves. In fact 350,000 white Northerners LOST their lives freeing the slaves.

      • benjamin skinner says:

        Nice reply. You seem very intelligent and well aware of the crisis we face culturally as a nation. Im sure some reparations would make it all okay and erase the damage done to you personally by people and that have been dead for 100 years and practices that ended with our Civil war.

    43. Bob says:

      Blacks sold other blacks into slavery. Fact.

    44. Bob says:

      White guilt and black anger. Gee, can we ever overcome?

      • Team Drake says:

        No more white guilt. Race card can only be played so many times. All of my friends and myself were born well after slavery was abolished and none of us have been racist in any way from birth. I do not feel guilty for anything, nor myself or any of my friends contributed to racism. Same things go for most of black people participating in this discussion unless racism has affected you directly and you live with it daily stop guilting white people into something your grand parents had to suffer.

    45. Bob says:

      Blacks won’t never let you forget they are black.

      • BlackisBeautifulTruthisReal says:

        And White people always always love to point out or make reference to the color of any dark persons skin hair features you name it.Why do we need to be reminded of our race or ethnic differences whenever in the presence of your kind.

      • alysiasimone says:

        do you want to forget that we are black? would you prefer if we didn’t talk about our race/culture? if yes, why?

        • alysiasimone says:

          false. non black people care about / enjoy black people/culture as well. YOU may not you are only one person. why isit such a problem to see black people express themselves? if its not your cup of tea, move on. i myself hate country music. so i don’t listen to it, but i don’t downplay those who do or denigrate the people who perform it.

        • Manwar says:

          Because nobody cares except you.

    46. StraightWhiteChristianMale says:

      If you’re black and you’re reading this, I have a couple questions. I’m looking for answers, not a fight.

      Do you feel like YOU were somehow wronged because of slavery?
      If so, what do you want white people to do about it?

      What is the biggest struggle for your race today?

      Do you ever recognize when you are being racist against whites?

      If you were walking towards a group of young black men, would you avoid them? If they were white instead, would your answer be different?

      • JustToAnswerThis says:

        Just to give you my honest answer, (coming from 90s kid).

        Yes. I Feel that I was wronged because of slavery. Although I may have lived a privileged life to a degree and am currently in college, I recognize that because of slavery, many people (I’ll speak for Blacks in this regards) have inadequate resources, less education, and face racism daily.

        To answer, what I want white people to do about it. Honestly, I want you to help us. I view us a equals, but society treats blacks as less, kill us, give us a harder time. To whites, I’m (me personally) am not blaming you for what happened during slavery times, but please don’t turn a blind eye to black people where you can help in any form. Whether that be in education in schools or even as simple as people around you about racism and the struggles they face. Help because we face a bigger threat in America because of our skin. Not our personality, intelligence, and other factors, but we’re disadvantaged just because of our skin.

        The biggest struggle?
        Honestly, its a mixture of things in my opinion. The ones that come to mind at the moment consist of education, police brutality, and mass incarcerations.

        Do you ever recognize when you are being racist against white?
        For me to answer that, we have to define what it means to be racist. Prejudice at times, yes, racist, no. What I mean by this, is that being ‘racist’ towards someone means that my opinion (preconceived notion) of them will cause some sort of negative affect on them. For example, if I were a CEO and saw a white applicant and denied him a job because he was white. That’s being racist, it has a direct affect on his life merely because of his skin color. So I don’t believe in majority (if not 95% of the time) blacks can’t be ‘racist’ unless it prevents the opposing race some sort of benefit. Even Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCUs) accept white students with open arms, but that’s another conversation. To answer your question, I may hold some biases and ideas of whites at times, but I haven’t let that affect me from getting to know them and I haven’t treated them any differently than a black person or asian or etc.

        If I were walking towards a group of young black men, would I avoid them? If they were white instead, would your answer be different?

        No, I wouldn’t avoid them. For the white, I give the same answer.

        • Ranger says:

          Why do you give your opinion on the word racism and not the definition? The definition you provide is actually discrimination. Merriam Websters defines discrimination as : the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people. The definition of racism according to the diction is, poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race, also it says the belief that some races of people are better than others.

          So to say that blacks can’t be racist is complete bullshit. Anybody can be racist.

    47. Last Dad Standing says:

      Do white folks make movies, sing at concerts, play pro sports, or serve as new anchors or attorney generals anymore. I just woke up from a nap I took in 1966 and Hell’s busted.

      • Doc says:

        Blame the Civil Rights Act and exchanging your freedom for a lump of government cheese. Liberals deliberately locked you into inner cities. Look back at Black families in 1950’s with close family units with strong father figures in the house. Lowest percentage of births out of wedlock and high moral standards. Look what 60 years of government cheese has done in exchange for voting Democrat.

    48. manwar says:

      Kermit LeDumb

    49. Ron says:

      Great performance by Kendrick. Of course people will say it was racially charged, but before you comment go listen to Blacker the Berry first and understand the meaning of the song….. it’s giving nothing but straight facts that YOU CANT DENY whether you are WHITE or BLACK…. listen tot he song and then give your opinion…….because we gon be ALRIGHT….

      It’s like Tupac wrote “…..and they say it’s the white man I should fear but its my own kind doin all the killin here….”

    50. Mlk says:

      I dont know why these fellas are so angry, maybe they are trying to use white guilt? Maybe they want us to pay for their groceries, gas, housing, clothes, phone, childcare, medication, o wait, we do. And ours. Why so angry my brotha?

      • Walter Robeson III says:

        you dont buy shit for me brotha !!!! stop generalizing cause there are definitley white people on public assistance as well

      • djpetemarriott says:

        You’re mistaking anger for a deep hurt and sadness created by slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and systemic racism designed to keep black people down.

        Despite the fact that I grew up in one of Brooklyn’s toughest crime ridden township’s I went to a high ranking university out of pocket on my own dime (thanks to my music), and on the merits of my nearly perfect SAT scores. Despite the fact that I’m a successful tax paying business owner, when the police pulls me over in my luxury sports crossover, because they can, they treat me like a criminal and every time such an event happens, my life is in immediate danger, because I never know if that will be the time I will be murdered by someone who my taxes pays.

        Black people just want to have the equal right to a good education, jobs and the ability to live peacefully without the stress of being discriminated against.

        You want to stop hearing the valid complaints of a wronged people, then get past your silly hate and ignorance and do something constructive by demanding our tax dollars be used for creating after school education programs for science, music, engineering, art, math, dance, business, and agriculture in the inner cities so the kids in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Miami among other place can feel a sense of self worth and value their lives.

      • Ted says:

        You racist? You sound like an asshole, probably a Hillary supporter. Ugh

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