Beyonce Drops New Song ‘Formation’ and Politically Charged Video

A day ahead of her anticipated return to the Super Bowl halftime show stage, Beyonce has released new single “Formation” along with an accompanying music video.

Set in New Orleans, the clip features shots of Bey lying on top of a sinking New Orleans police cruiser as well as a graffiti’d wall that says, “Stop shooting us.” There’s also a scene of a black child in a hoodie dancing in front of a line of police officers in riot gear. At one point a man holds up a newspaper called “The Truth” with an image of Martin Luther King Jr. on the front page captioned, “More than a dreamer.” Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’s daughter, also appears in the video.

“I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making,” Beyonce sings on the track produced by Mike WiLL Made- It.

The song is available for download through streaming service Tidal, which Beyonce co-owns with husband Jay Z and a slew of other big-name artists.

Beyonce will join Coldplay and Bruno Mars in the Super Bowl 50 halftime show on Sunday afternoon on CBS, during which “Formation” will make its live debut, according to Entertainment Tonight. She also headlined the show in 2013. Last week, she and Coldplay released a video for their collaboration “Hymn for the Weekend,” which has since been accused of cultural misappropriation for its portrayal of India.

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    1. Lagudut says:

      Beyonce is a singing plantation worker for the music industry.. Minimal low talent lip synced singer who can distract the audience by acting like a cheap stripper by a swinging booty that will get nasty as she ages.. Great post brother

    2. kdrama says:

      Beyonce is a good singer and I like her. Do he release a new song in this year ?

    3. DramaFans says:

      MV ya? keren lah,,

    4. sabwap says:

      wah keren kpopnya

    5. muzaku says:

      Great! Nice beyonce :)

    6. ilkpop mp3 says:

      Beyonce will join Coldplay and Bruno Mars in the Super
      Bowl 50 halftime show on Sunday afternoon on CBS, :)

    7. jpop mp3 says:

      in New Orleans, the clip features shots of Bey lying on
      top of a sinking New Orleans police cruiser as well as a
      graffiti’d wall that says, “Stop shooting us.

    8. Muzaku says:

      perfect videos .. nice

    9. Sharedkey says:

      good song, like it :)

    10. FasterMp3 says:

      like this .. thank for share

    11. Smashlagu says:

      I like This Song, thanks you sir

    12. musik apik says:

      I love music, thanks for your sharing, i verry like it

    13. Musik Closer says:

      Wow…awesome. I like this video, and thanks for sharing

    14. SalMusik says:

      Hello i’m from Indonesia, hm beyonce new release music

    15. cakra69 says:

      I really like his music … every time a new song of his I always download

    16. Bobby Taylor says:

      We Would highly suggest Reading the Emancipation Proclamation and Vote Trump quit blaming White People


    17. Mable Dukes says:

      When are people going to learn?
      We were give very little opportunity in the past to create out future.,
      But, we as a people of Color are having a say in what happens to us in the future!!
      “This is not a threat”, it’s a promise using all necessary Lawful means to accomplish it!!!!!!
      “We are the World, We are his Children too”

    18. evenwhenilie says:

      I like the video, black music is not just for entertainment…. We’ve used it as a tool for years, a tool of expression and a weapon of change that has proven to be as subversive to the status quo as any civil rights leader. Now we just need to make that mental progression back to Africa that Malcolm was talking about after visiting Mecca.

    19. Mariah says:

      All the white people upset

    20. Chris says:

      Disgrace it what it is… She should put on a uniform and walk a beat.. Get shot at and lock people up on a daily bases then she can talk ! Until then get a real job, your not above the Law cause you sing and have money… I lost all respect for her… Hope her sale drop ! Real piece of work…..

    21. Connie Teague says:

      lost All interest in B and JZ. Their attitudes are divisive, hurtful, unnecessary, inflamatory, childish and why tick off any fans. They are selling hate just like the KKK. Does this make me want to include my black neighbors in conversation around the mail box, or offer to watch their property when they are out of town, stop and joke with them and share tools. Not helpful to me or my neighbors. Is this attack seeking separation of race. Too late, if you are in my neighorhood we have so much in common that race is trumped by life, kids, schools, property values, fences. Not helpful to anybody. Manup and stop thinking you are different, that attitude keeps us all from moving on, it keeps us apart and stuck.

    22. Mike Wash says:

      haha smh. All these white people on this post mad, trying to stay relevant. Give it up, we don’t care what you think. We are not worried about white America, you are all worried and scared of us. We just want love, peace and stable jobs just like the rest of you. Stop hating smh, you guy’s are the one’s still roaming around in hoods and capes trying to kick blacks out of your community!

    23. UK Girl says:

      Wow, the majority of the comments below make me despair for humanity and the future of the USA, a country that I have spent much time in and have great affection for. Such racism and hatred present is really sad to hear. The UK isn’t perfect on this front, but it seems we have a come a long way ahead of the USA on these matters. Good luck to those who are fighting the peaceful fight to change things

    24. Karen Irving says:



    25. Jonathan Geller says:

      Beyonce looks like a horse. With those fat legs she shouldn’t be in a body suit. That dancing, if you can call it that, looks something like two year old’s testing out their limbs for the first time.

      • Angie says:

        Jonathan Geller ugly hater…Those far legs are much more sexier than your toothpick white girl legs lol FOOL

      • Matt says:

        The kkk killed as many blacks in 80 some years as the black on black crime in 6 months. White supremacy lmao. I’ve seen plenty of blacks become successful in life. Other blacks belittle them for being successful. Next time come up with a real argument.

    26. Sue Ellen mobley says:

      Typical, didn’t like it, couldn’t hear it….lucky us viewers

      • Mike Wash says:

        With the name “sue” , I’m sure you can’t hear shit old ass shouldn’t be watching it anyway, you’re just finding something to hate on just like everyone else

    27. julie says:

      it sounds like she is trying to rip off Tricky.. except she is bland and boring and has zero edge. Lame

    28. Blase Blase says:

      So too be equal, next year Miranda Lambert will do the halftime show with male dancers dressed up in the original skin head attire (blue jeans, white shirts, doc-martens) which represents the working class. Blacks would b koo with dat right? Just Sayin’

      • Long Island girl says:

        I would be ok with it. And she can bring the confederate flag with her. I don’t give a damn. Just saying
        But she seems like a nice girl so it won’t happen.
        Keep in mind, u got Justin B., Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc. talk about trash.
        As for the skin heads, those guys are nothing to fear. Why even their own members are turning in each other. lol

    29. Jaynice says:

      I tell you what happened in New Orleans. The black mayor of the “chocolate city” (his words) sat by and let people be killed or stranded instead of sending out school & city buses to remove them from harm’s way. When people went in to help they were shot at. Lots of Whites were displaced too but then that doesn’t make as big a noise. How much preparation did the chocolate city’s mayor do? I know there was some type of convention center built instead of shoring up protective barriers. The graffiti should have read “stop shooting each other”.

      • Long Island girl says:

        Don’t forget the white Governor who was caught on open mic saying she screwed up.
        But thanks for leaving that part out. At least we forget the politicians which ran that state, mostly white.
        So let the record reflect – nobody, black or white did the right thing in Louisiana. white and black suffered.
        But I don’t have a problem calling out both sides.

    30. Eric Schwarze says:

      I do not understand, the lyrics have nothing to do with anything political, Beyonce is basically bragging about herself for 4 minutes in some semi-nonsensical prose…if a guy has sex with her, he will get red lobster…possibly he will get on the radio…which is fine cause some random gigolo’s song cannot be worse that this…but the song is not political, so why put some really bad, ill conceived semi-political imagery in the video…oh wait, I think I answered my own question, the song is not good, so if she puts a couple of racially charged images in the video people start talking, and just like many of the comments below show, people stop listening to the words and get lost in the drama, and she makes “paper”…but in her own words, “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation”…

      • Crystal says:

        I would have to disagree. The lyrics aren’t “political” on the forefront but upon deeper observation you can see she clearly has political motives. Yes she brags about money but if you analyze the message she is trying to get across you may understand. For example, with he line “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils”. Beyonce plays around with stereotypes targeted at the African-American community. Also remember she is southern raised, hence all of the country references. In the south there are a lot of racial injustices that go unnoticed. Furthermore, remember Beyonce is a Feminist, hence the “formation” of women (I think particularly black women because of the use of all black women in her video but this can apply to the oppression of all women too). The word “slay” is a call to action. A lot of play on words. Expected from an artist.

        For example, when she says, “albino alligator””. In the late 1800s and well into the 1900s, “Alligator bait” was used as a slur against African American children.

        • Long Island girl says:

          Well done on the breakdown. I agree with your analysis .
          But, I still think the song sucks. lol

    31. Ausar Vandross says:

      Definitely the most powerful, (stepping in the right direction) video to date by The likes of a Beyoncé. Although I’ve not been her biggest fan I feel her on this one. As an African American Man I am moved in a big way by the message. Do more like this and I will consider you an Activist as well as the superstar entertainer that you are. Although entertainers don’t impress me that much.

    32. Jd says:

      We turned the channel for halftime. … not watching that garbage!
      Watched COPS for that half hour!

    33. Jd says:

      We turned the channel for halftime. … not watching that piece of garbage!

    34. Jarvis says:

      I like it. If you don’t yours your opinion. If you don’t watch her performance during half time good for you. I don’t understand why people seek out something to watch then go hate on if you knew you weren’t going to like it why did you watch it in the first place?

    35. Buzzcut says:

      So she got fur coats, black women tweaking and wants to pretend she cares about black people getting killed by police when he husband is admitted drug dealer.

      Beyonce, just go back to sleep honey. Political messages just don’t go with you.

      • Elyse H. says:

        What do her furs coats and dancing have to do with her stance on political issues? Absolutely nothing. We’re speaking about Beyonce not her husband so stay on topic, and wow do people love to bring up things from the past that are irrelevant to the present. The fact that you’re so easily distracted from the message proves you didn’t want to hear it in the first place. Nobody forced you to listen so you can go back to being part of the problem and not the solution. Have a nice day:)

      • I agree. Beyonce and JayZ are just black trash.

        • Mike Wash says:

          you’re a hater hahaha

        • Long Island girl says:

          Charlie you don’t know us, three. I’ve use the word trashy. But I don’t need to point out someone’s color. Especially to put down someone’s race.
          You can tell that person has issues. I guess she miss the days when black ppl had to sit in the back of the bus. Ppl from that era are still alive today and shock to see the negros progress so much. “Well, I be. The negros are being served before me.” lol
          Whatever You choose to do – that’s your business.
          Btw I just think the video sucks.

        • Charlie says:

          ^Oh please. like you 3 have never used the term white trash. Quit being hypocrites. Garbage ass people these days.

        • Ashley says:

          It’s ignorant people like you where our world will never progress!

        • Long Island girl says:

          When you bring race into it – the tide will quickly turn against you. “Black” trash is very offensive. I’m sure if Beyoncé or her drug dealing husband offer you a check for one million dollars, you would gladly taking it while kissing their black trash backside.

        • Elyse H. says:

          As for the “black trash” comment why does black have to be added? If something is trash, it’s simply trash. Thank you for your continued ignorance and racism.:)

    36. becca says:

      BLUE IVY was the best part! mY GOD she’s adorable!! I’m sorry, she looks so freaking sweet I love this song too!

    37. Penny says:

      Well now…all of you womb watchers can finally stop saying “she looks pregnant just because she was wearing an oversized coat.” Can she wear a damn jacket, touch her stomach and just walk back and forth without folks starting rumors of being pregnant or trying to have another kid just bcuz k.k.west raced to pop out another one?” She is not is a baby making competition with Kim. Stop it white ppl…and I’m white too!

    38. Courtney says:

      Super Bowl performance from Coldplay Bruno Mars and Beyonce was beyond sick!!!! Loved it and loved all of there songs.

    39. Courtney says:

      Loved it. Messages. :)

    40. Craig says:

      Her husband is an admitted former drug dealer that destroyed his own neighborhood, and stood among and with those that killed their own community members – and cops are the bad guys?

      • Elyse H. says:

        Any senseless killing is bad whether black, white, etc. Police officers aren’t all bad guys it just causes problems and leaves a bad taste in your mouth when those whose job it is to protect and save lives are taking them instead. You should never abuse power no matter who you are or what you look like.

    41. Andrew says:

      I’m not mad this song just sucks

      • Long Island girl says:

        Andrew – I agree 110%! This song just sucks! It’s dry, weird and stupid. The hook is beyond dumb. Beyoncé career went downhill when she married Him. I rather listen to her old tunes.

        • Mike Wash says:

          you all missed the point, because you’re white……. that is what you guys do

        • Long Island girl says:

          I did listen to this 3 times and and I found nothing meaningful about her styling, hot sauce in her bag or Afro. Likewise with rocking her diamonds of expensive dress. Why play into the stereotype of black ppl being ignorant. And for god-sakes why do the plantation thing.
          But, Beyoncé has the right to sing whatever she wants, and I’m sure she expects people like me to say it sucks. I can’t like her down. lol
          Stay positive.

        • Elyse H. says:

          It’s not meant to be catchy or sell millions of records it’s meant to send a message. I think you missed them in the video and lyrics.

    42. Nafeesa says:

      So are you all Big Mad or little mad?!! Pro Black does Not mean anti white. The reason why you all can comprehend that fact is because for most of you Pro White means Anti Black. Quote a line in the song where she downgraded you?..go ahead I’ll wait….

      • rigby says:

        Twirl on my haters. Albino alligators..

        • Long Island girl says:

          rigby – what the hell is that.! lol Just think my parents made me go to school . I could have dropout and create music for Beyoncé. I don’t need an education to work for that chick. I got hot sauce!!!

      • Nafeesa says:


        • Connie says:

          I agree as a white woman i listend to the song and loved it and i love her always have. She didnt say one bad thing about white people im still her fan

          Get it B

        • Long Island girl says:

          I’m waiting with you, Nafeesa.
          So many ppl jumped the gun and labeled this anti white. This song is nothing but god awful music. I can careless if she likes hot sauce or grits. If she wanna have bill gates kind of money or the over 100 millions she has now. That’s her business. Some country singers lyric talks about things they like and nobody cares or deem it racist or anti American.
          So, if Beyoncé wanna keep putting out bad music that’s her business. I won’t listen and don’t care if others do.

    43. Kate says:

      Beyoncé and JayZ have got to be the ugliest couple in show business. If that is what you call what they do.

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