Amazon Buys Woody Allen’s Movie Starring Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell

Woody Allen
Ryan Kobane/

Amazon Studios has bought North American rights — including theatrical and streaming — to Woody Allen’s untitled feature film.

The film, shot last summer on location in New York and Los Angeles, is a romantic comedy set in the ’30s and stars Jeannie Berlin, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll and Ken Stott.

Amazon will open the film this summer with a traditional nationwide theatrical release. Following its theatrical run, it will become available exclusively to Prime members through Prime Video.

“Like all beginning relationships, there is much hope, mutual affection and genuine goodwill — the lawsuits come later,” said Allen.

“Woody Allen is a brilliant filmmaker,” said Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios. “We’re so proud to be in business with him for both his next film and his first-ever TV series.”

Allen is writing and directing an untitled six-episode television series for Amazon starring himself, Elaine May and Miley Cyrus. It is exec produced by Erika Aronson, produced by Helen Robin, and begins shooting next month.

Producers of the new film include Allen’s longtime collaborator and sister Letty Aronson, as well as Steve Tenenbaum and Edward Walson. Executive producers are Ronald L. Chez, Adam B. Stern, and Marc I. Stern.

Allen’s “Irrational Man” starred Joaquin Phoenix and was a disappointment at the box office last year with only $4 million in domestic grosses for Sony Classics, which has handled Allen’s titles dating back to 2009’s “Whatever Works.” Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” became his most successful film in 2011 with over $160 million in worldwide grosses and 2013’s “Blue Jasmine” also performed well with over $100 million worldwide.

The deal was negotiated by ICM Partners, Erika Aronson of Taborlake and Loeb & Loeb on behalf of the filmmakers.

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  1. fredw says:

    Definitely looking forward to another Woody Allen movie!
    My favorite recent is Smiles of a Summer Night. Shocked that it didn’t have a better draw.
    Probably because his ex did him in.

  2. IT--two--IT says:

    INTEL RUN Hollywood franchise slums ghosts of things past.

  3. Ariadne says:

    Kristen is an awesome actress and a lot of actress got their Oscars because of Woody Allen. I know Robsessed fans will dish me for this in the replies but I don’t care. I hope this year Kristen will get a nod from Oscars because of this film. She looked stunningly beautiful on the sets in those gorgeous costumes and her chemistry with Jesse was always the best, better than her chemistry with Robert, which was so-so. Good luck, Kristen! We fans are always with you.

  4. Guest says:

    Cant wait adore his fiom

  5. JamesOJones says:

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  6. JustGina says:

    Stewart’s fans have been saying this was a Sony picture, that they produced it and would do the distribution. They were touting it as a return to studio films for her, since no one wanted to hire her after her cheating scandal with her married director and Universal fired her from the SWATH franchise.

    So this was an indie all along?

    • Guester says:

      You’re an idiot. Why are you coming her to spew your hatred when that’s not what this article is about. Shame on you. This is good news. Maybe for the first time in a while we will finally get to see a movie first in North America rather than have all foreign countries buy the rights and send it all over Europe first and we get to see it two years later. This is an all star cast and yet you find only one member of the cast to trash. It says more about you as a person than it ever would of Kristen who is an award winning actress that directors and fellow actors love to work with. You’re a very small shallow person who can’t expect to get what she is unwilling to give and that’s kindness. She’s never did anything to you. Karma is a bitch. and so are you.

    • LVMedia says:

      You sound a little bitter, JustGina, singling out Stewart and bringing up an incident that happened a long time ago and a “firing” that never actually occurred. For someone who apparently doesn’t seem to care for Stewart, you sure think you know a lot about her career. As we’ve seen, she’s been working steadily, getting good reviews and doesn’t seem to be having any problem getting jobs.

      The only reference to Sony I saw was that Allen went digital with this one and used a Sony F65 to shoot it.

      • JustGina says:

        That “incident” was just brought up in coverage of Stewart’s new AnOther interview–it’s always brought up in articles about her, it’s says a lot about her character.

        And yes, she was fired by Universal from the SWATH franchise. They went so far as making a prequel so there’s no way she could be in the plot (except as a child). At first they were going to make a sequel where she had a featured role and then they changed their mind. I can site her own statement in Dec. 2012 where she talked about how excited she was to be doing the sequel. Then they fired her. Neither Universal or any other studio has hired her since then. This is not opinion, it’s fact.

    • LOL says:

      Woody Allen’s movies are always art house indies, Truthy. You stay mad, though!

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