‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Jungle Book’ Release Dates Moved by Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman DC Movie
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has pushed Andy Serkis’ “Jungle Book: Origins” back a year to 2018 and moved “Wonder Woman” forward three weeks to June 2, 2017.

“Jungle Book: Origins” is moving from Oct. 6, 2017, to Oct. 19, 2018 — giving it more than two years of separation from Disney’s “Jungle Book” movie. Both films are based on the Rudyard Kipling book. Disney’s version, directed by Jon Favreau, hits theaters on April 15.

Warner’s “Jungle Book” is using performance capture technology. Serkis said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that he was grateful for the additional time.

“I’ve got to say that personally I’m absolutely thrilled that Warner Brothers have changed the delivery date of our movie,” he said. “The ambition for this project is huge. What we are attempting is an unprecedented level of psychological and emotional nuance in morphing the phenomenal performances of our cast into the facial expressions of our animals.”

“Jungle Book” is the first title to land on Oct. 19, 2018. Warner Bros. also announced it would release an untitled event film in the vacated slot on Oct. 6, 2017.

“Wonder Woman” stars Gal Gadot, who debuted in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It had been  set to open on June 23, 2017, when it would have faced “Transformers 5.”

“Wonder Woman” is the third title to land on June 2, 2017, after Sony’s “Bad Boys 3” and Fox’s animated “Captain Underpants.” Patty Jenkins is directing “Wonder Woman,” which also stars Chris Pine, Lucy Davis, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright.

Warner Bros. also set dates for two untitled DC films: Oct. 5, 2018, and Nov. 1, 2019.

The studio announced Tuesday that “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has generated more than $700 million in worldwide grosses. It’s the first movie in the studio’s efforts to follow Marvel’s strategy and exploit the massive DC library with a series of inter-connected tentpoles.

“Batman v. Superman” director Zack Snyder has started shooting “Justice League: Part 1” this week.

The current lineuo of upcoming DC titles:

“Suicide Squad” – August 5, 2016
“Wonder Woman” – June 2, 2017
“Justice League: Part 1” – November 17, 2017
“The Flash” – March 16, 2018
“Aquaman” – July 27, 2018
“Untitled DC Film” — October 5, 2018
“Shazam” – April 5, 2019
“Justice League: Part 2” – June 14, 2019
“Untitled DC Film” — November 1, 2019
“Cyborg” – April 3, 2020
“Green Lantern” – June 19, 2020

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  2. jhs39 says:

    Warners seems to be doing their superhero movies backwards. One of the reasons The Avengers was so successful was that people enjoyed the individual superhero films and built an attachment for the characters. Justice League is being used to introduce the various characters to moviegoers in one big shot. Seems like a mistake. They also brought back Zack Snyder. To say that seems like a mistake is a huge understatement. To date he has done three superhero movies and all three, including the current one featuring two of the most famous superhero characters on the face of the earth, suffered week 2 drop-offs roughly in the 70% range. Why would they bring him back again with that track record? Doesn’t Warner Brothers actually want to make a crowd-pleasing superhero movie that people tell their friends to see and want to go back and see more than once themselves? History suggests Zack Snyder is not the guy to do that but maybe Warners thinks the fourth time will be the charm.

    • JR says:

      Harry Potter’s last film has a 72% drop-off its seconde week…and THAT was during the height of the summer. For a March movie that had so much footage cut out. BvS is doing fine with over $700 mil (and counting) PLUS another $400 mil ftom merchandising deals…well, you do the math. Not to mention the additional millions that the Blu-Ray R-Rated cut will bring in…yeah, WB must be SO pissed! (BTW, although the theatrical version of “Watchmen” was just “meh”, the Ultimate Cut (3.5 hrs long) is still the best super-hero movie made to date IMHO. (Yes, even better than DARK KNIGHT…take Ledger out of that movie and there’s not much there.) Oh yeah…Henry Cavill is now MY Superman. Reeve was a good fantasy-character SUperman but Cavill makes him almost believable.

      • Fred Mertz, Jr. says:

        My big problem with the Wonder Woman film is setting it during World War One. Who is the target audience? When was the last film about The Somme or Paschendale a big hit? Trench warfare is more static than “Speed 2.” What an ugly setting. Especially when Wonder Woman is a World War 2 character. THAT is her natural setting. And a jackbooted Nazi woman villain is her natural opponent. The Nazis or The Bosche. Who do you want to watch for two hours?

  3. Panzer says:

    I think the Wonder Woman film is going to bomb. Superhero/comic book films with a female lead have a very bad box office track record.

    • Jim says:

      Wonder Woman is gonna bomb hard. Gal Gadot can’t act or carry a 2 hour film all by herself.

    • Wonder Guy says:

      I think it’s the only one that will make a significant amount of money, if they can rein in the budget. She’s absolutely the breakout star of BvS and the character that everyone, especially girls and women, are buzzing about.

  4. Jim says:

    Why is WB doing another Jungle Book movie? By all accounts, the Disney one is going to blow people away. WB doing one too is redundant.

    • EricJ says:

      Dueling projects–Helped by the fact that the book was Public Domain.
      And going by the history of other dueling projects (dueling Hercules, anyone?), one of the two will ultimately get a few more reschedulings into a throwaway “cannon-fodder” weekend, seeing as they can’t cancel the project altogether. Guess which one.

      Oh, and because Andy Serkis not only wanted to play the CGI mocapped animals, which he didn’t get to do in the Disney film, but What He Really Wanted To Do Was Direct. That’s reason #1 why we’re getting this.

      • jhs39 says:

        Dueling projects aren’t uncommon but they usually come out in the same year. The fact that the Warner version is putting two years between it and the Disney version will probably help it a lot. People have pretty short attention spans and the Disney version will be played out as a video title by then.

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