‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Responds to Claim That Film is ‘A Mess’

Wonder Woman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins responded to an open letter allegedly written by a former Warner Bros. employee that slammed the production company for releasing an array of subpar superhero movies, ranging from 2013’s “Man of Steel” to this month’s “Suicide Squad.” The letter then proceeded to allude that “Wonder Woman” would be a “mess.”

“Maybe Wonder Woman wouldn’t be such a mess,” the letter states. “Don’t try to hide behind the great trailer. People inside are already confirming it’s another mess. It is almost impressive how you keep rewarding the same producers and executives for making the same mistakes, over and over.”

Although the identity of the letter’s author remains a mystery, Jenkins was less-than-pleased. She released a string of tweets on Friday responding to the scathing words.

“This is some made up bs right here,” Jenkins tweeted. “Produce a source, anyone.”

Jenkins went on to write “You can’t because it’s entirely false. Don’t believe the hype people. Someone’s trying to spread some serious misinfo.”

Though all the films criticized in the letter were indeed critical flops, all managed to gross successfully worldwide. “Suicide Squad” currently looks to top the weekend box office in its second frame.

Starring Gal Gadot, “Wonder Woman” hits theaters June 2, 2017.

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  1. dregj says:

    the mess was all on screen
    my god this film is boring

  2. Case Crum says:

    Looks like Patty Jenkins was right, and the cowardly author of the letter (and those repeating those lies) was WRONG.

  3. drush76 says:

    And it begins . . . again. For the third time. Is this the way it’s always going to be with the DCEU? I bought the negative press about “Batman v. Superman” until I actually saw the movie. It became one of my favorite movies of 2016. I bought the negative press about “Suicide Squad”, until I saw it. The movie also became one of my favorites of 2016.

    What’s really sad about this article is that we’re supposed to accept it as fact. Worse, the “insider” was never named. I’m going to take this article with a grain of salt and see how “Wonder Woman” actually turns out. If I end up liking it, I might as well suspect the Disney/Marvel suits of using the media for a negative campaign against the DCEU.

    • Warner Bros Rep says:

      You tell them girl.

      One can see things without any kind of criteria, or consideration for the story, editing, characters, acting.

      We need more people like you that enjoy every movie that is realeased, preferably if you buy some merchansize and see multiple times.

      We hope that you enjoy our househald director Zack Snyder, and you need to see the flash and the batman. Sure, we are remaking the script for both of those movies, and Ben Affleck isn’t returning our calls, but , he signed a contract!

      Thank you for your support

    • JasOn Vu says:

      you need to watch better movies. Man of steel was decent, BVS was a complete mess. Suicide squad was decent, but still a crappy superhero movie. I don’t hate DC, i love the dark knight trilogy, and the tv series. The DCEU feel like a rushed production, trying to compete with the other movies. Man of steel was decent, but critics didn’t like it. That why man of steel didn’t get a sequel, so they brought in batman to help save DCEU ( including a rushed cameo of all their members). DCEU knows that they are failing, and all their rushed project is fueling their greedy. There is no managment in their group, that why most of their movie failed with audience and movie reviews.

      I believe wonder woman is no exception, a rushed production, a weak actress, and an undeveloped character we have no interest in seeing. Her cameo in BVS doesn’t jusitify a solo movie, especially when her cameo failed to impress any1.
      DCEU just to “crisis on infinite earth” and end all this mess already

  4. WOW, I like how she don’t take No BS. I don’t believe anything when an individual wants to remain anonymous.

  5. John says:

    I alreadly have NO desire to see Wonderwoman because of how awful Batman V.S. Superman was. Unfortuantely they need to start everything over again with all new actors and direction.

    • JasOn Vu says:

      agreed, why don’t people see this MESS. DCEU fucked up BIG with BVS, 2 of their biggest DC superheroes, and they can’t even get right. How the hell are they gonna pull off wonder woman, flash, cyporg…ahahahahahahhh aqua CRAP… Go home DC, you are drunk… “CRISIS on INFINITE” earth is the only thing that will save you. (in real people langaure REBOOT).

  6. Certs222MN1 says:

    There seems to be an incredibly fine line between a typical CGI-action pic being a mess or actually working. “Deadpool” could have been a mess but somehow it worked. “Superman , Man of Steel” was kind of horrible if Superman accidentally destroyed NYC but that movie worked, if barely. The second “Amazing Spiderman” didn’t work despite the most state-of-the-art FX and stunt work. If WW is a mess so far then maybe it’s success or failure rests on the team of editors and the director telling the CGI contractors exactly what she wants.

  7. Jacques Strappe says:

    Can’t draw a pair of tits on Batman or Superman and expect depth or especially, greatness The culture within WB and its DC film universe franchise is one dimensional pulp fantasy created for the mindset of prepubescent boys

  8. Paully says:

    WB/DC’s reputation proceeds them .. WW will be another epic fail.. I hear the Siegle and Shuster families want Out and have been quietly talking to Disney about Superman moving on down to Anehiem..

  9. Anon says:

    Wonder Woman looks so good! And Gal Gadot is so pretty. And this movie is gonna be huge! :D #YOUGOGIRLS!

  10. CriticsSuckFanboysRule says:

    Isn’t this the same woman who called Suicide Squad “great?” You know, the PG-13 movie about a team of supervillains who prove how menacing they are by standing around cracking jokes with each other the entire time? The one which tried to sucker everyone in by showing off the Joker but then making him a completely inconsequential character? Give me a break, I know this movie will be a mess. Wonder Woman was pointless in BvS, and I’m sure her solo movie is going to be as bland as Man of Steel. There’s no way I’m going to see Justice League or any of the spin-off films, I already feel sorry for the people who are going to throw their money away on any of them.

    • JasOn Vu says:

      Some people just want to support crappy movies, and this is why DC can never have good thing. In order to make DC better, you must own up to their crappy. Get DC to improve, by not eating their crap. Look at what marvel is doing, thor wasn’t doing so great with his sequel (so they waited for a good story for his sequel). Hulk number wasn’t good, so they put his project on hold.

      DC don’t play the rush game with marvel, you will lose. FOCUS and create better story, even if it take longer, don’t plan out a series of movie, if you first 3 was horrible..

      DC go home you are drunk, come back in a few year when you sober up. We will wait for a better Justice league, then get a crappy rushed version.

  11. A.A.G. says:

    Nobody expected this silly woman to confirm that her movie was completing the hat trick of ill-conceived DC losers, but blowing her cool with these tweets screams Not Ready for the NFL. “A mess.” A single word was less than complimentary. What happens when the New York Times review is trending? What happens when io9 calls it a dumpster fire? What happens when Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic light up with 70+ reviews in major outlets?

    The facts are that Gadot is a pretty but mediocre performer, the character’s supposed popularity is smoke and mirrors, and Zack Snyder’s vision and continuity are toxic, The chan nce of this film being anything other than a hot mess was always slim. So it’s a mess. Suck it up, put your head down and get through it. Many have before you. You made a bad movie that’s probably going to fail. You’ll live through it. Many have. Losing it on Twitter shows just telegraphs the kind of “brave and daring heroine” we can expect.

    • iceblast says:

      I agree with Zack Snyder being bad. Man of Steel, shows he doesn’t know who Superman is suppose to be, and from what I understand Batman VS Superman in theater wasn’t good, but the extended redone edition is good, just the fact that the theater version wasn’t though, is the important thing though.

      I thought Ben as Batman did a excellent job, and I’m looking forward to some solo movies by him. Wonder Woman also did a great job, at least, for the little she was in it. Superman was a lot better, but still flawed, maybe the next one will fix it. who knows.

      It’s also true that DC movies are being made without the heart of who these characters are. Superman was raised not to really care about humans. He even had that ground into him, when he had to watch his adopted dad die. He really didn’t do anything to save the city till the end, or try to protect anyone. It all seemed a after thought. If it wasn’t personally important to him, he didn’t care. So unlike Superman in every way.

      Wonder Woman is a good character, but it matters how you bring that character to life, make her choices understandable. I was really interested in what Joss Whedon was going to do with the character, I have no idea what anyone else will do with it.

      When Marvel started making Superhero movies, and started making the characters serious, and real, it changed how people watched them. But if they start making the movies with no heart, and less serious, and more silly, then people won’t be drawn to them anymore. Meaning, just making them all action, will be the death of them. The Avengers 1 was good, The Avengers 2 was OK, to much action, not enough heart. The studio gave Joss free reign for the first 1, and they were more controlling on part 2. Because they are billion dollar movies now, and so, they must be right. Though, every time in the pass, when a Studio tried to control things, the movie bombed.

      Deadpool is a good example. If they hadn’t gone Rated R with that movie, and dumbed down the violence, and language for kids, that movie would have failed. Instead, we got a real Deadpool movie, and it did great.

      DC is great at making TV shows, and if they allow a 4 way crossover, and start making it normal to see characters from all the shows appearing in any of them, they will have done something no other tv show that I know of have done.

      Daredevil is a great example of taking a character, and making a serious show with him. These shows, need to be about the character in the comics, and not let real world crap color the story. These characters need to stay true to who they are.

      The Ultimate Spiderman series that’s on now, is a great example of doing it right. Spiderman is constantly cracking puns, and never takes things to seriously. The show has lots of action, heart, funny, good stories, with lots of guest appearances, and apparently the worse jail in the world, considering the bad guys keep ending up back on the street.

      I guess time will tell on if DC can make a good movie. Giving Zack Justice League doesn’t fill me with Enthusiasm though.

      • JasOn Vu says:

        Buddy WTF.. keep it simple. Man of steel failed to show how relevant superman is to the world. BVS failed to show the motivation between batman and superman…One word: MARTHAAAAA!!!! show us that solved all conflict with batman in his 12 month of researching an superman’s actions. Suicide squad failure to show us, how the FUCK these character are villain?? How are they villains again, when they rescue a city, and save innocent people.

        I love the dark knight trilogy, why because each character had motivation. You understood them, hell we even understood the crazy mind of Health’s joker ( that guy was a psycho). DC slow down, and stop doing these weak and rushed movies. It is very pathetic how they try to have a series of movies, when their first 3 was a diaster. Go home DC, and take some time to think it over.

  12. Ray Donovan says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The failures that have come out of Warner Bros’ these last 7 years is just unbelievable. Unbelievable!

    But I don’t think it’s just WB. It’s all the major studios. They just don’t care, not really.
    What it really comes down to is this: “Story? We don’t care about that. Just give me something that looks good on a trailer so we can make more money and I can go to the Bahamas in my new yacht next year”.

    I mean come on, 6 weeks to write Suicide Squad? Are you kidding me?
    Just the research on all these characters would take a few months at the very least.
    That shit that they’re pulling is exactly the kind of thinking that makes people hate you.

    But you know what? A few years ago I realized something – the good times are over.
    It’s very sad to acknowledge that, but yeah, the 90’s were the best years of films in any genre whatsoever. Especially when films were fun to make and fun to watch and were R rated.

    Now days it’s all a copy&paste of the same garbage like The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and all that other teen crap. And oh my god, we’re in for another 10 years of these studios making the same crap and continuing these series and making other new crappy ones.

    The reason is pretty obvious – the executives up there are younger, and, well – they know nothing about entertainment. Absolutely nothing. They don’t even care, either. As said earlier – they just want the money. Nobody in these studios is romanticizing over wonderful characters or stories.

    And if all of this is not enough, they are making a Blade Runner remake. Blade Runner!


    I think that directors who agree to do remakes of classic movies, such as Blade Runner, should be banned and forever ignored by the fans. The easiest way to do that is not to show up for any of their future films including their remake. The fans should vote with their legs. They should know better not to touch something that’s already perfect. Don’t break what’s not broken. I mean, what balls these directors have that they think they can make something at that level or better than what was already done.

    That said, the fans should also stop being such a pussies who continue to give their money to the same studios who couldn’t care less about them. No, sir! For the next 10 years, until the last DC/Marvel crap is made in it’s current iteration, my legs will not step in a theater giving them my hard earned money for their crappy I-don’t-really-care-about-you movies.

    What might convince me otherwise? The day I’ll see an article in variety or hollywood reporter with this text: “Warner Bros’ screenplay for suicide squad is finally ready for principal photography after 2/3 years of development”. This alone will give the movie a chance to be any good. And not any of their other crap that they try to sell me.

    Until all these studios start investing in developing their screenplays first, I’m boycotting Hollywood. I’m just sick of being treated with such disrespect as an audience. Screw them.

    • JasOn Vu says:

      Blade runner is not a remake, it a sequel. You are suffering from depression, cheer up. The world is not ending soon. Cheer up bud, their some crappy movie, but their also some good movie.

    • Jacen says:

      “Whine whine piss and moan. My childhood (the 90’s) was the greatest ever. I’m in my late 30’s now and my life is over and I’ve amounted to nothing so I’ll trash everything out now as bad blah blah blah. Let me scream about sequels/remakes/adaptations as if those are new concepts. Let me rage about too many superhero movies these days even though there was a time in Hollywood history when one or two westerns would come out per week. You kids get off my lawn and bring my childhood back.”

      Thanks for your rant, sir. We need more negativity on the internet. It’s not polluted enough with ignorance.

    • Manuel Nogueira says:

      Ray Donovan: I actually agree with pretty much of what you said, but I have to correct you on one thing: the new Blade Runner film is not a remake, it’s a direct sequel by Ridley Scott. Will it be any good? I have no idea, but since it will bring back the original director and star I’m willing to give it a chance. I mean, the possibility of seeing Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard again is enough to make me go watch the movie.

      • Manuel Nogueira says:

        Now I have to correct myself: the sequel will be directed by Denis Villeneuve, not Ridley Scott who will return only in a writer/producer capacity. Still, I stand by what I said: Harrison Ford as Deckard is enough to make me want to watch this movie.

  13. Observer says:

    If the trailer released is an ‘honest’ indication of the film, I’m quite excited to see this one.
    Wasn’t much interested in a ‘Wonder Woman’ boot yet that trailer…. really looks good to me, looking forward to it.

    That aside, WB needs to farm out their super hero efforts because their efforts/track record shows they can take great possibilities and cut them at the waist.
    Figure it out WB/Execs. or you’ll continue to kill most all desire to see these types of films from you.

  14. JimmyNos says:

    This is the same director who tweeted: “Uh… You guys. Super confused. Just went to the premiere of #SuicideSquad. Hadn’t seen it. It’s great! Not sort of great. GREAT!”

    Yeah… so Patty Jenkins’ credibility is, uh, strained at this point.

  15. Hardy says:

    Hollywood is full of weasels & scum.

  16. Dellie Q. says:

    After Patty Jenkins’ public praise of Suicide Squad, I cannot trust her in anything regarding DC Films. It really made me question her directorial skills for a minute, but she has proven her talent before.

  17. Skoora says:

    The letter may or may not be correct about WW but so far WB is batting 2 for 6 on DC movies. Batman Begins and TDK, both quite good with GL,TDKR, MOS and BvS being terrible. I haven’t seen Suicide Squad and from what I’ve read I won’t be in a hurry to do do so. Justice League trailer left me pretty cold but it’s Snyder so I have zero faith in it. WW seems to have the same palette as the Snyder movies (franchise visual continuity I guess) so it doesn’t give me faith in Ms Jenkins having any strong input that would differ from MOS or BvS.

    • Truth says:

      Deion, I don’t think you understand what “single” means. Nolan revitalized comic book movies, go back to school you stupid hipster.

      • Deion Pinder says:

        But you understood exactly what I meant. Collectively, as a whole they are the single most overrated movies in history.

        If by revitalize you mean making them boring and bland for modern pseudo intellectuals that have no concept of what kick ass cinema and comic books are supposed to be , then yeah he revitalized them by bringing them down to your lame level of understanding.

        Excalibur in the marquee in the beginning of BvS is a barometer. If you know and love Excalibur you will know and love the aesthetic of BvS. For those that don’t, there is Bane blowing up the batcave from the bottom and holding a police force hostage for months underground lol.

    • Bat Jack says:

      Batman Begins and TDK, as well as TDKR, have nothing to do with the new line of DC movies. All of those movies had a vision and style, and were more grounded in the real world. Everything after Man of Steel is a beast of its own. Some people may have not like the 3rd Nolan Batman film (I thought it was great), but that film is better than anything produced by the new team at DC/WB.

  18. Gamblin' Man says:

    Warner Bros. should outsource all it’s movie making to Disney/Marvel. I believe the letter is legit and that Patty is only trying to discredit (get in front of the snowball that is headed down the mountain). Wonder Women is gonna suck (my opinion) and for one reason: Warner Bros.. I worked at the dubbau dubbau bee back when Green Lantern was released. Hooo boy! “This will be the year of the Green” was their internal slogan. Are you kidding me? That crappy slogan is the best you can come up with?! But, a crappy slogan wasn’t their problem, “green” lighting terrible movies/scripts with terrible directors attached is. There are too many scared “yes” men all the way up the food chain at WB. Until someone steps up and has the balls to say no, WB will continuously produce crappy movies.

  19. What I took from this is, Patty Jenkins tweets like a pre-schooler.

  20. irwinator1992 says:

    ISIS > Wonder Woman. And it’s not even close.

  21. I wouldn’t call movies that are box office record breaking success critical flops.

    • Really? says:

      “Critical” often and in this case, means critic reviews, and even though BvsS ans SS are box office success they are both well known and record “critical” flops. Thus the difference between good movie and horribly bad movie.

      • robsmithjr says:

        Above is correct. Critical has always meant reviews by critics. Critics being ones with an extensive knowledge of film going back over 100 years of film. When 100 years of film is considered it is extremely hard to look at the current “super” genre of film as being much more than less than B films. Sure, the studios poured a ton of cash and computer silliness in them, but that never has insured a film of worth. See: ‘Heaven’s Gate’.
        Considering more and more audiences know little of what happened more than 20 years ago, majority of viewers can’t compare films today to ones by Howard Hawks or John Ford or Ingmar Bergman or the magic of Irving Thalberg.
        Just because the public dumps their money into a poorly made film, says more about the audience than the quality of the film.

      • Daniel says:

        The only movies that can be called “bad” are ones that aren’t competently made. The rest is just opinion.

      • I think that’s where the difference lies, the people liked them, more than the one mindedness of the critics, so the critics are the minority. So i wouldnt call it a critical flop either.

  22. Alan says:

    I never believe one sad letter and rumor can jeorpardize millions and millions of production with few thousands talents and workforce….not for a second. The sites that release this news have agendas…obviously. Why anyone want to release this news other than for the purpose of better movies is just mind blowing. Journalism down the toilet.

    But pls don’t straightaway jump and shout who is responsible whenever some idiots tickle you Patty. Have the WISDOM to proof them wrong and you will see WONDERS.

    • Truth hurts says:

      You do see the irony here? If Ms. Jenkins had not throw her hissy fit very few would have known of this letter existence. It seems she protest too much … if theres no truth to what is being claimed why validate it with her rants lol.

  23. Greggan says:

    “reputable” should have read “refutable”.

  24. Greggan says:

    It’s an old tactic: Distract from the big picture by focusing on a single, reputable detail. Even if WW isn’t bad, that doesn’t negate most of the rest of the writer’s observations about the current state of WB.

  25. therealeverton says:

    !00% honesty…Myself, my wife, my 2 girls. We didn’t love the Wonder Woman trailer. But I don’t believe this letter for a second. If if it is “genuine”. There’s sooo much time between now and release and I don’t doubt Jenkins has shot a picture that is good enough to “fix” even if, as MANY, MANY films are, it isn’t 100% perfect YET.

    We’ll be in the queue to see it. We’ll be in the queue (not the kids) for the next Suicide Squad, We expect a much better sequel. Justice League? I don’t know. Man of Steel had great parts and terrible parts and BvS was just poor.

    But this, I call shenanigans! I’ll be going to see this.

  26. Jedi Reach says:

    Might be a hype campaign. Game’s changed boys and girls, new tactics for hype is the new shock factor.

  27. Geo says:

    Has a director of a mess of a movie ever came out and said “yeah, this movie I am making is in big trouble.” ? No, I do not think so.

  28. ted says:

    The person is not claiming to have first hand knowledge that WW is a mess, they said the info came from “People Inside.” It isn’t inconceivable they would know and keep in touch with quite a few people still working in the industry.

  29. Cryptic Knowledge says:

    Be ready for WW being a copy of Captain America with female lead being the difference. Captain Kirk, I mean well whatever will be an average Agent Carter.

    • Raskolnikov says:

      If you knew something (a little, nothing more) about Wonder Woman character and her universe, you would know that WW film does not have to copy absolutely nothing of Captain America First Avenger. Film, incidentally, as mediocre as the “Green Lantern” of 2011.

  30. MrCrane says:

    Here’s the thing with this open letter. It’s written from a real place of anger and hurt. That’s all completely understandable. I’ll buy in with idea that the writer may have been around when jupiter ascending and pan and even batman v superman were being put together. But off handedly yelling that wonder woman is a mess just strikes as bizarre cruelty. If the writer was fired in 2014 and Patty jenkins was only hired in 2015, how could he know what the current state of the movie is? Even the screenplay has been substantially redone since the lay offs.

    The open letter guy also moans that Snyder still has a job but Snyder, for his faults is a visual maker and there’s no real sense booting him because batman v superman didn’t meet expectations. But WB is kind of politely showing Snyder the door given that they seem to have clipped his wings power wise with Justice League and he has no new DC projects in the pipeline.

    Name directors getting free passes while the below the line crew gets the cut isn’t unique to Warner Brothers. That’s just life in hollywood!

    The broader message of this whole DC slate is, if Warner Brothers want to have their comic book movies filmmaker driven, start by hiring appropiate filmmakers (Patty Jenkins, James Wan and the guy who made Dope are good choices on paper). Don’t just throw a blank check at David Ayer and be surprised when he makes a gangster Joker. Secondly, if WB wants filmmaker driven movies, don’t meddle with the director’s work through reshoots and bizarre edits. Every marvel movie looks and sounds identical to the other marvel movies but at least they have consistent tone and at least Marvel make no illusions that barring a Guardians of the Galaxy, filmmakers have a valid voice over what the corporate suits want.

    • JoPlasma says:

      Marvel Studios is no different to Warner Brothers in terms of their interference with the filmmakers vision. This is why Joss Whedon left the franchise – he’d had it with the interference of the Marvel executives. Edgar Wright left the Ant Man project because of ‘creative differences’, which basically means he was unhappy with the interference of the Marvel executives. I don’t think Marvel or Warner Bros will give complete free rein to any filmmaker working on their slate of films. The budgets are too high and the executives are too nervous. The only filmmakers that would likely get free rein are James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, because of their phenomenal track records. And neither have expressed any interest in taking on a Marvel or DC universe film.

    • Mark says:

      A couple things:

      First, of course Zack Snyder should have been fired because Batman v Superman didn’t meet expectations. Snyder cost Warner Brothers hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. Why should he be rewarded for that?

      Second, if Kevin Feige is a “corporate suit”, Warner Brothers could use all the corporate suits they can get.

    • nuovian says:

      The writer is more likely a troll: writers like Devin Faraci (birth.movies.death) are certain the person has never worked for WB.

  31. Shaun says:

    I hope WW turns out great but let’s look at the past, told MOS, BvsS, SS, all no problems, hunky dory – the assurances are kinda meaningless, just let the film speak for itself.

  32. Guest says:

    What no one is mentioning is that this supposed “insider” claims to be an employee who was let go in a series of cuts in 2014. The movie finished filming in mid 2016. No way no how has this “insider” seen anything from Wonder Woman. Fake!

  33. wonder sucker says:

    well the only problem I have with WW is her bewbs and lose the skirt will ya? I don’t think it will have a messy plot. Movies with World War 2 plots are interesting.

  34. meta says:

    Wonder Women has more potential than other DC universe movies given that WW was BvS’s most redeeming quality.

  35. BillUSA says:

    Wow, sort of reminds me of the leftist propaganda I have to sift through on a certain entertainment publication’s website…..all claims, no proof.

  36. Joe says:

    Wonder Woman we’ll be fine as long as the Warner Brothers suits keep their mitts off of the film that she made. And I’m sick of all the hate directed towards BvS… it’s three hour cut is an excellent movie. The movie has been number in disc sales for the past 3 weeks.

    As for Suicide Squad, I would still love to see that original David Ayers cut. From what I have heard it sounds like a terrific film that we never got to see. Right now I am looking more forward to Wonder Woman then what we’ve seen of the Saturday Night Live clips for Justice League.

    • JasOn Vu says:

      you are the reason WB/DC can’t have better thing. Man up to their crappy, and tell them to make better films. All these rushed production is just sad, after what the dark knight and Nolan did to the DC brand. I expected DC to be flying high, but sadly DC/WB are just greedy dicks when just want to cash in on shitty product.

      MAN of steel: show us why superman is relevant in today world?
      BVS: Show us a better solution to a conflict than MARTHAAA!!!
      SSquad: where are the villian again??? all i see are heroes who claim to be bad guy
      WW: what she saying again??? translator

      rest of Future DC/WB: why continue this crappy trend, when your first 3 is a disaster…Because idiot like yourself are eating it up.

    • meta says:

      Ayers claimed his cut is the one in the theaters…who knows what the other 7 looked like

    • Richard says:

      Not having seen BvS in theatres because of the critical drubbing and huge fall off after week one I decided to wait for the Ultimate cut hoping for a better experience yes the Ultimate was better but still a pretty long boring misdirected mess of a movie. Yes the critics and word of mouth were right and SS looks to be a repeat but this time will pass the theatrical and the home collection will not contain any version of SS you can’t fool me twice . Come on guys I will give most any movie a go even if it sits at 50% but at 27% you really are bucking a pretty big consensus.

  37. Sexracist says:

    We don’t believe YOUR hype, Patty. This movie is another obvious disaster.

    Can’t wait to see the critics rip it apart and the submental fanturds with no taste get all butthurt. Way more entertaining than watching the actual movie, and free!

  38. Ryan says:

    It’s funny how the parent of a not so good looking kid says they’re beautiful………….same goes with Warner Bros and this director. They’ll do anything to defend the movie. It’s her child!!!

  39. anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t be suprised after the hot messes that were Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad.

  40. jhs39 says:

    The buzz on Suicide Squad was positive before the movie was actually seen and rumors that Suicide Squad was a mess were also dismissed, both by Warner Brothers and by writer/director David Ayers. The fact is the Wonder Woman trailer looks exactly like a Zack Snyder film–which doesn’t make me optimistic. The idiots at Warner Brothers should have rebooted after Man of Steel turned out to be such a divisive film. Instead, they doubled down on Zack Snyder’s creative vision, allowing it to rule the DC Cinematic Universe. Not only did they give him Batman V Superman and Justice League to botch but one of the problems with Suicide Squad was that it took place in the Batman V Superman universe rather than the one suggested by the trailers and print advertising.

  41. Joe says:

    This is Warner Bros so anything is possible.

  42. Adam says:

    considering the messes that batman vs superman and suicide squad are.. i’d tend to believe the letter’s writer over the director

  43. Fernando says:

    It would be great if a woman would be the first director to make a great DC movie since Zack Snyder started destroying the brand.

    • jhs39 says:

      Except that the trailer for Wonder Woman looks exactly like a Zack Snyder film–or didn’t you notice? Warner Brothers may be taking the wrong message from the negative reviews of Batman V Superman if Suicide Squad was any indication. They seem to think throwing some jokes into Zack Snyder’s heavy handed and deeply oppressive aesthetic is what’s needed to right the DC ship. Suicide Squad still very much felt like a Zack Snyder film to me. It took place in the same grim world of Batman Vs Superman where everything is dark and rainy and the attitude is so toxically cynical that it’s OK for one of the “good guys” (and I don’t mean the Suicide Squad) to kill a bunch of innocent people to show what a bad-ass she is. All I can really say after seeing Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad is yuck. These movies lack any real joy or wonder or belief that human beings are anything other than props to be murdered for the sake of entertainment. Marvel has nothing to be worried about from these guys. Zack Snyder’s vision of the comic book world is also spectacularly misogynist. Compare Lois Lane in Batman V Superman with Jane in another recent Warner Brothers release–The Legend of Tarzan. Lois Lane exists only to be rescued. She literally has no other purpose but to be in peril. Jane, by contrast, doesn’t wait to be rescued by Tarzan–she is treated as an equal character who is more than capable of taking care of herself. Then the same actress (Margot Robbie) moves over to Zack Snyder’s world vision and becomes a psychotic pole dancer in skintight shorts who is completely in thrall to the Joker. Don’t get me wrong–Harley Quinn was just about the only entertaining thing in Suicide Squad, but did the treatment of her character really need to be so sexist? She looks like the Zack Snyder idea of female empowerment straight out of Sucker Punch–in other words, a drooling teenage fanboy’s fetishistic idea of what a powerful woman is. Again, yuck. At this point, I think anyone who is optimistic about Wonder Woman is an idiot.

      • therealeverton says:

        @ spd

        “I’m going to guess that you don’t understand the Harley character and her nuances”

        That is the fault of the writer / director. It is a common complaint about Harley in this film and stems from a complete inability to convey the “nuances and depth” you mention for anyone who isn’t already familiar with her and her relationship from the comics and cartoons. If not she just looks like an abused G/f and THAT idea is hammered home when her fantasy is not only a happy family, but one with herself and Joker as normals. The “I can change him” fantasy. Not the Mad Love, twisted family with kids in Harlequin outfits, or (as my wife suggested) on a murder spree with Joker.

        The details of who she is and how she works were for the director to convey and that didn’t happen/. That’s why a lot of female critics and a lot of people in general had problems with her, even the ones tat found her entertaining.

      • John says:

        I agree with spd on Hailey Quinn, the best scene in the movie was when Joker pushed her off the crashing helicopter to save her, she could have escaped to freedom, instead she went back to join the Suicide Squad because she had nowhere to go, she could only be with her jailbird friends (we’re the bad guys) . That was a great emotional moment, because the metaphor was everyone needs a little friendship and love, no matter who you are.

      • spd says:

        I’m going to guess that you don’t understand the Harley character and her nuances which actually make her a pretty complex character. This was captured wonderfully in Suicide as she is both insane, yet loving, wanting love yet owning the fallacies of “true romance” and that you can’t make the ones you love into what you want. No wonder she has become perhaps the most popular female comic character over the past 2 decades, and girls and women of all ages have really embraced her in this film, it scored an A- from females its opening weekend. No, it seems like you don’t really know anything about her history at all. So, of course, you go to the tired argument that her portrayal was misogynistic or sexist. One wonders if you even really saw the film or just the images from the trailers. Also, you have no idea how Lois was portrayed either. Her investigation is what exposed Lex and she saved Superman in BvS, not exactly a damsel in distress there. Meanwhile, Jane was the ultimate damsel in distress in Tarzan. To the point where she was forced like a slave to eat an extremely uncomfortable meal with her kidnapper and tormentor, and spent the majority of the film tied to the side of a boat, doing nothing, waiting for Tarzan to save her, just like a standard damsel in distress always has.

      • BillUSA says:

        Misogynist…..pffft. I’ll bet you say that word ten times in a row to your bathroom mirror every morning after you’ve gargled just because you like the sound of yourself saying it.

      • jedijones77 says:

        Thank God it looks like a Zack Snyder film. The man makes jaw-dropping visuals and superheroes who look truly graceful and powerful, not like bad cosplayers. I don’t know WHAT movies you watched but Jane was NOTHING but a damsel in distress in Tarzan, being captured and rescued constantly, after some lip service at the beginning of how she’s “her own woman.” By contrast, Lois Lane was extremely proactive, uncovering Luthor’s plotting and actually rescuing Superman herself from Batman. Jane did not rescue Tarzan, I can assure you of that. Can you retire that overused buzzword “misogynist” now? And stop applying it to anyone who acknowledges the basic fact that women are smaller and weaker than men.

  44. bsbarnes says:

    Patty Jenkins is well within her rights to ask for a paper trail, but I believe Gal Gadot has already demonstrated her worldwide swagger as Wonder Woman! Lucy Davis as Etta Candy is genius casting, and whomever David Thewlis is playing is sure to be riveting. I’m betting on Jenks :D

    • Jehosophat says:

      Show me the paper trail and evidence that Gal Gado can act , and lead a feature length blockbuster film, while you’really at it Patty.

      Time will tell, indeed.

    • Not Easily Entertained... says:

      I’m not… DC live-action movies are crap. Don’t know what you’ve seen to make you believe otherwise.

      • Phillip Ayling says:

        Don’t know if the film will be good or not, but the director asking for a paper trail is being childish. She is working in Hype-wood. If a film goes wrong, the studios never acknowledge it… just BS about how proud they are of their film. Why would you expect anyone who wants to continue to work in the industry to speak on the record?

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