Will Smith Says He Won’t Attend Oscars

Will Smith has joined his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, in vowing not to attend the Feb. 28 Academy Awards ceremony in protest over the lack of diversity among nominees in major categories this year. Smith’s decision comes as pressure mounts on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to address what many are calling the org’s diversity crisis.

Smith told “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts on Thursday that he is “uncomfortable” with the situation. For the second year in a row, the 20 acting nominees are all white. Smith generated Oscar buzz this awards season for his work in the football drama “Concussion.”

“My wife’s not going. It would be awkward to show up with Charlize (Theron),” he said. “We’ve discussed it. We’re part of this community. But at this current time, we’re uncomfortable to stand there and say, ‘This is OK.'”

Smith has previously been nommed twice for best actor, for 2001’s “Ali” and 2006’s “The Pursuit of Happyness.” He lost both times to other black actors: Denzel Washington for “Training Day” and Forest Whitaker for “The Last King of Scotland.”

“To me, that was huge,” Smith said. “So when I see this list and series of nominations that come out – and everybody is fantastic. That’s the complexity of this issue. … But it feels like it’s going in the wrong direction.”

Smith said he has a responsibility to speak out or risk contributing to the problem.

“There’s a position that we hold in this community and if we’re not a part of the solution, we’re part of the problem,” Smith told Roberts. “And it was her call to action for herself and for me and for our family to be a part of the solution.”

“[For] my part, I think I have to protect and fight for the ideals that make our country and our Hollywood community great,” he continued. “And so when I look at the series of nominations of the Academy, it’s not reflecting that beauty.”

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Although his wife’s call for a boycott was partly motivated by him getting snubbed for his role in “Concussion,” Smith insists the root of the issue is much bigger than that.

“This is so deeply not about me,” he said. “This is about children that are going to sit down and watch this show and they’re not going to see themselves represented.

“There’s a regressive slide toward separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony,” he added. “And that’s not the Hollywood that I want to leave behind.”

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The angry response to this year’s Oscar nominations has steamrolled in the past few days. Pinkett Smith expressed her outrage last week after the Jan. 14 nominations announcement. Director Spike Lee joined her in vowing to sit out the ceremony, although on Wednesday during a “GMA” appearance, Lee made a point of telling anchor George Stephanopoulos that he was not calling for others to boycott the ceremony.

Also on Wednesday, past AMPAS board member Quincy Jones said he would seek to address the current board next week on the issue. Jones is the first African-American to be appointed to the Academy’s board of governors and the first African-American to be awarded the Academy’s prestigious Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. He’s also a four-time Oscar nominee and he exec produced the Oscar telecast in 1996.

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  1. Tom says:

    Ohh…. Will Smith the actor, I saw his picture and at first thought the Rev Jesse Jackson ! Damn I bet he could play him in a movie!!

  2. Disappointed😱 Thougt you were an equal rights person. How can actors be nominated acording to race? Isn’t it about the best actor?? I’m sorry but to be nominated for the best you have to actually be the best, color has nothing to do with it. Its about talent, I guess as a parent you would understand if your kids does not make the list youd want to blame it on someone so why not play the race card hey.

  3. Will Smith’s performance in Concussion deserved to be nominated — instead of Matt Damon’s in Martian. And so did the film. Period.

  4. Miss M says:

    And who cares of Will Smith, he cheated on his wife and has no morals, do we give a statue for that?

  5. Miss M says:

    I agree..but “Beasts of no Nation” was on Netflix, they are not eligible, and should not be. It is a forum forum for those that want to explore their craft.

  6. Miss M says:

    I would like to ask another question, why oh why did Leo not win for “Gilbert Grape”?
    If any of you have a child of autism, you would know he nailed it, he was more successful in that role than any other. Just a comment.

  7. Miss M says:

    Black people boycott as they know they will not win. They choose a forum that, let us be honest, is ridiculous. If you are going to boycott something, why not how white women are more discriminated when they are abused and need help. Black people don’t believe they are, but we believe every black woman that shares the same concern.

  8. I like Will Smith a lot and he’s the only hip-hop star with real acting talent. But I never care who boycotts the Oscars. I haven’t watched the show in decades. The entertainment industry is just stock-full of events where celebrities tell each other they’re brilliant, talented, and wonderful. It should make anybody want to puke at their narcissism. As a winner the only award I’d accept would be the People’s Choice Award. It’s the only one that really matters. Blacks are crying because they feel excluded from something which is a farce to begin with. If you want to know how much of a farce, just examine all the classic, immortal and commanding performances which were ignored and the statue given to a performance now considered a joke by comparison. There’s not just a few, there’s a ton of examples. Same thing goes for the Grammys. If the system was fair and intelligent they wouldn’t have to constantly be handing out life achievement awards. Even if DiCaprio loses again, the people know he deserved it. They’ll give it to Stallone, who mumbles his way through roles and couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. When I first saw Stallone acting, I thought he was mentally challenged. Sentencing some one to watch all his films in two days would be worse than being water-boarded. Other than ‘Gilbert Grape,’ which should have been thrown on the cutting room floor and stomped on, I could do that with Leo’s films. I’d rather sit and flush a toilet than watch Hollywood masturbate. It would be more appropriate if the Oscar statue was a dildo.

  9. lyndamaybury says:

    Will Smith’s performance in Concussion deserves an Oscar for best actor, I truly believe. As a movie FAN and avid Oscar party thrower for years, from a pure quality of the content I know so. The snub, however, I believe has nothing to do with race despite the hype. I don’t think all the other films this year portraying strong African American roles were contenders. Concussion is though. It’s reason for snub is so obvious once you watch the movie. The topic itself cannot be exposed any further because of the size of this financial institution of NFL and football – same reason the movie was made. I’m disappointed in Will for blaming this snub on a race thing and not going after the true reason which was the point of the movie itself. The power of the NFL and supporting infrastructure to squash the topic. Apparently the movie has had no impact on the true issue and used racism as a blanket to squash what is real. Sucks it was a Black doctor to call this issue out that it became so easy to blur the real issue behind an age-old American battle of racism.

    • Marc says:

      I disagree, I’ve watched the NFL since I was a kid and now more than ever prominent household name guys are retiring after 5-6 years into their career, the NFL knows about the concussion issue, they’ve made strides and have actually sacrificed entertainment for safety.

  10. Marcie says:

    I am reading the comments and they are making me very sad. I think most people missed the actual point. Where you may not think Wills movie was Oscar deserving, Idris Elb a played in the movie Beasts of No Nation ( which most of you probably did not see) and was fantastic. Nominations should be base on the quality of the acting and watch the movie and see how great he is. And don’t say no one say the movie because that is the general theme of the Oscars. Most of the nominated movies are not the ones that are big at the box office or widely seen. But that does not stop them from being nominated All of the negative comments head in all directions except for the fact that it could be possibility that a few good movies and actors were overlooked.

    I go to work everyday and face what they feel they are facing with the Oscars so sympathy is not something I am giving. There is so much negativity going on in the world that to deny that racism, sexism, agism, ect exist is simply ignorant. And by the lashing out in the comments it just proves my point.

    And if you had the height and skill the NBA would welcome you with open arms, They are concerned with dollars and whomever can provide that income for the team would be signed. However in the regular world that the majority of us live in, that is simply not true. So let’s be real and honest because everyone knows that the playing field has not and is not equal. And all people are asking is that it be. However I wish that the actual problems that people of color, women ect face every day in the workplace was more important that the fact that people were not included in the Oscars. This is a global issue and not segmented to the small population of actors. Will and Jaida please know I respect you and your right to feel the way you feed.

    But oppression still exist and most and I would love to see your population get as rawled up at the overall injustices in the world like they are over the Oscars. I think if they did we may see some necessary changes occur in these place.

    And to the negative commenters, stop spewing any kinds of hatred and unkindness and move to help make the world a better place. Everyone will benefit when you do.

    • Don C says:

      While I understand your position, the thing about the Oscars is that it IS subjective. What you are proposing is a quota system for a subjective system. Like it or not, blacks are a minority in this country, and not anywhere near the largest group. Entertainment is going to cater to the largest group, just as in China, entertainment caters to those of Mandarin descent. That is not racism, no matter how you want to spin it.

      I agree with what you said about the NBA, that if you are tall and strong enough, they will take you, no matter your color. The point is, quotas in the Oscars are as foolish as quotas in the NBA.

  11. boz says:

    black entitlement gone wild!

  12. 1vincenzo2 says:

    Antagonists, both of them! Maybe Will should pick better scripts?!

    Mr Smith, and his woman, fit nicely into the new movement by blacks killing cops! After all, I haven’t heard a word from famous black people asking for them to stop. Why? They sit in their ivory tower, literally, and laugh at the black community. Then Bitch when they don’t get their way!

  13. Eric w says:

    Afermative action does not belong in the Oscars or any other awards. If you want awards work harder to earn them. You should not get extra credit or special awards just for your race

  14. Tom says:

    I agree with Will Smith we do need more diversity! But let’s not stop with the Oscar’s! The NBA is also significantly one colored- black! Where are the Asians, Hispanic, and white ethnicities! So please pass this on to Jada and Will. I wouldn’t want them to be classified as bigots!

  15. jamiekins says:

    Well, never mind that Jada doesn’t honestly even have a career no one would even know who she is if she weren’t married to Will. I hope Will has lost his career as well. What an ingrate. Hollywood has certainly been good to him. For him to bite the hand that feeds him and his families extravagant lifestyle doesn’t say much for his intellect. Whine and complain is all black people know to do these days. If I were him I would hang on to that money, he may not get much more from the Hollywood that he is so wanting to boycott. I have withdrawn my support of him or any film he is in from now on. I really dislike whining rich people even white ones. Black people are way past their 13.2% of attention thats due them. Maybe he and Jada should burn down their compound in protest ? Or try some looting in Beverly Hills. I am going to boycott all sports teams as well that are mostly black as well, in protest to his crybaby act. I’m even considering boycotting the Academy since they ran so fast to cow tow to them. Shameful behavior, and their willing to cut off older members instead of just adding more.
    Really SAD. Isn’t that abuse of the elderly ?

  16. Johnny says:

    Cry cry cry…. I always respected will smith until now… Black people dominate American sports and make tons of money doing it and you don’t see white people crying….I want to be a pro basketball player. Give me my chance…. Blacks create racism. If the 10 percent of blacks in film are not nominate for an Oscar then the simple solution is that blacks should be better actors. Dicaprio hasn’t won an Oscar and he is an amazing white actor. He’s not crying. Shut up!

  17. Tom says:

    Since when have the Oscars had the responsibility to “represent?” its audience? People don’t watch the Oscars because they relate — people watch the Oscars to see the luckiest sons of bitches get what we can only dream of. Will Smith came from nowhere and could have never been discovered, but he landed Fresh Prince, and the combination of his talent and an amazing vehicle made him somebody. It was a black sitcom largely embraced by white people. This show brought him fame and money. Then, Will Smith was thought of for Independence Day, by white people who didn’t see his race, but saw a talented up-in-coming actor who could carry the film. This brought more fame and money. Then Men In Black, another role which could have been white, but wasn’t, because people love Will Smith. More fame and money. Even his son had been given the Ralph Machio role through colorblind casting in the Karate Kid remake. And now he wants to say Hollywood is racist because no one bought that Nigerian accent for a second? Give me a break. Where’s the gratitude, Mr. Smith?

  18. tom says:

    will smith and his wife are ridiculous,why arent chinese,indian,pakistani,gays disabled people etc boyctting the oscars,he and his stupid untalented wife are creating a divide for no reason

  19. April says:

    I’m sorry, but what a big baby. He was a music man, not an actor until ten years ago. He’s been nominated twice, and lost twice. Dang, what would have happened if Henry Fonda or Myrna Loy had just folded their tents and left after being overlooked, year in and year out? I guess Will Smith is just the latest example of the wussifying of American men.

  20. Cindy Birch says:

    Does Will Smith not realise that by suggesting all those ‘white folk’ on any judging panels would probably only vote for ‘their own kind’ suggests that he is racially prejudiced!. . . . Also to suggest that anyone who doesn’t have the same colour of skin as the actors concerned and only sees the colour of their skin as apposed to their very great talents, is again, in my humble opinion, being racially prejudiced. . . Used to admire you Will, thought you were a reasonably attractive, capable actor. . . guess what, my opinions have changed now that I see your true colours, . . on the inside! . . . Like someone else commentated ‘Grow up’, and set a good example to your talented children. . .

  21. Mercedes says:

    Axe you certainly spoke firmly, clearly and with nothing but truth! It is a shame, even moreso that people believe that through all of this that color is the premises for diversity therefore thinking that the color of ones skin is what dictates our heritage (which cannot be further from the truth). Through all of this and what I feel to be so important for people to understand, for children to grow up knowing is that skin color has no bearing on diversity, the trueness of diversity in the world is our culture, the way we are raised, our country and how we embrace the world around us. Diversity in the world is beautiful when looked upon and embraced with the knowledge that no one comes from a certain passed and no one is headed towards a certain future or feels a certain way based on their skin. We are but one nation, one people… All the same on the inside and our skin color tells us nothing about our diversity except if we were a crayon box, the red draws red, the blue draws blue and we are not a crayon box, therefore our color does not set a precedence for anything as such. Our diversity comes from within and it is not written on our skin.

  22. Axe says:

    And here is why you cannot believe Will Smith or fall for this absurd phony controversy, not just because the Academy’s record for diversity over the many years patently speaks for itself, but because of his own words right there on camera.
    Many great artists and achievers have said, “If I can do it, you can do it.” What Will Smith is saying by turning this onto the industry and being in the room (A false premise itself that he and Spike Lee began spinning with this nonsense about green lighting, what do you call Tyler Perry? Does he not green light? Besides the fact is nobody needs one to make a movie anymore in this digital age of self publishing, connectivity to the world and YouTube Superstars!) is “although I made it in this tough business and many others like me have, you need extra help. You cannot do it on your own.” Sad.
    Incidentally, we’re talking about one of the most desirable and competitive industries in the world, so there is no equality about it, never has been, never should be. There should be no handouts for an elite very difficult to achieve success in business of manufacturing dreams. The bar for entry and excelling within is high among so many seeking it. And anybody who thinks it’s about skin color at this point in American history is either delusional, dishonest, or stupid. Take a look at our President, a President who was criticized for having too little experience and yet rose up very quickly and was voted in, twice.
    Yeah, it’s a lack of diversity bias that snubbed an egomaniac uber wealthy one percenter superstar from his award; the very industry that gave him all he has! So he throws a tantrum hurting his brand, The Academy, and the industry over it then actually has the audacity to try to make himself now noble because he’s doing it all for the children. The level of hypocrisy is astonishing even in a town called Hollywood. This in particular is sad because he was well liked by the audience and a good enough actor to have been already nominated twice and probably would be again on his own merit. Now if the Academy is rigged by any form of affirmative action, he’ll never know if future recognition is based solely on merit. No actors ‘of color’ will. Only all the many past actors ‘of color’ will share that special and deserved honor.

  23. Joe says:

    I do not understand all these mess. He didn’t get nominate because he did the same thing in the movie he played a homeless father. I believe he did get nominated for that one. I mean really. Plus who really saw the movie anyway. I did and it was good but he you didn’t deserve to be nominated. Grew up and keep acting and maybe in the future you will get a nomination.

  24. Jeanne Roberts says:

    Poor Will and Jada. Now you get your token spots, instead if being appreciated for your efforts. If Leonardo DiCaprio were black, there would have been boycotts and riots for his not winning academy awards for years. I am a proud white woman who has no problem with black people because I was brought up not to judge others by the color of their skin: my mother is blind. Now all I hear from people is: it’s because we are black. This problem will never be resolved until they realize the past is gone. You have every advantage as a black American. It’s your behavior and choices that put you where yu are. Example: Michelle and Barack Obama, Quincy Jones, Ben Carson, Maya Angelou.

    • TrJo says:

      All these comments make me sick to the soul. You all think they’re trying to get attention or boycotted the Oscars because he didn’t get nominated? Wake up! You think racism is all in the past – you have no idea what it feels like to walk the streets as a black man or woman. INEQUALITY STILL EXISTS, whether you want to hide it or not. Yes, we’ve made progress. We have a black president, we’ve got incredible black leaders. Do you know how much harder they have to work to get recognized? Do you know the microaggressions and hardships they’ve had to face? You commenters know nothing, yet you blabber away like racism is solved. And fine – if you don’t like the way Will Smith is handling the situation (boycotting the Oscars), then it’s your opinion. But can’t you keep your rude ass comments to yourself? Calling him a talentless crybaby that just wants attention tells me how uneducated and conservative you all are. By the way – reverse racism does not exist so don’t try to complain about your damn hardships facing racism as a white person. Get off your high horse and open your eyes.

  25. piverson702 says:

    I will never watch another movie made by any of these people screaming racism EVER AGAIN !!! I am sick and tired of the public BOWING down to every cry baby that screams race and throws a fit !! I have friends from all walks of life and color is NOT the issue its the person BUT these rich ass cry babies make this into a RACE thing …well I quit and they will NEVER see another dime from me !!!

  26. tracy says:

    Thank God!!! Will, please keep your wife away too! Gosh, I may watch the Oscars this year since all of the B rated actors won’t be there.

  27. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:

    Shalom Aleichem

    I’m shocked at this, the craft where so many dark pigment actors have benefited from to create material paradises; to now become judges at a time where humanity can enter a period where all humanity can come together.

    These actors should consider the so many lives they have touched in a humanistic way; this speaks to the stigma of supremacy that does probably exist in closed clichés.

    I don’t see the fans watching a film because of the color of the actors but rather for their ability to move the soul. Darkness can not receive nor truly comprehend the light, and this is where we stand.

    Negative images portrayed in any arena will forever overtake the positive, as long as it continues to be highlighted!

    Take for instance the exclusiveness of a black history month while genetically; the early Romans possessed dark pigment, our calendar bares the names of dead Roman Generals and demi-Gods.

    If you examine the undertone in black history, it’s a term identified with a stigma that is based in an original derogatory; which implies that the month be force suggested into society as education instead of history relating to humanity. I now look at these individuals in a different way, instead of reversing ignorance they have fell into a reverse roll as supremacist!

    One would think money classifies wisdom, this is not the case in the world in any genre; the Oscar committee could have been addressed outside of issues that plague certain circles in the world in a business professional manner.

    Where should we be as visitors upon earth?

    The succession of time renders us sequences, but it’s important to truly teach this, images and objects are all designed to project an illusion that if not properly guided, will manifest a virtual existence predicated in set ignorance!

    Wil, Jada, Spike and others, such a stance is disrespectful to the Oscar committee, the fans, your peers and the dying human race that look at you all as potential prophets of life scenarios on a reel that each can relate too.

    What is an award ceremony; exactly, its a ceremony; which by no means can bound the feature for a span of time beyond the screen, but the act of disassociation in a highly publicized event based upon an opinion bias, we are let down , to imagine that many actors and producers, once admired, are so narrow minded.


    Daniel Moshe Johnson

  28. Cherie Garland says:

    Jada and Will won’t be missed as neither would Michael Moore and any of the others who don’t attend. Will’s latest movie wasn’t that good and it didn’t deserve an Oscar nod. I’m so sick of these ‘black’ idiots who can only whine when they don’t get what they THINK they deserve. The nominees for this year are deserving of a nomination for their excellent work- it had nothing to do with the color of their skin! Too bad that Academy is so scared that it has to bend to this kind of blackmail! Disgusting!! Morgan Freeman gets it- they should all take a lesson from him.

  29. Howard Johnson says:

    Who cares if these two sub-par actors are there or not? Go ahead Jada, and Will (and soon I imagine your talent-less kids as well), kick and scream until they give you what YOU think you deserve. If that’s what it takes to get you to shut your over-used, senseless mouths…..OK, YOU WON AN ACADEMY AWARD! HURRAY!

  30. Jeanne says:

    Seriously, this is nothing more than sour grape and is not really newsworthy. I have never thought much of Will Smith as an actor, and perhaps others feel his acting is nothing special. That could be why he wasn’t nominated for any awards recently and the color of his skin had nothing to do with it.

  31. joe says:

    I’ll actually give a damn when B.E.T. is stricken from the air, as it is a racist, non white network

  32. fredw says:

    Will. I feel your pain, and want to make a generous offer.
    I will swap my privileged white bank account for yours.
    That should make you supremely happy.
    Also, my privileged white children will swap schools with
    your underprivileged black children.
    I know that you will get back to me quickly and take advantage
    of this wonderful offer.

  33. Will Smith please accept the fact and be a good sport, your acting in concussion is not worth of nomination and we are not going to buy to you and your wife allegations. If you were really interested in more diversity, you and your wife should have brought it up long time ago and not now that your are not a winner.. It shows your self interest and not for the community you tend to pretend representing. . Why during the past 5 or 10 years you did not brought your concerns to the Academy and only now, . Is it because you were winning then and now you are not, you bringing this one sided concerned. Black people is beautiful but this time you choose wrong battle and
    timing is really off.

  34. C. Caputo says:

    No surprise here…he is a racist. I have a radical idea….make better movies, maybe you will get an award. More ‘affirmative action’…giving minorities things they do not deserve…pathetic!

  35. wayne says:

    Who the f**k cares… you’ve lost your creditability!!!

  36. sue says:

    “Will Smith Says He Won’t Attend Oscars”, and nobody cared or noticed.

  37. Terri Deloss says:

    I had so much respect for Will Smith and his family until now, so sad that he and others, (not all are black) recharge racism in America once more. This country was clearly moving forward..ie: our President, Barack Obama!!! What is wrong with these entitled movie stars today, wealthy beyond most peoples dreams! Just heart breaking and disappointing to say the least!

  38. gregg williams says:

    As a paying movie goer I think we should all boycott the movies since the whole Hollywood culture (white and black) see to have their heads up their collective A$$E$!

  39. Sal says:

    Good. He and his wife should stay home. It has gotten to the point that I a, tired of having my whole life dictated by how the Black community feels and what they have objections too. I will be one that will not watch another of his films. Though I know it will never matter to him.He should feel lucky he has had the career he had and made the millions he’s made.

  40. brad smith says:

    Who cares if they attend! Who cares if anyone who says the are not going does not go. What about the black film awards? Explain to me how that works. Talk about undiverse.The squeaky wheel always gets the grease!!!!!!

  41. Jim says:

    Great Will Smith you keep your black a$$ at home along with your no good wife and please keep your other a$$ friend chris rock away from the show .. Don’t watch that show for years and years since it’s just a rich party for you guys .. Hate when you black people bitch because you didn’t get a nomination … Do you see white people bitching because they didn’t get nominated …

  42. Donna says:

    I have lost my respect for Will Smith.

  43. tim says:


  44. Jan says:

    How many whites were nominated when Spike Lee accepted awards from the Black Film Awards, or the NAACP. Did he complain about the lack of diversity (read competition) while making his acceptance speech?

  45. Don C says:

    I think I’m starting to understand about racism in the 21st century.

    I’m white, so I’m racist.
    If I agree that there’s racism, I’m a racist
    If I say there’s something that needs to be done about racism, I’m a racist.
    If I say there’s nothing that needs to be done about racism, I’m a racist.
    I can’t mention race, otherwise I’m a racist.
    I can’t ignore race, otherwise I’m a racist.

    I guess I’ll throw out how I (a white male) interpret my white privilege.
    I’m not intelligent – It’s only because I’m white
    I’m not personable – It’s only because I’m white
    It’s not my work ethic that keeps me employed – It’s only because I’m white.
    It’s not the effort I’ve put towards my education – It’s only because I’m white.

    Strange. I thought the dream of MLK was to judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

    Judge people by their character. Unless they’re white. #$%$ Whitey.

    I take all the Blame

    My incredible Whiteness has held back every minority, It’s not about education and self reliance it’s my Superb powers of Whiteness. those kids that kill other kids on the street corner..not their fault, it’s my whiteness.
    I have excepted my blame for poverty, drugs, prostitution, none of this is a any ones fault, but my whiteness.

    So next time when you get denied for a job because they saw “Life Skills’ under Education..Blame my Whiiteness.
    Next time the cops pull you over cause you have a rap sheet a mile long..Blame my Whiteness.

    My Incredible Powers of Whiteness are to blame for all your economic and social woe

  46. Jules says:

    Sidney Poitier Won the “Best Actor Oscar” in 1964. Since then, #121 Blacks have Won Oscars for Acting, Writing, Directing, Producing, Composing, Lighting, Cinematography, Wardrobe Design, etc-etc.

    In 2012 – 2013 Blacks walked away with the majority of Oscars in all Categories. We didn’t see any other Races come-out and say, “It’s not fair”…”It’s racist”…”It’s rigged.” ONLY “Entitled-People” that think they deserve something for nothing, do the bitching and the moaning.

    I attribute this “Affirmative-Action-Attitude” to the George Soros-Barack Obama “Occupy Wallstreet-Black Lives Matter,” protests & riots against Cops & Law-biding Citizens.

    Unfortunately, what most of you don’t seem to understand is, it’s a judgement of your peers (Liberals) that have supported you in the past in every regard….that you just called “Racist.” Not to smart.

    Create your own Awards System, with your rules of being black. Oh-wait you have.

  47. Mercedes says:

    People, even Will and Jada Smith are confusing Diversity with the color of ones skin (or they just want less people with lighter skin to be apart of the Oscars, either way, it’s wrong) and the color of ones skin does not constitute diversity at all. Diversity is different cultures, the way people were raised and how they handle and interact to situations. True diversity is not based on color, it’s based of ethics, background and way of life and yes, we need more diversity.

  48. Ted says:

    There is plenty of diversity with this years’ nominees, the diversity just has nothing to do with being black. When did diversity become about blacks? This year we have Alejandro González Iñárritu, who is a monumentally talented Mexican film director, producer, screenwriter, and former composer, we have the story of a woman whose civil and human rights were denied her by being abducted and locked in a room, a brilliant young male actor in a thoughtfully written trans gender role, and an entire movie about aging, not to mention the awesome women’s roles. That IS diversity. Get over it! Will Smith should be thankful that the Men in Black and Bad Boys’ franchises prop up his career; and his wife — Who? (who cares). Spike Lee was the same screechy, self-absorbed C+ talent when he complained that Driving Miss Daisy (RE a black elder and a white elder) won the Oscar over his sad little movie. God decides skin color and talent; it is not an Academy decision. But to expect to be pandered to because you have a tantrum and blame the color of your skin for your lack of talent — well Please. Stop boring us with the “give me — because I’m black’ act. Everyone is color blind today, and the words prejudice and diversity have NOTHING to do with being black. If you don’t like the way you are treated get out of the business and make room for others — regardless of their race or gender or creed.

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