Warner Bros. Offers ‘Wonder Woman’ Footage, Touts ‘Expansive’ DC Comics Universe

Wonder Woman DC Movie
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

There’s a lot more Superman and Batman coming to movie theaters.

Warner Bros. talked up the “expansive” nature of the DC Comics cinematic universe during a presentation to exhibitors at CinemaCon on Tuesday, while debuting footage from “Wonder Woman” that highlighted the Amazonian warrior princess beating up a platoon of World War I soldiers. There was also a brief glimpse of love interest Chris Pine atop a motorcycle, as well as Wonder Woman using her shield to deflect gunfire, and riding a horse, sword drawn and ready for action.

“We’re going to see her coming of age,” said director Patty Jenkins (“Monster”), during a video introduction.


Wonder Woman DC Movie

‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Jungle Book’ Release Dates Moved by Warner Bros.

The studio was also eager to talk up the box office results of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Executives and star Ben Affleck kept mentioning that with more than $750 million in receipts, the film was a “big success.” That may have been more spin than genuine enthusiasm. Although the number is a big one, Warner Bros. spent hundreds of millions making and promoting the film, and some analysts argue that the fact that “Batman v Superman” will fall short of $1 billion globally makes it something of a disappointment. There were other problems, too: Critics hated the film and the response from fans was mixed.

But Warner Bros. is sticking with Zack Snyder, the “Batman v Superman” director, on “Justice League,” its upcoming super team adventure. The studio said that the superhero matchup was the first step in a bold plan to essentially make its own version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a video presentation highlighting these grand ambitions, production chief Greg Silverman said the film gave audiences, “the first real taste of this expanding universe.”

He added, “It’s exciting for the fans to see how interconnected all these universes are.”

Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, also said “Justice League” represented a big step forward, saying “bringing them on screen together is seismic.”

That will include a standalone Batman film, directed by Affleck, as well as solo outings for Justice League members Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash.

The DC presentation ended on a high note with an ebullient Will Smith and the cast of “Suicide Squad,” a film about a team of super villains, taking the stage.

“What if Superman decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House and grab the president right out of the Oval Office,” a character asks in the extended trailer shown to the audience, setting up the film’s stakes. “Who would stop him?” The answer was a rag-tag group of amoral avengers, brought together by shadowy government operatives looking for an edge in a world of metahumans.

Smith promised that “Suicide Squad” will “fill those theaters up real thick,” while director and writer David Ayer pledged that “thirsty, hungry people are going to show up.”

That’s music to the ears of theater owners, who make most of their profits selling popcorn and over-sized sodas to consumers. After all, costumed heroes and villains are only exciting to exhibitors if they mean more geeks will buy snacks.

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  1. .. says:

    They mean “Expensive DC Universe” Lol

  2. Cass says:

    Wake us when WB/DC get something right, besides The Dark Knight’s. And I love DC.

  3. Elle Murley says:

    I loved Wonder Woman growing up. I can’t stand the casting with this Gal chick. I want Harley Quinn to beat her ass, throw her into a vat of ooze and tell her not to come out until she is a different person.

  4. Wallace says:

    Gave up comic books ages ago, so I’m not going to get into this DC vs Marvel tirade and drama. What I do know, as a fan of film, is that with the exception of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Marvel hasn’t made one good film. Not one. Not even close. All Nolan’s Batman films and Watchmen, yes, Watchmen have been better examples of creative filmmaking… even approaching art. Of course, this is just my opinion. Some Marvel fans are acting like Marvel movies are great examples of cinema, and they CLEARLY are not, so please, let’s get back to earth and reality.

    • Rex says:

      Oh, thank GAWD you didn’t get into this DC vs Marvel tirade and drama and instead just offered your self-satisfied, expert fan explanation about why one side is better than the other. We can now consider the subject closed, everyone! Wallace has set us right! Hooraaaaayyyy!!

      • Wallace says:

        Just attempting to add some balance to the silly DC vs Marvel war by pointing out that the Marvel side seems very smug at times and seem to think that because their movies are considered to be superior by most, it’s the truth for all. If one uses another perspective and a different examining method, one can also see they are not. That’s not taking sides, nor being self-satisfying since I clearly stated it was my opinion. Besides, anyone who offers an opinion can be judged as being self-satisfying.

  5. I have no interest in another Zack Snyder DC movie. BvS was a hot mess, and the fact that he’s back for JL is insanity. JL is going to get destroyed by critics, fans will be mixed and it will under perform at the box office probably failing to make a billion. That’s what Zack Snyder does, it’s who he is. He’has no idea what people want to see with these DC characters. He’s a Hack.

    As far as the other DC movies go, we shall see with Suicide Squad. If Suicide Squad is BvS part 2 then the DCEU is toast. Sooner or later they are going to have to make a movie that everyone loves. because this “meh” from MOS and BvS is not working.

    • Rex says:

      Yeah, ’cause unless your film makes a billion at the boxoffice, it’s a COMPLETE FAILURE! What’s that, this hack’s show only made 750 million across the planet?!? Why, that’s like NO ONE showed up at all! What a loser that guy is! Clearly not one single person liked his movie, either!

  6. Leon Bradley says:

    Will Smith needs to control them danggum kids nahm sayin?? While he worried bout some damn movie…them kids is off the rack runnin wild in the aisle nah mean??? Lol!

    • WAM says:

      Rachael is obviously very smart Warner Bros…..I’d listen to her. BVS sucked and JLA will suck too with Hack Snyder leading the way.

  7. jj says:

    Marvel is doing great. There is room for more like DC’s BvS, which was a deep and mature film where the action scenes were significant and not just action reason and 30 minutes of jokes per film like some Marvel movies. Characters don’t just start break dancing in the middle of the finale, making the whole movie an enjoyable joke.

    • Mr. Pricklepants says:

      Batman v Superman probably would have been more enjoyable if Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman had started breakdancing in the middle of the finale.

      Also, the DCEU is screwed as long as Zack Snyder is in charge. The way he’s treated Superman is appalling.

  8. Movie lover says:

    And where´s another stand-alone SUPERMAN movie? WB still neglects this character and throws away millions by not understanding what makes Superman enjoyable. WONDER WOMAN will make some coin, BATMAN will be the most successful of their current slate, JUSTICE LEAGUE will be a bloated and joyless underperformer and the others will break-even at best.

    Meanwhile, MARVEL continues to excel. And while I was a much bigger fan of the DC comics, the movies definitely have drawn me to MARVEL.

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