Warner Bros. to Address Diversity Issue With Directors Workshop

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Courtesy of WB

Warner Bros. is continuing its efforts to tackle Hollywood’s diversity problem by launching an emerging film directors workshop, a talent incubator designed to give access and voice to new and underrepresented talent.

The studio will begin accepting applications next month and hopes to have the workshop up and running by the end of the third quarter.

The emerging film directors workshop will provide aspiring helmers from underrepresented communities with the opportunity to showcase their work to the film world after an intensive nine-month fellowship at Warner Bros. Participants will be partnered with a Warner Bros. executive mentor as they work through the entire film production process, from pitch to final cut to premiere. The inaugural class will have five filmmakers.

“Our emerging film directors workshop continues Warner Bros.’ commitment to being the industry’s most talent-focused studio,” said Greg Silverman, Warner Bros.’ president of creative development and worldwide production. “There are so many bright, creative individuals at the threshold, who just need access to bring their vision and voice to a bigger audience. By providing that access, as well as a professional network and funding for a short film, Warner Bros. will play a small part in developing the next generation of great storytellers, whether they work in film or television, at our studio or elsewhere.”

Silverman came up with the plan and spearheaded the program, which has been in development for about two years.

Designed to re-create the features production process on a micro level, the workshop will have participants pitch, write or work with a screenwriter, and develop a script for a short film that’s three to 10 minutes long and budgeted at $100,000. Once they have a final screenplay, filmmakers will work with physical production to prep, create a budget, cast, shoot on the lot and edit with a full post-production process. Warner Bros. will cover all production costs and salary for filmmakers for the duration of the workshop.

The workshop will culminate in a film festival showcasing the directors’ work that will be held for agents, managers, producers and film executives from across the industry. More information on the program and the application process can be found here.

Warner Bros. also sponsors the Warner Bros. television workshop, which features both a writers and directors workshop.

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  1. Sick of SJW! says:

    People don’t like bringing up sports. But Talent Scouts in the USA, go to all different Countries to find good, talent in Sports. Lots of Universities find people from Cuba, Venezuela, and others find people on the Continent of Africa. But if a White person(s) excels in Hollywood! It’s CRIME! What a Double Standard!!! Look at the MLB, NFL, or NBA. How come April Reign isn’t asking for more BLACK ROLES in the NHL (National Hockey League?) Oh yea, there’s such a LARGE MAJORITY of African Americans that love Pro-Hockey!!! Maybe they don’t like HOCKEY! Ya think???

    How come there aren’t more… Black People in the Oscars?? Maybe their culture has degenerated to the likes of Straight Outta Compton. Embracing gang-bang cutlure, or SJW cutlure where they want to be rewarded for the color of their skin, not their acting ability!!!

    Every Story has many sides to it. I’ve never heard Russell Simmons, Ice Cube, Ice T, or Spike Lee ever thank Blondie’s contribution to Rap Music!! Blondie the “White Band” with Debbie Harry as the Lead Singer. Had the F!RST No.1 Rap Song in the USA for Rapture. Yet large Majorities of Blacks just piss on Whites helping to spread Black music globally!!! You’ll never see them thank Adam Ant for “Ant Rap” or Duran Duran for New Religion. Many White’s into Ska, New Wave, New Romantic, and Punk. Have helped to mainstream Rap. But because their “White” or some of them are “White and English”. The Media and the Black Rap Moguls treat them like crap. So the only diversity Black Rap Stars really care about is BLACK! The rest if Lip Service! Without Blondie’s No. 1 Rap Song, crap like NWA, Run DMC, and Ice T wouldn’t have been “Liget”. There would have never been any Mc Hammer, or Vanilla Ice in the 90’s. Who’s better selling rap to a White Audience than a White Singer/Rapper?

    Have these diversity trolls ever heard of crossover success? If Black Actors can be in Good Films people will watch it! Of all colors! Look at Sanford and Son, or The Jeffersons! Or even the Cosby Show! Those appealed to people of all races! Or Dave Chappelle! HAS BEING BLACK REALLY HURT DAVE CHAPPELLE? SOMEONE SHOULD ASK APRIL REIGN ABOUT THAT!

  2. Lex says:

    If they are going to turn movies into politically-mandated propaganda films, it’s going to make things even worse. The Ghostbusters movie looks bad enough.

  3. Anthony King says:

    IS THAT RACIST OR NOT ? Ethnic people are 1/2 of the Population of the U.S.A
    but we get only 6% of all the acting roles in Hollywood
    STUDY: Hollywood Lost Billions By Not Casting Non-White Actors
    February 25, 2016
    Entertainment NewsMoviesTV

    You see in Egypt i am white as a snow in Israel i am white cool Sabra in Italy i am a Mambo italiano in Europe i am a fine white gentleman in the U.S.A in Hollywood i am a black man i didn’t know that the color of my skin can change so quick like a lizard so officially i am a lizard RIGHT RACIST HATERS

    • flosse says:

      Three quarters of all NBA players are black, 23% white and only 1.8% Latino, 0.2% Asian. Is the NBA racist?
      Hollywood does not care about race or religion, not even about talent, see Adam Sandler. What they care about is making money. If movies with minorities make money, they will flood us with them. If not, they go with Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Chris Pratt.
      That’s not racism, that’s capitalism.

      • Alfred Sharpen Sr. says:

        Have you not read the recent reports on diversity from USC and UCLA? Films with nonwhite and/or minority cast make money. Fast & Furious and Star Wars are good example. Why do people like you continue to bring up sports; the NBA and NFL in particular. Sports are objective. If you can shoot like curry, pass like Nash, or run like Lebron you’ll get a chance. Hollywood is subjective. Not to mention its run by agency package deals, nepotism and the buddy system. Talent is often overlooked in favor of the familiar. It’s not like majority of the movies make money anyway. Gods of Egypt. So why not let others try.

  4. Tony says:

    Thanks for publishing this late.
    The deadline was in Feb.

    • prukel says:

      The application isn’t up yet on their site. From another site just now: “Warner Bros Pictures is gearing up to launch the Warner Bros. Emerging Film Directors Workshop sometime during the second quarter this year, the studio said today.”

    • writingdevil says:

      I don’t think you are following carefully. WB posted today: “Warner Bros Pictures is gearing up to launch the Warner Bros. Emerging Film Directors Workshop sometime during the second quarter this year, the studio said today.”

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