Controversial Anti-Vaccination Documentary Gets Release From Cinema Libre (EXCLUSIVE)

'Vaxxed' Anti-Vaccination Documentary Gets Release from

Cinema Libre Studio has announced it will distribute the controversial documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” Variety has learned exclusively.

The distributor’s announcement came late Tuesday, three days after the Tribeca Film Festival pulled “Vaxxed” from its lineup with festival co-founder Robert De Niro explaining it did not contribute to or further the discussion he had hoped for about issues surrounding autism.

The documentary will premiere Friday at the Angelika FiIm Center in New York City. Cinema Libre has not revealed future distribution plans other than saying it will be “widely released” in other cities.

“Vaxxed” is co-written and directed by Andrew Wakefield, a former surgeon and medical researcher who published a discredited 1998 research paper that claimed that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was linked to autism. Wakefield was accused of professional misconduct and falsifying information in that study, and the Lancet, the journal that ran the research, retracted the piece. The British doctor has been barred from practicing medicine in the U.K.

“Vaxxed” purports to investigates the claims of a senior scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who revealed that the CDC had allegedly manipulated and destroyed data on an important study about autism and the MMR vaccine. Cinema Libre Studio said Tuesday it has been working with the “Vaxxed” team since the fall and has acquired worldwide distribution rights from Autism Media Channel.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is no link between vaccination and autism. The anti-vaccination movement has lowered vaccination rates, which in turn has been linked to a recurrence of vaccine-preventible diseases such as measles and mumps.

In an open letter last week, documentary filmmaker Penny Lane (“Our Nixon”) described Wakefield as a “discredited and dangerous anti-vaccination quack.”

Cinema Libre Chairman Philippe Diaz said in a statement, “We chose to distribute this film to correct a major issue, which is the suppression of medical data by a governmental agency that may very well be contributing to a significant health crisis. The media storm of last week also revealed another issue; the hyper mediatization by some members of the media and the documentary community who had not even seen the film, as well as Tribeca executives, which condemned it as anti-vaccine.”

Diaz also asserted that neither the film not Wakefield are anti-vaccine.

“Wakefield’s concern for the last twenty years has been about making sure that vaccines are safe for children,” he added. “This is why we decided to release the film now rather than as originally planned later in the year.”

Richard Castro, head of distribution, said, “It’s disturbing that an American film festival can succumb so easily to pressure to censor a film that it has already selected an announced. On Friday I received a call from Tribeca executives expressing concerns about showing the film, but no opportunity was afforded our filmmakers to even address those concerns.  When I questioned the rationale, it was indicated that sponsors’ interest was a factor.”

“Vaxxed” is produced by Del Bigtree and includes interviews with Dr. Brian Hooker, to whom Thompson leaked documents as well as interviews with several autism “experts” (Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, Mark Blaxill, Polly Tommey), practicing family physicians (Dr. James  M. Sears, Dr. Rachel Ross), former pharmaceutical drug representative Brandy Vaughn, research scientists (Dr. Luc Montagnier, Stephanie Seneff) and Rep. Bill Posey (R.-Fla.).

De Niro and his wife, Grace Hightower, have an autistic child. He said in his March 26 statement that it was “critical” that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined.

“The Festival doesn’t seek to avoid or shy away from controversy,” he added. “However, we have concerns with certain things in this film that we feel prevent us from presenting it in the Festival program. We have decided to remove it from our schedule.”

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  1. marvinsannes says:

    Vaccine is a sub-plot. The film is about the collusion of media, govt., and corporate money – the same patterns we see in America’s invasions and occupation of 3rd world countries and the killing of millions of children for “freedom and democracy”. Money, my friends, the film is censored by money.

  2. Skeptic says:

    This film is not “anti-vaccine” if anything it’s “anti” scientific fraud. It exposes the lies and malfeasance of the CDC. What is “anti vaccine” about that? See the film and then draw your own conclusions.

  3. gezdie says:

    It is quite a masterful move to end what you wrote with that statement. How does it feel to be part of the propaganda machine?? Does it make you proud? I’m sure your mother is proud of you fooling the american public in to thinking a vaccine that is causing brain damage to babies is perfectly fine and discouraging people that may want to see the film and judge for themselves. I hope it makes you sleep well at night to know you are contributing to the assault on babies… Or maybe you are a psychopath and this gives you a thril… either way… pretty effed up man…

  4. davidh53 says:

    Nice how the writer does not say who “Thompson” is. As an employee at CDC he exposed that important data was taken out so as not to raise questions. Not exactly fair and balanced writing.

  5. Laurie says:

    Oh, the film is to blame – not the chemical companies (what they were called before deciding to make a better public facade in the 1900s) making a bad product, knowing it and the government protecting them! Seriously?!? Let them pay to support the lives they’ve destroyed!!! This is premeditated harm and should be dealt with accordingly. Stop pandering to the corporate chemical companies and tart reporting truth!! Hold THEM accountable!

  6. Eb Bruner says:

    Hmm, this piece is not only poorly researched but biased as well. Dr. Wakefield has been wrongly discredited and events after the Lancet article bear this out. Also, the documentary isn’t exactly anti-vaccine but does bring into light the powerful interests involved, coverups and data manipulations, threats, etc. of an industry that has profits as its sole motivation and the governments willing to do anything to protect them.

  7. Gino says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Vaxxed is not anti-vaccine film.

    Don’t be a Hilary trying to twist the idiots. This is very simple. But, if you have not seen the movie, please do not say a word. Go see it.
    Unless you are another parent that struggle with this like myself and my beloved only boy.

    My boy was not born autistic. He ” regressed ” thanks to mercury in vaccines.
    I have all documented.
    Unless, your baby boy was poisoned with mercury in the MMR and the flu shot, and you diligently go through everything we have gone through, you will not understand.

    Why the US congress do not subpoena CDC lead scientist Dr William Thompson ? Dr Thompson has been requested so for the past four years. He is willing to provide all the evidence.

    Why not make an honest study as the Regimes here do with cars, bags, shoes, halogen lamps, adult pills, weight loss pills, etc. ?
    Because they know how sensitive this will be in the yes of all people.
    Including all of you. For real.
    Plus, yes ladies and gentleman Money ! Power ! Position in Merck like former CDC chief.

    Trump will never be allowed to run, since he is the only one that had the heart to challenge this. Hilarious Clinton will win through fraud and the illegitimate of her running. Monsanto, Big Pharmas, Petro dollars, brother’ gold mine in Haiti, etc.

    May the Lord bless you.
    I would like that for one short year -then go back to their healthy lives 100%, that you experienced this life; from growing normal to regress into autism. May yours, your loved ones, colleagues, friends, family members, all, all babies and toddlers be affected, so you may grow up through this.
    Don’t worry after a year may they all be healthy again.

    Is that too much to ask?

    Crooks in the Congress-Zoo, Dr William Thompson is waiting to be subpoenaed !

    • David Foster says:

      Gino I agree with everything you are saying, including your claim that your son regressed after MMR vaccine. But I just wanted to let you know that MMR vaccine does not contain mercury, it never has. That of course doesn’t mean MMR isn’t a concern, as this documentary makes very clear. But its better to have consistent and correct messaging so our cause retains credibility.

      • Adam says:

        Hi David, Thanks for pointing that out. Common mistake that a lot of people make. Thimerosal was present in other vaccines till 2001.

  8. Leslie says:

    Check your facts. Your 4th paragraph is incorrect and misleading and as a result leading the reader to a specific bias. His case along with his co-authors was overturned.

  9. Jim says:

    A gentleman by the name of William R. Long holds a B.A. and Ph. D. from Brown University in Providence, R.I., the J.D. from Williamette, the M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA and was the recipient of a prestigious DAAD (Deutscher akademischer Austauschdienst) award for research and dissertation writing at the University of Tuebinbgen, Germany
    (1980-81). He has written an article, available on-line at various sources titled:

    On the 2nd last page of the article William states his conclusion and findings as follows:

    “The aims of this essay are, in fact, relatively limited. My principal focus has been to examine the charges against Dr. Wakefield of financial conflict of interest, of having performed invasive procedures on children that weren’t ethically approved, and of questioning the safety of the MMR because he was
    secretly trying to devise an alternative vaccine that would make him rich. In my judgment, none of the arguments made by critics stands up to close scrutiny. But in the final analysis, all I am trying to do here is to clear the decks so that his scientific work can be dispassionately considered. After all, you would think that this would be the interest of most scientists in the first place….”

  10. Mel Gibsons ghost says:

    The jig is up with this scam. Robert Deniro knows the vaccines are poison. That means a lot of people know.

    • Peter Smith says:

      It is logically inconsistent for you to claim that Robert De Niro knows that vaccines are poison when, at the same time, De Niro is not showing the film because he thinks its viewpoint is incorrect. If De Niro actually thinks what you claim he thinks (with no basis), then he would show the film.

  11. Nikki says:

    Governor Jerry Brown how about you take all the vaccinations ( of course with appropriately adjusted doses to your weight..etc) just like you require all the inocent children.
    And get all these chemicals in your system, show us what you made of!!!!!
    Do you even have kids? Grandkids? You must be getting good kickback for this!!!

    • gezdie says:

      Yeah… or maybe he would go on national television and announce his support for it… How does it feel to be proven wrong after coming at someone like that? It make me smile just to rub your nose in it.

  12. Peter Smith says:

    It is amazing that a discredited pseudo-science (the anti-vax movement) gets so much traction among the gullible. Only in the US, among civilized nations, is the knowledge of science so low and the disdain for science so high.

    Cudos to Robert De Niro for his stand on this.

    • No, I think quite the opposite. It’s amazing that people in North America think everything they’re told is true, while never questioning why other countries’ governments HAVE banned certain vaccines and DO think there may be risks.

      • gezdie says:

        Note how you can not reply to anything Peter smith says… How much is the average salary for being a paid propagandist? Did you major in public relations? Is that one of the pre requisites to land a troll job for the US Gov? Oh… Mr. Smith… these questions are for you… not Mike

      • Peter Smith says:

        The rulings of other governments on vaccines are certainly worth considering, but the scientific basis for those rulings needs to be clear. If you have a reference, in a science-based article, I would be pleased to read it. Post a link. Anyway, I presume that the CDC is smart enough to be reviewing literature worldwide, as all scientists do.

    • CC says:

      You are the one with disdain for science. Pharmaceuticals have side effects and are never completely safe. Some people have legitimate concerns about the safety of certain vaccines and others question the safety of the whole concept of vaccines. Regardless of your preferences, it should be a scientific debate where opposing viewpoints aren’t suppressed, especially when those viewpoints are pointing to scientific fraud and coverup (Dr. Thompson).

      • Peter Smith says:

        No. I have great respect for science, in particular, evidence. The anti-vaxers stand by themselves with no scientific evidence to support their view. All they have is one discredited paper and a conspiracy theory. The discredited paper is not “science.” At best, it is a single-paper fallacy. One needs to look at all the evidence. All the evidence is on the side of vaccination. The anti vaxers do great harm by allowing contagious diseases to spread. It is not just their kids who are at risk. It is all other un-vaccinated people, including adults.

        The idea that this is a scientific debate is foolish. It may become a debate when there is credible evidence, published in peer-reviewed journals, that deserves to be considered. That is for the science community, not you, to decide.

  13. Adam says:

    Saturday and Sunday – when all paid commentators go silent. However, they will be back on Monday.

  14. Shellise Smith says:

    Thanks you so very much for showing this film….don’t let bullies from the CDC or big pharma prevent you from forging ahead…the TRUTH needs to get out. I have a child with severe Autism from the MMR vaxccine. He spiked a 104.5 temp 10 days later, classic reaction. He is almost 16. He functions at a 2 yr old level. Has been incredibly hard on our marriage and family.

  15. Jiim says:

    With respect to my previous post regarding the Robert F. Kennedy YouTube video, the one thing that I believe that is not accurate though, is the title of this video, where the word ‘Target’ is inappropriate. To research and develop a vaccine that would ‘Target’ a specific racial ethnic group with malicious intent in order to cause serious health damage, would of course not only be obviously insane, illegal, cost prohibitive, and nearly next to impossible to achieve (but perhaps not), but I believe that it is just that this racial ethnic group may very well be more physiologically predisposed to succumbing to the MMR vaccine’s potential damaging side effects. And that alleged damaging side effect being ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

  16. Jim says:

    Go to YouTube and in the search bar enter”
    “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Exposes Vaccines Targeting Black Boys Are Giving Them Autism”
    At 1:00 minute mark, here’s what Robert F. Kennedy has to say:
    “There have been 4 separate studies by the federal government, by the United States Congress, a 3 year study, a 1 year study by the United States Senate, a study in 2008 by the Inspector General of HHS, and a study last year by the Office and Research Integrity, and all of those studies have said the same thing: They’ve said that the vaccine division at CDC is a cesspool of corruption. The reason for that is because of financial conflicts of interest between people who work at the vaccine division and the vaccine industry”

  17. DC says:

    I can see the pharmaceutical trolls are all over this story no matter what website you go to. You reporters had better start reporting the truth because your health and that of your loved ones depends on it – whether you vaccinate or not. Autism is not all that vaccines cause. Our health officials readily admit that a known vaccine contaminant, SV40 is causing all sorts of health problems – google it and you will find it in the medical textbooks. They “claim” that it hasn’t been in vaccines since the 1960’s, but I talked to a Mom whose unvaccinated son tested positive for it just 10 years ago and he was extremely sick. So, did he get it from his vaccinated parents? What else have they infected us with? If vaccines are as safe as the CDC claims, then there would not be a vaccine injury compensation program to award victims for their injuries or pay for the death of loved ones. Wake up sheeple.

  18. ALS says:

    When anyone refers to Wakefield as, “medical researcher who published a discredited 1998 research paper” (yeah, there were ELEVEN other authors of that paper.)
    And refers to the Vaxxed film as “anti vax” (I saw it, it isn’t) I just stop listening.

    • Kevin Mackey says:

      Thanks. Sensationist media never letting the truth gat in the way of a good story, or their cognitive bias.

    • Guy Chapman says:

      So are you saying that Wakefield’s original paper is not discredited, or implying that his position as lead author is being overstated? He was the one being paid to produce evidence to support a lawsuit, it was his conjecture and he performed the unauthorised invasive tests on vulnerable children that lost him his medical license – it’s hard to see anyone else as being more directly responsible.

      As for not being anti-vaccine, that is a distinction without a difference. Saying that it uncritically and misleadingly promotes comprehensively refuted anti-vaccine tropes is a long way of saying it’s anti-vax. If you’ve bought into the vaccine-autism hoax then it won’t look anti-vaccine, if you are part of the reality-based community then it definitely looks,on the available evidence, like an anti-vaccine propaganda film. Obviously this could have been fixed by not majoring on the debunked “CDC whistleblower” nonsense, and indeed by not involving Andy Wakefield.

  19. Lisa Eckhart says:

    A shame that we live on a time where people can be hushed. Thank you Cinema Libre for your courage. Also an extremely good call on your part.

    • Guy Chapman says:

      The right to free speech does not oblige anybody to provide you with a megaphone and a captive audience. Would you be equally comfortable if De Niro chose to show an antisemitic film?

  20. Barbara says:

    This is the same story – word for word – that ran in Huffpost. Someone is plagiarizing or it’s a paid ad.

  21. aether22 says:

    Autism IS caused by vaccines. This is only debated by the crooks selling the vaccines and those following the establishment blindly. It isn’t even genuinely in question, it has been proven in court. Some vaccines admit they cause Autism and death. And it is generally recognized that the ingredients in vaccines causes such issues.

  22. Adamok says:

    Well done Cinema Libre Studio and Angelika FiIm Center for having the courage to screen the documentary.

  23. Kelly Fergison says:

    Please see it before you judge it. There will even be a Q&A on Friday and Saturday if you want to ask questions. After all, we do live in somewhat of a democracy.

    Mussolini once observed, “Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”

    Hitler once said, “How fortunate it is for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”

    Before you know it, our government will be mandating that fluoride be added to our water system just like Hitler did to make the Jews in the camps dumb and docile. Just imagine if that were to happen to our water system! Oh, wait a minute…

  24. Carrie Blount says:

    Would you have called spotlight a “controversial anti Catholic” documentary? Would you have called a whistleblowing priest who the church kicked out for exposing their sins “anti Catholic” and “fraudulent” if he made a documentary to continue to try to get people to wake up and stop the issues in the church? Dr Wakefields theories healed my son from autistic bowel disease. Sorry guy that you don’t believe in it but that’s because you have never changed a 5 year olds diaper or watched him fade into a fog . And moreover you nev t had the joy of watching him escape the fog when you stopped listening to the CDC and started listening to defeat autism now doctors and generation rescue .

  25. Anita Donnelly says:

    As an eye witness to vaccine injury that sent my toddler into a fog for 5 years, I want safer vaccines, research into which children are vulnerable to injury, and a chance to tell my truth without being attacked by people who accuse me of being anti vaccine when I am trying to fix vaccines. The manufacturers have zero liability and there is no way to explore these issues in open court. We need the media to open up discussion.

  26. Shellise Smith says:

    Thank you so very much for showing this film. My son has severe autism. Got 104.5 fever 10 days after MMR…classic reaction. He is almost 16 and functions at a 2 yr old level. Still shits his pants, can’t talk, and has behaviors that are unmanageable at times. Marriage and family have greatly suffered. Again,I profoundly thank you!

  27. There is no other explanation for the extremely high number of autism today other than vaccinations, and it’s believed MMR is the culprit. A little over 30 years autism was one in 100,000 and now one in 40 for boys. There’s a cover-up for sure. Even the heroin epidemic was done on purpose by prescribing opium drugs meant for hospital cancer patients only.

  28. Maria Morrow says:

    In a rational, intelligent society, we would take a breath, acknowledge that there is a problem and a concern, and HALT vaccinations until testing and open airing of process and conclusion could be complete to the satisfaction of both the scientific community and the parents. But the stakes are high, on both sides. And the smart money is on…money.

  29. Jim says:

    If you are at all concerned about the safety of vaccines with regards to fraudulent research that sometimes goes on behind closed doors in the Pharmaceutical industry, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Merck case that is still currently proceeding before the United States District Court for The Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Two former Merck Scientists filed suit against Merck under the False Claims Act. Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, plaintiffs versus Merck & Co., defendants. (Case 2:10-cv-04374-CDJ Document 20 Filed 04/27/10). It can be found on-line.

    Here are a few highlights of the document:

    Item 18. The reason for these continued outbreaks is that Merck’s vaccine does not have a 95 percent efficacy rate. The vaccine may have been 95 percent effective when it was originally licensed in 1967, but the vaccine virus has been waning as it is continually “passaged” to create more vaccine for distribution. Vaccine propagation further attenuates the virus, a problem which is compounded with each additional passage of the virus to create more vaccine.

    B. Merck’s Improper Use of Rabbit Antibodies In Its “Enhanced” PRN Test
    Item 28. The second test Merck employed under Protocol 007 was formally called the Anti-lgG Enhanced Mumps Plaque Reduction Neutralization Assay. It was commenced in 2000 and again led by Krah and his staff at Merck’s West Point facility. Relators Krahling and Wlochowski paticipated on the team that conducted this supposedly enhanced test. Each of them witnessed firsthand the falsification of the test data in which Merck engaged to reach its 95 percent efficacy threshold. In fact, each was significantly pressured by Krah and other senior Merck personnel to participate in the fraud.

    Item 32. “Merck knew that the neutralizations attributable to the rabbit antibodies would never exist in the real world. This is because the human immune system, even with the immunity boost provided by an effective vaccine, could never produce rabbit antibodies. And adding rabbit antibodies as a supplement to a vaccine was not an option because it could result in serious complications to a human, even death”.

  30. Nikki says:

    “The AutismOne & Generation Rescue 2013 Congressional Panel” On You Tube

  31. Jim says:

    To see what this movie is partly all about, go to YouTube, and in the search bar enter:
    “Florida Congressman Bill Posey: CDC Whistleblower Discloses Vaccine Deception”
    (It’s only a 5 minute video)

  32. JM says:

    Over 30,000 people want to see this film according to a recent petition created in response to Tribeca pulling the film. I would call that demand. This film is about corruption at the CDC. Don’t be confused by those who divert your attention to any other topic.

    • DB says:

      “This film is about corruption at the CDC.”

      Uh huh.

      Maybe you should be concerned about the corruption of the man who made the film, he’s already been proven to be a fraud who falsified his data.

      • Just for a bit of extra info: Thalydamide. We all know what it did. A doctor concerned that it might be causing birth defects published a paper about it, in the Lancet ,the same journal Andrew Wakefield’s study was published in. This doctor was laughed at, “debunked”, the paper retracted, his career ruined. And we all know the aftermath of that one.

      • DB, your comment is pure ad hominem logical fallacy. Perhaps you don’t know what that means. It means you’re attacking the man rather than the message. Big money can ruin anyone’s career. There are many documented cases of this. Look up “Astroturf” (roots) as a Black PR technique. Your statement completely misses the facts of the film. And that’s downright dumb.

      • Kelly Fergison says:

        See the film first. Then make a decision about whether or not you believe it

      • Curious says:

        There ARE schools of thought that agree with Wakefield’s findings. Check out the study that Wake Forest Uni did. (Dr Stephen Walker)

      • JM says:

        Evidenced right here by DB – “don’t be confused by those who divert your attention to any other topic”.

  33. Nikki says:

    We are beeing told don’t eat big fish while you pregnant because of mercury so baby is healthy. So Once they are born, is it ok to poison them with it through vaccines!!!
    If there is nothing to HIDE why they trying to stop showing of the movie.
    We have a right to know the truth. Lets openly talk about it and educate ourselves. Well being of our children is at stake. Do we really need this many vaccines to function as a healthy nation?
    Now in California we have nothing to say, we have to do it, we must Vaccinate, effective July 2016.
    Is that what America is built on. Do what you told?!!!
    What happen to our freedom of choice and speach???
    I guess someone at the top of “pyramid” has to much $$$$ to loose.

    • dingo199 says:

      I have a cracking film about the ideology of the KKK and how it exposes the antiracist mindset of those who control true freedom of speech.
      It has been rejected by Tribeca.
      Can Cinema Libre help me distribute it?

  34. Shelly Jones says:

    Yay! Thank you!

    • DB says:

      “We have a right to know the truth.”

      The truth is that the man who made the film is a fraud who falsified his data and has been denounced by countless reputable medical researchers. Nobody has ever been able to recreate the results of his fraudulent research, despite numerous attempts to do so.

      That’s the truth. Did you really want to hear the truth? I get the feeling you really just want someone to tell you that you’re right, whether or not it’s the truth at all.

      • T. O'Neil says:

        The CDC study in question did confirm the findings. So according to their own lead scientist, they destroyed the incriminating data and manipulated the conclusions. That is what the movie is about. Worthy of discussion and investigation.

  35. RichCoulter says:

    Let’s look at the validity of Dave McNary’s claims in this article:

    1) “who published a discredited 1998 research paper that claimed that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was linked to autism”

    WRONG – the study is redacted but the full study is still easily found online, clearly the author was more interested in parroting what he’s heard someone else say rather than doing a few minutes investigative journalism. Dave, please copy and paste the exact segment of the Lancet study that does what you’re claiming it does, had you read it you’d note the study implicitly claims the opposite! In addition it was Elsevier who published it, in The Lancet. They also pulled it, that Elsevier’s CEO at the time Sir Crispin Davis was making 70,000 pounds sterling annuallly in a non-executive directorial position on the board of UK MMR makers GlaxoSmithKline seems uninportant for you to mention.

    2) “Wakefield was accused of professional misconduct and falsifying information in that study, and the Lancet, the journal that ran the research, retracted the piece”

    And he was found guilty of professional misconduct for failure to obtain ethics committee approval for tests that Professor Walker-Smith felt were indicated. But falsifying information? Why hasn’t one single other author of the 12 authors on that paper stepped forward to say “yes, information was falsified and I have no idea why I didn’t see it despite having ample opportunity to review the paper before it was published with my name on it”? I’m sure that doesn’t strike Dave McNary as odd at all, it doesnt’ fit well with his industry apologist piece. The other authors agreed to state on the record that they disagree with Wakefield’s INTERPRETATION of the data, not that any data was falsified.

    3) “According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is no link between vaccination and autism.”

    According to the FDA, Vioxx was safe…before 50,000+ people suffered heart attacks using it as prescribed. The CDC has never conducted any study comparing rates of ASDs between only fully vaccinated (according to the CDC schedule) and never vaccinated children. Using studies like KIGGS which include individuals who may have received only one vaccine at an undisclosed age is shoddy science, but you get that a lot with corporate-funded, ghostwritten pseudoscience that passes peer-review in today’s well-funded medical journals.

    4) “When I questioned the rationale, it was indicated that sponsors’ interest was a factor.”

    Dave, why did you not “investigate” this statement to see what indeed they were talking about? Did you not want to discuss Tribeca’s ties with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation?

  36. christine says:

    VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn’t want you to see:

    ABC News interview with Del Bigtree, the producer of Vaxxed:

    (Note: in the first two minutes of the video, you’ll see the ABC News piece itself — which includes only 4-sec, one short statement, from Del Bigtree from the interview. After that, the full 10-minute unedited phone conversation that took place between Del Bigtree and an ABC News reporter. That conversation took place just two hours before Robert De Niro yanked the film.)” — Jon Rappoport

    • elnura1 says:

      1)Please refer to the British High Court ruling on the report that Dr. Wakefield was a co-author on. This was a cohort report—not a research paper;
      *England and Wales High Court (Administrative Court)
      Decision Between: PROFESSOR JOHN WALKER-SMITH Appellant- and – GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL- Respondent.
      (instructed by EASTWOODS SOLICITORS) for the Appellant MISS JOANNA GLYNN QC AND MR CHRISTOPHER MELLOR (instructed by FIELD FISHER WATERHOUSE LLP) for the Respondent
      Hearing dates: 13th. 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th February 2012

      The judge found only one misleading statement in the paper, but it was not because investigations undertaken were unethical experiments described as gaining ethical approval in the paper according to the now-overturned findings on which the paper’s retraction was based. On the contrary, it was because investigations in the paper were described as being ethically approved when most were clinically indicated and required no such approval, although a few investigations were ethically approved. This may require an erratum, but it does not justify keeping the paper fully retracted. Reinstatement of the paper would literally expose the industries fraudulent activities. It would be a game over for the vaccine industry because it would not be able to financially pay off the lawsuits-at least outside of the US.

      -Judge Lord Justice Mitting, was scathing about the GMC’s ‘superficial and inadequate’ examining of Deer’s evidence, and stated much of it was just plain WRONG!! The Judge stopped short of accusing Deer of making things up, but we can draw our own conclusions. Read the document.

      Walker Smith was the actual person who did the intake and documentation. Let’s be clear:
      THE ACCURACY HAS NOT BEEN DISPUTED and still isn’t to this day. Hundreds of studies that confirm the cohort 1 page report findings.

      “Fiona Godlee, the editor of the BMJ, says that the journal’s conclusion of fraud was not based on the pathology but on a number of discrepancies between the children’s records and the claims in the Lancet paper…”

      It is clear that the judge who presided over Walker-Smith’s exoneration and reviewed the Lancet paper in detail could not find any evidence of this. His one major quibble was over the statement about ethical approval in the paper which Walker-Smith says he did not see – however this is accurate too.

      “Ethical approval and consent
      “Investigations were approved by the Ethical Practices Committee of the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust, and parents gave informed consent.”

      The paper did not have ethical approval and consent, and did not need it because it was simply a review of patient data (which was what was on the tin). The procedures needed ethical approval and consent and had them.

      Why Dr. Wakefield not taken the steps Walker-Smith did to reclaim his license. My understanding a appeal of this magnitude in the British High Courts require a minimum of 8 million UK money which translates into I think about 12 million US dollars to start the procedures. Contrary to what the MSM has posted about Wakefield-he is not a wealthy man. Walker-Smith’s appeal was funded by others.

      • dingo199 says:

        Only one thing you need to know about that particular court case, Elnura, and that is this statement from Lord Justice Miting:

        “There is now no respectable body of opinion which supports his (Wakefield’s) hypothesis, that MMR vaccine and autism/enterocolitis are causally linked.”

        Can you explain what that sentence means, please?

  37. Vidar Gudtad says:

    Autism is something you incur at a very young age and while your brain is under development. Then autism due to lyme or vaccination occurs when the brain is under development ..

    You can also get brain damage even when you’re an adult, but not to autism. Encephalitis is the most famous and this can be triggered by viruses both in children and adults.
    It is however the same mechanisms that apply. It’s about immunosuppression an immunesuppression in the presence of virus ..
    It is also important to understand that one can get autism by “real virus” of eg rubella .. Mothers who carry on rubella can give their children autism. How logical is not it that children who get rubella via a vaccine also can get autism as a result of reactivation ?

    If CDC says “people can get viruses from vaccines” and SASH its instrument proves “people can get viruses from vaccines,”

    So should these could be highlighted

  38. I am doing a happy dance today for freedom of speech. Yes, autism is a man made illness. vaccines can and do cause autism. We love Dr. Wakefield and all those who helped make this documentary happen. Thank you.
    Maurine meleck, Ponte Vedra, FL
    grandmother to 2 vaccine injured boys

    • Guy Chapman says:

      Autism is, as far as we can tell, a genetic condition. Whatever triggers it, it is definitely not vaccines. That has been established beyond any reasonable doubt.

      • ALS says:

        OK everyone, you can all go home now. Guy Chapman KNOWS what doesn’t cause Autism.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        Yes I do, and so do the medical research community. They have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars chasing that particular chimaera.

      • Denise D says:

        The vaccine insert (which parents don’t see and most doctors don’t read in their entirety) admit that YES vaccines are associated with autism.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        No, it lists conditions which have been reported following vaccination, regardless of likelihood or established causal link. It’s as useless as VAERS when looking at causation.

      • RichCoulter says:

        If autism was solely a genetic condition then 100% of the identical twins in the California Autism Twins Study would have had a diagnosis of ASD, instead of 76%. Clearly there is an environmental aspect. Also as clear is that no study has ever conducted comparing rates of ASDss between only two groups, fully vaccinated individuals following the recommended schedule on time and never vaccinated individuals receiving no vaccines. Before you post some random blog that claims studies have been done, you should try and grasp the concepts of “fully vaccinated” and “never vaccinated” – doing a study that lumps individuals with a single dose of a single vaccine in the “vaccinated” group is NOT a fully vax/never vax study. Therefore reasonable doubts rightly exist about the role vaccines play in ASDs and will continue to do so until said study is undertaken.

      • Michael Burns says:

        Who is ‘We” Guy, would you care to elaborate on that guy. Since you are known to be a paid shill here on the internet.
        You have’nt a clue what you are talking about guy, touting the party line…and for money too.
        Mercury does not belong in the human body!
        Aluminum is one of the five Halogens used in medicine that are dangerous to the human brain.
        There is a linked relationship between aluminum and autism; alzheimer’s and aluminum.
        The most dangerous toxin to the human brain is Teflon a fusion of carbon and aluminum. Why? Because carbon makes the molecule so stable. What is Teflon used on Guy?

        Now with vaccines mercury is also used in the grand mixture as well as Squalene, both are deadly poisons; Mercury has been linked many times to brain damage, thus its removal from house paint years ago.
        Squalene on the other hand, has it’s debut in the Anthrax vaccine given to soldiers, and has been the leading cause of Gulf War Syndrome.
        Squalene is a hydrocarbon, that does not belong in ahuman body…especially an infant.

        Now Guy the one thing that has been proven is that if a vaccine in introduced within the human body the immune system throws it right back out of the body immediately; thus the need for heavy metals. Heavy metals are not so easy to get rid of Guy. And heavy metals highly suppress the immune system. So much so Guy, that is not rare for a child to show flu like systems and fever as a last ditch by an immune system to rid itself of the toxins.
        So in a sense the heavy metal weld the vaccine to the human body, causing the most damage within the human brain. Everyone is affected.
        The prime reason for the vaccine is to weaken the immune system, and keep is stressed. Until the heavy metals are expunged from the body.
        So I could talk for days on this subject…but guy, you are causing harm. People are listening to what you say, and you do not know what you are talking about. So stop it. Your hurting people.

      • Jeff Bell says:

        If, as you claim, autism is a genetic condition, please explain why the incidence of autism has risen so dramatically in recent years, (coinciding with a far heavier childhood vaccine history, including vaccines and vaccine combinations that have NOT been adequately tested for safety).

        Genetic experts tell us that for a significant mutation to occur, survive and become widespread through a human population takes approximately 10,000 years. So the recent dramatic rise in autism cannot be caused by genetic mutation. Therefore it must be caused by something we are doing or some environmental condition or a combination of such factors, and NOT genetics.

        Furthermore, although this is not scientific proof of the causal link between vaccines and autism, a suspiciously large number of autism cases exist where the symptoms show up in previously health children shortly after they are vaccinated. And there seems to be much more evidence that there is a link. At the very least, it does not seem wise, scientifically accurate, nor safe to conclude at this point that there is no link.

  39. jp says:

    The effort by media to censor a film before its seen by anyone. What don’t they want you to hear? Welcome to Big Pharmaceutical controlled America.

    • Guy Chapman says:

      You are mistaking censureship for censorship. This is dangerously irresponsible nonsense that has already led parents to apply unfounded and dangerous treatments to their children, screening it without substantial additional context pointing out that everything it says is baloney, is a public health risk

      • RichCoulter says:

        When you say dangerous treatments do you include vaccination? Or does permanent brain damage following a vaccine encephalopathy not constitute “dangerous” in your pro-industry view of risks?

      • Guy Chapman says:

        Clearly I would* include vaccinaiton *if* there was any credible evidence of harm, which there isn’t. In a few cases there has been evidence of harm, and the vaccine has been promptly withdrawn. The worst case was the Cutter incident, and even there the number and severity of cases was much lower than a wild outbreak.

        The biggest problem with antivaxers is the whole begging-the-question thing. I have yet to meet an antivaxer who does not state as fact that vaccines cause autism, despite the fact that a mountain of evidence shows they do not, and most of the papers which claim they do, are retracted due to research fraud or other problems.

      • Joejoe says:

        Oh, shill, shill shill, your words are lame, you talk about this movie as if you seen it, you have not, you are definitely a profit driven shill.

  40. Maelys de Rudder says:

    This is wonderful news! The next step should be a proper public debate on vaccination. Not only in the US. The autism/MMR discussion is only one small part of the problem.

    • DB says:

      And then perhaps we can have “a proper public debate” on whether or not the sun revolves around the Earth and whether or not the sky is blue?

    • Guy Chapman says:

      There has been a public debate. It was held in the correct venue: the scientific literature. It turns out that vaccines do not cause autism. Hundreds of studies covering millions of children in dozens of countries establish this to a very high degree of certainty.

      Set against that we have Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent and retracted paper (for which he was paid by lawyers promoting an anti-vaccination lawsuit, follow the money) and the claims of William Thompson, which turn out to be based on data that fails to show any link at all between vaccines and autism except in African-American boys vaccinated later than usual, and even this turns out to be an error in the data caused by the fact that boys *already diagnosed* with autism were required to have vaccinations before entering daycare.

      Endlessly repeating a lie does not make it true, but Wakefield is giving it the good old college try anyway.

      • Wakefield never said there was a thimerisol link, which shows how much you know about his study.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        I did not say he did. Wakefield’s false conjecture was to do with measles virus in enterocolitis, a finding supposedly confirmed from PCR analysis by an incompetent (and now bankrupt) lab. The thimerosal bollocks was a bait-and-switch by people for whom any rationale will do as long as the conclusion is “vaccines”.

      • Barbar says:

        Actually, Hary, you show your ignorance by repeating what you read in some blog or in snopes. The “conclusion” was actually an assumption based on no data at all. Saying that the absolute cause was due to children having to be vaccinated to be in the school program only works if you throw out the difference in age of the onset of the autism – which this study was looking at. The onset of autism changed with the age of vaccination – not with entry to the program. But you would know that if you researched for yourself.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        So what do you believe: that MMR causes autism but only in African-American boys vaccinated between 24 and 36 months, thus refuting Wakefield’s claims and the purported thiomersal link? That is the only valid alternative conclusion. Bear in mind that the subgroup analysis was done prior to publication. And actually when the source data is analysed in full, there is no link.

  41. Burmese Days says:

    The pro-vaccine fanatics are very intellectually insecure people. That is why they indulge in bookburning (or rather, filmburning) and censorship. Their greatest fear is an open and intelligent debate on the subject. That is why they are trashing a film they have not even seen.

    • RichCoulter says:

      So only black kids had autism before being vaccinated? That’s your brilliant assessment? Is that garnered from one of Orac’s impossibly long-winded diatribes with little to no scientifically accurate facts presented or did you come up with that tidbit all by yourself?

      “Hundreds of studies covering millions of children in dozens of countries establish this to a very high degree of certainty.”

      None of which compare rates of ASDs between only fully vaccinated and never vaccinated individuals. If I wanted to know how dangerous plunging a knife directly into the heart area was and I had two groups – 1) No knife plunged and 2) Knife plunged at least 1mm into the skin, would you say that was a well designed study? Why then is it okay to include individuals receiving only a single dose of a single vaccine at an undisclosed age in the “vaccinated” group in studies like KIGGS?

  42. Mary says:

    Oh guy…you are so wrong….must be nice to beleive that big pharma is only in business to help people…they are greedy bastards and could careless that they ruined an entire generation. They bought politicians and the media and sadly have brainwashed the gulable part of society that think health comes in a shot.

    • DB says:

      “must be nice to beleive that big pharma is only in business to help people…they are greedy bastards and could careless that they ruined an entire generation”

      If only you were that cynical about law firm bringing an anti-vaccine lawsuit that paid Dr. Wakefield for his fraudulent “research.”

      By the way, I’ll be sure to tell my friends whose son’s life was saved by a drug developed by Genzyme how you feel about “big pharma.”

      • Barbara says:

        There have been great medical advances and horrible greed. Like Vioxx – where Merck not only falsified studies, but falsified a journal and had a “hit list” of doctors to discredit, threatened reporters and killed off over 1/2 million Americans with heart attacks from their drug – even though they knew it had these problems. Yeah, trust the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC? No thank you. Btw, Merck makes the MMR-II.

  43. Megan Allen says:

    I can’t wait to see this film!

    • I mean the US government sued Merck successfully over Vioxx, for falsifying studies, but oh no, that’s the ONLY time that’s ever happened or ever will. And of COURSE they wouldn’t falsify vaccine studies. Don’t be silly!! It was Vioxx only! Don’t you worry about that!

  44. Guy Chapman says:

    The only thing is, no data was ever suppressed. Wakefield is releasing this as a propaganda film precisely because attempts to get it out via scientific publication have revealed the claims to be fraudulent.

    Wakefield of course is well known to be an ethical vacuum. He was struck off for performing unapproved invasive tests on vulnerable children, and his paper was retracted because it was an “elaborate fraud”. The accusations of “pharma shill” are particularly ironic, since Wakefield also failed to declare a substantial financial conflict of interest – he was paid to produce a result, he failed to produce it but published a paper making the claim anyway.

    Obviously antivaxers will believe the two retracted papers not the painstaking analysis conducted over decades and including millions of children in dozens of countries, which convincingly demonstrates that vaccines do not cause autism. The main problem with this is that it exposes autistic children to the predation of quacks based on the false claims. But this self-serving propaganda film forms no part of any legitimate debate, because it repeats as fact, claims which have been comprehensively shown to be false.

    • trevor jane says:

      Yes Guy I read Wakefields book – great read wasn’t it? Poor Guy

      • RichCoulter says:

        Had you bothered to read the GMC trial transcripts you’d see that evidence was presented in court that showed Richard Horton was aware of the monies over a year before publishing in The Lancet. For the reasons previously listed, there is nothing “convincing” about the extremely poorly executed vax/unvax studies industry apologists like to parrot about. Not one compares rates of ASDs between only fully vax and never vax. KIGGS for example includes kids with only a single dose of a single vaccine at an undisclosed age in the “vaccinated” group. If I studies smokers and non-smokers and in my smokers group wanted to include “those who smoke at least 1 cigarette a month” and another co-author suggested the smoker group should include “those who smoke at least 20 cigarettes a day” – whose inclusionary criteria makes for a more sound study in your book? I rest my case.

      • Jenny says:

        Further I just glanced a the snopes article, and it is crazy! Because they can see no factor as to why African American boys may be more at risk then they can’t? Science – and oh we can point to so many other studies (falsified) to support us. Logic anyone?

      • Jenny says:

        If that is the case Guy why is Thomson calling up some guy and telling him how much guilt he feels about the destroyed data? If it means nothing and it was left out for good and valid reasons why is this Thomson making phone calls to people saying he feels ashamed and guilty??????

      • Burmese Days says:

        This writer has clearly not done any homework on the subject. Anyone can parrot talking points. But you can see that she has the mentality of the bookburner. All pro-vaccine fanatics support censorship because they cannot engage in intelligent debate. It’s their greatest fear.

    • Curious says:

      Offering the MMR seperately and spread out over time would remove a lot of doubt. Why is it, in 20 years this hasnt happened.

  45. Tim James says:

    Brilliant news. I hope they advise local law enforcement of possible interruption as the shills and trolls come out of their holes.
    🎶they will not control us, we will be victorious🎶

    • Daisy Martinez says:

      Trolls are already all over this page. So pathetic. Everyone should be frightened that freedom of speech is being taken away (did we ever truly have it?)! Obviously the trolls commenting are uneducated with regards to Wakefield and his work and it’s even more obvious they didn’t read his study. We will be victorious and the billion dollar vaccine hoax will come to an end. Slowly we are waking people up, one by one. We will be victorious!

  46. jennifer thompson says:

    The truth needs to finally come out, please let WE THE PEOPLE see this documentary!!!

    • Guy Chapman says:

      I absolutely agree, the truth needs to finally come out. Here is the truth:

      1. Andrew Wakefield was paid a large sum of money to prove a link between vaccines and autism. He failed to do this, but made the claim anyway in a paper that was subsequently retracted when the nature of the fraud became apparent.

      2. Andrew Wakefield was struck off the medical register for conducting unapproved invasive tests on vulnerable children.

      3. The PCR data that he claims proved a link, has been shown to be entirely due to contamination.

      4. A vast body of subsequent research – hundreds of papers covering millions of children in dozens of countries – convincingly shows that there is no link between vaccines and autism. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on this, because, contrary to the anti-vaccine narrative, the medical world is incredibly concerned about vaccine safety.

      5. Brian Hooker, an anti-vaccinationist, chose to promote the claims of William Thompson that a subgroup of children showed a link (in time, with no proof of cause) between vaccination and autism diagnosis. If Thompson was right then vaccines cause autism, but only in African-American boys vaccinated between 24 and 36 months.

      6. Hooker published his claims, but they were retracted because his analysis was incompetent and his conclusions not properly supported by the data.

      7. Analysis of the actual data – which has never been suppressed, it’s always been available to competent qualified researchers – shows that Thompson’s claimed effect is an artifact of vaccination requirements for daycare for children *already diagnosed* with symptoms autism.

      So, the truth – the actual, real truth – is that vaccines don’t cause autism and the claims in this film have been carefully investigated and found to be bogus.

      As a result of the bogus vaccine-autism claim, children have been subjected to dangerous and unpleasant treatments such as chelation therapy and chemical castration with Lupron. This is child abuse. Children have also contracted serious preventable diseases, and some children have died as a direct result of the fraudulent claims of Wakefield especially.

      There is a very good reason why the scientific community is not actively investigating links between vaccines and autism. The claimed link has been investigated, with great care and at great cost, and it does not exist.

      If you want to “follow the money”, then look at Wakefield’s concealed conflicts of interest, the involvement of prominent anti-vaccine “researchers” with lawsuits, and the vast sums made by quacks and charlatans preying on parents taken in by these false claims.

      • Most of what you say is absolutely untrue. One great example is the allegation that Wakefield conducted invasive tests on the children, which he did not. He told the parents what he thought was wrong, and the parents then went and had those tests done themselves. The whole “debunked” Wakefield thing is full of fact twisting like this. You’d know if you ever had truly investigated and not just remembered everything parroted in the mainstream media.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        By “absolutely untrue”, you clearly mean “Proven in documents assessed through an independent and judicially binding process”. Yes, he conducted invasive tests on children. That is why he was struck off. My own GP trained with him, I am not just taking the media’s word for anything.

      • ALS says:

        “1. Andrew Wakefield was paid a large sum of money to prove a link between vaccines and autism. He failed to do this, but made the claim anyway in a paper that was subsequently retracted when the nature of the fraud became apparent.”

        What about the other 11 authors???? Citations? Rumor mongering isn’t credible.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        Rumour mongering? Nonsense. The concealed conflicts of interest and the invasive tests on vulnerable children were a substantial feature in the hearings where he was struck off the medical register.

      • Mary says:

        Good try guy…but pharmaceutical cos have their backs against the wall. They are running scared and can’t spin their story anymore. People are waking up because autism epidemic is hard to hide.

      • Guy Chapman says:

        That is, of course, nonsense. There is no credible evidence that vaccines cause autism, and the autism omnibus trial collapsed for exactly that reason. They don’t have their backs against the wall in any meaningful way (though most of us in the skeptical movement support All Trials, which would force them to stop suppressing trial results they don’t like).

        The Thompson claims have already been given an airing, and the paper was retracted because it was junk. There is literally nothing to see here, and the only people who don’t know that are the antivaxers.

      • trevor jane says:

        What ever you do Guy – try your best to discourage anyone from seeing and making up their own minds – funny Guy

  47. The very fact that a film exposing the rampant corruption within the CDC is being denied even being SHOWED to the people makes it very clear that there is something rotten in Denmark. With Denmark being the United States government. From the CDC’s revolving door relationship with the high ranking pharmaceutical industry executives, to the FDA and EPA being in bed with Monsanto, this film MUST be released and the people must be allowed to freely discuss what is going wrong in this nation.

  48. LC says:

    The documentary on the Franklin Credit Union Omaha/Congressional pedophile ring was pulled from airing on TLC at the last minute, as well.

    Oddly enough, every film that sheds real light on real issues gets pulled at the last second. Sad!

  49. Jim Amar says:

    Variety magazine however should re-title this article
    from: “Controversial Anti-Vaccination Documentary Gets Release From Cinema Libre”
    to: “Controversial Vaccination Fraud Documentary Gets Release From Cinema Libre”

    • Guy Chapman says:

      Close: “Controversial fraudulent anti-vaccine propaganda “documentary” gets release” would be the accurate title.

      • Mary says:

        Guy…what is wrong with going back to the 1962 vaccine schedule? Let me answer my own question…there is no money in it! Anyone that thinks 36 plus vaccines given by age five is okay is an idiot!

      • trevor jane says:

        Guy must have gotten a prescreening before everyone else – clever Guy

  50. Jim Amar says:

    Check this out, and I quote here at the 3:16 time stamp:
    “We were right, at least partly. By November the 9th, 2001 nearly 13 years ago, senior CDC scientists knew that younger age of exposure to MMR was associated with an increased risk of Autism. In 2004 they published, but they hid the results.”

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