Rape Activists to Hold Candlelight Vigil at ‘Birth of a Nation’ Opening

'Birth of a Nation' Protest: Rape
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

As Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” rolls out in theaters this weekend, the Fvck Rape Culture organization plans to team with artists, filmmakers and women in Hollywood for a silent candlelight vigil at the Arclight Hollywood on Thursday at 7 p.m.

“FRC recognizes the need to hold space for those celebrating the advancement of people of color in Hollywood while continuing to fight for the victims of sexual assault and rape around the world,” read the organization’s statement.

Parker has done several interviews in the run-up to the release, including on “60 Minutes” and on the “Steve Harvey” show. There has been considerable sentiment on social media that his interviews do not show enough remorse for his part in the 1999 rape case in which he was acquitted.

The event’s organizer, Elyse Cizek, a woman of color who is a writer, model and rape victim, told Variety:

“I chose to be a part of a demonstration because as a survivor I wish for space to be held for myself and others who have been left voiceless in an industry that has the power to create change but refuses to listen to the needs of those whom they have silenced. We are a huge part of their audience and are continuously victimized and shamed for the crimes committed against us, yet too often used as accessories and plot points for those who seek to gain from our experiences in spite of us. I personally am saddened not only for my own experiences but for those who were directly affected by the actions of both Nate Parker and those seeking to glorify him despite his negligence in addressing the issue of rape culture while simultaneously perpetuating it.”


Nate Parker Birth of a Nation

‘Birth of a Nation’ Filmmaker Nate Parker Struggles to Take Responsibility for Past Rape Allegations

The press release from FRC also provided a strong statement against Parker and the film from Cizek. The statement reads in part:

“Nate Parker has the platform at this time to speak to his brothers on how to listen to us, respect our boundaries and rights as women, and lead the conversation on consent. When this happens, when he is willing to listen before silencing us, and when he can join the dialogue on what can be done to advance the voices of women everywhere silenced by rape culture and toxic masculinity, I will be his greatest support.

Until then I will not stand for it. Instead I will sit, in quiet solidarity, with those in need of a moment of silence for the lives and stories ignored by those who care more about the appearance of change than the responsibility of creating it.”

Fvck Rape Culture, which was also active in protesting the Brock Turner Stanford rape case, is an offshoot of Grlcvlt, an under-the-radar feminist group.

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  1. KT says:

    “Nate Parker has the platform at this time to speak to his brothers on how to listen to us, respect our boundaries and rights as women, and lead the conversation on consent”

    “his brothers”? In other words, you’re not there to protest rapes as shown in the movies, that happened to Black women by White men. You’re there to attack Black men. So Elyse Cizek…. the woman who posts nude pictures of herself on IG, has the nerve to co-opt the premiere of a movie that has nothing to do with Black men raping women, for her own selfish agenda.

    Just another clear example of how “person of color” doesn’t equate to “Black.” Not in plight, nor mindset, and certainly not when it comes to wanting progress for the community as a whole. Since Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old, I wonder how many vigils you’ve held at his rallies about rape. Will you do so now that he’s bragged about sexually assaulting women?

    Time will tell. In the meantime, try being less transparently hypocritical next time, Elyse, and do us all a favor and just stay home next time.

  2. Ashsoka23 says:

    Why didn’t any of these protesters protest or hold a vigil at a Woody Allen film or Roman Polanski film? (rhetorical)

    • K says:

      Both Allen and Polanski have well known holes in demographic viewer profiles. Neither can do much between the coasts, save an Austin and a few others. Curiously, they both do very well with elite liberals and creative communities that, too, will overlook this case. Moral relativity is one hell of a ethical analgesic. As is, avarice. The studios were desperate to get this movie out prior to the election and the morally verklempt media understood this importance and decided to toss decency overboard while setting sail on a strategic whitewashing journey. The 60 minutes segment purposely mis translated the facts and the timelines with utter confidence that the lumpenproles would not read the case for themselves. Hence, you have completely uninformed or fully paid people repeatedly trotting out one electronic missive. You need to read the discovery for this case – all of which was rightly not admitted- yet still very damning and credible.
      The witness intimidation and tampering alone was disturbing. Had they been murderers and skated, should we overlook the next filmaker crimes as long as they have a profitable movie that needs to be seen?
      Many of us do exercise pocketbook disapproval -ask Sean Penn’s or Winona Ryder’s agents. At the bare minimum, he offered an incapacitated women to at least two other guys. I choose not to support a person who can’t see the wrong in that.

      • Christine says:

        I am not a fan of the Hollywood propaganda machine. Polanski or Allen or Parker. Yes they wanted to get this out before the election but it backfired. The liberal elites are being exposed.
        I am not a fan of rapists- Polanski, Parker, Clinton or Allen. I’m not a fan of those who cover for them either.
        Look up the 1975 Arkansas rape case of a 12 yr old.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Obviously because Woody Allen film or Roman Polanski both put their left shoe on before the right shoe…. oh wait a minute they are both considered “White” but that’s just a coincidence right? (sarcasm)

  3. Emmanuel Dark says:

    If racism was music then #Whitesupremacists would never miss a beat. They want that man to be punished for a crime he never committed!

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      To the moron with the screen name placebo2000, online correspondence was read in court from Nate Parker and the White woman whom falsely accused him of rape. She clearly stated within her message to Nate that, “… I wouldn’t call it rape” those are her words to him. The jury and judge didn’t convict because her own messages to Nate Parker confirmed it was consensual sex. Case closed the man was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is innocent.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      To the moron with the screen name placebo2000, online corrospondence was read in court from Nate Parker and the White woman whom falsely accused him of rape. She clearly stated within her message to Nate that, “… I wouldn’t call it rape” those are her words to him. The jury and judge didn’t convict because her own messages to Nate Parker confirmed it was consensual sex. Case closed the man was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is innocent.

      • KT says:

        Not sure why my comment is showing up as a response to placebo2000. I meant it to be a response to Emmanuel Dark instead.

    • placebo2000 says:

      “They want that man to be punished for a crime he never committed!..” ???? funny…. more babble from another man-child who was never told the difference between right and wrong….

      • KT says:

        Well said. Thank you for that. Too few people, including, I imagine, the vigil participants, have read the court documents. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves for not only smearing Nate’s reputation, but ruining the premiere of a groundbreaking movie.

  4. Are they protesting the director, or the heroic depiction of the rapes that occurred during Nat Turner’s rebellion? I wonder if the child decapitations will be included in the story as well?

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      I would be disappointed if Nate Parker didn’t portray that on screen, because Nat Turner did kill slave masters and their entire family including children so it would be both historically accurate to watch the scion of slave owners be taken out on screen so they couldn’t continue that dehumanizing cycle of violent oppression of enslaved Black-Americans ancestors.

  5. TOM says:

    ‘Victim’ Nate Parker will be holding his own candlelight vigil for rapists ‘falsely accused…’

  6. SO SICK of hearing about “black people.” Look at Beyonce, Rhianna, Arriana grande, Lil Kim; as soon as they have a few bucks they turn White!!! Whats up with that? REALLIFEHEIST DOT COM

  7. Pennsylvania Pamphleteer says:

    HA! More convincing evidence that Hollywood and liberals are fundamentally racist. In LA in 1977, Roman Polanski pled GUILTY to committing “unlawful sexual intercourse” on a 13 year old whom he had drugged. Hours before his sentencing hearing, Polanski fled the country to avoid jail time. Polanski has never served a sentence to pay for his crime. To this day, he is lauded as a great artist/filmmaker, and liberals and the Hollywood elite are outraged that the American people (and the American judicial system) haven’t gotten over it. Nate Parker, ACQUITTED of rape, is being cowed into showing more remorse for a crime he did not commit. For you millennials who aren’t aware, Roman Polanski is white.

    • KT says:

      Addie says, “You realize that being acquitted doesn’t always mean you aren’t guilty. OJ was acquitted.”

      Yes, and based on the evidence, for good reason. Pretty sure OJ’s acquittal matches his innocence in that situation. Unless you’re an eyewitness, of course. And if you were, where were you when needed o testify?

      A better (and valid example) would have been George Zimmerman, whom they actually knew killed someone (and who bragged about it afterward), and was released as “innocent,” instead of a case for which you can’t actually prove your insinuation.

    • Mitch Z. says:

      Exactly what I was thinking!!! These psychotic, femi-nazi-wackos want to ruin this poor guy’s life over something that happened in college decades ago, and of which he WAS ACQUITTED. Hypocrites!!!!

      • Kevin says:

        If I understand correctly, you are only pointing out the liberal Hollywood hypocrisy. That I fully agree with on so many fronts. The standing ovation for Polanski at the oscars was deplorable. And, depending on how they react to this movie, you may be proven right about it is simply racism. My guess is the color they are truly bigoted for is green.
        Who could support any of the three of them?
        He got off the same way as whites do, money and the lawyers it brings. Throw in witness intimidation – too. Polanski is surely the bigger creep as his victim was a child – neither should have 50 million backing their productions and roll out.

        I too find the comments about Griffith’s birth of a nation highly ironic in the sense that liberals will both laud it for its groundbreaking story telling and feign disgust with its content.
        Completely ignoring the fact that the movie features the tools of the southern democrats – the klan and terror squads. The same thing goes for lynchings – the 3000 blacks and 1500 whites that were lynched came almost solely at the hands of southern democrats and the klan. Somehow they scoot over this point. They can’t seem to figure out that their most senior congressman ( Byrd) was a grand dragon, Wilson used deplorable racist terms 1000s of time, Sanger spoke to the kkk, lbj used horrible terms and jimmy carter went to a kkk rally with his mom. They even made up a fake title for James cliburn to avoid his seniority for the very white hoyer.
        Now they are going to use this movie about a morally tenuous figure at best, to goad our black voting block into foolishly defending a rapist and a child executioner. It sickens me.
        I pray that we all read the transcripts and examine not just turners outcome ( which with out a doubt sped up abolition) but also his actions in regard to very young children.
        As an historian, i am not ignorant to turners anger or cause nor his ethics.

      • Pennsylvania Pamphleteer says:

        Kevin and Addie, your responses prove my exact point about racism among liberals and the Hollywood elite. Polanski admitted that he committed a horrible, horrible crime against a 13-year-old girl. By his own admission Nate Parker did a horrible, horrible thing to that college student. Both did tremendously heinous things. Polanski admitted his guilt in court, but Parker escaped a criminal conviction by pleading the defense of consent. Polanski, a white director, admitted his criminal guilt and evaded punishment by fleeing the country. Parker, a black director, admitted his bad conduct but evaded punishment by pleading consent. Polanski, having admitted that he is a child rapist, is loved. Parker, having admitted only that he had consensual sex, is hated. What’s the difference other than race? Also, please don’t accuse me of defending Parker. He should be in prison. He must have had a “good” lawyer.

      • Kevin says:

        This is not about race. You need to read the transcripts of this trial and you would be ashamed of yourself for defending these rapists. The victim was a beautiful young women who had the world in front of her. Have you heard the the phone calls that Parker left her. He recognized his guilt but the public does not because they jump to racism. If he was not fully guilty, they would have saved the 10’s of millions in roll out marketing dollars and released the movie as planned. Instead they wanted to empower the lumpenproles to defend these rapists. It’s seems to be working when you have people saying he was not guilty when he said he was on recorded intimidation phone calls that led to her suicide. What’s racist is how little value black females have in the entertainment world. Any person defending these animals is either uninformed, devoid of morals or have a financial stake in the movie. Please read the transcripts. Do not say it is okay to rape black women by paying to see this movie.

      • Addie says:

        You realize that being acquitted doesn’t always mean you aren’t guilty. OJ was acquitted.

        Additionally, Rape cases are the only types of cases where the VICTIM must prove their innocence. Given the recent news about sentencing for rape and sexual crimes (ex: Brock Turner), the nature of proof in a rape trail, and the very obvious historical disregard for a woman’s testimony or accusation – you are poorly informed, at best.

  8. Poverty pimping never grows old for the skin deep.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      You care to try another response when you learn how to write coherent English.

      • K says:

        How ironic that you point out bad English with a poorly constructed sentence missing the proper punctuation! Speaking proper English often removes the shackles of poverty.

  9. Dzicyb says:

    The man was tried and acquitted. Political activists have no regard for the rule of law.

  10. jmengele says:

    before you say anything at all about rape, you should consider the real rape victims who are totally innocent and then become victims of this heinous crime. and women’s voices against this should not be silenced just because of the way they dress or whatever else is fictionalized just to allow the rapists to get off from this serious crime. HOWEVER, certain girls give all other girls a bad name by getting so pisty drunk and completely passed out nearly naked from their crazy, insane, ridiculous PARTYING. WTF is wrong with these young girls. Crazy or what? because they are making it bad for everyone with their ridiculous and stupid behavior. BUT this QWERT21 person above should google the transcripts of Bill O’Reilly when he sexually abused many, many woman. What about Roger Ailes? What about Trump and that 13 year old? Or are you just fixated on Bill and Hillary Clinton? and if hillary is hitlery to you, then what is trump calling for that you support so heavily. sounds like a xenophobic final solution–don’t you think? oh, please forgive the use of the word “THINK”.

  11. jmengele says:

    WTF do the CLINTON’S haveto do with this in the first place, dummy? hey REALHEADLINE, just get over it. calm down or your hatred will consume you.

  12. enigmaticindividual says:

    I’m not sure what feminists want. Do they want men executed on the basis of rape allegations? Do we suspend due process for people accused on this heinous crime?

    Please tell me. I want to understand their logic.

    • KT says:

      To enigmaticindividual,
      They have no logic. They generally spout whatever nonsense comes out of their mouth, and that’s about it, regardless of how much what they say contradicts other things that they’ve claimed they want.

    • forstera says:

      I am not speaking for anyone but myself – But, as a woman, I think it would be in the interest of justice to shift the burden of proof from the accuser to the perpetrator. A woman (or man) who is a victim of rape will be torn apart in court for any risky behavior or sexual deviance, while the perpetrator will be able to show every instance where they showed “good character.” It should be as simple as this – did your partner give consent? How do you know? Would they be able to recall giving consent? Were you intoxicated in any way? Do you believe, objectively, that you had consent from your partner?

      Or maybe, in this case, WAS YOUR PARTNER CONSCIOUS?!

      It’s shocking to see how few people really understand the nature of sexual crimes. Please educate yourself (review facts and statistics, listen to stories of victims of sexual crimes, etc.) and then form your opinion.

    • vinkothebear says:

      so was OJ

  13. enigmaticindividual says:

    He was acquitted!!! I just don’t get this mob mentality nowadays. Rape allegations need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The #blm mob has this mentality too. They scream for justice, then when its served, they complain that people are acquitted for crimes that the state has not proven.

    • KT says:

      Incorrect. There are many cases for which there is an obvious coverup going on. People are being murdered on video camera by people and being given a pass vs a man being declared innocent of a rape that didn’t actually happen, as per the woman who falsely accused him’s own words.

      You are correct when it comes to rape culture mob mentality (against Black men, in particular, since current events have shown that white men are handled with kid gloves; and Black women, as they’re rarely believed and instead have their past dug through to discredit their claims), but incorrect when it comes to BLM complaints about police brutality.

      The two aren’t anything alike past the fact that the news has shown clearly that in both situations, bias is race-based and consistently only works against the favor of Black people.

  14. Aleric says:

    Notice how Liberal label white people SUSPECTED of committing rape as rapists but black people are given a pass.

  15. tmasierrahills says:

    “‘Birth of a Nation’ Filmmaker Nate Parker [who got off on a technicality] Struggles to Take Responsibility for Past Rape Allegations”

    Oh brother. Now we know for whom we are to emphasize. Pathetic media.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Actually your response is just as much a lie as those false-rape charges made against Nate Parker. Evidence of online correspondence was read in court from Nate Parker and the White woman whom falsely accused him of rape. She clearly stated within her message to Nate that, “… I wouldn’t call it rape” those are her words to him. The jury and judge didn’t convict because her own messages to Nate Parker confirmed it was consensual sex. Therefore, it was proven in court that Nate Parker was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is innocent….. case closed!

    • jmengele says:

      No, Nate Parker was acquitted. Nixon is the one who got off on a technicality.

  16. kenny says:

    ha stupid, doing this will turn most black men off feminists. A guy who maintained his innocence was tried and found innocent of a rape charge almost 20 years ago. Is still being harassed when he is making an important movie about progression. This is all seems very convenient and quite frankly a very predictable attempt by the establishment to shut down black voice under the guise of feminism. He isnt making a movie about gangsters or drug dealer he is telling an important story.

    • forstera says:

      I just don’t think ANY rapist should get a pass, male, female, black, white.

      When you commit a crime – you commit the crime. Telling an important story (which, I agree, this is an important part of American History that deserves its time in the proverbial “spotlight”) does not make you a better person, or someone who didn’t commit that crime.

      By the way, this is also a story which he made millions of dollars telling. Nate Parker is a rapist. He is a director, a story teller, a voice for a minority community, but he is also STILL a rapist.

  17. Johnny Rebel says:

    Nobody cares. Another fairy tail movie that should be named “Hate Whitey”. Good thing nobody will go see it.

  18. cleo48 says:

    Haven’t seen it. Not sure I want to. The more I hear about this movie the more I’m convinced it’s going to be a vehicle for more sidewalk bloodshed. Who needs the danger and grief?

  19. Dont lie. You sound dumb.

  20. Jay Kareem says:

    you people make me laugh. you have lauded the 1st BIRTHOFANATION film by DWGRIFFITH since time began, making that movie a cult classic and American treasure. now, here you come [lately] trying to shut down this new nate parker movie because YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE ANYTHING THAT EVEN LOOKS LIKE THE TRUTH. The truth scares you so you would rather do the Ostrich thing than look it squarely in the eye and face it. parker was acquitted years ago and you never gave a damn until this film was lauded. this movie is so disturbing to you that you have to try to STOP people from even seeing it because WAH WAH WAH YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ITS MESSAGE. but were you offended when black men were being lynched ten to twenty times a day in all the southern states from the end of the civil war until 1975? you are just taking advantage of the fact that most people do not read, do not know, do not understand and can be manipulated by you to still do your bidding such as that black woman leading this protest. where were your protests over the police shootings of innocent people, dylann roof for killing all those people in church who embraced him in love before he shot them. you are stuck like a tick on the back of a dog–stuck on the nate parker case. you should ask yourself why. just get over yourself. the whole world sees you for what you are. can’t wait for this movie to open. can’t wait.

    • forstera says:

      Not offended by the message of the film. I am offended by the hypocrisy in Hollywood.

      It comes down to the fact that I just wish this movie wasn’t made by a rapist, who we will be forced to celebrate (not to mention he will be paid BIG TIME) for telling this brave story.

      • Jack says:

        Jay, most of us weren’t alive in 1975. I’m sorry that you have all that hate. Have you seen the Griffith movie? You’ll see the same theme in this movie. Racial violence is not justifiable, no matter how you feel.

      • placebo2000 says:

        WAH WAH… BLAH BLAH BLAH… u are a delusional child who doesn’t know right from wrong, a selfish infant that lives in world of make-believe and the rest of us suffer for it

    • John Parker says:

      Recruiter is a generous term for a Grand Wizard

    • Mark Smith says:

      Bwaah! Bwaah! Poor me!
      The nation is overdosed on all this “black” crap. We all have black fatigue.

      • jmengele says:

        BLACKS have ALWAYS had WHITE FATIGUE. Sure, you have fatigue until you need someone to do some work that you think is beneath you. then all of a sudden, here you go looking frantically for some black or mexican or native american to do your pos work for you. you lazy scumbag. GURL, BYE

    • jmengele says:

      and your popeBernard [the one just before Pope Francis] was a Hitler Youth and you said nothing about that. so, what’s your point, neidermeyer?

  21. Eugene Kim says:

    “… his part in the 1999 rape case in which he was acquitted.” Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? (Unless you want to believe that Mr. Parker was falsely acquitted.)

  22. Jack says:

    Can we talk about rape for a minute? Is no one who reads this magazine of the movie-making trade aware of film history? The original film that this plays on– in its title and its theme of a “nation” (race) rising up to defend itself– was rightly rebuked throughout history as a racist propaganda film touting the justifications for racial hatred and race violence. This new movie repeats the travesty. One can only imagine that it resulted from the neurotic need of rich,white Hollywood execs to display their self-immolation to society. Violence against whites and white women is glorified and made more likely by this film. Keep your money in your wallet and don’t encourage filmmakers to continue making these pictures.

    • Jay Kareem says:

      jack, of course, you are a white person. of course

      • Jack says:

        Thanks to ad hominem fallacies like white privilege, millions of Americans like Jay have a filter that ignores the words and judges the speaker. I truly feel sorry for all of you.

  23. markflag says:

    Can’t have and eat the cake. People of color or accused (but not convicted) rapist.

  24. More worthless liberals with nothing else to do except cause trouble

  25. ericblair64 says:

    Why does this man need to “take responsibility” or “show remorse” for being falsely accused of rape?

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Kevin you like so many other commentators are full of complete bovine excrement. The evidence was presented within court that showed the alleged-victim consent to the sexual acts she engaged in. She basically stated “I wouldn’t call it rape” therefore case close. That’s why the predominately White jury and White judge found Nate Parker innocent of those false charges.

    • Kevin says:

      Read the trial transcripts. If you are decent human, you will realize that this guy is guilty as sin. He even owns up to the rape in the dozens of harassment phone calls and stalking encounters. Just read the transcripts

      • Emmanuel Dark says:

        Actually “Kevin” that is a boldface lie, online correspondence was read in court from Nate Parker and the White woman whom falsely accused him of rape. She clearly stated within her message to Nate that, “… I wouldn’t call it rape” those are her words to him. The jury and judge didn’t convict because her own messages to Nate Parker confirmed it was consensual sex. Nate Parker was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is innocent…… case closed!

  26. Nate Parker was acquitted of this rape, but some people are saying he hasn’t shown enough remorse. How can he show remorse for something he’s been acquitted of and whose to say when someone has not show enough? Who is anyone to make that decision for another person?

  27. carlos broker says:

    Headline misleading. At first thought “Rape Activists” were in favor of it Further reading disappointing.

  28. placebo2000 says:

    so everyone wants to have a “discussion on race” …. so lets have the talk folks…. FACT: Nate Parker and his buddy Jean Celestin write some movie about the supposed historical account of slave rebellion leader Nat Turner…. and in this movie, Birth of a Nation, Nat Turner’s BACK wife is raped by a WHITE man, a scene I might add that is NOT based on fact, but i digress…. but what is HISTORICAL FACT is this — two BLACK MEN, Nate Parker (writer, director, star) and Jean Celestin (writer) took turns raping a unconscious WHITE GIRLin 1999… both rapists did ZERO jail time, and as we all know too well, today that never would have happened ( just ask former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner — a few months in jail and a sex offender for LIFE — ask Gov Brown, who signed a law just a few weeks ago mandating anyone who rapes an unconscious person MUST do prison time) ….

    So lets recap folks: TWO BLACK MAN write yet another “slave movie” with a pivotal scene depicting a WHITE MAN raping a BLACK WOMAN… BUT IN REAL LIFE — these same two BLACK MEN are charged with GANG-RAPING an unconscious WHITE GIRL and did they did ZERO TIME in jail, and what happened to the poor WHITE GIRL who never received justice in the courts you ask??? well, after years of harassment from these same BLACK MEN, this once promising young WHITE FEMALE college student committed suicide in 2002 … and there you have it people — the sad ironies, the cruel double-standards, the tragedies of injustice, and the deafening silence of a bunch of clowns who call themselves “movie critics…”

    opening this Friday at a theater near you.. BIRTH OF A RAPIST …. get the popcorn and Cherry Cokes ready and enjoy… sheep

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      I don’t have a cup big enough to hold all the precious tears you spilled while writing that barely coherent response. LOL!!!!!

  29. Gunther says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK MORONS! When black women were being raped, did any one stand up!? Even today, didn’t anyone stand up!? You people are racist and ignorant! Years of watching one culture be in the public eye and telling black people only what you think we should know is now coming to bite you back in the azz! BLACK PEOPLE BUILT THIS COUNTRY! Every OTHER race you people forget you just had to walk in via ELLIS ISLAND! BLACK PEOPLE died, been killed, murdered, family broken up in THIS COUNTRY!! YES ANOTHER SLAVE MOVIE, because MOTHER***** trying to sweep it under the rug! When we keep hearing about the Jewish Holocaust movies every year and every other year, which they were not KILLED IN THE GOOD OLE U.S.A., were you people complaining about another JEWISH MOVIE! I am white and applaud you people don’t know the truth of this country and the unfairness BLACK PEOPLE ENDURED! Let the movie play. HE was innocent, that said a lot about him. You people calling him a rapist as if he did this last week. GET OVER YOURSELF STOP ACTING LIKE TROLLS!

    • Charles says:

      There’s a cure for white guilt disease called liberalism and only 2 ingredients are needed-water and electricity.

    • Jim Harris says:

      Are you familiar it’s the word “acquitted”? Why do people like you keep dragging these two good men through the mud?

      Regarding Black on white rape, it is because there are more white women than Black women. Naturally, the numbers will be higher.

      My advice to you is to watch the “Birth of a Nation” and suffer in your white guilt. Other than that, no one cares cares about you or your racist comments.

      • BillW says:

        The acquittal is based on the testimony that she consented, not that the actions didn’t take place. So, I can hear the conversation: “Yo, Jean, you want some of this when I finish?”

        Nate has said that this was a long time ago, and he was a different person. It negates his point about the true story his film is based on – It was a long time ago, and it was a different nation/country.

    • placebo2000 says:

      LOL…. what black woman getting raped??? someone give him his 40 acres and a mule so he will STFU

      • Jim Lawrence says:

        However, there are far fewer black men than white men, so it clearly shows that black men are far more likely to be rapists.

      • Gunther says:

        Ask your mother, she tell you! Either if she was white or black! Then as your pops, You sound kinda slow. Now you should SHUT THE FCUK UP!

  30. Bud says:

    Twisted Hollywood is about money, not morality. A violent Black man can verbally & physically attack and rape a White woman in college, to the extent she drops out of school and commits suicide. Then 20 years later the same Black man can make a movie about a violent Black man attacking & raping White women, with a cinematic dollop of revisionist history, which will then arrive at your local theater. This seems a whole lot like an attack on every woman movie goer in America. Fox Searchlight gets a thumbs down from me. But the violent Black man in the spotlight (and his rape & writing partner in crime), doesn’t deserve a mention.

    • Vince says:

      You said, “You people calling him a rapist as if he did this last week.” Can’t you see the irony in that statement? You accuse whites of atrocities against blacks in this country AS IF IT HAPPENED LAST WEEK!! I doubt you even know what irony means.

      • jmengele says:

        the problem is that atrocities are still happening as a result of things that happened a long time ago. you say NEVER FORGET when it comes to 911 and at the same time, you say to black people: JUST GET OVER IT. WE ARE ALL GOOD PEOPLE NOW. THERE IS NO RACISM ANYMORE.

      • RaceToTheBottom says:

        I realize you addressed your comment to the wrong person but I think what you said, as a stand-alone comment, is SPOT ON. All around the country we see activists (be they rioters in the streets or cloistered liberal college academia) rage against modern day white people as though THEY were slave owners, themselves, or the architects of Jim Crow and other discriminatory policies.

        Every child born on the PLANET has one thing in common — they’re all born INNOCENT into a world they did not create and to a history over which they have no control. Anyone raised to hate (or at the very least be wary of) another culture is pretty much doomed to a life of ignorance and irrational anger.

      • Vince says:

        Sorry, that was meant for Gunther in the previous comment.

  31. Nospammerxxxxxxxxx says:

    This has gone too far!!!!! Feminism has not only dismissed facts that prove this man’s innocence, but they are protesting a movie that is relevant to the times. Young black men and women are being destroyed and feminism in its selfishness ignores this!!!! This is ignorant and racist!!!

    • Modpfw says:

      Young black people are destroying themselves.
      I personally was taught to not judge a book by it’s cover. Quite frankly I’m suffering from negro fatigue. Go on keep blaming whitey it’s working so well for you.

      • jmengele says:

        all of the aforementioned “whites” who say they are suffering from “black fatigue” are NOT really white themselves. they WISH they were white which is why they take up all arguments defending whiteness. these people are not REAL WHITE people but probably come from the very, very far outer reaches of europe–far, far away from real white people who have actually been Americans since the Mayflower. so these johnny come lately folk are now trying to get on the racial bandwagon as if THEY or even their ANCESTORS had ever been plantation owners. ha ha to you because every one knows that IF any of you had been here during slavery, the only thing that you MIGHT have been was an overseer, if not an indentured servant yourself–PWC TRASH doing the bidding of the real plantation owners, but YOU KNOW that you, nor any of your ancestors were ever plantation owners themselves. here you come, quite possibly, just yesterday after getting out of your straw beds with the goats and the first english word you learned was N****R so you say it over and over again just to make yourself feel superior. But you know, in your heart of hearts, that THEY don’t want you either. LOL

      • Jim Lawrence says:

        Could you specify HOW blacks are “being destroyed” ? Can you point out SPECIFICALLY who is destroying them…and how ? Making sweeping generalities without any backup deems your statement ti just being discarded.

    • Michael says:

      What’s the matter, can’t control the left’s own creations anymore? Starting to eat your other institutions? How sad.

  32. Charlie Alvarez says:

    Good to see this rapist being held accountable for his crime. Boycott everything he does or produces.

  33. R. Daniels says:

    May God bless those at the candlelight vigil. They’re on the right side of this issue!

  34. dlmstl says:

    Maybe there is such a thing called karma afterall. It may not always meet our desired level of retribution but at least it’s something. Let’s hope the outcome on November 8th will also rid us of this dastardly duo from Dog Patch USA.

    It will be interesting to see if they list disclaimers regarding the authenticity of the events presented in this film. As a student of history, I always try to see as many of these offerings as possible. If it’s as true as possible to the actual events then it may do OK. If not, it’s gone to the dustbin of lost causes.

  35. CO Jones says:

    > “In a deposition during Trump’s divorce from his first wife, Ivana, he invoked the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination 97 times”

    Do you understand the purpose of that Amendment? Would you prefer witch trials where women are executed based on rumors?

    The Fifth Amendment forces the accuser/state to prove their case.

    > “Ivana accused him under oath of sexual violation and physical abuse”

    She could have “under oath,” swore she bedded the Loch Ness monster. The case was against her husband.

    Now, if Donald/the State had sued her for perjury, that would have been different. But Ivana was counting on the world SAYING women are equal while TREATING them as irreponsible babies.

    > “did not recant her accusation years after the settlement”

    The settlement made her lies moot.

    > “Another of Trump’s alleged victims was only 13 years-old.”

    Note the word “alleged.” Hillary is also “alleged” to be a canklesaurus.

  36. CO Jones says:

    I identify as a Kenworth T680 cab hauling tandem trailers filled with atomic dildoaic devices.

    My pronouns are “SJWs”…”Bite”…”the Big One.”

    I’m a survivor of repeated alien abductions (some with moonlight dinner and dancing) as well as forced dalliances with Bigfoot.

    I think all humans should avoid movies as occasions of SINema!

    I’m not crazy just because I’m a feminst called “Josephine Bonerpart.”

  37. iambicpentamaster says:

    I looked for the Clintons and Bill Cosby, but they aren’t commenting.

  38. The Truth says:

    Bill Clinton should be held accountable for his sexual misconduct, but so should Donald Trump. Both men have been accused of multiple sexual assaults.

    In a deposition during Trump’s divorce from his first wife, Ivana, he invoked the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination 97 times regarding his sexual misconduct. Ivana accused him under oath of sexual violation and physical abuse, then qualified but did not recant her accusation years after the settlement of their split. Another of Trump’s alleged victims was only 13 years-old. That case is currently pending.

    And in the interest of fair and balanced criticism, if Hillary has been complicit in discrediting the women associated with Bill’s sexual misconduct, she too should suffer the consequences of her actions.

    Of course, Trump has denied any wrongdoing, as have both Clintons. Nevertheless, both men appear to have disgusting records regarding sexual misconduct with women. Trump, however, also has a long, well-documented, and continuing history of publicly debasing women, both personally and generally. As a presidential candidate, his contemptuous remarks directed toward women are unprecedented, and he has demonstrated absolutely no contrition.

  39. nat turner, deranged psychotic racist murderer, just what our current black population can identify with

  40. Jo Mama says:

    “So how’s Jamie doing at college”

    “Oh, thank you so much for asking. She’s a rape activist now. We’re so proud.”

  41. iodiner says:

    Doesn’t everyone have a color? What’s with this “person of color”? I’m a person, and I’m a color…..it’s just not a brown color.

  42. Bob says:

    Another slave movie. Yawn.

    • Dmk says:

      Yes! That’s what I have been saying . Make a film about cop killings or something modern if you want to make a statement about race. I think Hollywood welcomes this controversy bc they already gave the trophy to 12 yrs a slave just a few years ago.

  43. nearboston says:

    They are being racist.
    Racists all.

  44. Robert says:

    I don’t think “Birth of a Nation” will attract a large enough audience to become a $$$/box office “hit.” I doubt it will win Oscars, though it will likely receive positive reviews. 2016 will be a vast improvement over 2015 in terms of diversity and there are numerous films that will prove more award worthy and popular with audiences.

    Nate Parker is a bad dude. He does not care one iota about the victim he had “consensual group sex with” and he was soulless enough to engage in an ugly harassment campaign to intimidate her. His fellow screenwriter was convicted and Penn $tate’s powerful lawyer$ got the conviction overturned. To Mr. Parker, the rape case – and the victim’s suicide – are nothing more than obstacles to to overcome on the way to stardom and glory. I don’t think he will get there.

  45. PAt kieen says:

    True cowards. No respect. Hope they set the firehoses on you.

    • CO Jones says:

      > “Nate Parker …does not care one iota about the victim he had ‘consensual group sex with’ ”

      Why should he? Should he care about the bros he gets “consensually” drunk with watching football?

      > “an ugly harassment campaign to intimidate her.”

      Jeez. Why didn’t he just act like the typical wuss and let women lie about him per a crime feminists deem near-murder?

      I’m sure any SJW beta wrongly accused of murder would do nothing when arrested, right?

      > “His fellow screenwriter was convicted and Penn $tate’s powerful lawyer$ got the conviction overturned.

      So…no conviction. Sorta like say ML King was a pimp, then his lawyer proving he wasn’t.

      Why oh why can’t we become one huge liberal mob and go back to lynching blacks based solely on accusations! Leftist surely and sorely miss “trials-by-rope.”

      > “To Mr. Parker, the rape case – and the victim’s suicide – are nothing more than obstacles”

      CORRECTION: A slut into gangbangs committed suicide. You point?

  46. Bob Wired says:

    Who pulls a train and tag teams with a friend and invites to those just walking by, on a woman who was believed to be in a semi state of conciousness? A monster thats who…Parker is a Fraud, even though acquitted, he’s still a Monster…the verdict doesnt sway the actions Parker and tag team partner did here….
    I truly dont know anyone I’ve ever known, in any area of Life from drug use to military to business to college who EVER talked of or actually “pulled a train” on a woman. Monsters.

    • Robert says:

      CO Jones = Nat Parker on truth serum.

    • CO Jones says:

      Bob Wired says: > “Who pulls a train and tag teams with a friend”

      And engine the wannabe-hookers are willing to hook-up with.

      > “a woman who was believed to be in a semi state of conciousness?”

      But the men were believed to be controlled by Xenu. Ergo, no one to be blamed.

      > “even though acquitted, he’s still a Monster”

      Thank you, Dr. Sharia.

      > “…the verdict doesnt sway the actions Parker and tag team partner did here”

      Correct! The did nothing wrong.

      > “I truly dont know anyone. who EVER talked of or actually “pulled a train”

      So. Sound like you never drank a beer, either, or watched porn, or found Jesus.

      HINT: Your personal life experiences don’t mean stool to a tree in a court of law.

  47. The Truth says:

    Wow, you’re identifier is so apt. You’re probably too busy butting your head against the barn to realize that the majority of rapists in America are white men.

  48. B-B-B-BUT it’s “funnnnnnn”… stupid primitives.

    • hitrestart1 says:

      That actually isn’t true at all. Black males have not only caught up with white males in the rape category, they’ve surpassed them. FTR, they also now surpass them in the serial killer category, which has often been cited as a primarily “white man’s crime.”

  49. Don’t you understand? They have got to get this movie out before the election!! QUICKLY!!

  50. SoTx Joe says:

    So what happens when the BLM thugs start shooting rape victims?

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