‘The Birth of a Nation’ Star Nate Parker Addresses College Rape Trial

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When Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” premiered at Sundance in January, scoring a $17.5 million sale from Fox Searchlight — the biggest in the festival’s history — its director-writer-star was heralded as promising new voice in film.

But a rape trial from his past now threatens to cast a shadow over the release of the movie and its Oscar campaign. In 1999, as a student and wrestler at Penn State University, Parker and his roommate Jean Celestin — who went on to co-write the story for “The Birth of a Nation”— were charged with raping a 18-year-old female student in their apartment after a night of drinking.

In a two-hour interview with Variety on Wednesday, Parker was asked to address the circumstances behind the trial.

“Seventeen years ago, I experienced a very painful moment in my life,” Parker told Variety. “It resulted in it being litigated. I was cleared of it. That’s that. Seventeen years later, I’m a filmmaker. I have a family. I have five beautiful daughters. I have a lovely wife. I get it. The reality is” — he took a long silence — “I can’t relive 17 years ago. All I can do is be the best man I can be now.”

At the time, Parker admitted he had sex but claimed it was consensual. The woman said that she was unconscious, and did not consent to having sex with Parker or Celestin. She also claimed that she was stalked and harassed by Parker and Celestin after she reported the incident to the police.

Parker was suspended from the wrestling team, and later transferred to a different college in Oklahoma. In a 2001 trial, he was acquitted, based on testimony that he had previously had consensual sexual relations with his accuser. But his roommate was found guilty and sentenced to six months in prison. Celestin appealed the verdict, and a second trial in 2005 was thrown out due to the victim not wanting to testify again. (She sued the university and was awarded a $17,500 settlement out of court.)


‘The Birth of a Nation’ May Be the Most Timely Film the Oscar Race Has Ever Seen

The case has now resurfaced, because of the attention around “The Birth of a Nation.” Celestin is credited with co-writing the story about the 1831 slave revolt led by Nat Turner, which speaks to current racial tensions in America (as well as within the Academy after two consecutive years of #OscarsSoWhite). But the details that have emerged from Parker’s past could end up deflecting the conversation in another direction.

The specifics of the trial are likely to be re-investigated and scrutinized as Parker enters into the spotlight, and begins doing months of press. “My life will be examined and put under the microscope in ways that it never has,” Parker said, pointing to individuals on Twitter who criticized him for having a white wife. “There are numerous things that are surfacing,” he said. “But I’ve always been an open book. I’m an advocate of justice. I’m an older man. I’ve matured a lot. I’ve had many obstacles in my life. I grew up very poor. My father passed away. There are so many things that happened. At the same time, I am the man that I am. I am open to the scrutiny. I will never hide anything from my past.”

Parker, who brought his 6-year-old daughter to the Variety interview, declined to speak about the specifics of the case. “Look at it through the context of 17 years,” he said. “It was a very painful for everyone who went through it. What I learned through 17 years of growth and having children and having a wife and building a family is that we have to fight for what’s right. We have to lead in love.”

On the day after his interview with Variety, Parker arranged to speak with Deadline for a story about the case. In an email, Celestin told the site: “This was something that I experienced as a college student 17 years ago and was fully exonerated of,” he said. “I have since moved on and been focusing on my family and writing career.”

Fox Searchlight issued a statement: “Fox Searchlight  is aware of the incident that occurred while Nate Parker was at Penn State. We also know that he was found innocent and cleared of all charges. We stand behind Nate and are proud to help bring this important and powerful story to the screen.”

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  1. zinnsand21 says:

    In the court proceedings an expert witness estimated the victim’s blood alcohol level at .185, roughly twice the the legal limit in most states. She had also ingested 40 mg’s of Prozac, an antidepressant she had been taking for about three years. Whether she was in a passed out state is unclear. She claims she was but Parker and Celestin, the two accused of raping her, refute. The only other eyewitness could not testify to her state of alertness. Parker waived in his friend Celestin to come in and join them. He did. Court testimony from the rape trial claims Parker told a friend that they were “pulling the train” on the victim. This is a tough one… Parker was found not guilty in a court of law. But as the victim’s brother stated, if this case were tried in 2016 it might be a very different verdict. There is documentation that she was very intoxicated, I find it difficult to be supportive of Parker and his film “The Birth Of A Nation” despite it’s compelling message..

  2. erica sahara says:

    Here’s a Novel Idea … Why not begin teaching young men about consent, coercion, assault, rape, and all attendant penalties as well as pregnancy, fatherhood, and what it means to be a man. That should go a long way toward helping end this violence against women. BTW: He may have been acquitted but I believe the young woman committed suicide.

  3. During African forced enslavement in America, Black women had absolutely no protection against rape. What is not said, is that she also had no protection against rape with black men as well. This still holds true today. I believe that this woman was raped. I believe that Nate also knows that he raped her. His was merely trying preemptively to bring the matter to the forefront to get it out of the way of his new “pristine image” and budding career. It backfired as it should have. The woman is now dead, and her spirit will haunt him until he tells the truth. That is the only thing that will set him free with both his conscience and the people.

  4. Possible Incite says:

    I’m a college woman. I’ve been drunk before. I understand what rape is and what it can be made out to be.

    Why is it always that they all were drinking and then when sex happens only the woman is “too out of it?” I simply think that if one drunk party can say I was too drunk to consent properly then the other drunk party can say neither could I. First off, both were underage… Period.

    This is very messy grounds because that gives woman (who don’t drink responsibly) the right to do almost anything to anyone while intoxicated and if someone gives into their wilds they can now be charged for rape. Male or female.

    Now, if you add the fact that this is straight digging since the guy has been acquitted over a decade ago in the midst of a history making deal this becomes even more dangerous because even if the situation was settled, it can still come up and ruin lives.

    I haven’t heard all the facts of the case, but like I said I’m a female college party promoter. I see interactions all day and night and it’s a messy game college drinkers play and the way folks tilt it is in favor of the women who dubbing on guys for drinks, dating around, etc. Not saying she did that, but in general. This is a very slippery slope we’re playing with.

    Im going to still watch the movie, most people still drive Ford or drink Coca Cola and they “allegedly” supported the Nazi’s so I guess people either can change or decide to disregard certain information.

  5. Go Petca says:

    For 17-years Nate Parker lived in relative obscurity honing his craft and no one said a damn thing about the 1999 case. As soon as he signs an 18-million dollar contract people start spewing venom because they have been failures in their own lives. So they believe that if someone was ever accused of something (true or false) and they have never been accused (that does not mean they are better people! It just means they have not been accused) then some how the accused must never ever be successful in life simply by virtue of being accused. Whats worse is the media reports cases where men have had their lives and careers destroyed by false allegations of rape and the same people spewing venom on this thread remain silent. That means they don’t give a f*** about justice. They are just on some political agenda. In the UK when a woman is proven to lie on a man about rape she is imprisoned. There is no evidence that women in the UK have stopped reporting rape because of that. Thats a system that takes the allegation very seriously. In the US they won’t print the name or picture of the false accuser but they blast the name and picture of the accused. The people in the US today are of the same genetic strain of those 100-years ago who held picnics and lynched, burned, and electrocuted Black men who never even had a chance to go to court. And of those who went many were found o be innocent long after they were lynched. Had those injustices been avenged then people would not be running their mouth. It seems as though the advocates believe that the duty of a courtroom is simply to ratify prosecutor charges. If somehow the people who sat and heard both sides of the story choose to disbelieve the accusation then somehow the system failed. But when that same system incarcerates innocent people the advocates remain silent.

    • Exactly. I just read the official court transcript which I wish I could post a link. She basically records nate & admits she had sex with him that night but was drunk. She accused the other guy as well but Nate tells her basically “then why were you sucking his *%$^?” Bottom line she admits she had sex with nate in her own words….

    • Steven Solomon says:

      Thank you for being a voice of reason. The mob mentality of these racist and self-righteousness comments has been disheartening. Everyone agrees that date rape should always be taken seriously and we should educate all teenagers about it, but none of us know the specifics of this one case and should not be pretending otherwise. And yes, many of the comments clearly show a racial bias against him. I can’t help but wonder how these comments would have gone if we were talking about Ben Affleck or Ron Howard.

      I think the movie should be judged on it’s own merit, and if people are so moved by this, then they should go do something about it. I would suggest educating the young men and women in your life about the seriousness of date rape and making a donation to the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence or similar organization.

      Passing judgement on someone you don’t know on something you know very little about is not the answer.

  6. women matter says:

    Toni, right…oh, i could say more, but you are right.

  7. blm sux says:

    Why in the world did he have a young child with him, for such a violent movie? Creep.

  8. women matter says:

    How was he 17 and living off campus? It is always about him…let us look at it through the eyes of an 18 year old raped teen…nasty nate raped her.

  9. carly says:

    How can Fox searchlight support this gang rapist? He gang raped a girl and then harassed her, which led to her having PTSD and then committing suicide, and he wants us to support his film which is about defending yourself against abusers and being victimised?! He claims he is innocent but his friend, the other gang rapist is involved in making the film also. His friend who was found guilty, but later acquitted because the victim could not bare to testify again… well who would be able to after being victimise and harassed so badly?! Decent men and women should boycott this movie and not support Fox searchlight as a company for supporting gang rapist hypocrites who used this girl as if she was their slave and property.

  10. enrgodinez says:

    A lot of self-righteous comments for a situation none of us know anything about. The movie should be judged on it’s own merit without preconceived notions regarding something that happened 17 years ago and is none of our business based on the little we know about it

    • women matter says:

      Really? I am a penn state alum, and it matters to me. I am a woman, it matters. I am an American, it matters. I read the documents, and grieve for this girl. Even if no one else would be her friend, i would have.

  11. Chris de Serres says:

    When you say “I was exonerated” you aren’t saying I didn’t rape her. We all know a fraction of rapists in college ever get convicted much less even arrested. This should stay with the both of them. Success doesn’t wash away the sins of the past.

    • women matter says:

      RIght. I know many women who fwar saying anything, fearful of this kind of treatment, even perp claiming himself to have been drinking.

  12. Megan says:

    So. One can have sex with a girl and later rape her and get off (no pun intended) because of the previous encounter? God Bless our judicial system.

  13. Go Petca says:

    What exactly is this guy supposed to do? The Innocent project says 57% of those who were found innocent after spending lengthy prison sentences were in on false rape charges. Many people have no physical evidence so their cases are not overturned. The lynch mob mentality is so pervasive in America that I am amazed that peopled and dragged out of county jails and lynched like they used to be in days gone by. It is almost as if trials in America should about ratifying the prosecution charges and “not guilty as charged” is irrelevant. The extremely low self esteem of the self righteous indignation is nauseating. What people seem to be saying is hey, this guy either did something bad or he was accused, and I never did any thing bad or I was never accused, how come he is able to work hard and be more successful than me when he is imperfect and I am perfect! In other words, someone who was accused or even found guilty should never ever be able to do better in life than someone who was never accused regardless of how hard they work to get their success.

    • blm sux says:

      Where in the world do you live? Iran? Read the documents, he raped her.

    • jeffreyblogs says:

      This guy’s case should be taken seriously by Oscar voters. Already he has his defenders who are demonizing the victim who committed suicide several years ago. Parker wants everyone to buy the “righteousness” of his film, which also involves his actual co-defendant (from Penn State) in the sexual assault case! To reward them with Oscars would show how low as a society we’ve become.

  14. Jack Monte says:

    Hopefully this follows him on boards and forums the way Victor Salva’s past does. He can make what he wants but we never have to hear what he has to say in interviews. Fitting.

  15. Murica! says:

    What a disgusting piece of trash. I hope he gets what he deserves.

    • Lol he is trash for getting found not guilty then the “victim” after a pay out refuses to testify on a second trail that involved his roommate? God forbid he has any legal trail or representation.

      • S. Willoughby says:

        Wow, I can see why she wouldn’t want to testify again after she got the big $17,000 check! Btw, that check was because Parker et al hired a PI to go around campus showing her picture and telling everyone her name. Doesn’t seem like a lot of money in exchange for ruining her life. Enjoy the movie.

      • No you read the documents because she tried to get him to confess on tape & it completely backfired. Also she refused to testify once she cashed a check from the university among other witnesses for the DA. So what “docs” are you talking about that prove his guilt??? Cite your sources…

      • blm sux says:

        Read the docs. Yes, he is trash. Why do people post here, not having read docs?

  16. pickles says:

    Oscars are so British.

  17. Cynthia Foxe says:

    sounds creepy.
    how did the industry not know of this ??

  18. cookie75 says:

    Sooo two young men around the same age he was years ago (17 to be exact) recently was in court for having drunk sex with girls who claimed to have been passed out, the judges in those separate cases found them to be too prominent, to go to jail, stating they didn’t want “this” incident to ruin their lives. Most of white america was and Is, okay with that. Now, some of you all want to act all self righteous. This man and roommate was found not guilty…and 17 years later, you all feel you have the right to judge and say that Fox shouldn’t of dealt with him? Why? Did he not go through the process of being judged already? So because he was accused, that means, he’s damned for life, guilty or not? Wow. I think most of you are more upset about the film he’s making than anything else. But guess what, the film has been bought and paid for and will soon hit the screens. Wanna be angry about something, be angry that the 7th heaven dad, who admitted molesting kids is still on air, be mad that woody allen is still making movies and living the good life like he isn’t a pedophile. I could go on, but some of you all stay in denial too much for me.

  19. Chizz says:

    If the people at Fox Searchlight have any moral fortitude, they will distance themselves as far as they can from this hypocrite rapist. A woman is drunk – so he has his friend have sex with her simultaneously while she is passed out? Then they harass her and use their college sports team priviledge to worm their way out. (And we all know how Penn State supports its rapists.)

    Now Parker cowardly hides behind “moving on”. No way. He’s going down, and Fox Searchlight will go down too unless they dump this piece of shit. It’s 2016 and it’s time to stop for Hollywood to stop supporting these criminals.

  20. Sophie says:

    I read everything I could get my hands on about this case when I first heard about it last winter, including the published court opinions I could find. Even if I could go along with Nate Parker just had a bad drunken night where he was negligent in making sure the woman was consenting, the part where he basically harassed his buddy Celestin into joining in makes him sound like an irredeemably bad person.

    The “exoneration” in both their cases is 100% attributable to rape culture. Parker got off because the victim had previously consented to sex. The opinion reversing Celestin’s conviction for ineffective assistance of counsel was not published, but as far as I could tell from reading the other available opinions it sounds like the appeals court gave him a break because it seemed fundamentally unfair that he take a rape conviction for something his friend, Nate Parker, bullied him into, while Nate got away with it.

    Parker shows no sense of remorse or responsibility. That wife he’s trotting out now? He was in a relationship with her when the (alleged) rape happened. The only honorable thing he’s done with this mess is to carry Celestin along with him in good fortune as well as forcible gang bangs.

    I assume the fright of that old case caused Parker to learn how to make sure his cheating was consensual and that he’s not running around raping on the regular. And I expect he won’t be hurt too much within the industry by this news, because, ha ha ha, like half the people in charge haven’t done the same or worse, just not got caught.

    I can’t decide if I hope the movie is bad or good. I wanted it to be good when I first heard about it. But the trailer and response out of Sundance makes me think it’s just an exercise in making white people feel good that they’re not like THOSE bad white people. Regardless, Nate Parker did (allegedly) get away with rape, fair and square. Found not guilty by a jury of his (Penn State!) peers. All signs still point to him being a jerk, but I have little hope that any social and professional sanction visited upon him now will actually work towards creating a more just world for victims of sexual exploitation.

    • So rape culture explains his “black male privilege” he somehow used to get off not the fact that at trail evidence actually in his favor because we all know there is no way possible he could be innocent. I mean a woman claimed rape & it must be true! You leave inconvenient details out like the fact that after the not guilty verdict a second trail is held for his roommate that gets overturned & the “victim” does not testify after a pay out. Your emotional rant is not working here. Oh by the way the only real rape culture we have here is when we have courts that routinely force 15 yr old boys who get 30 plus yr old women pregnant to pay CHILD SUPPORT OR THE TEENAGER CAN GO TO JAIL while women tend to get a slap on the wrist! We can not take women like you seriously while you remain silent when courts flat out tell teenage boys after being molested by judges & I quote “The victim has rights but the victim also has responsibilities” I can show story after story of 30 plus yr old women walking into court with a baby & walking out with child support order on 16 yr old boys etc. You sound a little unstable….

  21. Jane D says:

    Parker brings his 6 year old daughter for sympathy or protection…

    Interestingly, Parker refuses to comment on his harassment towards the victim after she filed charges.

    Nate Parker’s behavior chilling outlined in Jane Doe’s civil suit with PSU is chilling…

    Parker’s private investigator went about campus showing the victim’s picture, exposing her name and likeness.
    Students now aware of the victims name and face began to harass the victim daily.
    Parker showed up at her dorm, her classes, and hurled ‘sexual epithets’ at her in public.
    During this time Parker’s was allowed to remain a student and attend classes on his scholarship.
    Parker bullied and shamed the victim daily.
    The victim worked two jobs and had a 4.0 GPA (prior to having unconscious consensual double team sex with Parker and Celestin. According to testimony she had 13 shots prior to having unconscious consensual double team sex with the two jocks.)
    The victim attempted suicide TWICE during this time.
    The victim dropped out of school.

    Parker is a bully. Parker is a hypocrite. He and his writing partner’s past deserves to be put on microscope.

    • Oh you forgot the same victim who took a pay out then when she secured the funds refused to testify after he was found not guilty in his trail. The “victim” tried to commit suicide & at no point could it be that she was mentally unstable? Too bad we cant just lynch black men like we use upon a rape claim. Gee I wonder if she was white? Sounds like it…..

      • Toni says:

        Rape creates mental instability including persistent suicidal thoughts. Having your vagina, mouth and anus violated tends to do that.

    • Kt. says:

      Parker/Searchlight should have gone with an overkill reparation and apologies to the victim. Plead and beg for forgiveness, and dedicate the movie to her pains.

      • Chizz says:

        Fox Searchlight’s support of these lowlifes is similar to the NFL’s support of Ray Rice prior to the video leak. If there was public evidence of what Parker and Celestin did to this woman, no amount of begging and apologizing would be sufficient. They would never work again and this movie would never get released.

  22. BillUSA says:

    Hey. Variety. Can we stick to entertainment news while staying out of the social issue/commentary game?

  23. Deion Pinder says:

    Say what they want but when you really break it down to the bone gristle 2 men choosing to engage in intercourse with a woman at the same time is pretty savage behavior.

  24. Sakura Tange says:

    Two people having sexual relations before the alleged rape should never a reason for finding the accused not guilty; it’s just another sympton of rape culture. I’m going to go there with a personal arguement – if one of his daughters said they had been raped when unconsious and drunk I doubt Nate Parker would stand for the accused being found not guilty because of previous ‘consenual’ sex acts.

  25. Bill B. says:

    Birth of a Nation is a major Oscar contender. This is not the kind of publicity that they want.

    • Avenger07 says:

      Yeah? based on what, the movie was an “Oscar contender” since before it was even screened, nobody had seen it and it was already a sure Sundance winner, now that is some case of white guilt.

    • No says:

      Once the majority actually see the film, it won’t be that major of a player.

      • Julie says:

        If it doesn’t win everything they’ll say that it was because of the director’s past.
        I can already see it….

        Every year now the Oscars has some insane controversy…

  26. Jasmine Tam says:

    Sounds like he is dancing around the truth, which means he must be guilty.

  27. stevenkovacs says:

    The truth always comes out. He should’ve known this and stayed in front of this inevitable damning truth instead of playing defence now.

  28. Jack Monte says:

    If Hollywood wasn’t so desperate for Black content he wouldn’t have sold that film for so much. But they are, so he did. And Sundance can continue to pretend that films are sold there. Most show up with distribution in place. A far cry from it before, good job Cooper. So now this rapist ccan ask for understanding. The same understanding he shows in his film? No. It’s bad hhistory lesson. One by people that like to pretend the war was over slavery. It wasn’t. Ending slavery only came in the last draft of the Gettysburg Address. So obviously it was over more than that. Simple history for simple people.

    • He put the movie out himself & produced it. White hollywood had nothing to do with this. I know it burns you inside that a black man actually had to be tried instead of instantly lynched & (gasp) was found not guilty while the “victim” gets a pay out & as soon as she cashed the check refused to show up to testify against this brutal black rapist! The more I read these comments I am convinced this girl was white…

    • black octagons says:

      Typical “it wasn’t about slavery” nonsense.

      • Jack Monte says:

        It wasn’t about slavery. It was a part of it after the fact obviously. Read a book or use your brain. Why would it be brother versus brother in that war? Or more specifically poor brother versus poor brother against brother. As in both brothers have no money and own no slaves. Why would they fight each other? Because they war was over State rights and Federal rights. But no one wants to think about that because it’s the argument that still goes on to this day. Everyone had slaves then even during the war. Yeah the while country went to war over whether or not we should have slaves? That makes perfect sense and the only time in history that happened. Guess your a producer on the film and want to keep some credibility to the story. Does your film also let the African tribes off the hook that sold their own people? Get out.

  29. Iván el Conquistador says:

    Not the first time Hollywood praises and glorifies criminals, and sadly it won’t be the last.

  30. Max says:

    the filmmaking here is TV movie level at best.

  31. Hooman says:

    Wondering why this reporter didn’t ask Nate about his blatantly homophobic comments from a few years back. Nate wants an Oscar, so does Fox Searchlight, media training anyone? This guy is a piece of work on many levels.

    • Fox Searchlight Not Gettin' My Box Office Money says:

      Totally. In the current Deadline interview/excuse-a-thon, he sounds like he’s embracing the LGBT community. But when you Google Nate Parker + homophobia, a totally different picture emerges. But hey, the publicity/Oscar tour for “Birth” carries on…

      • Hooman says:

        Not to mention this writer is himself a part of the LGBT community and already had a controversy involving the way he wrote about a gay actor in the past. Why let Nate sweep those comments under the rug again here, Ramin? Not really a journalist, if you ask me.

  32. Steve S. says:

    A lot of self-righteous comments for a situation none of us know anything about. The movie should be judged on it’s own merit without preconceived notions regarding something that happened 17 years ago and is none of our business based on the little we know about it.

  33. joy karen says:

    i agree with everyone here, although i would love to include the name of BROCK TURNER, that idiot college student who served only six months for a rape that he ADMITTED to and is now back on his way to college. there were never any photos of him in the orange suit or even in handcuffs. And when his father said in this paraphrase that “Brock Turner should not have to serve any more than six months in jail for that simple act that took only a few minutes”, although i was outraged, this guy was never in the major newspapers again and certainly not ever mentioned on the radio or television. why is that?

  34. Katie says:

    “This was something that I experienced as a college student 17 years ago”

    Good Lord, what a self-righteous scumbag.
    You didn’t “experience” a rape.
    You committed it.
    The victim experienced it.
    Stop acting like it’s something that “happened” to you when it’s something you did.

  35. Bob Wired says:

    Even if “consensual” who, with their buddy, “tag teams” a woman?…sick freaks is who….if he’s not guilty in a court of law, he’s guilty in the court of scumbaggery and he can explain tag teaming to his 5 daughters when they start asking about what happened. What a privileged jock, still walking around as if he’s different…ask the Vanderbilt football players why they are gong to prison for the same thing, and you and homey got off. Sorry that dog dont hunt—even if consensual, tag teaming a woman is way out of bounds. I’ve run with some crude people along the way of life, none of us ever came up with “hey lets tag team a girl tonight”….A sad human being this one is. Where exactly do you learn about tag teaming and train pulling and then actually engage in it with a homey on a woman? I dont buy it—he’s trying too hard.

    • Wait a minute so if they have a threesome “tag teaming a woman is out of bounds”? So even if she wants it somehow she is STILL A VICTIM of this big black brute? Thanks for the laugh. You dont buy it? I dont buy her story when she is not coming to testify after she cashed a check. That’s more questionable than anything. Again this must be a white girl. The real reason so many of you have your panties (yes you too) in a bunch. You dont even question that she split the moment that check was cashed. Not a good look..

  36. Geo says:

    Painful experience eh? Yeah, it really stinks being arrested and in trouble and a woman accusing your of rape I feel so sorry for you for your “pain”

    • CoCo says:

      The SCHOOL paid her because they failed to protect her from Nate Parker and Jean Celestin stalking and harrassing her on campus. That was what the check was for and your persisting in misrepresenting the facts shows your neediness to promote your own agenda. I would go so far as to say you are consciously lying. And the reason she didn’t testify again was because she was harrassed her rapists on campus. And where does race in any way, shape or form matter in this narrative?

      • No the check so the school can say they did something & not lose federal funding. They paid her yet they just forgot to punish nate? No its because the evidence pointed in Nates favor. The transcript from the trial is online. She recorded Nate on the phone talking about that. She basically admits she had sex with him but was drunk. Case closed. I read the official court transcript. She lied!

  37. The Truth says:

    Parker says he’s open to scrutiny. A jury of his peers exonerated him. Nevertheless, he’s remorseful, and he appears to be leading an exemplary life. If the woman involved feels that justice was not served, now is the time re-state her case. Then let the chips fall where they may

    • Sexracist says:

      Exonerated “based on testimony that he had previously had consensual sexual relations with his accuser.” Sounds like it was the victim’s fault for having consensual sex with him prior to being assaulted.

      And yes, he sounds remorseful… because this could derail his career. He’s had a lot of obstacles in life, you know.

      • Again this must be a white girl ALL OF YOU while trying to act like you are the voice of reason completely ignore that she bounced & refused to testify the second she cashed that check from the university. He was found not guilty. His roommate got himself a new trail. This has doubt written all over it.

  38. Phillip Ayling says:

    The movie is all about “looking back” though the director doesn’t want to even look back to his time in college.

  39. Renee says:

    I’m sure the fans that were defending Nate Parker were the same ones screaming for Brock Turner to be locked up for life

  40. Michael Anthony says:

    Celestin was not “fully exonerated of” the crime. The case was thrown out as the accuser didn’t want to testify again. It’s hard enough to get them to testify once, because all their words and actions are put on trial. Anything to put blame on the victim.

    • You forgot to mention after this little innocent white snowflake cashed that nice check from the university she refused to testify. How convenient….

      • blm sux says:

        Sick racist creeper, gabriel…this woman had so much courage.

      • CG says:

        Nice check? $17,000 is a slap in the face. She “bounced” because she knew she was fragile and probably decided that if testifying again put her at risk for feeling suicidal again (she tried twice after the alleged gang rape), it wasn’t worth it.

  41. Sexracist says:

    We all know that being “found innocent” means they got away with it. But hey, he grew up poor and his dad died, and he’s a more mature guy now. Let’s give him some awards!

  42. millerfilm says:

    So, this is who is being held up as the great new black voice?

    • Maddy says:

      Just because you were acquitted doesn’t mean you weren’t guilty – and the reason they gave for his acquittal was seriously all kinds of wrong and would not fly in 2016. And the stalking he did afterwards was seriously creepy. I was also disappointed by his homophobic comments he made a couple years ago (you can look them up), but he’s in full Oscar campaign mode now going on and on in the Deadline interview about his support for the LGBT community…hypocrite.

      • So now here we have white people who always preach to blacks about following the law then when the law works out for blacks then its “It does not mean you are innocent when you are found not guilty” Yea this was a loose white girl for sure. Somehow the fact she bounced & refused to testify when she got that nice check has no bearing. He was found not guilty, his roommate gets a new trail after a questionable trail she bails when she gets paid yea his “black male privilege” obviously at work here…

      • Dawn Turner says:


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