Sylvester Stallone on Donald Trump, Republicans and Running for Office

Sylvester Stallone TV series
Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

Sylvester Stallone has packed many jobs onto his resume over the years: movie star, screenwriter, director, producer and painter of Kafkaesque portraits, but in a new interview with Variety, he revealed that he briefly considered following his pal Arnold Schwarzenegger into politics.

“And five minutes later, I came to my senses,” Stallone told Variety for this week’s cover story on “Creed.” He remembered, on 2006’s “Rocky Balboa,” meeting the mayor of Philadelphia, who told him: “I believe you could be elected.”

“I said to my wife, ‘What do you think?’” Stallone recalled. “She said, ‘Are you crazy? He’s just being nice. You’re not going to be elected. You don’t have that insatiable need to be embraced by people.’”

Although he’s been called a Republican, for supporting John McCain’s 2008 presidential run, Stallone says he’s not a member of the GOP. “May the best fighter win,” he said. “I don’t think you can be totally one-sided forever. Then you close your mind to all sorts of possibilities. It’s just, ‘Who comes along better at that time for what the planet is going through?’ Right now, it’s pretty confusing on every side.”

What does he think of the Republican frontrunner? “I love Donald Trump,” he said. “He’s a great Dickensian character. You know what I mean? There are certain people like Arnold, Babe Ruth, that are bigger than life. But I don’t know how that translates”—he let out a laugh—“to running the world.”

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  1. Anyone who tosses his hat into the same ring as Sarah Palin has lost all my respect.

    • Chris Dias says:

      Because? Anyone who says such comments, who argues without arguments, such as you, doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect anyhow, nor do anyone of another stripe ask for it. .

  2. Spike says:

    The Dept. of Agriculture could use him as a pig farmer. The older he gets, the more he resembles a pig, after all. If the shoe fits, wear it.

    • SusanLoeb says:

      What an idiot which he has always been. When he was praying to win an award, he back pedaled about even being a republican. Say anything to win and he didn’t deserve any award for playing the same character over and over compared to the other incredible actors who portray different roles in each and every movie they are in and do a sensational job. So glad he didn’t win and he has always shown poor discretion. He is also a pig not just for his looks, but for molesting his half sister for years and paying her millions to keep quiet, and now we learn with Mike Deluca he had group sex with a 16 yr old girl. He is a
      pig for sure.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    Stallone has senses to come to? Who knew.

  4. sly, tell trumpo to stop playing your “eye of the tiger” at his rallies!

  5. Rob Daniels says:

    Sly still has it.

  6. greg says:

    Sylvester Stallone didn’t endorse Donald. pls read in-between the line.

    • Bobby says:

      But they will certainly read in between the lines to say he supports Obama and Hillary right??? No he didn’t come out and endorse but at least he didn’t come out and slobber all over Gun Control etc… LIke so many of the other Hollywood idiots.

  7. Josh Isalto says:

    Wow, before I though Stallone only sounded retarded, now it’s been confirmed. He has joined the tard pack of celebrities endorsing Trump, including Gary Busey and Mike Tyson, and interesting mix of brain damaged, cognately deficient drooling buffoons.

    • Gotta love the tolerant liberals, Anyone who supports trump is a “Racist or retard” but i’m sure all the phoneys who talk about socialism while riding in their limos are a-ok supporting hillary and her ilk.

    • MakeAmericaFakeAgain says:

      Josh, you’re a moron. I love Donald Trump,” he said. “He’s a great Dickensian character. …But I don’t know how that translates to running the world.””

    • buddy rider says:

      Mr. Isalto, Perhaps you also know Stallone is an avid reader of Shakespeare. In addition, typical liberal response when people have opposing viewpoints: Attack the individuals. This erudite conservative supporter of Trump will simply defer to your ignorance and hope that eventually you will become enlightened. If you are not afraid read Thomas Sowell’s article comparing liberals vs. conservatives from a historical standpoint. Respectfully, Buddy Rider

      • Projection (n.)
        the presentation or promotion of someone or something in a particular way:
        “the legal profession’s projection of an image of altruism”

      • Wow ,..another person whom we might think as a hero because of his movies and now to hear that he is a trump supporter. I can speak for myself that at times I might be curious of some movie stars agenda,..right here I can say,..thats all I need to know about Stallone. He probably could care less of my opinion and that’s probably about the only thing we have in common because I can say that I feel exactly the same.

  8. Pamela says:

    You have to wonder how many of these delusional Dump Truck sycophants actually knew anything about the creep before he ran for office? They certainly weren’t paying attention all these years. He’s hardly the “honest”, business genius, non-political everyman they make him out to be. A little research would show them what an arrogant, lying, cruel, self-absorbed, greedy phony he’s always been, but they can’t be bothered to actually read a little. With all his bankruptcies, he was only saved by court-appointed managers who wisely invested in Vegas at the beginning of its boom. He took his daddy’s handouts & blew them on a lavish lifestyle which meant far more to him than actually treating his employees fairly. Yet the Dumpsters talk about him like they used to talk about Reagan, as if he’s some kind of living sainted Superman. How sad for them when the emperor shows up naked to the convention. And how entertaining for those of us who’ve known Donny Dump’s true character for decades. No one can get away with all that nastiness for all their life without a little karma coming to call.

    • J CA Carton says:

      Stallone’s laughing at Trump, he obviously thinks Trump is an idiot and is incapable of running the country. He sees him as a figure of fun. Is nobody grasping this?

    • what sick are all the hillary supporters who know full well she changes her minds because of political winds. They don’t care about you lack of character or honesty but just that she’s a woman and a liberal.

      The funny thing is that trump has the most common sense approach out of anyone running.

    • Viktor says:

      You know for as big a person as he is you would think that past employees, business partners and such would be coming out of the woodwork to bring him down, instead all you hear about is how fair and generous he is in his private life. A Guy like Trump surely made enemies in the business world and yet only crickets.

    • buddy rider says:

      It’s fascinating to constantly read attempted written articulation from liberals with their elitist arrogance who cannot use the Socratic method to defend their positions so continually resort to attacking the individuals who disagree with them. Let me reiterate, if you are not afraid to be enlightened, read Thomas Sowell’s article comparing liberal thought to conservative thought from a historical vantage point. Respectfully, Buddy Rider

  9. Kevin says:

    When you really are thinking, do you think you are a protector of the people? That is what our government is intended to do. Real men do this instinctively.

  10. Joe Downey says:

    Boy why am I not surprised a Draft Dodger supporting a fellow Draft Dodger.

  11. Rolf Peterson says:

    I believe Trump will wash out the crap in our government system.

  12. Skip Jones says:

    I think Donald Trump Knows a lot of the ins an outs on a lot of issues ,After all, He’s a Business Man . He may not say it the way the Dumacrats want to hear it ,But he gets the point across. I Believe he would clean out all the Debrea in the White house and restore a little honor back in the White House.

    • Well, it’s why we call your riff raff, stupublicans backed by a crowd of uneducated, moronic homophobes, bigoted, racists and ignorance…there’s my take of your fascist pigs…beat me more master is your mantra…lemmings to the sea

      • deporting 11 million Galilee aliens is not racist it’s the law, as it not letting in million of rapeugees who can’t be vetted. Only racists are the vial dems and their socialists lackeys. Keep hating on trump he’s gaining in the polls daily and is now beating Hillary.

      • sam says:

        Lol at this guy. You’re one of the most emotionally unstable, aggressive, close minded people I’ve ever seen comment so far. One of the people that has mom wipe your ass everyday abs hold her hand because you don’t get your way. Close minded little angry boy. So embarrassing. Tell your parents they fucked up.

  13. Jocelyn says:

    I was very pleased that Stallone won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. I like Stallone and I think Trump is the man right for America.

  14. Sherri says:

    Sylvester we are proud of your reward. We need you on board with Donald. He’s so honest. Something we haven’t had and turns out he’s right. He has the ability to forecast future events all of which are not good for America. You are both say it like it is men. Donald won’t create paybacks to evil ruinations of America. He’s a great man. You are too. Come with us all the way. He’s for the people. This is our country. Not the worlds country!

  15. Doug Rubel says:

    I love that Stallone seems to be enjoying the hell out of his life. Go Rocky!

  16. Joe Langley says:

    Finally a MAN with brains, cojones and spine who isn’t afraid to speak the truth like the politicians who are spewing all day the same old lies and politically correct BS.

  17. Newzapalooza says:

    Trump will translate just fine as the 45th POTUS!

    • Donald Trump will be elected the next President of the United States. He will bring honesty and common sense to the office. Everything Obama has done to destroy us Mr. Trump will turn around with the best people surrounding him. New ideas for America are what is needed, not the tired old retreads on the Left. Their day is fading, thank Heavens. People are waking up to being gamed and Donald Trump is leading the way. God bless him.

  18. slyman says:

    we love u sly

  19. Stallone is now one of my favorite actors… one of the few who are smart enough to get behind those who will improve America instead of turning it into a Socialist concentration camp.

  20. triceinwashoe says:

    Yeah, Obama has done such a STELLAR job of “running the world.” Who could possibly measure up?

  21. Like it or not…i THINK “Donald” is fast tracking to be the GOP presidential nominee.

  22. William RIch says:

    Grassroots Donald Trump supporters viral video is unprecedented threat to establishment big dollar ads. Viewers report tears of joy and goose bumps. Is the so-called Trump Movement wildly unstoppable? (Ref: ‘The Real Donald Trump Story’ youtube)

  23. Rob Fin says:

    So there are actually some celebrities who have common sense in Hollywood.

  24. Sly, Sly, Sly …. you really need to find a way to reconcile your statements about gun control when you’ve made some of the biggest most violent shoot-em-up movies there are.

  25. ciscokid16 says:

    You love Trump .. but you want Gun Control??… hmmm no way Rocky!

    In response to the shooting death of Phil Hartman in 1999, Stallone – who was living in the UK at the time – was shown on Access Hollywood saying:

    “Until America, door to door, takes every handgun, this is what you’re gonna have. It’s pathetic. It really is pathetic. It’s sad. We’re living in the Dark Ages over there.”

    • Subg88 says:

      He didn’t say he liked Trump as a candidate, he said he loved him as a Dickensian character. That’s about as backhanded a compliment one could give. I know, might be asking too much to expect a Trump supporter to understand a literary reference.

      • buddy rider says:

        Aside from having read David Copperfield in 7th grade, I believe that ‘It is a far far better thing that he does than he has ever done. It is a far far better place that he goes to than he has ever known’! This is a Tale of Two Countries. The failed liberal approach and the soon to be conservative and long awaited enlightenment. We are quite aware of his inference and Trump’s supporters run the gamut including as erudite as any pretentious liberal progressive elitists with their stifling political diatribes. Respectfully, Buddy Rider

  26. Fuckit123 says:

    By saying that Stalone will never work in communust puke run HOLLYWOOD ever again.

  27. Keith Diggs says:

    If we had an actual free press, as opposed to an ideologically cuckold press, slave to democrats, it would be reported THAT TRUMP SHUT HILLARY’S “WAR ON WOMEN” BS DOWN TO CHINA TOWN WITH ONE F-ING TWEET!!!!! He said ‘BE CAREFUL” and she went from “He has a penchant for sexism”, to “We aren’t going to respond to Trump, we’re going to let him live in his own fantasy world”, IN THE SPACE OF A FREAKING WEEK!!! That’s called BEING SHUT THE FOK DOWN!!!! But we don’t have that type of honest “press” here in America.

  28. Gundog says:

    I support Trump for many reasons. My first is he is rabidly un-PC. That drives brain dead libs bat crap nuts. I love to see them frothing at the mouth and jumping up and down like over-caffeinated chimps.

    • George Allen says:

      I have loved Sylvester Stallone since the movie, “Rocky” and he’s trying to impress Tia Shira in the pet shop. He holds up his finger to the bird in the cage and says “Giant worm.” The movie that inspired Stallone to write Rocky was the Ali and Wepner fight and my son and I were at ring side just outside Cleveland, Ohio during that fight. Oh yeah, and I love Trump also.

  29. Jack Knoll says:

    Obama’s and Hillary’s policies are ultra left wing communist which will continue to destroy America, flooding its’ borders with brown refugees and brown Muslims in their quest to brown America.

  30. Bud Zecks says:

    Pretty stark contrast. Career politician with a history of corruption and ties to communism, or a self made billionaire who believes in private wealth ownership.

  31. Bill says:

    Mr. Stallone talks sense . The time for BS is over.
    I like Sylvester for three reasons:
    He’s still a conservative after all this time in Hollywierd.
    He’s a good actor and a hero icon to many.
    He’s not a scientologist .

  32. Jerry Frey says:

    11:39 AM EST

    Most of the media outlets and personnel want to focus on Trump’s outrageous commentary and belittle him as “rabid” – – – they seem to refuse to see that there are millions of folks sick and tired of Liberal driven politics, empty suits in the WH, “political correctness” having free run, big government, weak leadership and leaders who act ashamed to be Americans, etc. Trump watched the media destroy another business executive who ran for Prez and has mounted a purposefully outrageous, outspoken and “outraged” campaign designed to storm the castle not negotiate his way in by “playing nice” with his opposition.
    How would he actually govern? THAT’s what the ruling class is afraid of…….as are the Liberals that dominate the Democratic party. I don’t like Trump……but I’ll bet he would get things done that need doing no matter whose toes he stepped on. I can handle that!

    • Thomas Delo says:

      Mr.Frey, I believe you’re right on with your logic. Mr.Trump is vocalizing what too many of us have been thinking for a long time now. He has brought a whole new element into politics – namely honesty. To hell with political correctness and the status quo. This is why he makes other (career) politicians nervous. If and (hopefully) when he is elected their gravy train is derailed. As for how he would govern – I believe he’s the ONLY candidate who can pull this country out of the Liberal mess that it’s in.

  33. wjm980 says:

    It would be amazing to find any Hollywood “star” under the age of 40 that supports Trump….or Republicans in general.

  34. RTF says:

    I was hoping Rock would say something of Trump like “ya know maybe these Muslims and Mexicans don’t like you either”

  35. mikey says:

    Stand for something, or fall for anything. Pfft!

  36. Bill Clinton says:

    Trump will deport illegal criminal who Obama lets out of jail! Trump has balls and that’s what we like about him! 20% of democrats will vote for him it will be a landslide election. Hillary will go to jail!!

    Bombshell: In Email, Hillary Ordered Aide to Strip Classified Marking and Send Sensitive Material

  37. gunnyginalaska says:

    Smart man! Trump takes 47 states and crushes The Butcher of Benghazi.

  38. Armando Casillas says:

    Do Rambo prequels?

  39. Bill B. says:

    It translates to disaster.

  40. Trump is like a modern day George Washington, HOW?! Washington ( Richest Man In America At The Time )***** Note # 4 Especially *****Trump said From Day 1, ” America is My 1st Priority! ”
    1.) Both were / are very wealthy and absolutely did / do not need all the scrutiny, ridicule and punishment but for love of country were willing to forgo the comforts and insulation of wealth and endure the punishment of war & running for public office in order to improve the country and ALL its LEGAL CITIZENS. ( No One controlled (s) / Funded either man. Both self funded, unlike ALL the other SPECIAL INTEREST FUNDED PUPPET Candidates today ).

    2.) Trump plainly says what he means and means what he says. Trump is a Doer, and like Washington he’ll move mountains to get things done in the service of Country and most likely UNDER BUDGET AND AHEAD OF SCHEDULE just like he does with many Projects.

    3.) AND like Washington put down The Whiskey Rebellion in 1793 ( very serious crisis that threatened to break our fledgling country apart ) Trump will clean house regarding the prevailing corruption in the Federal Government today and at the same time unite and heal our country after all the destructive damage OBAMA-NATION has caused.

    4.) AND Just like WASHINTON WAS AN UNDERDOG to defeat the most powerful countryon earth, THE BRITISH CROWN, ( TRUMP IS AN UNDERDOG to defeat The GOP Establishment, The Democrats AND The Democrat Propagandist Main Stream Media!

  41. IT--two--IT says:

    Remember, when actors and artists ‘changed’ and DEEPENED with age?

    You know, before Hollywood and entertainment and media were 100% INTEL RUN.

  42. john perez says:

    He called rump a dick. Classic Stallone

  43. Criminy Leethal says:

    He loves Trump? I just lost a lot of respect for Stallone.

  44. No one is going to vote for a liar and I’m talking about Hillary Clinton. Hillary lies about her relationship with her husband Bill. She lies to herself, she lies to her family, and she lies to the public. She constantly portrays herself as a perfect person with a perfect family. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone sees she’s lying so why does she keep up the charade. If she said she wasn’t perfect and her husband’s a cheat, I would have a lot more respect for her.

    At least, Donald Trump admits to his failures (divorce, bankruptcies). What are Hillary’s failures? She wants you to believe she’s the perfect wife with the perfect husband and would make a perfect president.

    Vote for Bernie or vote for Trump!

  45. Will Diamond says:

    White liberals are traitors who have no culture and can’t even mow their own lawn. Liberals typically want big government to depend on.They turn their cheek to evil and let it grow. Islam is not peaceful and wants to conquer white nations while making us fertile by breeding like rabbits rabbits and the expense of your tax money. Look at Europe and ask yourself if you want America to lose it’s culture to Islam and live like a slave. The Quran even say’s to kill non believers so why are we having a debate about Islam and why Muslims should not come to America? The constitution say’s that AMERICANS are free to have any religion they want and with peace and Islam will adapt to American culture because of Sharia Law. The constitution does NOT say you can have a baby in your stomach for 9 months and cross the border “illegally” and say that your child is now an American citizen. The child will still be from the parents origin because they came ILLEGALLY. Americans wants jobs and opportunity, not welfare, open borders and free handouts.


  46. GlendyGirl says:

    “I love Donald Trump,” he said. “He’s a great Dickensian character. You know what I mean? There are certain people like Arnold, Babe Ruth, that are bigger than life. But I don’t know how that translates”—he let out a laugh—“to running the world.” That was probably kindest way to say, “Trump’s not fit to run the country” that I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure Trump has read Dickens, but he’ll have heard of him and love the reference to “bigger than life” characters, even if the only ones that come to mind when thinking of Trump are Scrooge, and Fagin. Stallone is a class act.

  47. Jose says:

    This is the sad part. One of the smartest most level headed people on the planet doesn’t want to run for office. He has leadership skills that he hasn’t tapped to their fullest. He absolutely doesn’t need to be embraced by everyone. He has the courage and intelligence to make the right decision and stick to it. Republican or Democrat, what this country needs is leaders. Not like the current crop of followers and puppets trying so hard to convince us they can lead.

    • Philip Roddy Jr says:

      You can elect the smartest person in the United States to be President and nothing gets accomplished due to the fact that we have a bunch of idots in the House and Congress.

    • Emily Watson says:

      No way, Jose! Stallone is one of the smartest, most-level headed people on the planet? LOL. What planet?

    • I don’t disagree with you but you clearly miss the problem. It isn’t the politicians it’s the mental state of people in the country. That’s the problem. They don’t want facts, they want immediate satisfaction. Which is why the mentality of our country is pretty much at the level of high school kids voting for class president. They want to just pick someone who promises the most and that’s it. We’re a lazy country man. We want minimum wage at $15/hour for flipping burgers. We don’t desire better, we don’t want to be better. We want to be satisfied. And we’re emotional too. Hence why Obama managed to hold office for two terms while only increasing our debt and social service programs instead of building industry so people can feel like they are worth something and have a drive. Hence the only reason I even consider Trump. Because yes he’s a bloated ass of a human being, but he’s also not anyone’s bitch and he’s not trying to please that satisfaction. He will say things people hate to hear. I’m curious why you gave my comment crap when I agree Stallone is incredibly smart just because I don’t think “Rocky V” was a horrible movie even though he admits he did it for greed and not for a creative reason. And I still don’t understand your final statement. Were you being derogatory or arbitrary?

  48. You know, Stallone is a smart guy. He talks like an English professor when he’s not playing his signature tough guys. I honestly could take him seriously as a journalist character if he wasn’t so buff where I wouldn’t worry for his safety. LOL As for Trump, honestly I think people are doing exactly to him what they are claiming he is doing. They say he’s racist and all that. Why? Because he doesn’t want people coming into a country, getting free stuff off our taxes and them giving nothing back into the economy which raises our national debt? It’s just frustrating people think everything is a hate crime and don’t look at facts. And Stallone is a smart fella. He’s always had good common sense even during the years he had a bit of an ego. And to this day I still don’t think “Rocky V” was that bad. LOL

    • Jose says:

      Rocky V was horrible, This is what happens when you go from leading to following. He went from making Rocky on a shoestring budget and editing the script to fit the filming schedule and budget to producing mega-schlock to appease the drooling masses. If you think I’m trying to make parallels to Trump, you’re as smart as your comment implies.

      • HML says:

        Someone who LOL’s their own lines here has zero credibility. But, I guess that’s why you’re liking the big orange Oompa Loompa Trump.

      • You know what I love? Literally nothing to back up any of your derogatory statements. LOL I mean seriously HE DIDN’T make Rocky. John Avildsen made Rocky and he admits to using the experience to develop his own acting and directing style. And that same director did “Rocky V”. “If you think I’m trying to make parallels to Trump, you’re as smart as your comment implies.” Okay I have no idea what direction you’re going for there. Maybe use a complete thought process instead of trying to sound smart when you’re not. You go from his film choices, which literally every actor does just look at a majority of Morgan Freeman’s films in the last 6 years, to something about Trump. Are you saying that Trump is like Rocky V where he is meant to appease a wide audience with stimulation instead of possessing merit? I can’t tell. In any case, Stallone admits he did “Rocky V” for greed. So how that relates to Trump is anyone’s guess because you didn’t evaluate and instead decided to make a lame one-liner like a new age asshole who thinks because he makes a cut he’s clever when the other person isn’t even in on the cut. Just go back to talking to yourself Jose okay? Clearly you had a whole conversation in your head and I’m only gets bits and pieces of it.

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