‘Suicide Squad’ Fans Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Over Negative Reviews

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad” fans launched a Change.org petition with the intent of shutting down film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes after the tentpole received a slew of negative reviews from critics.

Abdullah Coldwater, the DC Comics fan who drafted the petition, accused the site of giving “unjust bad reviews” that “affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great [movie].”

He added, “Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust bad reviews.”

The petition has received over 13,000 signatures as of this post.

“Suicide Squad,” which stars Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie and is one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the summer, currently has an approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 34 percent.



The Worst Reviewed Movies of the Summer

In comparison recent critical disgrace “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” settled at 27 percent on 344 critiques, whereas Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” garnered a laudatory 90 percent with 320 critics chiming in.

“Suicide Squad” has received negative reviews from critics such as Richard Lawson at Vanity Fair who wrote that the movie is, “Not fun bad. Not redeemable bad. Not the kind of bad that is the unfortunate result of artists honorably striving for something ambitious and falling short.”

Variety critic Peter Debruge wrote, “Rather than bringing levity and irreverence to the increasingly unpleasant comic-book sphere, as its psychedelic acid-twisted marketing campaign suggests, ‘Suicide Squad’ plunges audiences right back into the coal-black world of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.'”

With the film’s mediocre reviews, media outlets are questioning if it will survive for a record-breaking weekend at the box office. Variety‘s Brent Lang wrote, “Regardless of the frosty critical reception, ‘Suicide Squad’ will annihilate the competition” and “rank as the biggest ever debut for Will Smith.”

Following the petition’s initial posting, Coldwater revised his comments about Rotten Tomatoes: “A petition definitely won’t shut down the site. The aim of the petition is to deliver a message to the critics that there is a lot of people disagree with their reviews.”

‘Suicide Squad’ Members: Who’s Who

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  1. Paul Johnson says:

    DC’s movies receive bad reviews because they are just terrible. Making something dark and edgy doesn’t make it good, and when the main focus of a movie is too make something violent it’s not going to be a good movie. The DCEU is a failure. Don’t blame critics for telling the truth. Blame DC for being incompetent.

  2. Slimywall says:

    DC would have been better-off just making a lesbo-erotic flick focusing on Harley Quinn’s sexual adventures with other female villains & heroes.

  3. Slimywall says:

    Suicide Squad was STUPID!
    Don’t waste your time. Terrible storyline, ridiculous characters, lousy dialog, tried to be cute & silly, but failed miserably. Half the acting was simply awful. The blond chick and computer effects don’t justify the movie.

    • Slimywall says:

      The part where government agent Amanda Waller (a Loretta Lynch parody) shoots all her FBI agents in the back was ironic satire at its best.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Batman vs Superman was not good, neither was suicide squad. Civil war was pretty good. Butthurt DC fans.

  5. Tamim says:

    The movie suicide squad was simply a disappointment without dwelling into the details.

  6. Sayson says:

    Rotten does need to be shut down they will never make fair reviews!

    • Phil Jackson says:

      Rotten tomatoes dont review movies they collect other reviews from critics around the world
      the site itself is a part of Warner Bros.Pictures… so fuck the critics not rotten tomatoes not their fault

  7. Daniel F says:

    I loved this movie Alot!!, the performance was awesome to me… harley quinn joker deadshot played their parts better than most comic book characters period! I’ma watch it again!!!

  8. Patirck says:

    I completely agree with the critics it was a tragedy of a movie. Forced character interactions way over use of music and the rest was just explosions and gunfire and cheesy one-liners. I couldn’t wait for it to be over so I can just leave.

  9. Someone Somwehere says:

    People need to start growing thicker skin. Everything isn’t a battle. everything is out to get you. Opinions are just that, we all have them, none are right or wrong. So let’s allow everyone to have their own.

    If someone doesn’t like Suicide Squad it’s an opinion. It’s not a personal attack on DC universe! If someone didn’t like Ghostbusters it doesn’t mean they’re sexist either.

    I know it’s hard to grasp for some but, hold on and take a breath…..opinions are a good thing and everyone is entitled to one whether you agreed with it or not. Mine is: Suicide Squad was extremely over-hyped and didn’t live up to it. Am I right or wrong? Who cares…it’s just an opinion.

  10. NotQyteNeo says:

    1st – Remember, these are journalists and (mostly)bloggers. They have no specialized training, education, or industry experience that qualifies them as authorities. They are simply people with good writing/communication skills expressing their opinions.
    2nd – Where most films they review don’t have feverish fan anticipation, these DC movies are the perfect storm. They know that there is an ocean of DC/SH fans nervously biting their nails hoping for the DCEU to succeed. Yes, we all know about the very large and very outspoken minority of detractors hoping for it’s demise. But they don’t really factor into this situation. These journalist/bloggers have something to sell just as much as the film-makers. And negative reviews sell WAY more than positive reviews. Is this the motivation for all of the negative reviewers? … probably not. But you can guarantee it’s a factor for some of them.
    3rd – The flaws in the RT scoring system are well-documented. I am hoping we’ll get a site someday that puts some structure to the reviewing process. Like ice skating, and the floor exercises in gymnastics, movies have both a technical side, and an artistic side. I would find it much more useful if we got both technical and artistic scores. What am I talking about? There are obvious tangible, quantifiable aspects to movie-making. Examples are: a logical flowing plot/story, good acting/direction, a matching/complementing score, good production-design/editing/casting, etc. These would factor into the technical score. The artistic score is free-form. This would be governed by the opinions and motivations of the reviewer. Right now, we only get the artistic score – seems very inadequate to me. An example is a movie that came out recently where many reviewers trashed it because it was not politically correct. The movie was technically sound. So that reviews are misleading IMO.
    Last – Considering 2 and 3, just ignore the pompous idiots and go see the movie and judge for yourself. We’re not in the pre-internet dark ages any more. We all have access to the same info leading up to these releases that the journalists/bloggers have. We can all come to our own well-informed conclusions/opinions.

  11. Van Etty says:

    There is some value in the petiton but the basis isn’t really just. RottenTomatoes is designed so no-name-reviewers can EASILY flood and skew ratings of movies. There is no moderation of any of it. That’s the problem.

    If you read some of the reviews for any movie, good or bad, you can see how unbelievably dumb critics are and how their “review” has little to no factual information to strengthen their opinions.

  12. Bill Hunter says:

    First of all, proofread your petition before you post it. ‘Kay, sweetie? Secondly, and I say this as a fan of comic books, comic book movies and DC characters, if you seriously think these movies have been given a single poor review they did not richly deserve, then Go. To. Bed. How childish is this? How ridiculous is it that 13,000 people had signed a passionate defense of a movie they hadn’t even seen yet against people who had. There is a difference between Fans and Fanboys, and this is it.

  13. George says:

    From what i’m reading, the fans do have a point, Marvel is owned by Disney, Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War which i thought was disappointing, i expected it to be like Marvel’s Civil in the comics, where starks ended up in charge of Shield in the end, that didn’t happen, it was an that great of a film compared to Winter Soldier. I did enjoy Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice, it was a very good movie, i just feel the reviewers are very biased in favor of Marvel movies.

    I remember what a reviewer said about Suicide Squad recently at Vanity Faire, ‘There’s a different between a film and a movie, a film is suppose to be a piece of art that pleases a niche crowd, while a movie is meant to entertain the masses As a film, i have to criticize Suicide squad, as a movie i was very well entertained.’

  14. Rodrigo says:

    “A petition definitely won’t shut down the site. The aim of the petition is to deliver a message to the critics that there is a lot of people disagree with their reviews.”

    Can you think about something more meaningless than a critic’s review? Yes… A petition reviewing a critic’s review.

  15. isaeinsmax says:

    You know Rotten tomatoes system is misunderstood. 33-34% means that 1/3rd of the critics like it (not rating). That’s why some movies have very high RT % despite being just a so-so movie.
    on the other side though the IMDB ratings usually skew on the other side with fans/haters voting based on feelings – 1/10 or 10/10. Overall Metacritic is more reliable but still there can be movies which you think are unfairly low rated.
    But Forget all this rating drama. I think the real reason people hate when a movie liked by them get a poor rating is that they can’t talk about it with awe later on with their buddies( as they would have liked).
    Always the feeling that people should also appreciate what ‘I’ like and hate what ‘I’ hate( a bit childish but universally true)

    Imagine if breaking bad was rated 2.6/10 , would that make it less enjoyable to the existing fans ( i bet it would- as per the above-mentioned reason)

  16. Mark Behringer says:

    Wow, the best advertisement Rotten Tomatoes could’ve asked for. If there was anyone left that didn’t know which was the most powerful review site out there, they do now.

    Outrage without money or influence is just free advertising.

    Ask Trump about it.

  17. Brian B. says:

    Literally shooting the messenger. Maybe they need to go to their “safe space?”

    • nobody important says:

      These are the type of people that criticize “safe spaces”, but make their own whenever their viewpoint is slightly threatened.

  18. Jacques Strappe says:

    What’s next? Shut down Metacritic, too? Suicide is trending close to a 40 aggregate score out of 100.

  19. xlsdx says:

    Comic books are stupid, and that’s coming from a huge nerd. The sooner they stop making comic book movies the better.

  20. Tripp Fell says:

    How about a petition to end comic book movies? THAT would be beautiful.

  21. feyandamy says:

    So a group of Clowns do not like Freedom of Speech….The 13,000 Plus…Chumps for Trump.

    • Matt says:

      Trump is a pile of crap, but it’s progressives that run PC culture and protest to stop people with opposing views from speaking at college campuses across America. Those same groups also protest at Trump’s campaign rallies to try to disrupt them. The whole safe space thing was a phenomena among Bernie loving Dems and Black Lives Matter protesters. It’s mostly caused by teachers preaching progressive opinions as if it is fact and stifling the free expression of ideals in classrooms across America.

      As ridiculous as Trump is, he and his supporters promote free speech and are vehemently anti-PC. It’s about the only thing I agree with him about. If you’re going to complain about the safe spacers trashing the first amendment, you should at least know which side of the fence they are standing on.

  22. basedrum777 says:

    Millennials who received trophies for 7th place and can’t take criticism even if its warranted. Nothing new here. Deal with it everyday in the business world.

  23. Ben Vulmux says:

    Having read Abdullah Coldwater’s “Petition Statement”, I found it to be directionless, poorly conceived, weakly executed and entirely uncompelling. What on the surface, may have had promise as an entertaining and engaging purpose-driven cause du jour, instead started slowly, progressed at barely a snail’s pace and never reached a lucid conclusion. Overall, I rate Abdullah Coldwater’s “Petition Statement” a meager 21.2% at best.

  24. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This is quite possibly the most retarded thing I’ve seen in 2016 (And that’s trumping Trump).

    Fanboys/girls are butthurt because someone didn’t like their movie, so the correct response to this is to shut down an entire site? A site where that 1 movie makes up a fraction of a fraction of a percentage compared to their whole database?

    I’m sincerely struggling to find any logic in here. Why? What happens? What does it accomplish other than trying to be a bully and general d-bag to society?

    Kicker: I’m a geek and I love the Marvel and DC Universe, including the movies. Some are great. Some are garbage. None are so fucking immaculate that they should be able to shut down websites…

    These are the kind of die-hard blow holes that give us regular geeks a bad name.

    • bobsonbob186 says:

      I would want the site shut down, not because of this mess, because our society has become to reliant on it when picking a movie. Most people think that Rotten Tomato scores determine how good a movie is, when that is not what the tomato meter is doing at all.

      • Matt says:

        Do I think Captain America is a 90% movie? No, I’d rate it as a 50% tops, probably closer to 40%. It’s a stupid premise, same as BvS; the actors seem to be going through the motions, and there is next to nothing at stake, so what’s even the point. Do I think Suicide Squad is a 34% movie? Probably not, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’d bet it’s a 40-50% action flick the same as CA.

        I think this is more about DC fans believing that Marvel is paying off the cheap movie review websites to trash opposing movies and pump up Marvel movies. I doubt Disney pays to trash other movies, though I’m sure it wouldn’t be very expensive when you see the list of some of the movie review websites; half of them are probably ran out of some D-bag’s basement. However, it definitely seems like they pay to pump up the value of Marvel movies since most of them are okay at best or just suck, yet they are pulling in Oscar movie quality reviews at aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes.

        Those same review sites seem to want DC movies to be more like Marvel movies. What would be the point of darker DC making lighter Marvel-ish movies? If DC did that, they would complain about them copying Marvel’s style. It’s a typical damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. I’d like Rotten Tomatoes to narrow down the list of critics to respectable established media sources. I think it would improve the quality and make it harder to pump up the numbers.

      • basedrum777 says:

        Bob your opinion of other peoples choices based upon the opinions on a website are tremendously important to all of us. Please tell us where to look for them…..

      • tommu says:

        What *is* that tomato doing bob? This is all rather intriguing.


  26. georgebeach says:

    Geez! Whattabuncha crybaabies.

  27. Get A Life, Boys says:

    LOL. This is the dumbest thing I ever read!

  28. jim1988 says:

    Aside: I can’t believe that’s the same actress who played the wife in The Wolf of Wall Street.

  29. Manny says:

    WB owns Rotten Tomatoes.

  30. Hoss Mandu says:

    I did not like the Subway sandwich I had today…. I DEMAND THAT SUBWAY FIRE THAT SANDWICH ARTIST!!! Online hive mob mentality is ruining our culture and destroying free speech.

  31. Crys says:

    Rotten Tomatoes always gives bad reviews, regardless of what genre!

  32. Chris Darling says:

    (Insert very appropriate haunting SOUND of Jared Leto’s LAUGH as the Joker here.)

  33. CNU says:

    “Abdullah Coldwater, the DC Comics fan who drafted the petition, accused the site of giving “unjust bad reviews””
    Don’t these people realize that Rotten Tomatoes is a review aggregation site, and has nothing to do with the content of the reviews?

  34. Stephen John Baker says:

    Everything is wrong with that petition. Let’s try to bypass the appalling punctuation & grammar and ask ourselves:
    1) What does Rotten Tomatoes do? It combines the scores from a bunch of other reviewers and comes up with an aggregate score that reflects their opinions. They really have no particular opinions of their own – they just crunch the numbers and display the results.

    2) Do you really think that a petition will make a critic change their views about the movie? I don’t think so…a bunch of people saying “Well, *we* liked it!” won’t change their minds about how they felt about the movie. Do you perhaps think that you can somehow make the critic lie and say that they liked the movie when they really didn’t? Do you really want critics who lie about the movies they are reviewing in order to become more popular? I don’t see how that makes things any better.

    3) Do you really care what they wrote? If you don’t believe what the critics say – ignore them and go see the movie anyway.

  35. Laura says:

    it’s a site called Rotten Tomatoes. Why would anyone put any credit to anything they recommend or don’t recommend. Not worth the time. People who are going to see it are going to see it. Those that don’t want to see it-wont.

  36. August Krzycki says:

    Best part is that Time Warner also owns Rotten Tomatoes along with Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, and Time, Inc…..which owns many of the media outlets who are giving the bad reviews.

  37. Kyle Donahue says:

    I put absolutely no faith in the opinions of critics. They often don’t understand what angle the movies are coming from most of the time. Here is an example to clarify what I am getting at. My wife saw the movie Machete and hated it, she said it was schlocky and contrived. When I explained to her that that was exactly what they were going for and it was meant to be tongue in cheek she turned right around. We watched it again with that in mind and she loves it. When a critic has a limited frame of reference (which I believe most of them do because they love to pigeon hole films to fit a small group of categories instead of using their imagination which they also seem to lack) it makes many a movie suffer for sole reason that they don’t fit the matchbook sized list of genres that they believe all movies should somehow fit. I haven’t seen this film but I am even more excited to do so now that I want to see how poorly the critics have done at their job or if the ratings are apt.

  38. Mike Robinson says:

    Somebody should explain to these people what a review actual is. They seem to have the term confused with “ad copy.”

  39. Scotty says:

    Let’s talk about the real issue here…. How in the heck are there “fans” of the film when it hasn’t even been released yet? Are there THAT many people who got advanced showings? The answer is no…just DC fanboys desperate for a good movie. I’m disappointed by the reviews and what I’m hearing about the movie. I really wanted it to be good…and it might be, I’m waiting to see it for myself! Which all these people who are signing some dumb petition should do, too.

    • Helden says:

      Easy. Prescreenings. It’s been prescreened alot lately.
      Basically, it’s a lottery that selects people to make them eligible to see the movie before anyone else, alongside critics.
      If you’re interested in Prescreens, check out Gofobo.com.

  40. Mike Robinson says:

    The fact that the people who like this movie would think this is appropriate in itself just shows that the critics are actually right.

    • Critics are never right, as they are only stating an opinion. There is no school of critics that makes there opinions more valid or qualified in than anyone else’s. You need realize they only have their jobs because someone thinks they’re good at putting their opinions into words. If you wanna take those words seriously that’s your own problem, anyone with a functional brain is able to form an opinion about something. If you care enough to get angry about what a critic says about something you like, you have a problem thinking for yourself and should seek professional help.

  41. Richard Head says:

    Just like with politics and news reporting, corporations, political bias, and big money are influencing movie reviewing. This was evident in the number of positive reviews for the new Ghostbusters.

  42. Richard Head says:

    Any site that would give an overall positive rating of the new Ghostbusters has absolutely no credibility anyway.

    • Mary Anne says:

      So because YOU didn’t like Ghostbusters, anyone who does lacks credibility? No, man, it just means their opinion differs. Because it’s an opinion, not a fact. I liked the new Ghostbusters. You didn’t. These are our opinions, and we are free to have them. I don’t think you’re a bad person, or have been paid off, or lack credibility because you have a different opinion. It just means you have different taste than me, and that’s fine. We all have different ideas of what’s funny, we all have different life experiences that affect our perception. You need to accept that, instead of blaming corporations, political bias, and big money for the fact that many, many people liked a movie that you didn’t. There are movies that have gotten across-the-board critical acclaim, that have won multiple awards, that I hated. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the people who loved those movies, or that their opinions were influenced by money or advertising, I just accept that they saw something in it that I didn’t, that it spoke to something in their life that I hadn’t experienced, and it’s totally fine.

  43. John Nagle says:

    “Biggest ever debut for Will Smith”? More like a swan song.

  44. Cheryl Hopper says:

    The fanboy who started this petition and all the fanboys and fangirls who signed this petition need to put on their Big Boy and Big Girl pants and learn how to handle people pissing all over what they love in a mature manner. You want to “deliver a message to the critics that there is (sic) a lot of people disagree with their reviews”, Coldwater? Little boy, they already know that. They know their review is what they think, and there will be people who will love the movie. They are reviewing the movie for those who are looking for an informed opinion about it. If you absolutely *must* deliver a message to those mean, nasty, evil reviewers about how ‘wrong’ they were, then send a message through movie attendance. Go see the movie. Repeatedly. None of them will ever, for a moment, feel they were wrong about ‘Suicide Squad’ because millions of people going to see the movie made it, say, #1 for five weeks in a row, but attending a movie repeatedly to send a message is a much, much better way to send a message than starting or signing a petition to shut down a website because you disagree with what reviewers have to say about a movie NEITHER YOU NOR ANYONE WHO SIGNED THE PETITION has seen yet. For all you know, it is as bad as the reviewers–who HAVE seen it–say. Chill. Out. See the movie when it comes out on Friday. For all your sakes, I hope it is good, or y’all are going to be an enormous laughingstock instead of another reason for people to use ‘fanboy’ and ‘fangirl’ derisively.

  45. This thing has been in post for what? Two years…and Will Smith is in it.

    I mean, what the hell did anyone expect?

  46. jhs39 says:

    DC fanboys are certainly thin skinned. I haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet but I thought, if anything, critics were way too easy on Batman Vs Superman. That movie was torture to sit through.

  47. J lo says:

    I would sign a petition. Not because the reviews are negative. But because the reviews are so biased. I have not seen the movie yet. However i highly doubt i would “rather gouge my eyes put” or ” feel like two hours of torture”. These are what critica from top media outlets are putting out there. Those reviews seem to be a biased attempt to sink a movie rather than honestly review them. Plus reviews like from Rolling stones sounds like it was written by a fouled mouth 13 year old that got his candy taken away from him.

  48. Justin Johnson says:

    lol, too good. they hyped this movie up to try to make it stick mainstream success but people can’t beieve it is just a bad film…

    • Justin Johnson says:

      you seriously can’t edit your own comment here but it tells you that a mod may edit it for clarity…. LOL

  49. Arthur Sopko says:

    Do people not understand what an aggregation website is? Rotten Tomatoes isn’t rating anything, it’s just compiling ratings from other critics. If enough critics say a movie sucks, the aggregate is a bad rating. Sure, bad critic ratings don’t always equal a bad movie and vice versa, but it’s pretty easy to simply ignore the ratings and go see whatever looks interesting to you. People are just throwing a temper tantrum because their wannabe edgy comic book movie turned out to be crap.

  50. Has anybody every stopped to think that maybe Hollywood just is not making good films any more?

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