‘Star Wars’ Director J.J. Abrams Knows ‘Quite A Bit’ About Rey’s Secret Identity, Talks ‘Episode VIII’

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J.J. Abrams isn’t directing “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” but he knows a lot about it.

Questioned about the theory that new “Star Wars” heroine Rey (Daisy Ridley) could be a Kenobi or a Skywalker, Abrams teased, “I know quite a bit.”

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour where Abrams was present to support his upcoming Showtime series “Roadies,” the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director was tight-lipped, but did make it pretty clear that Rey’s backstory has been written.

“Obviously, it’s not for me to talk about in this moment because this is Rian’s story to continue now and the last thing I’m going to do is reveal something that he would be upset about. I want to make sure that Rian gets the courtesy,” Abrams said of his successor Rian Johnson, who will direct “Episode VIII.”

Asked if it’s hard to hold onto such a big secret, knowing Rey’s identity, the all-knowing Abrams joked, “Not for me!”

Though he’s not directing “Episode VIII,” Abrams is excited for the next installment of the franchise, despite a recent interview in which his friend (and “Force Awakens” actor) Greg Grunberg said that he’s regretting his choice to step away from the director’s chair for the upcoming sequel.

“Here’s the thing about Greg,” Abrams said with a laugh. “You put a microphone in front of him and you never know what you’re going to get. I love my friend Greg, he’s been my best friend since kindergarten and I think that my enthusiasm for ‘VIII’ is enormous. I think he also might have invented a couple of the quotes that he gave.”

Addressing Grunberg’s comments on “Episode VIII” further, Abrams added, “I am very much excited for and very jealous of anyone, especially Rian, who gets to work so close to this extraordinary cast and crew — truly an amazing group. So in that regard, sure. But honestly, I’m also relieved to have gotten that chance to do a ‘Star Wars’ movie.”

“Force Awakens” star John Boyega recently opened up about “Episode VIII,” describing the next film in the franchise as “much darker” than “Episode VII,” calling his role as Finn “more physical” in the sequel.


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  1. Kevin says:

    I Like. To act Epsode 8

  2. Luka Naglić says:

    If Rey’s not a Skywalker, then only Kylo is (unless there are more hidden out there). Which doesn’t make for much of a “Skywalker saga” they said it’s supposed to be.

  3. Jessi says:

    Oh Gosh! It won´t be come to a new development in the story. Rey IS a Skywalker. That´s so foreseeable! She is some kind of “Super-Jedi”, in part 7 she already shows that she can do everything on her own. Flight the Corellian Freighter (The Falcon), managed the Force in no time (only 1 sec for the Jedi Mindtrick), is a one girl mechanic AND can fight with the light saber against a “evil” Sithlord without any traning AND beat him up. WOW. After she already won against the evil Kylo Ren in the first part of the triology; without any death, because it is a Disney movie. What will we see in the next part?
    The “director” , Abrams and Disney Co. ruined the whole Star Wars universe with the mix of Star Wars 4 till 6 and put it in Star Wars 7. In an interview from January 2016 J J Abrams tried to apologize and said he can understand that people say it is a total “Rip-Off”. Tell you what, great awareness, because it is TRUE. Everything. So in the end it is a blessing that he is out from Star Wars and not directing SW 8. Missing George Lucas :(

    • Tim says:

      Now what you mean. In the past movies there were more than only one lead character. But Disney and J J Abrams ruined it with SW VII. Only because of the character of Daisy Ridley. An All-Star pilot and Jedi. Sorry I was a great fan in the past of the movies and it was a fair treat between the male and female characters in the movies. But in the last time Hollywood only concentrate on female lead characters. I mean there were some really good movies in the last years with female lead characters. Tributes from Panem (Jen Lawrence, great performance, great actress); Prometheus (SciFi Prolog from Alien with Noomi Rapace, who had before that story a great role in Sherlock Holmes 2 and was magnificent in Prometheus), but Daisy Ridley? Sorry…. bad actress performance ever I saw into a movie. Her performance is nothing special. It is to clunky. In most of the scences she looked very clumsy and stubborn. Bad cast.Bad movie with no new development of the Saga. Only a repeat from the first SW Saga (4-6). Bad work from J J Abrams. He hasn´t the ability to create a new thing.

  4. til says:

    It will not come to a suprise; Rey is a Skywalker. Be sure. Disney and Jar Jar Abrams already ruined Star Wars universe. The real fans will recorgnize it too. Think the next Part will not be so hyped like the Episode 7.

    • J1 says:

      Think so too and it´s bad. Star Wars 7 was only a Rip-Off, because it was a copy from episode 4 till episode 6. No new developments, and I think it will not come to new development too in the next movies. Good news ever is, that J J Abrams (the Jar Jar Binks of episode 7) wil not be on board, but bad news is, Disney is still with in.

  5. Bob Morton says:

    How can she be a Kenobi? I thought Ben Kenobi was gay. Wasn’t that the rumor?

  6. ballistic1 says:

    Ok here you go Rey is a clone, unaltered much like Bobafet. We know Obi One and Yoda where both at Kamenio to see the clones. Anakins blood or Dna has been everywhere, hand cut off,many body dismemberments. Even luke hand cut off, mangled by a Wampa. Lot of DNA out there.
    So a Kenobi / Skywalker maybe a little Yoda. Why not

  7. dougal83 says:

    Luke’s father left his lightsaber for him. I wonder who luke left his light saber for? *cough This is such a non story.

  8. Bill says:

    Lenny, you are dope dope.

  9. Lenny says:

    Who cares. They JJ Abrahams ruined this series by casting a white women as its lead. John boyega should have been the star and the Jedi. Rey sucks and she has ruined Star Wars for me and many of its fans. This sucks :-( Finn should not be just some shoot em up Han Solo. He should be the hero and the Jedi. Series ruined! Ruined!

  10. Barry Fisher says:

    We miss the point about Rey. First it is not the surname that is important, but what you make of it. What turns darkness into light? Her goodness, love, forgiveness which brings the Star Wars universe hope. It is this the darkness fears and not the lightsaber. She is the standard bearer against evil. She makes both Skywalker and Kenobi proud. Who are you Rey? What we all want to be! From a lifetime Star wars fan.

  11. Dienesha says:

    Always new she was Ray Charles daughter!… Jamie Foxxworthy made another good RAY! But Juan Jean Abrams? He no like powerful men o’ color! That’s why his Hand Solo ain’t black! It’s WHITE as snow/soap!

  12. Mike says:

    She’s a Kenobi! Not a Skywalker.

    • Tiffanie1983 says:

      Rey – – NOT a Kenobi… NOT a Solo… BUT, a Skywalker.

      i even know a few things about Kylo Renn. i’m not saying anything, right now, but i do know something about him.

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