Shia LaBeouf Blasts Steven Spielberg: ‘He’s Less a Director Than He Is a F—ing Company’

Shia LaBeouf Slams Steven Spielberg: 'He
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Shia LaBeouf isn’t one to hold back. The “American Honey” star courted controversy once again in this week’s Variety cover story, where he discussed everything from his new career path to his struggles with substance abuse.

The 30-year-old actor slammed Steven Spielberg, insisting that the reality of working with the prolific director was much different than he had imagined.

“You get there, and you realize you’re not meeting the Spielberg you dream of,” LaBeouf said. “You’re meeting a different Spielberg, who is in a different stage in his career. He’s less a director than he is a f—ing company.”


Shia LaBeouf American Honey Variety Cover Story Suicide Squad

Shia LaBeouf Almost Starred in ‘Suicide Squad’

LeBeouf went on to slam the director for what he described as disregard for artistic integrity, saying his experiences on Spielberg’s sets felt mechanical and contrived.

“Spielberg’s sets are very different,” LaBeouf went on to say. “Everything has been so meticulously planned. You got to get this line out in 37 seconds. You do that for five years, you start to feel like not knowing what you’re doing for a living.”

He worked with the famous filmmaker on several films in different capacities, including “Disturbia,” “Transformers,” and “Eagle Eye,” as well as “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”


Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf on His Next Big Acting Challenge: Playing John McEnroe

During #ALLMYMOVIES, an art installation during which LeBeouf live-streamed himself watching a marathon of his own movies, he purposefully left the theater during a screening of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” executive produced by Spielberg.

“I don’t like the movies that I made with Spielberg,” he said. “The only movie that I liked that we made together was ‘Transformers’ one.”

The actor also divulged that Spielberg told him not to read his own press, whether it be good or bad. However, LaBeouf didn’t take his words to heart.

“There’s no way to not do that,” LaBeouf said. “For me to not read that means I need to not take part in society. The generation previous to mine didn’t have the immediate response. If you were Mark Hamill, you could lie to yourself. You could find the pockets of joy, and turn a blind eye to the s— over there.”

Spielberg declined to comment.

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  1. leydoof says:

    Ya he’s right, Mark Hamill and ley Doof have alot in common. Both are little pretty boys that are mediocre actors. Enjoy it ley doof it’s gonna go fast.

    • ItsTreason says:

      Hamill is by no means a mediocre actor. I really don’t know how you could perceive that. Even without Star Wars, hes been an influential and successful actor.

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      Yeah, I don’t know who’s worse, Ley Doof or Jay Bucharel.

  2. That's What She says:

    All hail the Edgelord! When LaBeouf has La Beef with you… JUST DO IT!

  3. cirtaptomas says:

    Yes, how many times did we see Steven Spielberg’s name in the press of Car Accidents, Drug Use, Abusing Alcohol, Paper Bag uses, and on and on…I really Wish Steven Spielberg would CLEAN UP his act, and stop blaming Others.

  4. Ceedubs says:

    Wow, he should probably be careful about trashing a hugely powerful and influential figure in Hollywood. That’s exactly how actors get blacklisted and never work again.

  5. JohnnyWhite says:

    This nasty, arrogant, hypocritical, ungrateful fool has a LONG way to go before he learns how to live and work right. Yuk.

  6. n2darkness says:

    I think Spielberg will be remembered as an artist long after people wonder who Shia was. It is very easy to slam a director who has had a long career and easy to say he is not as artistic as he was. Personally I think Shia has talent but lately he is so self absorbed that I think he forgets what it is to be an actor. Slamming directors is a fast way to ensure people won’t hire you in the future .

  7. Mark Hamill taking shrapnel for no reason.

  8. Jim Smith says:

    Everyone’s bashing Shia in the comments, but I work as a director in the industry, and I feel like Spielberg’s last good movie was Minority Report. I’m not saying you speak out publicly about your feelings Shia, but Spielberg movies are really really safe and mostly boring over the last 15 years. And I have friends who work on Spielberg sets who don’t really enjoy it much either.

    • Sal U. Lloyd says:

      Speilberg is overrated, but Ley Doof is an idiot.

    • That's What She says:

      Did he really need to work on FOUR Spielberg productions, then spill this alleged dish on him after all that time? Bashing is the tamest way to express this incredulity. Also, your opinions are the definition of false equivalence. I don’t like some Spielberg movies either, but that’s no basis to hang a hat upon when confronting a edgy smear story like this.

    • Marsha Crooks says:

      Shia WAS well on his way to a good career, but started reading his own press (he should’ve taken Mr. Spielberg’s advice). He got cocky and arrogant, and apparently thought that making negative comments about the person whose movies helped establish his career was a good idea. Am I correct to assume that you have no desire to work with Mr. Spielberg in the future since you are also speaking out publicly about your feelings? What so many of you insiders don’t get is that it is the public’s opinions that matter. Personally, I hated Minority Report. And perhaps those friends who don’t enjoy working on Spielberg sets, shouldn’t.

  9. Bill Oglethorpe says:

    The thing is there may have a point here-but sometimes it better not to talk about people you worked with.

  10. DanceMonkeeysDance says:

    I see the Beards ball washers git their granny panties in a wad over some never been comments. Sad but predictable.

  11. Navycross says:

    Indiana Jones was awful. The entire film could easily be taken apart scene by scene, line by line and still never be what the first series of films were. He isn’t wrong about Spielberg, his movies are more formulaic with less and less risks taken now. Every once in a while you get something new, but gone are the days of his flexing his muscle and pushing boundaries. LaBeouf could be a decent actor, not great, but good enough to get consistently good roles if he wasn’t such a moron.

  12. Mark says:

    Cue the groveling apology in 10…9…8…

  13. Marsha Crooks says:

    Shoots himself in the foot in one article; inserts other foot in mouth. The interview where he talks about his next movie about John McEnroe (above), he says Scandinavian filmmakers make better films than what’s made in America. I guess that makes sense, since American filmmakers will not be hiring him for their subpar movies. Kid…there are far too many qualified and more talented actors out there just waiting for an opportunity. You should’ve taken Spielberg’s advice…

  14. adam says:

    Enjoy doing movies for the Hallmark and SyFY Channels Shia. You just shot yourself on the foot big time.

  15. R.L. says:

    When you have to try as hard as you’ve been trying to be “edgy” and “cool” and “out there” (and, of course, “artsy”), you’re simply not.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  16. millerfilm says:

    Ha ha! That’s what Spielberg gets for having a protégé!

  17. Rudy Mario says:

    Shia whatever is even more nutty than I thought he was or more high or both.

  18. Beca says:

    Have you read the one where he bashes the gay advocates?!

  19. Rex says:

    Shia Labeouf HATES the fact that he’s stuck in what he believes is a sissy profession — play acting! — and will do anything to make himself both feel and seem “darker” and “edgier” and “outside of it all” than he really is. He WILL self-destruct one day because acting is all he’s good at and he knows how superficial and inconsequential most actors are. He wants out, but he can’t do anything else. Going back to school, getting a real job and joking the working class won’t cut it either, because Transformers. He really does seem doomed.

  20. Bill B. says:

    Well, he’s still nuts.

  21. ashly says:

    Shia, Spielberg is very talented, respected, and well liked director/producer. What are you? Other than fodder for penny dreadfulls, not much.

  22. Hmmm…. let me think about this…
    Shia VS Spielberg….
    Anything to garner media coverage, eh.
    And it worked!
    Variety is writing this.
    In our fair province, we call folks like Shia des bébés lala….. as in spoiled, cranky, self-involved and dare I say sometimes delusional crybabies. Easy on the mind altering stuff.😏

  23. Jayhosh says:

    God bless Shia Labeouf.

  24. Gray Zip says:

    Wait, but wasn’t it the Spielberg films that gave him the Hollywood leading-man career he threw away? Plus was a good version of Transformers even possible? Cars turn into robots, that’s the property. Take the job or don’t but own your decision. Actors

    • Kris says:

      Shia has his demons but has no reason to lie about his experience on a Speilberg picture. I think the truth lies somewhere in the emiddle.

      • That's What She says:

        This. There’s an E! True Hollywood Story in the making here, and we’re all unwilling witnesses.

  25. Rand says:

    I’m curious if Shia was a pleasure to work with when he was challenged with substance abuse or personal challenges? I don’t think this is necessary about all the exposure he’s received from Spielberg’s projects.

  26. Todd Everett says:

    Can’t fault him for not liking “Crystal Skull,” but his affection for “Transformers” is….troubling. If he wants to turn down any more Spielberg films, I’m available.

  27. Ashsoka23 says:

    Oh Boy… I don’t care what anyone says. I would love for Spielberg to cast me in a movie, and he and his connections help me in my career.

  28. James says:

    I love people that rebel against people with power. We can’t say spielberg is a saint neither is Shia, but he knows him better than most of us. And sometimes it’s not trash talking but spilling the truth about these powerful elites with a false facade and dark secrets.

  29. Blue Silver says:

    Here’s an idiot who is about to be black-balled by Hollywood, if he hasn’t already been.

    • Ashsoka23 says:

      Time will tell is he gets black-balled. He needs to stop biting the hands that feed him. I would kill to be in his position. Ungrateful …maybe?

  30. meow says:

    Says an actor who has the skills of a cardboard box. His argument is so invalid. Newsflash! Spielberg just made BFG this summer, which was not financially successful and also happened to be a very important book to Spielberg, and he read it to his kids. How is that business?

  31. richard says:

    Big mouth, small brain. No wonder this kid has trouble getting employment.

  32. zar says:

    Picture this. By using this special lense you see a microscopic one-celled creature (call it L@Goof) relieving itself against the leg of the ‘David’ in a museum in Florence. That’s what this guy has fallen to. Good luck generation “whatever” if he is representative.

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