Mel Gibson and Ricky Gervais’ Awkward Exchange at Golden Globes (VIDEO)

Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson came face-to-face during the Golden Globes leading to quite the awkward moment.

“I blame NBC for this terrible situation,” Gervais said before bringing Gibson up. “Mel blames…well, we know who Mel blames.”

The comedian also joked about Gibson’s alcohol problem, but said he’d rather have a drink with Gibson than Bill Cosby.

After coming out, Gibson responded, “I love seeing Ricky every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy,” which prompted Gervais to return to the stage, making for one of the strangest moments in Globes history.

Gervais, with drink in hand, then put his arm around Gibson and said he had one question.

Bleeped out for audiences at home, Gervais inquired,”What the f— does sugar—s mean?” to awkward laughter from the audience.

Gervais is referencing Gibson’s run-in with the law in 2006. While being arrested for a DUI, Gibson asked a female police officer “what do you think you’re looking at, sugar t–s?”

Gervais didn’t just call out Gibson though during his time hosting the award show. His monologue included jabs at Sean Penn, Caitlyn Jenner and “The Martian” being included as a comedy film.

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  1. robRmh says:

    Thanks for keeping Mel famous Ricky..we know Mel can handle any alcoholic..

  2. mel compared with serial rapist who drugged victims? OH, OK !

  3. never forget via keep reminding…

  4. Ryan says:

    GOD, What a bunch of fucking hypocrits in this comment section.

  5. f16hoser says:

    Lonely Sheeple watch this stupid crap. Glad I missed it.

  6. Jed Clampet says:

    Sugar “T**S” is one of the nicest compliments a man can give a beautiful woman. Since they are a key feature of the womanly form, it only makes sense to give them credit for their sweet candy.

  7. Julie Krohn says:

    I will never waste my time with these trashy award shows.

  8. John says:

    Awkward? They’re doing a bit…. “spontaneous” is scripted in Hollywood.

  9. Bobonnit says:

    I don’t know what Mel’s comment to the police officer meant either, but it was so funny that I have added the phrase sugar t*ts to my own repertoire. Thanks Mel

  10. Mel is brilliant actor and director. There is no denying that . . . Has some issues . . . can’t be forgiven? Bite me!

  11. Gibson made that colon mouth Gervais look stupid.

  12. Jason Burnstein says:

    Ricky is one of the most boring and annoying people on earth. Why would they have him host the awards multiple times?. The fat little mean spirited punk should be blacklisted from Hollywood.

  13. Joe Drager says:

    Who the hell is Ricky Gervis?

  14. Hugh Tjardon says:

    Holly-trash on full display.

  15. bluesdoc70 says:

    Ho ho ho that’s a good one Mel.

  16. John Edmond says:

    Mel Gibson deserves respect. He made a mistake, he paid for it. It is time to let a movie icon get back in the saddle without all of us being so perfect criticizers. He made some valuable work, he is creative and talented. Enough of the shame game.

  17. Hollywood wonders why box office is falling every year now? Stooping to the low Gervais needs for “laughs” is desperate. When was the last time Gervais came to the defense of the Jews outside of his need to invoke them for a low class joke? That would be….never.

    • cadavra says:

      Out here in the Real World, box office is increasing every year; 2015 set a new domestic box office record of $11 billion+. But by all means, enjoy life in your alternate universe.

  18. the evidence says otherwise says:

    A little shocked by those rushing to Mel’s defense. Let’s remember that after his announcing his rabid anti-Semitism, he knocked his girlfriend’s teeth out and threatened to murder her. It’s all on tape and was blasted across the Internet, though he and his new team have been working hard to pretend otherwise.

    • Polycarp Flavius says:

      The suggestion might be put forward that sins are unforgivable, NOT through any lack of power on God’s part, but because Divine Justice has decided that anyone who falls from grace shall never more be restored to it. But such a position IS CLEARLY erroneous. There is NO provision in the order of Divine Justice to the effect that, while a person is on the road, he should have assigned to him what belongs to the end of the journey, But UNYIELDING adherence to good OR to evil pertains to the end of life’s course; immobility and cessation from Activity are the terminus of movement. On the other hand, the whole of our present life is a time of wayfaring, as is shown by man’s changeableness both in body and in soul. Accordingly Divine Justice DOES NOT determine that after sinning a man MUST REMAIN immovably in the state of sin.
      St. Thomas Aquinas

    • Bonnie Webber says:

      It seems his comments came after some high profile Jewish media came out and said some pretty bad things about his movie, Passion of the Christ, some without even having seen it. Most of their comments had nothing to do with the reality of the movie, just their preconceived projections of their incorrect notions of his movie. And some were pretty nasty.

  19. Cashel Debordeaux says:

    Mel, the “Dark Ages” called, they want you to return their rhetoric.

    • boB says:

      Really? Gervais says something that is so unfunny it can’t even be described and you think Mel’s the problem? Glad you don’t have problems that cause you to want to rant, because I can guarantee you, you would say some things you would have to apologize for too.

  20. TR Dude says:

    The problem here is a comedy foul that EVERYONE THERE should have called Gervais on. He had his moment to take his shots at Mel. Mel waited backstage and took it. He then came out and took his shot at Gervais. Thats how it works. You take your shot. If its first then you hope its better than whatever the other guy is gonna say. You dont come out while the other guy responds and interrupt. Thats childish and a huge show of insecurity.

    Gervais can dish it…but he apparently cant take it. He should have kept his drunken rear end backstage and taken it. Thats what you do.

  21. I hope Mel takes his wealth and uses it to being producing quality films again. Hollywood has devolved into a cesspool of vulgarity and self-adoration. I so have better things to do than watch ’em jerk each other off.

  22. caligula says:

    i like Ricky, but it looks like he can dish it out but not take it.

    when Mel made a joke about him, he just HAD to come back on stage and kind of whine about it. made him look like a b*tch.

    but all of his jokes were funny. he’s a funny dude.

  23. Thank goodness for Netflix, Amazon Prime and the rest! When we had 3 channels it was difficult to find a good alternative. Cable has been snipped. I can not concive watching anything with Sean Penn or a Glover in it. Repugnant people even in character.

  24. kirche says:

    like amy shumer, i just don’t get why gervais is so popular….

    • caligula says:

      in short: because he’s funny, and she’s not. he writes clever jokes and she thrives on crude unfunny words that are meant to shock. he has 3 golden globes. and she has only a few worthless awards.

  25. William Wallace says:

    I Absolutely love Mel Gibson,I really think he is one of the greatest directors of ALL TIME,because his movies are all factual in nature,and based in fact of the era,like “THE PATRIOT”/”PASSION OF CHRIST”/” BRAVEHEART”….people these days just do not like the truth that he speaks….just one man’s opinion….and I really care not if you agree!God bless you Mel!

  26. kirche says:

    there’s something creepy about these hollywood celeb award shows… the wife digs them and i watch reluctantly. but it just seems odd that a group of people who have every luxury, massive wealth and adoration of people all over the world (excluding me) have to get together to give each other awards. you can also see the mental and character smallness of many of these celebs when they’re not acting.

    • ImagineThat says:

      That’s how I’ve always felt. Why the heck am I going to watch the richest, lowest IQ people on the planet hand out awards to each other? This is the peak of what’s wrong with this world.

      • cadavra says:

        1) They’re not giving awards to each other. You’re thinking of the Oscars.

        2) The peak of what’s wrong with this world? War, famine, disease and genocide are less wrong than a party full of boozing celebrities? You are an awful person and should be ashamed.

  27. What a disgusting piece of garbage this ricky is to have tried to publicly shame another man by unjustly comparing him to a rapist! What a low class human being, and he made himself into the very thing he was trying to vilify.

  28. I find it more entertaining to read about events like this than to actually watch them. I gather this year’s award show was more of a Golden Roast with Gervais as the irreverent roastmaster, happily pricking the huge but tender egos of assorted hollywood stars and celebrities.

  29. Dennis Morrow says:

    In addition to numerous technical snafus, Gervais was smug and his ‘jokes’ mainly directed the viewers to him (his audacity) rather than a punch line.
    He and others seem to forget that they are performers and entertainers, and viewers tune in to be entertained, not to be voyeurs at an ostentatious drunken party. So much of the humor was so grossly profane that it had to be bleeped out, leaving the viewer feeling separate from the event and cheated from the compact that if they sat through three hours of this show, in return they would be amused. Without doubt, this was the most amateurish awards ceremony ever. After 2 hours, I couldn’t take anymore and tuned out.

    • Jose Alvarez says:

      just shows you how dumb you are…you lasted 2 hours watching it until you realize you’re been dumb down. hopefully you wake up completely and realize all news outlets and tv are controlling your news and emotions. just FYI

    • I did the same by switching over to Downton Abbey and then as soon as I switched back I was bombarded with drunk Gervais being horrible and unprofessional to Mel Gibson…..Mel has done his time in Hollywood Jail and everyone in that smug and gold drenched room has done worse than him…..I was mortified and if it had been me, I would have punched that Gervais in the face. What a twat.

  30. sosrcountry says:

    These so called stars want us to accept them in order to feel better about themselves…most of them are one step from the porn industry, only they dress better!

  31. Machismo says:

    I don’t care what people think of Mel Gibson, he was funny! And had class. I like Mel Gobson!

  32. Shrugged says:

    An annual reminder the second law of thermodynamics is alive and working. We are all moving toward chaos and randomness. I think the GG provide some of the energy for that trip.

  33. rlr4818 says:

    Gervais is a brilliant comedian.. His refreshing irreverent and sarcastic humor was just the thing that was needed to keep the swollen headed Hollywood icons in check. I hope to see more of him.

  34. joeycee says:

    A room full of horrible people.

  35. Jack Armstrong says:

    This GG ceremony gave me a great chance to not watch. Who cares about it? Not me

  36. Lisa says:

    That kind of humor is just low class. Gervais should not be personally insulting people. If that is the only way he can be funny, he shouldn’t be the host.

  37. AAisforwankers says:

    Anyone notice Gervais was the drunk one, with a drink, trashing Mel?!? And women and everyone else? Get the hypocrisy here? Congrats, Mel for being humble yet forceful.

  38. johnny says:

    Ha I love the way all the Jew haters and other assorted bigots come out of the closet in every article about Mel Gibson. Keep it classy now bigots.

    • Polycarp Flavius says:

      Divine Benefits do NOT expose man to danger, particularly in affairs of supreme moment. But it
      would be dangerous for man, while leading a life subject to change, to accept grace if, after receiving
      grace, he could sin but could not again be restored to grace. This is so especially in view of the fact that sins preceding grace ARE remitted by the infusion of grace; and AT TIMES such sins are more grievous than those man commits after receiving grace. Therefore WE MAY NOT HOLD that man’s sins are unforgivable either BEFORE or AFTER they are committed.
      St. Thomas Aquinas

    • Gman says:

      Says the guy who supports terrorism against Israel

  39. Carley says:

    Mel got the best of Ricky tonight. Good for Mel, who cares if he made sexist or racist comments. Everyone does including feminists and Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims etc etc. Everyone is too friggin sensitive, being PC is one of the many things that has made America WEAK! F all of you.

  40. dtde123 says:

    I don’t know…my take on this entire exchange is Mel got the best of Ricky. Good on you Mel.

  41. Sal U. Lloyd says:

    I saw this but missed the Jenner and Penn jokes.

    Did NBC censor Gervais like Spike TV censored Eastwood for his Jenner joke.

    PS: Jenner is a joke.

  42. pete says:

    just post what he said sugar tits,,, don’t be so kids are looking

  43. Gojack says:

    Kathy Griffin during one of her appearances made the comment that there were two groups of people she was afraid to f*** with in Hollywood, gay hairdressers and Jews. Mel Gibson made the unforgivable mistake of insulting one of those two groups so he will never again be allowed to present himself in a public forum without being trashed. Fortunately, he has so much money he could care less.

    • johnny says:

      And you of course in your brilliance and wisdom are unafraid and unashamed to be the bigot you are. Your mommy I am sure would be proud of you (if you could finally move out of the basement). Yes you are a truly amazing pers9n. So much better than all the richer and more successful people that you hate so much.

      I bet they all wish they could be more like your mean-spirited self.

      • Polycarp Flavius says:

        Those who are disposed to contumely, whether through having been contemned, or because they
        wish to contemn others, are INCITED to anger and daring, which are manly passions and arouse the
        human spirit to ATTEMPT difficult things. Hence they make a man think that he is going to suffer something in the future, so that while they are disposed in that way they are pitiless, according to Prov. 27:4: “Anger hath no mercy, nor fury when it breaketh forth.” For the same reason THE PROUD ARE WITHOUT pity, because they DESPISE others, and THINK THEM wicked, so that they account them as SUFFERING DESERVEDLY whatever they suffer. Hence Gregory says (Hom. in Evang. xxxiv) that “FALSE GODLINESS,” i.e. of the proud, “IS NOT compassionate BUT disdainful.”
        St. Thomas Aquinas

      • RandyC says:

        Israel is the new South Africa. Israeli policies make Apartheid look gentle. Hollywood pushes diversity on everyone except their own board rooms. Calling people bigots. That’s rich. If anyone needs some reflection, it would be you Johnny. On behalf of Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson, I say Shalom.

  44. Ellen Martin says:

    Leave Mel alone…for crying out loud…his behavior hasn’t been perfect.but..last time I checked, neither has any other person in Hollywood’s behavior been perfect..he had a couple of rough years…

    • Chezleigh Honolulu says:

      Clearly, Israel is not South Africa in any way, just another tactic of the left. I never watch awards shows.
      If you have to ask about sugar tits, you have never tasted sugar tits. They’re not just for kids anymore!

  45. L32 says:

    So Gibson said sugert1s. Yes it is rude and sexist. Like most of the country has made rude and nasty remarks when drunk. Gibson is famous so it, so anything rude he says gets play. His real offense was drunk driving. Half of Hollywood has been drunk or drug addled driving, they just have more connections to get out of it. Gervais was off base

  46. In the OC says:

    Gervais is a nasty guy who goes for the jugular while smiling and ripping your throat out. The utter hypocrisy prevalent in the Hollywood crowd is knee deep and beyond. Someday Gervais will suffer the same humiliation he laid on Gibson, and rightfully so.

  47. Tony Redunzo says:

    Every year during awards season we are reminded that these people are in that business because they are unemployable in any productive activities that benefit society.

  48. Jack Kennedy says:

    so an limey mouthpiece made fun of a hit star/producer/director………..sounds like limey is jealous

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