Poll: Which Pixar Movie Should Get a Sequel?

Pixar Poll
Courtesy of Pixar

Pixar’s no stranger to sequels.

Its biggest hit commercially remains “Toy Story 3,” and it has already churned out animated follow-ups to “Cars” and “Monsters, Inc.” Coming up, the studio will also release “Toy Story 4,” Cars 3″ and a “Incredibles” sequel. The studio will keep the momentum going when it releases the highly anticipated “Finding Dory,” sequel to modern classic “Finding Nemo,” on June 17.

There are still some Pixar properties that have yet to be sequel-ized, however. Are you wondering where “Up’s” Carl is now? Or do you want another peek into Riley’s brain with an “Inside Out” sequel? Weigh in below.

UPDATED: This poll has been closed, with “Inside Out” being readers’ top pick to get the sequel treatment.

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  1. EmilyS says:

    I voted for WALL-E, but what we really want is A Bug’s Life 2. Also, I still don’t get why everyone keeps bashing against Pixar sequels and think that Disney forced them into doing it just for money just because of the aquisition–when in fact, they don’t seem to actually realize that, first of all, Pixar was NOT forced by Disney into doing sequels just for money, and secondly, the Pixar sequels are just as good as the originals, seeing how both are good stories with some much-needed life lessons. Story and life lessons…THAT’S what you people need to focus on when it comes to Pixar sequels. Not money or loss of quality. To say that Pixar was ruined by Disney after the aquisiton is just plain wrong…a common misconception, and way too much of a stereotypical lie. So there’s really no need to complain about Cars 2…same with Brave, Monsters University, and The Good Dinosaur. (Check that, pretty much all Pixar films in general are NOT meant to be complained about.) And how can parents be constantly complaining so much about the “violence” in Cars 2 but not about the same thing found in The Incredibles? That, above all, doesn’t make sense. After all, Cars 2 is a spy film…and we’ve had family films about spies before. Same with The Incredibles, which is about superheroes…and we’ve had family films about superheroes before. But what makes them different is the fact that all the spies are cars, and the superheroes are a family. And I do believe one of the most prime examples for original stories, as seen in The Incredibles, is with Edna Mode and the whole “No capes!” thing in that one scene! Okay, I’m getting a little carried away with my comment here (I always tend to be very detailed, you know)…thank you for reading, have a great day!

  2. Vladimir says:

    There is no need for sequels indeed! As they are destined to be less good as the originals. Frankly, I don’t want to watch new sequels. Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Up, are all finished stories.nothing to be said more. Unfortunatelt, money as always rule the World.

    • Marc says:

      If Catmull hadn’t fixed all those wages Disney now has to pay with interest and penalties not to mention the international embarrassment, they might be able to afford something other than a slew of sequels. Expect many more.

  3. EricJ says:

    Well, Pixar doesn’t want to do ANY sequels (except for the Cars 3 and Toy Story 4 that Bob Iger makes them do, and the Incredibles one that fans relentlessly nagged them for for twelve years).
    The only reason we got TS3, Monsters U and Finding Dory date back to a sad chapter of Michael Eisner’s war against Pixar, when Eisner created Circle 7 Studios as a retaliatory weapon–since Disney had the sequel rights and Pixar didn’t–and commissioned the three scripts into later-abandoned productions.
    When John Lasseter “inherited” the scripts as part of Pixar’s Disney merger, they had to be made as original productions under the existing titles, to clear up legal authorship issues. Yes, that’s why we got “All those sequels”.

    And unlike, ahem, a -certain other- studio we could name, when Pixar does do sequels, they try to throw a wrench into the formula and do “something unexpected”. If you think you know what an Up or Inside Out sequel would be about, that’s the movie they DON’T want to make.

    • Nikki says:

      No, Pixar offered the sequels. Iger didn’t make them do ANYTHING–that is a lie. Eisner had nothing to do with “back to back “anything–had to do with getting sequels made as fast as possible and out to audiences to make money and sell toys–not a bad thing, necessarily-although Monsters, U. was a dog of a film all the way around. None of the script written at Disney were used by Pixar. Gee–do some research. This basic stuff is easily found around via comments made by members of the company themselves.

      Pixar will continue to make sequels–lots of them. And lots of originals, too–we hope!

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