Al Sharpton Leading Protest Over Lack of Black Oscar Nominees

Al Sharpton Racial Bias NAACP Lawsuit
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Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a rally protesting the lack of black Oscar nominees.

The civil rights leader and MSNBC host will orchestrate a demonstration near the Dolby Theater on Sunday right before the Academy Award broadcast begins. Earlier in the day, Sharpton will preach at two Los Angeles churches — the Second Baptist Church and the First AME Church.

The rally is being organized by the National Action Network, the civil rights group Sharpton founded and leads. In an interview with Variety last month, Sharpton said he planned to call for a “tune out,” urging viewers not to watch the awards show because voters had not recognized the work of black performers such as Idris Elba (“Beasts of No Nation”) and Will Smith (“Concussion”). It’s the second straight year that the acting category was made up entirely of white actors.

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“If major advertisers know that people are tuning out and the ratings are down, that will impact the bottom line of the value of the Academy and the Academy has to, at some point, determine whether or not it is in their interest to continue excluding people and excluding them at what price,” Sharpton said.

Other civil rights groups won’t be joining the demonstrations. Rather than protest the awards show, the Hollywood branch of the NAACP said it will work with entertainment industry leaders to promote diversity. Some notable African-American filmmakers and talent, such as Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith, have pledged not to attend this year’s Oscars.

NAN rallies are also planned in Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. It’s not clear how close to the show demonstrators will be able to get. Security is expected to be tight, and the area surrounding the Dolby, where the broadcast is held, will be off limits to the general public.

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  1. Connie says:

    Al. you are the most leftist person I’ve had to see. Your babble about everything “Black” is getting boring. I don’t think Any American discriminates as must as you and your so-called Black lacky’s. You have made this American more discriminated by screaming your rhetoric. You sir are a disgrace to your color and I hope I am never associated with you.

  2. johnchip says:

    Sharpton sure has his priorities straight again. He is in LA to protest little gold statues while the KKK is there killing people at their racial hatred rally. Right on Al. Stop them white folk from getting their bling!

  3. denalees says:

    Isn’t the Oscars a event to reward excellent work in the film industry?
    Shouldn’t the protest really be about how actors and all those people that are needed to create a film that is worthy of an Oscar nod, are not making those films?

    It is 2016. Most of us who go to the movies only care about the film and the quality of the film.

  4. gagargoyle says:

    Another shakedown from this opportunist – there’s big money in Hollywood

  5. Kermit Gray says:

    When I see white actors being included on BET receiving awards then I will back a boycott of the oscars. Until then stup up, and sit down, if u do something worth a Oscar your name will be called…

  6. Wanda says:

    He’s a sham

  7. Woody Nelson says:

    I guess he didn’t see a black actor was at the top of the Oscar list for doing the “Rocky” style movie with Sylvestor Stillone.

  8. johnchip says:

    If I were a black actor i would show up in white face to protest this clown trying to represent my craft and industry.

  9. John says:

    Al how about paying your back taxes!!!!

  10. Wanda says:

    This Guy is a Joke

  11. john says:

    I will be watching now.

  12. jim says:

    I’m watching just to boost ratings,who’s with me? :)

  13. randy miller says:

    Is big Al going to protest the bet awards, the essence awards, and the naacp awards. Hey Al gotta stop that racism…….IH YA WE DONT TALK BOUT THAT

  14. Ray Gandy says:

    Why don’t people have the guts to tell Al Sharpton to go f*ck himself? He’s a lowlife race pimp. Do we now need affirmative action to force a certain percentage of nominees to be black?

  15. Cory R Smith says:

    He will be asking for money for his “National Action Network” all day at churches first. Then he will be demanding quotas for Oscar nominations. A word about the deaths of thousands of blacks, killed by blacks? Not so much as a peep. A mention of the fact that Al is evading paying taxes in the MILLIONS? Nothing of course. Visiting the Whitehouse way over 100 times (just as of July 2015) to visit Obama has worked out well for Al. Try to not pay a few dollars in taxes sometime and see how that works out for you. For the MILLIONS Sharpton owes, he should have been in jail for tears already and not get out for decades.

  16. Hey Big Head Al, it’s about CRAFT, NOT ABOUT QUOTAS. Do good serious work and it will be rewarded. Just showing up doesn’t count.

  17. These comments are a clear indication that Al Charlatan should just crawl back into his hole .

  18. JoeR says:

    I am wonder why a tax cheat,racist, POS warrants any press what so ever. Oh yeah, it’s Hollyweird and they back this BS to the fullest. The sub human POS belongs in the bowels of a dank prison somewhere so no matter what he says no one would have to hear

  19. shutterbug4it says:

    I would think liberal Hollywood does not see color of skin. I also think the black community believes all things told to them by the likes of Sharpton to be true. They need to stand back and take an honest look at what excellence means in acting, community,school, home and in public is and stop blaming society for there short comings. The Rev. Martin Luther King said it —- judge by the content of character and not the color of skin. The tax evader Sharpton (millions owed) never did nor will measure up to the standards of Dr. King.

  20. Chris Rock says:

    Liberal Hollywood, which has no problem showering DemocRATS with money, has a diversity problem.

    Obama and his entire party are always accepting money from Liberal Hollywood, and Liberal Hollywood is always holding fund raisers for their favorite democRAT.

    So much for Liberal Hollywood DIVERSITY !!!!!!!

  21. dave says:

    It is a sad day when Black people look up to people like Sharpton, Jackson, Rangel & Obama.
    They all talk about transparency but non of these are really for it! I know there are better black leaders than this in the communities. Why doesn’t a a good honest black leader come forth to stand up for his people?

  22. rjsmith says:

    uck you al Sharpton…. just like you to take what you don’t earn and think color makes taking an award from someone else right. you are a racist pathetic taker. period

  23. leo cutshaw says:

    would be great time to arrest race bating bxxtard for tax evasion,opps sorry,,Obama not gonna let that happen,,could anyone,including all blacks say one thing he ever did for poor race,still he gets away with all,including a suite in white house,,just because he black

  24. Dave says:

    Alice Sharpton is a black racist. Nothing more than a little nlgger boy. Go away, Alice, go far away.

    • Neal Edalgo says:

      I don’t like that term at all, but sometimes there comes to light a person who definitely fits my definition of the term regardless of his/her color, race, ethnicity, etc. Al Sharpton definitely falls into that category. I just can’t argue with Dave on that one.

  25. Billy says:

    Hey Al, why aren’t WHITE people allowed in the BET awards ? Al, why isn’t there equality on NBA teams ? Al, why aren’t there WHITE women in Miss Black America contests ? Why aren’t there WHITE people in the Democrat Black Caucus, Al ?
    Hey Al, YOU are a stupid JOKE.

  26. lee says:

    Why does anyone print anything about this POS. he is nothing but a race baiting racist.

  27. May I suggest to the good reverend that protesting the wholesale slaughter of black children by other blacks is more worthy of a protest?

  28. CZZ says:

    It seems that there are many black actors/actresses who are obviously smart enough not to waste time on bs like this.
    Rev Sharpton, what it is really want to say?

  29. My dear Mr. Sharpton, perhaps you are so busy, you can’t watch cable, but John Oliver did everyone a solid by noting that Hollywood whitewashes non-white parts so that white people can play them. They claim they need large stars like Christian Bale to play an Egyptian, or Tom Cruise to play a Japanese Samurai, but yet unknown Australian guys get to play Ramses, or some other American white guy will play the Hispanic lead, Asian lead or black lead. If you know Hollywood whitewashes its films, do what Tyler Perry does and make movies by and for your target audience and stop whining that American his not fair.

  30. E. Paige says:

    Maybe the problem is that all the potential candidates were like Big Al–bad actors.

  31. Lawrence says:

    Maybe all the black actors and actresses should go on strike.

  32. Jason Borne says:

    I wonder if this protest will be more successful than the one he lead on behalf of the lack of white players nominated to play in the NBA All Star game in Toronto this month.

  33. Dgreenz says:

    always finding the limelight for all the wrong reason huh Al, Why don’t you take your black ass to Chicago and try helping those who are getting gunned down by who…more black people, fuck the oscars. #comingfromanpissedoffblackman

  34. Douglas says:

    this guy should of had his Reverend title stripped along time ago. He acts totally outside of Christianity and loves to stir up trouble (sows discord among brethren) one of the 7 things is an abomination to the Lord… I hope he remembers that many will come before the Lord saying I knew you and the Lord will cast them out of his sight. So don’t worry about him, He will get his in the end. Amen

  35. Jon says:

    If Al Sharpton Wants To Stir Up Shit He Needs To Pay His Taxes Just Like Everyone Else Or Just Shut Up

  36. Lisa says:

    I normally don’t watch the oscars but this time I will just be spiteful against race baiting tax cheat al.

  37. Steve says:

    I agree, can we please give Al an Honorary Oscar for “Most Likely to Benefit from Stirring Up Racial Issues”, or better yet, “Most Likely to Not Pay His Taxes”? He most definitely deserves to be recognized in these categories.

  38. derek says:

    dont know if the protest has any point or not, but having Sharpton lead the protest, i m sure less people would pay attention to that cuz he is the man of no value, a very very bad representative for black people.

  39. John says:

    I wonder… if they decided to cancel it, would the BET awards become more inclusive?

  40. Eastside71 says:

    Sharpton is surely a fool but DeBlasio is a completely pathetic individual. Make a good couple.

  41. James says:

    This racist needs to start paying all those back taxes and should be in prison for starting race wars.

  42. Who cares what Sharpton does or says. He is a criminal who has not paid his taxes for years, he preys on blacks to gain money and he has done nothing to address the over 12 thousand blacks killed by blacks since T. Martin death. He is a very poor example of a person who reportedly cares for his race. period.

  43. mike says:

    And we are supposed to care what Sharpton says – on any subject? All he is is an opportunistic race baiter who should be in jail anyway, for fraud, if nothing else.

  44. at says:

    Maybe Al Sharpton should be nominated for Best Race Baiter…or Best Role in a Irrelevant Issue…or Best Actor as a Royal Jackass…aren’t there more pressing issues in the Black Community?…Let’s see…Homelessness, Crime, Unemployment, Single Parent Homes, Drug addiction, high drop-out rate…put energy in relevant issues not something so plastic and silly to social concerns like the Oscars

  45. Al should be nominated for an Oscar for his act as someone who really cares about his race.

  46. zztom45toms says:

    Tax evading extortionist belongs in prison, pulling trains.

  47. webeweldin says:

    This pimple needs to pay his taxes and go far away.

  48. Nubu says:

    Oh Sharpton, you’re so silly. Maybe they should start acting better…. hmmm? That could have a little something to do with it.

    Here’s what I don’t understand, aren’t these awards given to the best actors/actresses? Someone should not be handed an award based off the color of their skin. It’s like they have to throw them a bone to be fair. No, the awards should go to the best candidates, whether they’re all white OR all black. Doesn’t matter. This isn’t the playground. If it means so much to them then they should start a new category for best Black Actor award. How’s that?

  49. mkope1 says:

    Slow day Al? Anybody following must be brain dead. Ur a punchline to a bad joke. Nobody respects you or cares what u think. U and spike lee have become laughing stocks, nobody listens to u anymore and nobody wstchrs spikes movies, lol clowns

  50. Make Believe says:

    Al $harpton should get an Oscar .. he’s pulled off being some one the black community can count on and then he plays the blackmail card … he nothing but a snake oil salesman making money of the back of the black community…. he doesn’t care about anyone but himself… brilliant performance!

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