POLL: Will You Boycott This Year’s Oscars?

Oscar Poll: Will You Boycott Like
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Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith announced on Monday their plans to boycott the 2016 Academy Awards, citing the lack of diversity in the four acting categories.

“How is it possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders under the actor category are white?” Lee asked.

Pinkett Smith, whose husband Will Smith was among this year’s biggest snubs for his performance in “Concussion,” said, “We can no longer beg for the love, acknowledgment or respect of any group.”

Which begs the question: will TV audiences and other entertainers boycott as well? We’d like to hear from you:

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  1. Ed says:

    No I won’t boycott oscars; however, I will boycott all the smiths

  2. Ken says:

    I think it’s pretty ridiculous that any person should boycott any event based on Race or gender or other form of human being not being nominated. Has nothing to do with race creed color or sex has to do with vote on talent. I can’t believe in this day and age that educated people would think someone should be nominated because they need a to be represenred… why would you want to put yourself in that position to “even the score” so to speak..? ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous

  3. bliz82 says:

    Someone needs to tell jada her husband has been nominated for oscars before and that white people making, funding, and seeing the movies that made him and his wife powerful millionares. Jada and lee ponificate from the luxurious comfort of their mansions yet do nothing to fund poor black people and give charity to those less privileged whom they supposedly speak for but do nothing to help solve problems. If they believed in equity and helping fix racism theyd give up some of that white money theyve made and actually so something for poor black people rather than selfishly whining about their micro aggressions as rich famous black people that do nothing for their fellow race. Its all about attention and money, not genuine socioeconomic politics.

  4. Shabazz says:

    I will not watch for the first time in many years! ChrisRock will be making stupid, racist jokes about “crackers” etc. and all the lib-tards will think its oh-so- funny! Blacks areNEVER happy, even with Obama in the White House!

  5. Lee Francis says:

    Selfish rich actors and the film industry have miscalculated the buying public by crying racism about an overpaid industry. Child egomaniacs not social justice advocates. Plain and simple I will boycott their films and projects until they grow up.

  6. Johanne says:

    Actually, I’d boycott Spike Lee and the Smiths if I weren’t doing it already.

  7. Mitch says:

    I think Americans of all colors and races are sick to death of the ones who keep the racial divide going. Jada Pinkett Smith, Spike Lee, Will Smith, Danny Devito etc…. . We need to boycott these people and anyone else who joins in the racial divide and tell them we don’t need their services anymore “You’re Fired”. We have celebrated them and now they are turning on America for attention and self-gain. They want glory without the work, recognition without the talent…let’s boycott them!!!

    • M iles says:

      Should the number of whites, blacks, browns, etc. be COUNTED as they are entered into a footrace? Should the winner of the footrace then be determined by some mathematical calculation based on how many of what color entered the footrace?

      I think these people have lost their minds! The Oscars are a COMPETITION. So no blacks were nominated, so none win… wow is your head on wrong!

      Try making better films with wider appeal! I’ve heard “Out of Compton” bemoaned… as if all Americans should relish “hood” movies! Gangsta you mean NOTHING to me. I will never watch OOC, nor will I miss it. I’m ENTITLED to that opinion as is anyone else. GET OVER YOUR SELF.. and maybe work a little harder to please a broader audience if you want more acclaim for your efforts.

      This movement is sad and pathetic.

  8. Kay Matth says:

    The Oscars will be a bash against white people. It is sad that this will be allowed. What’s with the raised fist of Chris Rock…….member of black panthers? I will not watch ever again.

  9. Jw says:

    I’m sorry, isn’t this about “acting”? How can it be about diversity in those chosen? I don’t see that they have consistently chosen one actor over several others year after year? Have they? How can this possibly be a minority issue? Blacks aren’t a minority any more, they have successfully overtaken the Caucasian race. If they aren’t better actors so what? It is NOT about race, it’s about perceived talent. It doesn’t mean we all agree on their choices as to who deserves the awards. Stop trying to make every issue racial. It pisses me off!

  10. Jean Elliot says:

    Honestly this boycott just highlights how all these whiny actors and actresses are the real privileged group. Instead of helping communities or raising money for hunger or whatever they instead think that boycotting a dumb awards show is going to help people. Its beyond dumb and the only reason why they are doing it so they can act like they are helping but don’t have to donate their money or attention to anyone else. Thats most people who go on about racial and gender privilege. They are all middle/upper class spoiled brats who don’t want to act like they have it good or realize they can’t rely on money to get what they want so instead they use their skin color or genitals to get attention. They don’t think one second…hmmm maybe I’m not that good and I have to try a little harder. Its all boils down to disgusting displays of narcissism and envy. Thats what it is.

  11. Carole Dulaine Carey says:

    I feel that our Union has been very fair and diversified, since so many other ethnic Actors and Entertainers have really learned their craft, and many have been lucky enough to win in all different categories. To single out one group is unfair and childish. I am a working Actor/Entertainer, and I think our Industry has been diversified and I am proud to support all my peers.
    I will be going to the Oscars, as I have every year, feeling very luck to be a part of so many talented actors regardless of their ethnic background. C.D.

  12. todd says:

    I boycott the Oscars every year because they’re boring not because of faux outrage and manufactured controversy.

  13. John Casey says:

    I’m tired of the anti-white everything has to be African-Americanized message, heck the cheerios honeybee was not Black enough

  14. Chris says:

    So stupid how some black people have to make a fuss about every damn thing that they dont agree with. If they really want nominations, than maybe they should give a performance worthy enough. If anything, the only Oscar-worthy black performance was Beasts of no Nation.

  15. Joe Blow says:

    I boycott the Oscars every year it is about stars giving each other blow jobs Who care not I.

  16. Joan Carmody says:

    They are boycotting the Oscars, but they’re not quitting Hollywood where they make their millions.

  17. Raynetta Waller says:

    Where is my comment?????

    • kingma le says:

      Quit playing the race card Face the fact they just werent good enough for the nomination Maybe you should just get an 8 to 5 job with no pressure!!!

      • Cas says:


  18. doug says:

    Isn’t the voting done like this (actors vote for actors, directors for directors and so on ) so if your peers don’t think you should get nominated……. sour grapes bitches !

  19. Lily Lipshitz says:

    Why does no one see Jada Pinkett Smith is really the racist? Remember Martin Luther Kings teachings, you should not be judged by the color of your skin but, by the content of your character.

    • Richard Cummings says:

      Not sure if its more bullying than it is racism – maybe a little of both. Wish she would have found a better way of addressing her frustrations of her husband not getting nominated. Much like Whoopi Goldberg she is fueling racism in America not helping it. It is unfortunate for all the white actors who are nominated, to have a dark cloud like this cast over them – I think Jada owes them an apology. Each of the nominees are outstanding in their categories. Jeers to the Smiths for their poor taste and bullying and hiding behind the term of racism.

      • OscarsAreNow says:

        cas– Let’s calm down and stop typing IN CAPS TO SHOW YOUR ANGER. People only see your rage and don’t pay attention to your words.

      • Cas says:


  20. Richard Cummings says:

    Rich People giving other Rich People a statue to put on their fireplace. LOL. Sounds like a great cause to get behind!

    • Maria says:

      Cas you are a very angry person and from everything you have posted YOU seem to be racist against white people!!!

    • ttree says:

      I would be saddened to see awards to people based on racial quotas, rather than on the best for that category. I see people as people. I watched all of the movies nominated and the ones that some are saying were snubbed. Of the Nominees for best actor, I don’t think that Will Smith’s performance was as quality as the others. It’s a case of too many good movies being released in the same year. And before anyone calls me a racist, I love all people. We have some very great performers of all races, but to complain because a specific race did not have anyone achieve the best in a category, reeks of wanting special treatment based on race.

    • Maria says:

      Cas why are you so angry and yelling at everyone. You cant fight fire with fire!

  21. Pat Farrar says:

    I won’t be watching, but I never do, so can’t call it a boycott. I just find award shows, like sports events too slow moving to watch live. Much easier to look for highlights next day.

  22. Cliff Wolf says:

    Halle Berry Jamie Fox congratulations on your Oscars. We have a radical group that wants to destroy us from the face of the earth. And we don’t have any Presidents that are running worthy to vote for. WTF

  23. Bill B. says:

    This is all so very stupid.

  24. OscarsareNow says:

    I will not boycott the Oscars. But I think Academy President Cheryl Boone should apologize to the nominees for saying she was unhappy with the lack of diversity. In effect she is saying that she is NOT happy with the nominees and that’s rude. And we should start a hashtag to boycott Will Smith’s movies.

  25. Pooka says:

    Yes, because I ignore them every year anyway. :D

  26. Oscar should be black (cast iron) figure, which will represent AFRO-americans’ strength and never bending spirit to any other color!!!! This separatism from America by AFRO descendents is getting old and boring. It reeks reverse racism more and more.

  27. talentnotrace says:

    It just reminds me that Spike Lee complained about Clint Eastwood not having an African American actor in Sands of Iwo Jima despite the fact there were no African American soldiers in the taking of Iwo Jima.

  28. Shabazz says:

    I am sick and tired of blacks trying to bully into every honor. Geez, you got a black host, shut up!!!

  29. SteveG says:

    No, I will not boycott the Oscars. But I will boycott Variety because I am sick of reading about this issue. Why does the media keep covering this? The media says there’s controversy over the lack of black nominees but if you read the coverage the feedback is overwhelmingly disgusted with that issue and the Jadas and Spikes whining about it. Ask yourselves what is really motivating Jada. Sony put lots of marketing and TV ads into Concussion but got horrible box office returns–the movie costs $35 million but brought in only $33 million. Sony is very unhappy that their pet project went poof! Maybe some executives’ heads will roll. Look deeper and stop rehashing the same old garbage.

  30. DM says:

    Hasn’t it been about fifty years since African-Americans decried ‘tokenism’ as an insult? No one should be nominated because they’re Black. There is great talent in the African-American community, but to be included in the awards African-Americans need to up their game.

  31. jeannie says:

    Did they think that maybe those movies just weren’t that good or the actors and actresses weren’t that good either. I bet there won’t be any whites given awards at the BET awards or the NAACP awards
    so get over it and quit whining about everything!

    • seriously? says:

      so you’re agreeing with Chris Rock that these are The White BET Awards? That’s cool, we just need to be honest about these things. I won’t watch but that’s no big deal I never watch, I find the pre nominations conversation the relevant thing to get into, it opens up a whole range of movies to check out, but very rarely does the exciting work or the best performances find acknowledgment so I always switch off once the nominations are finally announced.

  32. Connor Bowen says:

    Award shows aren’t about how diverse you are, it’s about how talented you are. I get sick and tired of people talking about equality when they’re really just using their gender, race, or religion as a crutch. Like holy crap, black people think they’re the only minority in America. If you’re not black you’re automatically white to them. And I don’t mean to generalize their entire race. Most black people I’ve met would agree these people are using their race as a crutch.

  33. John Miller says:

    I will definitely watch the Oscars, precisely because I am now guaranteed not to have to look at Spike Lee or Jada Smith’s faces.

  34. chefpastry says:

    Why isn’t there a call to boycott the NBA for lack of diversity?

  35. S Smith says:

    Yes I will boycott. Enough is enough. People of color are among the largest, if not the largest number of movie goers and consumers of the advertised products. To consistently be ignored for executive positions, good acting rolls, and nominations is unthinkable. Why should folks who support the industry in large numbers beg for recognition. Silent protest is the way to greater recognition and respect for all.

    • Lance says:

      This will all wither on the vine soon, and the likes of racists Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith, etc. will be “gone with the wind” literally. Everything has been handed to you blacks on a silver platter. You have myriad opportunities because of the “quota” system, that white/Asian/Hispanicmyriad people have never had. Remember, a huge change is about to take place, and everything that Obumbo has done can and will be deleted, changed or modified. Hillary is too old and sick to handle the job. You will see. You people have no moral compass, and should be ashamed of the way you act and what you expect. The general black population is overshadowed by the ignorance and racism of black people like you.

  36. nordiclover says:

    who cares as long as the films are good. I am part Maori and are sick of people using the race card all the time.

  37. phuct says:

    If were going to talk race, the USA is made up of 77% Caucasian, 17% Hispanic Latino and 13% African-American. It seems the Hispanic Latino community has much more reason to complain. It seems in a few recent years the African-American community has beat the odds as far as representation based on population.

    The awards are ridiculous regardless, and I’m sure the investment money behind the films is 90% or more Caucasian-based. The African-American community has a wonderful support structure at the box office of its ethnically produced and starred movies for the most part from all ethnicities that go to movies, and should be very proud of that and focus on that most I would think.

    Of course any change for equality would seem great, this approach seems a little weird to me but I am not in their shoes viewing from their perspective either.

  38. LymonLemon says:

    Have these fools lost their minds? When did this become about race vs talent? These top chosen nominees are based on pure talent and skill. When did race get in the way of this? If people like Jada and Spike choose to boycott, go ahead…your absence makes more room for those who actually want to work hard in this business and be recognized for our efforts and respect to the system.

  39. Rudy Mario says:

    What a joke. Just 2 boycotting makes no difference. Chris Rock is hosting. If minorities have guts, they should continue doing movies and TV but explicitly state in their contracts that they do not want to be nominated or participate in any way in white oscars, white critics award, etc. Do that for 5 years and then see what happens.

    You can always be parts of People’s choice and other true democratic award shows.

    By the way, why do you peoples go nuts for Oscars. This award and ceremony is on its way to its grave. Every year fewer and fewer people watch it and those who do are mostly white gays , transgendered,and geriatrics. Even the sponsors of this show are washed out and about to die companies (Revlon, Sears, etc).

  40. Larry Bryant says:

    They have already given trophies to undeserving black actors when there were clearly much better performances in a given year. .All part of the “Oscar Affirmative Action Program”

  41. AP says:

    I would definitely not boycott the Oscars. Decisions were made as they are evey year; FAIR. This year it so happened to be that way. Its sad that people feel the need to demand votes. — its the judges decisions. When blacks are nominated they are nominated. When whites are nominated they are nominated. When whites win, they win. When blacks win, they win. No need for the drama. Its not about race; and lets not make it about race either. Sad and silly that it comes to this. People are just bored trouble makers to boycott… My opinion.

  42. Will Smith Jr. says:

    Giada Pinkett-Smith! TAKE CARE U OWN FAMILY FIRST! It’s Ur son! Why no LUV? Nobody can act like Denzel Washington anyway! He can’t be in every film every year along with Morgan Freeloader! Spike Lee needs to shut his crab-hole and find a nice ghey-black man to spend the rest of his life with! If U h8te it so mush, have u own wards show! Black Oscars Bloscars! Segregate U SELF HONEY! U not mi reel mo’ anywhey! Big Smithie Will need 2 dump U 4 Margo Robbie! HOT WHITE WOMEN! YEAH! SMOOCH! B LIKE EDDIE MURPHY!

  43. Deb says:

    I always do! It’s an unnecessary awards show! People who have control will never acknowledge those who they fear.

  44. Tommy Martin says:

    What is really baffling is that all humans are made up of the same 99.99% genetic material. So here we have a group of liberal wealthy elite complaining about less than .01% of genetic material when instead they should be spending their time more constructively, perhaps helping those less fortunate than them. In fact if just Spike Lee and Mr. & Mrs. Smith donated 85% of their net worth to those individuals less fortunate you would easily help thousands of Americans that are living in poverty. The Smiths current net worth is over $250 million dollars while Mr. Lee net worth is $40 million. Why do these spoiled rich celebrities that have the ability to buy anything they want are complaining about an award. There are millions of Americans that would just like to be able to feed their families or have the ability to buy their children warm clothes for the winter but unfortunately they are unemployed and don’t possess the nice comfortable trappings that these three individuals seem so easily to take for granted. It is actually disgusting how people once they rise to a certain level in society feel that they deserve everything and are always being slighted. How sad and pathetic they really are no not realize that an award is just one more thing to have to dust. Oh that’s right they don’t even clean their own homes what was I thinking!

  45. Monique says:

    Ok when an African-American, Latino or Asian gets nominated and doesn’t win, guess what? Boycott! Ridiculous. Funny that Spike Lee and Will Smith’s recent films didn’t do well and so now they’re boycotting?

    Female African American

  46. Charles says:

    I don’t really care that Jada and Spike won’t attend. Maybe not many others will either. And just maybe, Jada, Will isn’t all that good of an actor to be nominated anyway.

  47. tracy says:

    I wonder what Tumblr thinks of China having 100% chinese actors in their media.

  48. Tommy Martin says:

    Let’s be serious Spike Lee is one of the most anti-white individuals on this planet. First off Will Smith’s performance is no way near the caliber if you compared him to Sidney Poitier. Second just because you star in a film does not make it Oscar worthy just because you are black. Maybe someone needs to ask Ms. Pinkett and Mr. Lee how come that no white actors, entertainers, or celebrities have ever won a BET award or graced the cover of Ebony magazine? This clearly shows that white celebrities and actors are not welcome to have their craft even acknowledged by the black community and black media.

  49. Luis says:

    Yes I will boycott the oscars because without proper representation there will never be a fair process when you have people who want some actors to hit a grand slam while you parade good actors for oscars when many other see their performances as good not great

  50. haven’t cared about “oscars” in decades , they’re all too rich for their own good .

    • green says:

      You ain’t never lied these white dudes are rich. I’m an African revolutionary and I don’t see the big deal the revenant movie and that spotlight on point. Good luck to the nominees

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