Nate Parker’s Rape Accuser Committed Suicide in 2012: Her Brother Speaks Out (EXCLUSIVE)

Nate Parker
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The woman who accused “The Birth of a Nation” director and star Nate Parker of raping her while they were both Penn State students died in 2012 at age 30, according to family members and public records.

Her older brother told Variety that she committed suicide and overdosed on sleeping pills. “She became detached from reality,” the woman’s brother, Johnny, told Variety, asking not to use his last name to honor his sister’s wishes to remain anonymous. “The progression was very quick and she took her life.”

The news comes just days after Parker gave interviews last week to Variety and Deadline about being charged with rape as a student at Penn State. He was acquitted in a 2001 trial, but questions about the case persist.

“He may have litigated out of any kind of situation,” Johnny said. “My position is he got off on a technicality.” Other family members reached by Variety declined to publicly comment.

There’s no evidence that the woman’s death was directly linked to the trial. She died at a drug rehabilitation facility, where she was found unresponsive by staff with two 100-count pill bottles of an over-the-counter sleep aid with ingredients similar to Benadryl by her side. “It’s just a horrible life’s progression,” the coroner told Variety. “She was a young woman.”

In court, she testified that she had attempted to kill herself twice after the reported rape. Her brother said that she suffered from depression after the incident. Her death certificate, obtained by Variety, stated that she suffered from “major depressive disorder with psychotic features, PTSD due to physical and sexual abuse, polysubstance abuse….”

“If I were to look back at her very short life and point to one moment where I think she changed as a person, it was obviously that point,” Johnny told Variety. He said that prior to entering college, his sister was an outgoing, popular girl who loved animals and school. He envisioned a career in marketing or media for her. “The trial was pretty tough for her,” he said.

In 1999, Parker, a student and wrestler at Penn State, and his roommate Jean Celestin (the co-writer of “The Birth of a Nation”) were charged with raping the 18-year old female in their apartment after a night of drinking. The woman claimed she was unconscious at the time, while Parker and Celestin maintained that the encounter was consensual. She later said that she was stalked and harassed by Parker and Celestin after she reported the incident. “She was afraid for her life,” her brother said. Both men were suspended from the wrestling team, and Parker transferred to a different college in Oklahoma.

A jury acquitted Parker of the charges, in part because of testimony that he had consensual sex with the victim prior to the incident. Celestin was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to six months of prison. Celestin appealed the verdict and was granted a new trial in 2005, but the case never made it back to court after the victim decided not to testify again.

The brother believes that if the trial had been held today, there would have been a different verdict. “I think by today’s legal standards, a lot has changed with regards to universities and the laws in sexual assault,” he said. “I feel certain if this were to happen in 2016, the outcome would be different than it was. Courts are a lot stricter about this kind of thing. You don’t touch someone who is so intoxicated — period.”

After the trial, the victim left college before graduating, and received a settlement from Penn State of $17,500. “She was trying to find happiness,” Johnny said. “She moved around frequently and tried to hold a job. She had a boyfriend. She gave birth to a young boy. That brought her a good bit of happiness. I think the ghosts continued to haunt her.”

Looking back, he doesn’t think that Penn State did its part to keep his 18-year-old sister safe. “I must admit Penn State has a horrendous record,” he said, referring to the former football coach at the University convicted of molesting children. “And Jerry Sandusky is just the tip of the iceberg. The University has a history of protecting [athletes].”

The Nate Parker trial is being re-examined now because of the public attention on “The Birth of a Nation,” which Fox Searchlight bought for a record $17.5 million out of last January’s Sundance Film Festival. When the movie first screened, it was crowned as an Oscar frontrunner, but the film’s release strategy has come into question in light of the recent allegations. Sources say that the senior executives at Fox Searchlight are monitoring press reports about the case, and are debating whether it is still possible to release the movie with a roadshow that would have Parker traveling to churches and college campuses talking about social injustice, which one of the conditions of the Sundance sale.

“His character should be under a microscope because of this incident,” Johnny said. “If you removed these two people, the project is commendable. But there’s a moral and ethical stance you would expect from someone with regard to this movie.”

Asked if the movie should be released, he responded: “I think that’s up to the people,” Johnny said. “I don’t think a rapist should be celebrated. It’s really a cultural decision we’re making as a society to go to the theater and speak with our dollars and reward a sexual predator.”

Parker did not directly speak about the victim when he addressed the issue last week. “Seventeen years ago, I experienced a very painful moment in my life,” Parker told Variety. “It resulted in it being litigated. I was cleared of it. That’s that. Seventeen years later, I’m a filmmaker. I have a family. I have five beautiful daughters. I have a lovely wife. I get it. The reality is I can’t relive 17 years ago. All I can do is be the best man I can be now.”

In a statement last week, the studio said: “Fox Searchlight is aware of the incident that occurred while Nate Parker was at Penn State. We also know that he was found innocent and cleared of all charges. We stand behind Nate and are proud to help bring this important and powerful story to the screen.”

Johnny said that the family has tried to move on from this tragedy. “It’s hard,” he said, “seeing my sister’s life slowly crumble while these men are by all accounts relatively successful and thriving.”

“It’s been 17 years,” he added. “We certainly as a family forgive them. I don’t know that [the victim] would forgive them. I don’t think that she would.”

Gene Maddaus and Brent Lang contributed to this story. 

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  1. Christee sands says:

    I support the film… Because I support forgiveness. People commit crimes everyday, yes. Some people get off, some people don’t. Sometimes things happen to you. I was raped as a child, I was raped as a teenager, and was almost raped as an adult(thanks to my friends looking out for me and interfering) was it painful? yes. Did I have some sort of trauma? Yes. Did I have to see the man who hurt me? Yes!!! But you have to get help. You have to heal…. or that stuff will haunt and kill you. I wish she would have gotten help. It’s clear she didn’t. But my point of this post is to say. Everybody has done something questionable in the eyes of the law. Some crimes are more severe. But clearly this man has changed his life around. And forgiveness​ is the key element here…. Her family said they forgive him. So why are u bashing him. It’s over. Let it go. In regards to the lady…She should have gotten help. Somebody should have been there to help her get through…… That’s all I have to say. If u wouldn’t want the world to hold you to a crime you committed decades before you became who you are today…. Then I say forgive him…

  2. Just watched “Birth of a Nation,” and am so impressed had to learn more about the talented Nate Parker. It seems that in 1999 he was accused of rape with a student at same school. After reading everything, including exactly what happened, all I can say is he was judged “not guilty.” It was wrong, of course, he and his friend and fellow writer of the film Celestin seems to have had sex with the accuser who was drunk, and more later when perhaps drugged. What gets to me is the accuser’s brother brings it all up when Nate Parker’s movie is up for awards. Even Oprah ditched him. It is my believe the brother wanted a lot of money. It is also my believe his sister was a drug addict, a loose woman who though oral sex was nothing, and who needed psychological help as well as medical and spiritual. Nate was wrong, however he may have repented, we do not know, but in the eyes of the law he isn’t guilty. I think the film very stirring, well written, well produced and directed and played. Why bring up something that happened seventeen years ago. Very suspicious. I’m for Nate, and think it horrible the accuser’s brother is blaming the accuser’s suicide on Nate! Ridiculous. She was out of her mind for some time. He deserves to be INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. He’s a victim just as the slaves were!

  3. jjnnfljfjfl says:

    All these people in the comments… HE WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY!!! What do you want him to do??? If he was found not guilty, does that not mean that he is, maybe, just maybe, NOT GUILTY????

  4. eagle1 says:

    Scumbag, he looks creepy

  5. Erwin Lockridge says:

    I am going to support this young brother. And his movie. I am sick of the double standards we are told that we should accept the courts word as justice being served and the rule of law and all that mess. I have eatched countless cops since rodney king be found not quilty. We are told thats justice get over it, travon martin gets shot to death for walking home get over it thats justice ,officer slagel shoots a man in the back runs over and plants a gun on the dead man not guilty get over. Mark wahlberg attacks black kids and asian people gets a slap on the wrist hey that justice get over it. I could litterally go on forever. But why in the very rare handful of cases where a black man is found not quilty should i continue to hold him as such. I think a lot of people on here need to take the advice you have been giving black people and get over it.

    • eagle1 says:

      he was declared not guilty based on a technicality. What if this young lady had been your sister?
      Don’t be a sheep, think for yourself.
      Do you have human values? OR do you just defend black people blindly?

  6. Tatiana says:

    Newsflash foxlight:you cannot be ” found innocent.” The word Guilty appears in both possible findings. Nate parker is a rapist.

  7. Valid comments King. Far too many have benefited from such a tragedy.

  8. King says:

    I must say that I feel as Rev. Sharpton feels. Right now “The Minnesota State 10” are going thru the exact same thing! The Mpls. P.D./Prosecutor declined to prosecute the players. However, the Dean & Brd. launched their own prosecution! At the behest of “concerned” parents/co-eds. Yet, a year ago, an MSU football player bludgeoned a fellow player to near death, crippling him for life, & those same “concerned ” parents/co-eds thought that the prosecution was too severe! Never mind that the would be killed practically got away with attempted-murder!

    • Di says:

      I truly believe that this case is a text book example of how our judicial system continuously re-victimizes its victims. In my opinion, Celestin was able to win his appeal because his appellate defense attorney (& current Lycoming County Pennsylvania District Attorney and future Court of Common Pleas Judicial Candidate) strategically idled until all of the witnesses in this matter were too far gone and sparsely located to re-testify. Sadly, all the while this woman only wanted justice to be served and to have her story told.

      Eric R. Linhardt, District Attorney of Lycoming County was quite agitated in 2016 when the media came knocking on his door seeking comment with regard to his involvement with the Paker and Celestin case. He avoided their requests for dialogue, perhaps because of concerns in being sued by what are now Hollywood star lights???

      Sad, sad tale…

  9. Michelle says:

    Someone should tell FOX that being found “not guilty” is NOT the same as being found innocent! Just means theres not enough evidence for 12 people to find him guilty. LOTS of criminals go free after being found “not guilty”. That does NOT make them innocent nor are they “found” innocent!

    • King says:

      Michelle; Snaffu, U.S./American courts do consider a person INNOCENT until proven guilty! But that’s the only time the term is used. Sorry.

    • King says:

      Michelle, no one, in America, is EVER declared “innocent”. You are either GUILTY or NOT GUILTY. Innocent is not a legal term in U.S./American courts.

  10. Joyce Bauer says:

    Even her brother said that she was a “popular” girl. She obviously continued being “popular” at Penn State. Getting inebriated and being with multiple partners is pretty disgusting imo.

    • Michelle says:

      You are disgusting. How DARE you call her a slut! What about Nate Parker? He deserves to be ashamed and called names, NOT THE VICTIM!

  11. anonymous comments says:

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  12. Roselind says:

    Clearly this young lady was depressed and unstable before attending Penn State University.

  13. TheRealRainFall says:

    I’d bet anything this woman was BPD . This sounds textbook BPD to change your reality after you had a threesome, especially with 2 black men.

  14. Darrell Owens MD says:

    i don’t know , maybe you should read your sisters testimony its public information and it says something totallly different than what u speak.

  15. Erin N Burrows says:

    This article is dangerous. Please look at the recommendations for safe reporting of suicide and revise this piece immediately to remove the details regarding methods. It’s more than poor journalism – it’s a proven contagion, especially as you connect this death to sexual violence, celebrity and their recently released film.

  16. James Bailey says:

    If he was found not guilty in a court of law, why does hr brother keep calling him a rapist? There may be grounds for a lawsuit the.

  17. Brian Parker says:

    Is it that they had consensual sex and she thought that she would be his girlfriend and he did not?

    • happyday22 says:

      No. He had sex with her while she was unconscious and invited two other men to join in. One declined, but the other said yes. The one who said yes co-wrote movie. According to the court transcripts, when she asked Parker who the other guy was, he refused to name him. Now if this was consensual why would he refuse to name the other guy?

  18. j.smith says:

    The only comment I have to make on this story is that there are a few things that seems to be a recurring theme in these stories. One is that the girl was raped while intoxicated and two that the young man in question was a student athlete. As women we need to understand that while it is not our fault for the actions of others it is our responsibility to ourselves that we not put our in those kinds of situations. As a woman i know my limits of drinking an just to be safe wouldn’t over do it at a college party. We already know that most men are opportunist with out alcohol. As for you men if a woman is falling down or stumbling, if she is dry humping you to death and you know she is drunk DO NOT TAKE HER WORD, cause at that point weather she says yes or starts taking off your shirt take her back to her room and she how she feels in a few days. Y’all not that horny if she wants you wait till she sober.My comment was longer than I thought.

  19. cshweinbarger says:

    Nat Turner is getting off as easily as the director of this movie. You are aware that Turner and his buddies killed 10 men, 14 women and 31 “infants and children”? That’s from the abstract of the 1831 trial. The movie claims he killed them all because a woman was raped. If that’s true why kill 14 women and 31 “infants and children”?

    • King says:

      cshweinbargar; If you lived 1 day of Nate Turner’s life, you’d make John Wayne Gassey look like Fred Rogers. Also, Turner may’ve just got caught-up in the revolt. The hearings were all but completely lost or never properly stenographied. There aren’t even any Family Bible stories! You failed to mention other glaring errors! Nate Turner was in his early-mid 60’s in 1831! He also escaped earlier in his life but returned! He said God or maybe spirits told him to return!

    • Freddie Dougie says:

      If we’re gonna pick on Nat Turner then we must pick on the many people American history worships when they did the same thing. The Civil War alone, is worse than what Nat Turner. Please.

      • King says:

        Joyce Bauer; You just described Moses, Abraham, Mohammed, David, Noah, Joshua, Mary & Joseph! Not 2 mention Pharroh & the king who saw a hand appear out of thin air & write on a wall , etc.

      • Joyce Bauer says:

        Nat Turner was a vicious, violent and assualtive man. He is no hero. He was also delusional, feeling that he was “chosen” by a higher power as a “prophet”

  20. elothen says:

    People are found not guilty– they are not found innocent. So let’s be clear on that point.

  21. Lesson for men: Don’t have sex with anyone outside marriage. It brings misery all around and you’ll get the blame. And don’t get mad when the woman cries rape especially if you look like you took advantage of her in a sketchy situation. Lesson for women: Don’t trust men not to touch you when you get drunk in their apartment. But if you do and you get burned, you better find a way to forgive and not keep on having sex, taking drugs, and running from place to place, or you’ll mess up your kids and end up dead too soon.

  22. There are things people in this discussion need to understand. parker was found not guilty, but this does not mean a jury decided the act of penetrating a girl far too inebriated to give consent did not happen, but rather that the fact that he had had consensual sex with her previously made it ‘not a crime’ this time around. His friend who committed basically the same act was found guilty simply because he had not been as fortunate as Parker previously. There is no debate about this–Parker is relying on a technicality that most likely would not work today, but regardless of whether it would or not, his action was reprehensible. Any who further protest innocence till proven guilty should ask whether they genuinely believe OJ Simpson was not involved in the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman simply because a jury ruled there was insufficient evidence against him. Really? Would you be ok with someone penetrating your inebriated to the point of unconsciousness daughter simply because she had been with him one time previously? Seriously?

    Parker committed a crime, it simply was not one that was taken as seriously then as it is now. This does not change the fact that it was a crime nor that he has admitted to doing exactly what he was accused of. There is no he said, she said here; simply an act that anyone with any conscience knows was rape. Period. This is not about race or any other cultural factor other than a young man who both then and now had a feeling of self entitlement and superiority to this girl and the world due to his obvious athletic and intellectual prowess who raped a girl and then made what might be a good film. He will never get that his achievements, his five daughters, nor his PR team will ever change the fact that he contributed to a young girl taking her own life because of his selfishness and total lack of empathy.

    Best wishes to her brother who is obviously a good man in a great deal of pain.

    • King says:

      Gordon Walker; Also noticed how no 1 has mentioned the late Joanne Benay Ramsey & her psycho, Norman Bates, Brother.

    • King says:

      Gordon Walker; The jurors inevitably have to consider the accuser’s lifestyle, habits, friends, associates, grades, history, acquaintances, i.e. professors, study group, fellow co-eds, past associates/acquaintances.

    • Dany says:

      If it’s not about race then why bring up OJ Simpson…one thing has nothing to do with the other! But for the most part I agree, a crime was committed just like in the Rodney King beating where cops beat this man within an inch of his life, it was caught on tape but they were acquitted, a crime was committed but they got off! I guess we can’t pick and choose when the judicial system works, it does when it does and it doesn’t when it doesn’t!

      • Michelle says:

        The OJ example is to show that not guilty does not mean innocent! Wtf! The other comments on this post are completely disgusting! This victim was not a slut because she previously slept with him and she shouldn’t have “not put herself in that situation”! This is ALL victim blaming! This poor woman wasn’t just raped, she was GANG BANGED! If you can’t understand how horrible that is, imagine it’s f your daughter. If you’re a single guy, imagine you’re in prison and two dudes stick their dicks in your ass.

  23. Lisa Black says:

    I can’t believe people are blaming Nate Parker for this woman’s death 17 years later. She went on to have several different relationships and a son afterwards before committing suicide. Clearly this isn’t Nate’s fault. Shame on all of you who seems to think it is. Only in America is a Black man Guilty before a trial and Guilty if found innocent.

  24. LD says:

    Thank you media, for explaining how many over the counter pills you need to kill yourself (presumably a small woman).

    • King says:

      LD; If a person wants 2 commit suicide, really want 2 kill themself, they’ll just read online how WWE Pro-Wrestlers (& their girlfriends) do it.

  25. Not drunk enough says:

    Five lovely daughter’s, I hope none of them run into a version of there farther in there lifetimes.

  26. ummmm!? so interesting that Woody Allen’s sexual relationship with his own step-daugther…prior to marrrying her –> elicits NONE of the same analysis & reaction(s)

  27. Under The Social/Political System of Racism/White Supremacy, the excuse of rape has been historically used to kill and further subjugate Black people to the bottom of society systematically. No longer do Racists form lynch mobs and burn and hang Black males alive while castrating them. The refined tactic today is to run a propaganda smear campaign through media to destroy the image of Black people, in particular the Black male. Just as Racists in Nazi Germany used propaganda to justify the murder of millions of Non-White Germans, Black males are being hunted down and murdered in the streets under the guise of “Rape Culture”.

    If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism) – what it is and how it works – everything else you know will only confuse you”.

    Neely Fuller, Jr. – The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept

    • jay says:

      You may also note while you’re reflecting on systems of oppression, that the subjugation of women – in all its social and political guises – crosses all boundaries of race, culture, religion and nationality. It is the oldest oppression known to humanity and rape is its instrument. Women black and white have been oppressed and abused throughout history, denied all rights and most protections both legal and domestic. The case involving Nate Parker is NOT primarily one of race but of gender. This was a vulnerable young girl being violently assaulted by a group of contemptuous men. Nothing new unfortunately but a reflection of the sense of entitlement many men still show when dealing with women. The same sense of entitlement you rage at the white supremacists for. You can make excuses forever, but the more you do the more you have in common with all the bigots, racists and xenophobes of this world.

    • Nick says:

      Maybe you aren’t aware but interracial rape is actually an issue and it isn’t one that has whites raping blacks in large number. Proportionally, black males rape white women at many times the rate that white men rape black women.

      • Alex 1 says:

        That is an unequivocally FALSE statement that you COMPLETELY pulled out of thin air for expediency! White men rape black women, and ALL races of women at rates disproportionally higher than any other people group! Oh wait, let me guess, Your from the south, right? Gotta keep the lie going to justify the hate I guess

    • Liz Panteix says:

      It’s about rape. Stop playing the race card.

    • Fivehole84 says:

      I like how you couldnt even make your own comment but instead quoted well known d bag Neely Fuller. It is funny that you complain about white supremacy while quoting a black supremacist.

      Clearly its just a vast conspiracy against the poor black man. As we all know, a black person has never committed a crime before.

      • King says:

        Fivehole84; Just mad you couldn’t think of a scholar 2 quote! Ahole, it’s called READING! Or at least watching informative T.V./Cable, discs, internet, book clubs, etc.

  28. Letucia says:

    Hollywood is notoriously kniwn for supporting sexual deviants…i.e. Woody Allen n Roman Polansky…they overlook morality for the all mighty dollar. What nerve to say “he” suffered a painful moment in his life…the woman became an addict n killed herself. Will NOT watch this movie.

  29. Robin says:

    Death certificates do not detail psych history.

  30. Jeanette says:

    Attaching this woman to Nate at this time in his life is interesting when their relations took place years ago. That woman needed help, she was a weak minded troubled soul who allowed people to use her body in a frivolous way and a professional counselor should have been in her life to help her understand her responsibility in that social situation. I was not there and do not have a specific comment with the exception of understanding that the allegations were made and he was being tape recorded back then it seems like he was set up. However I have more concrete opinions on Nate Parker’s choice of movie roles. Nate Parker is seeming to live a very hypocritical lifestyle in my opinion. The woman who he had relations with in college was white and the woman he has married is not black, but he loves to choose period piece movies that show him as an unapologetic strong black male who loves his black woman and black people. There is no fence to straddle. Nate Parker was not deserving of the role of Nat Turner. Nat Turner would never make the choices in his private life that Nate seems to make repeatedly; he has diluted the image of a consistently strong black man. I would only support this movie if my husband wanted me to see the movie with him. These rape allegations are coming back to haunt Nate and will over and over again because you can’t straddle the fence who are you and what do you stand for? It must correlate with your private life too. He was a college athlete we all know how college athletes behave however when he got married he was an adult and I’m pretty his mind was developed to be what it is now when he made the choice as to whom he decided to marry. Marriage is serious business and black people are under attack socially, psychologically, spiritually, and physically. He must stand for his people in his private life and not just for fantasy. When your under attack the way we are and have no control in political or economic affairs of your own people your only choice is to marry within your own you have no other choice and to carefully mold the minds of the offspring you create. Even those groups of people who are not underattack but love themselves unapologetically tell their children when its time for marriage your only choice is someone that looks like you and no one else or you will be disowned by your family.

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s 2min. of my life I’ll never get back! WOW! Blaming a victim who’s no longer alive is real classy. You say you have no opinion, but then say he was set up so obviously you do have an opinion, skewered as it may be considering your prejudices. Aside from your crazy comments I think he should set up some kind of foundation or charity in her name. Instead of highlighting the rape aspect he can honor her memory by helping those who are dealing with mental health issues. He should also set up a trust fund in her son’s name, but that should be done anonymously since I’m sure the son would decline if he knew who it was coming from. Either way if I was Nate Parker I’d make darn sure that boy of hers was taken care of for the rest of his life regardless of whether they raped her or not. Something obviously happened that she wasn’t comfortable with mentally or physically and her life went downhill as a result. Nate and his sleazy friend were a part of that so they should do something positive to give back to her son since they have the means to do so. End of.

      • Fantastic comment. I agree with every word. Nate Parker reeks of the self assurance that comes from having been a standout in sports and academics. He was, and apparently still is, a man who cannot fathom that the world owes him nothing and that the rape that took place was a tragedy not because of the fact that it made his life more difficult but rather due to what it did to this woman and her family. He will never get it no matter how nicely he learns to speak about it and how many politically correct terms he learns. If he followed your advice it would do far more for his image and his soul than I think he will ever realize.

  31. Jack Monte says:

    He’s a low life and would be crying for justice if some football player raped one of his daughters. No he can’t change what happened 17 years ago, but he can be a man and address it directly and not throw smoke like we’re stupid. Oh right we are stupid because as long as Zuckerberg gets paid to put fake news stories saying he addressed it we all believe it to be true. Better get on the payment Fox or your “Oscar Contender” will go down and people will stop pretending it was any good. It’s basically following the old formula of I want to be a star so I’ll make my own movie and get noticed. It’s badly paced and over the top. No one really wanted to talk about it after the screening.

  32. favoured7 says:

    This is dumb the more comments on this trash the more notice it gets, the public has no idea as to WHY the accuser took her life. All this is only speculation none of her family wanted to go on record as to the reasons behind it but, that one brother who was able to do all the public interviews yet unable to help his sister privately.

  33. favoured7 says:

    This really bothers the crap out of me, WHY wait 4yrs after the alleged victim has passed to bring this up now. If this writer was sooooo concerned about the victim why not publish this article 4 YEARS AGO ?????……Could it have something to do with the fact , Mr. Parker had not written the movie yet ….huh??? Yeah this is a bunch of malarkey, can’t wait to see the movie !!!

    • melanin ! says:


    • Liz Panteix says:

      Really, this is about men and rape.He should have to live with it.

  34. femmemuscle says:

    Bill Cosby had gotten away with this silliness and gave the ladies a lot of “hush money” to shut up – until now.. Hmmm.. three more “athletes” from a famous university have been convicted of the same scenario, and they are going to jail – i guess they didn’t have enough money in the coffers. Hmmmmm… Celo Green incriminated himself and probably “settled out of court for a large cash sum”.. just as Parker and Celin (the co-writer did) they shut her up for money, but she died anyway. .. Two rich and privileged white guys have been caught, and i’m sure their parents paid off the judges so that their dearly beloved sons would have light sentences. – but their faces are splattered all over the internet, so that females can recognize them..but they’ll be just fine. Some dumbas** will take them as long as they’re rich.

    Money buys silence. If you don’t have enough? You’re going to jail. If you do have enough.. you MIGHT go to jail..but don’t worry.. someone who needs a rich guy will take you when you get out.. And all will be forgotten.

    But here’s the ironic part.. These males are guilty of rape. Rape.. and what boggles my mind? That though their spouses or parents are very aware that they are scum-bag rapists? They still support them.

  35. Randy says:

    This is very sad .. she lost her life because a guy she really liked and trusted did not respect her or care enough for her when he had the chance! Too many women are treated this way and now we see what happened. US current laws can not and do not protect them women who find themselves with Men who only want Sex and will say anything to get out of a Rape Charge!

  36. Alaho says:

    Dude was acquitted. That’s all I have to say. Can’t wait for the movie.

    • eagle1 says:

      you are what is wrong with this world, keep quiet, you want to watch the movie.
      Support criminals, you or a loved one may be the next victim.

  37. MK says:

    Old news, acquittal-predicted smear campaign by Ramin Setoodeh in this case Fight back. Setoodeh, white feminists, and their black gullible followers who they could give a rats a about, are on code never to attack or hurt the careers or white men known to abuse women like Woody Allen, Rothesburger, Charlie Sheen, Nicholas Cage, Jim Lampley, Mel Gibson and countless other rapists who abuse both women and kids. This is about Nat Turner. Go Parker for raising your own capital. The story will be told and the spirit of Nat Turner will rise.

  38. nora22000 says:

    I’m confused as to why Parker and Celestine chose to exploit gang rape in their historical film, as if they are not able to walk away from the issue that defines their own personal history. We don’t know. But what we don’t know is how many other victims there may have been, as these two have their own personal rape culture. In my opinion, there’s nothing to see here. Keep walking away from these two men, and let them give the money they scammed out of the distributor on the life of that unfortunate young woman to her son. No other apology matters, imo.

  39. maddy says:

    So many people are fucking heartless. Parker ruined a life. Thats unforgivable. If you think otherwise, have someone rape you then you know how it would feel… Parker should never celebrated, if he admit his dirty deeds. He would have my empathy. Thats a real sign of a change man.

  40. AnnV says:

    Politicaleducation18. My obsession with the fact that they were athletes, how about your obsession with the prior sexual act! So yes, means yes forever? I could care less that they were athletes, they could have played tuba in the marching band. The point is, they had status on campus, they had power, they had support, why? Because they were athletes. There is a long, sordid, well documented history of sexual abuse by athletes on college campuses with very little being done for victims rights. Basically your argument to me at this point sounds like this. A drunk white freshman female put herself in a dangerous situation, got gang banged by some athletes, and well, she deserved it. They were found “not guilty” in a court of law so all is forgiven right? I mean that is your synopsis of this at this point. Or Am I misinterpreting something? I feel bad for this “this deeply disturbed woman” and every other woman who has too many, gets gangbanged in an unconscious state and reports it, because even in the year 2016, the goddamn new millennium, it will somehow be her fault. She did it to herself. If this is how enlightened we have become as people, I don’t hold much hope for anyone’s children.

  41. AnnV says:

    Do not ask me to feel sorry for the injustice of public scrutiny for this director. He chose a public path, the very same way, Donald Trump or the Kardashians have. What transpired 20 years ago or 400 years ago matters in the context of this country today. Very much so. From where I am sitting Mr. Parker is not getting a bad deal at all. He is free from incarceration over this incident. He stands to make a considerable amount of money from his film and he will probably win an Oscar. There is no such thing as bad publicity, right? For me, I will not go see “Birth of a Nation” for the very same reason I will not go see a Woody Allen movie. I will not allow one cent of my money to enable a predator. I just think watching a scripted rape scene, written by these two and directed by Mr. Parker on the big screen is probably more than I can stomach at this point, having had read the court transcripts in this case.

  42. Cliff says:

    So right before Nate Parker’s movie is released the pretend Black feminists have been summoned to do a slander campaign. This look familiar

  43. This negative backlash is really not about the young woman in focus…but rather about the story line of the movie.NAT TURNER a genuine real freedom fighter who happen to be black who rose up against white oppression aggression and slavery and did what was right and just..a horrible truth that (like so many) so many would not like to mention..NAT TURNER should be celebrated…WHAT ABOUT THE TRUE HISTORY SORROUNDING NAT TURNER…any event involving agression by blacks slaves or socall free for freedom justice and equality is met with sharp critizism rebuke lies and deception…..NAT TURNER a true HERO for all ages….the truth is like a lion you dont have to defend it….IT DEFEND ITSELF.

    • Paul says:

      It’s not that simple. We live in an age where companies are straight up moving out of states (or threatening to) when anti-trans legislation is passed. You think a black director is gonna get his movie distributed when he’s the center of a shady rape case?

    • American children don’t learn much about John Brown and even less, or nothing, about Nat Turner.

      Leftists will readily, and, without a hint of remorse or regret, excuse sexual abuse of women in the pursuit of political power. The many women that Bill Clinton abused were labelled as trailer park trash, bimbos, etc, and dragged through the mud for additional victimization by the leftist Clinton sycophants in the press and by his crazy wife and sexual abuse enabler, Hillary.

      Even though this clearly deeply psychologically disturbed woman had her day in court and admitted to engaging in sex with Parker the day before she was allegedly raped, and even though Parker and Celestin were found not guilty, both of these black men must be retried in the press many years later because this country has a long history of institutionally attacking black men by labelling them as over-sexed rapists. Hollywood likes its help kept on a short leash.

      • AnnV, Your ability to obfuscate and misrepresent what I wrote are indicative of people who love their dogma the way Catholics love their bodily assumption of the Virgin Mary right straight into heaven.

        The men were not found innocent because in American jurisprudence, while we start with a presumption of innocent until proven guilty, we don’t find defendants innocent, but rather may find them not guilty, which is what I wrote.

        While you seem fixated, to the point of near obsession, on these two men being athletes, the court would not have taken that into account in adjudicating their criminal charges because that fact is not relevant to the case. They were, however, both suspended by the wresting team at Penn State.

        The court, however, did consider that the plaintiff admittedly engaged in consensual sex with one of the defendants the day before she alleged the rape for which he was tried occurred and was intoxicated when the alleged rape occurred because those two facts are very relevant to her credibility. Obviously, the facts of the case were such that her allegation of rape lacked enough credibility to have Parker found guilty. And, yet, despite her desperate attempts to find out exactly what did happen the night in question since she couldn’t remember much of it, she surreptitiously recorded multiple phone conversations with Parker but decided not to show up for Celestin’s new trial.

        Do your son a favor and teach him to stay very far away from profoundly psychologically disturbed women. Many of them put themselves in situations that they later deeply regret after they realize that they have played a substantial role in making themselves victims.

      • AnnV, Your own spin is very transparent and so is the spin of retrying this already litigated case in the public so many years later.

        This very deeply psychologically disturbed woman had her day in court and the court found that what she suffered was not rape. Facts contrary to your preferred narrative spin cannot be changed by your proclamation with emphasis in all caps that this was “RAPE.”

        Contrary to common sense and to you spun account, by all accounts this woman clearly did not enjoy a very bright future. She was self-medicating her profoundly psychologically disturbed mind with alcohol, casual sex and who knows what else. It’s not particularly surprising that she was traumatized by whatever happened to her when she put herself in this situation having just the day before had sex with the man she would soon accuse of rape or that she wound up taking her own life. It’s unfortunate that her family couldn’t help her.

      • AnnV says:

        And never in the history of the United States has a guilty athlete or celebrity been set free. Right. Victim shaming and blaming were a very big factor in this case. Thanks for illuminating that with your blanket statement of tried and innocent.

      • AnnV says:

        So of course, this institutionalized attacking of black men justifies what happened to this woman? I feel sorry for you. So polarized by race that you cannot just allow yourself to see it for what it clearly is. RAPE. If the accuser was black and not white, how would that play into your narrative? Mr. Parker will make a considerable sum for his efforts and no doubt be celebrated as a gifted story teller while some “psychologically disturbed woman” lies in a grave. I bet Mr. Parker won’t think about the cause of that mental anguish much while he is cashing his checks. From all accounts this woman had a bright future until she crossed paths with these two stand up collegiate athletes. I don’t want my son raised in a culture that condones sexual impropriety on campus because of athletic ability. Nor do I want him to grow up in a society where everything is a matter of race. Until we get on board with dealing with what is right and wrong across the board, so rigid in our ideas that we cannot have a discussion. This is all just spin.

  44. bree says:

    Hope this rapist’s career flops. It’s time for them to pay for their crimes. His doucheness is the result of athlete privilege. Penn continuous to be the worst.

    • Lina says:

      But why does a white male convicted of rape serve 3months in jail and nobody seems to be bothered about That. But a black male is guilty eventhough hè was found not guilty is still punished after 17 years. Let mme be clear this is about rape But also a dubble standard , if THE girl was black and nate was white would THE ontrafeld be The same? Just truely think about iT befor reacting to My comment. As a woman who has been a victime i ask myself this. I lived true iT and nobody questioned The white males who raped me But they did question me (white Female)

    • TheTruth says:

      I have no connection to Penn State but that’s a heck of a stretch you’re making there. You’re also minimizing the fact that this unfortunately happens everywhere.

      • AnnV says:

        Just because it happens everywhere, should not make it acceptable. Police brutality is commonplace, that doesn’t make it right. Are we so numb as a society that we have become immune to these horrors?! Turning a blind eye to injustice is dangerous. Our culture of indifference is what is hurting us most.

  45. AnnV says:

    The bottom line is, she had more than enough drinks to be incapacitated. Plus a controlled substance in her system. Why would he lie about the 2nd party in their initial conversation if she was “so down” with it? This woman was stalked and harassed on campus because how dare she speak up against a college athlete. Penn failed her. The system sucks and black or white does not matter here. It s about consent, it’s about the definition of rape. Having sex with the equivalent of someone in a coma, self induced or not, is RAPE.

  46. stevenkovacs says:

    How can they fete Nate Parker and let him speak at festivals when once pivotal scene involves HIS character partaking in a gang-rape! HE wrote the damn script! Was this art imitating life??
    Get. A. Lawyer. Nate

  47. Marisol says:

    This woman was obviously a WHITE WOMAN. That is the only reason you people are here blame/pointing finger/accusing this man of raping this woman. They had a relationship prior to the allegations. So who’s to say who is telling the truth…

    • AR82 says:

      Penn State paid her 17.5 million dollars. This is a school that turned a blind eye while Jerry Sandusky repeatedly raped little boys for years because he was their football God. Do you think they are just in the business of giving party girls those kinds of pay offs. She was a product of the Foster care system who got herself to Penn. She clearly had her own issues, drank too much, not great boundaries. In our great country, that doesn’t matter. You cannot have sex with someone without their consent. His friend was arrested and found guilty of rape. He was having sex with her at the same time as Nate. Marital rape is illegal too and they clearly have had relations previous to being assaulted. She is dead. This isn’t he said she said, or a political statement, this is a woman’s life was destroyed, a two year old boy left.

  48. Luke Wells says:

    I speaks as a father to a daughter (4) and also as a brother to 5 sisters. Rape is the worst thing that can happen to a man or woman. Sadly, “crying wolf” has diluted the stench that a rape allegation is supposed to have. I can imagine an intoxicated college student wanting to explore and do crazy things while in college. My experience: During my graduate year (25) after a football game, 2 white ladies visit me in my apartment; a blonde 21 and a brunette 17 (I know after checking ID). The blonde asks for a beer and I server her. The brunette also asks for a beer and I ask her for ID to make sure she is above 18. Turns out she is not. I server her soda and she is pissed (both of them). They say I am a mood spoiler, a joy killer. I sit them down and give them life through the eyes and experience of a Black man. By the time I am done, they are sitting with their mouths open in awe. Cut a long story short: these ladies said they had jungle fever (came for sex). Had I succumbed, there is a likelihood that they feel ashamed when the booz clears and yell “rape”. 25 year old Black man with 17 year old intoxicated brunette… I would be guilty before I even see a court house.

    My point: we do not know what happened…

  49. No You Don't Get it. says:

    NATE PARKER: If only the woman you violated multiple times and gang raped would be alive today and look back 17 years ago and say “I have a family, I have a son. I get it.” NO YOU DON’T. YOU DON’T GET IT. THIS IS WHY YOUR COMMENTS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE. Perhaps one day you’ll wake up from unconsciousness to find someone you know violating you. Maybe then you will GET IT and realize 17 years will never set things straight.

  50. Nikki says:

    Judgmental a** white people! How many white men rape little boys and their kids. I don’t really do blogs, but the hate spewing on this site is disgusting? People commit violent crimes everyday! People are convicted, and some acquired! That is life!

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