Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’ Exploits My Sister All Over Again (Guest Column)

Nate Parker’s 'Birth of a Nation'
Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

My sister was raped 60 days after her 18th birthday. She was a freshman at Penn State University. The defendants charged in the case, Nate Parker and Jean Celestin, were on the wrestling team and had the power of the Penn State Athletic Department behind them.

She was harassed and hounded, and ended up dropping out. She had just aged out of the foster care system, so it was a big deal for her to go to college. She had a chance at a brand new life, but that was stolen from her.

Two years later, she went through the ordeal of testifying. She endured cross-examination by two high-priced lawyers who attacked her character and her background. Ultimately Parker was acquitted. Celestin was found guilty, but the case was later overturned on appeal.

She was eager to testify against him again, but several years had passed, other witnesses had moved away, and prosecutors decided not to retry the case. She went through every option she possibly could for justice, and she got none.

In the years that followed, Nate Parker became a well-known actor. It tormented my sister to see him thrive while she was still struggling. In 2012, she committed suicide. It took me more than two years to not cry uncontrollably every day over her loss.

I can only imagine the pain she would be experiencing now to see Nate Parker promoting his new movie, “The Birth of a Nation,” which he wrote with Celestin.

As her sister, the thing that pains me most of all is that in retelling the story of the Nat Turner slave revolt, they invented a rape scene. The rape of Turner’s wife is used as a reason to justify Turner’s rebellion.

This is fiction. I find it creepy and perverse that Parker and Celestin would put a fictional rape at the center of their film, and that Parker would portray himself as a hero avenging that rape.

Given what happened to my sister, and how no one was held accountable for it, I find this invention self-serving and sinister, and I take it as a cruel insult to my sister’s memory.

I think it’s important for people to know Nat Turner’s story. But people should know that Turner did not need rape to justify what he did. Parker and Celestin did not need to add that to Turner’s story to make him more sympathetic.

Fox Searchlight should add a disclaimer indicating that did not happen or remove those scenes altogether.

I have read the piece by Gabrielle Union, a rape survivor who co-stars in the film, in which she argues that the film should be used as an opportunity to reflect on sexual violence. That would allow my sister to be exploited all over again, and it sickens me. I am extremely disappointed in anyone who would use my sister’s story to advance their own fame and fortune.

I think Nate Parker and Jean Celestin knew this would come up. I think they thought that they could get away with exploiting my sister again, just like they did back at Penn State. They would just say that they were exonerated, and that they could dismiss her allegations. And now, instead of the power of Penn State, they would have the power of 20th Century Fox and the Murdoch family behind them.

But in the last month, as the trial transcripts have come out, I have been gratified to see so many people rally to defend my sister. I know she would feel honored, as she never got that level of support in life.

Since she is no longer here to speak for herself, I feel a duty to speak on her behalf. I was the closest person to her throughout her life. Nate Parker caused her so much pain, and that pain and anger are still raw for me.

I will wait for a true version of this story to be told — one that respects history and does not re-exploit my sister. When she was 18 years old and incapacitated, Nate Parker and Jean Celestin had power over her. They abused that power, and they continue to wield that power to this day.

— As told to Gene Maddaus

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  1. Pearl Barkley says:

    Who is this Woman? No name for her and no name for her sister. One thing that is certain an accusation of rape against a Black man is still powerful! This accusation tanked a well done historically important film. Like in the past death from a mere accusation. A Black man is lynched! It behooves all of us to remember that none of us were there and it is impression that all 3 of them were drunk. In the end it their word against hers and she wins regardless of a trial which cleared Parker and later on his friend. I guess its impossible for a Black man to be innocent. It is a tragic loss of a human life although for many woman rape does not lead to suicide. Such is life’s pathos….

  2. Dd says:

    So sorry for the loss of your sister! You are her voice and you honor her memory by telling her story, as difficult as that must have been. It is just terribly sad!

  3. John says:

    God bless you and your family. Not sure how anyone could support Nate Parker moving forward. I didn’t like his film, or the performances of the actors.

  4. drush76 says:

    I have grave doubts that the rape of his wife had led Nat Turner to conduct a revolt. In fact, I have read that it was his religious beliefs, accompanied by visions that finally led him to act. But this does not erase the fact that many African-American women were subjected to rape by their white owners and other men – whether black or white.

    On the other hand, I have grave doubts that Nate Parker and Jean McGianni Celestin were thinking of the author’s sister, when they wrote this movie. I am not trying to be cruel, but I strongly suspect this.

  5. nelly says:

    There was nothing untrue about the rape in the move. Whether it was Nat Turners’ wife or to many to count other black woman, it happened. Him needing to tell of this mans life or becoming successful deserves applause not an apology.

  6. Nomad says:

    To the uniformed who think not guilty doesn’t mean innocent, I offer this to educate you. In the USA one is innocent until proven guilty. The accused enters the courtroom under the presumption of innocence. If found not guilty, the accused leaves the courtroom the same way they entered…innocent because no guilt was ever proved. In America crimes are alleged and the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove guilt, there is no such burden on the accused to prove anything because they are by law innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, a verdict of not guilty now gives written record the defendant is innocent and the failure to convict is proof of the accused innocence.

    This is nothing more than misdirection to take the focus off the fact that many enslaved people of African descent rebelled against the barbarians who held them in bondage.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Teach them the Truth!!!!! It’s amazing how all those hypocrites claiming Nate Parker is guilty refuse to acknowledge the fact he was found innocent within a court of law that heard the alleged victim testify and heard plus saw evidence but determined Mr. Parker is is innocent of the rape-charges. This ongoing fake-outrage campaign being driven by various media agencies including this site is nothing more than an abominable character-assassination ploy to try and flop the film at the box office. However, it ain’t working and rational people see through the bovine excrement being continuously shoveled by White supremacists and their proxies actively attacking Nate Parker.

  7. Kent C says:

    I was not aware that there was a fictional rape added to this movie – I agree with the author – this is sinister at best given his history. He may have been acquitted but the facts of the case are in the public domain and it’s pretty clear to anyone who actually takes the time to looks at the case that he was guilty. The justice system that today frees scumbag rapists like Brock Turner with zero accountability back then was even more blinkered.
    Parker’s friend (and co-author of this movie) Jean Celestin was convicted and his conviction was only overturned on appeal due to errors made by his attorney. Let’s repeat – Celestin was found guilty of rape. But the circumstances were that Nate Parker was having sex with his unconscious victim and invited Celestin to join in. One of their friends testified – an air force lieutenant at the time of trial – that he and Celestin came across Parker having sex with the victim while she appeared to be unconscious, and asked both him and Celestin to come into the room. The air force lieutenant left but Celestin went in.
    The victim was so drunk she had hardly any recollection but was sure that she had sex with someone she didn’t know. Parker denied this after the fact until she cleverly claimed she was pregnant – then all of a sudden he threw Celestin under the bus and named him – in a phone conversation which was all caught on tape by the victim and was part of the evidence.
    Parker was acquitted purely on the basis that the victim admitted a previous sexual relationship with him (one count of oral sex) – so the view was that if she consented to that she ~likely~ consented to this. This was a jury of 11 men and 1 woman and you can just imagine how the highly paid defending counsel used that, by accusing her of being “sexually aggressive”. And yet, once again, despite all that – Celestin was convicted. He was convicted as a rapist and Parker was there at the scene.
    For both of these men to now co-author a movie that includes a rape scene – and a fabricated one at that – is unquestionably sinister and self-serving. Perhaps an attempt to assuage their guilty consciences for driving this woman to suicide.
    I for one will be boycotting this film and advising everyone I know to do the same.
    Pretty shocked to see the number of people standing up as rape apologists to defend Nate Parker.

  8. Jennifer Duke says:

    I loved the story of Nate Turner as a second grader and would be very interested in seeing this film, but it disturbs me a fictitious rape was added. The true story of Nate Turner was compelling enough . I am sorry her sister died . We do know that rape culture exists but these men were tried in a court of law and were freed. As a victim of a violent crime I can say that the pain exists long past the time of the crime and the best thing a victim can do is focus on our healing rather than the people that harmed us.

  9. KT says:

    Um… sorry, but not everything is about you or your sister. Not every movie, not every role Nate takes and certainly not the fact that Black women were actually raped during the time period the movie takes place in. You know, Black women, who didn’t even have the luxury your sister did in saying said people raped them? So please, stay on topic and stop with the muckraking. If you couldn’t be bothered to go to the media to make this much of a stink in the past and only saw fit to do it once he created a movie, then it’s you who has the problem, not him. It’s called, in one word: sabotage. And much to your soon dismay, it will not work.

    • Norm says:

      I wonder if you are a moon cricket…hmmm I’m going with yeah. Keep defending Nate Parker all you want, but before you do so maybe think about how you would feel if your daughter got raped by two men, and neither was really held accountable and your daughter then took her own life. People like you are what makes this world suck.

    • Lisajt says:

      You must be so aware of what rape victims go through not only after the rape but the legal process that often revictimizes them. No most likely you could care less. Variety gave this woman a venue for her opinion and you’re whining about the piece she wrote by her not being on “topic” (the whole point of the article was her sister’s experience and her feelings regarding the film’s inclusion of rape)

      • Norm says:

        KT you need to check out the stats, there’s more black on black rape then white on black rape, just like there’s more black on black killings then white on black killings.

      • KT says:

        BTW, the “re-vicitimization” I’m referring to in my earlier post is that of the person being the victim of the media going into the victim’s background for unrelated information in order to cast doubt on the person’s reputation and credibility, or, as is often the case for Black women, shaming them by framing them as promiscuous, even when they aren’t, or calling them adult women when they’re actually girls/young women.

        Not the “re-victimization” of having to “relive” the incident claimed to have happen, in court, in case that’s what you meant instead.

      • KT says:

        No, the whole point of the article is clearly stated in its title: she thinks a rape in a movie having nothing to do with her sister, is exploiting her sister, which she’s decided to express using hearsay and experiences that aren’t even her own. This isn’t about being on “topic,” it’s about making a ludicrous claim and seeking to trivialize the pain and demonization countless Black women actually went through during slavery; not to mention the Black men who were also forced into sex with white women during slavery, having to worry about facing death if they said no, or facing death if they were caught since the default conclusion in either situation would be “he tried to/did rape me.”

        “not only after the rape but the legal process that often revictimizes them”
        Oh, I’m well aware of that. Try being a Black woman today and being raped by a white man or gangraped by white men, and see how badly society and the media victimize you. We do, and always have lived in a country that takes a white person’s word without question, if they claim they’ve been “victimized” by a Black person. But vice versa? How do you think Crystal Mangum, who still holds to her story about the attack, feels? She sure as heck didn’t get the response from the public the the johnny-come-lately Cosby accusers have, or even the support this author’s sister now has; and she never will.

        For white women, the victimization you claim happens might happen when they accuse white men of doing it (not a peep’s been heard about Trump’s being accused of raping a woman at 13, for example. Let’s see if Variety gives her a venue for her opinion), but it sure as heck doesn’t when they accuse Black men. They’re made out to be the source of truth, who should automatically be believed, even when they lie. And when they DO admit to have lying, they’re rarely, if ever punished, so please do come off it with the guilt-tripping.

  10. Brigitte Sutherland says:

    Having read countless versions of the history of this case, I always wonder how few times the fact that there was a third witness to the event. He, along with Jean Celestin, was invited by Nate Parker as he was having sex with this woman. The third man testified that she was lifeless and he declined the offer.

  11. Johnny B. Scott says:

    Why is it in America a black man goes through the legal system and is found innocent, the system is wrong? But, the same system finds a white male innocent for killing a black person and it is perfect and everyone is HAPPY as a LARK.

  12. Cole Stone says:

    Only in Hollywood are rapists & child molesters (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and now Nat Parker) worshiped and praised.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Isn’t it interesting we don’t read nor hear about the prolific drug use among White actors and actresses and some have even done time behind prison bars for using and selling. I don’t recall seeing arrested and sent to prison whenever Robert Dowry Jr. or Tim Allen has a new media production being released to the public!


    As a grad of Penn State, and knowing the Penn State environment, I vehemently disagree with Sharon Loeffler’s comments about Nate Parker and Jean Celestine. Those Black Men were accused, tried and ultimately exonerated in the White controlled Amerikkkan Court System. Apparently she looking to besmirch them because of their success. Had they not received such notoriety because of their movie “Birth of a Nation,” I doubt very seriously if we would have heard of or from her.
    Both Men were accused of rape, and eventually exonerated. There is no need for them to apologize.
    Many of Penn State Black athletes have experienced similar ordeals wherein young women offer sexual favors, and later claim that they were raped. That happened to one of my friend and classmate. He was given sexual favors by a White girl, and 3 days later she claimed that he had raped her. He lost his athletic scholarship and was suspended from the team. I went to see Joe Paterno, and asked him, “Why did you suspended him when he was only accused?” Of course Paterno said, “For the sake of the team and the University,” which I knew was a bunch of racist Bull Sh t. My friend had to drive a taxicab in State College, Pa. to survive until he was exonerated. He was reinstated into the University and the football team. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and has had a very successful career and life.
    Many of Penn State’s Black athletes have gone through the same racist scenario, be they football players, basketball players, wrestlers, etc. And today, thousand upon thousands of Black males are experiencing the more than 500 years of Amerikkkan institutionalized racism on a daily basis. Nat Turner’s actions were justified. If you were in his position, What would YOU do? I know that I would have done the same as He did. WE want JUSTICE or ELSE!!!

    • Cole Stone says:

      Now knowing how Penn State covered up Sandusky’s raping young boys and Penn State’s efforts to hide that and other things involving their sports programs. Your ignorant rant about “Amerikkkan” b.s. is just that = B.S. And go on and try your ” WE want JUSTICE or ELSE!!!” Bring it on. We are more than ready for you.

      • The comment posted was in reply to: ZAWDIE ABDUL-MALIK, against his racist rant.

      • O W Holmes says:

        You’re a racist, who had been provided opportunities and privileges few whites obtain. All events which happen in your life, which are due to your own ignorance, avarice and neglect, you seek to blame on the ‘white system’, which you call the KKK. That type of branding is racist and you can’t stand it when you’re called out.

  14. Rick Coutts says:

    your a total moron buds

  15. If people want to see a movie on Nat Turner, there are several documentaries. Better yet, read a book! I find it so telling that two rapists named a movie that was supposed to indicate the fight for freedom the same title as the movie that labeled black males a menace, who’d wantonly rape white women and gave birth to the KKK in response. Also, inserting a fake rape was very callous. There were other reasons to not support this particular movie, but the personal messiness is certainly a compelling one.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Trying to dictate to Black-Americans and other Americans what’s an acceptable way to study and learn about this historic uprising where enslaved Black people fought for their freedom? Good luck with that one buddy!

  16. Rick Lance says:

    Nate Parker calls Nat Turner a hero in introducing the film. Killing the slave owners could be called justifiable homicide. Butchering 29 children, and 15 women, with axes and knives, and cutting up their bodies is a whole ‘nother thing. His uprising caused the deaths of innocent blacks, as well as his guilty followers. Meanwhile, he hid while his brothers were killed. Instead of hero, I see racist mass murderer, psychopath, coward.

    • Tami says:

      I love how you mention the 29 children and 15 women that were butchered at the hands of Nat Turner and his followers. But what about the countless innocent black women, and children that were raped at the hands of their racist white slave masters and abused by the slave masters wives because of jealously of the slave master choosing to have kids and sex with a slave as opposed to their very own wives? What about the thousands of children who were taken from their parents and beaten in front of them and sold off into slavery never to see their parents again? Do you have the same amount of sympathy for them? The number of people who died at the hands of Nat Turner is no where even comparable to the countless innocent lives that were lost at the hands of white people during the 245 years that slavery existed in America. The rape scene may have been fictionalized in this particular story but everyone knows that occurred on a daily basis on slave plantations all throughout the country at that time. So please save us the sob story.

  17. Arnie Tracey says:

    No offense – This is not unlike the end of “What Lies Beneath” – Parker would be Dr. Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford).and the sister Sharon (above) Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the rape victim would be the missing girl named Madison Elizabeth Frank (Amber Valletta).

    • Mel Strait says:

      If you consider the abuse and killing of black women and children awful, and someone else does the same thing to whites, how can you consider that anything but awful as well. Both are tragic events and should not be glorified any more than the killings of jews in WWII. None of these killers are heroes. They’re just killers.

    • Cole Stone says:


  18. Khasekhemre Kafele says:

    It funny how you dropped this a time an epic film drops..When he had several others movie out…Stop trying to ruin a successful man career with a rape case allegation…Typical of Mainstream America. Can not wait to see and support the film.

    • Mike Dly says:

      There are plenty of other talented African American filmmakers to get behind. You remind me of a Trump supporter. No matter how vile Trump is, they’re behind him 100%. That’s what you’re doing with Nate, You must be proud. Good luck.

  19. Hmm, no. says:

    Bill Cosby is hilarious; it’s not a free pass to rape women for decades. Jerry Sandusky played a big role in the sucess of the Penn State football team. I would never say it was acceptable to return a blind eye to his pedophilia. It’s not acceptable for Nate Parker either. Read the trial transcripts, and ask yourself whether you could support this film if he did that to your sister or daughter. I don’t support Woody Allen or Roman Polanski either.

  20. Avenger07 says:

    His depicting of a rape in the film is disgusting and will hurt the movie even more, this movie is finished, we have other films by minorities coming up, Birth’s exit from awards season shouldn’t be that bad, and by the way let’s widen the conversation and agree that Asians and Latinos are even less represented, we need true diversity, Nate Parker is not to be missed.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Oh because you erroneously believe that enslaved Black children, Black women, and even Black men were somehow protected from the sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and rape from White slave owners, overseers, and even plantation mistresses.

  21. Lars asken says:

    White people are so transparent. You keep bringing up the rape charges. But that’s just a smoke screen. You don’t want the world to see you up on that screen. Evil, greedy, self center, murderous,blood thirsty,takers. So you wave the past, a past that has been addressed in court. Be you will fail, the truth will be told.

    • nelson says:

      In response to Lar;s comment about the white dude ( Brock Turner) who got off on similar charges….IMO he is a disgusting pig too, white or black don’t matter. Even if Nate thinks he is innocent, what kind of character does he have to admitted to having sex with a women who is drunk and to do so with his buddy? Yeah, he sounds like a real stand up guy..

    • Cole Stone says:

      “…White people are so transparent. You keep bringing up the rape charges. But that’s just a smoke screen. You don’t want the world to see you up on that screen. Evil, greedy, self center, murderous,blood thirsty, takers…” ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE. IT SOUNDS MORE LIKE THE BLACKS IN ALL THE INNER CITIES IN THIS COUNTRY.

    • Rick Lance says:

      You are a racist. Period

      • Lars asken says:

        Lol, that could never be true. I didn’t hear anyone speak on the young white man who’s name escapes me right now. Who was convicted of rape but judge gave him no time. He though he was just being a young man. Nate Parker has done many films with actors like Denzel Washington. And also did a film a few years ago about slavery and civil rights.

  22. Cammy says:

    This is crazy leave the man alone he was acquitted on all chargers wat world are y’all living in her sister clearly made a statement of jealousy her sister would have been hurt by his fame and she still struggling he choose not to struggle she did I feel bad she killed herself but I don’t think he’s to be blamed when you accuse someone of rape of course you are going to testify and be cross examined this man is trying to live his life now here she come with this RIP TO HER SISTER MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE …… on the other hand he choose to live life and become wealthy nothing wrong with that

  23. Emma Walsh says:

    I am shocked to read the comments! Those saying that you are attacking an innocent man, or someone who has changed. If he had of changed he would be doing time right now as he would have been a man and turned himself in.

    It is never ok for a callous rapist to try and rewrite history by portraying himself as a defender of women. Why can these idiots commenting see, it is about who you ARE not about who you say you are, and how much money and power you have to make people believe this.

    Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman and your commitment to taking on whoever stands against your sister is inspiring and noble. They should make a movie about this with Nate Parker and Celeste ending up behind bars. Keep fighting as long as you can.

  24. LA says:

    How about all of the planters, slave owners, slave masters, brothers, uncles, sons, descendants of plantation owners apologize for all of the Black women they raped?!!!!!

  25. Edna says:

    Okay now this has gone too far.

    The man stood trial for rape.
    He was found not guilty.
    The accuser committed suicide.
    Mr. Parker has done some major self reflection in public and I imaging in private.

    As a black woman, I’m torned beyond comprehension and wrestle with the importance of this film and the alleged actions of the filmmaker and writers.

    However, NO. MATTER WHAT, MAKE NO MISTAKE OF THIS, these events in the film are VERY RELEVANT TO OUR HISTORY, VERY TRUE in context and the rape scene represents a VERY ACCURATE BLACK EXPERIENCE that in NO WAY should be IGNORED, OMITTED or TRIVIALISED.

    The victim’s sister has every right to feel anger towards Mr. Parker yet not ROB US or SOIL on BLACK HISTORY.
    Have several seats please.
    Let’s not get ish twisted PLEASE.

    • No says:

      As a black woman and rape survivor, I can read history and pass on this fictitious retelling.

    • Lee says:

      There’s no ‘US’ involved in this.
      Whatever those men did, they did alone, and the fact that they made a historical drama afterwards is no reason to overlook their behaviour.
      THEY soiled black history when, KNOWING THEIR HISTORY TOGETHER, they chose to insert a fictitious rape scene.
      This is not the last time Nat Turner’s story will be told and frankly, there are better people to tell it.
      If they can’t explain his motives without using women and sexual violence as props, then perhaps Parker and his buddy Celestin were never the right men for the job.

      • Lars Asken says:

        Slavery and the unthinkable actions and behavior that are still with us today. Are American History not Black History which is already dirtier then dirt it self.

      • Emmanuel Dark says:

        Lee says: “This is not the last time Nat Turner’s story will be told and frankly, there are better people to tell it. If they can’t explain his motives without using women and sexual violence as props, then perhaps Parker and his buddy Celestin were never the right men for the job.”

        First of all, Hollywood vanguard had no desire nor intention for portraying Nat Turner’s Rebellion upon “the big screen” nor television nor cable. This historic account of a slave uprising doesn’t fit the Hollywood preferred slave movie of noble but suffering slaves whom can only escape via a White male savior figure. Nate Parker choose to Direct/Co-write/Produce/Act within the film because no one else in Hollwood was ever going to do it. Therefore, your response about “there are better people to tell it” is complete bovine excrement.

        Secondly to the historic nature of chattel-slavery within the USA that lasted for over 300 years. It’s came your response shows complete ignorance to the truly horrific nature of enslavement of Black-Americans ancestors. Enslaved Black people were subjugated to various forms of physical abuse in addition to being forced to work all manner of backbreaking labor day in and out. Any and all enslaved Black people could be subjugated to rape and other forms of sexually exploitation by slave owners and overseers. During American slavery there were slave breeding farms for impregnating enslaved Black women to make more human property. Also, White men regularly indulge their perverse sexual desire with enslaved Black women, and even children, and Black men.

        What’s that you wasn’t taught about that in public school? Well states like Texas have come under harsh criticism for omitting slavery from their state’s history text books. I bet you don’t know anything about dozens of race riots committed by racist White-Americans against prosperous Black communities after slavery ended. I bet you have no knowledge of thousands come to maybe ten thousand innocent Black people: minors, women, and men killed by lynchings either individually or even killed in groups by White lynch-mobs? Lynchings of Black people happened unchecked for almost a century after slavery ended and an argument can be made about how these summary executions by law enforcement against Black citizens are just modern day form of lynchings.

        However, “Lee” in your willful ignorance, you want to speak as some authority about American history that you clearly don’t understand. You want to question that rape and sexual abuse happened to enslaved Black people where there are surviving records that details the horrendous treatment of Black-American Ancestors.

  26. crayceratops says:

    I find it awfully hypocritical of you to claim Nate Parker is exploiting your sister’s rape for personal gain. Isn’t that exactly what you are doing with this article? You are seeking to profit off your sister’s “rape” both financially and emotionally. I’m sure this plot might fool some gullible SJWs to support you, but any reasonable person will see this what for it is. A shameless attempt at getting “justice” for your own selfish reasons. People like you need to stop twisting the definition of rape. I’m sick of men being accused by women of rape for a sexual encounter they regretted. The court reviewed the case and he was determined to be innocent by a jury of his peers.

    I’m sorry that your sister is no longer here, but that doesn’t mean you get to slander someone because you didn’t get the verdict you wanted. After reviewing your sister’s case it seems that she had a sexual encounter she didn’t enjoy. If she didn’t want to have sex then she should have said no and left. I didn’t stop making out with my fiancé to ask her if it was ok to move further. We were both in the moment and it progressed to the point where we had sex. I shouldn’t have to pull out a form or ruin the romance of that moment to go woah woah woah, I have your consent right? Our justice system determined that your sister wasn’t raped. Move on and stop insulting real rape survivors with your continued persecution of an innocent.

    • Cammy says:

      I agree. She’s the one trying to gain some kind of attention from this she needs to go and watch the movie this is about our struggle as black

      • Sonya says:

        You want to see our struggle as black people, look in the mirror or watch 12 years a Slave, Roots, Armistad, The Color Purple, etc. You will live if you don’t support two rapists. I am one of the black women who will not see this movie. I am just way too uncomfortable about all of this craziness surrounding these men and the film.

    • Lee says:

      ‘You are seeking to profit off your sister’s “rape” both financially and emotionally.’
      How does one profit emotionally from one’s sister being raped?
      What a ridiculous statement.
      I would expect nothing less from someone who thinks SJW is an insult. What are you, a Social Injustice Warrior?
      Clearly you are an SIW, as you’re here attacking the sister of a suicide victim.
      Also, why did you bring your fiancee into this? It sounds like you’re worried you didn’t really have her consent…

      • WNY_Will says:

        crayceratops… did you even read the whole article? was your fiancee passed out drunk when you had implied consent through a “continuation of actions?” Oh, I bet not.

      • PhillyDiva says:

        That is you and that is okay if you don’t want to see it however, the content and story of the movie far outweigh the issues that Nate Parker himself went through in college. I can’t wait to see it and yes not only am I a black woman but I’m also a survivor of multiple rapes, domestic abuse, and child molestation.

      • crayceratops says:

        Lol I’m not nor was I at all worried I didn’t have my fiancé’s, now wife, consent. Both of us were in the moment, first time, and so it’s not like we had a pause to ask each other’s consent. It is clearly implied by the continuation of actions.

        We live in a culture right now where being a victim is its own form of currency. She is making herself the victim by association and profiting emotionally off the support of ignorant people. This is far from a rare occurrence and with tools like go fund me it makes being a victim very profitable. You don’t have to be in the right or have the facts, just win in the court of public opinion. It wouldn’t matter if there was evidence showing that Nate was 110% innocent. She would still receive massive waves of support by using the right buzz words and narrative.

      • Emmanuel Dark says:

        She is replying logically based on facts. Meanwhile, you are pandering to the same fake-outrage this tabloid digital-rag been regurgitation since last month. If yourself, the staff at Variety, or others are so outraged that Nate Parker proved his innocence within a court of law then find out who the judge and jury members were whom all ruled that Mr. Parker was innocent.

    • Emmanuel Dark says:

      Thank you so much for your logical response crayceratops. It’s rather disgusting that variety continues to engage within this ongoing character assassination/smear campaign against Mr. Parker and now sunken so low as to get the surviving family member of the rape accuser to pen a hit-piece. These slanderous articles have nothing to do with the film except they are meant to stigmatize the director/writer/producer/actor Nate Parker and try to make the film flop at the box office and indirectly blacklist him within Hollywood. Well all these hit pieces prove is how successful that film will be otherwise there wouldn’t be any need for this ongoing fake-outrage campaign against Nate Parker.

    • KB says:

      A court/judge in the US never declares someone innocent. A case not being retried is not equal to the defendants being exonerated. There wasn’t enough evidence to try Parker for rape…he was never deemed “innocent.”

      His friend got a second trial because of a technicality and the prosecutors decided not to try the case again.

      No one was exonerated, no one was found not guilty, and obviously, no one was/is ever found innocent.

      • crayceratops says:

        INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. You can try to play word games all you want, but as far as the law is concerned, Nate IS innocent. They failed to prove he was guilty because clearly there wasn’t enough evidence. These types of cases are always going to be controversial and there may be injustice. There are so many factors and unknowns that no reasonable person would find Nate guilty. What I find appalling is how these days a rape accusation can be thrown around and the accuser will get mass support for no reason. The accusation alone is enough as far as public opinion is concerned. It has ruined the lives of many innocent men.

    • KB says:

      Her sister was unconscious through the majority of the assault. As a matter of fact, when Parker and Celestin asked a third guy if he wanted to get in on the action, he was said to be disgusted because it was clear she was not a willing participant.

      Sadly, back then and even now there are people who don’t understand that this is rape. There is a tendency to say “well, she shouldn’t have been drinking and hanging around them.” But tell me, sir, if you went over to a guy friends’ apartment and got drunk then awoke to him and another man having sex with you, how would you feel? An unconscious human being cannot consent to sex.

      • Emmanuel Dark says:

        That’s interesting KB you write as if you are an eye witness to the crime you claimed that happened but the White Judge and nearly all White jury didn’t see it that way. Therefore, what secret information that you have or know that those court didn’t have access to almost 20 years ago?

  27. I believe this year will see Denzel Washington in August Wilson’s “Fences”, as well as Gael Garcia Bernal in Alfonso Quaron’s “Desierto,” the Fox film “Hidden Figures” which will get a year end release, and Lupita N’yongo in “Queen of Katwe” as the definite qualifiers as diverse films of Oscar caliber and worth. Mr. Parker’s film will do business because fo the subject matter, but unfortunately, his lack of mea culpa actions before the incident became known will probably exclude him from award winning.

  28. Emmanuel Dark says:

    Chas Linebarger says: “It´s a race hate movie of course created by a rapist whose victim hangs in his closet” Actually Mr. Parker was found innocent within a court of law that heard evidence and deemed his charges weren’t justified. As to the film itself it’s based off a real historic uprising of enslaved Black people who fought to be free on a dehumanizing system of bondage based on simply being “Black” and that was true “race hate” and not your White-tears because that horrific era of History makes you uncomfortable.

  29. pkayden says:

    Very sorry to hear about your Sister’s ordeal. Nothing much more to say except that movies about real people often use so-called creative license to add/subtract from historical stories. Good on you for speaking out though. That must have taken a lot of courage.

  30. There is no justification for any violence of any kind to be committed against a woman especially the violence of rape. However, if we have faith in the American justice system, then we must work within the system to correct its mistakes and short comings. Unless there is evidence of legal oversight in the Parker rape trial, then we must respect the ruling of the court of his peers. Mr. Parker, according to American law was already presumed innocent before the trial begun. The story of the greatest crime ever committed against the humanity of a people must be told regardless who tells it.

    • Avenger07 says:

      Well well well, suddenly we must have faith in the American justice system I see. Ok, by the way there’s another version of the nat Turner story by another director that was released not long ago, I’ll check that one out instead of Birth.

  31. chuckp says:

    Thank you Ms. Loeffler, for speaking out for your sister on this topic. Rape culture is something that must be confronted. Nate Parker should not be allowed to get away with his crimes and profit from them.

  32. Bonafide513 says:

    This movie has nothing to do with your dead sister nor you. So sit down and shut the hell up.

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      Thank you for telling the unfiltered truth! It is SO REFRESHING that there are reasonable people that can see through this charade perpetrated by bottom feeders. Where was her sister during her lifetime? Why didn’t she stand up for her then? Opportunistic vultures picking at the carcass of her dead sister. Beneath contempt!

    • Avenger07 says:

      Stop it?, this movie already stopped itself, check Indiwire and other sites best picture predictions, Birth is not even a contender anymore and it is not 12 years a slave caliber Film to do at least decent at the box office.

      • The Truth Hurts says:

        That’s a lie. The Birth Of A Nation received a very warm reception at the Toronto Film Festival and is very much in the running for an OSCAR> AND THE ACADEMY HAD BETTER BRACE ITSELF FOR A BIG FIGHT IF IT TRIES TO DENY NATE PARKER HIS JUST DUE AFTER AWARDING A CONVICTED PEDOPHILE AND RAPIST THE BEST DIRECTOR OSCAR OVER A DECADE AGO!!!!!

    • Avenger07 says:

      Fun fact: idiots like you are the reason many of us will boycott Parker’s movie, because your arrogance, narcissistic asshole attitudes is what pisses us off even more to keep trashing these so called filmmakers who think they can not only get away with rape, but even profit from it.

      • Bonafide513 says:

        My “ignorance” persuades what you & other weak minded morons do in your lives? What a moron. Keep crying, this movie is coming out and no white supremacist flunkies will stop it.

  33. Avenger07 says:

    And to all the idiots saying this is a race thing bias against Parker’s movie…….Moonlight is another black film that’s been raved at film festivals and has taken Birth’s place as a best picture contender, and deservedly so.

  34. Nate Parker was INNOCENT. Please let your sister RIP instead of rehashing he failed attempt at blaming Nate of rape. This movie will succeed regardless how much your clowns re-litigate the past.

  35. CoCo says:

    Variety runs this in the ground, but barely touches the known pedos.

  36. JoereR says:

    A great slave film everyone should see is “Freedom” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. – just saw it on Showtime

  37. Emmanuel Dark says:

    Ah the White supremacists excuse me editorial staff of Variety have published another hit-piece against Mr. Parker. Talk about sinking to even a newer low! I’ll give y’all credit for not having a shred of journalistic integrity but nice attempt at your hiding your ongoing character assassination campaign under the guise of social justice. Also, bravo for playing off the fears of the Big Black rapist waiting behind trees and bushes waiting to grab helpless White women and sully their virtue, that’s a classic propaganda play famous with the KKK and other bigots within the USA. I look forward to this film being a Block Buster with sales far beyond what was expected especially after this relentless fake-outrage media campaign. I look forward to reading the false-righteous indignation and White-tears that will be posted by “writers” after the film shows highly profitable returns at the box office.

    • Avenger07 says:

      This movie will go nowhere, it’s not even an awards contender anymore, Fox searchlight is for obvious reasons not throwing its weight behind any longer due to the rape scandal, picky with the venues they show it at, not doing press fir the movie…….it’s over, and honestly I doubt it will be successful at the box office, this isn’t the type of film that makes big money…’s a lose-lose situation for Fox searchlight.

      • Emmanuel Dark says:

        Avenger07 says: “This movie will go nowhere….” Well if that was the case then Variety wouldn’t be publishing one hit-piece after another concerning Nate Parker. How many times does the same fraudulent statements need to be repeated? Also, there’s the overlooked fact that Nate Parker’s innocence was proven within a court of law by a virtually all White jury and presided over by a White judge. The case itself was almost 20 years ago and has nothing to do with Mr. Parker’s current film release.

  38. Seymore Clearly says:

    The past is past, or so some say. Yet some events can haunt us to our graves.

    This whole thing -the rape, trial, conviction, acquittal, overturn of conviction on appeal, and now this movie, are awful. We cannot bring back Sharon Loeffler’s sister. I hope she finds peace in her afterlife because NO ONE deserves what she bravely endured for the sake of personal justice. It is rare that when any of us find ourselves in the midst of such calamitous events, someone steps up and speaks for us. Ms. Loeffler is to be commended for speaking up for her sister, even now, posthumously.

    I cannot begin to imagine what Ms. Loeffler’s sister’s life was like before she entered college, let alone after her rape, and subsequent trial of her rapists. People read the word “rape” yet really -unless they’ve been so victimized- have absolutely NO comprehension of the word’s meaning. It is an action, a verb, an assault against a person’s most basic nature. It robs the victim of their personhood in ways that, unless we, too, have been raped, we can’t completely comprehend. That these events during her short life conspired to rob Ms. Loeffler’s sister of her will to live is as heartbreaking as it gets.

    Mr. Parker may be a Christian, but it does not absolve him of having to atone for his past sins. He’s either going to do it now in this life, or in the afterlife, where he’ll meet the woman whose life he tortured and ruined. That is HIS to own, and he will own it, one way or another. His movie be damned. I would not want to be in his shoes as he moves thru his life now because Karma has a way catching up.

    God rest Ms. Loeffler’s sister’s soul. Have mercy on her and see that justice is ultimately done, to right the wrongs she endured. And may God mete out justice to the men who abused her.

    • crayceratops says:

      I like how people like you convenient skip over the word acquittal as if it means nothing. Just because the sister had a regrettable sexual encounter doesn’t mean she is entitled to her own version of justice. He went through the process and was found innocent by a jury of his peers. So tired of “rape victims” who endless persecute someone because they didn’t get their way. Rape is one of the worst crimes I can think of and I can’t imagine what that experience does to someone. But based on the facts that were reviewed by the jury, she wasn’t raped.

  39. Georgia Thompson says:

    My comment is directed towards Ms. Loeffler’s opinion about being factual when depicting historical events. I agree wholehardicly. However, it’s a fact that most filmmakers embellish. E.g. Joseph Fennes as Michael Jackson, Laurence Olivier as Othello, or Johnny Depp as Tonto.

  40. Boycott says:

    I am an educated black woman, and I am boycotting this film, Birth of a Nation. Nate Parker co-wrote this movie with the same friend he invited to rape that young woman, who is now dead. He has perverted the story of Nat Turner to be about his own disgusting actions of rape against that woman at Penn State. Black women are not going to support the black male rapists, criminals, and thugs in our communities. We DO NOT accept cheap Holywood money-makers, instead of reading historical, researched intellectual documents about our history. We WILL NOT be goaded with “the race card” to support every criminal, rapist, and abusive black male just because he tells us to or because the media has decided we should watch another slave narrative this year. I ask all black women and intelligent black males to boycott rape culture and Birth of a Nation.

  41. BigOriginal7 says:

    Thank you Nate Parker. In the month of October and throughout the year, learn and tell your children of Nat Turner, and also Boukman, Mackandal, Dessalines of Ayiti (Haiti), Zumbi, Yanga, Kudjo of Jamaica, Nanny of Jamaica, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser, David Walker, Nzinga of Angola and many others.

  42. Lisa says:

    It’s important that Ms Loeffler noted that the rape scene in the film was fabricated. It was unneccesary. In psychology it’s called projection when someone accuses the another of what he actually did. A prime example is a cheating spouse who is accuses their partner of cheating. In some sick way Parker is justifying his own trial. He’s misplacing his guilt. The sign of someone who is not healthy and will rape again. Amd in a way, that’s what he’s doing by using this publicity to forward his ‘project’ and he has many supporters willing to oblige. This is rape culture. Tiff, BFI, 60 minutes and anyone who offers this monster the spotlight is condoning his actions of rape, just like Penn State did.
    On a personal note, this publicity makes me want to vomit. It’s not just the actual rape, but the shaming of the victim. The lack of accountabiity of those who victimized and still are victimizing her. The absolute refusal to validate the victim’s feelings. I hate thinking about my rape. I could be a coward and hide away and not say anything. But as a rape survivor, as well as a female filmmaker, I must speak up, no matter how painful it is to do so. No matter how many evil people will shame me further. I
    must speak up.

  43. The Truth Hurts says:

    She takes it as a personal insult? SO WHAT! Black people take it as a personal insult that you would use this opportunity to talk about standing up to white supremacy and try to make it all about keeping the “big black brutes from raping the virtuous white woman!” Slavery was a horrible sin that this country has not atoned for and this woman has the audacity to make it all about her sister?! Talk about white privilege! It’s sickening! You are the one exploiting your sister! Tell me, are you donating the money that you and your lecherous family are collecting off the dead body of your sister to rape crisis centers and organizations for battered women? Or are you stacking those chips for yourselves? If you were so gung ho to protect your sister during her lifetime perhaps she wouldn’t have been in a position to be victimized. But being that she was in foster care, I can see just how close your family truly was.
    Vultures! Picking over the carcass of your own sister and draping it in this false piety like you’re her posthumous defender! Please do society a favor, take a handful of sleeping pills and don’t call us in the morning!

    • The white supremacists will ignore this and continue to bleat about rape as if they give a damn about actual rape. These same clowns will praise the pedophiles and woman beaters that are repleat in Hollywood.

      DO your THING NATE. You hame many fans out here!

      • The Truth Hurts says:

        There was never this level of outrage when Roman Polanski came out with The Pianist. He was CONVICTED OF SODOMIZING A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL AND THESE PEOPLE APPLAUD HIS WORK, SUPPORT HIS MOVIES AND GIVE HIM AN OSCAR TO BOOT! Nate Parker was found not guilty and these ‘people’ (AND I USE THAT TERM VERY LOOSELY) want him burned at the stake on the word of a mentally unstable woman from a dysfunctional family. AND HE WAS ACQUITTED BY AN ALL WHITE JURY IN A TRIAL PRESIDED BY A WHITE JUDGE!!!!
        Listen, all of this smearing and character assassination will not work. I am organizing CHURCH GROUPS to go and see this film when it opens!
        It will be a HUGE success and usher in more films that challenge white supremacy and Nate Parker will have a long and very successful career and these family-wannabes will fall into obscurity.

    • Seymore Clearly says:

      Wow. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people like you who just don’t “get it”. IN CONTEXT. If I were Ms. Loeffler, I would be insulted, too -considering who Parker is, who he was to her sister, now deceased. You should seriously consider where you are speaking from that you would vomit, as you did, all over this comment forum. And then you should apologize.

      • The Truth Hurts says:

        I apologize that there are gullible simpletons such as yourself that will drink the Kool Aid and throw stones in your own fragile glass houses. I apologize that the lowest common denominators of society are elevated to distract the masses from the real crimes against humanity while the privileged few steal and kill and wreak havoc upon the rest of the world. I apologize that the human race has devolved into a mass of cretins who revel in schadenfreude and backbiting instead of uplifting and educating one another.
        I am also very sorry that creatures like you waste life forces that should be given to extend the lives of by giants such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X.

    • The truth is... you're a horrible person says:

      Wow. It always astounds me when people understand systemic racial inequality but not gender inequality.
      But shifting the blame to racism in this case feels pretty hollow considering that that was how they hounded the rape victim in college. “The white girl who cried rape,” they said. A campaign of harassment that was based on her race. Never mind the fact that the reason Parker was acquitted was because she was pressured into oral sex the day before.

      And I just love how the justice system is so stacked against black men and how this is all about race, but Parker’s defenders are the first to say: “Due process, he was acquitted.Trust the system!” Do you know anything about how little rape is prosecuted and reported? At least 1-5 women are raped but only a tiny percentage of rapists are put in prison.

      Read the trial transcripts and then try to defend yourself. But until then, denigrating suicide and rape victims and their families in the comments is just despicable.

      Take your own advice, before you hurt anyone else by typing in ignorance.

      • Mike Dly says:

        I apologize that you apparently didn’t read what happened little buddy. Let me explain….This is a classic case of an obviously intelligent man, and educated man, not taking responsibility for destroying a woman’s life and later blaming the victim. This piece called two of his friends over to have sex with a semi-conscious girl and people are defending him? Even “IF” he didn’t rape her, she sure as hell didn’t consent to having sex with anyone else. This guy has five daughters, I wonder how he would feel if that happened to them? I hope he’s as understanding as everyone else who’s defending him here. Maybe he’s not a rapist, but he is a lowlife dirtbag. The people defending him remind me of Donald Trump supporters, no matter what Trump does, no matter how vile the things he says, they’re still behind him 100%. So in essence anyone defending him is a Trump supporter, except they’re supporting Mr. Paker. The fact that he is black, shouldn’t be the reason we do not hold him to a higher standard, given his education and obvious intellect. What’s almost as disturbing as his actions that night is his apparent narcissism, complete lack of remorse, and his talk about how painful the situation was for “him”. The fact that you hold this man to such a pathetically low standard for moral behavior, considering this movie centers on morality and injustice, says alot about you and Mr. Parker. Good luck with that. I hope this movie tanks. There are plenty of other very talented African American film makers to get behind. Don’t scream racism on this one, everyone knows the story of slavery, every other African American film focuses on slavery. It’s pathetic, it’s pathetic that people hold someone with Nate Parker’s background to such a absurdly low standard that this is ok with anyone.

      • The truth is.... you are an even worse person says:

        No I was 5 years old. So no there was no maybe about it. There’s no faux outrage, just a lifetime of PTSD and suicide attempts. I can’t even explain the amount of hurt you just caused by saying that to me.

        I blame men, or rather boys, like you who perpetuate this nonsense of victim blaming, ironically defending the justice system, instead of listening to other people’s pain. You wonder why white people dont understand Black Lives Matter, I wonder why all men including black men don’t understand rape culture and misogyny.

        If you know about white privilege, then surely you know about male privilege. But you are an unrepentant man and just downright evil human being based on what you said to me.

        I implore you to take a look at yourself and take responsibility for your misdeeds, including what you just wrote on the internet.

      • The Truth Hurts says:

        Read the trial transcripts and understood them unlike you. And you can blame gender inequality on your father, grandfather, brothers, uncles and all of the males in your family because they perpetuate it and I am sure that many of your male relatives “took a no as a maybe and the maybe as a yes’ so spare me the faux outrage about the justice system that your forefathers constructed to defend themselves and their fellow pedophiles and rapists.

  44. SheilaB says:

    Definitely not seeing this movie. No interest at all.

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      And who is responsible for rape culture, sweetheart? The very men that Nat Turner was fighting against! My heart bleeds for you for what happened to you at 5. But you are no longer a victim and you should take responsibility for your life and don’t be so quick to judge a man before you know the whole story. False rape accusations are also a part of rape culture and countless black men have lost their lives at the hands of angry white mobs because a white woman falsely accused them of rape.

    • The Truth Hurts says:

      I will see it 10 times to make up for reality show addicts such as yourselves. You probably haven’t the taste or intelligence to digest anything without Kim Kardashian in it anyhow.

      • discouraged says:

        Truth Hurts,

        You’re obviously an intelligent person, but…

        Your hostility and rage, which undoubtedly stem from unresolved emotional trauma’s from your past. Are preventing you from using your gift of intellect from exercising and ascribing towards the highest levels of logic and reasoning.

      • Mike Dly says:

        That’s good Truth, just like a Trump supporter. No matter what they support Trump, and you support Parker. The blind leading the blind. Your militance is commendable. Too bad you hold nate to the same standards as Billy Bob holds Trump. Again, that says a lot about you and the people who support Parker. I guess we should think of Nate Parker the same way any rational person of conscience thinks of George Zimmerman. He’s got lots of fans too. Enjoy “Real Housewives of Atlanta, I’ll be watching MSNBC, Al Jazeera, listening to NPR, Tavis Smiley, and rewatching the films of Ava Duvernay, Lee Daniels, Spike Lee, Ernest Dicerson, the Hughes Brothers, John Singleton,Steve McQueen, Carl Franklin, F. Gary Gray, Amma Asante, Haile Gerima, and many others. I won’t, however, be supporting that scumbag Nate Parker or his rapist buddy any more than I will pay to see Woody Allen or Roman Polanski. Good luck again little buddy, stay militant, blindly ignorant, and continue to demean yourself and other African Americans by supporting a guy like this.

  45. Louweegie272 says:

    What kind of man has sex with a woman who is unable to speak? Then invite not one but two other men to join him in this abuse? One of whom was creeped out and left, the other, his co writer said yes.I wonder how Parker would feel if his wife or daughters were treated the same way by someone they trusted?

  46. Jay says:

    This is clearly about race and Variety and other Hollywood publications and websites are all piling on to divert people from viewing this movie about a Black revolutionist. They keep making it about an acquitted rape case. Nate Parker was given due process and was found not guilty, but no that’s not good enough. So here’s a question, why does Variety keep publishing hit piece after hit piece? Has Variety published ANY stories of the alleged child sexual abuse that was and still is running rampant in Hollywood? Where’s the undercover investigative reporting on that. Why isn’t Variety trying to talk to those who has said they were sexually abused as children in Hollywood, some by A List celebrities? This is very disgusting to keep seeing this hit piece that it really makes you wonder the agenda here.

    • Odub70 says:


    • Lisa says:

      No. He raped her because she was white. Woman. HE is the racist one. More than racist but misogynist.
      Wait until your sister is raped, then you’ll know how it is.
      Furthermore, he’s had TIFF and 60 minutes to promote his film. It takes a certain type of evil to use a woman’s rape and promote a film. The family should sue him for wrongful death.

  47. patrick anderson says:

    this is a post/comment by the dead woman’s sister packed with jealousy and hate. i do not think nate parker deserves this because he has become a successful actor and filmmaker. i could understand it if parker and celestin were both convicted in the longer run but they were not.
    “It tormented my sister to see him thrive while she was still struggling.” this statement alone tells the whole story. she was white and he is black and as black men they deserve to be denigrated and marginalized socially and economically. i have read a bitter comment by the dead woman’s brother and now i’m reading one by her sister. since her death 6 years ago and what happened at penn state 18 years ago the family should try and get over it. they can’t continue to live with such bitterness, jealousy and hate for the rest of their lives.
    do they want parker and celestin to pay them off?

    • BillUSA says:

      You are the racist Patrick. Sharon’s feelings are what any decent, level-headed human being would feel after losing someone due to the actions of a person profiting from (in part) a movie depicting the same sort of act that he himself was involved in. That he was found not guilty doesn’t absolve him of failing to stop the assault on Sharon’s sibling. If your Sister had gone through the same experience as the victim I doubt you’d be so quick to forgive Parker.

      Just because Parker is black and judged for his actions doesn’t mean that he is being picked on because of his skin color. That attitude is also what makes black perpetrators of crime feel racially profiled by police when they’re just doing the job of protecting the public. Don’t fall for that hype. There is racism around every corner and it matters not which skin color of a person it is, they are either a promoter or recipient of racism at one time or another.

      Slavery and segregation were done away with long ago, and while some people still stubbornly cling to such idiotic methods, it doesn’t mean that it’s widespread or worse than ever. It certainly doesn’t mean that it’s okay to join in on the racism. If you perceive society through a racist lens, then everything you’re about is racist.

      Don’t try to inject this topic with racism. It has no place here. This is simply about a woman (whose skin color matters not) who took her own life because of the events committed by a pair of males (that I refuse to call “men”) who could have been white and would receive the same judgement from the public as Parker has experienced.

  48. Ty Brooka says:

    This is not a race topic. So please stop pulling the race cars to make this woman suffer more.

    This is about a couple of men who pulled a train on an unconscious woman (9 drinks plus meds there is no wag you are conscious) and then lied about it to clear their names. They’re still lying and still have shown no remorse. This happens all the time and this situation was so traumatizing for her that she had the guts to come forward and the system failed her. (Read the case it would be traumatizing for anyone).

    Please let’s actually start protecting our sisters and daughters. Teach men that it is not ok to sleep with someone who is not conscious. It is not ok to sleep with someone who is drunk past the point of comprehension. Teach them to respect women. Teach them that consent means “yes” and it always has.

    • patrick anderson says:

      race has everything to do with this topic. when you were exonerated by the courts, did everybody organise a lynch mob against you?

      • BillUSA says:

        What lynch mob are you referring to?

        I saw none. The only catalyst for the heat that Parker receives is Parker himself. He brought this all on himself and as I stated above, his race has nothing to do with it. It’s as if you are suggesting that law and public opinion shouldn’t apply to blacks.

  49. George P says:

    Sorry for your loss and we stand with you in boycotting this film! We will not support a rapist nor the lies he tells. May your sister rest in peace.

    And please ignore the negative comments that insinuate division. They are out there by the filmmakers friends, PR teams, and often case by the filmmaker himself, as we have seen him trolling articles just like this.

    Thank you for speaking to an important topic and I hope if anything this will help stop to end the rape culture we live in once and for all.

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