Michael Moore Unveils Secret Donald Trump Movie

Michael Moore
Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

Michael Moore announced that he would be debuting a Donald Trump movie Tuesday night at the IFC Center in New York.

The movie, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” is a film version of his one-man show, which he has been performing in Ohio.

It’s described at the “film Ohio Republicans tried to shut down.” In the movie, “Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election.”

Moore unveiled the project in a tweet on Monday night that showed an editing bay with an image of the Trump children.

Moore ushered in a whole new era of partisan-charged documentaries in 2004, when his film “Fahrenheit 9/11” became a box office hit. It grossed $119 million at the domestic box office to become the highest grossing documentary of all time. It also inspired responses from conservative filmmakers. A recent example; Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” which has so far grossed just over $13 million at the domestic box office.


Keegan-Michael Key Donald Trump

Keegan-Michael Key Forecasts a Donald Trump Presidency in Joss Whedon’s Video

Moore has warned of a Trump victory in the general election, and he’s teased that he’s had an “October surprise” in the works. Earlier this month, he posted on Facebook that he planned to film a performance at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio, which he described in a Facebook post as a “small Republican town” where  “there are 25,000 registered voters in Clinton County – and only 500 of them are registered Democrats! Four times as many people came out to vote here for Donald Trump in this year’s primary than voted for Hillary Clinton.”

He wrote, “Because I think I know why a lot of people in Ohio and Michigan, some of them my neighbors, are voting for Donald Trump — good Midwestern people whose lives have been upended by ‘the system that’s been rigged against them.’ They used to be part of something that was called ‘the middle class.’ Now they have a chance to hit back, to pick up a virtual baseball bat and smash that old system by voting for the outsider known as Trump. I want to talk to these voters. I want to see if I can meet them half-way. And I want to give them an hour or so of some good laughs over the craziest election year we’ve ever seen.”

He had earlier said that he was “banned” from performing at the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio, although theater operators said that they declined to go through with the show over security and logistical concerns.

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  1. Eric wahl says:

    So it’s come to this…..
    It’s comedy-our political system has succumbed

  2. MrSoul says:

    So Michael Moore relates to the anger of the middle class whites who have been screwed by the system? That’s news to me, as he seems pretty quick to throw white folks under the bus – particularly white males – as he discusses the new order and irrevelance of whites in this country. Moore has kissed up to women and people of color ( everything he is not) in order to get in their good graces and seem a little less white and a little less masculine. That pretty much makes him an ass-kissing limpdick in my opinion…

  3. Jay Adelberg says:

    1. Supporting Trump has nothing to do with “race” for most American voters. He is the lesser of the two evils, one of which Will become President. America is against NWO politicians!
    Trump is not part of the elitist NWO cabal.
    2. Every movie Michael Moore has made is based on false precepts and presented with lies and half-truths to further an agenda.
    3. Hillary is a treasonous corrupt criminal who should be in prison, not running for President. Any one of her numerous crimes against the American people (USB scandal; pay-for-play; lying to congress; email scandal; erasing over 30,000 official emails, Benghazi and so many others) should have placed her in prison. Nixon did far less and was forced out of politics.

  4. gkn says:

    Moore “ushered in a whole new era of documentaries in 2004, with Farenheit 9/11”? Try “Roger and Me” in 1989, “The Big One”, 1997, “Bowling for Columbine”, 2002 and a half dozen others. Don’t you people have imdb, or research anything?

  5. Tayla says:

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  6. Hi Nice to get .your site this is fantastic

  7. juneep says:

    Hillary is going down and it’s not on husband Bill. Shit for brains Moore is a lib tard douchebag – everyone knows he’s past his sell-by date.

    • Fred Mertz says:

      In your fevered dreams, pal. Trump is a herpes sore on the lips of Lady Liberty. He’ll be lucky to get 100 electoral votes.

  8. BillUSA says:

    Golly gee, Variety. Please let us know who Trump is running against. All your articles seem to be about the lies perpetrated by Camp Clinton, Hollywood kissing her widening ass and avoiding the Wikileaks information. Odd too is how you seem not to mind glorifying known child predators like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski who (as repulsive as their misdeeds are) pale in comparison to the crimes she has committed and will commit in the future. So, again, who is Trump running against? Is it a blank ticket? Mother Teresa? Is it Hillary “I’ll Do Anything To Get Ahead” Clinton?

    • vcb2 says:

      “Odd too is how you seem not to mind glorifying known child predators likeT

      I realize that 13 isn’t considered a “child”, but it’s still a tender age You ARE aware of the current fed charge against Trump for Raping a 13 Year Old Girl, aren’t you? I’m sure you’ll have an excuse to overlook that “silliness” though. Just Donald being Donald, huh?

  9. So where is your film about the Clintons ? ? More Corrupt & Scandals than Trump ever was….

  10. Sara says:

    Just Watch These Idiots

  11. jim says:

    I think I like Hilary more than obama and I love obama. I jut hope the senate goes dem so she can actually do something. Love moores movies . All he has to do is turn on the camera and let the low informed voters open their mouths. Going to be funny.

  12. Alex says:

    The “National Enquirer” is going to unload a huge load of poop on Hillary, her whores in Hollywood and the press on Wednesday, no one is going to care about Mickeys latest flick.

  13. SPIKE says:

    He’s parasitically riding on Trump’s coattails for……guess what?……….MONEY!

  14. Carlos says:

    No Thanks anyone but Clinton. Too much war and corruption. If Dick Cheney and Donald Rusmfeld endorse her it means shes the third term of Bush doctrine.

  15. Tom says:

    I think you’re going to find that Hillary is much more like Bush than Trump, and that ain’t good!

    • goatsandmonkeys says:

      when Bubba was president, my salary quadrupled. The middle class was better off than any time in American history. When he left office, not only was the budget balanced, but there was a surplus. And his Veep Al Gore had done good work for the environment. So why do you think Hillary will be so bad?

  16. Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring as a stunt that has assumed a seriousness that certainly surprises…Donald Trump.

    A rich white guy with (lots of baggage) looking for something to do, The Donald is being aided by “the women”, now Michael Moore as well as Hillary Clinton’s serious misteps (re:emails) and Bill Clinton.

    The problem I’m certain Moore makes no mention of is that Bill is as much a moral pig as Trump. Except as First Gentleman to Hillary”s Madam President, Bill returns to the scene where as President he had sex with an intern and lied to Congress about it.

    If Michael Moore’s sympathies were with Donald Trump, what he might say about the future First Gentleman of the United States. A first term for Hillary feels more like that 2nd term for George W.

    • The Truth says:

      Yes, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are “moral pigs.” Bill is yesterday’s moral pig, and Donald is today’s moral pig. But only one of these pigs is running for office now, and only one of these pigs continues to debase women, minorities, the handicapped, and the list goes on.

  17. Nanny Mo says:

    Yawn and yawn! Pick your poison. We all know that Trump and Hillary are not the nicest of people, but one of them is going to be president. Who will our enemies fear more and do you want 4-8 more years of the same? That’s the only thing you really need to ask yourself, the rest is water under the bridge. Hilly will continue the policies of Obama, Trump will shake it up. Pick your poison.

    • Sara says:

      Hillary For President!!!!!!

    • The Truth says:

      “Trump will shake it up”? More like Trump will screw it up — or feel it up.

    • nycityny says:

      Really? They are both the same poison? I don’t think so. They have different objectives and I’m voting for the one with whom I agree on the issues, personalities aside.

      • jeff says:

        Me too. All of these sideshow attempts to distract voters doesn’t change the fact that we are 20 trillion in debt and one of the candidates is a tax and spend liberal. She thinks that the government knows how to spend your money better than you do and that the government can run businesses better than the people. Think the DMV or post office and now apply that utter incompetence to health care, ect.

  18. Michelle says:

    The film will have no impact on the elections as Trump voters are nothing more than cult followers who’ve swallowed the “Kool-Aid” and who ignore reason, facts and reality. But I love Moore and can’t wait to see it!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I guess people who still watch Michael Moore movies won’t be voting for Donald Trump now. Clearly, this changes everything!

    • Robert says:

      I’m not voting for either of these clowns, but people who blindly vote for Hillary are equally guilty of any Kool-Aid drinking, let’s be honest. It cuts both ways. Partisan Sheep.

  20. nycityny says:

    I hope Michael Moore doesn’t cause a backlash that helps Trump. He wasn’t able to stop Bush’s reelection in 2004 with “Farenheit 9/11” and might be helping Trump with this movie. Ditto all the women coming forward right now alleging Trump abused them. This might all rile up his base and result in a sympathy vote.

    • Nanny Mo says:

      I understand but then again, Bill Clinton, who Hillary enabled while calling herself a feminist. The hypocrisy is astounding that’s why I’m telling you, pick your poison.

      • Brandon says:

        Nanny Mo, Poison is Trump who has no idea how anything works and has no interest in learning any of it. To ask “Why do we have nuclear bombs and not use them?” is to ask an idiot’s question. And Nanny, tell me, how does any woman enable her husband in being a philanderer? Please, I want to know the answer to that one. What she did was stood up for herself and defended her husband against liars. With Monica she was as blindsided as anyone. Jennifer Flowers was a grown ass woman having an affair with a married man she was not a victim and those how cried rape were all looking for a pay day and most have signed documents to the effect that what they alleged happen didn’t happen. You believe the corrupt Republicans, the people who would rather see the country go down in flames than cooperate with a Black man as their leader.

  21. Grayson1 says:

    Michael Moore is such a talented filmmaker! I love that he made this film! He has courage and depth and his films are always so insightful can’t wait to see it! It takes an artist like Michael Moore to be willing to go there!

    • Robert says:

      Corruption is rank and file on the Democratic side too, Brandon. Or have you not been paying any attention to the wiki-leak bombs being dropped? Let’s not forget to take a look at all of the collusion that has gone on between Obama’s White House, the FBI and State Dept. It’s disgusting at best.

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