Michael Caine on Oscars: ‘You Can’t Vote for an Actor Because He’s Black’

Youth Michael Caine
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

LONDON — Michael Caine says black actors should be “patient” for Oscar nominations, and that he wouldn’t vote for a black actor solely based on their race.

Speaking to the BBC, Caine said: “There are loads of black actors; I think in the end you can’t vote for an actor (just) because he’s black. You can’t say: I’m going to vote for him, he’s not very good but he’s black, (so) I’ll vote for him. You’ve got to give a good performance.”

Caine added that Idris Elba, who wasn’t nominated for this year’s Academy Awards,  was “wonderful” in “Beasts of No Nation.”

His message to black actors was “be patient.” “Of course it will come. It took me years to get an Oscar,” he added.

Caine, who recently appeared in Paolo Sorrentino’s “Youth,” has nabbed six Oscar nomination, and won twice.

He said not going to the Oscar ceremony may be a blessing in disguise. “The great thing about it is you don’t have to go,” he said. “Especially the Oscars. Twenty-four hours on an airplane and I’m going to sit there clapping Leonardo DiCaprio. I love Leonardo, he played my son in a movie, but I’m too old to travel that far to sit in an audience and clap someone else.”

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  1. Matt says:

    Good to hear someone speaking a little common sense. If you vote for an actor because of their skin colour, be it black or white, then you are a racist. Be judged on your performance, keeping in mind that where individuals are casting votes on that performance, then they will have their individual opinions, which they are entitled to and with which not everyone will agree. The race card gets played a bit to freely these days, and usually when someone doesn’t like the judge’s decision.

  2. Eve says:

    I think the Oscars did a poor job of addressing the real issue, as did Mr.Caine. It is stupid for anyone to suggest you should vote on anyone solely based on their race, the issue lies with OPPORTUNITY, if black actors are not considered for compelling roles other than in slave movies or as the help, then how can they be considered for Oscars? Compelling roles and stories are often about or cast white. I refuse to believe that actors of color are behind the curve when it comes to talent (come on that is a laugh!). And as for being patient, there are tons of actors of color (not just black) who have been patient, the truth is that when the color of power and decision-making changes/ diversifies, we won’t see these problems because everyone will be represented.

  3. Karen says:

    Well said Michael and Thank you for speaking up and what so many of us agree! Love your style and talent! You’re the BEST!

  4. JJdiahhyuk says:

    Black actors are fabulous and they win all kinds of awards. They are reading too much into this . For god sake the MC and many presenters were black

  5. sameer says:

    big boss is my favorite show I like to vote only big boss

  6. Julio Bachagalupe says:

    Nor can you lower test standards because someone is black. Nor can you give preferred college entrance to someone because they are black. Nor can you ….. well, you get the idea.

  7. Turpentine says:

    My problem with this whole debate is it its focus on white and black. What about Asian, Native American, Latino, Pacific Islanders, Midde-eastern actors? Why are they not included in conversation?

    • Mona Baugh says:

      yes, the blacks who boycotted are not missed, they only had tiny careers anyway, what jokes they are.

    • Roger says:

      Because black people are doing the most bitching about it! Squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s not a good idea to use a quota system for every profession. It promotes mediocrity but I’ll be the first to admit other minorities are treated much worse in the entertainment industry.

  8. Robbie says:

    Caine right on ! Oscars in history EARNED not DEMANDED Quota system an insult to black people everywhere

  9. veet says:

    The Oscar and the NFL and NBA has nothing to do with quota.

  10. Roger says:

    He’s right! There are some good black actors, writers and directors. They make up a very small minority of the business. Black people make up 13% of the American public. If you insist on using a quota system, that means one out of every 8 roles and awards should go to black people. One out of every 19 roles and awards should go to black men if you insist using affirmative action. But then again, if the media is subject to quotas so should professional sports. Get back to me when the NBA is 50% white!

  11. Kevin says:

    While it’s disappointing, it is no longer surprising to hear that yet another iconic Hollywood actor has revealed himself as nothing more than a racist old crank who has been hiding behind the smiling mask
    of subtle contempt for years and years. The last such show biz redneck to reveal his actual face-or
    more correctly two faces-was Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention four years ago as
    he berated downward at this rickety-looking, empty wooden chair that you were supposed to imagine
    President Obama was sitting on.
    One mindlessly glaring aspect that these situations have in common is that both Michael Caine and
    Eastwood have separately co-starred in many movies with venerated actor Morgan Freeman, who has never held his tongue on racially divisive issues. Hopefully, Morgan will take serious stock of all of this
    and not sully his personal integrity or tarnish his sterling career by doing any more movies with either
    of them.
    By the way, props to Eddie Redmayne for his well-deserved Oscar win for his portrayal of astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins, but he doesn’t deserve an Academy Award nod every time that he takes a crap with blue corn kernels in it. And while I’m at it, enough already with the Oscar noms for David O. Russell movies.
    “Silver Linings Playbook”, “American Hustle” and “Joy” should be re-titled “Trainwreck 1,2&3”. Hey, then
    Amy Schumer can sue them to offset some of that settlement loot that she’ll be shelling out to all of those
    legit stand-up comediennes whose material she swiped.

  12. Sunder says:

    I have lived in England 45years now, Michael Cane to be honest is white van driver, plumber electrician- He found acting but let’s be honest and we all agree, his not a great by any standArd. Silly little Eastend boy that had a ‘. Hit or two’ not because of the acting, but because of the script. Italian job would have been better of with Blackey pulling back the bus. The man, Caine in England is not consequentiall in the slightest. 70 % of England don’t even know any of his films, a hanger on – resigned to playing parts in marvel comic films as an extra. . Black actors should be patient? Really Caine does not know what he is talking about. The statistics speak for themselves.Caine is basically a rubbish actor in all senses. His never quiet crafted his art and at he still remains a white van driver in Blighty. His speciality remains kebabs and a pint. I see an actor stuck in actor ‘ circles’ thinking one is great talking ‘actor languuuuuage’ the world has moved on. Zulu tribes are now the new South Africa. Nelson was in prison you know ‘sir caine’, he was in prison for many years, over 25 Michael. Michael dear you need to drop your prejudice , Nelsinho became President.

  13. Alan says:

    Well, it clearly worked in the last two Presidential elections.

  14. Nicola says:

    Caine is right … And there were years in which blacks nominated were much more than 13% … So they were over-represented , but no one complained

  15. In addition diversity means woman, men and people from all cultures – I see woman and men nominated in all categories. I see Polish, Spanish, Mexican, irish, Israeli, French, Japanese, Turkish, Hungarian, Jordanian to mention but a few…. Get over yourself AND YOUR COLOUR Jade Pinkett Smith

    • kmspencer says:

      So what you’re saying is Amanda Smith people of all cultures is preferable to fellow Americans who happen to be black? No, you get over yourself.

      • Suse says:

        America IS a country of all cultures so, yes. Do you really mean to give an undo award based on being “black only.” That has been old for a long time. Pull yourselves up.

  16. But it is acceptable to look over him because he is black yeah there is no hypocrisy here in the end if black people have been waiting when they have just as great movies as their white counter parts then there is and issue of bias and that needs to change

    • Roger says:

      No Michelle, there really isn’t an equal amount of great work done in moviemaking by black artists as there are whites. More films AND more substantial films are being made by white film makers. There are some great black actors (Idris Alba), writers and directors (Spike Lee) but they make up a tiny niche of quality film makers. Black people make up 13% of the American public. Do you really think they deserve 50% of the jobs and awards in Hollywood?

  17. I totally agree with you Henry – when Only BLACK Awards / scholarships/EE job positions etc are removed, then maybe we can all move forward, and not see the colour of people, and can base our opinions solely on their works.

    • Suse says:

      That is subjective. You see black. I see a good or bad movie. If it is going to be based on being black, I boycott as well.

    • you have got to be kidding me those thing that you just mention came because of the need where jobs schools and awards as like today did not accept people of color people fought and died for that to change only to turn around and call the same action something else the idea that black people are handed anything because of their skin or the law is laughable to say the very least

      • Rex says:

        Laugahable? Really?!? Then why DO they hand THEMSELVES awards and have their OWN TV networks, and everything else’s? Maybe it’s high time they stopped pigeonholing THEMSELVES in order to be accepted more readily as equals. It’s long overdue, and it isn’t helped by the standoffish nature of black-only endeavours that were only necessary decades ago.

  18. Henry says:

    It’s true, you can’t vote for an actor just because he or she is black. I don’t get why everyone has to label something as racist these days. No one ever seems to complain that the British get the best roles in American movies. No one seems to complain that all-black awards and all-black channels like BET exist. Can you imagine the uproar if there was an all-white channel?? If a black person didn’t get any nominations, it’s most likely the case that they weren’t as good as their other American/British colleagues.

    I mean Idris Elba is a fantastic actor, but he was on a movie on freakin’ Netflix. Even if he was good in that movie, showing a movie only on Netflix is just stupid, get that on the big screen! Besides, Leonardo Dicaprio had a truly incredible performance in the Revenant, if there’s anyone that deserves the Oscar it’s him and not Matt Damon.

    I can’t wait until this whole “politically correct” fad goes away, it’s seriously starting to get on my nerves and I’m supposed to be a Democrat!

  19. Lori says:

    No one is saying the actors should expect to be voted for an Oscar sheerly based on their ethnicity but that there is an obvious lack of diversity because Hollywood purposely overlooks actors of color. Michael Caine is missing the point just as you are. Only difference is that he doesn’t sound nearly as racist as you do. Your statement reeks of the very same thing that’s going on behind the scenes… to exclude actors based on the color of their skin not their performance. For two years there hasn’t been ONE nomination for an ethnic actor. At least the Academy Awards President sees the problem and is willing to make some changes to ensure fair representation of the many talented actors that were overlooked the last two years. Idris Elba and Will Smith should have at least gotten a nomination even if they don’t win.

    • Guest says:

      We get the roles cos its about bloody time. For too long youve come to Britain taken the leads in our films its our turn now

    • Brett Smitherton says:

      Idris yes should have been nominated because he is an awesome actor not because of his skin pigment…your hung up on that….WILL SMITH? his “nigerian accent” was fucking AWFUL….people in NIGERIA blasted him on facebook! He is a one dimensional actor at best. AWARDS should be based on MERIT not SKIN COLOUR. and btw if america is soooo racist how come we elected a biracial president twice? and btw why do we refer to him as BLACK? he is BIRACIAL!! Why do we ignore his white half…..? THAT IS RACIST!

    • Nicola says:

      So if there should be blacks in every nomination, the same goes also for people with blue eyes? People shorter than 1,70 ? People with blonde or red hairs? Or for people of italian, polish, arabs descendants?

    • Bright Stephen says:

      Exactly! Why are all these people saying that those objecting to an all-White Oscar nomination FOR TWO YEARS are doing so because they want those nominations based on race? Who said that?

      The thing is, people like many of those commenting below are deliberately trying to distort the use. I learned a long time ago-it’s not that folks don’t understand the issues; these writers just want to stir up racial animosity.

      And I agree with the commenter below-the whole “wait patiently” argument is the same one used by segregationists to justify racial inequality in the Civil Rights era.

  20. Denise says:

    It is just as bad as voting for a President just because he is black. This award will go downhill now, and won’t be a prestigious award that it once was.

    • Dave J. says:

      No Denise, you’re the one who’s a racist! You don’t see why change was necessary after 2 wars with Bush who failed to prevent 9/11 from happening! President Obama was a fresh change!

    • kmspencer says:

      Um Denise I assured you people did not vote for President Obama TWICE because he was black.

      • Roger says:

        Obama has been far superior to the idiot that held the office before him.

      • Brett Smitherton says:

        He isnt black he is BI RACIAL but they only refer to him as black which is racist….and btw i dont care if OBAMA was GREEN with purple spots..he SUCKS as a president

  21. kmspencer says:

    The Oscars are long, boring and ridiculously overblown. I could care less about a bunch of wealthy actors congratulating themselves regardless of color or race. I could give a care about this ceremony when we live in a country where largely people of color are being poisoned by water they were told was safe to drink. When young people are being tried, judged and executed on the street. As for Mr. Caine, he sounds no different than the Southern white establishment to Dr. King: “Just wait. Just be patient.” How patient are a people who have been here for more than 500 years or a half a millennium supposed to be? Damn, my family has been here for 200 years, but I will never forget when I was walking to class at a fine college campus in Massachusetts and some idiots told me to go back to Africa. Really? As for the Awards African Americans have been oh so graciously given, the Academy can keep those. On many occasions we have been lauded for stereotypical roles: maid, fake medium, rogue cop and abusive mothers. And the Academy thought it was really being hip when it awarded best song, “It’s Hard Out Here for A Pimp.” REALLY? No thanks. That fiasco was the turning point when I said I will never watch the Oscars again. About the only Oscars I’m proud of are Jamie Foxx’s Best Actor and 12 Years A Slave for Best Picture. After that, the Academy can take several seats. However, I will say if the Academy wants to attract viewers who are increasingly younger and more diverse they may want to encourage affordable memberships for young people interested in the film industry. These new, and of course, vetted members could participate in surveys about who should win shortly before the nominations are announced. And then see how one group votes vs. the Establishment Academy. Once the nominations are announced a survey could be opened to these young people and the general public to see who they hope will win. This data could be revealed during the awards and people may actually watch to see if there is a match up. Everybody loves a David and Goliath story and people may feel compelled to watch to see if their populist “vote” actually matched the revered Academy’s. Maybe if a diversity of people were voicing their thoughts about the Oscars during the ceremony, the Academy may shed it’s reputation for being a bunch of bigoted old farts.

  22. tessapants says:

    If we are going to complain about Oscar level acting opportunities, we need to step back and examine how one gets a Screen Actors Guild membership. You can’t work without one and you can’t get one unless you work on a union film. Tell me there aren’t scads of diverse actors who are more deserving of work than the nieces/nephews/siblings/children of established Hollywood actors/directors/producers and executives. This industry has long been incestuous and unfair and it starts long before anyone reaches the point of being ‘Oscar Worthy’.

  23. Liz Brown says:

    88 years is not patient? Blacks have had many worthy performances in 88 years that were snubbed. The good thing about this issue is that racist out themselves and we know who they are (Michael Caine).

    • Wrong. Liz, if you know Michael Caine personally and know first hand he is a racist, then you have room to speak. The only points Michael Caine makes here are based on wisdom which he has earned. Calling him racist based on this article alone IS racist! Who gave you the authority on determining whether someone is racist or not? I suppose, based on my comments, you’re gonna call me one too? Good luck with that. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Denise says:

        I think you are the racist Liz Brown, why should someone give someone an Oscar just because they are black? You should have to earn it, it is idiots like you that think it is ok to call someone racist because they think something is wrong. I imagine you were one of those that voted for Obama just because he is at least half black, and now look at our country. If you think it is in great shape, then you are one of those on freebees.


  25. Sigh. Actors should be judged by the content of their characters and NOT the color of their skin. Instead of sitting there on your spotted, fat arse complaining about inequality, go DO something positive about it. There are billions of voices on this world who don’t care to hear that you are sitting in comfort “pretending” to speak for them from a computer. Shut up already and go do something. Write. Act. Draw. Dance. Direct. Sculpt. Sing. These are real contributions and the ones that actually make a difference.

  26. E. Harris says:

    I once thought Michael Caine was fairly intelligent. Nobody is suggesting that actors get nominations just because they are black. However, when you have an established record of racism deeply rooted into the Academy Awards over decades, it’s a given that this plays into why black actors are upset with this current setup for determining whos performance was worthy of a nominatiion. It should be of no surprise that Michael Caine made this rediculous statement. He is, in fact, part of the problem. He typifies the older white males who dominate the selection process. What he thinks is outstanding acting, dates back to the time period when there were no black actors of which to speak. I never thought that his performances were good enough to win an Oscar l, but he did. I wonder if he was black, would that had been the case..

  27. James says:

    Well apparently, members have not been voting for persons BECAUSE their black! It’s not just blacks but any people of color!

  28. pt says:

    What about Asian actors? Be extra extra extra patient. Be lucky just to get any significant big screen roles, let alone an actual nomination.

  29. Pamrla says:

    We are still living in a very racially divided country, society. I dont know why it surprises anyone that there are not any black nominated actors/actresses for 2016. The answer is not boycotting though and the answer is not being pt. The answer is putting all of your Black dollars together to create your own. Just like the bet awards.

  30. Jay Robert says:

    Abraham Attah(Young Boy Agu Beast of No Nation)deserves the Oscar nomination!

  31. a touch of common sense in the sea of politically correct where we are all falling into

  32. Just curious: Why couldn’t the headline for this article have been: “Michael Caine’s Supportive Message To Black Actors: Be Patient Your Time Will Come”?

  33. How come the same can’t be said of Presidential candidates?

  34. Tyler Elliott says:

    The double standard is absolutely sickening.. You have movie awards that Only honor blacks (NAACP Image) and Film Circle awards that only honor homosexuals (Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Awards) an d movie awards solely for Hispanics.. And yet the Oscars MUST be culturally diverse?? The Academy made their awards completely worthless and I certainly will not be bothering to watch or care any more

    • kmspencer says:

      Tyler Elliott there is no double standard. BET was developed in direct response to MTV’s refusal to play black artists in it’s video rotation. Even Michael Jackson got reluctant play at 3 in the morning on MTV. The NAACP was founded by both blacks and whites and the image Awards were a direct response to the dismissal of people of color by the Academy, the Emmys and the Golden Globes. In the same way the Film Circle Awards were created to honor gay creative contributions that were ignored by the mainstream. I think many of these comments opposing recognizing more minorities have every thing to do with the fact that there are many people who refuse to see their fellow Americans as Americans.

    • For one, the Image awards don’t only award blacks. These awards were created to recognize those who have been intentionally excluded from ‘the mainstream” for decades. Fortunately for you, you don’t know what that feels like. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    • Maybe you need to look at the history of those establishments a little farther than the length of your white male American nose!!

  35. Julia Burns says:

    These votes have to be made based on art; not politics, or pleasing a group that is finally now getting a reasonable amount of acting jobs. Look at all of the great actors who never get an Oscar.
    These people are, in general, the most sensitive of all and, probably the least likely to be prejudiced by race. As Michael Caine said, patience.

  36. John says:

    Only black actor deserving of a nod was idris Elba in beasts of no nation. Everyone else wasn’t that good, hate to break it to you

  37. Phil Ayling says:

    I hope the Academy is adding more Muslims. Their culture and their stories are really under-represented…dontcha think?

  38. D.C.,Kinard says:

    Of course” you can’t vote for an actor just because he’s black!}” But can you vote for an Actor because he/she is talented, earned the recognition …. and just happens to be Black?

  39. Cyr says:

    Why oh why do actors make such shall comments. It’ s not about winning it’s about recognition—why didn’t mr. Caine just say black actors are not talented. The reality is that unless you choose to see talent all you get is Gwyneth Paltrow in some crappy Shakespeare or other movie.

  40. Mckay says:

    I find it amusing that the Brits were nominated more than ever last year, though no one cares or complains. America has great actors of all colors, nationalities, yet the Brits are always on top. So Caine must be right.

  41. JTapia says:

    There are several issues here. And only a few of them are with the awards ceremonies themselves. Why was the amount of slots dropped from 10 to 8? No real reason has been given, nor would there really be a good one anyway.

    Just because someone is black, or not white, doesn’t entitle them to anything, full stop. Does that mean that white people haven’t screwed over nearly all other races in the past? Does that mean there aren’t still feelings of anger or frustration from current perceived prejudice now? No.

    But ignoring it, or assuming that all just want to be recognized regardless of skill is wrong.

    Idris Alba was great in Beasts of No Nation, but it was on Netflix, which hindered it’s accesibility, but does that mean that his performance wasn’t fantastic? No.

    Was Michael B. Jordan not good (at least on par with Stallone, seriously) in that Movie?

    Did John Boyega not do a very good job in Star wars as Finn? He was pretty funny.

    And what about Will Smith in Concussion? Sure, he’s not the best actor, and when you look at his all his works, his worst ones are more noticeable, but when he’s good, he’s damn good, and he really was great in this last movie.

    Again, why only 8 slots, when 10 is the norm? Surely one of these ‘not white’ actors could’ve been included.

    But don’t just assume that the problems are with the award ceremonies side, it’s also hollywood.

    We need more diversity in roles.
    And by “Diversity,” I don’t mean just Black/African Americans!!!
    Mexican americans, asian americans, native americans, middle eastern americans! THere are tons of different people here in the US, and yet you almost never see them in movies! Diversity and political correctness and whatever else aside, I GET BORED!

    There’s plenty of room for movies that don’t feature white leads with racially different best friends, but much like with Mindy Kaling, many who aren’t white are told that those stereotypical side roles are the best they can expect, regardless of their talent. Hollywood is a business, so yes, Green is the most important color to them, but then what’s it say that they only focus on white actors, experienced or not, over anyone else? That they don’t wanna take risks? Either way, the prejudice is there.

    • John says:

      No one was good besides idris Elba. The rest you named were jokes

      • lol why do minorities have to be patient? Seems the same critical racist agenda still persists. many of those actresses and actors nominated have not been in the business very long, yet they have nominations. Wait? wait for what? Wait for your approval?

      • Donn Miller says:

        It used to be 5 and not 10. So 8 is still an improvement. Will Smith was great in The Pursuit of Happiness, not nearly as good in this. He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t deserving of an Oscar nod. People forget this is the same voters that made 12 Years a Slave the best picture 2 years ago. It’s not racism that they weren’t nominated, just some better performances in front of them. You can’t have affirmative action for an awards ceremony or it just makes a joke out of the award.

  42. I don’t recall anyone saying to vote for black actors even though they didn’t give a good performance. Or to to give an award to a film that was below par. The votes are subjective, and I think the point is to quickly start moving in the direction of welcoming more multicultural casts and crews into the Hollywood workforce – both in front of and behind the camera. Do that, and in a New York minute everyone will be used to everyone else’s quirks and eventually they will vote for who they think did the best job. It won’t be such a cause celebre. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a culturally diverse crew working together for 16 or 18 hours! After 12, the nonsense falls away and the cause becomes get the job done!.

  43. morgan378 says:

    I think that anything that’s subjective – Pablo Picasso’s painting of a one breasted woman was good – but I wouldn’t buy it for my home – is always going to be up to the person that has a feeling(s) changed because of their work. Certainly one actor might be considered better than another. If that were the case, we’d all have Robert DeNiro, Caravaggio, Lumet or Scorsese films ONLY in our homes. We’ve all come away with a feeling of: “Gee, I wonder if Sidney or Sutherland played that part he would’ve been better. Well, he – they – didn’t – so based on who did – Does it meet the Oscar criteria I’ve always tried to uphold?” – ,…”And the Oscar goes to Denzel Washington!” Thomas Jefferson was a white man – but taking on the mannerisms, his personae, life and times he lived in – if Denzel transformed himself into a Thomas Jefferson – NOW I have to think about his race? Actor? Actress? They’re all “ACTORS” now. Should we then make ONE category then? Or not? What about the play “Hamilton”? Being white do I have to consider the race of the performer(s)? How does one subjectively then objectively chose who’s portrayal is the best to my mind knowing history as I do? Must I dislike ALL of Picasso’s Blue period paintings? Or? Anytime a distinction need be brought out it puts a “stasis” on truth. Subjectively making the Academy up to mirror Society is using anything from mist to concrete if the weights are altered by outside forces. If in the following several years there’s a swing to alter severely then we’ll know – but more importantly – who would be the members removing something that may have not been there to begin with? The proportion of poor white actors to poor black actors? Is this also out of alignment? How does one change that by changing the make-up of who goes to the Oscars?

  44. Sinnical says:

    oh that’s too funny. Shouldn’t vote for someone just because he’s black? College and professional school admission standards for blacks are much lower than everyone else and a certain number of spots must be reserved for less qualifying blacks over other more deserving candidates. Same thing with corporations. heck we even voted in our president that way.

    • Morgan says:

      Undercover racism. Right there.

      • Morgan says:

        Understand what racism is before you comment about me disagreeing with someone. To say that affirmative action was in place to hire or employ more qualified and higher whites, well that’s not true. It was in action because highly qualified blacks weren’t even given the same opportunity and an even lesser qualified white was given the job because of their skin color. This person is basically saying that black people can only get somewhere when standards are lowered and a company is told to “pick one”. So we’re all stupid. I hate it when white people play oppressed. I guess America also voted for the president because of affirmative action. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. And RACIST!

      • it doesnt mattet says:

        Just because someone says something you dont agree with (truth or not) , does not make them racist.

  45. IAMMEXICAN says:

    Racist blacks. Racist whites. Racist reptiles!!! Just another distraction.

  46. Daddy B says:

    Hollywood is as racist as the Winter Olympics :)

  47. Dianne says:

    Aren’t the Oscars supposed to be awarded on the basis of “excellent” acting, not just “good” acting? I don’t think race should enter in. Next, I guess they’ll be demonstrations that not enough Mexican actors or “mixed” actors are nominated! Why can’t everyone just leave this alone? I don’t think an actor would be proud if he knew he received an Oscar just because of his race! It would be demeaning.

  48. justinknodel says:

    I’m glad Oscar voting is being made to be more diverse, but at the same time as we homogenize as a nation Channels like BET must start to eventually erode away or change their award show criteria to nominate artists and filmmakers their voters feel were the best they saw that year which means you can have in theory a movie like The Revenant being nominated for Best Picture at the BET Awards if the black nominates were in agreeable it was the best film based off merit. To show a double standard of reverse segregation only divides people more even if the intent is to promote minority’s work. If you don’t do that you are telling minority children the films they should appreciate the most are Only ones with black leads and directors and confining their own creative and individual viewpoints as they grow. Not to mention that their is “good” segregation and “bad” segregation. I could be wrong on the current nominating criteria though. If so, sorry.

  49. Mckay says:

    94% of the Academy voters are Whites, 77% male over the age of 63. Seems FAIR!

    • Moops says:

      Well, you have to be at least 10 years active experience in the movie industry to qualify for the Academy, so of course it is going to bias older. That is extremely pronounced in the non-acting members, which have an *average* age of 46. Most people don’t even qualify until they are almost 50. Since you can stay in the industry behind the camera until your 80s, why is an average age of 63 so strange? There are more non-actors in the Academy than actors.

    • Bill says:

      Because voters can only apparently vote for someone of their own race?

      Which is the more racist attitude?

    • justinknodel says:

      I said I’m in agreeable the academy needs to be one more diverse. It’s like the House of Representatives. Haha. However, it’s not intentional racism, it’s simply generational nepotism accumulated over time based off lifetime membership. They changed all that today. Good.

      • Cassie says:

        I just found out BET awards have nominated white’s before. I thought it was my responsibility to correct my post. Although, a general search on Google what white people have been nominated for a BET award comes up zero. Fortunately, a poster named Morgan listed names of white’s nominated. I checked and he was right. Thank goodness for Morgans post.

      • cassie says:

        Also, white people are 65% of the population. Less than two decades ago white people were 80% of the population. That is in America. Whenever there are more white’s represented in movie’s or television, people scream racism, but don’t take into account white’s are still the majority of the population. They are quick to point out white’s are quickly becoming the minority.
        Really think about Chris Rock’s statement “the Oscars are the white BET awards” and what it means. Now think about the fact that he was able to make that statement without challenge. I printed a list of black nominees and winners for the Oscars after I Google d for the result. When I searched for white nominees and winners for the BET awards the result was zero.
        Black people make up 13% of the population. How many actors do we have who arr black? How many athletes, pop musicians, magazines and television stations meant for blacks only? What about politicians and the Black Caucus. If we were allowed to be honest, black’s are overrepresented. What do you think will happen to white culture when white’s are the minority? Will there be a WET award?

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