Mattel Reports ‘Ghostbusters’ Toy Sales Have ‘Exceeded Expectations’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Ghostbusters Toy Sales
Courtesy of Mattel

Mattel is reporting strong early sales for its line of toys based on the female-led “Ghostbusters” — from both boys and girls.

In keeping with the tagline “Everybody wants to be a Ghostbuster,” Mattel’s retail strategy was to sell the female-led Ghostbusters action figures in the boys’ toy aisle. The sales figures at the top retailers in the country have exceeded expectations, the toymaker reported Friday.

Children have also supported the Sony movie, which has grossed $62 million domestically in its first six days. According to comScore Post Track, that demographic gave “Ghostbusters” a 4-1/2 star score this past weekend.


Bill Murray Ghostbusters

The Thing the New ‘Ghostbusters’ Didn’t Re-create: Bill Murray Standing Outside the Frame

Mattel said “Ghostbusters” action figures and character mini-figures, the Ecto vehicle and the Proton pack are all selling well.

“We’re thrilled with the response to the new Ghostbusters toy line,” said Joe Lawandus, senior VP of design and marketing for Mattel’s Toy Box. “We worked closely with Sony to ensure each figure featured authentic details from the movie including a wearable proton pack. The early momentum shows the product is resonating with ‘Ghostbusters’ fans!”

“Ghostbusters” is directed by Paul Feig and written by Feig and Katie Dippold. The film stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as a quartet who start a ghostbuster business in New York City while the city is beset by an invasion of ghosts.

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  1. Anna says:

    I call bs. I have 3 young kids, 3 and 7 (girls) and 10 (boy), and we hit the toy aisles every time we go to ToyzRUs, Walmart, Target, etc. and I never ever SAW the female figures: I saw slimer, bill murray and dan ackroyd action figures, the staypuff man (all 3 of which are not in the new movie, other than skeezy cameos) and my kids has zero interest in them. You can argue they aren’t the target audience, but if a 10 year old boy isn’t interested in a line of figures you can pretty much deem that line dead. And for the record, (he loves scary movies) he loves the Alien series, Hunger Games, Laura Croft, so it’s not a girl/guy thing. What I did see was people posting on Pinterest and FB deeply discounted GB merch, and heaps of the girls’ action figures laying around unpurchased even then.

    I got roped into going (I had no interest in the movie after all the political b.s. it was dishing out) and just thought it was a poor script, the 4 leads were ill-suited to the parts and the entire thing was a mess that didn’t have a center. It would have been much better done with Seth Rogan and his crew, frankly. These girls just don’t fit this type of movie. Sorry if that offends and SJW types who are determined that if you don’t love this movie you hate women.

  2. I thought the film was SO good. Loved it to death. I’ve been trying to get a Holtzmann action figure, and they’re nowhere to be found. Walmart/Target are sold out and Amazon has them from 3rd party sellers for well over $30. No idea if they simply thought no one would buy them and didn’t make many or if they’re selling like crazy, but truth remains that I can’t find one that isn’t price-gouged at the moment.

    • Jon lebo says:

      Yah no one was buying them so they threw them in the discount bin they were selling for 19 but the stores dropped them down to 13 cause of lack of sales .

  3. Roy says:

    Sony Corporation is lies and deception through and through, the same happens with PlayStation and their marketing. They need to shut up shop and fast.

  4. pretendernx01 says:

    Exceeds expectations is kind of clever wordplay as we don’t know what expectations were. Also it’s worth pointing out that the toyline isn’t just the female Ghostbusters, like half of it’s also the original movie team guys. Both teams have “collect and connect” figure pieces included which encourages you to buy all of them to make a big ghost for the remake and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for the original.

    Moms might be buying girl Ghostbusters for their daughters and boy Ghostbusters for their sons.

  5. tacitustalks says:

    If the facts do not support the agenda, make up different facts. The box office is a disaster. I saw these toys today on Manager’s special aisles, meaning, they are not selling well.

    This is a press release boys and girls, not a story. Companies do this regularly to put spin for investors.

    The federal government does the same thing now. It release propaganda now to support the agenda “du jour”. In 1947 it was made illegal for the federal government to release propaganda within the borders of the United States. That law was repealed in 2014.

    • athveg34f says:

      You are not telling the truth, and you likely have an agenda to support by your lying.
      The box office was not a disaster, the movie made money and continues to make money. Granted, it would have made *more* money had the viciously anti-woman crowd not ruined the buzz everyone had, so kudos, your agenda partially worked.

      Oh, you just happened to be over in the discount toy rack and saw these toys, eh? Funny, private sellers have been buying them up and charging MORE for them, and there always seems to be a fresh new supply of them at the stores every Sunday morning after they restock inventory. Maybe you just live in Jerkland, USA, where toys that don’t support your agenda don’t sell well. If you want to make BANK, just buy these toys and sell them on eBay for six times what you paid, mm-kay?

      I’ve seen this movie with different friends over the last two weeks, and the theater is just as packed as it is for Star Trek (which I’ve watched just before/after Ghostbusters each time). The audience laughs, they walk out happy, it’s a great film. Just because it lacks damseling bimbos who need a big stwong dipsh!t doesn’t make it bad, it doesn’t make it misandrist either,

      • LoboMort says:

        and neither (Deadpool nor Ghostbusters) were released in China, so anyone arguing that it lost a big income for not being released in China is just not wanting to see the truth…

      • Clint Parker says:

        Funny, as the movie BOMBED. 70 Plus million dollar loss. It is not making money, IT ISN’T EVEN BREAKING EVEN.
        But hey keep trying to move the goal post to defend your pathetic film.

      • Funny I found them online for 20% or more off the day the first movie came out. Also the movie just about broke even but it will never make the $300 million it needs to actually make some sort of profit. They had been expecting it to make it’s money back the very first weekend like Suicide Squad is going to do. It’s only been out two days and it made $129 million of a $175 million budget. Now SONY is facing a real dilemma this year. They WANT to push forward a second Ghostbusters film but didn’t make Avengers money like they wanted. While on the other hand Deadpool DID make Avengers money making a jaw dropping $782,603,445 with only a $58 million budget. If SONY was smart they would make another Ghostbusters video game or make a stand alone series based on the original team with the intent to make their money back from the movie’s loss. If SONY was REALLY smart they would drop it all together and focus on Deadpool.

  6. 4.5 stars from who? Critics don’t matter because they’re proven to be bought out. IMDB rats it a 3.5/10 movie. Audience on Rotten Tomatoes is 59%. Metacritic is 60%, Metacritic User Score is 2.7. Stop trying to bullshit people and tell the truth.

    • Cory says:

      It says at the beginning… Children voted it 4 stars. Children have no money or life experience but apparently now Sony is using them in their last hail mary to try to gain any momentum left in the air.

      • athveg34f says:

        Children have no money, omfgzzz. Yeah, that’s why no children’s movies ever get made, right? And that’s why those children’s movies which according to your logic never get made also never make money or win awards or get their songs played on the radio non-stop. (I’d explain to you what a rhetorical question is, but I don’t think I could use simple enough terminology for you to get it.)

        Kids rated it high, women rated it high, PEOPLE WHO SAW IT rated it high… but the people who have been psychopathically invested in the failure of this film for well over a year — who also btw tended not to even SEE the film — are the only ones continually saying it sucked. It was a great film that had one flaw: dudebros acting like spoiled babies on the Interwebz.

    • athveg34f says:

      I’ll make it simple for you: tell us all the name of ANY movie that had at least a year of sabotage prior to its release, replete with down-vote brigade trolls committed to the concerted effort of ruining its success — and in return — I’ll tell YOU the name of a movie that had a harder-than-necessary effort to succeed. Deal? [SPOILER ALERT: you’ll lose]

      I am old enough to recall when men actually grew up and began acting like they were men who’d grown up. I guess at least you people can look forward to the extra time you have to ruin [the next] Ghostbusters II, what with its early announcement giving you hate-filled turds all this extra time to terrorize any and all women involved in its fandom… That’s right — you believe your male so-called “fandom” outranks women’s fandom, and you did (*and miraculously continue to do*) all possible to hurt what women like and what women want.

      • //JUST what I thought — absolutely no one could name any other such movie.//
        What do you mean, no ‘other’ movie? Nobody can any ‘any’ such movie, yourself included.
        Just admit it, this movie didn’t face any sabotage, its marketing team were simply morons.

      • athveg34f says:

        JUST what I thought — absolutely no one could name any other such movie. Just goalpost-moving and deflecting.

        Honestly, when Ghostbusters II comes out, most of you people will have died of rage-poisoning. At least movie-goers can enjoy a fantastic film in peace.

      • Cory says:

        Name one movie in history that tried to make a reboot of one of the most crtically acclaimed comedies in history, forcing a girl power agenda and deliberately switching every gender role in it’s cast, then was written extremely poorly, edited even worse, only began it’s marketing campaign 8 weeks from theatrical release and had it’s director call the intended consumer base to go f*** themselves”. I can. GHOSTBUSTERS 2016.

      • //tell us all the name of ANY movie that had at least a year of sabotage prior to its release, replete with down-vote brigade trolls committed to the concerted effort of ruining its success//
        I can’t think of a single movie, the new Ghostbusters included. There was no sabotage, there was an awfully large amount of bad publicity due to the terrible trailers and the producers systematically insulting and alienating most potential viewers.

    • athveg34f says:

      4.5 stars from people WHO ACTUALLY WATCHED IT, that’s from who. The 3.5/10 IMDB score was due to the well-publicized Reddit vote brigade to downvote the film ***even before it was released***. Go to the stats page and see that thousands of men all miraculously and with pure hive-mind decided to give it a “1” out of ten, despite not having seen it. Those who did see it rated it much higher, even those who didn’t love the living daylights out of it still gave it a 5 or 6 out of ten.

      Rotten Tomatoes also gives it a 75%, so your attempts to ruin the one singular “woman movie” people will ever hear of once again failed.

      It’s beyond ironic that you’re telling *others* to stop trying to bullshit and rather tell the truth… I think doctors call that “projection”, and the more you deny it, the funnier it becomes to watch. (Still not nearly as funny as Ghostbusters 2016 though!)

    • Dean says:

      Please present the proof that critics are paid off. Must be a Batman v Superman fan.

  7. Tones says:

    How much of Sony’s marketing budget went towards planting this false story? These toys are already on the ‘manager’s special’ isle.

    • athveg34f says:

      At which stores, please. They can’t be stocked fast enough at stores where we shop in California.

      • Any Walmart anywhere has these fully stocked no matter where you go. I have friends in retail that say they have had these in back stock since before the movie came out. You want to find a good deal check out the internet.

  8. CIA says:

    Bogus story and sorry attempt by Sony and co. to salvage something positive from this debacle. No actual statistics, thus no actual evidence that the toys are selling well. And “Kids give the movie a positive rating” is one of the most desperate things I’ve ever seen used to support a movie.

    I guess some readers will buy it though.

    • athveg34f says:

      “I guess some readers will buy it though.”

      Yes, those of us who have seen the movie will easily buy it, because we know it’s true and have seen it with our own eyes. Believe it or not… there’s an actual real world out here, far, far away from Reddit.

      Google “little ghostbuster kristen wiig” to see lots of awe-struck children who loved the sh!t out of this awesome film.

  9. Geno says:

    No they haven’t, most stores are completely full with these toys, I work at Toys R Us and we have yet to move even 13% of our product, this is a marketing line generated to put a positive spin on Ghostbusters 2016.

  10. Truth says:

    If they exceeded expectation, give us the numbers because this smells of more desperate Sony poverty spin.
    Sony will go down piece by piece the next decade. Don’t support their overhype BS and lies.

  11. Children have also supported the Sony movie, which has grossed $62 million domestically in its first six days. I thinik it’s their parents who supported the movie and brought their kids, I know tons of families who took their kids and everyone thought it was funny!!

  12. Yeah, nice try Matty. If you count all the product based on the old movies in with the new toys, then you may be able to say the sales are good. If you look at just the product from the current movie, then saying sales are good is an out right lie. These figs went on clearance before the movie came out but are still warming the pegs.

    This stinker of a movie will not make even its budget on domestic sales. Newsflash Sony, men still make up the largest demographic on a movie like this and insulting them is not a great strategy for ticket sales. Insinuating that a man is a misogynyst just because they didn’t like the movie is a stupid idea.

    • athveg34f says:

      Your attempt at a “news flash” is quite incorrect.
      It’s WOMEN who drive movie ticket sales, and it’s been this way for some time. Catch up to the rest of us, mm-kay?

      • Batman12 says:

        Women don’t make up 51% of the population. there are actually more men on the planet then there are women. its about 50/50 for sides.

      • athveg34f says:

        Just g00gle “women drive ticket sales” to see this is true.

        For extra credit, g00gle “men are screaming crybabies”, but make sure you’ve got a good week or so off work to sift through all of the hits. They are legion! It’s only these crybabies who keep trying to push the agenda that GB2016 has in any way failed.

      • Cory says:

        And women make up 51% of the population so who’s fault was it that this movie flopped financially? Must of been men LOL

    • Bia says:

      If you’re insulted because there are women starring in a movie, you have some issues. .[2]

      • athveg34f says:

        lol, they have some issues all right! And they’re not letting go of those issues any time soon!

        Oh, well, they could have opted for seeing the film before bashing it, but then they’d have to abandon some of those issues you talked about :(

      • Cory says:

        No one is insulted about women in the following top grossing movies: Hunger games, Frozen, Inside Out, Mad Max Fury Road, Terminator, Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman etc. No one is insulted about GB2016. Majority of people are dissapointed that an opportunity to make a great sequel worthy of it’s source material was squandered in typical SONY pictures style. You seem to be the only one who is insulted that no one bothered to pay to see this mess of a movie. You should move on. Paul Feig has.

      • Sorry, type. That should be ‘Dean’, not ‘Dead’.

      • Dead, most of the hate came from people who watched the trailers and thought it was awful, not due to the cast being female.

      • Dean says:

        People where hating on the film before it even came out, many because they cast women in the roles. That was the misogyny. Don’t distort the history now.

    • Melissa King says:

      If you’re insulted because there are women starring in a movie, you have some issues. .

      • He’s not insulted because it stars women, but because Sony desperately tried to label all critics as misogynists. Insulting the fans of the original and calling nerds who didn’t like the shockingly bad trailers a bunch of assholes is also a bad marketing strategy.

    • Taylor says:

      Wow, haha, someone needs to chill.

  13. David Edwards says:

    They are really desperate to find some silver lining on this dark stink cloud. Their sexist war marketing scheme didn’t work. The race war they tried to start after the poor opening weekend didn’t either. The toys were on clearance before the movie even came out and they’re trying to say it’s selling well… You can look at the prices of the toys and tell they’re not. Less than $14 for a brand new Abby Yates or Erin Gilbert (two of the most generic names in movie history). They just need to give up and admit every single idea they had was a complete failure. Maybe if they apologize to every ghostbusters fan, they might have better luck with their next attempt.

  14. john says:

    And the various reports of the toys being put on clearance?

    Do I detect yet more biased reporting for this terrible movie?

    • athveg34f says:

      The “various reports” for the toys being put on clearance is coming from the same HIMsterical camp spreading the falsehood that this movie was bad. So, consider the source.

      Head to your own stores if you don’t believe it — the toys aren’t on the discount shelf, they’re still coming in weekly and being bought. I have nieces and nephews who live out of the country and I had to ask my store to put a hold on a full set of these because they sell out before I get over to my store (and eBay marked them up beyond belief).

      I just sit here and laugh at the minions who feel the compulsion to attack this movie because it has women in it. Head to the theater yourself, there are still people seeing it daily, laughing, and leaving the theater in a great, GREAT mood… just like we do with all good movies.

      • Randy says:

        Finally saw this flick on my own after too many people told me it was worth a go. Was def worth a go.
        Never got into the fan boy thing of buying the toy but def bought the Patty toy because it looks like my coworker. He’s a dude.

    • Don says:

      Yeah, I know, right, ’cause this movie is gonna change EVERYTHING, all the bias is shit is gonna make women rise up and then what will us poor Men Folk do?? If only we had actual lives!!

  15. Ectoskeptic says:

    So then why have they been on clearance at target for the last couple of weeks, even before the movie opened?

  16. ShadowAngel says:

    Authentic details? Why is McCarthy’s figure so thin then? :D

  17. Just the facts says:

    I doubt this story greatly. The movie is not a success, and looks as if it could finish 4th or even 5th if Ice Age picks up and Lights Out takes off like it may, and will probably be 3rd at best, which isn’t a good sign either in just its second weekend of release. It finished behind Pets each day during the week and most honest reviews of the film, like that of Comicbook Girl 19, point out how bad the film really is-and she goes into great detail about how most reviewers were afraid to say so for fear of being labeled a misogynist like Richard Roeper unjustly was or just wanted to push a cause, but that this was the wrong film to do it for. It will definitely be forgotten completely when Suicide Squad comes out and maybe out of public consciousness completely by next weekend. It will be a big loss in the end. The experiment failed. Oh, and before anyone flips, it’s the experiment of trying to reboot a classic, not the makeup of the cast.

  18. Tired and Bored says:

    It’s interesting that no one (the article nor the comments) has addressed that the toy line consists of the four females of the new film, and the four original Ghostbusters. The high sales could possibly be due to people buying the super detailed versions of the classic Ghostbusters and almost entirely ignoring the four from the new film.

    • athveg34f says:

      Where are they selling action figures of the original [male] Ghostbusters??????????? I’d love to get some, but Target, Walmart, Toys Я Us, etc., just get smart-@ssed on the phone and tell me I’m thirty years too late!

      I am talking about “action figures”, not little weeble-wobbles or some other dumb version of the original four guys. I have nieces and nephews in other countries who would probably love the original (1985) action figures as much as they love the McCarthy/Jones/McKinnon/Wiig ones.

    • Blorky says:

      I don’t think those original cast figures are included but I could be wrong. But one thing most people here seem to be misunderstanding is that the toy line for the new film isn’t just the four figures pictured. It also includes Marshmallow Man (he’s in the new film briefly) and other ghosts, as well as the car and a proton pack. I think also the Slimer toy, where you pull his tongue and he screeches til you let go, is also part of the new film line. There’s also little cartoon figures of the female cast. Possibly other things too. Even if you’re not a fan of the new film, there was a fair few things from the film that connect back to the original that you could still buy.

      For whatever it’s worth, here is Australia the toys seem to be selling. One store here (Big W) had everything before the movie came out but now that’s all gone except about 1 each for all, and a few, like Slimer, all gone. I was surprised that the female figures were selling, even though I liked the movie.

      • Blorky says:

        And by surprised, I should clarify, I just mean that they’re basically just women in suits, not exactly exciting-looking toys that I can see picture many eager to pick up, and the face sculpts don’t look the greatest. I was looking at them in detail today, thinking maybe I’d pick up all four, but in the end I decided against it.

    • Actually, it has already been addressed.
      Thatperson says:
      Yeah. When you sell, the classics alongside the new cast. You do tend to sell a lot. The classics are all being sold out. The new cast are already in poundland. Try harder.

      • Tired and Bored says:

        Oh, my fault. Must not have scrolled down far enough. Still a good thing to repeat from time to time in the comments, though, if only to defuse some aspects of foolhardy arguments like “the new one is good” before they begin.

  19. Suikodudeman says:

    So, what are the HARD NUMBERS?!! Seriously, is it too much for anyone to post some facts? How many toys have they sold? How much money have they made? Because without any of these, I am reminded of that joke from Family Guy where during one of their Star Wars specials, Chris points out to Peter that the Robot Chicken Star Wars special pulled in double the viewing audience, to which Peter snidely responded, “So what? Double 10 people is only 20 people!” If they sold 110 toys when they only expected to sell 50, that too is ‘exceeding expectations’!

  20. Don says:

    Face facts: it’s no failure, anon, or whatever the fuck you don’t have the guts to call yourself on here. (And by the way, using the term “retarded” is so 1980s, you backwoods douchebag. Grow up.) This movie has almost $66 million in the bank going into this weekend, where it will gross another $23 million even with a 50 percent drop. The roll-out overseas is gradual over the next few weekends, where it was most recently number 1 in the UK. An A- CinemaScore with the under 25 crowd will ensure good legs for the coming weeks. Check your facts before you come at me next time, you hate-spewing, short-sighted, basement-dwelling loser. You need some Jesus, or at least a long, good fuck. MUAH! 💜💜❤️

    • Word of mouth form people that have seen it seems to be fairly even split between ‘it was okay’ and ‘it was bad’. I haven’t found anything saying that Sony is still awaiting the final report from China. Could you please give me a link to this?

      • //What??? No, the word of mouth by those ***who have actually seen it*** is that the movie was fricking awesome.//
        I’m glad you liked it, but I’m afraid the reviews don’t all line up with what you’re claiming. Some liked it, but more were indifferent or outright panned it. Most written reviews were ‘Ít was OK, but had some serious flaws’, while most reviews from youtubers, both male and female, were long the lines of ‘It was pretty bad’. Not saying they were all like this, but most of them were.

      • athveg34f says:

        What??? No, the word of mouth by those ***who have actually seen it*** is that the movie was fricking awesome. Too many of us have seen it multiple times (with different friends), and the mood while leaving the theater is always hyped and happy AF. People APPLAUDED several spots in the movie, get over your need to lie about this film. Honest to gawd, you people tried to ruin The Force Awakens and you tried to ruin Furiosa Road. Women have the right to exist, sheesh, you don’t have to express hysteria when women are successful or when women movie-goers are happy.

      • d0x360 says:

        The movie has an estimated budget of about 240 million. Making 60 million opening weekend and through the week a 65% drop off Friday and Saturday. The movie is a bomb. Word of mouth on it is bad its just the way it is. Its a bad movie.

        As for toys… I haven’t seen one in stores since weeks before the movie came out when they went on clearance yet oddly enough there are still age of ultron toys.

        Merch sales have been driven by classic character items and ecto cooler. Meaning nostalgic stuff is selling amazingly well…the new stuff isn’t nor ever was which is why it was clearance before the films release

    • An initially decent opening weekend doesn’t automatically make the film a success, because it can still be sunk with poor word of mouth, and you could optimistically call the reviews ‘mixed’.
      Also, it’s been confirmed that it won’t be released in China, and the predictions depend on the sources, as Collider predicts ~$130m.

      • Don says:

        Word-of-mouth from real people who have seen it (and that don’t still live in mom’s basement) is quite positive. Also, per the latest reports just 2 days ago, Sony is still awaiting the final decision regarding China. You, like the rest of the minority that so desperately want this film to fail, jumped the gun on that one too. Check your facts, and then get back with me. Like Cap says, I can do this all day . . .

    • For the Saturday to actually earn less than the Friday opening day, no matter how small a drop it is, is practically unheard of. Many people posting pictures of empty cinemas were trying to encourage people to see the film.
      I mentioned $66m because that was the total opening weekend gross, domestic and international, and that included an entire week from the UK. It has since matched that amount purely domestically.
      And I’m sorry, but it is you who needs to check your facts if you think that grossing $100m can never be considered a failure. The movie needs to make at least $400m just to break even and $500m to make enough profit to justify a sequel, which Paul Fieg himself has stated. Remember, the cinema takes half, and with $144m budget that means they need to make ~$300m, plus ~$100m to cover the cost of advertising.
      Look at John Carter if you don’t believe me. That movie grossed $284m and still resulted in a $200m loss for Disney, making it one of the largest flops ever. Hardly a success.

      • I’m glad you all liked it, but to say that the people who didn’t might just not have a sense of humour is ridiculous, to say the least. Like most of the population, I watched the trailer and thought the jokes were just awful, and I don’t think that anybody would ever claim that most of the population has no sense of humour.

      • jenroses says:

        I went last Saturday and this. It was far more crowded this Saturday.

        We all enjoyed the movie mightily, from my kid’s twenty-something friends to my mom in her sixties and me and my husband in our forties.

        I know several of us are planning on buying the thing when it comes out on video. And I bought two toys.

        I think the last time I bought movie merchandise was in the late 90s for the X-files.

        I really wonder if people who didn’t see it as funny have a real sense of humor? Or maybe they just don’t understand the jokes.

        Anyway, it was definitely better attended this weekend at our local theater. I may well see it again. It was a lot of fun and so, so much better than 97% of the dreck out there. I can’t remember the last time I actually felt like I was in the target market demographic for a movie. So refreshing. I spend the vast majority of time trying to ignore the fact that the movies out there just don’t have people like me in them? Ever? I mean, yes, it’s nice watching pretty people run around, but it’s a lot more fun watching smart women do badass stuff with science without worrying about their nails.

        And the biting satire was awesome.

      • As of today, the movie has only made about $71M domestically on a $144M budget. Every article I’ve read says that China won’t allow the movie to be shown. Did it completely flop? No, but hoping a movie barely makes its production budget is not a success in anyone’s book.

      • Don says:

        As it stands now, the film has a worldwide total of $83 million, per Box Office Mojo. It has only been released in three overseas territories, and the studio is still optimistic that they can have it open in China, despite concerns about them banning it. Also, per Box Office Mojo, the CinemaScore was indeed A- with moviegoers under 25. I was also saying that any movie that can gross $100 million in 10-12 days is not, indeed, a failure. (The ENTIRE domestic gross for “John Carter,” by the way, was $73 million, with a budget that was $105 million dollars higher than this movie. Unfortunately, you are comparing apples to oranges.) Current predictions have the domestic gross for “Ghostbusters” at $145-150 million, which is solid. Look it up and learn something. Thanks and take care! 👍👍

    • CinemaScore is actually B+, not A-. It earned less on the Saturday than it did on the opening Friday due to mixed reviews and poor word of mouth. You can find pics all over of empty cinemas while the movie is playing. The opening weekend is only $66m because they included the entire week (beginning Monday 11th) in the UK, where it opened earlier than the US.
      Will it flop badly? Probably not. Will it make a profit? Almost certainly not.

      • Joe says:

        Dude, you need to get a life, haha! Hopefully you have something to do besides tearing down a friggin movie on a Variety comment section! :D

      • Mike says:

        “It will have grossed $100 million sometime next week here in the US alone, and that can never be considered a failure”

        I’d suggest that any movie which fails to turn a profit is considered a failure – it’s going to be a while before we see the final numbers on that one, but truth be told even movies that fail in the theatre tend to make up a lot in media sales, downloads, etc. Put it this way – the movie certainly isn’t a massive flop. Maybe they should have kept Feig’s budget under better control – suspect that the budget will be a bit lower for the sequel, if one happens.

        Don – I’m interested in your comments re: China. I can’t find any useful media site suggesting they’ve completed an application that hasnbeen rejected for China. I suspect it will be a bit of a struggle for them – it’s hard to hide the supernatural in this movie…

      • Don says:

        And one more thing: its Saturday box office drop last weekend was around 5 percent, which was much less than projected and much less than other film openings as well.

      • Don says:

        Check your facts: as I said, CinemaScore was A- for the under 25 audience. It was B+ combined. Almost $66 million is its cume since opening here in the US, but that was not its opening weekend. Here in the US, it opened to $46 million. It grossed around $5.5 million its first weekend in the UK, and the rollout will gradually continue overseas. Pics from “empty cinemas” are certainly suspect from the multitude of trolls trying to ruin the success of this film. I went this past Tuesday night and saw it in IMAX 3-D in a theater that was 65 percent full. Everyone obviously enjoyed the movie from the positive response, cheers and laughter. It will have grossed $100 million sometime next week here in the US alone, and that can never be considered a failure, no matter how you try to spin it. The movie is doing fine, and, obviously, so are the toys. Isn’t’ it past time to move on from this and for you guys to hate something else? Spread love, y’all!

  21. jusduckyblog says:

    Loved it and definitely want the action figures!

  22. Don says:

    Wow! The same trolls are on this site as well as all of the other ones! This movie is a success, and the general public loves it. Get over it. I am seeing it three more times and buying all of the toys just to spite you. MUAH to the haters!!! 💜💜❤️

    • Suikodudeman says:

      Wow, a wild SJW has appeared! It used “Virtue Signal”: It wasn’t very effective! *Captures in pokeball… then drops it at the bottom of the ocean never to be heard from again*

    • Dick Jones says:

      Dude you need to chill out! You’re defence of this stupid movie is making you just as bad as the haters. Throwing vulgar insults back at some other comment doesn’t make you a hero.

  23. chase says:

    This smells very fishy to me…

  24. Nick says:

    They are also on sale at Toys R us stores.

  25. Mark says:

    What sad little people would buy such toys. Not unless they are buying them to burn them for fun I hear that is a lot of fun.

  26. Stetson Wade says:

    I’m certain the action figures were more exciting than the movie. Watching paint dry would be more exciting than watching Ghostbusters 2016

  27. Clem Cadiddlehopper says:

    This looks like manufacturer-to-store sales, not store -to-consumer sales. Considering they were marked clearance before the movie opened, I would be interested in seeing the end user sales numbers.

  28. Rex says:

    This smells funny. Then again, set your expectations low enough and you’re bound to exceed them.

  29. BillUSA says:

    Gimme a G, gimme an H, gimme an O…..where’s your pom-poms?

  30. Thatperson says:

    Yeah. When you sell, the classics alongside the new cast. You do tend to sell a lot. The classics are all being sold out. The new cast are already in poundland. Try harder.

  31. Siera says:

    Seriously? My stores shelf was stocked totally full of them.

  32. eriruby says:

    65 million! Sold out action figures! Success!

  33. Sheboon says:

    So that’s the reason Target had these toys on clearance weeks ago?

    • Target always puts toys on clearance after a few months because they try to keep their toy aisle limited to the big franchises while making room for whatever new toy happens to be coming out. It’s their business model. They have done it with every toy franchise.

      • Tim says:

        They don’t put usually new toys that are from a new movie that hadn’t on even been released at the time the figures were on clearance 2 weeks ago.

      • Butch says:

        …and this movie hadn’t even been released. The toys were barely on the shelf for three-and-a-half weeks before being marked for clearance, toolbag.

  34. LOL says:

    These executives must believe Americans stupid in trying to convince them that this film is a success in some way.

    • Manuel Hernandez says:

      Indeed, they have to make between 350 and 400 millions to break even, so calling a movie which made 65 millions in is first week is just plain desperate.

      • none says:

        The inflated numbers are from the studio having to split the box office take with the theater. The movie might make 46 million that first weekend, but the studio and theater will split it roughly in half (depending on deals between the studio and theater). So this movie that cost 144 million to make, plus 100 million in marketing, will need to earn roughly 488 million in the theater to break even.

      • Dannie says:

        for people wondering where the 300 mil to break even comes from. it is because of the heavy marketing and all the promotions. there was an overabundance of it. media was completely saturated. everywhere you look there is some kind of marketing or some promotion for cheap tixx and so forth. alll the toys and such that were made, music etc. that adds up to a lot.

        so you have the 144 which is the cost of the movie with all those “special effects” then there is the added 100+mil of marketing and promotions.

        this movie really shouldnt be that high as the special effects are well…. then there is whatever the actors got paid etc. you know the drill . price should be much lower but the studio went crazy.

      • GH2016 had $46m opening weekend in the US, and the $65m count is from the total international revenue, and that includes an entere week in the UK, where it opened on Monday 11th. Given that it earned as respectable $17m on the Friday, but only $16m on the Saturday (and earning less on the Saturday is almost unheard of) and then $13m on the Sunday, this film looks set to definitely under-perform.

      • Tim says:

        Independence Day: Resurgence was a bomb. Look it up. The reason they say 350 to 400 million is because these big budget special fx movies need to make double to be considered worth the cost. Aside from the budget, the studio would like to recoup the cost of marketing, with for this movie is probably 30 to 50 million. And the studio doesn’t just want to make 200 million at the box office, because they don’t spend that much money on a movie to just break even or make 20 million dollars profit. They want 100 million dollars profit or more. Also, Ghostbusters didn’t have a 65 million dollar weekend. It was 46 million. The 65 million is probably what it made in the U.S. to date. (which is now up to 79 million.)

      • shepd says:

        ID Resurgence is a flop. Way to rewrite the narrative to suggest the box office on GB is a success against a failed movie.

        Paul Feig stated that GB needs 500 million to make another sequel. The movie needs $144 million net just to pay for the film itself. Marketing is likely to cost another $100 million. The $65 million is a box office gross figure, and includes free tickets (that are included as write off against full price of the ticket). While theatres don’t make much on your movie ticket sale, they do make a bit of money. You can subtract an easy 20% to cover those items.

        GB may make enough money to pay the salaries of everyone who made it when you include all the box office sales this year, and any DVD/Blu-Ray sales, along with licensing deals. But I think that’s as far as this movie is going, at least this year. That means it’s the dead walking.

        Also, the most expensive movie to produce of all time was PotC: Stranger Tides, at $378.5 million.

        FWIW, the original budget of Ghostbusters 2016, before Sony axed a little off it, put it in the top 100 most expensive movies of all time.

      • beep says:

        not to mention a 65 mil weekend is totally normal…the newest independence day opened to 41 mil. you have a very strange interpretation of reality

      • beep says:

        ghostbusters (2016) only cost 144mil to make. im not sure where you are getting the very inflated numbers like 350 and 400 mil. that would make it the most expensive to produce movie of all time. you should do better research before saying this like this; it could be embarrassing.

  35. Ted Nugent says:

    good news since the film will look to recover its budget and marketing costs, especially with no release in China.

    • Fenrir767 says:

      It’s called marketing of $100 million or more to sell the movie and Paul Feig himself in an interview said the break even point for the film is around 400 million worldwide and sequel territory is 500 million. The information is out there look it up you are the one who is not informed!

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