Marvel’s New Iron Man Will Be a Black Woman

Iron Man Riri Williams
Courtesy: Marvel

Tony Stark is stepping out of the Iron Man suit.

His successor is Riri Williams, a 15-year-old black woman and a science genius who builds her own version of the Iron Man suit in her dorm at MIT.

According to Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, Tony Stark will step out of the Iron Man suit end of the comic-book crossover storyline “Civil War II,” and Williams will take over.

Williams debuted in “Invincible Iron Man” No. 7 in March of this year. She was created by Bendis and artist Stefano Caselli.

The decision to incorporate Williams into the Marvel comic-books follows a trend in the last few years of more diverse characters. Bendis is also the creator of Miles Morales, a comic-book iteration of Spider-Man whose father is African-American and mother is Puerto Rican.

Kamala Khan, a teenage Pakistani American, first appeared in the comic-books as Ms. Marvel in 2013. In July, 2014, Marvel caused controversy over its decision to introduce the first female Thor, Jane Foster.

Williams, as with all the comic characters who have come before her, could potentially enter the Marvel cinematic universe. The next Marvel films to hit theaters will be “Doctor Strange” in November, 2016, and “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2” in May, 2017.

The new series of “The Invincible Iron Man,” by Bendis and Caselli, will launch at the end of 2016.

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  1. Cleopatra Methula says:

    Really amazing, so excited and happy for her. giving such a role to a girl is really really exciting.

  2. Jack says:

    Oh sure, when the Chinese copy something its bad, but if a Black Girl does it, it its great and acceptable.
    Stupid double standards.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    Bold and unexpected. The fact there are so many negatives comments on here about this means that Marvel has shaken up the status quo which is great. You would think that all the white male super heroes out there were in danger of being replaced by women and non white actors.

  4. Danal Blanc says:

    Come on ! Tell me it’s a joke please. A 15 year old girl taking on the Iron Man armor ? That can’t be serious really ?!? What’s next, a baby Capt America, a gorilla She Hulk, or a fat Thor ? I understand that Disney bought Marvel but this is getting ratter ridicdulous. They are going to lose a lot of people who won’t be buying the comics books and go to the movies anymore… killing the super heroes franchise, too bad !

  5. Lathon says:

    Then i expect they make Black Panther a Blonde in his reboot, you know; For including people and the same time not caring for cheapest story possible?

  6. Rudy Mario says:

    Instead of creating new characters/leads of different ethnic/racial backgrounds the fools are changing the race of existing characters…
    This will end up like putting down a well deserved black person by attributing his/her success to affirmative action.

  7. Worst MovieEver says:

    Marvel could at least give her a realistic backstory, like this:

    Despite mediocre grades, Riri went to MIT on a full scholarship, beating out dozens of better qualified Whites. After graduating with C’s, she tells Tony Stark that he is racist for not letting her use his Iron Man suit, and that she will file a complaint with Obama’s Justice Department. Afraid of a lawsuit, Stark relents and gives her his Iron Man Suit.

    There, fixed it.

  8. Dd says:

    Let me start this by saying iron man is my least favorite comic super hero, I dislike him very much. I am sooooo sick of the liberal media giving the impression we need to diversify everything to the extent they are even changing comics. Thor is a woman now, spider man is Latino, now iron man is a black women. We’re the characters not as interesting as they were 10 years ago. It would be different if it was not all at once or if a character died but it’s painfully obvious this is just tool appease liberals

  9. Paully says:

    I wonder if the Mouse had anything to do with this.. And

  10. Observer says:

    Ya know, this whole shallow minded obsession with race quota’s by skin color is racist in itself the way it’s used.
    Never knew a kid who was influenced or gave a rat’s azz one’s nationality as long as they got along. Black Goliath was a fav because of him, not because he was black.
    Too many kids getting brainwashed and ruined with this out of control PC nonsense.

  11. EricJ says:

    And with the new alternate universe “Captain Carter”–or the future Captain Danielle Cage–Spider-Gwen, the alternate-universe Gwenpool, Thor’s female replacement and new female-Wolverine “X-23”, there are only a few Avengers left for Marvel to replace with female-demographic kissups.

    Wow, remember way back when GUYS read comics? (snigger!)

  12. What a great opportunity for a young Black actress. WVery awesome, MARVEL. This announcement is exciting and I look forward to seeing a FRESH new face breakout and become an international star.

  13. Alex says:

    How’s she going to get the helmet on over all that hair? When this flops all the people who thought this was a great idea will be nowhere to be found. Remember the gay “Green Lantern”? How’s that working out?

  14. says:

    Absolutely laughable, why don’t Black, Hispanic or Asian Writers come up with THEIR own characters instead of expecting “us” to change ours?

    • headless_samurai says:

      The real problem, as outlined by another commentator, is that Marvel already has great Black characters, as well as Hispanic & Asian. They just need to put them in the spotlight, take a chance, and hope for the best. Instead, they depend on the now famous ones & color correct them. Funny…iron man was never a fan fav when i was a kid.

      Instead of making ironman a black chick (mmmkay???) How about giving the mantel to war machine. Maybe tony stark gets sick, dies, or gets his back broken by bane (joke). Something like that. Think like a comic writer for gods sake.

      BTW: Marvel belongs to us all. Even you are the ethnicity of a character, it doesn’t make it yours (and yours) alone, and vice versa. You can identity with characters across race/gender.

      Marvel just needs to pace itself. Its erasing all that beautiful history it built.

      • John Dunkelburg says:

        They could just do what the writers did in the comics and have Tony’s alcoholism get the better of him. He hands the Iron Man suit off to Rhodey while he goes (back) into rehab.

        A better idea for making a black female Iron Man would be similar in some respects to how DC handled the origins of Steel. Have the black girl create her own homebrewed power armor and then she helps save Tony’s life; he’s getting TOFTS and is impressed with what she accomplished on her own and allows her to take over for him as iron Man.

  15. Dana of fakenewspapersdotcom says:

    Interesting. Can’t wait to see it!

  16. Bas says:

    Donald Duck will helm the character next…anyway good to see Disney mandating diversity across it Subsidiaries and Divisions.

    • Matt says:

      Because Marvel needed diversity? First Black Hero was from Marvel, First Black Female hero was from Marvel. Marvel has over a dozen major characters already black and then they have the same for every other ethnicity there is and has been this way long before Disney.
      Now on the other hand currently there is only one major Hero played by a white male. Spiderman. And he has to share the name with a black character as well.
      Marvel never needed diversity. They always had it. What they did not need was SJW’s writing their books.

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