‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie Finds Writer in Lisa Joy, Eyes ‘Hunger Games’ Director

Battlestar Galactica
Courtesy of Syfy

“Westworld” scribe Lisa Joy has been set to adapt a “Battlestar Galactica” film for Universal, sources confirmed to Variety.

Bryan Singer had been attached to direct, but has since moved on. The studio is now eyeing “Hunger Games” helmer Francis Lawrence, though sources say discussions are early.

The popular property has already had two separate TV shows with the most recent appearing on Syfy. The series follows a crew of the aged Galactica as it accompanies a small civilian fleet who are in search of the planet Earth after their world is destroyed by an alien force known as the Cylons.


Michael De Luca Scott Stuber Battlestar Galactica

‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie Adds Michael De Luca, Scott Stuber as Producers

With the most recent TV series garnering critical acclaim, Universal has been trying to get a feature film version off the ground for quite some time. Bluegrass Films’ Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark will produce alongside Michael De Luca through his Michael De Luca Productions.

Universal’s vice president of production Jay Polidoro will oversee the project for the studio.

Joy is repped by UTA and Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman. Deadline Hollywood first reported the news.

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  1. If they make a Galactica movie, I just hope they’re serious about making it a success, and don’t just fill it with token characters and cheap titillation. I hope they pay attention to the successful reboot movies of the past ten years or so. I hope they realize that all of those successful movies were true to the original story concept, and didn’t just resort to gimmickry. I hope they can look passed vaunted “critical acclaim” and realize how a critic’s opinion never equals butts in chairs. I hope they pay attention to the Star Wars prequel movies and realize nobody wants to watch a pathetic whiner for two hours. Surprisingly, heroes should be heroic. You shouldn’t be halfway through a movie and be begging for someone to just flippin’ shoot the crybaby already. Yes, I know, Luke came close, but there was always Han.

    Sure, go ahead and make improvements. Make the story your own. Correct the silly things. Make it modern … but respect the source material. Respect the content. Above all, respect your audience. If you cannot do that, go home. Don’t waste time and money making something that will never be a success. We’ve already seen that.

  2. Dj Gary C says:

    P.S.Imagine my friend and the amazing Lisa Joy teaming up!,,,wow

  3. Dj Gary C says:

    If the story is great it will give Star Wars a real true run for the money possibly bump them out of number 1. It can be done, BUT…. the story has to be amazing. Star Wars missed the boat on their last try in my opinion. Now is the time to jump out in front! The last SW was just a updated re-wright of a New Hope, not impressive to me at all . Some parts were really good though, I will say.

    Battlestar People!!! now is your one & only and I mean “only” chance to become more amazing as this is the perfect timing…..

    It’s really to Bad they didn’t know a good friend of mine. BOY!!! has he got the Battlestar Galactica story of a life time!! This one would blow away the studio heads and all involved. Trust me.

    Whenever he tells his vision of it. People are “Glued” Blown Away and Mesmerized by his telling of it. It seams perfectly from the old school telling into the new ….. What a vision!

    he even has something special “no one” else has to tell it with. Wiich has never been done in Hollywood before and I mean never!

    To bad no one a Universal is open to new ideas, because this is the one true killer write..:) If only they truly knew. WOW

  4. Kess Tacy says:

    ‘destroyed by an alien force known as the Cylons’
    that was in the first Battlestar circa 1979, the modern version is the Cylons are human made AI turned against them. Best to watch Caprica to find out how and why. So sad it was axed after one season :(

    Anyhoo, I’m intrigued to find out what the storyline is going to be, after all, the trip to earth has been done twice and I doubt any skilled writer could compress it into 2 hours.

  5. Timex says:

    Lisa Joy, I must say this if lisa was to read this message. Write a new story line where humans on earth finds a cylon with a data base about the path they took to earth, and the battlesatr Galactica coming from the 12 colones.

    A story line that has all nations on earth to have many different kinds of people to build 2 or more big ships, and head out in search human life

  6. Man made robots rising up to destroy their creators has been done to death. The flawed Terminator story was an example. But if they keep this true to the original story but for an older audience I think they may well strike gold. Imperious Leader and proper Cylons would be great. Good directors and writers would be great. I hope they keep the characters similar to the originals…….

  7. Esther Olson says:

    Alien force? ALIEN FORCE? Did you people even read up about the show?! The humans made the Cylons and then they rebelled. Ugh.

    Besides all that, I’m dubious about a movie. Dear Hollywood–hire new writers if all you can do are reboot movies and sequels, m’kay?

    • AJ says:

      The original Battlestar Gallactica actually did have an alien race known as the Cylons. What are commonly referred to as “Cylons” are the Centurions, the robotic army of the Cylons. Cylons themselves were reptilian race. It wasn’t until the reboot that Cylons were a race of artificial lifeform created by the humans of the 12 colonies. However, those Cylons developed because of the interference of members of the 13th colony, and ergo are alien to the 12 colonies, from a certain perspective. Misleading, but technically true.

      • Kess Tacy says:

        Not entirely. Going by the Caprica storyline, the Cylons were created by humans with the discovery of ancient resurrection technology which Tyrol from BSG (supposed to make an appearance in season 2 of Caprica) gave some missing information. The 13th tribe/colony were already biological cylons that had already rediscovered resurrection from their forebears, yet another human progenitor race.

    • JackieL says:

      Totally. At least know what the show is about! Alien force? Come on!

  8. rocinante says:

    Some people liked JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot; some people didn’t. At my house, we refer to it JJ Abrams Pasteurized Processed Science Fiction Movie Product so that we don’t get it confused with any of the actual Star Trek TV series and films.

    I predict that we’ll be calling this BSG reboot Brian Singer’s Pasteurized Processed Science Fiction Movie Product.

  9. Jay Phillips says:

    I don’t see any reason for this at all. The story is over. The two TV series covered it well enough. If you prefer the 70’s cartoonish style or the more recent gritty version, both were great for their time. Why a movie? Did we miss a chapter somewhere in the story? Is it time to embellish it more? Remember the original Battlestar movie? It was just two hours edited straight out of the original TV show. What a ripoff! Make a movie about something else. Something original maybe even?

  10. JoeMcG says:

    Really, do we need this? Ronald Moore struck gold with the re-imagining, and did way more than the original ever could. But the story’s done. Do we really need to go back? After only 7 years?

  11. jim says:

    huge fan of the 70s version tried to watch the 00 version couldn’t get into it. look forward to seeing this though.

  12. Boodah says:

    2 hours of crying – no thanks

  13. EricJ says:

    I’ve seen one article with the 00’s images and one article with the 70’s images…Well, which is it?
    With Universal, I’m guessing it’s Neither, and they’ll try to “reboot” the franchise from scratch just to keep the house title-icon value, but short memory will lean toward using the 00’s series as a foundation.

    (Although the idea of an 00’s-series movie has been around as long as…sheesh, the series was airing.)

  14. Tina says:

    Without Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos headlining the cast a lot of BSG fans have “0” interest in this. It’s just a very bad idea.
    Battlestar Galactica cannot be replicated for the big screen and deliver the emotional impact that we received during those 4 amazing seasons!!

    • I myself am a huge BSG fan; but only because of the connection to the characters. Rebooting with new people…it’s just gonna feel like a betrayal if i watch it, haha.

  15. SandiMist says:

    PLEASE tell
    Me you are using the last TV cast!!! Later Sackoff, Trisha Helfer, et al, they were AMAZING!!!

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