Leonardo DiCaprio Tries to Keep Straight Face Answering Reporter’s Question at Oscars

Backstage, after his win, Leonardo DiCaprio struggled to keep a straight face when asked about winning his first Oscar.

“What about the first Oscar for you?” a reporter asks.

“I’m sorry, what was your question?” DiCaprio wonders.

The journalist repeats the inquiry, word for word. “What about it?” he asks again, confused by the question.

“For your Oscar,” she insists.

“Yeah, it feels amazing,” DiCaprio says as the room erupts in laughter.

“It’s a first, what about that?” she presses.

“Yeah, it is the first,” the actor says, giggling beside “The Revenant” director Alejandro G. Iñárritu. “Like I said, I’m just incredibly grateful. Thank you.”

After five acting nominations, DiCaprio won the best actor Oscar Sunday for his performance in “The Revenant.”

DiCaprio had previously been nominated for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (1993), “The Aviator” (2004), “Blood Diamond” (2006) and “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013). He was also up for best picture as one of the producers of “Wolf.”

“Thank you to [Alejandro G. Inarritu] and Chivo [cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki] for creating a transcendent cinematic experience,” DiCaprio said during his acceptance speech, which later touched on climate change. “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take this night for granted.”

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  1. CJ says:

    Used to like LD, but he has become just another one of those Hollywood elites who poke their noses way too far into politics like they think they know so much and try to persuade us, the people that live in the real world to follow their left wing crazy agendas. Forget it… we are all going to start boycotting all their movies.

    • Actors are people, too. They have political opinions just like others. A person doesn’t stop caring about politics just because he becomes an actor or anything else. I don’t know why people expect actors to not do what other non-acting voters do all the time, talk about their favorite candidates and why those politicians are their favorites. I suppose you would prefer that everyone who disagrees with you just kept his or her opinion to himself? LOL. The importance ascribed to the opinions of an actor are those of that person and are not any different than the opinions that someone might have about an opponent (someone else’s preference.) Unless you, as a person and assumably a voter, are planning to never discuss your opinions about any politician again, too, I don’t think you should expect any other person and voter to do so…. but of course, that, too, is your right as a person and a voter in this country. Just remember what Mick Jagger sang,,, you don’t always get what you want.

      As a side note, in this country at this time, people don’t tend to change their votes according to what anyone else thinks no matter how famous that person is. If they did, all the voters in this country would have followed those who were right all along. Instead, they are all stuck with what is proving itself to be the worst choice for president in the entire history of this country.

    • Beth says:

      CJ that’s ludicrous. Actors are people, too, with just as much at stake as you and I do. Come down off your fanatical cloud and get with the program.

    • gkn says:

      Who’s we? You and your 18 kids?

  2. Lena Dunham says:

    The Oscars. What a bunch of self-congratulatory, sanctimonious B.S. >:-(

  3. Lena Dunham says:

    The Oscars. What a bunch of self-congratulatory, sanctimonious B.S.

  4. Jehan says:

    This egyptian journalist is so proud to come to Hollywood! She couldn’t form a proper question in English, she is deceptive because she claimed to be the first egyptian to cover the oscars and by covering the oscar she went to madam tussauds museum and took pictures with the statues! As if she is doing her job!! She has done nothing but asking this question “what about the oscars” !!!!

  5. Could barely understand the reporter with her accent, so of course he wondered and had to ask her again what she said.

  6. Greg says:

    It’s a great question asked badly but with a great answer.

  7. Jeremy Fischer says:

    No, Leo is not struggling to find the words to describe winning his first oscar. He is struggling to piece together an incomplete question proposed.
    What about your first oscar?
    What about it?
    What about your first oscar [do you like]?
    What about your first oscar [do you hate]?
    What about your first oscar [makes you smile]?
    What about your first oscar [grinds your gears]?
    There are unlimited options to assume what this woman was possibly asking. Maybe it’s a trap for variety and other speculative “news” associations to extrapolate their next tall tale.

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