Joss Whedon Assembles ‘Avengers’ for Star-Studded Anti-Trump Get-Out-the-Vote PSA

Writer-director Joss Whedon unveiled the first of a series of get-out-the-vote videos on Wednesday that not only implores people to get to the polls on Nov. 8, but also warns of the consequences of electing a certain candidate.

Donald Trump is not named, but one of the stars featured in the spot, Don Cheadle, refers to a “racist abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.”

Martin Sheen says, “We cannot pretend both sides are equally unfavorable.” He’s echoing a sentiment expressed by many Hillary Clinton supporters that the media has been engaging in a “false equivalence” in covering both candidates.

Others in the video include Mark Ruffalo, Keegan-Michael Key, James Franco, Julianne Moore, Leslie Odom, and Neil Patrick Harris. Whedon also waded into the 2012 campaign, creating a video that irreverently warned of the “zombie apocalypse” should Mitt Romney be elected. This video is also an irreverent riff on the overly earnest celebrity PSA.

The video is being funded through a super PAC that Whedon created, “Save the Day,” and he told BuzzFeed that he planned to put up $1 million for the effort.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler teamed with Rock the Vote for a new video unveiled this morning on PopSugar. She doesn’t mention the candidates by name, but her spot is aimed at women. She even does a rap, including this verse: “There are too many issues at stake this year/Affecting women’s lives — can I be more clear?”

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  1. Lani says:

    Ugh. That was nauseating. Can someone please tell celebrities that we could really care less about their opinions. What’s the old saying?…”Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone has one and thinks everyone else’s stinks.”

  2. Rick Sos says:

    This pathetic spot featuring rich pathetic hollywood folks who say they relate to the average american citizen then ride off in their Ferraris back to their mansions, are really really clueless. Nice. They, like “Crooked Hillary” are the real dangers facing this country’s future. They don’t realize how “crooked Hillary” and her democratic cronies have shunned the poor for decades. They have NOT and will NOT do for the less fortunate in particularly African-Americans in the inner cities of America. In a time where we need leadership, WHERE”S OBAMA? VOTE TRUMP FOR REAL CHANGE!

  3. adam says:

    LOL Yeah, smug ultra-rich Hollywood celebs who are divorced from most of the reality of the world trying to influence us “regular folk” on who to vote for.

    That’s rich.

  4. Hollyweird says:

    Typical Hollyweird twisted blinder guided agenda, lets support their crooked criminal candidate and not the other criinal candidate. Because per the media and places like Hollyweird and DC (dis-connected) we can only be left or right, red or blue, liberal or conservative. Per them a third party is a wasted vote, being a “moderate” is being a “fence sitter” or as some like to call them, “undecided”. They know that we are very close to being completely fed up with the two parties that have done such a “bang up” job on our country but they still do everything in their power to make sure people believe that a third party candidate could never win and all of them are either stupid or high and could never do as good of a job as the two POS that they keep handing us. I myself have long been tired of voting for the “lesser of two evils”.

  5. Marco says:

    What you americans are not realizing is this: Yes, Hillary Clinton is crooked. But she knows how politics work. Did she lie? Yes, like every president or politician in history did. It´s called politics, but could also be called lying 101. The thing is: If Donald trump is elected things may be different than before, But not for the better. I get your frustration with the government, it really is a choice between two bad things.
    But if you elect Donald Trump, it´s gonna be like here in Germany with Hitler. This guy may well begin a war in his craziness that will kill a lot of people – americans and others.
    So it really is: better the devil you know. Vote for the lesser evil.

  6. K. Greenland says:

    There are quite a few voters who see this pandering, begging, coercing, shaming, threatening effort to vote for HRC as pathetic (and I’m no Trump supporter). Do these “famous” people know about the election fraud, leaked emails exposing the DNC, the way HRC lied to the American public for a solid year right to their faces, her suck up to wall street (continually screwing over the American people), her blatant lies in the past, ineffectual and deadly leadership, war mongering and a host of other scandals? How about her health? Come on! This doesn’t work on me. Especially the tacky Mark Ruffalo comedy – people are dying in the ME because of our illegal war. Blech! Hollywood.

  7. Sonny says:

    Well if a bunch of famous people (and a few not-so famous people) tell me I should vote against Trump then BY GOLLY! I need to make sure I vote for him. If anyone of these “famous” people actually trust Crooked Hilliary, it begs the questions…..Why? Why trust her with anything? She has shown herself as untrustworthy as a person can be! That does it! I have to vote for Trump now! Thanks “famous” people for giving that little extra incentive to push forward with my vote!

  8. Keith Batchelor says:

    Wow! That was a ton of famous people. 23.. amazing what people do when the director of your next movie asks.

  9. Giddi Kroon says:

    This is so pathetic. A Reality Show based on a business firing candidates is a reason not trust a guy with nukes. But the FBI saying Hillary is extremely careless, that’s okay to trust her with just about everything. right. How sad, pathetic, stupid and corrupt this is.

  10. Joss Whedon and others should realize the clear potential of so much anti-Trump sentiment backfiring i having an unintended negative affect.

    This is not by fault pro-Hillary Clinton get out the vote. Negative press is promoting attention and interest in Trump over his opponent.

    This happened with movies (Suicide Squad) and it might happen here. The more you forbid a child, the greater the child’s desire…just for the hell of it.

  11. Phillip Ayling says:

    I find it fascinating that Joss Whedon has assembled a whole bunch of people from Avengers: Age of Ultron to talk about our country and our communities, while Joss and those same folks are all making a small fortune working outside of the US on their “American Movies”. Meanwhile regular Hollywood people are left behind, unemployed.

    Even Joss’ earlier Marvel films which he directed or helped with (which had domestic tax-payer supported filming) were all sent overseas for music scoring. For the hundreds of US musicians put out of work by your business practices, I hope your future concern for them will extend further than asking them to help out by performing for whatever “Anti-Trump Get Out the Vote” events you have planned.

    • JK says:

      I find it fascinating that you don’t see that Trump takes all of his businesses out of america, his clothline is made in mexico, bangladesh, etc.; so stop being hypocrite and realize that you are lying to yourself, Trump is a fraud and a real danger. That’s all

      • James Hunt says:

        Trump has spoken about out sourcing. He has said that to be a successful large company in this country you are practically driven to outsourcing. There are some boutique clothing companies in America, but look out at how many of the large clothing companies are NOT in America. Do you disagree with his statement that to be competitive in this country you have to outsource simply because everyone else does? If you can make a pair of socks for $10, but employee all Americans, or Hanes can make the same quality sock for $4….who is the customer going to support? Americans only care about cost, and as a company you have to consider that.

      • Phillip Ayling says:

        I am not a Trump supporter and I see him doing all the things you say. What I don’t see him doing is lining up people who export jobs to make PSA’s for him.

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