Johnny Depp’s ‘Pirates 5’ Injury Occurred During Fight With Amber Heard (Report)

Johnny Depp Amber Heard fight

After declaring in court that she has “endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse” during the entirety of their relationship, Amber Heard claims that the injury that estranged husband Johnny Depp incurred that halted filming on “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” occurred during a physical altercation.

According to ET, Depp reportedly injured his right hand while punching a wall during an argument the couple had in Australia in March of 2015.

The injury and resulting surgery cut into filming for more than a month. Depp had to fly back to the U.S. to receive medical treatment and eventually had a pin inserted in one of his fingers.

Disney, the studio behind “Pirates of the Caribbean,” declined to comment on the matter.


Johnny Depp Abuse Scandal

Can Johnny Depp’s Reputation Recover From Abuse Accusations?

Los Angeles police are currently investigating Heard’s domestic violence allegations against Depp after the actress filed a claim on Tuesday. She didn’t file a criminal report against Depp on May 21, when police responded to a domestic dispute. Law enforcement officials told Variety last week that investigators found no evidence of an assault that day.

She later said in a sworn declaration that Depp threw a cellphone at her, hitting her cheek and eye, while he was high and drunk during the same fight on May 21. She said she endured the same abuse in April when Depp — in a similar state — pushed her to the floor.

She filed papers during her appearance in Los Angeles County Court on Friday, when she was granted a restraining order for 100 days, alleging a disturbing history of extreme anger, violent outbursts and substance abuse by the 52 year-old actor.

“I live in fear that Johnny will return to (our house) unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally,” Heard wrote.

She detailed Depp’s history of drug and alcohol abuse, saying that she feared for her safety, claiming the “Edward Scissorhands” star has a short fuse, an “exceptionally scary” temper and suffers from paranoia.

“I am extremely afraid of Johnny and for my safety,” the actress said in her declaration for a restraining order. “Depending on his interaction with alcohol and drugs. Johnny has a long-held and widely-acknowledged public and private history of drug and alcohol abuse.”

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  1. Dennis Burton says:

    While they’re at it maybe they should investigate to see if Depp or the studio filed a claim for insurance to recover costs of the delay. I would think a month long hold would set somebody back a few bucks!

  2. Carol Loman says:

    Johnny is having one hell of a “midlife crisis”. Marry a beautiful girl half ur age who is a lesbian & was charged w/abuse in her last relationship, continue to do one movie flop after another, gain weight & let ur hair go greasy so people say you smell!! Also, start a subpar Rock Band & tour the world so they can’t get you into court! This was a toxic relationship, settle it Johnny, take a year off & get it together on your island or a rehab island, move on!!

  3. Amber Heard's missing conscience says:

    Johnny Depp’s ‘Pirates 5’ Injury Occurred BECAUSE OF Fight With Amber Heard

    there i fixed that for you

  4. Sabi says:

    I never could bring me to really like Johnny. I find he is a stereotypically good looking man. But he hides this with strange clothing and the kind of roles he takes.
    I feel that there is something off. Cannot put my finger on it. Maybe who he is and who he wishes to be or his face and character do not match.

    Anyhow, in the last years his physics and grooming have taken a real nosedive. Greasy hair, messy look etc. He clearly does not feel at his best and it is kind of obvious he has addictions. We dont need Ambers account to see that.
    And it is no secret that he pursued Amber, chose her even for the role in the beginning and that he left his former partner for her. She was not running behind him he ran behind her. Thats at least what i saw. He kinda forced himself onto her, whatever the reason.
    All this time Amber made no secret out of her bisexuality and independence. I knew this in Europe, so he must have known himself and could have backed off.
    Moreover he is not young anymore and has seen the world. If he got deceived by Amber in any way, then only by willingly closing eyes and ears.
    Therefore i cannot see him as her victim. If anything he is his own victim or the victim of his own desires.
    In my eyes he paid beauty and youth to keep him company and make him look good and therefore its only fair he pays Amber what she deserves out of that deal.
    More so clearly if any of the abuse accusations should be true, what seems kinda likely…

  5. Jordan says:

    Sorry people she looks abused to me aging johnny is just too insecure to have a young beautiful wife that doesn’t help when your drinking and doing drugs he probably doesn’t remember half of what he did to her while wasted hes most likely horrified himself just as much as we are yes he needs some type of counseling and help just remember sometimes good people do bad things and make bad choices especially under the influence but if Amber endured hell from johnny throughout their relationship she deserves every penny she asks for just saying

    • Raegan says:

      Pays Amber what she deserves? How about she made a choice, regardless of what that was based on-we weren’t there . Taking responsibility and ownership of one’s actions and thoughts doesn’t go out of style.

    • Raegan says:

      Amber had a choice.. she was aware of these things and married him anyway. They will move on in their own directions and this will be another story. Johnny is extremely talented. We have the films he has made that frankly-we would not have if he did not do them. No one else has that inner….whatever it is the way he does that brings forth what he does in these roles. He is a very attractive man and with many creative types, it takes a different someone to stand next to them.

    • lostcause says:

      Johnny Depp looks an utter sickly wreck lately. Why on earth Dior felt like he was a good face to have for their cologne recently I do not understand, and how anyone can not believe he’s back on drink and/or drugs is beyond me. He has a history of substance and alcohol abuse and I have no doubt it’s messing up his head and his looks. He’s clearly in a very volatile state right now and it makes absolutely no difference that Vanessa says he was perfectly fine when they were married, he’s obviously not fine now.
      The man needs some help and to stay away from that young woman until he gets it.

  6. Hanover says:

    I always wondered why he’d even want Heard when he had Paradis

  7. Tracy Jane WILTON: Amber Turd is a LIAR! LAPD said no crime had taken place, and Johnny’s security said that she had no injuries and that they would regularly have to pull her off of Johnny as she would lunge into him. She was also horrid to his dear Mum and would taunt Johnny according to other witnesses calling him fat , old and ugly which HE IS NOT. She was always belittling him. I have met Johnny Depp at UK premieres and can say that he is thoroughly charming, gentle, charismatic and exceedingly handsome. His former wife Lori-Anne Allison, his partner of 14 years and Mother of his children Vanessa Paradis has said he is gentle and a wonderful Father. His Son and Daughter via his daughter Lily-Rose Depp have said what a lovely man and Father he is. DON’T FORGET TEEN CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED HERE AND THIS LOVELY MAN IS THEIR FATHER, PLEASE STOP PEDDLING GOSSIP ABOUT HIM FROM AMBER TURD AND HER CRONIES.

  8. Pan says:

    This “punching a wall” accident only shows how much Amber Heard provoked Depp. Young, spoiled women like that can be a pain in the a*s. But he DIDN’T HIT HER. Even in his great anger. This story, if it is true, only shows that Depp is NOT a women beater. He is a victim of a manipulative, selfish and greedy young woman who wants to do the ‘get rich quick and take revenge on your ex’ scheme. This is nothing new. Depp is innocent and the victim, not Heard !

    • Lisa says:

      He could have left the room if she ‘provoked’ him. He could have left the residence if she ‘provoked’ him. If it was not true, and he, in fact, injured himself on set (I remember the media reporting it had been on set) then the studio would have provided records of him being treated on set by a medic. I doubt they have records because he wasn’t treated on set.
      NOBODY provokes someone into violence. The drugs and alcohol weakened him and he needs treatment for both his addictions and anger issues. He should do this for his children. So they don’t have to grow up in such an environment. Perhaps his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, has something to add to this. Either way the children should be interviewed, for their own safety.

      • HotMess says:

        I wasn’t a fan of the Dior ads either. However, living with crazy people can do that to a person. I think she trapped him like a spider in her web then sucked all the magic out of him. I think she’s a fighter, not him. Her friends even say she can go trailer park trash in seconds. If you don’t see that then you are blind. Even ugly people can be beautiful with makeup.

      • Glover says:

        Correction: Vanessa Paradis (his former partner) and her child already came out and defended Depp against these allegations stating he has absolutely no history of physical abuse.

      • Glover says:

        Lisa…I am laughing my butt off right now at your ridiculous comment! “NOBODY provokes someone into violence”?? Which utopian world are you living in??? Out of anger one night I threw my cell phone against the wall, which left a dent. My husband was having an affair with some little twit nurse that he works with. Is that not considered provocation to you? Case in point, I DID NOT hit my husband. And Depp DID NOT hit his wife. Who cares if he punched a WALL?? There, in fact, are some arguments or situations where letting your anger out that way is actually a better choice than “walking away” (which is much more difficult than you make it out to be) and letting it build up. That’s why society was smart enough to create diversions such as stress balls, punching bags, kickboxing classes, etc. We are only human. You, apparently, are super human.

        Oh and PS, his wife and child already came out and defended Depp against these allegations stating he has absolutely no history of physical abuse. Get your story straight before you comment.

  9. Anon says:

    My husband punched a door before. We’ve been married 14 years – never once has he punched me. Her sharing that is actually confirming he ISN”T a woman abuser. He would’ve hit her, not the wall.

    • lostcause says:

      So just because he punched a wall once means he could never possibly have hit her another time? Don’t be ridiculous! It just shows that he can’t control his temper and has to let it manifest in physical action. If he’s back abusing drink and/or drugs, of course he’s capable of hitting someone. Anyone is capable of hitting someone.

    • Glover says:


  10. swiss says:

    Punching a wall almost proves he wasn’t prone toward violence toward women; everyone has known he’s got a temper, but no one as ever said that he hits women.

  11. Geoff King says:

    Worst piece of one sided reporting I have seen in quite a while. Depp has zero history of any kind of abuse and NONE of his ex’s are supporting Amber’s claims. In fact they are claiming the exact opposite. Perhaps some actual reporting would be useful to Variety…but then again that would involve actual work. So probably not gonna happen.

    • Jordan says:

      punching walls and breaking glass etc is putting fear and intimidation towards the victim (Amber) I dont know about you if this was constantly happening around me by my spouse I”d be scared and have anxiety all the time like walking on eggshells and who knows maybe she is a spitfire and would try to defend herself so what she has every right to be a bitch towards johnny if he is abusing her physically and verbally you want her to cower into a corner everytime he intimidates and abuses her? Why should anyone have to put up with that? I don’t know if you people remember this but years ago was that Rihanna/Chris Brown domestic abuse case they crucified Chris Brown in every way and supported Rihanna, and then you have johnny depp’s domestic case and you call his wife a gold digger and liar???Vilify her and keep johnny on a pedestal and support him? While his camp is trying to slander her and sweep it under the rug??? Don’t think a person would go that far and a get restraining order unless it was true and serious matter, especially a celebrity against a celebrity PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!

    • lostcause says:

      Every domestic abuser hit someone for the first time. Having no history of abusive behavior means nothing. Everyone is capable of having a breakdown.

    • Hanover says:

      Still….it’s not a very pleasant atmosphere to be around when somebody’s punching things.

  12. HotMess says:

    He can legally punch a wall. He can break his own things. If she didn’t like it she should have left.

    • Glover says:

      Probably the best argument to date! If that freaked her out so much why didn’t she leave sooner, since she apparently has “endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse” during the entirety of their relationship. The “entirety,” I presume, would include while they were just dating.

      • lostcause says:

        I’m just going to assume you know zero about the psychology of what goes on during domestic abuse (physical and verbal) situations. Most abuse victims don’t leave their partners, they keep forgiving them or blame themselves / try and reason the abuse away.
        In fact Amber has reported Depp’s abuse to the authorities on more than one occasion.

  13. susan blue sky says:

    i think its just that amber dont think that johnny can give her head like another woman can.

  14. Stop it says:

    We’ve forgotten how Heather Mills made lurid allegations against Paul McCartney including claiming he was a vindictive man who once tried to choke her, and to have stabbed Mills in the arm with a broken wine glass and also Mills said he was drunk a lot and used illegal drugs excessively. She wanted 125 million pounds.

    • HotMess says:

      Heather Mills was a nightmare. I felt so bad for Paul.

    • audrey fouse says:

      Johnny Depp got all weirded out…something happened to him. You can tell he’s not the same person he’s really weird. He always looks greasy and dirty…he talks weird…acts weird…dresses weird. He use to be very handsome. Not anymore! He just turned out to be a weird person.

      • Anon says:

        My summary on what you see: Because he is the one being abused by Amber. He has all the textbook signs: Weight gain, depression, withdrawn or erratic behaviour, substance abuse, changes in personality or routines, etc. She’s abusing him which is something I wrote months ago on a people link b/c of the changes in him.

  15. give it a rest says:

    He hit a wall because she would drive any man crazy – he didn’t hit her face. Depp is the victim and Heard is the Objectivity loving “All I need is myself” and “Make myself happy” entitled brat that is abusive.

  16. Marie Thayer says:

    I find it so strange from legal standpoint that she still hasn’t given a statement to the police and filed her police report for the alleged altercation on Saturday. She took a photo of the business card the police left her with which says she can call them back if she changes her mind about filing a report and she shared this photo with the media. A police report is a critical and very supportive piece of evidence to have in any case!

    Also I was suprised by how the bruise moved location on her face as shown in photos in this article from It won’t let me paste the link for some reason but you can pull it up in a search by the website name and article number (article- 3614506).
    No attorney would ever admit doing this or having knowledge of their client doing this but this wasn’t an unheard of practice at the attorney’s office where I worked (using makeup to create a physical injury to further our case).

    Lastly, here is a quote from Amber Heard from the June/July 2014 issue of W Magazine,
    “Whenever my old friends meet someone I’m involved with romantically, they immediately warn them: ‘She may look refined, but when she’s angry, she can go trailer park really fast.”

  17. Christian says:

    I am an actual domestic abuse survivor and I can see through her lies very clearly!

  18. Debberoo says:

    According to this piece and all the reports at the time of the injury Depp was in Australia without Amber Heard but since when did ET let a little thing like fact checking get in the way of what their “sources” say.

  19. isisonwater says:

    It is so clear to me that Amber is a narcissist who tormented and abused Johnny, and he is HER victim!!! And she is doing what all narcissists do, which is cry out as victim and place the blame on him. He was blind to her manipulations because he is a truly feeling, sensitive person and was so in love with her, but she was an unfeeling and heartless actor and pretender all along; the truth has become quite evident. And because it is harder for men to recognize or call out for help when they are abused, I believe he drank alcohol to deal with the pain of knowing deep inside that she never loved him, and he now is facing the ultimate wake-up call with her betrayal and her showing her true colors. I pray Johnny may heal from the traumas of such abuse and manipulation and may find peace.

  20. Lisa says:

    You people should be ashamed of printing this nonsense! The LAPD are not “investigating” the allegations because she did not file a police report and they did not see any evidence of any wrong doing. Get your facts straight!

    • mickeymusing says:

      She filed an official complaint yesterday, so yes they are now investigating. The cops that responded to the call are sticking by their statement that they did not see any evidence of a physical altercation, but they have no choice but to follow up now that she has officially filed a complaint.

  21. Jay says:

    What a golddigger. Never said a thing about abuse all these months–because it was not happening. she always looked happy and very well cared for. No hospital visits or police reports from people trained to recognize signs? Judges routinely grant restraining orders “just in case.” I dont believe a word she is saying.

  22. Amber Heard the Gold Digger says:

    So the gold digger is saying that he didn’t hit her during that “fight”? Good to know.

  23. Michael Zand says:

    Wow, a lot of women hating comments here. Did you people not see the phone shaped bruise on her face? Why would she go through the humiliation of making that up if it wasn’t true. Please don’t say for money because she really doesn’t need it. Have you people seen Depp in interviews and on Graham Norton. I’ve seen a lot of alkies and he sure fits the bill.

    • mickeymusing says:

      Maybe because she has a cluster b personality disorder (borderline/narcissist/sociopath) and creating a vortex of chaos and drama around her is the only thing that makes her feel alive?

      The comments are not women-hating as much as manipulator-hating, due to the assumption that she is lying and manipulating. This is because the LAPD and the bodyguards who were involved with the couple during their marriage and who were there on the night the alleged phone incident occurred are calling her a liar. In fact, the bodyguards claim that she was the physical abuser during the marriage. People react strongly to fake abuse allegations. It is the ultimate betrayal of actual domestic abuse victims.

    • Goll says:

      So she really doesn’t need the money yet she’s asking her alleged abuser to give her the Range Rover, $50,000-a-month support, $125,000 toward legal fees and possession of the combined three-unit penthouse in downtown LA — scene of the alleged iPhone fling?

    • Jeff says:

      “Why would she go through the humiliation of making that up if it wasn’t true.”

      While I believe it’s rare, please don’t pretend that no one has ever made up an abuse story before.

      And are you really going to ignore the fact that police were there that night she supposedly got the “phone-shaped bruise” and saw no signs of abuse? That seriously isn’t an important fact to you?

      “Have you people seen Depp in interviews and on Graham Norton. I’ve seen a lot of alkies and he sure fits the bill.”

      How incredibly ignorant. Not all alcoholics physically abuse their wives. And there was nothing on that Norton interview that “fits the bill.” People constantly drink on that show. It’s kind of the point.

      • Hanover says:

        Oh I think she DOES need the money….at any rate she certainly WANTS the money.

  24. EricJ says:

    So, first Disney backshelved Bruckheimer and Pirates 5 after Gore Verbinski turned into a looney, and now Depp is starting to look like damaged goods…
    That’s two strikes, Disney, and three means you should probably consider giving up on #5 and throwing in the towel on the franchise. Believe me, we wouldn’t mind if you did.

    • Jen says:

      Absolutely not!!! I have been waiting for five years now for the next Pirates movie and its finally almost here and it would be a complete waste of money to not finish it. I am a huge fan of Johnny’s and feel bad for what he is going through, but his personal life is not of my business or anyone else’s. The bottom line is I hope that this does not affect his career as his films are one of the few precious things in life that make me happy. If he decides that it is time for him to throw in the towel I will fully support that decision when it comes, but right now I think he still has some left in him yet. If some people are tired of the Pirates franchise then just don’t go. These movies are made for the fans and the last one still made over a billion dollars so clearly there still is a fan base. When people stop seeing them then I say that it is time to let the franchise go. Please Hollywood, and moviegoers, do not judge the man on his personal life. He just needs some good material again which I think he had when he was in smaller low budget projects. He’s not done yet.

    • It’s all about women scorn named Amber and she do anything to smear Johnny Depp named for money.

    • Lars says:

      The “loony” Verbinski who won an Oscar for Rango? The guy’s a genius.

    • Goll says:

      We certainly would.

    • Jeff says:

      Who is “we” exactly? I’m very excited for Pirates 5.

      And uh, it’s done filming. They can’t “give up” on it. Please learn how filmmaking works.

    • Michael Zand says:

      We certainly wouldn’t. Well said.

  25. mkxxiii says:

    It was obvious this happened. This was the version in Australia at the time

  26. George Hilman says:

    An obvious match made in Heaven.

  27. RikkiT says:

    Plus, were they having a fight on the phone, because I didn’t think she was there when that happened.

  28. RikkiT says:

    Why does she just keep on and on and on? Why can’t she just shut up?

  29. RikkiT says:

    So THAT is why they banned her from the set. That girl is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

  30. Jeff says:

    Sorry, this one is fishy to me. I’ll always give the women the benefit of the doubt in these situations but it’s not really adding up. Multiple people coming to Depp’s defense is one thing but mixed with the fact that police found no evidence of abuse when they visited the house, it comes off as very strange.

    And using the fact that someone punched a wall in anger, as if that means the person has an actual anger issue, is ridiculous.

    • Patty says:

      Today she & her people claim, the LAPD are corrupt. She does not get the money she demands from Depp on Monday when she filed for divorce so by Friday she has red marks and this story. Has yet to see a medical doctor to document this injury too. Cannot stop going out in public for photos and smiling and going to parties, but has no time for a ER visit the night of the supposed abuse or for days after wards either to any doctor at all. Have her lawyers lost or ever had control of her? Do they care or just want their pay day too???

    • Patty says:

      Does not add up. LAPD now she says did not see her bruises or the correct part of the condo where the abuse supposedly took place. Apparently neither she or her friends could tell or show them. she parties all of the time, but what eats cake and ice cream??!!!

  31. Martha says:

    This woman’s career is over. If he was so horrible, why did she marry him in the first place? Follow the money.

    • Patty says:

      She scouted him out like prey, went after even though he was living with Vanessa mother of his children and she was in relationship herself. She wanted to boost her career to larger roles which is has with Aquaman, 2 movies and to get as much money of his as she could and can. I am sure she has spending it like water for 4 years too. Files divorce papers 3 days after his mother died. Is with William Morris as her agent, I am sure not her agent when she met him. He was also two years sober when she met him. She parties all of the time and was happy to get him to slip, easier to steal from his partner and children and to manipulate again and again for years.

      • lostcause says:

        There are celebrities I adore, but I would never stan for them if serious abuse allegations were raised. None of you know Johnny Depp and none of you know Amber Heard, you just don’t want to believe he’s capable of hitting someone because you’ve created this fantasy version of him as this amazing person in your head, and you want to hate Amber because she’s a beautiful young woman you can cast her in the role of the evil gold-digger against your precious misunderstood angel.
        I’m sorry, but real life is not a movie. You need to wake up to the possibility that Johnny Depp did hit someone in the face and has been on the downward turn for a while now. Given his history with drugs and drink, it’s not exactly far-fetched.

      • She’s not been abused.
        I too saw the wound relocation.
        She used Mr. Depp to advance her career and has decided to lie and hurt Mr Depp’s name to get out of the marriage.
        It’s women like her,that make it difficult for REAL battered women to be listened to.
        I believe in Karma and I know it’ll sneak up on her and bite her hard.
        Amber, come down from your imaginary throne and learn to tell the truth, your lying is as horrid as your acting.

      • Christian says:

        Well said Patty. I couldn’t agree with you more!

      • l says:

        Depp stans like you are so deluded. At least find a decent human to worship. Not a ragestroke of a man who uses his partners as punching bags.

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