Jennifer Lawrence to Play Zelda Fitzgerald in Biopic From Ron Howard

Jennifer Lawrence Zelda Fitzgerald
James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

Jennifer Lawrence will star in a biopic about famous Jazz Age socialite Zelda Fitzgerald.

Ron Howard is developing “Zelda” as a possible directing vehicle. Lawrence will be re-teaming with “Hunger Games” exec Allison Shearmur, who’s on board to produce the film. The pic follows Fitzgerald, who after marrying famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald, tries to find her own voice in the jazz music scene as her husband rises through the ranks of great American novelists.

“Hacksaw Ridge’s” Brian Oliver is producing as well, along with Lawrence and Justine Ciarrocchi. Emma Frost is penning the script for “Zelda.” Oliver’s Cross Creek Pictures will finance the movie.

Following her Oscar-nominated role in “Joy,” Lawrence seems to have taken an interest in portraying real-life figures. She is currently attached to play Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the health-technology and medical-laboratory-services company Theranos, in “Bad Blood” from director Adam McKay. She will also portray war photographer Lynsey Addario in Steven Spielberg’s drama “It’s What I Do.”

Lawrence will be seen next in Sony’s “Passengers” opposite Chris Pratt. The sci-fi space romance opens Dec. 21. She is also set to star in Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film with Javier Bardem. The movie bows next year.

Shearmur has “Rogue One: a Star Wars Story” bowing next month, which she is producing, “Power Rangers”, which she is exec producing, coming out next year and ABC’s “Dirty Dancing” remake.

Lawrence, Shearmur and Howard are repped by CAA. Frost is repped by WME and The Writers Company in the U.K.

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  1. Milan Heller says:

    Movies like these are not intended to be block busters. For both actors and directors, iI’s about art. Jennifer is smart to build resumes of reputable movies with reputable directors. She now can make movies that are not necessarily block busters who box office hits.

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  2. Alex Meyer says:

    Excellent pairing!! Can’t wait for this!!

    • Flora Reese says:

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    • Amy G says:

      Me either!

  3. Jennifer is one of the best actresses in the world. Can´t wait for this.

  4. harry georgatos says:

    Lawrence has limited acting ability more suited to some type of sitcom on free to air television. Lawrence has never given a stand-out nuanced performance and find her boring and bland. Lawrence even seems like a misplaced oddity as Mystique in the X-Men franchise coming off as physically awkward in the role. This bio-pic by Howard will arrive dead on arrival at the box-office and is only considered for Oscar bait. Downright boring and no studio executive would consider such a project in todays market-place.

    • MattyJ says:

      Oh, ye oracle from the future. Pleas look into your crystal ball and let us know who wins the World Series. And in how many games.

      • harry georgatos says:

        Howards period historical films in CINDERELLA MAN and IN THE HEART OF THE SEA tanked big time and that’s not considering the formula one racing film RUSH stank at the box office. These historical period films have very limited life in the market-place. Howard once again will be back in the good books of Hollywood accountants when INFERNO opens, as for the recent batch of films he has fallen on hard times with paying customers.This film with Lawrence is not a good deal!

      • ^Amy you clearly have a thing for her but let’s just point out those projects. Adam McKay’s “Bad Blood” is nearly an identical story to “The Big Short” which means it’s a safe bet. “The Birth of a Nation” was the highest bidded independent project in history and that just had to do with the fact it was an Oscar-bait concept. The film itself got mediocre reviews and tanked. You guys just don’t want to admit that she’s just had good luck with being where OTHERS are succeeding. Her films are Oscar-bait, but not good. They pander to suckers like you. She plays the same thing in every film. The tough know-it-all who finds herself out of her league and needs some guy to save her…75% of the time it’s Bradley Cooper. LOL Add her overacting and the fact she uses the same five facial expressions in all her movies and what you have is a simply a good filler actress.

      • Amy G says:

        No studio exec would consider this? Then I guess it won’t get made. However, the last two bid projects she has been on, Marita and Bad Blood, both caused major bidding wars by studios in hopes to win the projects.

        I think you are simply wrong.

  5. The only problem is her “real-life” figures aren’t real life figures. They are all caricatures that work with her two-dimensional acting. Just saying, but Ron Howard hasn’t had the best luck in his choice of lead actors except Daniel Bruhl. Chris Hemsworth and Dan Brown adaptations make me think he’s fishing for an Oscar-bait film. Oscars this day means…connecting with people who can pay the most for a nomination. Sadly Lawrence knows the right people. Too bad the other dozen or so actresses out there who are better can’t get the same connections. :( Not trying to be an ass but tired of this girl basically getting signed on for everything and as “Joy” showed she’s not much good on her own. Don’t say because it was a crappy movie. DiCaprio could sell crappy films for $300 million without breaking a sweat.

    • Jane says:

      Basically agree with this. JLaw just does not have the complexity to pull off Zelda. The girl is all about winning. She wants to do the two superhero franchises plus an Oscar bait thing that she did a couple years ago, except now it’s Passenger and Spielberg plus Oscar bait Zelda. A while back there was news about her wanting to direct — Please! She doesn’t have her own real-life vision. She doesn’t have her own outlook on life, the world, like at all! She just wants to play the game and win.

      Zelda was a tortured woman. What’s JLaw ever been tortured by? Lol, right. Yeah, this is going to be real believable.

      It’s sad because all the directors signing her on, like Howard, and Spielberg — would’ve scrutinized her a lot more closely if this was the 90s in their heyday and found her wanting. But they’re old now and desperate to stay relevant, so they just cast her, that girl who is popular with the Millennials (thus further contributing to the problem of Millennials getting caught up in unfair, rigged competition in which we have no chance of winning, but that’s another discussion). Old fools. Too bad they’re saddling the rest of us with crappy movies as they’re figuring out how to grow old gracefully.

    • Amy G says:

      Joy had poor reviews as a film, and it still opened well above expectations with over 60% polled saying they were there for Jennifer Lawrence. I do understand certain people are jealous of her getting such good roles and having such success when their own favorites don’t, but don’t take it out on her. She wouldn’t have gotten four Academy nominations at 25 (the most for that age) and one win, plus her many many other acting awards, were she not extremely talented.

      There are other talented women, but she is definitely up there.

      • Oh and she’s been rejected for some of the biggest roles of this decade. So sorry I don’t like a girl who does irrelevant roles like F. Scott Fitgerald’s girlfriend or a woman who invented a variation of some else’s invention. Common, modern day roles that feed of pity and not require more effort. When she can play a truly mature role that doesn’t require over-dramatic setting or character description and uses more subtly than I’ll pay attention, hand to God.

      • Um…no it didn’t. LOL It flopped with $100 million which amounts to 10,000,000 people out of…how many people are in this world? Just checking. Julia Roberts in her heyday could sell a film at $300,000,000 million. Don’t take it personally either. You sound like I’m attacking her. I’m looking at facts that she can’t sell a film on her own and Oscars, by the way, mean nothing nowadays. Her Oscar win was under Harvey Weinstein who is notorious for buying those Oscars. He has never lived down “Shakespeare in Love” winning either. The most nominations for her age and people couldn’t care less. LOL You’ve seen the chaos in that Academy as of late, it’s a giant fiasco of who can buy off who and who can make the most friends. She can win and be nominated as many times as she want, the box office numbers show her popularity and her ability to win people over. Without a franchise brand that has a pre-existing fanbase or a heck of a supporting cast (Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams), no one cares. Jealous? That’s funny. You sound like a high school fangirl. Don’t take analysis so personal. :)

    • MattyJ says:

      Let me guess. You’ve only seen Hunger Games and X-Men.

      Joy was a crappy movie but she was good in it.

      • Amy G says:

        Bite your tongue! She was marvelous in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. In the two Mockingjay films her character had PTSD, and I think she was fine, but not as good as in some of her other work.

      • ^Nope. LOL Saw Silver Linings Playbook too. Stomach couldn’t stop churning. Her acting is so forced it makes me sick. Her role in “American Hustle” was also pathetic given the woman she is portraying was actually smarter in real life. I don’t find playing over-the-top caricatures of people great acting. Even when Al Pacino was in “Dick Tracy”, he still had grounds to his personality. Lawrence, and by extension David O. Russell, believe that simply taking a bunch of crappy people who are assholes and throwing them into a bad situation and have it end happy is good film. Heck Russell even said in response to something Cooper said to him on “American Hustle” about changing a scene and how it will change the story: “I don’t care about story, I care about characters” which explains why the movie was a shitfest. Neither SLP or AH deserved the highest honor of the Big 8 Oscar nominations. It was a clear bought off win for her because “Hunger Games” had come out and boosted her name in a year when politics really started to grapple onto the Academy Awards which it’s done further in the last few years. Movies are practically getting nominated and rewarded simply for their subtext but no basis on actually being any good. Silver Linings Playbook had a predictable “As Good As It Gets” storyline. Why should that get a nomination for storytelling? It’s not even just Lawrence, I think the indie films she is apart of are part of a pretentious, corner of the market that thrives on over-emotion and lack of intelligence. “Joy” was a crap film yes, but it was also basically duplicating Russell’s twisted reality that a messed up person is the best person of all. I mean don’t do a story about the girl who was involved in the invention of the X-Ray. That be silly! Let’s do a mop! LOL And this is another example. She does roles no actress with even a lick of respect for themselves would ever do! Even Darren Aronofsky hasn’t given one mention of her in that new movie she is doing, but rather praised Javier Bardem only. “Biggest” actress of this generation and not even a mention. LOL Look you’re free to like her all you want but I’m one of those guys who wants a reason for doing stuff. I’ll like actresses and actors work because of what it does for me as a viewer and a fan of film, not because everyone tells me something is good. That makes sense right?

  6. Stergios says:

    Such a fantastic actress, my God. Can’t wait to see her in another possibly fantastic performance. She’s on fire!

    • Shandy says:

      Indeed, the Girl on Fire–because she’s almost certainly the best actress of her generation. Admittedly all I REALLY want is to see her in a Hunger Games sequel, but Jen’s a pleasure to watch in nearly any story, so…okay!

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