Domhnall Gleeson, Michelle Pfeiffer Join Jennifer Lawrence in Darren Aronofsky Drama

Domhnall Gleeson Michelle Pfeiffer

Domhnall Gleeson, his brother Brian Gleeson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris are in talks to join Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in Paramount’s untitled domestic drama.

Darren Aronofsky is on board to direct from his own script, which centers on a couple whose relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home and disrupt their tranquil existence.

Aronofsky and his partners at Protozoa Pictures, Scott Franklin and Ari Handel are producing. The studio is planning to star production in June.

Domnhall Gleeson is best known for appearing as Bill Weasley in the final two “Harry Potter” films and as the villainous General Hux in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The Irish actor also appeared in three other notable 2015 releases — “Ex Machina,” “The Revenant” and “Brooklyn” — and has joined Netflix’s “A Futile and Stupid Gesture” about the founding of National Lampoon.

Pfeiffer starred with Robert De Niro in Luc Besson’s 2013 crime thriller “The Family,” with the duo portraying a mafia couple in a witness protection program.

Brian Gleeson’s highest-profile role came in “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Paradigm reps the Gleesons. Pfeiffer is repped by CAA, Management 360 and Hirsch Wallerstein. The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Farah Jori Abdullah says:

    Wow, I would love to see this movie, what with Jennifer Lawrence and Xavier Bardem starring and Darren Aronofsky directing it. Michelle Pfeiffer, one of the hottest stars in her days, will surely add excitement to the movie, too. A movie worth watching.

  2. Eh. LOL I just can never get behind anything Lawrence is in. Even with someone of Bardem’s caliber. She tries too hard and it feels forced. All the Oscar nominations in the world can’t convince me otherwise I’m afraid (Given how much rumor their is of bribery in that place doesn’t help the legitimacy of it either). Aronofsky is a good director (I say good because a couple of his films have felt more about shock and style than substance) but this feels like another one of his “Breaking the illusion of perfect”. He did it in “Requiem for a Dream” (Heck the title says it), he did it in “Black Swan”. Sounds like he’ll have a married couple and they realize their life is awful deep down and has a hint of a horror film. I hope we get to see more of other actresses (Larson, Mara, Ronan are the first ones I think of) because it’s gotten boring that this is the only actress of my generation that gets continuous notice and really she’s sub-par in method and versatility. I don’t know how many times you can play a victimized tough girl with social issues (And bad Jersey accents…God I know a couple Italians who want her head for that!).

    • Grizbat says:

      Ooh, you got me, Shadowsleuth! The sheer number of words you spout that amount to gibberish while asserting that you actually, you know, actually KNOW something–amazing! And if that weren’t enough to lay me low, you pull out the Atomic Bomb of 6th-grade schoolyard comebacks, the old “I’m rubber, you’re glue …” ploy, followed by, “I know you are, but what about me.”

      How can I defend myself against such brilliance, such logic? You are certainly the Stephen Hawking of this thread, the Yertle the Turtle of all you survey.

      Now will you take your meds and get back to your rubber room?

    • Grizbat says:

      BTW: “Shadowsleuth 1989” Nice handle. Are you a superhero? Maybe none of us should be messing with the great Shadowsleuth. There’s an idiot who comments over on the EW site who calls himself “technoreaper.” Maybe the two of you are actually one basement-dweller?

      You really are obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, no matter how outre, but to get as crazy and personally insulting as you do over someone who has done you no harm, and then to lash out at anyone who disagrees with you–you are one sick pup. This kind of obsession and perseveration is sick; I hope you know that. Please open up to your counselor, or if you don’t have one, get help!

      • Oh and yes, Shadow Sleuth was a character I created for a monologue in high school. I liked the name, it was catchy, so I made it my online name. Kicks “Grizbat”‘s ass any day of the week thanks. I guess I do have a super power though…I’m immune to celebrity obsession and worship like you you little drone. :)

      • Grizbat…yeah okay. Because I am more informed than you and you don’t have some lame response the answer is I must be crazy? LOL Yeah it’s called knowing your shit and not talking out of your ass. Being a fan of Lawrence, you don’t practice this I method I imagine. I had an answer for all your dumb fanboy responses. You answer like she’s your best friend, I answer like a non-bias person who doesn’t know her and actually studies film without picking sides. Hate to tell you this buddy…but you need my counselor’s help more than I do. LOL

        I make an informed decision AFTER I learn all the facts. But the really pathetic part…you started this shit. Seriously, anyone who sees these comments, look at the first comment. I didn’t insult nor did I talk crap. I simply said I’m not a fan of Lawrence and that Aronofsky tends to do the “Obsessive over ideas of perfection” too much whether it’s religion (“Noah”), the American dream (“Requiem for a Dream”) or some form of artistic expression or pride (“The Wrestler”/”Black Swan” which were originally conceived as one film).

        So Grizbat, be gone. You can try and turn this around and be childish all you want. You and Lee and Grace talked shit first and I responded in kind. Good day trolls!

    • Grace says:

      Stay pressed!

    • Grizbat says:

      “Shadowsleuth 1989” completely ignores Lee Edwards’ examples (just a few of many he could have named) about the nearly universal esteem in which Lawrence is held in the film industry. If it’s not hatred, then narcissism, believing that your gross lack of perception overrides the opinions of her peers and employers.

      Maybe you should have warned Tyldum before he used her in “Passengers.” If you hurry, maybe you can catch Aronofsky and share your wisdom before he makes the mistake of filming with her, or Spielberg before they make “It’s What I Do.” Hurry! The film industry needs experts like you.

      It must mean a lot to you since you took the time to post three diatribes. Forgive us, though, if they seem like the biased opinion of a hater. I’ll go Lee Edwards one better: There is very strong evidence that film criticism is not your calling.

      • Universal esteem? Did I rant about Mariyln MOnroe? Okay if I didn’t, I was too busy smashing apart all your other “facts”, every generation has one overrated Starlet who, in an absence of genuine talent, takes advantage. Monroe took dozens of takes to get her performances right (As Lawrence did if you ever look up her various films). That’s not acting, that’s trial and error. But let’s go through the people you mentioned. Donald Sutherland…when was he last acclaimed in film? Robert De Niro…oh that reminds me to DVR my copy of Dirty Grandpa. Amy Adams…BvS was a lot of fun. Nice to know she makes so many great films outside of Russell’s OScar-bait films. Oh wait…

        BRadley Cooper…I’ll give you that but let’s also remember this is the actor who LOVES the younger women. ;) Let’s keep going. I’m enjoying this. Fanboys are fun and calling me a narcissist because I don’t agree with you (MY initial opinion was pretty relaxed and not really attacking her. Just said I didn’t care for her work. So ease up there 5 year old whose mad I accidentally stepped on your toy) is petty and only proves my points that she is just a trend. People tend to overreact over trends (Let’s talk about twerking which “Glee” tried to justify as equal in quality to the waltz). Because it scares you that something is not liked by everyone. That is called being a drone. I am not a drone. I have my own personality, more than you can say. But I hate hypocrites so we’re done here. Calling my comments diatribes when you and Lee there were the only ones starting a fight…which you lost by the way so go home and lick your wounds you ass.

      • Indeed they are biased opinions as you left out many key facts in your “examples”. LOL All those films you mentioned in the future…wasn’t cast by the director. Passengers was in development for years. No one wanted that project so who they pick? A director who did one good movie and a starlet who, interesting, can’t seem to get roles for anyone big. She was passed up by David Fincher for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. There is a list of major films she has been passed up for. Her dominance is in indie films, a cheap and pretentious section that thrives on whiny, obnoxious children like yourself where it makes you feel important. Please, go and find anyone who puts her films on the top of any genre. While you boys were getting drunk on Hunger Games, I was watching Snowpiercer, a true dystopian film, not a badly miscontrued form of empiricism.

        Oh Spielberg…well you got me there. Oh wait…Spielberg didn’t cast her. Funny how she only got the role because the author who wrote the book picked her and, if you’ve ever read the book or her quotes, her entire story is based on her captivity in which she strongly pointed out her victimization. Geez…another victimized tough girl role. What are the odds? Look you and Lee Edwards speak of wasting time making posts yet most of your comments are just cheap shots at me. You didn’t answer anything I wrote, just ignored them (Which you claim I did with Lee) and started sucking off Lawrence. But hey, let’s just get to the bare bones. Box office wise, on her own, she’s not a big deal. Joy bombed, Serena bombed, Winter’s Bone bombed. Hunger Games and X-Men are because of the brand, not her. Twilight didn’t sell because of Kristen Stewart, it sold because it was Twilight. Anyone could have played the bland and whiny Katniss character. What does that leave? American Hustle, Silver Linings PLaybook. Both barely made $250 million. Impressive but not because of her clearly as, once you took away Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, even Amy Adams, Lawrence’s “Joy” couldn’t double it’s budget even to be a success. The people speak my friend but hey whatever, film criticism is not my strong suit right? I just gave you film history, box office numbers, and I only had to make one cheap comment at you. So I’ll do YOU one better Grizbat…you know jack shit about film in general. Good day.

    • Lee Edwards says:

      I’m glad you don’t write real reviews. People might believe them.

      I’ll listen for opinions from Robert De Niro, Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and the dozens of other good actors that actually know something about acting than list to you haters.

      No one could have played Katniss as well as she did. I could take or leave her in X-men. But “Winter’s Bone” would have fallen into the Indie abyss if it were not for her talent. Even “Serena”, which was a bust was a great role played by her. The fault for that failure is purely in the director’s hand and how it was dealt with in the cutting room.

      You haters, hate success. At the age of twenty-five she has more accomplishments than you could ever aspire to. If you had even one of them you’d account your life a success. Stop hating and start to REALLY watch movies.

      • Barbara says:

        “If you’re trying to point out her versatility, maybe not use Winter’s Bone, “The Hunger Games”, and “Serena” where in all three she plays an angry huntress in the woods”

        Watch The Burning Plain (she won Mastroianni award at Venice Film Festival for her performance in 2008). She was powerful and subtle in it. In SLP she was loudand showy.
        She has a great range (she can do drama and comedy) and how Jane Fonda said to Vanity Fair “There’s very few that come along like that,I’m just mesmerized by her.”. Tarantino said that she is a little Bette Davis; McLaine, Mirren, Allen, Payne and many others are her fans.

      • Sonia says:

        “If you can’t approach my opinion with a non-bias perspective than I’m the only one REALLY watching movies.”

        No, you’re the only one who is pressed LOL

      • Patrick says:

        Mara, Ronan, Larson, Mulligan, Jones, and Vikander are getting great roles. Tatiana Maslany finally has high profile roles. I guess you know more than the best directors and best actors. You are just a contrarian. It is common for people your age. Your subjective opinions are not facts. If you decide ahead of time that she lacks versatility, then you will not change your mind. She has great range of emotion even with a minute. Her characters are quite diverse. Speaking of bias, you said the her Mystique was unanimously hated, which is not factual. Even In the Nerdiverse. People who share different opinions from you are not ignorant. . Facts are her numerous awards and nominations, getting the best roles with the best directors, her success in independent films, her great box office numbers, and getting praise from acting legends. She was picked to play Katniss, not the others.

      • Oh and a couple more things. If you’re trying to point out her versatility, maybe not use Winter’s Bone, “The Hunger Games”, and “Serena” where in all three she plays an angry huntress in the woods. Or X-Men where she is unanimously hated for her bland interpretation. I mean she basically plays Katniss but you don’t want to hear any of that so I’ll leave you in your ignorance. Note no film since “Winter’s Bone” that she solely leads has gotten great reviews so yeah keep blaming the director. LOL

      • Lee I’m afraid you lost all credibility the minute you used “hater”. LOL It’s not hating, it’s just an opinion. But clearly someone doesn’t read books. A lot of people could have played Katniss better as Lawrence didn’t play Katniss, but a version that accompanied her lack of range. Katniss, even during her PTSD fueled rage, was an emotionally stunted person. Internal as demonstrated by the first person narrative of the book. Since Lawrence couldn’t do that her role was altered to be an outwardly emotional character. I do really watch movies and the woman can’t even play a comic book character right. So how about I really watch movies and you go back to pausing Silver Linings Playbook when her ass shaking on the screen an kissing it okay? If you can’t approach my opinion with a non-bias perspective than I’m the only one REALLY watching movies.

  3. s says:

    I assume Michelle Pfeiffer will be playing Jennifer Lawrence’s mother.

  4. James says:

    Great news! I can’t wait to watch this movie or at least know what’s really about…

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