Jared Leto Joins ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

Jared Leto Blade Runner
Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

Jared Leto has rounded out cast of Alcon’s “Blade Runner” sequel.

The pic stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Details of Leto’s character are being kept under wraps.

Robin Wright and Mackenzie Davis also star in the film directed by “Sicario” helmer Denis Villeneuve. Villeneuve will reunite with cinematographer Roger Deakins on the project.


Lennie James Blade Runner

‘Walking Dead’ Actor Lennie James Joins ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

Full plot details of the sequel, written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, have not yet been revealed, other than the fact that it’s set several decades after the original. The 1982 “Blade Runner” was written by Fancher and David Peoples, based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.”

The movie hits theaters on Oct. 6, 2017. Warner Bros. will distribute the film domestically, while Sony distributes internationally.

Alcon Entertainment acquired the film, television and ancillary franchise rights to “Blade Runner” in 2011 from the late producer Bud Yorkin and Cynthia Sikes Yorkin to produce prequels and sequels to the iconic sci-fi thriller. Cynthia Sikes Yorkin will produce along with Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. Bud Yorkin will receive a producer credit.

Ridley Scott, who directed the original, will executive produce. Thunderbird Films CEOs Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble will also executive produce along with Bill Carraro.

Leto, who is repped by CAA and Untitled Entertainment, was most recently seen as the Joker in Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad.”

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  1. Dave Sharkey says:

    I wana see guns, tits and ass mostly but also spaceships exploding and a few lines but mainly tits and ass. Fuckit I should be a director :)

  2. bulletboy says:

    Given how Hollywood has butchered one classic movie of the past after another after another for the past 2 or so decades with all these awful cheesy remakes it wont surprise me if this film turns out to be another clunker as well! I’m sure not going to hold my breath.

    And one more thing: I they don’t have Vangelis in on writing the soundtrack of this film like they did with the original I know I wont be going to the theaters to see it!

  3. Matt Proctor says:

    there should be a betting site set up to predict box office disasters i.e flops. the money generated would be used buy movie rights to classics that otherwise might be ruined as remakes

  4. narg says:

    Leto is a great actor. Can’t wait to see him in another movie

  5. victoria wehling says:

    Oh please. Can’t anyone in Hollywood read? There are so many great books, plays and stories. Why rehash everything in sight?

  6. John Nathan Wigglestein says:

    my first though was, “Oh my god! Not this guy :( ” – i’m happy to see, that i’m not the only one thinking this. It might be superficial, but i really dislike his style. I don’t know why they would consider him for blade runner 2. I hope James Cameron finds good people to help him, i’d hate to see him become the next George Lucas.

  7. anon says:

    I guess he could play a crazy replicant as well as anybody. The original film and story had rich, intellectual, gnostic implications and a brooding eeriness that didn’t win many over at the time of its release. Can we expect the sequel/reboot to be as thoughtful, considered and creatively-executed? It better be. Creating ultraviolent, badly-edited crap doesn’t seem to be breaking the box office for anybody.

  8. didyani says:

    Despite all the backlash and controversy over his Suicide Squad role, I really enjoy Leto’s films (including his Joker take). I’m seldom aware of him when he’s in character. I never think ‘I’m watching Jared Leto’ and I love that. Blade Runner is my favourite film so I’ve been apprehensive about this sequel since word first dropped but this is giving me some tentative hope that it will turn out okay.

  9. Redhead says:

    It seems that WB doesnt have problem with Leto and Leto doesnt have problem with WB. He is amazing actor. He was great in Dallas Byer Club and Requiem For a Dream. If he has amazing script and professional director he will play great. And Jared Leto is from the actors who dont care what the others say or what hollywood wants to be. He stop acting for 5 years and he hasnt problem to stop acting again. He isnt like the most of the actors who did movies for money. He does films bc of the interesting roles. I cant wait for this role and for The outsider movie.

  10. Randy says:

    Denis Villeneuve is a great director and to those complaining about Jared Leto I’m assuming you haven’t seen Dalls Buyers Club.

    • M. says:

      Your assumption is wrong. Seen it. Just Leto playing his inner b*tch. Not impressed. I’ve seen him playing drag for years. Every new ‘persona’ he adopts onstage for each of his albums. The day he stops believing his own hype, he might turn in a good performance. Maybe.

      • Gabby says:

        Wow. Glad you think so highly of yourself to believe that your opinion matters. An academy of voters saw his performance as something great so doubt that anyone is loosing any sleep over not impressing you lol.sorry:/

  11. Erick says:

    Excellent, another role he can ruin. Way to go in giving this idiot a role in the movie.

  12. Bollocks Malarkey says:

    The lack of originality is Hollywood is stunning. All they do is dig up old corpses.

  13. Chio says:

    I hope he wasn’t tricked into this part. lol.

  14. Dylan says:

    Ugh, I was never too psyched about a Blade Runner sequel to begin with, and this makes me even more pessimistic. Gosling won me back over with his role in The Nice Guys, but Leto is an overrated, annoying creep.

  15. Dany says:

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to see Jared!!

  16. John says:

    Can’t stand him or Gosling. Bladerunner is my favorite film of all time and with this addition, I’m getting less and less excited to see the sequel.

  17. God is Real says:

    Can’t wait for him to get a small part and then complain about it non-stop.

    • Connie says:

      How was he complaining? He simply has a backbone and acknowledged what the studio and his costars (esp Margot Robbie) didn’t, going so far as to make up spin.

      WB hired him based on a misrepresentation that was also made to fans of DC to hype the film.

      You don’t hire an Oscar winner, have them work on a film for TWICE the average time it takes to shoot a film, have them do all the press and talk up the film based on their understanding of what the final cut will be like (based on all the scenes they shot – sorry Margot they were not “snippets”) and then he finds out ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD he only has 10 minutes. That leaves him either 1) looking like a chump or 2) part of the WB false marketing scheme. He loses either way.

      Yeah, if you had a little backbone you too would call out WB for that. If you look at the novelization of the original screenplay (in bookstores now) you will see just what he was pitched, what was part of the story and shot, and what was taken out of the film.

      And by the way he never said he felt “tricked”, etc etc. That was just the IMPRESSION some fan wrote on her TUMBLR account, which was used as a source for a comic book fan BLOG… the same blog that back-pedalled on their story when they realized it’s just some sad chick’s musings. Apparently not everyone knows that TUMBLR is a cesspool where really troubled celebrity obsessed people congregate to make up and act out their neuroses and fantasies.

      • stmiller02 says:

        Connie – Or is it possible that his scenes were trimmed down to ten minutes because they weren’t that good. You’re making the assumption that the portions that were cut didn’t deserve to be cut.

      • Denise Hampton says:

        @Connie Finally someone is making sense.

  18. Edwin Lesperance says:

    Looks like a formidable opponent.

  19. Ahsoka23 says:

    This movie sounds interesting. Leto is an amazing actor.

  20. This is an amazing cast! Leto AND Gosling? Don’t know if my old heart can take it!

  21. M. says:

    yeah, watch Leto play a freak. Again.

  22. M.Scott says:


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