What Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Means to Women in Hollywood

Hillary Clinton's Nomination: Powerful Women in
AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Hillary Clinton made history on Tuesday night by becoming the first woman to clinch the presidential nomination of a major political party. To reflect on this barrier-breaking moment, Variety surveyed top players in the entertainment and media industry about what it means to them. 

Amy Pascal, head of Pascal Pictures and former co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment 
“I, like many other women of my generation, never realistically imagined that in our lifetime, we would see a woman standing as the leader of one of the two major political parties. Not because we didn’t think a woman could handle the job but because none of us could imagine how someone was going to find a way to break into that macho boy’s club that ran the political system in our country. Well, now that last glass ceiling has been shattered by Hillary and it is thrilling to know that little girls across the country and around the world will finally and realistically be able to believe that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish and no goal that they can’t reach. It’s a great day!”

Terry Press, president of CBS Films
“I think that whether or not you actually support her, there is no arguing or denigrating what she has accomplished and the significance of the achievement. And the agenda that other candidates keep pushing that she represents a step backward because the Clintons are the political establishment could not be more ironic. How could there be a bigger step forward? How long has it been since Cherry Jones played the President on ‘24’?  You have to love that TV got there before reality.”

Sue Kroll, Warner Bros. president of worldwide marketing and distribution
“Beyond this being a historic moment in our country’s history, Hillary is a great candidate and will make a great president. She’s brilliant, she’s experienced and she has faced gender-based scrutiny and criticism with poise and intelligence. She makes me proud to say, ‘I’m with her.’”

Nancy Dubuc, president and CEO of A+E Networks
“Regardless of your political views, a historical moment is just that. Being the first female nominee for President of the United States is a meaningful milestone. We need to find ways to come together as Americans and not have it be about, sex, race or political affiliation. Hopefully, the next (President) can inspire that change and a get a new generation excited by the political process.”


Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’ Showbiz Supporters Grapple With What’s Next

Courtney Kemp Agboh, creator and executive producer of Starz’ “Power”
“Growing up, I thought because I was black and female, there were two reasons I could never be president. Now I know they were both wrong.”

Jennie Snyder Urman, executive producer and co-creator of The CW’s “Jane the Virgin”
“I teared up several times during Hilary’s speech, but the tears really came when she spoke about how she wished her mother were here to witness her daughter becoming the Democratic nominee for president. And I realized I wasn’t only crying because of what her mother didn’t see, but also because of what my very young children WILL see. It was a stunning night, a stunning speech, and it’s about damn time.”

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, member of the national finance committee for Hillary Clinton and founder/CEO of The Gotham Group
“Aside from the obvious, that she will be an incredible president, she is  a shining example of how ability, passion and relentlessly pursuing one’s goals and what is right can help someone excel, even with headwinds created by biases in our society.  As we approach the nation’s 240th birthday, we finally have our first woman candidate from a national party, and hopefully will have the first woman president. Just as in the entertainment industry, where women often have to work much harder than their male counterparts, so too do women in politics.  Yet another glass ceiling has been shattered, and this is good news for both women in entertainment and for the women of our nation broadly.”

Lori McCreary, executive producer of CBS’ “Madam Secretary,” CEO of Revelations Entertainment and president of the Producers Guild of America
“This history-making step is a proud moment for all Americans. It’s a gratifying feeling to be on the right side of history.”

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  1. It’s perfectly fine for a woman to become president.
    I just wish it were a better woman,
    While Hillary’s actions were clearly displaying the reasons why she can’t be trusted as Commander in Chief the following list of women were showing they have what it takes to do the job….. And you ignored them.

    Cheryl Hansen, Nora Tyson, Katie Higgins, Michelle J. Howard, Robin Braun, Monika Washington Stoker, Carol M. Pottenger. Lillian Fishburne, Maureen A. Farren, Patricia Tracey, Darlene Iskra, Marsha J. Evans…… I would vote for any one of them over Hillary!

  2. Tom T says:

    You hillary fans are a bunch of suckers.

  3. BillUSA says:

    Good thing she didn’t choose the color gray lest she be confused with a North Korean dictator.

    God help us if she becomes President…

  4. Dude says:

    Congrats on nominating the worst woman in the country who has zero feminine energy. All she wants to do is prove she’s got a bigger dick than all the boys by dropping bombs all over the world.

  5. No matter the subject of the story, news sites are obsessed with “crazy looking” pictures of HIllary to accompany the story.

    • EricJ says:

      She’s lucky she didn’t get that “Midget Bernie” peeking over the top of the podium that seemed to accompany every single Sanders article.

      But that “Let’s hear it for me!” photo at the top of every Variety article just keeps dredging up that moment from Obama’s ’08 convention, where after all her tantrums about losing her super delegates, she emerged to make her speech for the nominee, saw a niche crowd still holding “Hillary ’08” banners, and began her speech with “Are you all here for ME?” Why, no, Hillary, you might want to watch the rest of the convention. We weren’t, as a matter of fact.
      A moment that came dangerously close to “I’m ready for my nomination now, Mr. DeMille…”

  6. jelly says:

    One has to be a complete idiot to support another Clinton after they stole all the silverware and linens from the White House. John F Kennedy must be turning in his grave to see what the Democrat party has become.

  7. Five years prior to Cherry Jones on “24”, Geena Davis played President Mackenzie Allen on “Commander In Chief” in 2005. The year after she founded, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, with a singular purpose: “Our mission is to work within the entertainment industry to dramatically alter how girls and women are reflected in media”.

  8. Julienne says:

    If you don’t mind having a leader that “Sells-Out” our Country to “Enemy-States” around the Globe for Millions of Dollars, Blood Dollars.
    Or that Lies to everyone about NOT doing her Job
    Or Sues Women to shut them up, when Bill Sexually Assaults them
    Or makes-up stories of “Dodging SNIPER-FIRE” when in reality it was very calm.
    Or who will import UnVetted Muslims to commit CRIMES against American Women
    Or “Releases Violent Criminals” early, committing MORE CRIMES against American Women.
    Or keeping the Borders OPEN, so more illegal Alien DRUG DEALERS will Kill Americans
    Or giving illegal Aliens MORE Tax Dollars than US Military Veterans

  9. millerfilm says:

    It means that, if they pay her enough, they can get Hillary to do whatever they want for them! Want a war? Sure! Want the accountant who cooked your books for you pardoned? You got it! etc.

  10. Your new neighbor Taco Joe says:

    Yay! More identity politics. Worked out great last time! Stagnate wages, lowest economic growth in 42 years…but we got the black guy in there! We’re so awesome!

  11. Observer says:

    She may be a woman yet, she’s no lady.
    And certainly no leader.
    Anyone who follows this woman’s record, yet still voted/votes for her, is an ignorant, uneducated imbecile.

    Plus, it’s not if you have an innie or an outtie that should make any difference. It’s the person, the leader. Stupid to vote on the ‘sex’ of someone.

  12. pickles says:

    Women didn’t want her 8 years ago. Basically it was the first black president ot the first woman president yhey close the black guy .Plus women gave us trash tv like the Kardashians , so they aren’t too smart.

    • Marie says:

      Women aren’t the reason Kardashians got a show you dimwit.

      • millerfilm says:

        Boys and girls should be brought up almost exactly the same: Be self-sufficient, have respect for yourself, and make your own way in the world. But, parents still bring up their children much the same as they have for eons: Girls be girls, boys be boys. No wonder why too many of both fall into the same patterns, playing out the same story generation after generation. So, no wonder why men are hoping to be sports stars, hurting themselves to get there. And, women who follow the Kardashians are willing to prostitute themselves for easy money.

      • the naked ape says:

        Yes they are. Women are the fan base and demographic that keeps the show afloat. Why else would Karsashian emoticons become a big story? Boys and men certainly aren’t using them. Without these female viewers the show doesn’t survive and as a result — women are very much the reason we have the Kardsahians. Growing up female, at least early in life, is all about becoming beautiful and socially popular. It’s base human nature. The same way boys typically want to become sports heroes or firemen. Do i believe in equal opportunity for everyone? Sure. But regardless of the political and social debate going on around it, young girls grow up wanting to be famous and beautiful. That’s why we get instagram stars like Kim Kardashian in the first place. Create a reality show about an unattractive young woman who wants to be president some day and see if any women tune in. Nobody seems to understand that we create our own idols when we choose what to idolize. And i sure as hell didn’t create Kim Kardashian but I know who did.

  13. Lewis Black says:

    Bernie Sanders would make a far greater President. I have nothing against a woman being President, but Hillary Clinton is not as progressive as Bernie Sanders. I would have supported Elizabeth Warren. Oh well, Hillary is still better than Trump. Let’s just hope she can beat Trump. If not, we’re all in danger.

  14. eddie willers says:

    Looks like a photoshop of Hillary’s head on Mini-Me.

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