Harvey Weinstein Talks ‘Hateful Eight’: ‘Star Wars’ Took a Bite Out of Box Office

The Hateful Eight
Courtesy of The Weinstein Co.

UPDATED:The Hateful Eight” earned a solid $16.2 million in its first weekend of wide release, but the reception for the blood-drenched film pales in comparison to director Quentin Tarantino’s previous efforts.

In fact, that stands the lowest result for one of the director’s solo efforts since “Jackie Brown” kicked off to $9.3 million in 1997. It trails the debuts of “Inglourious Basterds” ($38 million), “Django Unchained” ($30.1 million), “Kill Bill: Vol.1” ($22.1 million) and “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” ($25.1 million).

Harvey Weinstein, the indie mogul who has fielded every one of Tarantino’s releases, took umbrage with an earlier version of this article, calling Variety to press his case that the piece did not fully account for the box office juggernaut that is “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The seventh film in the science-fiction franchise has dominated ticket sales, racking up more than $740 million domestically in its first three weeks of release.

“We’re living in a ‘Star Wars’ universe,” he said. “I love ‘Star Wars.’ I think it’s great. It’s not sour grapes, but if I’m writing a memo to myself, I would say ‘do not open against ‘Star Wars.’ Do not open against the biggest movie of all time.”

The popularity of ‘Star Wars” coupled with “The Hateful Eight’s” roughly three hour running time has prevented the film from commanding as many screens as it might have and from having as many showtimes. Weinstein also noted that “Django Unchained” debuted against the second weekend of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” and “Les Miserables,” while “Inglourious Basterds” faced no other major studio release.

“We would have doubled the gross without ‘Star Wars,'” said Weinstein, who believes “The Hateful Eight” will show some endurance in the coming weeks.

Despite “Star Wars” mania, going into the weekend most analysts were expecting “The Hateful Eight” to pull in at least $20 million. The Weinstein Company acknowledged it would have liked to see a higher gross.

“It’s a really crowded marketplace,” said Erik Lomis, distribution chief at the Weinstein Company. “We were looking to do a little more, but it’s a good start.”

The film also had to contend with a number of films aimed at older audiences, including the lesbian romance “Carol,” the financial comedy “The Big Short,” and the biopic “Joy.” The fight for sophisticated moviegoers will grow more pitched next weekend when “The Revenant,” a historical drama with a gore quotient that may outmatch “The Hateful Eight’s,” expands nationwide.

Lomis noted that “The Hateful Eight” had an unorthodox release pattern. The studio debuted special, longer versions of the film in 100 theaters over Christmas week, where it screened in 70mm. That form of projection has largely been abandoned in an era of digital prints, but cinephiles believe it results in a crisper image.

Combining the $6.6 million that “The Hateful Eight” made exclusively from its “roadshow” version during its initial week in theaters would result in a gross that is closer to the average opening for a Tarantino film, Lomis argued.

This roadshow version has proven to be popular with Tarantino’s core fans. Last weekend, 15% of the film’s gross came from 70mm venues, and Lomis thinks exhibitors will keep the film in these special theaters through January. Demographically, the R-rated film is skewing heavily male, with men making up 62% of ticket buyers. Nearly 60% of the audience is between the age of 25 and 49.

Tarantino has been on a historical kick of late, revisiting the past to put a spaghetti western-infused spin on dark chapters such as Nazi-dominated Europe and slavery in the antebellum South. “The Hateful Eight,” a western that unfolds in the wake of the Civil War, continues that exploration, and, like his recent “Django Unchained,” has generated controversy for its use of the N-word. Tarantino also sparked a firestorm of media attention and threats of a police boycott (one that never materialized) after appearing at an October rally against police violence.

Ultimately, a film rises or falls on its own merits. To that end, reviews for the film have been positive, although “The Hateful Eight” hasn’t achieved the same level of acclaim as “Django Unchained” or “Inglourious Basterds.” Moreover, critics like the New York Times’ A.O. Scott have contended that the film is misogynistic because of the way that characters treat Jennifer Jason Leigh’s criminal firebrand as a punching bag. Despite the furor surrounding it, the film and Leigh are expected to be major contenders when Oscar nominations are announced this month, something that could goose receipts.

“The Hateful Eight” cost less to produce than other Tarantino productions. Filmed for $62 million, the film was made for a roughly half of “Django Unchained’s” $100 million budget, so the studio doesn’t have to match that film’s $425.4 million global total to turn a profit.

That said, the Weinstein Company still has a lot riding on the film. The indie label recently laid off 50 people from its 225-person staff and has decided to slash the number of films it releases from 18 a year to between eight and ten. It needs a hit to placate a board of directors that is reportedly eager to see a return on its investment.

To that end, Tarantino, who previously reversed a flailing Weinstein Company’s fortunes when “Inglourious Basterds” became a summer hit in 2009, has proved an indefatigable campaigner. He has gamely showed up at screenings of the film, and in magazine profiles and newspaper pieces is appearing as the face of a movie, which unlike “Inglourious Basterds” or “Django Unchained,” lacks an A-list star of the caliber of Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Every time Quentin shows up, the fans go crazy,” said Lomis, adding, “With awards season coming up, we’re going to have a really solid run.”

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  1. Memo to Harv: The filmed died because it sucked. I am a Tarantino fan, by the way — although not of his politics.

  2. Mark says:

    Tarantino is a liberal price of shit ! I for one will never watch another movie of his since his blind liberal anti police rant as I’m sure so many others won’t be…Hence the dismal box office for the hateful8…haha go fuck yourself liberal pussy !

  3. Mark Spangler says:

    Just saw Tarantino’s latest and I must say, I was impressed. For a three hour movie that is essentially a stage play drawn from a novel, it holds interest with suspense, mystery and great performances (save for Russell). As is always the case with a QT film, Tarantino is the real star here. The script, which is loaded with ironic and over-the-top dialogue is chocked full of the usual f-bombs and stomach-churning violence, but that should not deter people from seeing this movie. It’s standard fare for a Tarantino flick as is quality film making with a flair for detail. The notion of a 70 mm print for an indoor flick is unique and strangely it works here. The colors are dark but vibrant – hats off to cinematographer Robert Richardson. The snow-white terrain contrasts nicely with the warm, inviting glow inside the habadashery, where most of the “action” takes place.

    The standouts on screen are the always believable Samuel L. Jackson and a surprisingly effective performance by Jennifer Jason Lee in a very offbeat role. The climactic scene between Jackson and Bruce Dern is at once humorous and terrifying.

    Still, there are problems here… I would have wished to see Dern’s role expanded as he is not utilized nearly enough. It has more to do with how his character is written than anything he does on screen. Tim Roth’s character, too, is used too little and could have been explored a bit more. What really hurts this movie is the wooden, cliche-ridden, raspy-voice performance of Kurt Russell. Russell – usually a B actor in an A part – has had success in “Silkwood”, “Miracle” and did a great comedic turn in “Sky High”, but those are exceptions to his poor showings in really bad movies like “Tango and Cash”. Even in good ones (Tombstone), his gravel-voiced aping of John Wayne is embarrassing. This is one of his worst efforts. He reads his lines. That’s it.

    The others in the cast are solid… Walter Goggins does a humorous turn as a would-be sheriff, veteran Tarantino star Michael Madsen is his workmanlike self in an edgy role, Demain Bichir is good too as a Mexican bandit with secrets.

    In fact, the whole cast has secrets and as the overlapping backstories become excessively tangled and unbelievable we finally understand the meaning of the film’s title. None of these characters are likable and all are pathological liars – more out of necessity than as character flaws.

    Competition at the box office, particularly from the latest “Star Wars” entry hurt the overall box office take of H8, while the ill-conceived police boycott had only a minimal effect. Overall, QT’s films have a specific audience that knows what to expect, and this film delivers.

    To those that attribute box office loss to Tarantino’s police comments, I’d suggest they take a look at the those comments once again. They were not in any way insulting to good officers, but hit the nail on the head when it comes to the bad ones. If you’re going to boycott a film based on those comments, well then you’re just an idiot. Go vote for Trump and see “13 Hours”… a terrible film that ranks right up there with garbage like “The Green Berets” and a movie that those of that ilk will undoubtedly give five stars.

  4. eric says:

    Overhyped, boycotted and simply outclassed by The Revenant many folks were turned off to the extra hour of Fs and Ns expended before the money shot of copious violence 3 hours in. Of course many of his cult may be growing up besides impatient along with his phony street cred posing. He is after all not much more than a foul mouthed nerd.

    • Neo says:

      You must have seen a different film. A third of the meager audience I saw this with walked out after two hours. One man loudly protested another minute of this “static stage play.” NY audiences are tough, sure, but this film basically sucked. Looks like the police unions didn’t have to do a thing to Tarentino. He shot himself in the foot with this dog of Flanders.

  5. Josh says:

    I’ll point out that the budget of Jackie Brown (his best film in my opinion) only had a budget of $12m so a $9.3m opening weekend is not as terrible as people like to point out. It almost broke even immediately. So when taking inflation into account and the fact that The Hateful Eight only did $16m of it’s $60m budget, factoring in the expense of projecting it in 70mm for some showings, would squarely mean that this is his least successful solo directed film to date. His politics aside, I simply thought the film wasn’t very good. There’s no political message here but I can see how people may have come to that conclusion. I don’t think he has the depth as a director to consider subtext on any meaningful level. He’s an aesthete. Nothing wrong with that. The closest he ever came to being a mature filmmaker was with Jackie Brown but then he obviously found it more agreeable to regress back into an adolescent.

    Normally even when his films are devoid of any real content, at least they impress and excite on a superficial level. But this time, his film had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Aside from the fact that he’s been making the same kind of film since 2003 (which the exception of Death Proof — which I really liked) I simply think he’s been exposed finally as not having the deepest well when it comes to ideas. He’s fine-tuned the revenge, vigilante film now to the point of tedium.

  6. abbas says:

    very very slow movie all shot in stagecoach house with no hint its a western as big westerns of 1950,1960 were. there is no action except brutal killings for no reason script makes no sense actors are all o yester years ageing and cannot find a film.where is the comparison to mater pieces like DJANGO GUNFIGHT AT OK CORRAL LAST TRAIN FROM GUNHILL AND THE ALL TIME MASTER PIECE THE MAGNIFICENT 7. I have a story for MR QUENTIN TARANTINO if he wishes to make another western I have called it “LAW OF THE GUNMAN”

  7. Ted says:

    That’s funny because his films lost money!! Because of his big mouth. I like how this liberal Hollywood pukes, say things in front of the camera without knowing the facts!! If I was his benefactor I would not let him make another film!! He isn’t even smart enough to know that Americans don’t have to go and watch his films!!

  8. eric says:

    Is Brent Lang Harvey’s B-Boy or what? The film is tanking and he’s putting up a smokescreen (critical praise, not, small budget, not. Sisters and Alvin are pulling in more.

  9. bnkyboy says:

    Another bad movie from a piss-poor person(director). I refused to see the movie just because of his stance against the police. Hollywood needs to stay out of politics and concentrate on making movies, songs, etc… Tarantino got what he deserved….nothing! JMHO

  10. John says:

    Suck a hateful blue dick, Tarantino!

  11. Simon Allen says:

    It flopped for the simple reason that it’s basically the same old hat from Tarantino .
    The movie goes like this …smart talk smart talk smart talk ……bang bang bang …..smart talk smart talk .smart talk and more smart talk ……bang bang bang bang bang ….the end……Yawn .
    We can all nap at home for free thanks Quentin . give us something new .

  12. Jerry Murphy says:

    You forgot or just wanted to ignore the influence that the boycott has on this movie. No matter how Weinstein wants to ignore it, cops are NOT murdering killers Tarintino has made them out to be. So keep your big mouths flapping , and we’ll keep our money

  13. Joy says:

    They are in denial if they don’t think that Tarantino’s big mouth hurt the movie. Unlikely to see Weinstein back anymore of his movies especially after they all lose their ass on this one.

    • G Dolan says:

      Brent you have a very bad understanding of movie audiences and box office results when you say a boycott never materialized. My wife and I go to the theatre almost daily and see every major movie. We did see Star Wars and and we would have certainly seen Hateful Eight except that we are angry about Tarantino’s rant against cops and his promoting of the hateful Black Lives Matter radicals.

  14. John Brian says:

    Star Wars did not hurt other releases, all were buoyed by it. Except “The Hateful Eight”.
    Ignoring the obvious is ignorant and insulting.
    Tarantino alienated a larger potential audience when he traveled across the country to New York to stand with the heinous Black Lives Matter movement and publicly lie about and insult the police.
    That’s it. Don’t look any further.
    Jgango, another bloody western released over Christmas did three times the business in the same period.
    Add to that, people are growing weary of blood baths with the n word tossed in every year.

  15. Choe says:

    Who wants to watch his garbage?

  16. Wallace says:

    Sorry the film is bombing but that can happen when you smear an entire group of public serve nuts who do jobs nobody else will do.

  17. Bob Powell says:

    Until Mr. Tarantino’s bashing of police, our family enjoyed his work. For our entertainment money, he no longer exists.

    • Choe says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Who is Quentin going to call when he needs help, Fandango?

    • Muh says:

      So you’re FOR the killing of unarmed people. Cool!

      • Choe says:

        Quentin is, watch the scene in Pulp Fiction where the kid gets his head blown off when the car goes over a bump in the road. Even better….fast-forward a few minutes to hear Turdintino himself describe the victim!

  18. Realist says:

    There is already too much hatred, blood and gut spilling in everyday life and news. Why pay to see a movie when the TV news is free.

  19. Drake Remore says:

    I don’t know why people would avoid a movie based on anything but the merits of the movie itself. Lame.

    • Vida says:

      But his movie are all the same :Violence, obscenities, hate, drugs… and that’s about it ! Like there is not enough violence in everyday life. Some people call that “realistic art” ??? Than, why do I need art if i have reality ??

      • Jon Burrows says:

        People can choose not to patronize something for any reasons they want; it doesn’t have to make sense to you.It’s called being in a free society.

  20. Alan Miller says:

    I had watched all the previous films but will not go to see this one, Once Tarantino opened his ignorant mouth and slammed the police…that did it for me!!!

    • Muh says:

      I also like how it takes six policemen to shoot to death a guy walking away.

      • Ch1NNv says:

        G Dolan,

        Your comment shows exactly where you stand and the type of person you are.

        “Just because a black man murders someone every day doesn’t mean the majority blacks are murderers.”

        Why a black man? Why not a Mexican or a Caucasian woman? They kill people every day too, yes you go on to say “police or every other group of people”, but your immediate thought of murderers is black man.

        Anyway, I’ve watched TH8 this weekend and thought it was a bloody good film, cinematography is excellent, cast are brilliant, Tarantino never fails to impress, those of you that refuse to watch based on the directors comments, haven’t mentioned that you refuse to watch any future Star Wars films after George Lucas compared the sale of the blockbuster franchise to selling his “children” to “white slavers”.

        Hypocrisy. And Tarantino was only speaking out against the murdering Police you have over there in the US. If you read his full comments on it.

      • G Dolan says:

        Muh – You are confusing a few bad apples with the majority. The vast majority of police are honorable and deserve our respect and appreciation. Just because a black man murders someone every day doesn’t mean the majority blacks are murderers. Same with the police and every other group of people. Shame on you for not knowing better and spreading hate.

  21. I gave up on all things Tarantino since came out against the police. I own all of his previous movies but will get rid of them. He exercised his freedom of speech and a lot of people know who would have gone to see the movie before he did have chosen not to support somebody who doesn’t support our brave men and women in blue, Freedom of speech is a two way street, He is seeing the effects of a blue out.

  22. Zaire76 says:

    I received free tickets to this movie. And I paid to much. This was as best a sophomoric attempt to present a narrative of the current state of race relations in the US. I think it’s a racist Liberal’s way of using Nigger to the point where it becomes ineffective. Either way, I found it to be quite dull and unimaginative. The dialogue was very bland and, as much as they may try, the actors could not over come it’s banality. The editing on this was at times very long winded. The opening scene took forever to develop and then left me feeling empty having endured it. Other times the shot transitions were disjointed and attempts at garnering emotion fell flat. In short a very disappointing movie.

    • Vida says:

      You lost 3 hours of your life to pollute your psyche with hate, violence and some more violence.
      I believe Tarantino should pay us to watch his movies.

  23. Tim Rafferty says:

    I would be willing to bet Variety will not even read these post but will continue to make excuses for Turdantino.

  24. Tim Rafferty says:

    Tarantino makes gratuitous gun violence snuff films which could very well trigger violence in susceptible individuals. He has armed body guards to protect him yet wants to disarm honest law abiding Americans. He is a massive fraud and a hypocrite of Michael Moore dimensions. I like Kurt Russel but I refuse to watch any Tarantino garbage…..ever.

    • Justin says:

      Except that the movie is actually a commentary on what you are describing…our current society…we all hate …hate each other…and it builds until someone gets shot. I can’t believe the point of the story is lost on so many people ..it isn’t exactly subtle.

      • Vida says:

        I am sick and tired of people calling this “realist art”. Well, society is violent because we are fed daily with violence and blood. Tarantino is feeding us with violence and hate. Beside, art should be inspiring, uplifting and lofty, not focused on violence , blood and vulgarities. I am not ‘famous” director, but i can comment also that society is violent and hateful. Simple observation is not an “art”, it is just an observation. What is the solution that he offers ? What is his alternative to current state ? None, i guess.

      • Booker says:

        We all hate? Who do you hate?

  25. Justin says:

    It is sad when a film of pure cinema underperforms at the box office. Everyone on this site can say what they want but the some of the best films ever made were in the 60s and 70s by highly political film makers. The Hateful Eight is an excellent piece of film with a lot to say…it is lovingly made by people who truly love movies..and love the glory days of movies. The looks, the shots, the sound, the atmosphere, the score. This movie reminded me of why I have loved movies my entire life. I’m thinking the leaks had more to do with it under performing than anything else. And maybe the fact that it is a three hour western of mostly conversations. This script never takes a side….this is a much more thoughtful, touching, funny, scary and intelligent film than people are giving it credit for. I’ve seen the roadshow version and the standard version and I can’t wait to add it to my collection. The performances were perfect. Goggins deserves to be noticed. The three hours flew by for me. I think the state of the public is sad when it comes to music and film….for the most part. Entertainment comes in all forms and variety is good but if we are not careful all we will be able to see in cinemas are super hero movies and star wars and jurassic park sequels. Loved this movie …it holds a mirror up to the ugliness in us all. And to the people saying the film is misogynistic…that’s the point….the characters are..not the film. Even racism is put aside when it comes to hatred and fear of women. Excellent excellent film. One of Tarantino’s best and most thoughtful. By the way..the violence is of it’s time period and genre…it is not mindless….Kill Bill was more about mindless violence (the first half anyway) than this film could ever be.

  26. I refuse to contribute any more money to bigoted Jackson or QT. This movie is nothing more than blood porn. Hoping for a big fail. QT’s rants are a bore.

  27. DirtyHarry44 says:

    I wonder how much better his movie would’ve done had he not stepped in it for a lot of people. Sure he has every right to voice his beliefs and opinions, but they have consequences and when you’re a director trying to get people to watch your film, it’s not a good idea to piss a lot of them off.

  28. c. brown says:

    Words have consequences.

  29. Robert says:

    Star Wars has nothing to do with it. I have no interest in Star Wars, I’ve been waiting for Hateful Eight for years. I attributed his odd comments regarding cops to him stepping in the no-win morass of social justice warrior battles and also due to his pissing match with Spike Lee. But his attacks on the Confederate Flag were completely gratuitious and uncalled for..

    I will eventually watch this film, but I cannot in good conscience put money in his pocket at this time. He has forgotten his audience. Tarantino was one of our best in the fight against the new McCarthyism and political correctness. He seems to have crossed over into the dark side.

    Robert Allen

  30. YT Orlando says:

    Samuel Jackson IS an A list star by any measure. Jennifer Jason Leigh was great! The cast was tight the story is very funny, airing almost every sort of racist trope and turning them on their heads. I enjoy Tarrantino’s sense of humor and his craft in conjuring a tale. Loved every minute!

  31. Any One says:


  32. I watched a lot of movies this weekend one of them was H8ful 8. Being as film is art and therefore subjective I found this movie to be dull, and honestly a waste of the format. Why take a 70mm lens known for the ability to capture massive scenery and film 95% indoors and even the outdoor shots were tight. My two cents were I H8ted it!

  33. JG says:

    Just saw it. Well acted. Very violent. But it’s a two and half hour play shot in 70mm for some reason.

  34. lee says:

    who on earth felt H8 could ever match Star Wars numbers, to begin with no one’s going to be taking the whole family? Folk are so twisted and desperate for Tarantino to be slated that no matter what they’ll say he’s a flop, it’s the same delusional mental process that believes the police force to be unequivocally just & fair, so I guess it’s to be expected. H8 is a 3 hour talky, arty movie that’s just fallen short of action flick Kill Bill opening numbers, that’s not bad at all.

    • Jimmy Jones says:

      Can you name even one American who believe “the police force to be unequivocally just & fair”? You are delusional. The ranchers in Oregon and Texas certainly don’t believe it. The problem with Tarantino is his attacks on the Confederate Flag and his exaggerations regarding the police force.

  35. j vincent says:

    I’m glad to see his film fail. I like his movies, but his comments were ignorant and done in poor taste. He has every right to say whatever he wants, and I have a right to spend my doe on other movies.

  36. Michael says:

    I am not going to see this film even though it looks interesting… Tarantino need to learn to keep his political mouth shut or people like me will not go and see his films. If there are enough people like me who do not agree with his views, we will show it by not going to his movies and not spend our money.

  37. jahwoo says:

    I’m a qt fan and remain one despite him running his mouth like an asshole. I wanted to go see the hateful eight in 70mm like a good Tarantino devotee but I didn’t want to spend $25 to do so.

    Star wars clearly hurt the box office for it but see also entire theaters not even having th8 showing on one screen (probably because star wars) and it’s hard to make money when there’s limited screens showing it thus limited times to see it and limited the people who aren’t effected by those limited choices.

    I’m sure it will ultimately do fine as it’s already made almost what it cost to make back.

  38. The Kevster says:

    Ever since Harvey let QT shoot so much footage on Kill Bill it had to be split it into two movies, he no longer sees the need to edit himself: each subsequent movie has gotten 10 to 15 minutes longer, and it is very difficult for any film to sustain that length. And then add to that setting virtually the entire movie in one room. Simply put: ‘the eighth film by Quentin Tarantino’ is the weakest of the eight.

  39. Dave Smith says:

    Not one dime from this “white cracker.”

  40. dieter says:

    I like Kurt Russell but can’t stand Tarantino and all pompous Hollywood lids.

  41. Craig Henne says:

    Good news, this cop hating punk needs a NY beatin

  42. Olympia says:

    No you won’t have a solid run. QT went too far and pissed his fans off. BIG TIME. We see the attempt at amelioration- sending Kurt Russell out to talk guns and 2nd amendment was nearly genious and it may have started to warm some of us up to see the movie but, WOW – QT couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the Confederate flag. All those white males between 19 and 45 (whatever), are kinda done with PC, PC culture and being told what to think by you Hollywood people. Hope the loss hurts a little QT, now you know how we feel. We don’t care if your movie is the best one ever made- not putting another penny in your liberal pocket.

  43. JSpicoli says:

    Tarantino deserves less.

  44. Charles says:

    Hateful Eight didn’t open with adequate ticket sales? Well, at least BLM thugs can buy the DVD with their EBT.

  45. BA DeMonte says:

    Glad to see that this movie is a flop. Between Tarantino and Jackson I hope they lose every dime invested.

  46. theheardtheorem says:

    I love that people are calling QT washed up and saying this is a bad movie when they haven’t even seen the movie. This is a movie site on the Internet. Who cares what any director, actor, athlete, musician or any other entertainer’s political beliefs are?
    Guess what! Most creative people are going to be politically liberal. It’s part of how creative minds work. If you start boycotting everyone who says anything you disagree with, the only forms of entertainment you’ll have left is Country music which just recycles the same 4 chords and lyrical themes over and over and NASCAR which just keeps making the same left turns over and over. Get over yourselves people…it’s entertainment.
    Tarantino and Eastwood are my two favorite directors. I don’t give a damn about what their opinions are on pretty much anything other than movies. They both have highs and lows over their careers and I’m anxiously awaiting both of their next films.
    It’s ridiculous that some of you are clearly just looking for articles about Tarantino to troll just because the man has a difference of opinion on certain issues. You sound like a bunch of crybabies! Please grow up and act like real men and women.

    • John Brian says:

      Read the replies. Being washed up is not what people are saying. But nice try at deflection.

    • Michael Keenan says:

      I certainly do not think he is washed up nor that this is a bad movie. However I must suspend my support of him until he thinks through his bigotry. Perhaps he will come through the other side more enlightened (and regains his memory of who his fans are).

    • freddy says:

      I saw the movie online. I thought it sucked. Not only did it drag but he tried to prop it up with crudity and witty insults. It didn’t work. Not least of which because he was using it as a vehicle for his bigotry.

      Movie aside, I’m fed up with Tarantino’s bigotry (both on-screen as well as off) and won’t be seeing another. I understand you agree with his bigotry. Which is why you’re upset the rest of us don’t. Well, that’s the price he pays for being an ass. Your kind should understand that since you’re always trying to punish people for their views and opinions.

    • You mean the people complaining sound like liberals. Liberals please grow up and act like adults. Btw the difference of opinion comes from jerkoff complaining about gun violence while making millions off the very same thing in his movies. Typical hypocrite liberal.

  47. Joshua says:

    Hateful 8 sucked when i skimmed it online a year ago. Who wants to see that garbage?

  48. Flippy says:

    Sure, sure, blame it on Star Wars…

    Could never be because of Tarantino’s alignment with cop haters…

  49. Joe says:

    Perhaps the police union boycott is taking a bite out of the film. Many people actually like and respect the police.

  50. Jim Helbert says:

    First, QT proclaims to the world that all police are murderers.

    Now, he’s proclaiming the the Confederate flag is “America’s swastika”.

    No wonder he used to work in a video rental store – he’s an idiot.

    Just keep running your mouth, Tarantino, and watch your profits disappear, greasebag.

    • Jane Doen't fuck with me says:

      Never did he proclaim that all cops are murderers. He meant only those who engaged, in you know… murder, and he wanted to bring light to police coverups.
      Secondly, the kkk, one of America’s largest domestic terror organizations adopted the confederate flag and have been terrorizing Americans with it in various ways. And don’t say that it’s just a symbol of southern pride because Nazi Germany adopted the swastika , originally used to represent good look or prosperity in the Hindu religion, but no one seems to be ok with swastika flags or belts.
      Its funny how so many ppl who don’t like the movie or QT’s statements call him offensive names and call for violence… It’s possible to disagree without character bashing it’s almost like these ppl were raised in the swastika confederate flag south, or unaware of white privilege.
      What QT did was honorable.
      But back to ppl violently against QT or just plain insulting in their behavior. You people are the trigger happy hillbillies he makes fun of. Keep it up. He’ll make you into an even bigger joke as you continue to show your low levels of intelligence… *sips tea*

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