‘Gods of Egypt’ Heading for Epic Box Office Flop

Gods of Egypt
Courtesy of Lionsgate

Moviegoers are avoiding “Gods of Egypt” like the plague.

Gerard Butler’s $140 million sword-and-sandal tentpole is headed for an epic flop, set to open with about $12 million “Deadpool” will exterminate the competition for the third weekend in a row, with a projected $30 million, early box office results show Friday.

Lionsgate’s “Gods of Egypt,” which will play on 3,117 screens, already represents a major setback for the studio — although it is performing respectably in international markets, with first-place launches in Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, as well as a strong Latin American debut. It’s bowing in 68 foreign markets this weekend.


Film Review: ‘Gods of Egypt’ an extravagantly silly epic

“Gods of Egypt” had been pegged two years ago as a franchise starter. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer asserted at that point that the studio’s exposure was under $10 million, thanks to pre-sales of foreign rights and Australian tax incentives. But the poor opening weekend, which trailed recent forecasts of $15 million, hurts Lionsgate-Summit’s reputation for starting franchises — which had been burnished by the successes of “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games.”

Directed by Alex Proyas (“I, Robot”), “Gods of Egypt” centers on a mortal hero, played by Brenton Thwaites, who allies himself with a god in order to save the world, which has been plunged into chaos by Butler’s god of darkness. Critics have panned the movie, which has a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

By contrast, audiences have continued flocking to Ryan Reynolds’ “Deadpool.” If projections hold, Fox’s R-rated hit will near $290 million domestically by Sunday.

Two other new entries, both with modest price tags of about $20 million, are launching in the U.S. amid moderate expectations. Open Road’s heist thriller “Triple 9,” starring Casey Affleck and Chiwetel Ejiofor, is projected to take in about $6 million at 2,205 locations. Fox’s sports comedy “Eddie the Eagle,” toplined by Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton, will gross around $7 million on 2,038 screens.

“Eddie the Eagle” has decent critical support with a 70% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while “Triple 9” is at 56%.

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  1. SomethingRandom says:

    No shit.
    This barely has a all star cast besides a guy who’s only prominent role was a TV Show.
    And it’s competitor was Deadpool whom is still going strong at the time.
    Not to mention it looked generic.

  2. Redo it with an all Black Actors and Actress!

  3. AJ White says:

    Don’t Hate on Gerad Butler. The same was said about The Movie “300” that 300 was a flop & the critics were WRONG!!!!

  4. Austin Whitley says:

    Actually the movie is about to top it’s budget so not a total lost. I really feel like it is an awesome movie. It does look a little fake at times but other than that the originality is awesome and storyline is EPIC. I don’t really care about what other people or critics think. This movie is goingon my favorites list and I am so going to buy it. And there really isnt a very goof argument for white washing anyways if yt?you critics woulve taken the time to go see the movie before you write about it.

  5. It’s not often these days that people use the word EPIC and it turns out to be a correct use of the word. This seems to be one of those times where it actually is warranted .

  6. Fantazzia says:

    Hear, hear! This film is full of white people…..who wants to watch a movie based in EGYPT about white people?

    • Brook Acosta says:


      • Simeon_Adonijah says:

        @chendadday, you’re right about Exodus making $268M in box office. But the bulk of that was spread out in markets like Russia, South Korea, Ireland, UK etc. Plus, it took $145M to make. While $123M is not anything to laugh at it falls far short of what was expected of a movie of that stature and budget.

      • Chendaddy says:

        It is disappointing that so many ethnic roles are given to clearly Caucasian actors, but get real. Movies don’t flop because of that. Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, and Aaron “Jesse Pinkman” Paul played Egyptians and other Middle Eastern characters in Exodus, and that made $268M.

        By your logic, somebody can say Fantastic Four flopped because Michael B. Jordan played a white superhero. Don’t get carried away.

    • Adam says:

      This movie did NOT bomb because of the racial composition of the cast. The movie bombed because it had a horrible script and because of the subject matter. No one wants to watch a silly supernatural CGI fest set in the ancient world. They were obviously trying to capture the box office success of “The Mummy”.

      • Jaye says:

        No, sorry, but it’s your logic, which is flawed.

        Johnny Storm was not an entire culture of people; based within a North African country. The Human Torch was a fictional character created for a comic book in 1939. His character can now be portrayed in a multitude of ethnicities given the liberties taken during the rewrite. Giving more roles to Black and minority actors based on characters that were traditionally White does not stem from the same logic. In fact it is the opposite; it’s an attempt to correct the inequalities and culture of discrimination present when many of these characters were first formulated. It’s an attempt to fix past wrongs and discriminatory practices.

        The reason those other movies did not fail is due to the portrayals of Biblical characters being White is so ingrained in American culture that its become second nature to accept it and not question the historical inconsistencies.

        Egypt left artwork, on walls, in buildings, we have evidence that was not easily erased. We have Egyptians to look at and see now. We have Africa. So the idea of an all White cast of superior Gods, while everyone else, mostly people of color are placed in servitude, sticks out like a sore thumb.

        The young people are not stupid. They don’t read Texas textbooks. They have the Internet, a billion trillion libraries, all-in-one. That is why any attempts at this kind of foolishness will continue to spell box-office doom.

        You watch and see.
        Be well.

  7. aparvenu says:

    This movie is a piece of crap. And no way does it deserve a sequel. But most insultingly obnoxious is the fact that it inaccurately depicts the people of the Nile Valley civilization (Kemet). I know that it’s all Hollyweird make-believe, but this movie takes CGI Sci-Fi fantasy adventure to a whole new level of stupidity. Ancient Egyptians were Black! They themselves even displayed their own images as people of color on ancient papyri and etched their faces in stone, so we wouldn’t forget. Only later did the European and Arab invasions occur from the north, during the Ptolemaic period (with the exception of the Hyksos). Perhaps the dark-complected people of ancient Egypt foresaw that one day some delusional Director like Alex Proyas or studio like LionsGate would portray them otherwise. Who died and made Europeans and Australians Gods? But this is no surprise. Hollywood has been during this over and over again. This movie is not only a poorly thought-out production, it is simply a total waste of time. Avoid the butt-ache AND the head-ache. It’s not worth sitting through.

  8. Mina B. says:

    Not so sure about that. You’re only counting domestic box-office. Wait for worldwide bos-office.

  9. JerrySteinfeld says:

    Alex Proyas!?!?!


  10. Shame – Hollywood has shown once again how outdated and clueless they are about thier audience and what their audience believes or will accept. From the Oscars, to their chosen cultural representatives, to their constant re-writing of commonly known historical figures (a White Hannibal, a White Nefertiti, a White Cleopatra – a WHITE JESUS…) they continue to ignore what society has learned and now believes to be true! They still think they can manipulate public perception with deception in movies and has not seemed to realize the internet is here and all of their lies are being checked. We can speak directly to people who have been living in these areas for generations – its not like before the internet when we had to rely on TV or trek to the library to research facts. Its readily available information, we know the truth – and it’s time for Hollywood to stop playing games and portray history as it was. Fantasy is fantasy – but when you place real historical figures in your fantasy you need to be historically accurate – it isn’t even about race – it’s about TRUTH – and people are tired of being lied to. Wake up Hollywood – time to get real and stop trying to manipulate… time to entertain.

    • SomethingRandom says:

      Hey, sorry to breat it to you, but one of the most sucessful film series out there, The Hunger Games, is whitewashed.

    • Milton says:

      Hollywood is clueless. They still think people will pay money to see gay movies or a white guy playing Michael Jackson. Amazing.

  11. Ravi says:

    Why did this article leave out the backlash against this movie long before it was released? A religion started in Africa portrayed exclusively by white actors?

  12. glad says:

    Not to sound militant, but I was hoping for this film to flop. Dear Hollywood, Egyptians and any other race from Africa or the middle east cannot and should not be portrayed as whites. Even white viewers are finding it distasteful. Take this as a much needed and expensive lesson learned of what the viewers REALLY want to see and NOT what you want them to believe.

  13. Jamaal Cotton says:

    I think it’s irresponsible to leave out the fact of WHY people are avoiding this movie. The whitewashing of Hollywood being the main reason why people are avoiding this movie.

  14. That’s what happens when you make a film about Egypt and only have white people.

  15. Johnnysynth says:

    The heyday for this (original Clash Of The Titans-like) film was the eighties. The CGI overkill of the remake of that film should have been a warning, though it made money, reaction is negative to it. For all it’s “flaws” based against today’s standard of digital moneyshots, I’ll take the original. Guess people want their super heroes and space fantasies, not mythology.

  16. That's What She says:

    No wonder it bombed – that pic has the same pose that Butler did in 300! Get new poses, Hollywood!

  17. James Jones says:

    Hollywood must be stopped. Obviously they don’t care. They keeping casting these white boys as super heroes. I took geography .,,, I know where Africa is …. It’s called the dark continent for Christ’s sake. Soon they will cast a white as Jesus …..

    • Johnnysynth says:

      The “dark continent” part of Africa is a lot further south than Egypt.

      • Nia M says:

        Dear John… The ENTIRE continent of people are of the highly melaninated & of a darker hue/complexion variety, thus the “Nick Name” ‘the dark continent’ was given (Geographical Disclaimer: Eygpt: included as part of Africa as it’s a country on the NorthEastern side located on the continent of Africa. Contrary to recent attempts to place Eygpt in the modern mythical land of the “Ancient Middle East”). Regardless of the gentrification & repacking of present day Egypt as an ‘Arab/Middle Eastern” country, you cannot move a country to fit the gross mis-education injected into so-called World HIStory. The Ancient Egyptains were indeed the 100% African of the darker African variety, meaning the darker hues of skintones to be able to withstand and thrive in the desert climate for thousands of years!

    • That's What She says:

      You know what we need? A Greco-Polypenesian sword-n-crocs epic set in the far future. With white dudes, of course.

    • UntouchableJ says:

      Indeed. Its just WRONG to portray the Egyptians as White. “Why does it matter?” you ask….because the truth does. Even history deserves to be told in truth.

  18. Sam Rothenberg says:

    It’s too bad Exodus Gods and Kings didn’t bomb as badly as this piece of shit movie did. Why do they keep doing this to African history? Throwing this shit in black peoples face? After all the DNA evidence from DNA tribes and Ramses iii e1b1a haplogroup you’d think they would start using black actors to play historical roles. But no. They use the whitest actors possible. Enough is enough goddammit.

  19. um………………………………………………………. im glad it tanked. first off i wish “hollywood” would do MORE research and less special effects. egyptian men DID NOT HAVE BEARDS, SHAVED THIER HEADS!!! this practice was and IS widely known, any 9th grader could have gotten that, if small details like this “slip” by does hollywood realllly think people will shell out hard earned money on garbage?
    LOL society isnt yet as stupid as the media would think we are. each movie now has less story, less of a need to think and just more explosions and special effects. its making us stupid, stop please. the biggest special effect any movie can have.. IS ACTING.

    • That's What She says:

      Also, the lack of Happy Meal endorsements really hurt the authentic feel. How are kids supposed to follow the story without their disposable trinkets that glow in the darkened theater? WON’T ANYONE THINK OF THE FUTURE CONSUMERS? AUTHENTICI-TAH!!!

    • Ummm… another teeny tiny detail, ancient Egyptians (and by extension, their Gods) WERE NOT WHITE!!! People (at least those with common sense) have grown weary of Hollywood’s century or so old Whitewashing act. British accented Europeans portraying ancient Africans (once again for the slow people, Egypt is an African nation) make about as much sense as Whoopie Goldberg playing the lead in the film version of the life of Winston Churchill.

      I literally laughed out loud the first time I saw the trailer for Gods of Egypt seeing people portraying Egyptians and Egyptian ‘gods’ who would need number 500 sunblock in order to survive a single day under Egypt’s blazing sun. Yeah, White folks as ancient African gods is really one ridiculous “special effect” too much.

  20. EV Emmons says:

    I’m interested in seeing it, and I plan to. I enjoy Gerard Butler and I like epic films. No critic has deterred me from seeing a film I’m interested in, and I’m not about to start listening to them now. I’ve enjoyed many films that didn’t appeal to critics for whatever reason, so I might very well enjoy this one too. It’s my money to spend, and I’m looking forward to a night out to see this.

    • That's What She says:

      Can’t say that I disagree, but that’s why I have things called “local real life friends” who “rent and/or buy” garbage like this so I can “see” it. Without those, I’d still be asking “what’s an “Optimus” and what makes him “Prime”?”.

  21. They could have saved themselves from a $140 million mistake by having spent only $75 on my new book series, “The Ethiopian Culture of Ancient Egypt” to produce the movie correctly.

    They also could have read Diodorus Siculus, who wrote, “They say also that the Egyptians
    are colonists sent out by the Ethiopians, Osiris having been the leader of the colony. And the larger
    part of the customs of the Egyptians are, they hold, Ethiopian, the colonists still preserving their
    ancient manners.” – Diodorus, book 3, 3:1

    I guess they had money to burn. SMH

    (Moderator, all my books are available in PDF for free download, so please don’t consider this post spam)

  22. When their @$$e$ learn to feature authentic characters with authentic instead of make believe physical features, the dollars will make amend$. Believe that!!

    • DSmooth says:

      Amen my Brother! They need to be just as adamant about black people playing themselves (Egyptians) as they are about keeping James Bond white…now when they let a black person play James Bond, then I’ll be somewhat OK with a white person playing a black person.

  23. sandy scott says:

    I hated Gods of Egypt. There was a man’s voice in the background all through the movie narrating the action scenes as they are written in the script. Made for a very bad experience. They should have screened it before sending out to theaters.

    • That's What She says:

      You mean someone actually said:


      Two CGI ARMIES clash in the CGI SAND. A CGI MONSTER shows up and ROARS, because COURTESY, and starts EATING up CGI DUDES that we hope IDIOT MOVIEGOERS will care enough to buy our DOLL… I mean ACTION FIGURES. This CAPITALIZATION counts as PROSE. Cue Inception BWAAAAMMM!”

      Please tell me it was Carrot Top.

  24. Mattithyah says:

    They need

  25. TheBigBangof20thCenturyPopCulture says:

    In the blockbuster good old days when actors used to fit their roles, Hollywood held legendary casting calls. Back then the dream factory was perfectionist in casting. Today all roles are filled with man boys, grunge waifs or young souls with no stage presence or screen charisma whatsoever. And In biblical epics, all you see are Brit types who no longer pass as ancients. That’s why many ambitious modern movies are tanking.

    • That's What She says:

      Don’t worry. In place of starving yet thirsty teeny boppers, 21st Century Pop Culture will feature gimmicky YouTube stars portraying Mongolians warlords in reenactments of Let’s Plays. China will eat that up, right?

      • lkeke35 says:

        That’s seems to be their go to excuse for everything. China doesn’t like black people, so we don’t put them in movies, is their excuse for whitewashing. China likes white men in everything, so let’s do that! That’s a piss poor excuse for not putting what Americans want to see in a movie.

        Why the hell are they crafting American films according to what Chinese people like? A people who have their own successful film industry?

  26. Ovet says:

    In this day and age of massive alternative information, Hollywood had the audacity to dare attempt to pull off this colonial, revisionists propaganda trash and expect Blacks and other informed people to pay cash to go and see it . . . . Not today . . . Not today.

    • TheBigBangof20thCenturyPopCulture says:

      Do you mean that smash hit home boy Hamilton stage production which is about as revisionist as you can get?

  27. loco73 says:

    Yeah…because no one could see this coming…and is it me or did Jamie Lannister go through a growth spurt?!

    Honestly, I actually feel more sorry for Alex Proyas….he directed two of my favourite movies ever “The Crow” and “Dark City”…then he did “I, Robot”…and then I really didn’t hear much about him until this…atrocity of a movie “Gods Of Egypt”…

    Too bad.. Since he has a long down time in between movie, I hope that if and when he decides to direct again, it will be a project more on par with what I think his true potential and vision is.

    • lkeke35 says:

      Good answer. I loved Dark City and The Crow and this movie looked like a step down for him. Beyond the whitewashing aspect, this movie just looks awful. Rather I should say, the trailers make it look awful.

  28. Harley Leiber says:

    I think one of the problems, speaking purely as a consumer of film, is that we see the same people cast over and over and over again, with some exceptions, ….in identical roles, in movie after movie. It’s tiring and frankly, boring. Competing for my time should be the highest priority. Instead, save for 5 or 6 movies this year, we get the usual shlock jobs. Some of these “stars” need to disappear for awhile…or for good. Contrary to what Harvey W and Scott Rudin believe…we’re not stupid. In fact, we get more and more discerning every day.

    • That's What She says:

      Proyas wanted to do a big budget return to Clash of the Titans, without realizing that Hollywood already did that and already failed. No one ever did anything like The Crow or Dark City until he did them.

      But then again, this movie isn’t for us. As the article suggests, it’s doing okay overseas, and that’s what Hollywood really wants. America’s just a third world country in that grand scheme.

    • lkeke35 says:

      Indeed this is one of my biggest complaints too. Hollywood keeps recycling the same 50 actors in everything. I love ScarJo and Bale and Renner. That doesn’t mean I want to see them all the time, in everything! Hollywood thinks because we like an actor, that the public wanst more and more, and even more of them.

    • James says:

      Amen! Not to mention the whole Egyptian setting when it is done by Hollywood always ends up being silly.

  29. TheBigBangof20thCenturyPopCulture says:

    Showbiz generation suck can’t make blockbusters anymore because no modern actor has the charisma to carry a movie. So casting is the kiss of dreck!

  30. Mark says:

    Can’t be worse than the biggest film flop john carter. At least this doesn’t look like it takes itself seriously.

  31. AOi says:

    franchise starter? LOL who read this and said this needs to be made…. and what bigger idiot funded this garbage

  32. Dunstan says:

    Butler needs to fire his agent and focus on taking roles that actually require a performance.

  33. Rudy Mario says:

    Don’t believe the price tag. It is totally fabricated. ….hollywood style. C grade stars/actors and laughable effects. Probably cost 20M…

  34. TM says:

    Hard to believe people spent time working on such utter garbage.

  35. Rod says:

    Let’s not neglect to mention the ridiculous WHITEWASHING of Egypt. Yes, it should follow flops like Noah and Exodus: Gods And Kings down the drain.

    • FM Talks says:

      Actually, Noah didn’t flop.

    • Bill says:

      This had failure written all over it from the first moment I read about it, but while Noah & Exodus were not critical hits, they were commercial successes primarily due to overseas BO,

      • MG says:

        Noah, just barely. (100 mil domestic + 260 mil foreign – 125 mil production budget – $60 mil marketing = ??

        Exodus, no (65 mil domestic + 200 mil foreign – 140 mil production budget – $60 mil marketing = ??

        Hopefully Hollywood will stop funding these ridiculous “epic” films until they can write a decent story and cast it accurately.

  36. John says:

    Should anyone be surprised? “Gods of Egypt” VFX look so bad and phony. The movie looks totally like a ’90’s B-movie. It’s one of those movies that reads great on script, but doesn’t translate well visually. What a career reversal of fortune for Gerard Butler, exactly 10 years ago he was on top of the world with “300”, now to the bottom of the toilet with this crap.

  37. Nadia Nas says:

    oh good thank for real link Emmuah :)

  38. That's What She says:

    … clicked no one.

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