‘Ghostbusters’ Marketing Challenges: How Sony Is Selling All-Female Reboot

Ghostbusters 3
Courtesy of Sony

In a summer where studio tentpoles have been underperforming at the box office, Sony Pictures is facing hurdles with how to sell its female-driven reboot of “Ghostbusters” to the masses.

The studio is trying to build up excitement for the picture by fanning nostalgia from the original 1984 classic. At the same time, the advertising campaign has downplayed the novelty of a summer action blockbuster anchored by women, in the hopes that a large percentage of tickets are sold to men, according to sources with knowledge of internal discussions.

A conceit that was once cheered in the blogosophere, the project — which stars Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, as well as beloved “SNL” players Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones — has more recently been tainted with questionable buzz. Part of that has come from the studio’s decision to delay press screenings of the movie, which opens on July 15, until last night. And unfortunately, much of the chatter about the reboot has been eclipsed by backlash from fan boys griping about women taking over the roles originated by Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.

Sony declined to comment for this story.

Early tracking indicates that “Ghostbusters” could open in the $40 million range domestically, making it the biggest debut for a live-action comedy since last year’s “Pitch Perfect 2.” But the Sony movie’s sizable budget — a studio source says the figure is $144 million after rebates, while another source puts the before-rebate number at around $180 million — means that it will need strong multiples to turn a profit. Director Paul Feig and McCarthy’s three previous summer collaborations (2011’s “Bridesmaids,” 2013’s “The Heat” and 2015’s “Spy”) had staying power at the multiplex beyond their opening weekends, but they were carried by stellar reviews. On the other hand, the reviews for “Ghostbusters” could be more mixed.

The movie will also need to perform well overseas, where audiences might not be as familiar with the “Ghostbusters” brand. The 1984 original film has grossed a staggering $295 million in theaters, but only $53 million came from foreign territories.

In a meeting with vendors six weeks ago, executives at the studio seemed concerned that “Ghostbusters” wouldn’t sell enough tickets. According to a source in attendance at one meeting, a studio employee even floated the idea of marketing “Ghostbusters” — an action comedy — as a horror movie. That suggestion was promptly shot down by a senior-ranking Sony executive.

The posters and billboards have tried to maximize the excitement of the “Ghostbusters” world to a new generation. Sources say that director Feig has been disappointed by the reactions to early trailers, which don’t seem to have enough zingers. The director had criticized Universal for the first trailer of “Bridesmaids,” but the studio corrected with funnier spots for the 2011 comedy, which went on to gross $288 million worldwide.

The campaign behind “Ghostbusters” hasn’t been as clear. Last December, Sony released a series of black-and-white posters to kick off the movie’s launch. Weirdly enough, these prints featured partial chin shots of the new female ensemble along with their weapons. These promos, which were meant to create a sense of mystery about the new movie, actually made it hard to figure out the identity of the Ghostbusters — you couldn’t even see McCarthy’s hair or eyes in them.

Then there have been the odd tie-in advertising campaigns, which feature men instead of women and appear as if they’re promoting a completely different movie. A spot from Papa John’s pizza features owner John H. Schnatter wearing the Ghostbusters uniform. A NBA spot has Kobe Bryant suiting up. And a Progressive ad features yet another man as a Ghostbuster, going into battle against the company’s pitch woman Flo (who portrays a ghost). That’s led some to speculate that the studio — and its backers — have been shy to fully embrace the themes of girl power behind the new “Ghostbusters” (a la campaigns for “The Hungers Games” or “Twilight”).

But one advertiser pushed back against that notion. “For the last eight years, Progressive has featured one of the most recognizable women in the country as our brand icon,” said Progressive spokesperson Jeff Sibel. “We thought the most prominent role in our ad was that of a ghost who gets the better of her usual male sidekick.”

James Rainey contributed to this story. 

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  1. Mathew Trakker says:

    oh wait I know they can sell tickets and get a great boost, contact Doc brown borrow the train and go back in time and get the movie made right, oh and when the fans tell you the trailer doesn’t look good don’t let your cast or directors insult them, you know because you want people to come and see the movie not get angry and pissed off at your director or cast, or your company. You know just food for thought for the idiots that thought this was a good idea to market this shit movie.

  2. Nope says:

    Don’t waste your money on this shit movie. Paul feig killed the ghostbusters franchise.

  3. Maxwell says:

    Sorry Sony, but your marketing campaign, and need to yell misogyny at any and all criticism, has left a sour taste in my mouth. Good luck with your movie, this is a house hold of lost ticket sales.

  4. Alan Tegel says:

    From what I have seen trailer wise, from the Graeme Norton Show, and from other aspects. The movie looks beyond weak, and if they literally spent $150 million or more on this movie, I have to ask how and why that much money was spent.

    Now seeing the people including the actors state to guys that you are sexist if you don’t watch it or you are not man enough is beyond sad. So instead of taking something and spinning it as an equality based movie with geeky/funny people, they make a political statement by making it all girls and flipping it around with an overly sexist commentary. I understand the travesty that women in this country have gone under and I get if it is a come-uppance … but don’t expect guys to go spend money getting humiliated. Sexism flows both ways …. and unless guys are into getting humilated under some level of perverse pleasure … don’t expect a large showing.

    This movie basically is proving all the talk of egalitarism of women if they were in charge and in power is nothing more then a hypocritical statement. I really do feel for this country given the war of the sexes that is happening currently. I hope I am wrong, but I expect the marriage rate to drop below 20% within the next decade, and expect the average age for marriage to continue to increase above the 34F/32M. Look at university females who state they have to do degrading things to try to have a relationship, the rise of the MGTOW groups, and the fact that guys are checking out at a rapid pace both in relationships and in the economy. The commentary stated and assumed by these folks is just as insidious as the republican running for an Indiana senate seat who stated if a woman was raped and got pregenant that God intended it that way …

  5. ajt says:

    “Ghostbusters Marketing Challenge #1, We made a movie that looks worse than the Live Action Scooby Doo movies in trailers and commercials”

    “Solution to Challenge #1? Declare the Primary Audience to be Misogynists!”


  6. Brian says:

    Trying to get males to see it when they essentially kill the bad guy by castration. Yeah, that’s gonna go over real well.


    GHOSTBUSTERS is in trouble for multiple reasons. First of all the novelty of LOOK AT THE FEMALE GHOSTBUSTERS is has worn thin quickly, and was a weak concept from the inception. All Sony did, from the looks of the trailer is retell the same lame story, except with women instead of men, and movie ticket prices twice what they were when the original was introduced to the world. You have to give people, especially Americans, a better incentive for wanting to spend their income on a retelling that looks just like a carbon copy of the original. Estimates for the new GHOSTBUSTERS are running as low as $35 million and interest could erode even further before it opens. The cast hasn’t exactly lit social media on fire with their less than stellar interviews. The night they appeared on JIMMY KIMMEL before the NBA FINALS set a series low in the ratings as no one, especially men cared to hear what they had to say. And, THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS is going to still be in steamroller mode when GHOSTBUSTERS opens. GHOSTBUSTERS with that nearly 200 million dollar budget is in a world of trouble as it most likely will die quickly even with a decent opening. There is just not enough interest in this film to sustain any kind of legs.

  8. KT Chong says:

    A YouTuber broke the review embargo and posted the first review for the new Ghostbusters movie but he is not a professional movie critic, and he said he did not sign a NDA or any agreement so Sony can’t touch him. (He is a food critic; he is a foodie and review cheap foods on his channel.) As expected, the movie is awful.

  9. FTFLaw says:

    Wow, “fanboys”? Because the movie looks like shite regardless of the originals?
    It will not do well at the box office. This movie will be a flop nobody will remember in two years except as a shitty movie release to be laughed at. End of story.

  10. EricJ says:

    Like Lou, back at the bottom of the comments, pointed out, Feig, McCarthy & Co. just couldn’t let the criticism go–Critics were no-life cellar-dwellers, “haters” were fanboy geeks, and anyone who didn’t think the trailer was “sexist”.
    And now it’s reportedly in the movie: They’ve apparently added an “in-joke” satirical scene in the most recent reshoots, where the fictional ‘Busters read their negative comments on YouTube and heckle them accordingly. According to the article, they “had fun shooting that scene”.

    Ohh, Paul….Ohh, Melissa…It was all about Pride, wasn’t it? You just COULDN’T leave bad enough alone, could you?
    At first, I’d thought the angry critic-bashing was just a desperate last-minute hope to crowd-dive into the nostalgic pro-GB fan audience to try and get a piece of the angry-fanboy “Critics are stupid elitist poopyheads who are out of touch with the movies the public really wants to see!” Trump-rallies who were trying to organize a mutiny against anyone who didn’t like Batman v. Superman, and see if it would work for their fan niche, too.
    But think they let their cards drop when McCarthy in interviews responded to the hate by saying she was “happy with the movie as long as her husband is directing”. That’s what’s going on here–Filmmakers too close to their own material, as a big chummy actor in-party, to let anyone else have a higher say to say No on creative decisions. Because it was All Good Fun on the Set, Feig thought any criticism of the movie or the lead actress was impugning the honor of his good wife, and vice versa.

    You just -had- to take it personally, Paul, and then turn it personal, didn’t you? Well, congratulations, Mr. Feig and Ms. McCarthy. NOW it’s personal.

  11. chris says:

    Can this garbage just come out already and bomb. Stop shoving this crap down our throats!

  12. evil nick says:

    And if progressives Flo was replaced by a man people would be SCREAMING and boycotting progressive so suck it!

  13. Rob Johnson says:

    This may finally be the lesson that teaches not only studios, but also comics, that pandering to the vocal minority of the far-left is disastrous for their bottom line. And the problem is that many of the people fanning the flames and generating the online support for a project like this, don’t follow through and go see it on opening day, or they don’t go out and purchase the soundtrack, or buy the comic.

    Look at Marvel and DC Comics right now. They’re struggling under horrendous sales as they push their comics ever further towards the far-left platform that people disparagingly refer to as “Social Justice Warriors”. Small comic shop owners are reporting record lows in sales.

    Hollywood is much like Washington, D.C., in that they are so far removed, and so insulated, from everyday American life that they, very falsely, believe most Americans want these changes. They don’t. Even my most progressive friends see through a lot of the B.S. with this stuff, and think its change just for change’s sake. A Black female Iron Man… why not call her Iron Woman? And furthermore, Ta Nehisi Coates, who is currently writing Marvel’s Black Panther, put in a little quip about this when Black Panther fights a FEMALE Stilt-Man… “Why not just eschew the Stilt-Man label? Why not just forge your own identity?”

    That’s what Hollywood needs to do, and its what Marvel & DC Comics needs to do. Introduce some female heroes. Introduce minority heroes. But have them forge their own identity, with their own backstories, and their own struggles. Don’t appropriate pre-existing stories and shoehorn diversity in them.

    • Nanny Mo says:

      The really sad thing Rob, is no. This will make no difference in these dim-bulb’s eyes and soon these same snobs will be pushing for more female directors and racial quotas. It should be about market and talent alone, but it won’t be. This mistake will change nothing. We are already seeing the set up. We are being told that it’s not the film, but small-minded men like you, who can’t see the brilliant new world before you.

  14. HiHat says:

    This film is a remake of Ghostbusters, not a sequel? Who needs that? The latest TV ads I’ve seen for the movie fall flat. More ghosts, but far less wit, from the look of it. At least I can look forward to the Ab Fab movie this July…

  15. Miami Sunset says:

    The studio wants people to think it’s just fanboy backlash, but it’s the girls who often are the most critical. It if was just boys then there would be a two sided debate, but women are also against what they did to the movie. It could just do badly enough to shut down Sony.

  16. Joe says:

    It looks like the movie may suck.

  17. Bill B. says:

    So many comments about this. I’d say who cares, but obviously many do, but I don’t get it. It’s not like they are remaking Citizen Kane.

  18. BillUSA says:

    There’s already one Ghostbuster’s movie too many (the sequel) and who wants to see the repulsive Melissa McCarthy in…..anything? Never mind the “oh, well, if men can do it, then women can do it too” mantra while whining out the other side of the mouth “oh, men get all the best salaries” mantra. Here’s an idea:

    Be original!!!

    This movie deserves all the bad press and lack of gate it receives.

  19. Use an all female cast to make a man-hating movie? What a cliche. I feel bad for the actors who have been dragged into this ridiculous waste of time. Who would pay to watch this?

  20. Randal says:

    Holy Crap, everyone. Just dial it down a bit. Can we just wait and trust that Paul Feig knows what he’s doing? We’re acting like everyone involved here has NO clue what they are doing and they just filmed a piece of garbarge for the hell of it.

    • chris says:

      Nope! This movie looks awful and cringeworthy. Paul Feig is a douchebag and the cast is horrible.

    • OK, how do you explain how this movie ended up as such a clumsy train wreck? The director needs to be held responsible. I am sure if the movie was any good he would be claiming credit …

  21. Rudy Mario says:

    Looks terrible. The cast is bad.
    Trailers were very bad.

    Saw original on DVD and was funny.

    Time to put Columbia on the auction block.

  22. Mookie Glenn says:

    Rooting for this to do well.

  23. I honestly think an all female Ghostbusters could work. However this cast, especially Melissa Mccarthy, and Leslie Jones, is terrible. Way too generic, way to play it safe. I don’t think Paul Feig was the right director, especially since the orginal one wanted to do it. Finally, there is no Harold Ramis, who was the brilliance behind the original. All this adds up to a crappy movie, that I think was only made because Amy Pascal forced it, as she wanted an all female action blockbuster. Sad really.

  24. lU says:

    I can’t wait to see it. It looks funny. And no matter what any fanboy haters think, Dan Ackroyd posted on his Facebook page that he really loved it and it is funnier than his version. ‘Nuff said. *drops mic*

    • Nanny Mo says:

      Dan is a class act.You will never get him to say anything rude even if he thinks it. Hey, uncle Dan! :)

    • Suikodudeman says:

      Dan Ackroyd ALSO said “Blues Brothers 2000” was a far better film than the original. Now here are some FACTS for ya: The Blues Brothers (1980) cost $30 mil to make yet earned $115.2 mil (if that were in today’s money, that would be a bit over $700 mil with inflation)…. Blues Brothers 2000 (ironically coming out in 1998) cost $28 mil to make but only made $14.1. BB has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 85% from critics and 93% from audience…. while BB2000 has a 44% from critics and 31% from audiences.

      Basically Dan’s opinion are worth a grain of salt. BOOYAH!! *Smacks ya in the face a few times with that dropped mike then drops it himself*

      • Suikodudeman says:

        Oop, sorry, just wanted to correct one fact I got wrong… BB2000 actually has a 38% approval rating, not 31. Just had to correct that error.

    • Dewbious says:

      There are three reasons why I don’t trust Aykroyd’s comment. First, he still has his hand in the GB franchise pot so it’s in his best interest to keep it alive and making money (some of which goes to him). Second, he is literally not allowed to say anything bad about it until it comes out or Sony would sue him. And third, he made “Nothing But Trouble,” one of the most bizarre and frankly disturbing “comedies” I’ve ever seen in my life. I think Aykroyd’s past his prime and will say or do anything to keep his legacy afloat. I could of course be completely wrong but given the choice between what some one selling me a product says and what I saw with my own eyes watching the trailer, I’ll trust the latter.

      By the way I genuinely hope you enjoy the film. All I’m saying is that Aykroyd’s opinion is heavily biased and therefore untrustworthy.

    • It is that sort of negative and clearly ignorant comment that make people NOT want to see the movie…pick your mic back up and go home.

      • Suikodudeman says:

        Read my comment up above to IU to see that I actually provided FACTS to prove his opinion isn’t as weighty as it should be. Only one who should drop the negativity is you.

  25. Potatolover says:

    My problem with this movie is that it’s a remake rather than a sequel where the old passes the torch to the new (like Star Wars). It doesn’t even go the normal route of recasting existing characters (like Star Trek). It erases the Ghostbusters. I’m not sure why they thought this was a good idea. Fans don’t love Ghostbusters for the ideas, they love it for the characters.
    And the female cast isn’t even the step forward Sony wants you to believe it is. Feig has said he decided to use four women to make his Ghostbusters “distinct”. Doing something different for the sake of being different makes it a gimmick.
    You need only look at Star Wars or Mad Max: Fury Road to see strong female characters. Why are they strong? Because, unlike the new Ghostbusters, they are characters first and women second.
    In conclusion, Ghostbusters 2016 erases four amazing characters for a gimmick that doesn’t even work.

  26. Alex says:

    Ghostbusters not being big internationally makes ZERO sense

    • Ajt says:

      Comedies never do well internationally. Comedy does not translate well outside the most basic fart joke humor. Plus Ghostbusters is already not opening in China. It lost the largest international audience. (The PRC does not approve of ghosts or undead, or Melissa McCarthy. Viewing them all as demonic occult things that go against Chinese sensibilities.)

      In other words it’s Fan4Stick all over again.

  27. Paul Berney says:

    The problem the movie faces is it was created as feminist propaganda. Replacing an all-male original cast with all females, making the one token male a sexist perverted stupid pig (Chris Hemsworth must need the work real bad!) and having the lead cast constantly boast of “Change” on their social media accounts. I’ve even heard that Slimer the ghost has now become female also? On top of that is the fear a man feels when saying bad against the movie, as any man who genuinely just thought the movie looked bad (I think it looks horrendously unfunny) was attacked when he said so. Female journalists and women in culture have constantly battered men in the media, claiming every man who doesn’t like this movie is sexist. Perhaps in an effort to swing the reviewing system toward favoring the movie?

    The whole argument seems to be that this is the first female-led movie in Hollywood. Which is absolute lies. There are so many fantastic female-led movies out there I wouldn’t dare to list them all. I’ll just say ‘Thelma And Louise’ (Which many men adore, including myself!). So taking a movie that was originally fronted by men, replacing the men with women, and making the one lead man a nasty feminist joke against men, is the best the world can do right now? If men took a female-led movie, replaced the women with men and added one girl to be made fun of, would that go down well? I think not. Equality is the best the two sexes will ever achieve. One trying to outdo the other will never succeed. The new ‘Ghostbusters’ spits in the face of that. I seriously pity the man who dares to go up against the women who call themselves “womyn”, by criticizing this movie. I certainly won’t be reviewing it, I like my head just where it is.

    • Brian says:

      I don’t know if you saw what happened to Angry Video Game Nerd, but if you review movies, by not reviewing it, your head is already on the chopping block.

    • Exactly. They want you to pay good money to be subjected to a narcissistic campaign of humiliation and man-hate.

  28. Ian says:

    Few people have an issue with an all-female cast; plenty of movies have female driven casts and do very well. The issue is and has always been them using the female cast as a built-in excuse if the movie tanks. Look at the Bad News Bears, Charlie’s Angles, Willie Wonka and keep looking down the list, you find many movies people hate. As someone said below, it’s a transparent cash-grab and it’s amazing how often Hollywood repeats the same mistake and expects a different outcome. Someday, they will have to let the creatives back in…

    FYI, Rick Moranis.wasn’t a Ghostbuster.

  29. Occultology says:

    Bombs Away!

  30. Jeff Bassett says:

    Just to reiterate and make it clear to Sony, Femi-Nazi movies tend not to do well overseas.

  31. Jeff Bassett says:

    Well, given it’s a man bashing movie, every man is portrayed in the worst way, along with the stereotypical comedic main women cast, don’t expect this to do well with overseas cultures. WTF was Sony thinking with an anti-man over the top movie almost politicized social agenda?

    The executives that let this be produced should be summarily fired, Sony, hate to say it, but this is so going to flop and frankly, given the inside talk already, you have to be blind and stupid to not know the turd you produced.

    • Brian says:

      It’s banned in China due to dealing with supernatural subjects, so there’s a big hit to the box office right there.

  32. Name says:

    Why would guys see this anyway when all they do is make fun of guys in the movie & they defeat the bad guy by shooting its private part yeah guys are gonna wanna see this

  33. Name says:

    This is hilarious that Sony wants guys buying tickets after their actresses made fun of Ghostbusters fans as did the director & the guy in charge of Sony Pictures its 2 late Sony this is heading towards bombsville

  34. Pablo says:

    “much of the chatter about the reboot has been eclipsed by backlash from fan boys griping about women taking over the roles originated by Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Rick Moranis.”

    This isn’t accurate at all, only a minority feel that way because it’s the internet.

    The real majority see it as a rehash cashgrab that looks like a SNL skit of the Ghostbusters without ANY respect for the source material in tone or special effects or anything besides having mildly the same plot and favorite scenes. I don’t think anyone wantes a reboot… would rather have a sequel passing on the reigns to a new generation like Star Wars or Star Trek(in which actually had a female lead for Star Wars)

  35. Mr Furious says:

    “much of the chatter about the reboot has been eclipsed by backlash from fan boys griping about women taking over the roles originated by Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Rick Moranis.”

    Right. It’s just sexism that’s the cause of the dislike. It’s not the stale and unfunny jokes or the fact that it’s a remake of a beloved classic that has caused the ire. I mean, every other pointless remake of a beloved classic was met with praise and joy, right? No one ever got mad about remakes of ‘Total Recall’ or ‘Robocop’ or ‘The Thing’ because they were all starring men and we’re all sexist. We only hated the ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer because it has icky girls in it and girls have cooties. That’s the only reason.

    • Brian says:

      Don’t forget the recent Terminator film, which was soooo loved.

    • Suikodudeman says:

      While I agree with the sarcasm that you’re saying, I just wanna correct you on one tiny thing: The Thing (2011), despite having the same name as The Thing from 1983, it is actually NOT a reboot! Surprisingly, it is actually a PREQUEL to the John Carpenter flick, explaining what happened at the Norwegian base in Antarctica that was hinted at in the ’83 movie.

  36. Mike says:

    Not to mention all the toys hitting clearance already at Target. Target claimed that a mistake but it looks like 2 markdowns happened.

    Also you go the free fandango vouchers with Ghostbusters logo on them on yogurt, old ghostbusters, and more.

    Etco cooler isn’t even in every supermarkets.

    They’re trying to blaze a trail for themselves yet use every bit of nostalgia while insulting the fans. I wish I could see the look on Amy Pascal and Tom Rothman’s faces. But what does Amy care? She ruined the careers of most she touches.

  37. James says:

    people should watch this because if they want another ghostbusters with male leads this needs to be successful, movies with women as leads needs to be successful for other studios to make more. The people who want different movies made need to support this.

    • Suikodudeman says:

      No. If we support this crummy movie, it will lead to more crap just like it, not suddenly flooding the market with ‘something different’ or even quality movies starring women.

    • Name says:

      I don’t want another Ghostbusters this franchise died with Harold

      • Ian says:

        You’re both right. GB2 was like a TV movie and Dan Ackroyd is like the Paul McCartney of cinema. He needs a John Lennon-type to help him focus his ability. He’s better with Ramos, Murray, Belushi or someone like them to bounce ideas off-of.

      • Ken says:

        Actually, the franchise died after Ghostbusters 2. It was lousy.

  38. Leon says:

    All these articles claiming men hate women is stupid. We hate the script and the story and the tech. Not the women. Except for melissa mcarthy. She is just awful.

    • Name says:

      Nah I loved the 2009 game where the original cast back & at the end the torch was passed & that shows Ghostbusters done right can be great but after this its time to bury Ghostbusters permanently

    • Ian says:

      That’s a pretty spot-on analysis of how most men seem to feel. Some men might like Chis Farley style comedians, but most women are grossed out by him. Melissa McCarthy and her self-deprecating humor based around her appearance is not funny to guys. Men actually like women (you never see lesbians with straight male buddies, but gay men love straight women). Also, most of our mothers are fat… we’re turned off by female fat shaming.

      Leslie Jones isn’t a petite pinup, but she’s funny so guys like her. In this movie, they seem to exploit her… so surprise; we don’t want to see that. Kristin Wiig is just all over wonderful and Kate McKinnon is really funny and really likeable.

      The movie is stupid and if you hooked a lie-detector up to these ladies, they ALL would agree. We’ve all seen a perfect version of this concept, many of us are attached to it and both genders are fans of these women and don’t want to see them misused.

      • Your comment was spot on except I don’t think most men like Leslie Jones. I for one can’t stand her because all she does is yell and act angry. She is a stale stereotype. Also, I have a sense that the black community hasn’t taken kindly to her role in this movie, and that is probably her biggest fan base.

  39. Leon says:

    Everything about this movie is just awful and wrong. Dont see it.

  40. Ivan says:

    The reality is that today, the most bankable comedic movie actors are all female.

    That is why these actors got these roles.

    People have read so much more into this than it is.

  41. Daniel Staggers says:

    A huge BOMB before it even started. What, Sony need a tax write off?

  42. Alex says:

    Trouble marketing? People have been yacking about this reboot for a year. They’re afraid of bad reviews and it being a dud. They’re afraid of another multi million dollar mega flop. Maybe they should do a flick about the hacking scandal.

  43. Berke Zane says:

    You know you’re in trouble when you get Kobe to do a cameo and then cut a trailer with only him in an all female Ghostbusters.

    • Ian says:

      haha I didn’t see that. WTF is Kobe doing in this movie? An unfunny old LA basketball player (who has had some ummmm “anti-female” press in his lifetime) was randomly put into a movie about female Ghostbusters in the Northeast? If they were going for random old sports figures, they could have had Pete Rose be a lesbian Ghostbuster. :)

      Of course sexism is why this movie will bomb… that HAS to be the reason.

  44. BarkStar says:

    “Overseas where Ghostbuster may not be so well known ?” What kind of bubble are you living in ?

  45. Amy Pascal's Flop says:

    these people are really so out-of-touch of reality.

    if they just listened to the fans who demanded a sequel, (whos original casts and original story remained relevant), instead of pandering to Amy Pascal’s personal political agenda, they should have had an effective business model and free from this problem.

    i mean since when is not listening to your customers and giving them what you think they need to watch instead of what they really want become a good business policy?

  46. Otter says:

    We’re not griping because it stars women. We’re griping because it’s pretending the original movie didn’t happen. It should have been set in the same universe as a continuation, not a reboot.

  47. Timber says:

    The advertising is flat and boring. An outdoor I saw today of Melissa McCarthy looked like a character shot she might have had on the back of her headshot, of a librarian asking whether your card is expired. No guts, no glory, no emotion, no interest.

  48. Barrymore says:

    This stinkeroo is DOA. Bad buzz abounds this disaster. Sony should be preparing for a big write down on this turd.

  49. millerfilm says:

    Ha ha! Hollywood’s most two whipped “men,” director Paul Feig and studio head Tom Rothman are having trouble selling their unwanted movie? Good.

    • H.M.L. says:

      I dislike the film, so far, judging from it’s poor, unfunny (imho) trailer. It also looks so much smaller in creativity, scale and scope from the first one. I won’t be going to see it based on the trailer, so far. I also didn’t like any of Feig’s past film comedy dynamics.

      However, (P) ”whipped”? And ”men” in quotations? Really? That’s feebly adolescent for a person far nearer to golden-age than youth. Even an unironic Nelson Muntz like ”haha”-hmmm. I just wish people could evaluate a film without the archaic and pointless past divisions that separated prior generations and some seniors here still doing it.

      Perhaps, you would prefer this Eisenhower era pulp mag cover instead. It seems to hit all the right bells … the phallic snake winning over the girl and one of it’s headlines burbling “Bashful brides have ruined the American male.”

    • Nanny Mo says:

      Sigourney Weaver can carry a film and still does. Doris Day carried many films and was the highest paid woman of her time. For a while Julia Roberts carried films too and Barbara Streisand on-and-off as well. All of this happened because it was not forced on the public with guilt and was organic. It worked. I’ll still go see a Sigourney film. All this rubbish today about not enough women and minorities is a guilt trip from all of the less talented women and Oprahs in our world who haven’t been able to carry a film like Sigourney or Doris could. They think it can’t be me, I’m so talented, so it must be all of you backward, little people who just don’t get it. Even a trained monkey can act, but you don’t give him an award just for showing up, a peanut maybe.

  50. Hunter says:

    These haters make me mind blown

    • Why because we post thoughtful, articulate and insightful commets as to why this movie is awful, instead of ignorant thoughtless statements like, “haters blowin my mind”? I know, the truth can be hard to see, even harder to understand.

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