‘Divergent’ Finale to Skip Theaters, Launch as a TV Movie and Spinoff Series (EXCLUSIVE)

Divergent Series: Allegiant
Courtesy of Lionsgate

Lionsgate is planning to wrap up the “Divergent Series” with a television movie and a spinoff series, Variety has learned.

Negotiations are in the early stages, but instead of having “The Divergent Series: Ascendant” open in theaters next year, the studio wants to wrap up the film series on the small screen, according to an individual with knowledge of the situation. That would then segue into a standalone television series set in the same post-apocalyptic world.

The first two “Divergent” films were box office hits, but the most recent chapter, “Allegiant,” stumbled when it hit theaters last spring. The fourth and final film, “Ascendant,” was originally scheduled to debut in June 2017, when it would have squared off against “World War Z 2” and a reboot of “The Mummy.” The studio initially planned to start shooting this summer in Atlanta, before “Allegiant’s” box office performance caused them to rethink that strategy.


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Lionsgate’s television group will handle production. The idea is to finalize the storylines involving the current cast and to introduce a new cast, who would then continue the series on either a traditional or streaming network.

The “Divergent” films focused on a futuristic society where people are broken up into social and personality-related factions. Veronica Roth authored the best-selling series that inspired the movies.

It’s not clear if stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, and others will return for the “Ascendant” television movie. Lee Toland Krieger (“Age of Adaline”) had been tapped to direct the film.

No deals appear to have been made, and sources say that the the studio has yet to pitch the project to networks.

Lionsgate declined to comment on this article.

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  1. Maria says:

    I am very disappointed that the end of the sequel will not be seen. I have all the movies and wanted to end my collection with the final movie. The books were great. The ending should be just like the book with Tris dying. I don’t plan on seeing the series especially since none of the main characters are in it. The series will fail more than you think the last movie would have.

  2. Very disappointed. I have truly loved all 3 movies. I couldn’t wait for each sequel to be released. They are so riveting. I am a grandmother in my 60’s and I think this series is spectacular. It is disappointing the 4th movie will not be in theatres. I, personally, watched them from Redbox; but strongly feel “Allegiant” did not get appropriate press or advertisement before it came out. If it t do well at the box office, it is the fault of the Promotions department. Granted, I will still watch it on TV, but I think management/producers/promotions failed this series’ chances. Also, I feel the 4th movie, Allegiant, should cast the same stars. It will really lose a lot if the viewers don’t get to see the stars follow this through to the end of the journey.

  3. Don M says:

    This sucks! Why couldn’t we get a good studio to do the Divergent series in the first place. They got too greedy trying to split the final book into two movies! Now we can’t get and ending the series and us fans deserve. Especially, since the major stars will not return for a tv movie. A tv series will flop.

  4. Svernevjnkevnje says:

    Robocop3 all over again. You people in charge have no clue what the masses want.

  5. Audrey says:

    This is very disappointing as I have waited to see this movie and buy the DVD.is it still coming out on DVD? I hope so. Would hate to know i bought the others for nothing. Diehard fan.

  6. Cain Aldred says:

    Personally, I don’t think that the movies did a bad job in bringing us the story of the Divergent world. I mean, Veronica Roth was herself involved in shaping the production from the beginning so it can’t be that far from what she was hoping for….Remember that movies are a different medium to books and not everything in the books can be brought to the big screen (not unless you want to sit down for 10 hour long movies and get deep vein thrombosis).

    With regard to the decision to turn it over to a television move and series, I think everybody (including the cast from what I gather) consider that to be a punch to the gut. It will never work with different actors because people are too invested in the ones that have been introduced to us in the movie franchise.

  7. Sam says:

    I am a huge fan of The books I hope that they find a better Tris I love Shaileene Woodley but not as a chapter Like Tris she is suppose to be short and small not much taller than 5’0 and not pretty I hope they do that but if not I will still watch it Ive been a fan for years and am excited for this change

  8. Jerri Arriola says:

    I have been watching Divergent for years. The first and second SQL were awesome. The third one honestly was not that great but I had hoped that the fourth was going to be amazing. Of course now will never know because you want to you’re going to screw us with a crappie TV series. The main characters that all of us have fell in love with and have been following don’t even want to do it and I can’t blame them!
    What kind of garbage is this? To leave the people that have been following this movie for years just Hanging? I cannot believe The world has been watching and waiting for years to get to the fourth and final installment ONLY for some peabrains to just screw all of us over with a TV series. A bunch of nobodies that no one’s going to care about because we’ve invested our time with Theo & Shane & everyone else.

    Have the decency to finish out the final movie if it’s not too late to get the actors to do it before you put this debacle on TV.

    This movie was much like the Hunger Games but at least they had the decency to finish out their sequences all on the movie screen. This is shit!

  9. Steve says:

    PSS … You need to keep the same great cast for the last big screen movie.

    You hearing all of this you dumb @#$%$# producers?

    Thank You

  10. Steve says:

    The solution is simple … the owners of the movie rights need to hire a great writer to reshape what the morons had planned for the final movie and return to the original plot found in the book.

    Often times you get a bunch of know it all producers who feel they can frack with things because they have the power and money. They end up destroying thongs instead. They live in fancy homes and wear Gucci underwear and really could care less about the fans of the book series. To them its just about the money. And more money.

    PS to you producer air holes … You can still do a TV series … but you need to finish this last movie on the big screen if you want anyone to take you seriously. Otherwise … you’re factionless!!!


  12. JAKE DYCK says:

    You need a proper ending of Divergent series with ascendent instead of leaving a series up in the air force

    • Jerri Arriola says:

      I could not agree more. Put the final movie out in the theaters with all of the main characters if it’s not too late! What stupid ass producer thought this was a great idea? Millions of people all over the world have been watching the Diversion series. Only to get to the final episode and oh I’m sorry we’re going to make it a TV series and oh by the way “none of the main characters are going to be in it”, because why would they want to be? Finish the movie for everyone that’s invested all their time and their love for the characters then do whatever you want with the stupid TV series.
      I know I won’t be watching it!

  13. Cindy Stanley says:

    They need to finish divergent series at the theater .

  14. coulson says:

    If they go with a TV movie they are moronic they were damn good movies and what would be the point to make 3 for the big screen and do the last on small screen like the Percy Jackson series which is going to be rebooted and completely recast as a TV series get outta here finish what ya started damn it

  15. Shannah Garnett says:

    I really wish they kept going with the series i loved all the cast even tho i haven’t seen the 3rd one yet

    • Audrey says:

      This is very disappointing as I have waited to see this movie and buy the DVD.is it still coming out on DVD? I hope so. Would hate to know i bought the others for nothing. If it’s because you are afraid of the other movies out there your being dumb. I would forgo watching them to see the final one. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US HANGING.
      I know for me i will be leery of starting s series with you in the further. Diehard fan.

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  17. Laura C says:

    We have been looking forward the last series be in the theater.

    • Jerri Arriola says:

      I know. This is not only heartbreaking it is truly tragic when they don’t give a 💩 what the real American people want or even the actors want. If they had followed the book to begin with the third one might not have done so badly. Just do the fourth movie on the big screen the way it was written with the same people and it will be amazing.

      I am heartbroken that I have spent this much time and invested so much of my life just like the people that have been in the movies. Only to find out there’s not going to be a fourth movie they’re going to turn into a TV series? Well count me out along with all of the major actors because who gives a shit about a TV series? This was meant to be a major movie! Truly Heartbroken

  18. Eunice G. says:

    This series deserves to finish theatrically for the fans.

  19. Joao Marinho says:

    haven’t read “Divergent” books, but I completely fell in love after I watched the first two movies. I thought I would do the same I did with “The Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”: watching the movies – falling in love – reading all the books. However, after I saw “Allegiant”, I simply don’t know. I was excited to see the complex history that resulted in Chicago, to understand the differences between pure and damaged people and how the war was… What I saw was only a “B-movie” :(

  20. Brendan says:

    This could be a good series, but the movies were melodramatic and bogged down by bad screenwriting

  21. Mike Butler says:

    Very disappointed in this news…loved the books and was waiting for the final chapter…the books were awesome my favorite read, but the movies were so far off the books…I hope the cast can finish this…Very disappointed in this news…even got the tattoos of all factions :-((

  22. maeghanmcbee says:

    Maybe if they stuck to the book this wouldn’t have happened. Completely ruined the legacy of the first two films. Never been so disappointed in a book to movie translation. Most of what happened in the third film didn’t occur in the book and now with this series we may not see the real conclusion of the books series depicted with the characters we’ve grown to love? Ridiculous.

  23. Lori says:

    This is sad news. I just found out about this series and watched them all in a row. Was looking forward to seeing it in theatre June next year.

  24. Minji says:

    Just to say this. I’m sooo happy that they’re cancelling Allegiant because I absolutely hated the third movie it was so weird and it didn’t have any storyline from the book at all and yes I know that filmed books are never completely based of but Allegiant was just boring. Only sad that I wasted $32 bucks on this because I also paid for my friends.

    Hoping that they can rap it up soon and hoping for the same actors.

    P.s. once again happy they cancelled it because they wouldn’t have survived against World War Z 2.

  25. Marleigh Henderson says:

    I really don’t care if they skip theaters, but come on you don’t need to recast everyone!!

  26. Judith Snyder says:

    My name is Judy and I have all the DVD’s on the Divergent movies. I don’t feel that there was a closer on the last film, it was left hanging. I don’t think that the fans of these movies would want to see a different cast doing the TV version. I know I don’t. Also, I thought the stars did an excellent job. Hope to see Theo James in action movies. I put him up there with stars like Matt Damon and Tom Cruze. Thanks

  27. John victor says:

    Nathan, I agree with you, it’s a fun adventure of science fiction and should conclude in the theatre with the original cast. As far as “Your Father Says” …..DUDE, it’s science fiction, not reality. Your labeling a movie as a chick flick only expresses your own insecurities and closet case homosexual tendencies.” Just because we are open to enjoying something that you don’t, doesn’t mean we have crappy taste in movies. It just means that your judgement of other people makes you a crappy person. Quit lying to yourself and come out of the closet. I bet you are either really short in height or lacking in the package department, so you bash other people to try to make yourself feel bigger. Take a look in the mirror buddy, the only disappointment is you.

    • Nathan says:

      John, you totally get it and understand my point of view on this, it is a sifi action adventure that has a false stigma against it as being a chick flick / YA only film. There is way more to these films the just what it gets falsely labeled as, and I’m glade you see that too! I enjoy these films for the sifi aspect of it and like most sifi it does not all make perfect sense in the real world, but that’s the beauty of science-fiction.

  28. Nathan says:

    If this actually happens and the final film is put on tv with a diffrent cast, I will never again show up to a premier night of any Lionsgate film again. My wife and I both enjoyed this film series and to not finish it off theatrically is a kick in the face to the fans. Why would fans of other franchise Lionsgate makes, moving forward, support those films if there is a potential for Lionsgate to not finish off a story arc from a franchise they start? This will be bad news for any new Lionsgate franchise they makes (cough, cough, Power Rangers) if the track record is to through final films to tv if they don’t make as much money in theaters as the corporation feels the film should have. I would hope Lionsgate reconsiders this move to tv and go ahead and suck it up and finish the Divergant franchise off with a theatrical realese of the final film.

    • Jerri Arriola says:

      Agreed. Put the final movie on the big screen. We have been waiting years for this final movie and we deserve to get to see it along with the major actors that have been in this all along. Not some drummed up TV series with a bunch of nobodies.

    • A. Camillia Johns says:

      I agree with you. Ascendant should be in theaters. I enjoyed the movies, have watched them multiple times. I have read the novels multiple times as well. The ending of Allegiant novel brought me to tears. Though the third movie was somewhat disjointed compared to the first two, I have faith with the right writers, director, close consult with Roth Lionsgate could redeem itself and franchise. If not, I too will have a problem with supporting them in future. Also, original cast is paramount to movie.

      • Jerri Arriola says:

        Agree. Put Allegiant in the Box Office with the original cast members. People all across the world have been waiting for this final movie. To leave now is just wrong! I certainly don’t want to watch them some crappie TV series with a bunch of losers who weren’t in the movies in first place!

    • Your Father says:

      Looks like you and your wife have incredibly crappy taste in movies. Your wife I can kinda understand – it’s a chick film with a laughably incomprehensible world (people are not born with just one trait, that is ridiculous. We change over time based on our experiences) but gosh! hot young boys… but for you to like it…. dude…. I am so disappointed.

      • Sydney White says:

        Honestly, I couldn’t get through more than the first book-and-a-half. “Better than the movies,” maybe, but it still doesn’t say much for them.

      • Brittany says:

        To the first person to comment on this one…you obviously did not read the books therefore do not understand the point of the movie. Yes people have more than one trait, thanks for that bit of info. Pick up a book and you’ll see that’s the point. But off point, yes the third movie was a disgusting failure. That’s not the fault of the story ,but of producers,directors, and writers. To just stop at the last movie is horrible. I was so looking forward to seeing that final scene from the book come to life since it was absolutely (to me) the best ending I’ve ever read.

      • Sydney White says:

        The premise is really nonsensical…okay, so, the faction system is (like in The Maze Runner) some experiment set up and run by adults outside the environment…Tris is a “divergent,” i.e., someone with multiple traits who could fit into more than one faction. Within the experimental environment she’s regarded as dangerous to the stupid order, because having more than one trait is bad. Bad-lady leader doesn’t like her. But it turns out that Tris is “genetically pure” or whatever–she’s an ideal kind of person, the kind of person people used to normally be…or still are outside of the experimental Chicago world?…sooo, she’s the experiment’s goal. Now they’ve found the secret to, uh, making more divergent people? Who are the answer to a better world than Chicago?

        Yeah, just don’t even bother. Divergent never started to be good. I found the concept a silly mess from the beginning, and the story only got worse and worse.

        I wouldn’t turn my back on Lionsgate over it, though. I can’t see them doing this kind of (unprecedented, I think) thing to fans of another franchise unless it got to be THIS level of disaster. And nothing else should get this bad, because hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. (What a lesson.) I don’t think THEY think they’re letting too many people down, because how many fans does this series really have? The fact that they’re doing this means they KNOW few are going to want to see Ascendant in the theater. It’s not just about movies failing to make the kind of money LG wanted them to…in this case it’s more about minimizing the damage from an unmitigated flop.

        They would never have done this with The Hunger Games, or even Twilight, because those have much larger fanbases and are guaranteed to make big money, even if it’s low relative to their hugest smash-hit (Catching Fire.) While I have serious doubts that Power Rangers will be successful enough to warrant “up to seven” installments, as they’d optimistically stated they might make, I also don’t think it’ll do terribly. And now, they should know to structure their films in such a way that doesn’t necessarily DEMAND a subsequent item in a series unless they can be reasonably certain they’ve got a winning, continuable series on their hands.

  29. Thomas Baker says:

    Allegiant is another example of why Hollywood should leave storylines alone when they’re making a book series into film. I hated the “film ready” version of Alligent. I have no intention of watching the final movie or the series spinoff.

  30. Ely Huine says:

    How are they going to end the movie without the main characters? I mean, if Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort Zoë Kravitz, etc., are not confirmed to return… I don’t see anyone else playing their characters on the last movie, it’ll be ridiculous!

  31. How are they going to continue the series when she dies at the end? At least in the books. I guess they’re being divergent in the telling of the story.

    • Sydney says:

      Isn’t she going to die at the end of Ascendant, and then new characters (ugh) will be centered on in the spin-off? Which I can’t imagine lasting longer than one season…

  32. Phenyx says:

    I loved the books for what they were. Sure they weren’t awards material but they were entertaining and a fun read. The first movie had some minor deviations from the book but nothing that made it less enjoyable and I looked forward to the second movie with anticipation. What I got was total disappointment. I’m not sure what book the screenwriters read for Insurgent but it wasn’t the same one I read. It was such a piss-poor adaptation that I lost all desire to see any future movies. It could have been a great franchise. I don’t know what the hell happened.

  33. Sydney says:

    I thought the Divergent books were bad, too. Sure, the movies are worse…but not by much?! I found it a lousy premise and bunch of characters in the first place.
    Imo The Hunger Games & Harry Potter are fantastic because the casts and crews cared about honoring fantastic source material by bringing it to life in faithful, lovingly-made films. Divergent attempted to cash in on the apparently guaranteed success of the fantasy/sci-fi “teenage heroes” trend. I can’t very well explain the success of Twilight; reading the books and seeing the first movie is more than enough of that for me. Felt like the kind of thing a future “50 Shades” fan would love.

  34. James Joyce says:

    This is an interesting strategy – let’s take a steaming pile of cr@p and put a bow on it and show it on TV!

    Let’s see how really stupid tweens are!

  35. Ally says:

    I thought the first movie was really good as did a lot of other people, however from there it went down hill😢 I blame the new director they brought to make the next three.

    • Roxy says:

      I feel if they just sticked to the same guy who directed the first movie they would have done better. I enjoyed divergent and insurgent but you can see they lost the plot bcz what is in the movie and whats in the book are just two different things. Instead of splitting the last book they should have stayed true to the book and given us a great last movie taking all the best parts in the book and sad parts and just made it one time a great movie… I never enjoyed allegiant at all bcz to me it was far off from what it should have been.

  36. GokuVegeta says:

    I’m thinking that Lionsgate is trying to torpedo the franchise. “Allegiant” was a box office turkey and got slammed by both critics and audiences, and now they’re in Damage Control mode. There’s no way Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Ansel Elgort will return for this. And with this franchise dead, Lionsgate can then focus on Power Rangers.

    It reminds me exactly what happened after “Spider-Man 3,” which despite making tons of money and getting fairly positive critical reception, ended up being slammed by audiences to where it became known as a massive disappointment. So then Sony said they were going to make “Spider-Man 4” even darker, feature at least 3 villains and have Peter Parker do morally questionable things (break his “no-kill” code and cheat on Mary Jane despite being married and having a kid with her). Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst wouldn’t have it and walked away, so then Sony immediately rebooted the Spider-Man franchise.

    • Austin says:

      Okay…. Firstly.. They’re not in damage control mode, they just figured out that they’ll lose a crapload on this franchise… And secondly… Spiderman 3 made box office bucks but was pretty much hated by the critics and audiences alike. And the reason the 4th film was dropped in lieu of the reboot wasn’t because the studio wanted to make it darker and grittier, it was dropped because Raimi had come to the conclusion that he had essentially painted himself into a corner with 3 and even though he had an idea for the film, after a series of rewrites he couldn’t get the story where it needed to be. So he and Sony decided to leave his trilogy just that and they (Sony) would make The Amazing Spider-Man instead. Which they (Sony) had kinda figured was going to happen and had a script already in the works… The biggest issue that Raimi had with Sony was that he couldn’t make a great movie on the deadline that they had imposed. The studio had a lot of faith in Raimi making them money despite the criticism from the 3rd film. So much so, that when they gave the 4th the green light they had also committed to a 5th and 6th film and had writers working outlines and stories…. You can even look up the concept art and get an idea for the cancelled film online, it was released not too long ago… It had the potential of being a decent movie if had fled properly but, the pressure was too heavy.

  37. Carl lewis says:

    I think you should finish it off with the movie it’s not right you ruined a great ending of a saga with a great cast not to mention ruining a finalie of trilogies like the hunger games,twilight and Harry potter you have made a bad mistake

  38. Jonny says:

    Well, i am a little sorry for Divergent series’ fans but try to understand…the first two movies, that were hammered by critics and most of the people that saw them, performed ok in the box office (the most important thing) but Allegiant… a movie that was a critical and commercial bomb that damaged the studio so much…did you think they were going to spend 100 million $ or more doing a SURE TO FAIL MOVIE? I think the Tv movie is taking a more cautious approach to a possible disaster. i haven’t seen Allegiant, but if is worse than Divergent and Insurgent…then is easy to undestand why Lionsgate made this move. Sorry.

  39. Stepj says:

    This is frustrating… For those of us who enjoy the series, to not finish the series off is very disappointing. Not expecting award-winning acting, just like seeing the books come to life. Please finish the series for the sake of the fans?

  40. Sydney says:

    On the one hand, I’m not surprised that they decided to forego a theatrical release for Ascendant. To me, the series has been a cheap, flimsy Hunger Games ripoff from day one. I was mildly interested in the first film due to the Hogwarts-esque “Ooh, which faction are you?” gimmick. But then I literally laughed my way through, picking out all the THG parallels, counterparts, and similarities. I couldn’t wait to see how much worse it could get in Insurgent, and lo & behold, I was not disappointed. Now I’m actually kind of excited to see what a mess Allegiant is that they were driven to give up on it like this.

    From what I understand, though, Allegiant DID end the story where the books did–save for one major occurrence. Ascendant is some tacked-on extension for some reason, to which they’re now committed…guess the reason is simply that Harry Potter & The Hunger Games (undisputed “YA” kings) set a “one-more-movie-than-book” precedent. (And Twilight did that too, right? I can’t understand why that was so successful, but whatever.) Point here was, maybe Ascendant as a TV movie will be a graceful enough bow-out, since most people probably won’t even be aware that there’s supposed to be a fourth installment to it anyways? Maybe? The series is still embarrassing, but to look on the bright side…

    What surprises me is the “spinoff” series. Who exactly do they imagine is going to have the slightest interest in a series set in the “Divergent world” (aka dystopian Chicago??) Apparently the author’s written some shorter novellas connected to the original trilogy, from other characters’ perspectives…is that the source of this idea? Because I would’ve probably advised going through with the TV-movie Ascendant, and letting Divergent die with as much dignity as it can have at this point.

    Because what Roth did is similar to what I’d love to have Collins (THG’s author) do. Suzanne…have a look at Rowling…and you were insanely prolific writing all that Little Bear, Clarissa, Clifford, Gregor the Overlander, etc., etc., etc., prior to THG. ;) I love that Lionsgate is going in the Harry Potter direction–stage show (planned but stalled due to the theater not being built), theme park, intended sequel/prequel/spin-off eventually. They just recently bought Starz; I’d been wondering when they’d do some sort of merger(s) like that, and it could help open up other options aside from just more feature films. Netflix or another channel would probably have more potential viewers, though. And I just don’t want them to try and rush into anything, desperate as they might feel (they already auctioned off all the HG props, costumes, and set pieces…)

  41. Ben says:

    Wow…I hope this is a lesson for all the greedy companies, who think that they need to milk every small book by expanding them into 4-part franchises. If the story isn’t there, it’s a bad idea. “The Hobbit” should have been 2 movies max. This should have been 3 movies max. There was simply not enough story for 4 friggin’ films….

  42. Jonny says:

    Smart move..shit scripts ..shit movie. Woodley needs to put this behind her. Huge talent and gorgeous..next Kate winslet she is.

  43. Ken says:

    Woodley is a promising young actress…too bad she got involved in this lousy, derivative franchise. It was a drag right out of the gate.

  44. Source material is garbage. Horrible writing. Dimwitted plots resolving in violence. It’s a zero.

  45. Mi says:

    They should stick to Burger director. The first movie was very good and I say it as a person that watched it on TV by accident , I wasn’t a fan. I read the books after watching Divergent. The problem is that movies are not what the books are. Lionsgate thought they are going to succseed because the fans of books watch the movies anyway, it’s not like that. They should have addapt the books not invent some fantasy.

    • Lady says:

      I agree. Insurgent would have been a much better movie with Neil Burger as director. They could have adapted the books into 2 movies for each book. Telling the whole story and staying close to the plots of the books. The fans would have accepted Insugent and Allegiant. I don’t think that there will be a tv audience for Ascendant.

      • hannah says:

        I will watch it because i feel obligated as a fan to but it does not mean i will like it insurgent and Allegiant were pretty bad but the actors were good

  46. David Knowles says:

    Not sure how this will evolve into a film series considering the faction system as ended and it now the Bureau vs chicago but such a stand off make no sense without the big hitters being involve. They be better off having the series begin with a memory wipe of Chicago being successful on the second try, with Tris all of the other divergents being killed off, flash forward 20 years and a new generation of divergents have appeared, and be about the internal faction politics and politics in the Bureau.

  47. adam says:

    And this film franchise finally dies with a whimper….

  48. Ana says:

    I thought they were just going way off the book and that was the last movie. Had no clue there were supposed to be 4 movies in total. If they saved the city what’s left? New cast on tv is a terrible idea. They could finish it on the big screen but idk what they would do. Not sure its even necessary at this point. Should’ve stuck to the book and done it in one movie. Or actually left the last one with a cliffhanger.

  49. Lolav says:

    These fans are diehard fans. Why can’t there be one last movie to end it all, why stop. This isn’t fair to these fans it’s just one last movie and that’s it why put the movie on TV when there’s fans all of the world who might not get access to the channels that we have in the US.

    • Marie says:

      You can still watch the movie. You’re acting like destroyed the film and made sure no one can ever watch it.

  50. THANK GOD! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , its a waste of money to watch this kind of film. No more Hunger Games, No more Runner Maze movies for Dummies! finally Hollywood realized. (the last Hunger Games series, made me fall asleep, such a shitty movie and long boring sequel , i want to get my money back)

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