Birth.Movies.Death Editor-in-Chief Devin Faraci Steps Down After Sexual Assault Allegations Surface

Devin Faraci Birth.Movies.Death

Movie blogger Devin Faraci has stepped down as editor-in-chief of the influential blog, Birth.Movies.Death, after being accused of sexual assault.

In a message to friends and readers, Faraci wrote, “This weekend allegations were made about my past behavior. Because I take these types of claims seriously I feel my only honorable course of action is to step down from my position as Editor-in-Chief of Birth.Movies.Death. I will use the coming weeks and months to work on becoming a better person who is, I hope, worthy of the trust and loyalty of my friends and readers.”

The accusations surfaced on Twitter after Faraci shared his views on video tapes of Donald Trump bragging to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush about groping women. The movie blogger tweeted that he was “terrified” of the Republican presidential nominee and labeled his running mate, Mike Pence, an “ideological monster.” Faraci’s condemnation was widely retweeted, but one woman took issue with his statements, tweeting under the handle @spacecrone, “quick question:  do you remember grabbing me by the p—y and bragging to our friends about it, telling them to smell your fingers?”


Film Blogs Grow Up and Go Corporate

Other women offered their own stories of Faraci’s inappropriate behavior. He did not deny @spacecrone‘s accusations, tweeting, “I can only believe you and beg forgiveness for having been so vile.”

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas owns Birth.Movies.Death, which offers up casting stories, reviews, and trailers for cinephiles. The company declined to comment. In an exchange with Variety, @spacecrone said that Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League spoke with her about her allegations and was “empathetic.”

“I am really happy that it sounds like Devin is interested in getting help about this, and I’m open to any accountability processing that might be part of his treatment,” she wrote. “I really hope this can be a moment of self-interrogation for all of us, myself included, about the ways we might use positions of power to silence people, and the ways we all turn away from things that might seem a little too complicated to deal with.”

Faraci was part of a rising generation of movie bloggers, who wrote with wit, authority, and edge, and came to define internet coverage of the entertainment business in the early aughts — a group that included Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News,  Steven Weintraub of Collider, and Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm. He got his start on Chud, a movie fan site, leaving in 2010 to launch the website that became Birth.Movies.Death with Alamo Drafthouse’s backing.

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  1. Peter Rasputin says:

    I got banned from BMD for calling Devin out on his garbage review of the all unfunny female Ghostbusters, a review that harped on and on about feminism and liberal SJW bullshit. Sanctimonious, pompous, unrealistic and outright douchey…it’s satisfying to know that the reality is he is just another lying scumbag liberal.

    • Antonymous says:

      One can actually be a feminist and a “liberal”, well antisexist and anti-racist, without Sjw affectation, or sjw name calling becomes an easy dismissing tactics. Reactionaries are then social tradition warriors?

  2. SB says:

    Hmm. A lot of Alt-Right/MRA sticky-keyboarders commenting on here. The kind of people that think Milo Yiannopoulos is a deep thinker.

  3. Sam says:

    Another male feminist turns out to be a rapist? Color me shocked.

  4. chronizzle says:

    What do you know, someone who claimed to stand for women turns out to be a rapist, seems to be a pattern with these ultra left SJW types. Either they rape women or they rape children, all of them have a secret that shows this is a dangerous group of people that should be taken seriously.They hurt people, and can’t be allowed to just run free to give this illusion of righteousness, all the while being predators in private.

    • Trucan Sam says:

      Legitimately garbage mindset you have there. Someone attempts to be empathetic to challenges women encounter and they’re automatically a rapist? Good luck proving that one.

      • Antonymous says:

        What’s this logic though, rasputin and chronizzle? Well of course trolling, because ho does his care represent all the left any more than Trump or traditionalists surprised in orgies and parties with coke represent all the right? I don’t see the link.

      • Peter Rasputin says:

        So you are sticking up for Faraci on this? Someone who put on a front about who he really is but then we find out he’s actually a scumbag thats really assaulted women? Thats a garbage mindset you have there.

  5. Hans_Peters says:

    I enjoyed alot of Dev’s reviews. But he could lay the “social justice warrior” routine very thick. His glowing review of Feig’s Ghostbusters and endless harping on alleged misogynistic “ghost bros” is just one example. Gender politics notwithstanding, Feig’s movie was unfunny trash.

    • darkrage6 says:

      no it was not just cause you say so fool, I thought it was a damn hilarious film and the original Ghostbusters thought so too(hell Akroyd said it was a better film), so ha!

      • Gorhob says:

        There’s literally no chance that Akyroyd really thinks it was a better film lol. They had to threaten to sue Bill Murray to get him to promote that trash.

  6. Dave Sandman says:

    Schadenfreude …. pure schadenfreude.

  7. El Wilfred says:

    I disagree with him most of the time, I hate his reviews and I love his editorials, I don’t hate the guy but he’s a bit of an douche. Having said that, him making that decision (steping down from a job that he loves, a site he helped to create, his baby) proves that he’s truly regretful of his actions, and I’m not a chrstian nor have any religious belief but I do think that we must give people a chance tor redem themselves.

  8. no says:

    Wait a second. You mean, a rabid male feminist constantly shaming other men for trivialities or literally nothing and constantly on the warpath to ruin other people’s lives is, himself, the thing he protested against so viciously? Just like how the most staunch anti-gay-rights politicians always turn out to be raging closeted people themselves? GOSH I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED.

  9. Orion Han says:

    It just more evidence that the people like Faraci who go on extreme moral crusades are often those with the most to hide.

    • Antonymous says:

      Goes the same for alt rightist?

    • jamm says:

      Man, the entire business model of BMD is fake moral crusades. It’s their own kind of clickbait.

      Every time you point this out in their comment section, they reply with an ironic “fuck you, but hey, thanks for clicking our article and help us pay our bills”. I have been given that answer numerous times.

    • Orion Han says:

      He should be IN JAIL.
      He is just a bully using Feminism to get away with abusing others

  10. CJ says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    Sorry, I mean a bigger hypocritical, vicious, virtue-signalling SJW scumbag.

    Let me guess, he’s finally going to rehab for his obvious alcohol problem?

  11. * laughs forever *

    Devin you stupid fat fuck hahahahah

  12. Skipn27 says:

    That he may have assaulted a woman is vile (if true). What concerns me at this moment is how this guy may have committed a crime, and his political fellow travelers have decided that this isn’t a cause for wholesale condemnation. It’s a teachable moment, a moment in the process of healing and rehabilitation. I believe it was the same for Bill Clinton. What exceptions we make when the people who err believe like we do.

    • Antonymous says:

      I don’t know him, but “We hunted the mammoth” condemned him. Assuming he is really “left” and that it means anything.

  13. james one says:

    rev franklin graham grabbed my pussy in 1998

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  14. “Male Feminists” are only always abusive pervs who appear to use the “feminist” label to get women they could not otherwise or to virtue signal against activity that they themselves do.

    See Jian Ghomeshi for another recent example of a violently abusive darling of the Left and “male feminist.” If you have a “male feminist” in your life — run!

    • CJ says:

      To be a ‘feminist ally’ (i.e. a pathetic blue-pill mangina) you need to first acknowledge that women are somehow disgracefully oppressed in the West. This is a lie.

      Or you’re just a hideous, social-awkward creep who thinks you can scam your way into vulnerable young women’s pants.

      • Antonymous says:

        Any more than all mra’s can be identified with Paul Elam? That’s what I don’t like with mindless extremism.

  15. Harley says:

    Drew McWeeney was just let go from HitFix, so BMD could get him to take over.

  16. Blofeld says:

    He’s a petulant little bully. He was known to casually hurl homophobic hate speech at people to belittle them. Even more infuriating is how his peers (including women) are trying to frame a redemption narrative out of this. Almost like a #notalldevin. But it’s clear ADH fired him (to not sully their brand) and in doing so poked the white male privilege in the eye.

    Devin, if you’re reading this (and you are)…I hope you have some other work skills to fall back on. You are done. Go google your name, punk. You’ll be lucky to find work in one of the bookstores you used to steal from. No more paid trips, no more recognition for your marginal writing, and no more acceptance of your abusive behavior.

  17. NewOrleans says:

    Another Hollywood hypocrite! Imagine my shock.

  18. michonne says:

    That’s some seriously freaky karma that he made the most PC comment ever, that was supposed to bring him standing ovation, and that turned into his walk of shame. Karma’s indeed a b****.

  19. JJ says:

    feminist’s have emasculated their men. Try leaving them alone and see how that works out

  20. .... says:

    An epically sanctimonious douche turns out to be a sex molester. IMAGINE MY SHOCK!!

  21. He’s a scumbag. One of many on the left who are being loudly sanctimonious right now.

    • CJ says:

      If you look at the most prominent voices in the social justice ‘movement’ you see it’s a rogues gallery of frauds, thieves, rapists, adulterers, paedophiles, alcoholics and far too many blue-haired bi-polar lunatics to count.

      THESE are the people judging the rest of us on the jokes we tell, the media we enjoy and the lives we choose to live as free people.

  22. Alan Gonzalez Martinez says:

    I’ll be frank, I didn’t like the former EIC of this site, and if I’m being honest I don’t agree with the ideologies of the contributors or commenters of the site, both parties held progressive social critique to an almost cartoonish degree that led to petty bans on anyone for questioned their feminist bent (this site openly embraced the moronic ideas of safe spaces)

    The site had an ugly echo chamber, I believe Faraci whether he realized it or not, fostered this unhealthy hateful environment with his truly behavior and attitudes. The army seeks example from the general I believe.

    Hopefully with his resignation, the site calms down and takes a more moderate and less heavy handed tone and attitude in regards to the feminist viewpoint and progressive critique. And maybe (though highly doubt it) they don’t promote such hateful rhetoric towards those who may have more conservative viewpoints

    • CJ says:

      With Twitter spectacularly tanking after it was proven that they are actively (even aggressively) censoring conservative and libertarian speech I think a LOT of media outlets are now rethinking their ‘all progressive, all the time’ mandates and will actually allow different viewpoints to be expressed.

      A hell of a lot of them just straight-up closed down their comments sections to create a ‘safe space’ for their special snowflakes who are driven into therapy by someone with a different opinion than them.

      This will begin to end. Especially if Trump is elected and these regressive sissies don’t have the highest office in the land to cry to.

    • beamish13 says:

      Progressive politics had nothing to do with BAD’s problems. Those rest squarely on Faraci and his army of sycophants. Frankly, I’m glad BAD commenters have nothing in common with the regressive loons at AICN and Deadline.

      • CJ says:

        Almost the day after the release of highly damning evidence of Zoe Quinn’s prolific doxxing and organising campaigns of targetted harassment against her opponents randomly BMD ran another glowing story about her and how she is supposedly developing another game.

        If that wasnt collusion between regressives then I don’t know what is.

        They always circle the wagons around their own, like when they hysterically defended admitted paedophile Nicholas/Sarah Nyberg.

      • alan says:

        Not progressive politics itself, but the form BMD commenters and contributors form of expressing their progressive views. It was through moral elitism, victim complex, bitterness towards white men. Attitudess that Faraci helped promote.

  23. gush says:

    No one here seems to understand the situation and the irony of it all.
    That’s the only time a feminist ever honored their rhetoric when it came back to bite them in the ass.
    He understands that he has no defense, no matter how untrue it’s now his contorted logic is being used against him.
    And good riddance for him!

  24. itsa me says:

    Man fuck you, beamish

  25. beamish13 says:

    I have no reason to doubt the veracity of these accusations. Faraci is a deeply damaged individual with obvious mental health and anger problems.

  26. Supes says:

    Glad he’s gone, his bias against DC was so obvious

  27. Rex says:

    Well, his “appreciation” of Nacho Vigalondo’s new film Colossal (which is fantastic, by the way) is exceptionally squirm-inducing now . . .

  28. I remember him from CHUD, he was a really mean person and would routinely bully people in cruel ways for the fun of it, maybe he thought he was being entertaining but it was just vicious. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • CJ says:

      He was a little man with a big stick. He didn’t get the nickname ‘ban-hammer’ for nothing.

      This continued over to his recent sites, where anyone with an opinion slighty to the right of Saul Alinsky was permanently banned without warning.

      Now his nickname is ‘Fingerbag Faraci’ Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

    • beamish13 says:

      Same here. I’ve always known that he was a thin-skinned, hostile little man, and his antisocial, criminal behavior in the real world doesn’t come as a surprise

  29. Kt. says:

    On the up side, how far we’ve come from the boys club of online movie news & commentary since the early aughts . Now you only have to tread water with the gamers.

  30. TrevD says:

    Honestly, Devin hasn’t been a top film reviewer for a while now. You could see that he was becoming pretty jaded and bitter about film in general. That’s when you need to step away. As for the allegations, that’s a tough way to find out online. I don’t understand public shaming.

    • Kt. says:

      While Jon Robson has a whole book on the messy, kneejerk consequences of public shaming online, this is more a resistance to the specific epidemic of deeply ingrained, publicly condoned entitled behavior to women’s bodies. It leads to rapey, rape culture at its worst.

  31. Sarah says:

    This is not surprising. If you’ve followed Devin over the years, you could tell he was overcompensating for something. Perhaps he thought if he was an ally to women on Twitter it meant being a sexual predator in his private life could be washed away.

    The woman who was assaulted should take some solace in that her comments may prevent another woman from being a victim. As other stories emerge about his abusive behavior, it’s clear this was a disturbed individual with disdain for women. It had to be hard for her to go after someone entrenched in a community like that with a loyal fanbase.

    With that said, I hope we can discuss this critic community too. They’ve seemingly gone silent on this matter. Now this is a community that never misses a chance to comment on things they find socially objectionable on Twitter. Is he getting a free pass on rape because he pretended to be a feminist ally on Twitter? Seems in their eyes he didn’t do something egregious such as disliking the new Ghostbusters. Anyway, be careful ladies, this community seems rotten to the core as well.

    • Rex says:

      The online critic community has been overall detrimental to the scholarly study of film AS WELL AS the art of writing succinctly. The best “online” writers TO THIS DAY remain those that were educated as writers first, then plied their trade IN PRINT before finally going online as the web evolved (often while maintaining their presence in print media, even as it fades out).

      • CJ says:

        At his best Devin could be an astoundingly good critic. His podcast ‘The Canon’ showed his keen observation about cinema (in among his childish bullying of his co-host, Amy Nicholson).

        I stopped listening to that show when one day he actually said the sentence: “As we move towards a gender-fluid future…” and I know I couldn’t support this bozo anymore.

        McWeeny, as well, can be a superb critic, albeit a very long-winded one.

      • I would disagree with you and say that there are quite a few decent online critics out there. You do have a point, though.

      • Ken says:

        Agree 101%.

  32. ArsCortica says:

    As per usual, the moral apostles are the worst offenders. Faraci and the rest of the holier-than-thou bloggers and other online celebrities that belong to his clique usually have their fair share of skeletons in the closet, but waste no time to descend on and tear apart others over every minor perceived wrongdoing or insult (and god help you if you have a different political opinion than they hold).

    This entire mob of crybullies is the very epitome of hypocrisy.

  33. LupeX says:

    Several other females came forward with horrific stories of Devin Faraci’s destructive behavior and violation of their person. One lady recounted an episode where he lied to many people that he slept with her then went on to humiliate and blackmail her and he went on to disgrace her friends by detailing their private sex lives on an open forum. Another instance is one where he made fun of a support group of suicidal individuals on a social media forum. Another instance had him spreading false allegations and fanning flames claiming that a director was so dark and twisted that he wanted to have a character raped in prison for the pleasure of it. In another instance he goaded an individual to commit suicide saying he would support his wife and children after his death. Another individual recounts him grabbing her breasts while she resisted and asked him why he would violate her in such a way he replied “That’s what they are for.”

    Anyone that admired him or followed him is culpable in his acts of assault against others. They shielded him, attacked people who challenged his toxicity and heinous behavior, they championed his every nefarious action. I hope they humble themselves and engage in some self reflection and wash themselves of the toxicity they helped spread.

    Devin Faraci has left a trail of broken bodies and hurt people in the wake of his rise to his former position at BDM. This precipitous fall has been a long time coming, he finally found the person that his conscience has been longing for to make him pay for his innumerable sins

  34. ufoclub1977 says:

    Why can’t Trump step down and go back to TV?

  35. Hurin Thalion says:

    As Picard said on Star Trek TNG “Mister Worf, villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.”

    Women really needs to wise up to the fact, that a male feminist ally may be none of those things.

  36. AJT says:

    In other words Faraci has poisoned yet another brand with his sleaze. So bets on what the next change to his blog name will be as he seeks to sweep this all under the rug? And for shame on the Alamo Drafthouse. They have long known who and what they got into bed with. They should have walked away from this idiot years ago. Every day of association with him harmed their brand.

  37. I’ve long admired his writing and podcasts, so am both sad and disappointed and angry on behalf of the woman he traumatized. I hope he uses this devastating moment to help others. Taking full acknowledgement and responsibility is a start.

    • Hurin Thalion says:

      What is more likely; That he is a predator pretending to be a male feminist to get close to potential victims, or than he just assaulted a woman by accident and is being honest about changing his ways?

      • Sarah says:

        Forcefully sticking your hands in someone’s pants and grabbing their genitals is not an “accident”. Especially when you follow it up by bragging to your friends about fingerbanging the person. These are of course her allegations. An accident is knocking over someone’s beer.

        No one knows whether this is a one-time thing or commonplace. I do find it hard to believe that someone who thought this behavior was acceptable would only do it once in their life.

      • Mickey Finn says:

        Not by accident. He’s known for epic blackout drinking binges, and from his comments it sounds as if this occurred during one of those. That’s not in any way an excuse (or excusable), but it changes the context of it if he’s seeking treatment, and affects the “what’s more likely” outcome. Time will tell. (note: note a friend of his. Ex-pseudo-colleague who is not trying to be an apologist for him)

      • LupeX says:

        No conjecture needed. He is a vile and villainous person. He has a rap sheet that would make The Joker blush with envy.
        You dont sexually assault by mistake. And to do it several times? And his betrayal of the founder of CHUD who plucked him from obscurity.
        Everyone that supported him are like the people supporting Trump; Unconscionable & complicit in his sins.

  38. Susan says:

    Good riddance. He has been a vile racist and transphobic that has mistreated women, harrassed his readers, and encouraged suicide. All while his circle of blogger and filmmaker pals stayed silent or actually disparaged his victims.

    Don’t let him back in to rub shoulders with the likes of Ava Duvernay and Ryan Coogler, true progressives in this industry.

    • beamish13 says:

      I can’t believe people would associate with him after he’d flippantly and repeatedly call people “retards” on his sites. The man is scum personified, and Drafthouse NEVER should have hired him.

    • Layton says:

      How can you blame people who used to support him? They didn’t know who he was. It is like saying friends and colleagues of Ted Bundy are just as guilty as him.

      • LupeX says:

        You can absolutely lay blame on his followers. if youre honest with yourself you would too. Following someone who berates people, constantly insults even his own followers, lies about directors and actors and goads his followers into hating people, setting his followers on anyone that challenged his bullying toxic behavior.
        The comments section in BDM is a toxic brew of hate stoke by the fires of Faraci. and it is cultivated to be that way on purpose.
        His followers surrounded him to ensure that his toxic bullying would go unpunished but karma comes to us all

    • Nadie says:

      Right on Susan. Faraci is human garbage, and I’m shocked it has taken this long. Better late than never.
      The sad thing is, as you mentioned, he has a large circle of blogger and film critic friends (largely, people who are VERY loud about how progressive they, how feminist they are, like he was) who enabled him and to this day still do. This isn’t the first time a virtue signaler has been exposed and it wont be the last.

      • Don Kaye says:

        Sorry but everything else about Devin aside, the comments section at BDM is a role model of civility and thoughtful conversation, often as interesting as the articles themselves. Whoever called it a “toxic brew of hate” above is trolling, plain and simple.

      • beamish13 says:

        very true. I’m sure the fallout from this will take down others besides Faraci. This culture of online hatred spilling into reality is chilling.

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